List of cities and towns in South Carolina

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Map of the United States with South Carolina highlighted.

As of the 2010 United States Census, there are 269 incorporated cities and towns in the U.S. state of South Carolina.

Incorporated cities and towns[edit]

Columbia – Skyline from Arsenal Hill
Charleston – Atlantic Street at E. Battery Street
North Charleston – City Hall
Greenville – Skyline by night
Hilton Head Island – Harbour Town
Myrtle Beach

At incorporation, municipalities may choose to be named either "City of" or "Town of", however there is no legal difference between the two.[1]

  §   County seat

Place NameCounty(ies)[A]Type of
Density (2010)
Abbeville §Abbeville CountyCity5,1836.13 sq mi (15.87 km2)854.6/sq mi (329.97/km2)
Aiken §Aiken CountyCity29,62720.84 sq mi (53.97 km2)1,416.77/sq mi (547.04/km2)
Allendale §Allendale CountyTown3,4823.31 sq mi (8.57 km2)1,051.96/sq mi (406.18/km2)
Anderson §Anderson CountyCity26,87114.64 sq mi (37.91 km2)1,822.94/sq mi (703.86/km2)
AndrewsGeorgetown County
Williamsburg County
Town2,8612.21 sq mi (5.71 km2)1,297.51/sq mi (500.99/km2)
Arcadia LakesRichland CountyTown8610.67 sq mi (1.74 km2)1,285.07/sq mi (496.19/km2)
Atlantic BeachHorry CountyTown3340.16 sq mi (0.41 km2)2,087.5/sq mi (806.02/km2)
AwendawCharleston CountyTown1,2949.68 sq mi (25.06 km2)133.73/sq mi (51.64/km2)
AynorHorry CountyTown5601.86 sq mi (4.81 km2)301.56/sq mi (116.44/km2)
Bamberg §Bamberg CountyCity3,6073.59 sq mi (9.31 km2)1,003.62/sq mi (387.51/km2)
Barnwell §Barnwell CountyCity4,7508 sq mi (20.71 km2)593.9/sq mi (229.31/km2)
Batesburg-LeesvilleLexington County
Saluda County
Town5,4517.89 sq mi (20.43 km2)679.68/sq mi (262.44/km2)
Beaufort §Beaufort CountyCity12,53433.58 sq mi (86.97 km2)368.12/sq mi (142.14/km2)
BeltonAnderson CountyCity4,1343.86 sq mi (9.98 km2)1,072.37/sq mi (414.06/km2)
Bennettsville §Marlboro CountyCity8,9496.75 sq mi (17.48 km2)1,343.75/sq mi (518.84/km2)
BethuneKershaw CountyTown3341.1 sq mi (2.85 km2)303.64/sq mi (117.24/km2)
Bishopville §Lee CountyCity3,4712.37 sq mi (6.14 km2)1,465.18/sq mi (565.73/km2)
BlacksburgCherokee CountyTown1,8481.87 sq mi (4.85 km2)987.18/sq mi (381.17/km2)
BlackvilleBarnwell CountyTown2,4069.03 sq mi (23.4 km2)266.33/sq mi (102.83/km2)
BlenheimMarlboro CountyTown1540.65 sq mi (1.69 km2)235.83/sq mi (91.06/km2)
BlufftonBeaufort CountyTown12,73453.51 sq mi (138.59 km2)234.16/sq mi (90.41/km2)
BlythewoodRichland County
Fairfield County
Town2,0349.76 sq mi (25.27 km2)208.44/sq mi (80.48/km2)
BonneauBerkeley CountyTown4872.39 sq mi (6.18 km2)204.02/sq mi (78.78/km2)
BowmanOrangeburg CountyTown9681.2 sq mi (3.1 km2)808.69/sq mi (312.25/km2)
BranchvilleOrangeburg CountyTown1,0243.14 sq mi (8.14 km2)325.91/sq mi (125.84/km2)
Briarcliffe AcresHorry CountyTown4570.66 sq mi (1.7 km2)697.71/sq mi (269.4/km2)
BrunsonHampton CountyTown5541.02 sq mi (2.63 km2)544.74/sq mi (210.33/km2)
BurnettownAiken CountyTown2,6736.03 sq mi (15.62 km2)443.28/sq mi (171.16/km2)
Calhoun FallsAbbeville CountyTown2,0043.46 sq mi (8.96 km2)579.19/sq mi (223.63/km2)
Camden §Kershaw CountyCity6,90211.39 sq mi (29.49 km2)600.46/sq mi (231.85/km2)
CameronCalhoun CountyTown4243.13 sq mi (8.09 km2)135.68/sq mi (52.39/km2)
CampobelloSpartanburg CountyTown5022.79 sq mi (7.23 km2)179.8/sq mi (69.42/km2)
CarlisleUnion CountyTown4361.42 sq mi (3.67 km2)307.91/sq mi (118.89/km2)
CayceLexington County
Richland County
City12,74317.42 sq mi (45.11 km2)719.26/sq mi (277.72/km2)
Central PacoletSpartanburg CountyTown2160.25 sq mi (0.647 km2)864/sq mi (333.8/km2)
CentralPickens CountyTown5,1752.69 sq mi (6.96 km2)1,917.84/sq mi (740.77/km2)
ChapinLexington CountyTown1,4452.02 sq mi (5.24 km2)714.64/sq mi (275.93/km2)
Charleston §Charleston County
Berkeley County
City122,689108.98 sq mi (282.25 km2)1,125.79/sq mi (434.68/km2)
CherawChesterfield CountyTown5,8305.46 sq mi (14.13 km2)1,072.2/sq mi (413.99/km2)
ChesneeSpartanburg County
Cherokee County
City8681.14 sq mi (2.94 km2)763.41/sq mi (294.77/km2)
Chester §Chester CountyCity5,5703.27 sq mi (8.46 km2)1,716.25/sq mi (662.67/km2)
Chesterfield §Chesterfield CountyTown1,4724.05 sq mi (10.48 km2)363.91/sq mi (140.51/km2)
ClemsonPickens County
Anderson County
City13,9467.9 sq mi (20.47 km2)1,759.68/sq mi (679.44/km2)
ClintonLaurens CountyCity8,4899.94 sq mi (25.75 km2)853.87/sq mi (329.69/km2)
ClioMarlboro CountyTown7260.86 sq mi (2.22 km2)848.13/sq mi (327.48/km2)
CloverYork CountyTown5,1964.47 sq mi (11.58 km2)1,139.6/sq mi (440.02/km2)
Columbia §Richland County
Lexington County
City130,591134.93 sq mi (349.45 km2)958.07/sq mi (369.93/km2)
Conway §Horry CountyCity17,51322.78 sq mi (59.01 km2)750.69/sq mi (289.85/km2)
CopeOrangeburg CountyTown770.25 sq mi (0.65 km2)308/sq mi (118.92/km2)
CordovaOrangeburg CountyTown1690.44 sq mi (1.13 km2)387.61/sq mi (149.66/km2)
CottagevilleColleton CountyTown7623.42 sq mi (8.85 km2)223.07/sq mi (86.13/km2)
CowardFlorence CountyTown7523.53 sq mi (9.15 km2)212.91/sq mi (82.21/km2)
CowpensSpartanburg CountyTown2,1622.36 sq mi (6.11 km2)916.88/sq mi (354.02/km2)
Cross HillLaurens CountyTown5073.09 sq mi (8.01 km2)164.02/sq mi (63.33/km2)
Darlington §Darlington CountyCity6,2544.55 sq mi (11.78 km2)1,383.11/sq mi (534.04/km2)
DenmarkBamberg CountyCity3,5383.84 sq mi (9.94 km2)921.59/sq mi (355.84/km2)
Dillon §Dillon CountyCity6,7265.24 sq mi (13.56 km2)1,296.41/sq mi (500.56/km2)
DonaldsAbbeville CountyTown3480.84 sq mi (2.17 km2)415.27/sq mi (160.34/km2)
Due WestAbbeville CountyTown1,2471.64 sq mi (4.25 km2)760.37/sq mi (293.59/km2)
DuncanSpartanburg CountyTown3,1814.78 sq mi (12.37 km2)665.9/sq mi (257.11/km2)
EasleyPickens County
Anderson County
City20,05812.28 sq mi (31.8 km2)1,628.36/sq mi (628.73/km2)
EastoverRichland CountyTown8133.32 sq mi (8.61 km2)244.66/sq mi (94.47/km2)
Edgefield §Edgefield CountyTown4,7504.3 sq mi (11.13 km2)1,104.91/sq mi (426.62/km2)
Edisto BeachColleton CountyTown4145.46 sq mi (14.14 km2)75.85/sq mi (29.29/km2)
EhrhardtBamberg CountyTown5453.11 sq mi (8.06 km2)175.13/sq mi (67.62/km2)
ElginKershaw CountyTown1,3114.88 sq mi (12.63 km2)268.87/sq mi (103.81/km2)
ElkoBarnwell CountyTown1931.05 sq mi (2.72 km2)183.98/sq mi (71.04/km2)
ElloreeOrangeburg CountyTown6920.96 sq mi (2.47 km2)724.61/sq mi (279.78/km2)
EstillHampton CountyTown2,0403.23 sq mi (8.37 km2)631.58/sq mi (243.86/km2)
EutawvilleOrangeburg CountyTown3150.95 sq mi (2.47 km2)330.88/sq mi (127.76/km2)
FairfaxAllendale CountyTown2,0252.1 sq mi (5.43 km2)965.2/sq mi (372.68/km2)
Florence §Florence CountyCity37,32620.93 sq mi (54.22 km2)1,770.13/sq mi (683.48/km2)
Folly BeachCharleston CountyCity2,61718.87 sq mi (48.87 km2)138.69/sq mi (53.55/km2)
Forest AcresRichland CountyCity10,4964.97 sq mi (12.86 km2)2,085.97/sq mi (805.42/km2)
Fort LawnChester CountyTown8951.39 sq mi (3.61 km2)642.5/sq mi (248.08/km2)
Fort MillYork CountyTown11,02716.6 sq mi (42.98 km2)651.46/sq mi (251.54/km2)
Fountain InnGreenville County
Laurens County
City7,9377.92 sq mi (20.51 km2)984.6/sq mi (380.17/km2)
FurmanHampton CountyTown2393.12 sq mi (8.08 km2)76.65/sq mi (29.6/km2)
Gaffney §Cherokee CountyCity12,4568.35 sq mi (21.63 km2)1,486.71/sq mi (574.04/km2)
GastonLexington CountyTown1,6455.31 sq mi (13.76 km2)309.56/sq mi (119.53/km2)
Georgetown §Georgetown CountyCity9,1387.52 sq mi (19.47 km2)1,219.13/sq mi (470.73/km2)
GiffordHampton CountyTown2880.97 sq mi (2.5 km2)297.83/sq mi (115/km2)
GilbertLexington CountyTown5652.77 sq mi (7.18 km2)203.82/sq mi (78.7/km2)
Goose CreekBerkeley County
City37,03540.85 sq mi (105.81 km2)879.67/sq mi (339.65/km2)
GovanBamberg CountyTown650.75 sq mi (1.95 km2)86.44/sq mi (33.37/km2)
Gray CourtLaurens CountyTown7951.87 sq mi (4.85 km2)424.23/sq mi (163.8/km2)
Great FallsChester CountyTown1,9794.38 sq mi (11.34 km2)451.93/sq mi (174.5/km2)
GreeleyvilleWilliamsburg CountyTown4381.22 sq mi (3.17 km2)358.14/sq mi (138.28/km2)
Greenville §Greenville CountyCity60,37928.82 sq mi (74.63 km2)2,026.89/sq mi (782.61/km2)
Greenwood §Greenwood CountyCity23,34216.35 sq mi (42.34 km2)1,420.31/sq mi (548.4/km2)
GreerGreenville County
Spartanburg County
City26,00222.72 sq mi (58.85 km2)1,122.82/sq mi (433.54/km2)
Hampton §Hampton CountyTown2,8084.53 sq mi (11.72 km2)620.28/sq mi (239.5/km2)
HanahanBerkeley CountyCity18,57911.51 sq mi (29.81 km2)1,563.6/sq mi (603.73/km2)
HardeevilleJasper CountyCity2,95245.27 sq mi (117.24 km2)65.21/sq mi (25.18/km2)
HarleyvilleDorchester CountyTown6771.15 sq mi (2.98 km2)587.67/sq mi (226.91/km2)
HartsvilleDarlington CountyCity7,7236.16 sq mi (15.96 km2)1,260.19/sq mi (486.58/km2)
Heath SpringsLancaster CountyTown7901.63 sq mi (4.21 km2)486.15/sq mi (187.71/km2)
HemingwayWilliamsburg CountyTown4590.85 sq mi (2.2 km2)539.37/sq mi (208.26/km2)
Hickory GroveYork CountyTown4401.67 sq mi (4.33 km2)263.32/sq mi (101.67/km2)
HildaBarnwell CountyTown4473.11 sq mi (8.05 km2)143.82/sq mi (55.53/km2)
Hilton Head IslandBeaufort CountyTown37,67569.13 sq mi (179.05 km2)536.62/sq mi (207.2/km2)
HodgesGreenwood CountyTown1550.78 sq mi (2.03 km2)197.96/sq mi (76.43/km2)
Holly HillOrangeburg CountyTown1,2771.31 sq mi (3.4 km2)973.32/sq mi (375.81/km2)
HollywoodCharleston CountyTown4,71424.52 sq mi (63.49 km2)192.29/sq mi (74.25/km2)
Honea PathAnderson County
Abbeville County
Town3,5973.62 sq mi (9.38 km2)993.65/sq mi (383.66/km2)
InmanSpartanburg CountyCity2,3211.44 sq mi (3.73 km2)1,611.81/sq mi (622.34/km2)
IrmoRichland County
Lexington County
Town11,2836.26 sq mi (16.22 km2)1,772.4/sq mi (684.35/km2)
Isle of PalmsCharleston CountyCity4,1335.44 sq mi (14.08 km2)760.3/sq mi (293.56/km2)
IvaAnderson CountyTown1,2180.9 sq mi (2.32 km2)1,360.89/sq mi (525.46/km2)
JacksonAiken CountyTown1,7003.55 sq mi (9.18 km2)479.41/sq mi (185.11/km2)
JamestownBerkeley CountyTown720.61 sq mi (1.57 km2)118.81/sq mi (45.88/km2)
JeffersonChesterfield CountyTown7531.81 sq mi (4.68 km2)416.71/sq mi (160.9/km2)
JenkinsvilleFairfield CountyTown460.09 sq mi (0.23 km2)516.85/sq mi (199.57/km2)
JohnsonvilleFlorence CountyCity1,4802.09 sq mi (5.4 km2)709.49/sq mi (273.95/km2)
JohnstonEdgefield CountyTown2,3622.73 sq mi (7.08 km2)863.94/sq mi (333.58/km2)
JonesvilleUnion CountyTown9111.02 sq mi (2.65 km2)890.52/sq mi (343.84/km2)
KershawLancaster CountyTown1,8031.86 sq mi (4.81 km2)970.92/sq mi (374.89/km2)
Kiawah IslandCharleston CountyTown1,62613.45 sq mi (34.83 km2)120.9/sq mi (46.68/km2)
Kingstree §Williamsburg CountyTown3,3283.18 sq mi (8.23 km2)1,047.2/sq mi (404.34/km2)
KlineBarnwell CountyTown1973.13 sq mi (8.11 km2)62.92/sq mi (24.29/km2)
Lake CityFlorence CountyCity6,7255.23 sq mi (13.55 km2)1,276.05/sq mi (492.7/km2)
Lake ViewDillon CountyTown8071.69 sq mi (4.37 km2)478.08/sq mi (184.59/km2)
LamarDarlington CountyTown9891.17 sq mi (3.03 km2)845.3/sq mi (326.38/km2)
Lancaster §Lancaster CountyCity8,6676.5 sq mi (16.83 km2)1,312.1/sq mi (506.62/km2)
LandrumSpartanburg CountyCity2,3762.69 sq mi (6.96 km2)884.59/sq mi (341.55/km2)
LaneWilliamsburg CountyTown5083.95 sq mi (10.23 km2)128.61/sq mi (49.66/km2)
LattaDillon CountyTown1,3791.1 sq mi (2.84 km2)1,258.21/sq mi (485.81/km2)
Laurens §Laurens CountyCity9,13410.39 sq mi (26.9 km2)879.93/sq mi (339.76/km2)
Lexington §Lexington CountyTown18,1798.95 sq mi (23.17 km2)1,997.09/sq mi (771.11/km2)
LibertyPickens CountyCity3,2694.46 sq mi (11.56 km2)732.3/sq mi (282.75/km2)
LincolnvilleCharleston County
Dorchester County
Town1,1391.19 sq mi (3.08 km2)957.14/sq mi (369.57/km2)
Little MountainNewberry CountyTown2911.42 sq mi (3.67 km2)205.36/sq mi (79.29/km2)
LivingstonOrangeburg CountyTown1360.82 sq mi (2.11 km2)166.87/sq mi (64.43/km2)
LockhartUnion CountyTown4880.41 sq mi (1.06 km2)1,193.15/sq mi (460.7/km2)
LodgeColleton CountyTown1203.14 sq mi (8.14 km2)38.17/sq mi (14.74/km2)
LorisHorry CountyCity2,3964.57 sq mi (11.83 km2)524.63/sq mi (202.57/km2)
LowndesvilleAbbeville CountyTown1280.78 sq mi (2.01 km2)165.16/sq mi (63.77/km2)
LowrysChester CountyTown2003.16 sq mi (8.19 km2)63.27/sq mi (24.43/km2)
LurayHampton CountyTown1271.03 sq mi (2.68 km2)122.94/sq mi (47.47/km2)
LymanSpartanburg CountyTown3,2436.56 sq mi (16.99 km2)494.28/sq mi (190.85/km2)
LynchburgLee CountyTown3731.13 sq mi (2.93 km2)329.51/sq mi (127.23/km2)
Manning §Clarendon CountyCity4,1082.76 sq mi (7.15 km2)1,488.41/sq mi (574.55/km2)
Marion §Marion CountyCity6,8944.42 sq mi (11.45 km2)1,159.73/sq mi (602.10/km2)
MauldinGreenville CountyCity23,4089.95 sq mi (25.78 km2)2,352.56/sq mi (907.99/km2)
MayesvilleSumter CountyTown7313.42 sq mi (8.86 km2)213.74/sq mi (82.53/km2)
McBeeChesterfield CountyTown8672.76 sq mi (7.15 km2)313.9/sq mi (121.2/km2)
McClellanvilleCharleston CountyTown4994.42 sq mi (11.45 km2)112.87/sq mi (43.58/km2)
McCollMarlboro CountyTown2,17410 sq mi (25.9 km2)217.4/sq mi (83.94/km2)
McConnellsYork CountyTown2551.02 sq mi (2.65 km2)249.02/sq mi (96.15/km2)
McCormick §McCormick CountyTown2,7833.04 sq mi (7.88 km2)915.16/sq mi (353.36/km2)
MeggettCharleston CountyTown1,22618.42 sq mi (47.71 km2)66.56/sq mi (25.7/km2)
Moncks Corner §Berkeley CountyTown8,1517.42 sq mi (19.21 km2)1,062.81/sq mi (410.37/km2)
MonettaAiken County
Saluda County
Town2360.74 sq mi (1.91 km2)320.22/sq mi (123.64/km2)
Mount CroghanChesterfield CountyTown1950.76 sq mi (1.97 km2)256.92/sq mi (99.2/km2)
Mount PleasantCharleston CountyTown69,35745.08 sq mi (116.76 km2)1,538.53/sq mi (594.01/km2)
MullinsMarion CountyCity4,6633.06 sq mi (7.94 km2)1,521.87/sq mi (587.62/km2)
Myrtle BeachHorry CountyCity27,82023.57 sq mi (61.03 km2)1,150.34/sq mi (444.17/km2)
NeesesOrangeburg CountyTown3741.75 sq mi (4.54 km2)213.35/sq mi (82.38/km2)
New EllentonAiken CountyCity2,0528.58 sq mi (22.22 km2)239.22/sq mi (92.37/km2)
Newberry §Newberry CountyCity10,3324.78 sq mi (12.37 km2)2,151.35/sq mi (830.67/km2)
NicholsMarion CountyTown3681.41 sq mi (3.64 km2)261.74/sq mi (101.06/km2)
Ninety SixGreenwood CountyTown1,9981.5 sq mi (3.88 km2)1,333.78/sq mi (514.99/km2)
NorrisPickens CountyTown8131.88 sq mi (4.88 km2)431.53/sq mi (166.62/km2)
North AugustaAiken County
Edgefield County
City21,43520.03 sq mi (51.88 km2)1,070.14/sq mi (413.16/km2)
North CharlestonBerkeley County
Charleston County
Dorchester County
City99,72773.19 sq mi (189.56 km2)1,331.8/sq mi (502.96/km2)
North Myrtle BeachHorry CountyCity14,11817.09 sq mi (44.27 km2)826.10/sq mi (318.91/km2)
NorthOrangeburg CountyTown7545.19 sq mi (13.43 km2)145.36/sq mi (56.13/km2)
NorwayOrangeburg CountyTown3370.8 sq mi (2.07 km2)421.25/sq mi (162.65/km2)
OlantaFlorence CountyTown5631 sq mi (2.59 km2)563.56/sq mi (217.6/km2)
OlarBamberg CountyTown2570.79 sq mi (2.03 km2)327.39/sq mi (126.41/km2)
Orangeburg §Orangeburg CountyCity13,8858.48 sq mi (21.96 km2)1,646.89/sq mi (635.89/km2)
PacoletSpartanburg CountyTown2,2353.53 sq mi (9.15 km2)632.61/sq mi (244.26/km2)
PagelandChesterfield CountyTown2,7604.41 sq mi (11.42 km2)625.71/sq mi (241.6/km2)
PamplicoFlorence CountyTown1,2261.62 sq mi (4.19 km2)757.73/sq mi (292.57/km2)
ParksvilleMcCormick CountyTown1170.73 sq mi (1.89 km2)160.71/sq mi (62.05/km2)
PatrickChesterfield CountyTown3510.96 sq mi (2.48 km2)366.01/sq mi (141.32/km2)
Pawleys IslandGeorgetown CountyTown1030.99 sq mi (2.57 km2)103.83/sq mi (40.09/km2)
PaxvilleClarendon CountyTown1851.05 sq mi (2.72 km2)176.02/sq mi (67.97/km2)
PeakNewberry CountyTown640.39 sq mi (1.01 km2)164.1/sq mi (63.36/km2)
PelionLexington CountyTown6743.69 sq mi (9.55 km2)182.8/sq mi (70.58/km2)
PelzerAnderson CountyTown890.19 sq mi (0.49 km2)468.42/sq mi (180.86/km2)
PendletonAnderson CountyTown2,9643.82 sq mi (9.89 km2)776.53/sq mi (299.83/km2)
PerryAiken CountyTown2331.16 sq mi (3.01 km2)200.52/sq mi (77.42/km2)
Pickens §Pickens CountyCity3,1262.85 sq mi (7.38 km2)1,096.84/sq mi (423.51/km2)
Pine RidgeLexington CountyTown2,0644.76 sq mi (12.32 km2)433.89/sq mi (167.53/km2)
PinewoodSumter CountyTown5381.07 sq mi (2.77 km2)502.33/sq mi (193.96/km2)
Plum BranchMcCormick CountyTown820.36 sq mi (0.94 km2)226.52/sq mi (87.46/km2)
PomariaNewberry CountyTown1791.05 sq mi (2.71 km2)170.96/sq mi (66.01/km2)
Port RoyalBeaufort CountyTown10,79022.01 sq mi (57 km2)485.14/sq mi (187.32/km2)
ProsperityNewberry CountyTown1,1801.87 sq mi (4.85 km2)630.34/sq mi (243.38/km2)
QuinbyFlorence CountyTown9321.35 sq mi (3.49 km2)691.39/sq mi (266.96/km2)
RavenelCharleston CountyTown2,46512.64 sq mi (32.74 km2)194.98/sq mi (75.29/km2)
ReevesvilleDorchester CountyTown1961.63 sq mi (4.22 km2)120.39/sq mi (46.49/km2)
ReidvilleSpartanburg CountyTown6011.7 sq mi (4.41 km2)352.91/sq mi (136.26/km2)
RichburgChester CountyTown2750.88 sq mi (2.27 km2)313.93/sq mi (121.21/km2)
Ridge SpringSaluda CountyTown7371.85 sq mi (4.79 km2)398.38/sq mi (158.86/km2)
Ridgeland §Jasper CountyTown4,03644.71 sq mi (115.8 km2)90.27/sq mi (34.85/km2)
RidgevilleDorchester CountyTown1,9791.8 sq mi (4.65 km2)1,101.89/sq mi (425.46/km2)
RidgewayFairfield CountyTown3190.49 sq mi (1.26 km2)657.73/sq mi (253.96/km2)
Rock HillYork CountyCity67,42335.88 sq mi (92.93 km2)1,843.6/sq mi (711.84/km2)
RockvilleCharleston CountyTown1340.51 sq mi (1.33 km2)260.7/sq mi (100.66/km2)
RowesvilleOrangeburg CountyTown3040.83 sq mi (2.15 km2)365.38/sq mi (141.08/km2)
RubyChesterfield CountyTown3602.47 sq mi (6.39 km2)145.81/sq mi (56.3/km2)
St. George §Dorchester CountyTown2,0844.24 sq mi (10.98 km2)491.39/sq mi (189.73/km2)
St. Matthews §Calhoun CountyTown2,0212.76 sq mi (7.14 km2)732.78/sq mi (282.94/km2)
St. StephenBerkeley CountyTown1,6971.74 sq mi (4.5 km2)975.85/sq mi (376.79/km2)
SalemOconee CountyTown1356.37 sq mi (16.49 km2)21.2/sq mi (8.19/km2)
SalleyAiken CountyTown3982.7 sq mi (7 km2)147.24/sq mi (56.85/km2)
Saluda §Saluda CountyTown3,5651.93 sq mi (4.99 km2)1,849.07/sq mi (713.95/km2)
SanteeOrangeburg CountyTown9610.76 sq mi (1.97 km2)1,262.81/sq mi (487.59/km2)
ScotiaHampton CountyTown2152.03 sq mi (5.26 km2)105.86/sq mi (40.87/km2)
ScrantonFlorence CountyTown9323.36 sq mi (8.7 km2)277.46/sq mi (107.13/km2)
Seabrook IslandCharleston CountyTown1,7142.12 sq mi (5.49 km2)808.87/sq mi (312.32/km2)
SellersMarion CountyTown2192.39 sq mi (6.2 km2)91.48/sq mi (35.32/km2)
SenecaOconee CountyCity8,1177.55 sq mi (19.56 km2)1,075.10/sq mi (414.98/km2)
SharonYork CountyTown4947 sq mi (18.14 km2)70.54/sq mi (27.24/km2)
SilverstreetNewberry CountyTown1627.7 sq mi (19.94 km2)21.04/sq mi (8.12/km2)
SimpsonvilleGreenville CountyCity18,6528.81 sq mi (22.82 km2)2,117.14/sq mi (817.35/km2)
Six MilePickens CountyTown6755.55 sq mi (14.38 km2)121.6/sq mi (46.95/km2)
SmoaksColleton CountyTown1263.35 sq mi (8.67 km2)37.65/sq mi (14.54/km2)
SmyrnaYork County
Cherokee County
Town458.83 sq mi (22.88 km2)5.09/sq mi (1.97/km2)
SnellingBarnwell CountyTown2742.05 sq mi (5.31 km2)133.66/sq mi (51.61/km2)
Society HillDarlington CountyTown5631.63 sq mi (4.22 km2)345.4/sq mi (133.36/km2)
South CongareeLexington CountyTown2,3063.29 sq mi (8.50 km2)700.91/sq mi (271.29/km2)
Spartanburg §Spartanburg CountyCity37,33419.769 sq mi (51.20 km2)1,888.42/sq mi (729.18/km2)
SpringdaleLexington CountyTown2,6363.58 sq mi (9.26 km2)737.34/sq mi (284.7/km2)
SpringfieldOrangeburg CountyTown5242.4 sq mi (6.21 km2)218.52/sq mi (84.37/km2)
StarrAnderson CountyTown1731.48 sq mi (3.83 km2)117.05/sq mi (45.19/km2)
StuckeyWilliamsburg CountyTown2450.94 sq mi (2.42 km2)262.03/sq mi (101.17/km2)
Sullivan's IslandCharleston CountyTown1,7913.44 sq mi (8.91 km2)520.79/sq mi (201.09/km2)
SummertonClarendon CountyTown1,0001.28 sq mi (3.32 km2)779.42/sq mi (300.95/km2)
SummervilleDorchester County
Berkeley County
Charleston County
Town44,78318.05 sq mi (46.74 km2)2,481.05/sq mi (958.13/km2)
SummitLexington CountyTown4021.49 sq mi (3.86 km2)269.98/sq mi (104.24/km2)
Sumter §Sumter CountyCity40,52632.29 sq mi (83.63 km2)1,255.04/sq mi (484.59/km2)
Surfside BeachHorry CountyTown3,8371.95 sq mi (5.06 km2)1,963.66/sq mi (758.2/km2)
SwanseaLexington CountyTown8272.09 sq mi (5.41 km2)396.26/sq mi (153/km2)
SycamoreAllendale CountyTown1803.18 sq mi (8.24 km2)56.6/sq mi (21.86/km2)
TatumMarlboro CountyTown750.91 sq mi (2.35 km2)82.6/sq mi (31.89/km2)
Tega CayYork CountyCity7,7734.56 sq mi (11.82 km2)1,669.59/sq mi (644.65/km2)
TimmonsvilleFlorence CountyTown2,3202.59 sq mi (6.71 km2)896.1/sq mi (346/km2)
Travelers RestGreenville CountyCity4,5764.55 sq mi (11.77 km2)1,006.6/sq mi (388.66/km2)
TrentonEdgefield CountyTown1961.28 sq mi (3.3 km2)153.61/sq mi (59.31/km2)
TroyGreenwood CountyTown930.8 sq mi (2.07 km2)116.4/sq mi (44.94/km2)
TurbevilleClarendon CountyTown7661.3 sq mi (3.37 km2)588.78/sq mi (227.34/km2)
UlmerAllendale CountyTown882.75 sq mi (7.13 km2)31.98/sq mi (12.35/km2)
Union §Union CountyCity8,3118.08 sq mi (20.94 km2)1,038.22/sq mi (400.87/km2)
VanceOrangeburg CountyTown1700.51 sq mi (1.31 km2)336.63/sq mi (129.98/km2)
VarnvilleHampton CountyTown2,1623.83 sq mi (9.92 km2)564.2/sq mi (217.84/km2)
WagenerAiken CountyTown7971.18 sq mi (3.06 km2)674.85/sq mi (260.57/km2)
Walhalla §Oconee CountyCity4,2634.02 sq mi (10.41 km2)1,060.45/sq mi (409.46/km2)
Walterboro §Colleton CountyCity5,3606.49 sq mi (16.8 km2)832/sq mi (321.25/km2)
WardSaluda CountyTown910.78 sq mi (2.01 km2)117.27/sq mi (45.28/km2)
Ware ShoalsGreenwood County
Abbeville County
Laurens County
Town2,1704.02 sq mi (10.4 km2)540.34/sq mi (208.63/km2)
WaterlooLaurens CountyTown1661.4 sq mi (3.62 km2)118.74/sq mi (45.85/km2)
WellfordSpartanburg CountyCity2,3784.34 sq mi (11.24 km2)547.8/sq mi (211.51/km2)
West ColumbiaLexington CountyCity15,4637.2 sq mi (18.66 km2)2,080.8/sq mi (803.43/km2)
West PelzerAnderson CountyTown8803.41 sq mi (8.83 km2)257.99/sq mi (99.61/km2)
West UnionOconee CountyTown2910.51 sq mi (1.32 km2)569.47/sq mi (219.88/km2)
WestminsterOconee CountyCity2,4183.41 sq mi (8.82 km2)709.09/sq mi (274.15/km2)
WhitmireNewberry CountyTown1,4411.24 sq mi (3.2 km2)1,165.86/sq mi (450.16/km2)
WilliamsColleton CountyTown1170.85 sq mi (2.19 km2)138.13/sq mi (53.34/km2)
WilliamstonAnderson CountyTown3,9343.68 sq mi (9.53 km2)1,069.31/sq mi (412.88/km2)
WillistonBarnwell CountyTown3,1399.02 sq mi (23.35 km2)348.16/sq mi (134.43/km2)
WindsorAiken CountyTown1210.66 sq mi (1.7 km2)183.89/sq mi (71/km2)
Winnsboro §Fairfield CountyTown3,5502.63 sq mi (6.82 km2)1,347.76/sq mi (520.39/km2)
WoodfordOrangeburg CountyTown1850.79 sq mi (2.03 km2)235.67/sq mi (91/km2)
WoodruffSpartanburg CountyCity4,0903.93 sq mi (10.19 km2)1,039.92/sq mi (401.53/km2)
YemasseeHampton County
Beaufort County
Town1,0274.51 sq mi (11.68 km2)227.72/sq mi (87.92/km2)
York §York CountyCity7,8888.33 sq mi (21.57 km2)928.91/sq mi (358.67/km2)

Census-designated places[edit]

There are 126 census-designated places in South Carolina.

Place NameCounty(ies)[A]Population
Area (2010)[4]Density (2010)
AlcoluClarendon County4294.57 sq mi (11.84 km2)93.87/sq mi (36.25/km2)
AntrevilleAbbeville County1403.9 sq mi (10.09 km2)35.94/sq mi (13.88/km2)
ArcadiaSpartanburg County2,6341.97 sq mi (5.09 km2)1,340.46/sq mi (517.57/km2)
ArialPickens County2,5434.69 sq mi (12.16 km2)541.76/sq mi (209.18/km2)
BelvedereAiken County5,7923.51 sq mi (9.09 km2)1,650.14/sq mi (637.15/km2)
BereaGreenville County14,2958 sq mi (20.72 km2)1,787.1/sq mi (690.03/km2)
Boiling SpringsSpartanburg County8,2196.84 sq mi (17.71 km2)1,202.14/sq mi (464.16/km2)
Bonneau BeachBerkeley County1,9293.07 sq mi (7.94 km2)629.16/sq mi (242.93/km2)
BoykinKershaw County1007.07 sq mi (18.31 km2)14.15/sq mi (5.46/km2)
BradleyGreenwood County1707.86 sq mi (20.36 km2)21.63/sq mi (8.35/km2)
BrookdaleOrangeburg County4,8733.64 sq mi (9.43 km2)1,338.74/sq mi (516.91/km2)
BucksportHorry County8764.22 sq mi (10.94 km2)207.39/sq mi (80.08/km2)
BuffaloUnion County1,2664.03 sq mi (10.42 km2)314.53/sq mi (121.45/km2)
BurtonBeaufort County6,9768.56 sq mi (22.16 km2)815.33/sq mi (314.81/km2)
Cane SavannahSumter County1,1173.69 sq mi (9.55 km2)302.87/sq mi (116.94/km2)
CatawbaYork County1,34310.35 sq mi (26.81 km2)129.72/sq mi (50.09/km2)
CentervilleAnderson County6,5865.94 sq mi (15.37 km2)1,109.5/sq mi (428.4/km2)
CherryvaleSumter County2,4961.84 sq mi (4.77 km2)1,356.52/sq mi (523.77/km2)
City ViewGreenville County1,3450.52 sq mi (1.36 km2)2,566.79/sq mi (991.08/km2)
Clarks HillMcCormick County3813.2 sq mi (8.28 km2)119.21/sq mi (46.03/km2)
ClearwaterAiken County4,3704.31 sq mi (11.17 km2)1,013.69/sq mi (391.4/km2)
CliftonSpartanburg County5411.14 sq mi (2.95 km2)475.4/sq mi (183.56/km2)
CokesburyGreenwood County2150.59 sq mi (1.54 km2)362.56/sq mi (139.99/km2)
ConverseSpartanburg County6080.7 sq mi (1.82 km2)867.33/sq mi (334.89/km2)
CoronacaGreenwood County1911.7 sq mi (4.39 km2)112.62/sq mi (43.48/km2)
Cross AnchorSpartanburg County1260.78 sq mi (2.01 km2)161.95/sq mi (62.53/km2)
DalzellSumter County3,0595.93 sq mi (15.37 km2)515.5/sq mi (199.04/km2)
DentsvilleRichland County14,0626.9 sq mi (17.87 km2)2,037.97/sq mi (786.89/km2)
DuneanGreenville County3,6711.58 sq mi (4.09 km2)2,326.36/sq mi (898.24/km2)
East GaffneyCherokee County3,0853.06 sq mi (7.93 km2)1,007.18/sq mi (388.89/km2)
East SumterSumter County1,3431.21 sq mi (3.14 km2)1,106.26/sq mi (427.14/km2)
EdistoOrangeburg County2,5592.35 sq mi (6.09 km2)1,088.94/sq mi (420.45/km2)
ElginLancaster County2,6071.06 sq mi (2.75 km2)2,459.43/sq mi (949.63/km2)
EnoreeSpartanburg County6651.58 sq mi (4.1 km2)419.82/sq mi (162.1/km2)
Eureka MillChester County1,4761.29 sq mi (3.34 km2)1,143.3/sq mi (441.45/km2)
Fair PlayOconee County
Anderson County
6873.31 sq mi (8.58 km2)207.36/sq mi (80.07/km2)
FairforestSpartanburg County1,6936.76 sq mi (17.51 km2)250.44/sq mi (96.7/km2)
FingervilleSpartanburg County1340.24 sq mi (0.63 km2)549.18/sq mi (212.05/km2)
Five ForksGreenville County14,1407.61 sq mi (19.72 km2)1,857.35/sq mi (717.15/km2)
ForestbrookHorry County4,6123.74 sq mi (9.68 km2)1,234.15/sq mi (476.52/km2)
GadsdenRichland County1,63211.51 sq mi (29.8 km2)141.83/sq mi (54.76/km2)
GanttGreenville County14,2299.93 sq mi (25.72 km2)1,433.07/sq mi (553.33/km2)
Garden CityHorry County9,2095.45 sq mi (14.11 km2)1,690.35/sq mi (652.67/km2)
Gayle MillChester County9130.65 sq mi (1.69 km2)1,396.02/sq mi (539.03/km2)
GlendaleSpartanburg County3070.21 sq mi (0.55 km2)1,448.11/sq mi (559.14/km2)
GlovervilleAiken County2,8313.64 sq mi (9.42 km2)778.39/sq mi (300.55/km2)
Golden GroveGreenville County2,4675.8 sq mi (15.01 km2)425.64/sq mi (164.35/km2)
GramlingSpartanburg County861.01 sq mi (2.62 km2)84.9/sq mi (32.78/km2)
GranitevilleAiken County2,6143.33 sq mi (8.61 km2)786.17/sq mi (303.55/km2)
Homeland ParkAnderson County6,2964.73 sq mi (12.24 km2)1,332.49/sq mi (514.49/km2)
HopkinsRichland County2,88216.53 sq mi (42.81 km2)174.35/sq mi (67.32/km2)
India HookYork County3,3283.54 sq mi (9.17 km2)940.38/sq mi (363.09/km2)
Inman MillsSpartanburg County1,0501.14 sq mi (2.95 km2)921.86/sq mi (355.94/km2)
IrwinLancaster County1,4052.99 sq mi (7.74 km2)470.06/sq mi (181.5/km2)
IslandtonColleton County702.77 sq mi (7.17 km2)25.28/sq mi (9.76/km2)
JacksonboroColleton County47814.47 sq mi (37.46 km2)33.05/sq mi (12.76/km2)
JoannaLaurens County1,5393.14 sq mi (8.14 km2)489.66/sq mi (189.07/km2)
JudsonGreenville County2,0500.79 sq mi (2.05 km2)2,588.38/sq mi (999.41/km2)
LadsonBerkeley County
Charleston County
13,7907.02 sq mi (18.19 km2)1,963.55/sq mi (758.16/km2)
Lake Murray of RichlandRichland County5,4848.7 sq mi (22.53 km2)630.49/sq mi (243.44/km2)
Lake SecessionAbbeville County1,0837.22 sq mi (18.69 km2)150.1/sq mi (57.96/km2)
Lake WylieYork County8,8417.73 sq mi (20.03 km2)1,143.43/sq mi (441.5/km2)
LakewoodSumter County3,03210.59 sq mi (27.42 km2)286.39/sq mi (110.58/km2)
LangleyAiken County1,4471.15 sq mi (2.99 km2)1,254.99/sq mi (484.57/km2)
Laurel BayBeaufort County5,8915.39 sq mi (13.96 km2)1,093.15/sq mi (422.08/km2)
LesslieYork County3,1126.13 sq mi (15.88 km2)507.58/sq mi (195.99/km2)
Little RiverHorry County8,96010.83 sq mi (28.04 km2)827.64/sq mi (319.56/km2)
LugoffKershaw County7,43415.29 sq mi (39.59 km2)486.36/sq mi (187.79/km2)
LydiaDarlington County6422.64 sq mi (6.85 km2)242.91/sq mi (93.79/km2)
MayoSpartanburg County1,5924.05 sq mi (10.49 km2)392.89/sq mi (151.7/km2)
ModocMcCormick County2187.17 sq mi (18.57 km2)30.4/sq mi (11.74/km2)
Monarch MillUnion County1,8115.61 sq mi (14.54 km2)322.64/sq mi (124.58/km2)
Mount CarmelMcCormick County2169.19 sq mi (23.8 km2)23.51/sq mi (9.08/km2)
MountvilleLaurens County1082.86 sq mi (7.41 km2)37.76/sq mi (14.58/km2)
MulberrySumter County5291.98 sq mi (5.13 km2)267.04/sq mi (103.11/km2)
Murphys EstatesEdgefield County1,4412.09 sq mi (5.4 km2)690.8/sq mi (266.73/km2)
Murrells InletGeorgetown County7,5477.53 sq mi (19.49 km2)1,002.66/sq mi (387.14/km2)
NewportYork County4,1368.77 sq mi (22.72 km2)471.5/sq mi (182.05/km2)
NewryOconee County1720.3 sq mi (0.76 km2)583.05/sq mi (225.12/km2)
North HartsvilleDarlington County3,25176.65 sq mi (198.51 km2)42.41/sq mi (16.38/km2)
NorthlakeAnderson County3,74517.69 sq mi (45.82 km2)211.67/sq mi (81.73/km2)
Oak GroveLexington County10,2916.69 sq mi (17.32 km2)1,538.96/sq mi (594.21/km2)
OaklandSumter County1,2320.69 sq mi (1.78 km2)1,795.92/sq mi (693.43/km2)
OswegoSumter County841.21 sq mi (3.12 km2)69.71/sq mi (26.92/km2)
ParkerGreenville County11,4316.87 sq mi (17.79 km2)1,664.39/sq mi (642.64/km2)
PiedmontAnderson County
Greenville County
5,1038.77 sq mi (22.7 km2)582.2/sq mi (224.8/km2)
PinopolisBerkeley County9481.43 sq mi (3.71 km2)662.01/sq mi (255.61/km2)
PowdersvilleAnderson County7,61814 sq mi (36.26 km2)544.07/sq mi (210.07/km2)
PrincetonLaurens County620.75 sq mi (1.94 km2)82.78/sq mi (31.96/km2)
PrivateerSumter County2,3498.23 sq mi (21.3 km2)285.59/sq mi (110.27/km2)
Promised LandGreenwood County5111.56 sq mi (4.04 km2)327.77/sq mi (126.56/km2)
Red BankLexington County9,61712.04 sq mi (31.17 km2)799.02/sq mi (308.51/km2)
Red HillHorry County13,22311.35 sq mi (29.39 km2)1,165.12/sq mi (449.87/km2)
RembertSumter County3063.84 sq mi (9.93 km2)79.77/sq mi (30.8/km2)
RiverviewYork County6811.52 sq mi (3.95 km2)446.85/sq mi (172.54/km2)
RoebuckSpartanburg County2,2004.31 sq mi (11.16 km2)510.44/sq mi (197.09/km2)
RussellvilleBerkeley County4883.75 sq mi (9.72 km2)130.03/sq mi (50.21/km2)
St. AndrewsRichland County20,49319.89 sq mi (51.5 km2)1,030.52/sq mi (397.9/km2)
SangareeBerkeley County8,2202.39 sq mi (6.18 km2)3,442.21/sq mi (1329.09/km2)
Sans SouciGreenville County7,8690.83 sq mi (2.15 km2)9,492.16/sq mi (3665.07/km2)
SaxonSpartanburg County3,4243.29 sq mi (8.52 km2)1,040.41/sq mi (401.72/km2)
Seven OaksLexington County15,1440.84 sq mi (2.19 km2)17,943.13/sq mi (6928.12/km2)
Shell PointBeaufort County2,3360.69 sq mi (1.79 km2)3,370.85/sq mi (1301.54/km2)
ShilohSumter County2147.61 sq mi (19.7 km2)28.14/sq mi (10.86/km2)
Slater-MariettaGreenville County2,1769.75 sq mi (25.26 km2)223.09/sq mi (86.14/km2)
SocasteeHorry County19,9524.31 sq mi (11.17 km2)4,624.94/sq mi (1785.76/km2)
South SumterSumter County2,4114.09 sq mi (10.58 km2)590.21/sq mi (227.89/km2)
Southern ShopsSpartanburg County3,76713.87 sq mi (35.92 km2)271.61/sq mi (104.87/km2)
SpringdaleLancaster County2,5743.33 sq mi (8.62 km2)772.97/sq mi (298.46/km2)
StartexSpartanburg County8591.56 sq mi (4.03 km2)552.41/sq mi (213.29/km2)
StateburgSumter County1,3804.68 sq mi (12.12 km2)294.87/sq mi (113.85/km2)
TaylorsGreenville County21,61710.74 sq mi (27.82 km2)2,012.57/sq mi (777.08/km2)
TigervilleGreenville County1,3121.35 sq mi (3.49 km2)974.74/sq mi (376.36/km2)
UticaOconee County1,4891.36 sq mi (3.52 km2)1,095.66/sq mi (423.05/km2)
Valley FallsSpartanburg County6,2995.22 sq mi (13.51 km2)1,207.63/sq mi (466.28/km2)
Wade HamptonGreenville County20,6229.01 sq mi (23.33 km2)2,289.04/sq mi (883.84/km2)
WallaceMarlboro County8926.69 sq mi (17.33 km2)133.29/sq mi (51.47/km2)
Ware PlaceGreenville County2280.92 sq mi (2.38 km2)248.37/sq mi (95.9/km2)
WarrenvilleAiken County1,2331.09 sq mi (2.83 km2)1,128.09/sq mi (435.57/km2)
Watts MillsLaurens County1,6352.27 sq mi (5.87 km2)720.9/sq mi (278.35/km2)
WedgewoodSumter County1,6158.59 sq mi (22.26 km2)187.94/sq mi (72.57/km2)
WelcomeGreenville County6,6684.69 sq mi (12.13 km2)1,423.27/sq mi (549.54/km2)
Wilkinson HeightsOrangeburg County2,4933 sq mi (7.76 km2)832.39/sq mi (321.4/km2)
WillingtonMcCormick County1426 sq mi (15.53 km2)23.68/sq mi (9.14/km2)
Winnsboro MillsFairfield County1,8983.23 sq mi (8.36 km2)587.98/sq mi (227.03/km2)
WoodfieldRichland County9,3032.78 sq mi (7.2 km2)3,345.2/sq mi (1291.63/km2)

Unincorporated communities[edit]

Place NameCounty(ies)
Adams RunCharleston County
AlvinBerkeley County
BallentineRichland County
BathAiken County
Beech IslandAiken County
BetheraBerkeley County
BlackstockChester County
Fairfield County
BlairFairfield County
Bowling GreenYork County
CadesWilliamsburg County
CanadysColleton County
CassattKershaw County
CateecheePickens County
CentenaryMarion County
ChappellsNewberry County
Cherokee FallsCherokee County
ClevelandGreenville County
ConesteeGreenville County
CordesvilleBerkeley County
CrossBerkeley County
Daufuskie IslandBeaufort County
Davis StationClarendon County
DorchesterCharleston County
DraytonCharleston County
Early BranchHampton County
EdgemoorChester County
Edisto IslandCharleston County
EffinghamFlorence County
ElliottLee County
FloydaleDillon County
ForkDillon County
Fort MotteCalhoun County
GableClarendon County
GarnettHampton County
Green PondColleton County
Green SeaHorry County
GreshamMarion County
GroverDorchester County
HamerDillon County
HoratioSumter County
HugerBerkeley County
JalapaNewberry County
James IslandCharleston County
Johns IslandCharleston County
KinardsNewberry County
Laurens County
Kings CreekCherokee County
La FranceAnderson County
Lancaster MillLancaster County
LandoChester County
Liberty HillKershaw County
Little RockDillon County
LobecoBeaufort County
Lone StarCalhoun County
Long CreekOconee County
LongsHorry County
MariettaGreenville County
MartinAllendale County
MileyHampton County
MillwoodSumter County
MinturnDillon County
MontmorenciAiken County
MooreSpartanburg County
Mount HollyBerkeley County
Mountain RestOconee County
NesmithWilliamsburg County
New ZionClarendon County
Pacolet MillsSpartanburg County
Parris IslandBeaufort County
PaulineSpartanburg County
Pee DeeMarion County
PinelandCharleston County
PinevilleBerkeley County
PostonFlorence County
RainsMarion County
RichlandOconee County
RiminiClarendon County
RionFairfield County
Round OColleton County
RuffinColleton County
Saint Helena IslandBeaufort County
SaltersWilliamsburg County
Sandy SpringsAnderson County
SardiniaClarendon County
SeabrookBeaufort County
SheldonBeaufort County
ShulervilleBerkeley County
SlaterGreenville County
State ParkRichland County
SunsetPickens County
TamasseeOconee County
TillmanJasper County
TownvilleAnderson County
TrioWilliamsburg County
UnaDarlington County
Lee County
Van WyckLancaster County
VaucluseAiken County
Wadmalaw IslandCharleston County
WandoBerkeley County
WedgefieldSumter County
WestvilleKershaw County
White OakFairfield County
White RockRichland County
White StoneSpartanburg County
WisackyLee County
Yonges IslandCharleston County

Largest Cities[edit]

The Most Populous Cities in South Carolina

RankCity2013 Estimate2010 CensusChangeArea(sq mi)
!000001Columbia133,358129,272!D0034543522152 +3.16%134.9
!000002Charleston127,999120,083!D0027192971426 +6.59%127.5
!000003North Charleston104,05497,471!D0026950643293 +6.75%76.6
!000004Mount Pleasant74,88567,843!D0022653039914 +10.38%49.5
!000005Rock Hill69,10366,154!D0031105192275 +4.46%43.16
!000006Greenville61,39758,409!D0029728657202 +5.12%26.1

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