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Municipalities of Spain. 2004
Madrid, capital of Spain

This is a list of lists of the municipalities of Spain. The municipalities list links are listed below, by autonomous community and province.

According to the provisional reports released on 18 December 2013,[1] there is a total of 8,117 municipalities in Spain, including the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Burgos is the province with the most municipalities (371) and Las Palmas the one with the least (34).

Autonomous community/provinceListNo. of municipalities[2]
 AndalusiaMunicipalities in Andalusia774
Almería provinceMunicipalities in Almería102
Cádiz provinceMunicipalities in Cádiz44
Córdoba provinceMunicipalities in Córdoba75
Granada provinceMunicipalities in Granada170
Huelva provinceMunicipalities in Huelva79
Jaén provinceMunicipalities in Jaén97
Málaga provinceMunicipalities in Málaga102
Seville provinceMunicipalities in Seville105
 AragonMunicipalities in Aragon732
Huesca provinceMunicipalities in Huesca202
Teruel provinceMunicipalities in Teruel236
Zaragoza provinceMunicipalities in Zaragoza294
 Asturias*Municipalities in Asturias78
 Balearic Islands*Municipalities in the Balearic Islands67
 Basque CountryMunicipalities in the Basque Country251
Álava provinceMunicipalities in Álava51
Biscay provinceMunicipalities in Biscay112
Gipuzkoa provinceMunicipalities in Gipuzkoa88
 Canary IslandsMunicipalities in the Canary Islands88
Las Palmas provinceMunicipalities in Las Palmas34
Santa Cruz de Tenerife provinceMunicipalities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife54
 Cantabria*Municipalities in Cantabria102
 Castile and LeónMunicipalities in Castile and León2,248
Ávila provinceMunicipalities in Ávila248
Burgos provinceMunicipalities in Burgos371
León provinceMunicipalities in León211
Palencia provinceMunicipalities in Palencia191
Salamanca provinceMunicipalities in Salamanca362
Segovia provinceMunicipalities in Segovia209
Soria provinceMunicipalities in Soria183
Valladolid provinceMunicipalities in Valladolid225
Zamora provinceMunicipalities in Zamora248
 Castile–La ManchaMunicipalities in Castile–La Mancha919
Albacete provinceMunicipalities in Albacete87
Ciudad Real provinceMunicipalities in Ciudad Real102
Cuenca provinceMunicipalities in Cuenca238
Guadalajara provinceMunicipalities in Guadalajara288
Toledo provinceMunicipalities in Toledo204
 CataloniaMunicipalities in Catalonia946
Barcelona provinceMunicipalities in Barcelona311
Girona provinceMunicipalities in Girona221
Lleida provinceMunicipalities in Lleida231
Tarragona provinceMunicipalities in Tarragona183
 ExtremaduraMunicipalities in Extremadura383
Badajoz provinceMunicipalities in Badajoz164
Cáceres provinceMunicipalities in Cáceres219
 GaliciaMunicipalities in Galicia314
A Coruña provinceMunicipalities in A Coruña93
Lugo provinceMunicipalities in Lugo67
Ourense provinceMunicipalities in Ourense92
Pontevedra provinceMunicipalities in Pontevedra62
 Madrid*Municipalities in Madrid179
 Murcia*Municipalities in Murcia45
 Navarre*Municipalities in Navarre272
 La Rioja*Municipalities in La Rioja174
 Valencian CommunityMunicipalities in the Valencian Community542
Alicante provinceMunicipalities in Alicante141
Castellón provinceMunicipalities in Castellón135
Valencia provinceMunicipalities in Valencia266
Autonomous cityListNo. of municipalities

*Single-province autonomous communities.

Ranked lists of Spanish municipalities[edit]

Largest municipalities by population[edit]

Spain has a population of 46,745,807 inhabitants, distributed to 8,117 municipalities (2013 INE provisional report).

There are only two municipalities that exceed one million inhabitants: Madrid and Barcelona, 22 cities over 200,000 inhabitants, 33 municipalities between 100,000 and 200,000 inhabitants, and 83 municipalities between 50,000 and 100,000.

#MunicipalityAutonomous communityPop. (2009)[1]
1Madrid Community of Madrid3,255,944
2Barcelona Catalonia1,621,537
3Valencia Valencian Community852,208
4Seville Andalusia703,206
5Zaragoza Aragon674,317
6Málaga Andalusia568,305
7Murcia Region of Murcia436,870
8Palma Balearic Islands401,270
9Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Canary Islands381,847
10Bilbao Basque Country354,860
11Alicante Valencian Community334,757
12Córdoba Andalusia328,428
13Valladolid Castile and León317,864
14Vigo Galicia297,332
15Gijón Asturias277,554
16L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Catalonia257,038
17A Coruña Galicia246,056
18Vitoria-Gasteiz Basque Country235,661
19Granada Andalusia234,325
20Elche Valencian Community230,112
21Oviedo Asturias224,005
22Badalona Catalonia219,547
23Cartagena Region of Murcia217,641
24Terrassa Catalonia215,055
25Jerez de la Frontera Andalusia211,670
26Sabadell Catalonia207,649
27Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands206,965
28Móstoles Community of Madrid206,478
29Alcalá de Henares Community of Madrid204,574
30Pamplona Navarre198,491
31Fuenlabrada Community of Madrid197,836
32Almería Andalusia188,810
33Leganés Community of Madrid186,066
34Donostia-San Sebastián Basque Country186,066
35Santander Cantabria182,700
36Castellón de la Plana Valencian Community180,005
37Burgos Castile and León178,966
38Albacete Castile–La Mancha169,716
39Alcorcón Community of Madrid167,967
40Getafe Community of Madrid167,164
41Salamanca Castile and León155,619
42Logroño La Rioja152,107
43San Cristóbal de La Laguna Canary Islands150,661
44Huelva Andalusia148,806
45Badajoz Extremadura148,334
46Tarragona Catalonia140,323
47Lleida Catalonia138,416
48Marbella Andalusia134,623
49León Castile and León134,305
50Cádiz Andalusia126,766

Largest municipalities by area[edit]

#MunicipalityAutonomous communityArea (Km2)[3]
1Cáceres Extremadura1,751.20
2Lorca Region of Murcia1,675.20
3Badajoz Extremadura1,474.20
4Córdoba Andalusia1,253.80
5Almodóvar del Campo Castile–La Mancha1,205.50
6Jerez de la Frontera Andalusia1,189.50
7Albacete Castile–La Mancha1,139.20
8Zaragoza Aragon1,063.50
9Écija Andalusia975.70
10Jumilla Murcia969.70
11Andújar Andalusia963.60
12Cuenca Castile–La Mancha959.10
13Moratalla Murcia954
13Carmona Andalusia923
15Hornachuelos Andalusia909.80
16Murcia Region of Murcia885.60
17Mérida Extremadura868.50
18Villarrobledo Castile–La Mancha862.90
19Almonte Andalusia862
20Caravaca de la Cruz Region of Murcia858.20
21Cangas del Narcea Asturias825.40
22Antequera Andalusia815.90
23Requena Valencian Community814.10
24Hellín Castile–La Mancha781
25Jerez de los Caballeros Extremadura739
26Alburquerque Extremadura725.70
27Trujillo Extremadura687.30
28Utrera Andalusia683.70
29Santiago-Pontones Andalusia682.50
30Los Yébenes Castile–La Mancha680
31Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón Castile–La Mancha678.60
32Alcázar de San Juan Castile–La Mancha668
33Retuerta del Bullaque Castile–La Mancha653
34Mula Murcia633.50
35Ejea de los Caballeros Aragon610.80
36Madrid Community of Madrid604.80
37Níjar Andalusia600.10
38Alía Extremadura599.40
39Valencia de Alcántara Extremadura596
40Osuna Andalusia592.70
41Fuente Obejuna Andalusia591.80
42Montoro Andalusia586.40
43Sabiñánigo Aragon586.30
44Alhambra Castile–La Mancha582.20
45Piedrabuena Castile–La Mancha564.20
46Don Benito Extremadura561.90
47Cartagena Region of Murcia559.10
48Alcántara Extremadura553
49Baza Andalusia545.20
50Tineo Asturias539.80

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