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View of Manila, capital of the Philippines

The following is a list of chartered cities in the Philippines. Philippine cities are classified into three groups: Highly Urbanized Cities, Independent Component Cities, and Component Cities.


Highly Urbanized Cities are local government units autonomous from provinces that have a minimum population of 200,000 and an annual income of at least PhP 50 million (in 1991 constant prices). Independent Component Cities are cities outside of provincial jurisdiction (although some are allowed to participate in the election of provincial officials) that have not yet attained the 'highly urbanized' status, while Component Cities are those under a province's jurisdiction.[1] In addition, each city is classified into six income brackets according to average annual income. For instance, First Class cities have an average income of PhP 400 Million, while Sixth Class cities earn less than PhP 80 Million annually.

Each city is governed by both the Local Government Code of 1991 [2] and the city's own municipal charter, under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.


There are 144 cities of the Philippines as of December 31, 2013. Thirty-five of these are Highly Urbanized, five are Independent Component, with the rest being components of their respective provinces.

CityProvince aRegionPopulation
(2010) b
(km²) c
(per km²)
Legal Class dIncome
Class d
Original city
charter e
Approval of
charter f
Date of effectivity /
Ratification of
city charter g
City Mayor (2013-2016)
Caloocan-none- hNCR1,489,04055.8026685.3Highly urbanized1st classRA 032781961-06-171962-02-16Oscar Malapitan
Las Piñas-none- iNCR552,57332.6916903.43Highly urbanized1st classRA 082511997-02-121997-03-26Vergel Aguilar
Makati b1-none- iNCR476,71921.5722101.02Highly urbanized1st classRA 078541995-01-021995-02-04Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.
Malabon-none- iNCR353,33715.7122491.22Highly urbanized1st classRA 090192001-03-052001-04-21Antolin Aquino Oreta III
Mandaluyong-none- iNCR328,69921.2635382.02Highly urbanized1st classRA 076751994-02-091994-04-10Benjamin Abalos Jr.
Manila-none-NCR1,652,17138.5543079.48Highly urbanizedSpecial classAct 01831901-07-311901-07-31Joseph Estrada
Marikina-none- iNCR424,15021.5219709.57Highly urbanized1st classRA 082231996-11-061996-12-07Del De Guzman
Muntinlupa-none- iNCR459,94139.7511570.84Highly urbanized1st classRA 079261995-03-011995-05-08Jaime R. Fresnedi
Navotas-none- iNCR249,13110.7727867Highly urbanized2nd classRA 093872007-03-102007-06-24John Reynald M Tiangco
Parañaque-none- iNCR588,12647.6912628.86Highly urbanized1st classRA 085071998-02-131998-03-22Edwin L Olivarez
Pasay-none- hNCR392,86913.9728122.33Highly urbanized1st classRA 001831947-06-21[3]1947-06-21Antonino G Calixto
Pasig b2-none- iNCR669,77331.0013821.15Highly urbanized1st classRA 078291994-12-081995-01-21Maribel A Eusebio
Quezon City-none- hNCR2,761,720166.2016083.63Highly urbanizedSpecial classCA 5021939-10-121939-10-12Herbert Bautista
San Juan-none- iNCR121,4305.9520408.4Highly urbanized1st classRA 093882007-03-112007-06-16Guia Gomez
Taguig b3-none- iNCR695,79353.6712964.28Highly urbanized1st classRA 084871998-02-112004-12-08Lani Cayetano
Valenzuela-none- jNCR575,35647.0212236.41Highly urbanized1st classRA 085261998-02-141998-12-30Rexlon T Gatchalian
ButuanAgusan del NorteRegion 13309,709816.62379.26Highly urbanized1st classRA 005231950-08-02[4]1950-08-02Dr. Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr.
CabadbaranAgusan del NorteRegion 1369,241214.44322.89Component4th classRA 094342007-04-122007-07-28Dale B Covera
BayuganAgusan del SurRegion 1399,361688.77144.26Component3rd classRA 094052007-03-232007-06-20Kim Lope A Asis
LegazpiAlbayRegion 05182,201153.701185.43Component3rd classRA 022341959-06-121959-06-12Noel E Rosal
LigaoAlbayRegion 05104,914246.75425.18Component4th classRA 090082001-02-212001-03-24Patricia Gonzales-Alsua
TabacoAlbayRegion 05125,083117.141067.81Component4th classRA 090202001-03-052001-03-24Marie V Demetriou
IsabelaBasilanRegion 0997,857223.73437.39Component4th classRA 090232001-03-052001-04-25Cherry Santos-Akbar
LamitanBasilanARMM68,996354.45231.55Component5th classRA 093932007-03-152007-06-18Rosita Furigay
BalangaBataanRegion 0387,920111.63787.6Component4th classRA 089842000-12-022000-12-30Jose Enrique S Garcia III
Batangas CityBatangasRegion 04-A305,607282.961080.04Component1st classRA 054951969-06-211969-06-21Eduardo B Dimacuha
LipaBatangasRegion 04-A283,468209.401353.72Component1st classRA 001621947-06-20[5]1947-06-20Meynardo A Sabili
TanauanBatangasRegion 04-A152,393107.161422.11Component2nd classRA 090052001-02-022001-03-10Antonio C Halili
BaguioBenguetCAR318,67657.515541.23Highly urbanized1st classAct 19631909-09-011909-09-01Mauricio G Domongan
TagbilaranBoholRegion 0796,79236.502651.84Component3rd classRA 046601966-06-181966-07-01John Geesnell Yap
MalaybalayBukidnonRegion 10153,085969.19157.95Component1st classRA 084901998-02-111998-03-22Ignacio W. Zubiri
ValenciaBukidnonRegion 10181,556587.29309.14Component2nd classRA 089852000-12-052000-12-30Jose M. Galario, Jr.
MalolosBulacanRegion 03234,94567.253493.61Component1st class[6]RA 087541999-11-041999-12-18[7]Christian D. Natividad
MeycauayanBulacanRegion 03199,15432.106204.17Component1st classRA 093562006-10-022006-12-10Joan V. Alarilla
San Jose del MonteBulacanRegion 03454,553105.534307.33Component1st classRA 087972000-07-152000-09-10Reynaldo S. San Pedro
TuguegaraoCagayanRegion 02138,865144.80959.01Component3rd classRA 087551999-11-041999-12-18Atty. Jefferson P. Soriano
IrigaCamarines SurRegion 05105,919137.35771.16Component3rd classRA 052611968-06-15[8]1968-06-15Ronald Felix Y. Alfelor
NagaCamarines SurRegion 05174,93184.482070.68Independent component1st classRA 003051948-06-181948-06-18John G. Bongat
RoxasCapizRegion 06156,19795.071685.04Component2nd classRA 006031951-04-11[9]1951-04-11Angel Alan B. Celino
BacoorCaviteRegion 04-A520,21646.1711267.4Componentn/aRA 101602012-04-112012-06-23Strike B. Revilla
Cavite CityCaviteRegion 04-A101,12010.899285.58Component4th classCA 5471940-05-26[10]1940-05-26Bernardo S. Paredes
DasmariñasCaviteRegion 04-A575,81790.136388.74Componentn/aRA 097232009-10-152009-11-26Jennifer Austria-Barzaga
ImusCaviteRegion 04-A301,62464.704661.89Componentn/aRA 101612012-04-102012-06-30Emmanuel O. Maliksi
TagaytayCaviteRegion 04-A62,03065.00954.31Component2nd classCA 3381938-06-211938-06-21Agnes D. Tolentino
Trece MartiresCaviteRegion 04-A104,55939.102674.14Component4th classRA 009811954-05-241956-01-01Melandres G. De Sagun
BogoCebuRegion 0769,911103.52675.34Component4th classRA 093902007-03-152007-06-16Celestino E. Martinez, Jr.
CarcarCebuRegion 07107,323116.78861.72Component4th classRA 094362007-04-152007-07-01Nicepuro L. Apura
Cebu CityCebuRegion 07866,171315.002749.75Highly urbanizedspecial classCA 0581936-10-20[11]1936-10-20Michael L. Rama
DanaoCebuRegion 07119,252107.301111.39Component3rd classRA 030281961-06-071961-06-07Ramon D. Durano III
Lapu-LapuCebuRegion 07350,46758.106032.13Highly urbanized1st classRA 031341961-06-17[12]1961-06-17Paz C. Radaza
MandaueCebuRegion 07331,32025.1813158.06Highly urbanized1st classRA 055191969-06-21[13]1969-06-21Jonas C. Cortes
NagaCebuRegion 07101,571101.97996.09Componentn/aRA 094912007-07-152007-09-02Valdemar M. Chiong
TalisayCebuRegion 07200,77239.875035.67Component3rd classRA 089792000-11-222000-12-30Johnny V. delos Reyes
ToledoCebuRegion 07157,078216.28726.27Component3rd classRA 026881960-06-181960-06-18John Henry Osmena
KidapawanCotabato (North)Region 12125,447358.47349.95Component3rd classRA 085001998-02-121998-03-22Joseph Evangelista
PanaboDavao del NorteRegion 11174,364251.23694.04Component3rd classRA 090152001-02-282001-03-31Jose D. Silvosa, Sr.
SamalDavao del NorteRegion 1195,874301.30318.2Component4th classRA 084711998-01-301998-03-07Aniano P. Antalan
TagumDavao del NorteRegion 11242,801195.801240.05Component1st classRA 084721998-01-301998-03-07Allan Rellon
Davao CityDavao del SurRegion 111,449,2962,443.61593.1Highly urbanizedspecial classCA 0511936-10-16[14]1936-10-16Rodrigo R. Duterte
DigosDavao del SurRegion 11149,891287.10522.09Component2nd classRA 087982000-06-152000-09-08Joseph R. Peñas
MatiDavao OrientalRegion 11126,143588.63207.34Componentn/aRA 094082007-03-242007-06-18Carlo Luiz P. Rabat
BoronganEastern SamarRegion 0864,457475.00135.7Componentn/aRA 093942007-03-162007-06-20Maria Fe R. Abunda
BatacIlocos NorteRegion 0153,542161.06332.44Component4th classRA 094072007-03-242007-06-23Jeffrey Jupal C. Nalupta
LaoagIlocos NorteRegion 01104,904116.08903.72Component1st classRA 045841965-06-191966-01-01Chevylle V. Fariñas
CandonIlocos SurRegion 0157,884103.28560.46Component4th classRA 090182001-03-052001-03-28Ericson G. Singson, M.D.
ViganIlocos SurRegion 0149,74725.121980.37Component4th classRA 089882000-12-272001-01-22Eva Marie S. Medina
Iloilo CityIloiloRegion 06424,61978.345420.21Highly urbanized1st classCA 0571936-10-20[15]1936-10-20Jed Patrick E. Mabilog
PassiIloiloRegion 0679,663251.39316.89Component3rd classRA 084691998-01-301998-03-14Jesry T. Palmares
CauayanIsabelaRegion 02122,335336.40363.66Component3rd ClassRA 090172001-02-282001-03-28Bernard Faustino M. Dy
IlaganIsabelaRegion 02135,1741,166.26115.9Component3rd ClassRA101692012-06-212012-08-11Josemarie L. Diaz, DMD
SantiagoIsabelaRegion 02132,804255.50519.78Independent component1st classRA 077201994-05-051994-07-03Joseph S. Tan
TabukKalingaCAR103,912700.25148.39Componentn/aRA 094042007-03-232007-06-23Ferdinand B. Tubban
San FernandoLa UnionRegion 01114,963102.721119.19Component3rd classRA 085091998-02-131998-03-20Pablo C. Ortega
BiñanLagunaRegion 04-A283,39643.506514.85Componentn/aRA 097402009-10-302010-02-03Marlyn B. Alonte-Naguiat
CabuyaoLagunaRegion 04-A248,43643.405724.33Componentn/aRA 101632012-05-162012-08-04Isidro L. Hemedes, Jr.
CalambaLagunaRegion 04-A389,377149.502604.53Component1st classRA 090242001-04-072001-04-21Justin Marc S.B. Chipeco
San PabloLagunaRegion 04-A248,890197.561259.82Component1st classCA 5201940-05-07[16]1940-05-07Loreto S. Amante
Santa RosaLagunaRegion 04-A284,67054.845190.92Component1st classRA 092642004-03-102004-07-10Arlene B. Arcillas-Nazareno
San PedroLagunaRegion 04-A294,31024.0512,000Component1st classRA 104202013-03-272013-12-28Lourdes Cataquiz
IliganLanao del NorteRegion 10322,821813.37396.89Highly urbanized1st classRA 005251950-06-161950-06-16Celso G. Regencia
MarawiLanao del SurARMM187,10687.552137.13Component4th classCA 5921940-08-19[17]1940-08-19Fahad U. Salic
BaybayLeyteRegion 08102,841459.30223.91Componentn/aRA 093892007-03-152007-06-16Carmen L. Cari
OrmocLeyteRegion 08191,200613.60311.6Independent component1st classRA 001791947-06-21[18]1947-09-04Edward C. Codilla
TaclobanLeyteRegion 08221,174201.721096.44Highly urbanized1st classRA 007601952-06-20[19]1952-06-20Alfred S. Romualdez
Cotabato CityMaguindanaoRegion 12271,786176.001544.24Independent component3rd classRA 023641959-06-201959-06-20Japal J. Guiani, Jr.
Masbate CityMasbateRegion 0585,227188.00453.34Component4th classRA 088072000-08-162000-09-30Rowena Rejuso-Tuason
OroquietaMisamis OccidentalRegion 1068,945237.88289.83Component4th classRA 055181969-06-211970-01-01Jason P. Almonte
OzamizMisamis OccidentalRegion 10131,527169.95773.92Component3rd classRA 003211948-06-19[20]1948-06-19Reynaldo O. Parojinog, Sr.
TangubMisamis OccidentalRegion 1059,892162.78367.93Component4th classRA 051311967-06-17[21]1967-06-17Philip T. Tan
Cagayan de OroMisamis OrientalRegion 10602,088412.801458.55Highly urbanized1st classRA 005211950-06-15[22]1950-06-15Oscar S. Moreno
El SalvadorMisamis OrientalRegion 1044,848106.15422.5Componentn/aRA 094352007-04-122007-06-27Alfredo Q. Tan
GingoogMisamis OrientalRegion 10117,908568.44207.42Component2nd classRA 026681960-06-181960-06-18Marie L. Guingona
BacolodNegros OccidentalRegion 06511,820162.673146.37Highly urbanized1st classCA 3261938-06-18[23]1938-06-18Monico O. Puentevella
BagoNegros OccidentalRegion 06163,045401.20406.39Component2nd classRA 043821965-06-19[24]1966-01-01Ramon D. Torres
CadizNegros OccidentalRegion 06151,500524.57288.81Component2nd classRA 048941967-06-17[25]1967-06-17Patrick G. Escalante
EscalanteNegros OccidentalRegion 0693,005192.76482.49Component4th classRA 090142001-02-282001-03-31Melecio J. Yap, Jr.
HimamaylanNegros OccidentalRegion 06103,006367.04280.64Component3rd classRA 090282001-03-052001-03-31Agustin Ernesto G. Bascon
KabankalanNegros OccidentalRegion 06167,666697.35240.43Component1st classRA 082971997-06-061997-08-02Isidro P. Zayco
La CarlotaNegros OccidentalRegion 0663,852137.29465.09Component4th classRA 045851965-06-191966-01-22Juliet Marie D. Ferrer
SagayNegros OccidentalRegion 06140,740330.34426.05Component3rd classRA 081921996-06-111996-08-10Alfredo D. Maranon III
San CarlosNegros OccidentalRegion 06129,981451.50287.89Component2nd classRA 026431960-06-181960-06-18Gerardo P. Valmayor, Jr.
SilayNegros OccidentalRegion 06120,999214.80563.31Component3rd classRA 016211957-06-121957-06-12Jose L. Montelibano
SipalayNegros OccidentalRegion 0667,403379.78177.48Component4th classRA 090272001-03-052001-03-31Oscar C. Montilla, Jr.
TalisayNegros OccidentalRegion 0697,571201.18484.99Component4th classRA 084891998-02-111998-03-21Eric M. Saratan, M.D.
VictoriasNegros OccidentalRegion 0688,299133.92659.34Component4th classRA 084881998-02-111998-03-21Francis Frederick P. Palanca
BaisNegros OrientalRegion 0774,722319.64233.77Component3rd classRA 054441968-09-011968-09-01Mercedes T. Goni
BayawanNegros OrientalRegion 07114,074699.08163.18Component2nd classRA 089832000-12-052000-12-23German P. Saraña, Jr.
CanlaonNegros OrientalRegion 0750,627170.93296.19Component4th classRA 034451961-06-181961-06-18Jimmy Jayme L. Clerigo
DumagueteNegros OrientalRegion 07120,88333.623595.57Component3rd classRA 003271948-06-15[26]1948-06-15Manuel T. Sagarbarria
GuihulnganNegros OrientalRegion 0793,675388.56241.08Componentn/aRA 094092007-03-242007-07-14Carlo Jorge Joan L. Reyes
TanjayNegros OrientalRegion 0779,098267.05296.19Component4th classRA 090262001-03-052001-03-31Lawrence S. Teves
CabanatuanNueva EcijaRegion 03272,676192.291418.05Component1st classRA 005261950-06-151950-07-14Julius Cesar V. Vergara
GapanNueva EcijaRegion 03101,488164.44617.17Component4th classRA 090222001-03-052001-08-25Maricel G. Natividad, M.D.
MuñozNueva EcijaRegion 0375,462163.05145.12Component4th classRA 089772000-11-072000-12-09Nestor L. Alvarez
PalayanNueva EcijaRegion 0337,219101.40367.05Component5th classRA 044751965-06-191965-06-19Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas
San JoseNueva EcijaRegion 03129,424185.99695.87Component3rd classRA 060511969-08-041969-08-04Marivic Violago-Belena
CalapanOriental MindoroRegion 04-B124,173250.06496.57Component3rd classRA 084751998-02-021998-03-21Arnan C. Panaligan
Puerto PrincesaPalawanRegion 04-B222,6732,381.0293.52Highly urbanized1st classRA 059061969-06-21[27]1969-06-21Lucilo R. Bayron
Angeles b4PampangaRegion 03326,33660.274924.34Highly urbanized1st classRA 037001963-06-221964-01-01Edgardo D. Pamintuan
Mabalacat b5PampangaRegion 03215,61083.182592.09Componentn/aRA 101642012-05-152012-07-21Marino P. Morales
San FernandoPampangaRegion 03285,91267.744220.73Component1st classRA 089902001-01-262001-02-03Edwin D. Santiago
AlaminosPangasinanRegion 0185,025164.26517.62Component4th classRA 090252001-03-052001-03-28Arthur F. Celeste
DagupanPangasinanRegion 01163,67637.234396.35Independent component2nd classRA 001701947-06-20[28]1947-06-20Belen T. Fernandez
San CarlosPangasinanRegion 01175,103169.031035.93Component3rd classRA 044871965-06-191966-01-01Julier C. Resuello
UrdanetaPangasinanRegion 01125,451100.261251.26Component2nd classRA 084801998-01-101998-03-21Amadeo Gregorio E. Perez IV
LucenaQuezonRegion 04-A246,39280.213071.84Highly urbanized1st classRA 032711961-06-17[29]1961-06-17Roderick A. Alcala
TayabasQuezonRegion 04-A91,428230.95395.88Componentn/aRA 093982007-03-182007-07-14Faustino A. Silang
AntipoloRizalRegion 04-A677,741306.102214.12Highly urbanized1st classRA 085081998-02-131998-04-04Casimiro A. Ynares, Jr.
CalbayogSamar (Western)Region 08172,778880.74196.17Component1st classRA 003281948-07-15[30]1948-07-15Ronaldo P. Aquino
CatbaloganSamar (Western)Region 0894,317274.22343.95Componentn/aRA 093912007-03-152007-06-16Stephany Uy-Tan
Sorsogon CitySorsogonRegion 05155,144276.11561.89Component1st classRA 088062000-08-162000-12-16Sally Ante-Lee
General SantosSouth CotabatoRegion 12538,086492.861091.76Highly urbanized1st classRA 054121968-06-151968-06-15Ronnel Rivera
KoronadalSouth CotabatoRegion 12158,273277.00571.38Component1st classRA 088032000-08-162000-10-08Peter B. Miguel
MaasinSouthern LeyteRegion 0881,250211.71383.78Component4th classRA 087962000-07-112000-08-10Maloney L. Samaco
TacurongSultan KudaratRegion 1289,188153.40581.41Component4th classRA 088052000-08-162000-09-18Lina O. Montilla
Surigao CitySurigao del NorteRegion 13140,540245.30572.93Component3rd classRA 061341970-08-311970-08-31Ernesto T. Matugas
BisligSurigao del SurRegion 1396,578331.80291.07Component3rd classRA 088042000-08-162000-09-18Librado C. Navarro
TandagSurigao del SurRegion 1352,114291.73178.64Componentn/aRA 093922007-03-152007-06-23Roxanne C. Pimentel
Tarlac CityTarlacRegion 03318,332274.661159Component1st classRA 085931998-03-121998-04-19Gelacio R. Manalang
OlongapoZambalesRegion 03221,178103.31195.56Highly urbanized1st classRA 046451966-06-011966-06-01Rolen C. Paulino
DapitanZamboanga del NorteRegion 0977,441390.53198.3Component3rd classRA 038111963-06-221963-06-22Rosalina Garcia-Jalosjos
DipologZamboanga del NorteRegion 09120,460241.13499.56Component3rd classRA 055201969-06-211970-01-01Evelyn Tang-Uy
PagadianZamboanga del SurRegion 09186,852378.80493.27Component2nd classRA 054781969-06-211969-06-21Romeo P. Pulmones
Zamboanga CityZamboanga del SurRegion 09807,1291,414.70570.53Highly urbanized1st classCA 0391936-10-12[31]1936-10-12Maria Isabelle G. Climaco


^a Highly urbanized cities (HUCs) and independent component cities are legally independent from any province, although they are often grouped with the province they belonged to prior to becoming cities. The province indicated for such cities, as grouped by the National Statistical Coordination Board, is in italics.
^b Population figures are from the 2010 Census Website.
^b1 Land area and population figures for Makati exclude Brgys. Post Proper Northside and Post Proper Southside, which are still administered by the City of Makati, but the courts have ruled, in 2003, are part of Taguig.
^b2 Population figure for Pasig City excludes residents in areas disputed between this city and the municipality of Cainta, Rizal.
^b3 Land area and population figures for Taguig include Brgys. Post Proper Northside and Post Proper Southside, which are still administered by the City of Makati, but ruled in court to be part of Taguig in 2003.
^b4 Population figure for Angeles includes residents of disputed areas between this city's Brgy. Balibago and Brgy. Dolores, Mabalacat, Pampanga.
^b5 Population figure for Mabalacat excludes residents of disputed areas between this city's Brgy. Dolores and Brgy. Balibago, Angeles City.
^c Land area figures are taken from the National Statistical Coordination Board
^d Information on income class (as of June 2012) are from the National Statistical Coordination Board.
^e Some of these city charters have been replaced, revised, or amended since. The link to the text of the original city charter is given if available online.
^f Most city charters were approved after being signed by the president. However, some were approved only after they lapsed into law, i.e. becoming law without the president's signature, which is possible if 30 days after being sent to the president's office for approval the act has remained unsigned.
^g Before 1987, most municipalities gained cityhood immediately after the enactment or approval of their city charters. Only few pre-1987 city charters had a set date of effectivity (such as Tagbilaran's and Dipolog's) or required a plebiscite for the city to acquire corporate existence (such as Caloocan's or Laoag's). However, since 1987 city charters require ratification through a plebiscite, with a majority of votes cast by city residents affirming the charter. If not enough information is available, a charter's date of approval is assumed to be its date of effectivity, and the date is in italics.
^h Prior to receiving their charters, Quezon City, Caloocan and Pasay were part of the province of Rizal, and remained only nominally so until the organization of Metro Manila in 1975.
^i Prior to the organization of the Metropolitan Manila Area in 1975, the then-municipalities of Mandaluyong, Pasig, Malabon, Makati, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Taguig, Navotas and San Juan were part of the province of Rizal.
^j Prior to the organization of the Metropolitan Manila Area in 1975, the then-municipality of Valenzuela was a part of the province of Bulacan.
Dates of inauguration/organization

Many pre-1987 cities had set dates of inauguration (where the president or a high-ranking government official participates in ceremonies marking the attainment of cityhood) or had set dates of organization (where the newly-converted city officially starts to fully function as expected). These dates may be set by the President, city officials or Congress.


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