List of cities and towns in Alabama

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Map of the United States with Alabama highlighted

As of the 2010 United States Census, there are 460 incorporated cities and towns in the U.S. state of Alabama.

Incorporated cities and towns[edit]

      County seat

Place nameCounty(ies)[A]Population
Land area
Density (2010)
AbbevilleHenry County2,68815.54 sq mi (40.25 km2)172.97/sq mi (66.78/km2)
AdamsvilleJefferson County4,52225.13 sq mi (65.08 km2)179.95/sq mi (69.48/km2)
AddisonWinston County7583.77 sq mi (9.75 km2)201.27/sq mi (77.74/km2)
AkronHale County3560.69 sq mi (1.78 km2)518.2/sq mi (200/km2)
AlabasterShelby County30,35225.04 sq mi (64.86 km2)1,212.00/sq mi (467.96/km2)
AlbertvilleMarshall County21,16026.56 sq mi (68.78 km2)796.81/sq mi (307.65/km2)
Alexander CityTallapoosa County14,87540.84 sq mi (105.77 km2)364.24/sq mi (140.64/km2)
AlicevillePickens County2,4864.56 sq mi (11.81 km2)545.06/sq mi (210.5/km2)
AllgoodBlount County6221.04 sq mi (2.69 km2)598.65/sq mi (231.23/km2)
AltoonaEtowah County
Blount County
9334.32 sq mi (11.18 km2)216.07/sq mi (83.45/km2)
AndalusiaCovington County9,01519.66 sq mi (50.91 km2)458.64/sq mi (177.08/km2)
AndersonLauderdale County2821.29 sq mi (3.35 km2)218.27/sq mi (84.18/km2)
AnnistonCalhoun County23,10645.64 sq mi (118.19 km2)506.31/sq mi (195.5/km2)
ArabMarshall County
Cullman County
8,05012.98 sq mi (33.62 km2)620.09/sq mi (239.44/km2)
ArdmoreLimestone County1,1942.04 sq mi (5.29 km2)584.43/sq mi (225.71/km2)
ArgoSt. Clair County
Jefferson County
4,07110.77 sq mi (27.9 km2)377.89/sq mi (145.91/km2)
AritonDale County7645.09 sq mi (13.18 km2)150.1/sq mi (57.97/km2)
ArleyWinston County3573.76 sq mi (9.74 km2)94.92/sq mi (36.65/km2)
AshfordHouston County2,1486.3 sq mi (16.31 km2)341.06/sq mi (131.7/km2)
AshlandClay County2,0377.32 sq mi (18.97 km2)278.13/sq mi (107.38/km2)
AshvilleSt. Clair County2,21219.21 sq mi (49.76 km2)115.12/sq mi (44.45/km2)
AthensLimestone County21,89739.54 sq mi (102.4 km2)553.84/sq mi (213.84/km2)
AtmoreEscambia County10,19421.85 sq mi (56.6 km2)466.48/sq mi (180.11/km2)
AttallaEtowah County6,0486.98 sq mi (18.08 km2)866.48/sq mi (334.51/km2)
AuburnLee County53,38058.07 sq mi (150.39 km2)919.28/sq mi (354.94/km2)
AutaugavilleAutauga County8707.62 sq mi (19.74 km2)114.17/sq mi (44.07/km2)
AvonHouston County5432.65 sq mi (6.86 km2)205.14/sq mi (79.15/km2)
BabbieCovington County60311.47 sq mi (29.71 km2)52.57/sq mi (20.3/km2)
BaileytonCullman County6105.26 sq mi (13.62 km2)115.99/sq mi (44.79/km2)
BakerhillBarbour County2792.75 sq mi (7.12 km2)101.42/sq mi (39.19/km2)
BanksPike County1791.99 sq mi (5.15 km2)90.09/sq mi (34.76/km2)
Bay MinetteBaldwin County8,0448.57 sq mi (22.19 km2)938.73/sq mi (362.51/km2)
Bayou La BatreMobile County2,5587.48 sq mi (19.37 km2)342.07/sq mi (132.06/km2)
Bear CreekMarion County1,07013.63 sq mi (35.3 km2)78.51/sq mi (30.31/km2)
BeatriceMonroe County3011.35 sq mi (3.5 km2)222.47/sq mi (86/km2)
BeavertonLamar County2014.59 sq mi (11.88 km2)43.81/sq mi (16.92/km2)
BelkFayette County2151.39 sq mi (3.59 km2)155.12/sq mi (59.89/km2)
BentonLowndes County490.3 sq mi (0.78 km2)162.25/sq mi (62.82/km2)
BerryFayette County1,14810.77 sq mi (27.89 km2)106.62/sq mi (41.16/km2)
BessemerJefferson County27,45639.85 sq mi (103.2 km2)689.02/sq mi (266.05/km2)
BillingsleyAutauga County1441.31 sq mi (3.38 km2)110.26/sq mi (42.6/km2)
BirminghamJefferson County
Shelby County
212,237146.07 sq mi (378.3 km2)1,453.01/sq mi (561.03/km2)
BlackGeneva County2073.08 sq mi (7.98 km2)67.19/sq mi (25.94/km2)
BlountsvilleBlount County1,6845.42 sq mi (14.03 km2)310.82/sq mi (120.03/km2)
Blue SpringsBarbour County962.9 sq mi (7.5 km2)33.15/sq mi (12.8/km2)
BoazMarshall County
Etowah County
9,55114.55 sq mi (37.68 km2)656.43/sq mi (253.48/km2)
BoligeeGreene County3283.95 sq mi (10.23 km2)83.04/sq mi (32.06/km2)
Bon AirTalladega County1161.33 sq mi (3.44 km2)87.42/sq mi (33.72/km2)
BrantleyCrenshaw County8093.11 sq mi (8.05 km2)260.38/sq mi (100.5/km2)
BrentBibb County4,9478.78 sq mi (22.74 km2)563.5/sq mi (217.55/km2)
BrewtonEscambia County5,40811.2 sq mi (29.01 km2)482.73/sq mi (186.42/km2)
BridgeportJackson County2,4184.41 sq mi (11.43 km2)548.05/sq mi (211.55/km2)
BrightonJefferson County2,9451.42 sq mi (3.67 km2)2,076.87/sq mi (802.45/km2)
BrilliantMarion County90010.69 sq mi (27.69 km2)84.19/sq mi (32.5/km2)
BrooksideJefferson County1,3636.4 sq mi (16.59 km2)212.84/sq mi (82.16/km2)
BrookwoodTuscaloosa County1,8288.36 sq mi (21.66 km2)218.58/sq mi (84.4/km2)
BrundidgePike County2,0769.75 sq mi (25.24 km2)213.01/sq mi (82.25/km2)
ButlerChoctaw County1,8945.57 sq mi (14.42 km2)340.16/sq mi (131.35/km2)
CaleraShelby County
Chilton County
11,62024.09 sq mi (62.39 km2)482.34/sq mi (186.25/km2)
CamdenWilcox County2,0204.18 sq mi (10.84 km2)482.79/sq mi (186.35/km2)
Camp HillTallapoosa County1,0148.99 sq mi (23.28 km2)112.79/sq mi (43.56/km2)
Carbon HillWalker County2,0215.5 sq mi (14.24 km2)367.45/sq mi (141.92/km2)
CardiffJefferson County550.25 sq mi (0.65 km2)219.12/sq mi (84.62/km2)
CarolinaCovington County2971.11 sq mi (2.87 km2)267.81/sq mi (103.48/km2)
CarrolltonPickens County1,0192.06 sq mi (5.33 km2)495.14/sq mi (191.18/km2)
CastleberryConecuh County5831.71 sq mi (4.43 km2)340.74/sq mi (131.6/km2)
Cedar BluffCherokee County1,8205.07 sq mi (13.13 km2)358.97/sq mi (138.61/km2)
Center PointJefferson County16,9216.12 sq mi (15.84 km2)2,766.68/sq mi (1,068.24/km2)
CentreCherokee County3,48911.44 sq mi (29.62 km2)305.06/sq mi (117.79/km2)
CentrevilleBibb County2,7789.45 sq mi (24.48 km2)293.94/sq mi (113.48/km2)
ChatomWashington County1,28810.72 sq mi (27.77 km2)120.13/sq mi (46.38/km2)
ChelseaShelby County10,18321.35 sq mi (55.28 km2)477.07/sq mi (184.21/km2)
CherokeeColbert County1,0482.22 sq mi (5.74 km2)472.92/sq mi (182.58/km2)
ChickasawMobile County6,1064.21 sq mi (10.9 km2)1,451.39/sq mi (560.18/km2)
ChildersburgTalladega County
Shelby County
5,17512.35 sq mi (31.97 km2)419.16/sq mi (161.87/km2)
CitronelleMobile County3,90525.73 sq mi (66.65 km2)151.74/sq mi (58.59/km2)
ClantonChilton County8,61921.94 sq mi (56.81 km2)392.93/sq mi (151.72/km2)
ClayJefferson County9,7089.93 sq mi (25.73 km2)977.35/sq mi (377.3/km2)
ClayhatcheeDale County5892.72 sq mi (7.04 km2)216.7/sq mi (83.66/km2)
ClaytonBarbour County3,0086.68 sq mi (17.29 km2)450.5/sq mi (173.97/km2)
ClevelandBlount County1,3037.84 sq mi (20.3 km2)166.22/sq mi (64.19/km2)
ClioBarbour County1,39910.07 sq mi (26.07 km2)138.98/sq mi (53.66/km2)
CoalingTuscaloosa County1,6575.02 sq mi (13.01 km2)329.88/sq mi (127.36/km2)
Coffee SpringsGeneva County2280.78 sq mi (2.03 km2)290.82/sq mi (112.32/km2)
CoffeevilleClarke County3524.52 sq mi (11.71 km2)77.88/sq mi (30.06/km2)
CokerTuscaloosa County9792.03 sq mi (5.25 km2)482.74/sq mi (186.48/km2)
CollinsvilleDeKalb County
Cherokee County
1,9833.92 sq mi (10.14 km2)506.38/sq mi (195.56/km2)
ColonyCullman County2682.25 sq mi (5.83 km2)119.01/sq mi (45.97/km2)
ColumbiaHouston County7403.93 sq mi (10.18 km2)188.25/sq mi (72.69/km2)
ColumbianaShelby County4,19716.09 sq mi (41.67 km2)260.88/sq mi (100.72/km2)
CoosadaElmore County1,2247.08 sq mi (18.33 km2)172.95/sq mi (66.78/km2)
CordovaWalker County2,0955.83 sq mi (15.09 km2)359.53/sq mi (138.83/km2)
CottonwoodHouston County1,2895.77 sq mi (14.95 km2)223.28/sq mi (86.22/km2)
County LineBlount County
Jefferson County
2580.97 sq mi (2.5 km2)267.36/sq mi (103.2/km2)
CourtlandLawrence County6092.92 sq mi (7.55 km2)208.92/sq mi (80.66/km2)
CowartsHouston County1,8717.25 sq mi (18.78 km2)258.07/sq mi (99.63/km2)
CreolaMobile County1,92614.24 sq mi (36.88 km2)135.26/sq mi (52.22/km2)
CrossvilleDeKalb County1,8628.37 sq mi (21.67 km2)222.49/sq mi (85.93/km2)
CubaSumter County3464.06 sq mi (10.52 km2)85.18/sq mi (32.89/km2)
CullmanCullman County14,77519.38 sq mi (50.18 km2)762.5/sq mi (294.44/km2)
CussetaChambers County1232.62 sq mi (6.78 km2)46.96/sq mi (18.14/km2)
DadevilleTallapoosa County3,23015.94 sq mi (41.29 km2)202.62/sq mi (78.23/km2)
DalevilleDale County5,29514.09 sq mi (36.49 km2)375.83/sq mi (145.11/km2)
DaphneBaldwin County21,57016.24 sq mi (42.06 km2)1,328.12/sq mi (512.84/km2)
Dauphin IslandMobile County1,2386.35 sq mi (16.44 km2)195.02/sq mi (75.3/km2)
DavistonTallapoosa County2149.14 sq mi (23.66 km2)23.43/sq mi (9.04/km2)
DaytonMarengo County521 sq mi (2.58 km2)52.1/sq mi (20.16/km2)
DeatsvilleElmore County1,1544.66 sq mi (12.07 km2)247.53/sq mi (95.61/km2)
DecaturMorgan County
Limestone County
55,68353.67 sq mi (139.01 km2)1,037.45/sq mi (400.57/km2)
DemopolisMarengo County7,48317.74 sq mi (45.94 km2)421.86/sq mi (162.89/km2)
DetroitLamar County2371.33 sq mi (3.43 km2)178.73/sq mi (69.1/km2)
Dodge CityCullman County5933.44 sq mi (8.91 km2)172.33/sq mi (66.55/km2)
DoraWalker County2,0257.51 sq mi (19.45 km2)269.64/sq mi (104.11/km2)
DothanHouston County
Dale County
Henry County
65,49689.4 sq mi (231.53 km2)732.63/sq mi (282.88/km2)
Double SpringsWinston County1,0834.11 sq mi (10.64 km2)263.57/sq mi (101.79/km2)
DouglasMarshall County7443.4 sq mi (8.82 km2)218.57/sq mi (84.35/km2)
DozierCrenshaw County3292.96 sq mi (7.66 km2)111.22/sq mi (42.95/km2)
DuttonJackson County3150.86 sq mi (2.24 km2)364.58/sq mi (140.63/km2)
East BrewtonEscambia County2,4783.41 sq mi (8.83 km2)727.11/sq mi (280.63/km2)
EclecticElmore County1,0014.21 sq mi (10.89 km2)237.99/sq mi (91.92/km2)
EdwardsvilleCleburne County20216.44 sq mi (42.59 km2)12.28/sq mi (4.74/km2)
ElbaCoffee County3,94015.34 sq mi (39.72 km2)256.88/sq mi (99.19/km2)
ElbertaBaldwin County1,4986.76 sq mi (17.5 km2)221.7/sq mi (85.6/km2)
EldridgeWalker County1300.7 sq mi (1.81 km2)185.71/sq mi (71.82/km2)
ElkmontLimestone County4341.63 sq mi (4.22 km2)266.26/sq mi (102.84/km2)
ElmoreElmore County1,2623.95 sq mi (10.23 km2)319.49/sq mi (123.36/km2)
EmelleSumter County530.21 sq mi (0.55 km2)251.18/sq mi (96.36/km2)
EnterpriseCoffee County
Dale County
26,56231.24 sq mi (80.91 km2)850.2/sq mi (328.29/km2)
EpesSumter County1921.92 sq mi (4.97 km2)100.05/sq mi (38.63/km2)
EthelsvillePickens County810.57 sq mi (1.47 km2)142.86/sq mi (55.1/km2)
EufaulaBarbour County13,13759.39 sq mi (153.81 km2)221.2/sq mi (85.41/km2)
EutawGreene County2,93411.93 sq mi (30.91 km2)245.87/sq mi (94.92/km2)
EvaMorgan County5194.07 sq mi (10.54 km2)127.49/sq mi (49.24/km2)
EvergreenConecuh County3,94415.6 sq mi (40.41 km2)252.77/sq mi (97.6/km2)
ExcelMonroe County7231.65 sq mi (4.27 km2)438.71/sq mi (169.32/km2)
FairfieldJefferson County11,1173.47 sq mi (8.99 km2)3,202.82/sq mi (1,236.60/km2)
FairhopeBaldwin County15,32612.06 sq mi (31.22 km2)1,271.34/sq mi (490.9/km2)
FairviewCullman County4462.71 sq mi (7.02 km2)164.64/sq mi (63.53/km2)
FalkvilleMorgan County1,2793.78 sq mi (9.79 km2)338.45/sq mi (130.64/km2)
FaunsdaleMarengo County980.28 sq mi (0.72 km2)353.79/sq mi (136.11/km2)
FayetteFayette County4,6198.55 sq mi (22.14 km2)540.23/sq mi (208.63/km2)
Five PointsChambers County1411.03 sq mi (2.67 km2)136.89/sq mi (52.81/km2)
FlomatonEscambia County1,4405.09 sq mi (13.17 km2)283.13/sq mi (109.34/km2)
FloralaCovington County1,98010.53 sq mi (27.28 km2)188/sq mi (72.58/km2)
FlorenceLauderdale County39,31926 sq mi (67.33 km2)1,512.44/sq mi (583.97/km2)
FoleyBaldwin County14,61825.77 sq mi (66.73 km2)567.36/sq mi (219.06/km2)
ForklandGreene County6493.49 sq mi (9.05 km2)185.75/sq mi (71.71/km2)
Fort DepositLowndes County1,3445.66 sq mi (14.66 km2)237.41/sq mi (91.68/km2)
Fort PayneDeKalb County14,01255.49 sq mi (143.7 km2)252.53/sq mi (97.51/km2)
FranklinMacon County1494.47 sq mi (11.57 km2)33.35/sq mi (12.88/km2)
Frisco CityMonroe County1,3094.03 sq mi (10.43 km2)325.14/sq mi (125.5/km2)
FruithurstCleburne County2841 sq mi (2.59 km2)284/sq mi (109.65/km2)
FultonClarke County2722.45 sq mi (6.35 km2)110.98/sq mi (42.83/km2)
FultondaleJefferson County8,38012.2 sq mi (31.59 km2)687.05/sq mi (265.27/km2)
FyffeDeKalb County1,0184.41 sq mi (11.41 km2)231.05/sq mi (89.22/km2)
GadsdenEtowah County36,85637.16 sq mi (96.24 km2)991.79/sq mi (382.96/km2)
GainesvilleSumter County2081.72 sq mi (4.45 km2)121/sq mi (46.74/km2)
GanttCovington County2220.65 sq mi (1.68 km2)341.54/sq mi (132.14/km2)
Garden CityCullman County
Blount County
4923.01 sq mi (7.79 km2)163.51/sq mi (63.16/km2)
GardendaleJefferson County13,89322.55 sq mi (58.39 km2)616.23/sq mi (237.93/km2)
GaylesvilleCherokee County1440.34 sq mi (0.89 km2)419.83/sq mi (161.8/km2)
GeigerSumter County1700.95 sq mi (2.45 km2)179.89/sq mi (69.39/km2)
GenevaGeneva County4,45215.87 sq mi (41.1 km2)280.51/sq mi (108.32/km2)
GeorgianaButler County1,7386.24 sq mi (16.15 km2)278.66/sq mi (107.62/km2)
GeraldineDeKalb County8963.92 sq mi (10.14 km2)228.75/sq mi (88.36/km2)
GilbertownChoctaw County2150.78 sq mi (2.02 km2)275.99/sq mi (106.44/km2)
Glen AllenFayette County
Marion County
5106.55 sq mi (16.97 km2)77.82/sq mi (30.05/km2)
GlencoeEtowah County
Calhoun County
5,16016.93 sq mi (43.85 km2)304.73/sq mi (117.67/km2)
GlenwoodCrenshaw County1870.73 sq mi (1.89 km2)255.81/sq mi (98.94/km2)
GoldvilleTallapoosa County550.99 sq mi (2.55 km2)55.78/sq mi (21.57/km2)
Good HopeCullman County2,2647.94 sq mi (20.55 km2)285.32/sq mi (110.17/km2)
GoodwaterCoosa County1,4756.49 sq mi (16.82 km2)227.13/sq mi (87.69/km2)
GordoPickens County1,7503.25 sq mi (8.42 km2)537.96/sq mi (207.84/km2)
GordonHouston County3323.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)103.62/sq mi (40/km2)
GordonvilleLowndes County3265.54 sq mi (14.35 km2)58.82/sq mi (22.72/km2)
GoshenPike County2662.56 sq mi (6.64 km2)103.83/sq mi (40.06/km2)
GrantMarshall County8961.78 sq mi (4.62 km2)502.24/sq mi (193.94/km2)
GraysvilleJefferson County2,16516.92 sq mi (43.83 km2)127.94/sq mi (49.4/km2)
GreensboroHale County2,4972.38 sq mi (6.16 km2)1,050.48/sq mi (405.36/km2)
GreenvilleButler County8,13521.36 sq mi (55.31 km2)380.94/sq mi (147.08/km2)
GrimesDale County5581.25 sq mi (3.24 km2)446.04/sq mi (172.22/km2)
Grove HillClarke County1,5704.97 sq mi (12.87 km2)315.96/sq mi (121.99/km2)
GuinMarion County2,37614.96 sq mi (38.73 km2)158.88/sq mi (61.35/km2)
Gulf ShoresBaldwin County9,74123.16 sq mi (59.97 km2)420.67/sq mi (162.43/km2)
GuntersvilleMarshall County8,19725.39 sq mi (65.77 km2)322.79/sq mi (124.63/km2)
GurleyMadison County8013.52 sq mi (9.11 km2)227.82/sq mi (87.93/km2)
Gu-WinMarion County
Fayette County
1761.94 sq mi (5.03 km2)90.67/sq mi (34.99/km2)
HackleburgMarion County1,51615.27 sq mi (39.56 km2)99.25/sq mi (38.32/km2)
HaleburgHenry County1033.84 sq mi (9.94 km2)26.84/sq mi (10.36/km2)
HaleyvilleWinston County
Marion County
4,1738.29 sq mi (21.47 km2)503.44/sq mi (194.36/km2)
HamiltonMarion County6,88538.06 sq mi (98.58 km2)180.88/sq mi (69.84/km2)
HammondvilleDeKalb County4884.9 sq mi (12.7 km2)99.55/sq mi (38.43/km2)
HancevilleCullman County2,9824.21 sq mi (10.91 km2)707.98/sq mi (273.33/km2)
HarpersvilleShelby County1,63720.73 sq mi (53.68 km2)78.98/sq mi (30.5/km2)
HartfordGeneva County2,6246.24 sq mi (16.15 km2)420.72/sq mi (162.48/km2)
HartselleMorgan County14,25516.26 sq mi (42.12 km2)876.58/sq mi (338.44/km2)
HaydenBlount County4441.12 sq mi (2.9 km2)396.43/sq mi (153.1/km2)
HaynevilleLowndes County9321.86 sq mi (4.82 km2)500.81/sq mi (193.36/km2)
HeadlandHenry County4,51030.28 sq mi (78.43 km2)148.92/sq mi (57.5/km2)
HeathCovington County2540.89 sq mi (2.31 km2)285.39/sq mi (109.96/km2)
HeflinCleburne County3,48016.05 sq mi (41.57 km2)216.82/sq mi (83.71/km2)
HelenaShelby County
Jefferson County
16,79320.35 sq mi (52.69 km2)825.41/sq mi (318.71/km2)
HenagarDeKalb County2,34422.27 sq mi (57.68 km2)105.25/sq mi (40.64/km2)
Highland LakeBlount County4121.63 sq mi (4.22 km2)252.61/sq mi (97.63/km2)
HillsboroLawrence County5521.88 sq mi (4.87 km2)293.46/sq mi (113.35/km2)
Hobson CityCalhoun County7711.04 sq mi (2.7 km2)739.92/sq mi (285.56/km2)
HodgesFranklin County2884.14 sq mi (10.71 km2)69.62/sq mi (26.89/km2)
Hokes BluffEtowah County4,28611.94 sq mi (30.93 km2)358.84/sq mi (138.57/km2)
Holly PondCullman County7984.44 sq mi (11.49 km2)179.85/sq mi (69.45/km2)
HollywoodJackson County10008.92 sq mi (23.09 km2)112.16/sq mi (43.31/km2)
HomewoodJefferson County25,1678.36 sq mi (21.66 km2)3,009.69/sq mi (1,161.91/km2)
HooverJefferson County
Shelby County
81,61947.16 sq mi (122.14 km2)1,730.65/sq mi (668.24/km2)
Horn HillCovington County2282.56 sq mi (6.62 km2)89.24/sq mi (34.44/km2)
HueytownJefferson County16,10519.45 sq mi (50.37 km2)828.02/sq mi (319.73/km2)
HuntsvilleMadison County
Limestone County
180,105209.05 sq mi (541.43 km2)861.52/sq mi (332.65/km2)
HurtsboroRussell County5531.03 sq mi (2.68 km2)535.33/sq mi (206.34/km2)
HytopJackson County3542.27 sq mi (5.88 km2)156.02/sq mi (60.2/km2)
IderDeKalb County7235.44 sq mi (14.08 km2)133.03/sq mi (51.35/km2)
Indian Springs VillageShelby County2,3633.8 sq mi (9.85 km2)621.19/sq mi (239.9/km2)
IrondaleJefferson County12,34917.31 sq mi (44.83 km2)713.49/sq mi (275.46/km2)
JacksonClarke County5,22815.64 sq mi (40.51 km2)334.27/sq mi (129.05/km2)
Jackson's GapTallapoosa County8288.52 sq mi (22.05 km2)97.24/sq mi (37.55/km2)
JacksonvilleCalhoun County12,5489.84 sq mi (25.49 km2)1,274.81/sq mi (492.27/km2)
JasperWalker County14,35228.46 sq mi (73.71 km2)504.3/sq mi (194.71/km2)
JemisonChilton County2,58511.19 sq mi (28.98 km2)231.01/sq mi (89.2/km2)
KansasWalker County2261.02 sq mi (2.63 km2)222.22/sq mi (85.93/km2)
KellytonCoosa County2170.96 sq mi (2.5 km2)225.1/sq mi (86.8/km2)
KennedyLamar County4473.07 sq mi (7.95 km2)145.65/sq mi (56.23/km2)
KillenLauderdale County1,1081.97 sq mi (5.1 km2)562.15/sq mi (217.25/km2)
KimberlyJefferson County2,7115.85 sq mi (15.15 km2)463.34/sq mi (178.94/km2)
KinseyHouston County2,19812.1 sq mi (31.34 km2)181.62/sq mi (70.13/km2)
KinstonCoffee County5404.89 sq mi (12.65 km2)110.54/sq mi (42.69/km2)
La FayetteChambers County3,0038.86 sq mi (22.94 km2)339.05/sq mi (130.91/km2)
Lake ViewTuscaloosa County1,9431.6 sq mi (4.14 km2)1,216.66/sq mi (469.32/km2)
LakeviewDeKalb County1430.63 sq mi (1.64 km2)226.27/sq mi (87.2/km2)
LanettChambers County6,4686.22 sq mi (16.11 km2)1,039.87/sq mi (401.49/km2)
LangstonJackson County2704.93 sq mi (12.76 km2)54.82/sq mi (21.16/km2)
LeedsJefferson County
St. Clair County
Shelby County
11,77322.86 sq mi (59.21 km2)514.94/sq mi (198.83/km2)
LeesburgCherokee County1,0276.42 sq mi (16.62 km2)160.07/sq mi (61.79/km2)
LeightonColbert County7290.99 sq mi (2.55 km2)740.1/sq mi (285.88/km2)
LesterLimestone County1111.83 sq mi (4.74 km2)60.66/sq mi (23.42/km2)
Level PlainsDale County2,0853.06 sq mi (7.93 km2)680.93/sq mi (262.93/km2)
LexingtonLauderdale County7353.24 sq mi (8.38 km2)227.13/sq mi (87.71/km2)
LibertyvilleCovington County1170.52 sq mi (1.35 km2)225/sq mi (86.67/km2)
LincolnTalladega County6,26625.1 sq mi (65.02 km2)249.6/sq mi (96.37/km2)
LindenMarengo County2,1233.58 sq mi (9.27 km2)593.18/sq mi (229.02/km2)
LinevilleClay County2,3958.94 sq mi (23.15 km2)267.93/sq mi (103.46/km2)
LipscombJefferson County2,2101.17 sq mi (3.04 km2)1,882.45/sq mi (726.97/km2)
LismanChoctaw County5392.59 sq mi (6.7 km2)208.43/sq mi (80.45/km2)
LittlevilleColbert County1,0114.97 sq mi (12.88 km2)203.34/sq mi (78.49/km2)
LivingstonSumter County3,4857.13 sq mi (18.47 km2)488.78/sq mi (188.68/km2)
LoachapokaLee County1801.14 sq mi (2.94 km2)158.59/sq mi (61.22/km2)
LockhartCovington County5161.09 sq mi (2.82 km2)474.26/sq mi (182.98/km2)
Locust ForkBlount County1,1863.85 sq mi (9.96 km2)308.45/sq mi (119.08/km2)
LouisvilleBarbour County5192.75 sq mi (7.12 km2)188.86/sq mi (72.89/km2)
LowndesboroLowndes County1150.79 sq mi (2.05 km2)145.2/sq mi (56.1/km2)
LoxleyBaldwin County1,63231.85 sq mi (82.49 km2)51.24/sq mi (19.78/km2)
LuverneCrenshaw County2,80015.65 sq mi (40.52 km2)178.95/sq mi (69.1/km2)
LynnWinston County65910.65 sq mi (27.58 km2)61.88/sq mi (23.89/km2)
MadisonMadison County
Limestone County
42,93829.59 sq mi (76.65 km2)1,450.90/sq mi (560.18/km2)
MadridHouston County3501.94 sq mi (5.02 km2)180.41/sq mi (69.72/km2)
Magnolia SpringsBaldwin County7230.9 sq mi (2.32 km2)807.82/sq mi (311.64/km2)
MalvernGeneva County1,44814.02 sq mi (36.31 km2)103.27/sq mi (39.88/km2)
MaplesvilleChilton County7083.27 sq mi (8.47 km2)216.51/sq mi (83.59/km2)
MargaretSt. Clair County4,4289.82 sq mi (25.44 km2)450.87/sq mi (174.06/km2)
MarionPerry County3,68610.57 sq mi (27.36 km2)348.85/sq mi (134.72/km2)
MaytownJefferson County3852.68 sq mi (6.95 km2)143.55/sq mi (55.4/km2)
McIntoshWashington County2381 sq mi (2.58 km2)238.96/sq mi (92.25/km2)
McKenzieButler County
Conecuh County
5303.72 sq mi (9.64 km2)142.32/sq mi (54.98/km2)
McMullenPickens County100.11 sq mi (0.28 km2)90.91/sq mi (35.71/km2)
MemphisPickens County290.39 sq mi (1 km2)74.94/sq mi (29/km2)
MentoneDeKalb County3604.67 sq mi (12.09 km2)77.14/sq mi (29.78/km2)
MidfieldJefferson County5,3652.65 sq mi (6.87 km2)2,023.00/sq mi (780.93/km2)
Midland CityDale County2,3446.08 sq mi (15.74 km2)385.72/sq mi (148.92/km2)
MidwayBullock County4993.31 sq mi (8.57 km2)150.8/sq mi (58.23/km2)
MillbrookElmore County
Autauga County
14,64012.81 sq mi (33.18 km2)1,142.86/sq mi (441.23/km2)
MillportLamar County1,0495.49 sq mi (14.23 km2)190.97/sq mi (73.72/km2)
MillryWashington County5467.49 sq mi (19.4 km2)72.9/sq mi (28.14/km2)
MobileMobile County195,111117.9 sq mi (360.28 km2)1,687.2/sq mi (541.55/km2)
MonroevilleMonroe County6,51913.37 sq mi (34.63 km2)487.47/sq mi (188.25/km2)
MontevalloShelby County6,32312.59 sq mi (32.6 km2)502.38/sq mi (193.96/km2)
MontgomeryMontgomery County205,764159.57 sq mi (413.26 km2)1,289.53/sq mi (497.9/km2)
MoodySt. Clair County11,72624.4 sq mi (63.19 km2)480.61/sq mi (185.57/km2)
MooresvilleLimestone County530.12 sq mi (0.31 km2)445.38/sq mi (170.97/km2)
MorrisJefferson County1,8593.03 sq mi (7.84 km2)614.14/sq mi (237.12/km2)
MossesLowndes County1,0294.74 sq mi (12.27 km2)217.13/sq mi (83.86/km2)
MoultonLawrence County3,4715.99 sq mi (15.52 km2)579.37/sq mi (223.65/km2)
MoundvilleHale County
Tuscaloosa County
2,4274.59 sq mi (11.87 km2)529.33/sq mi (204.47/km2)
Mount VernonMobile County1,5745.22 sq mi (13.52 km2)301.53/sq mi (116.42/km2)
Mountain BrookJefferson County20,41312.79 sq mi (33.11 km2)1,596.51/sq mi (616.52/km2)
MulgaJefferson County8360.62 sq mi (1.59 km2)1,359.35/sq mi (525.79/km2)
MunfordTalladega County1,2922.21 sq mi (5.73 km2)583.56/sq mi (225.48/km2)
Muscle ShoalsColbert County13,14615.53 sq mi (40.22 km2)846.55/sq mi (326.85/km2)
MyrtlewoodMarengo County1302.59 sq mi (6.72 km2)50.12/sq mi (19.35/km2)
Napier FieldDale County3540.26 sq mi (0.67 km2)1,366.80/sq mi (528.36/km2)
Natural BridgeWinston County370.43 sq mi (1.12 km2)85.25/sq mi (33.04/km2)
NauvooWalker County
Winston County
2210.99 sq mi (2.56 km2)223.23/sq mi (86.33/km2)
NectarBlount County3451.81 sq mi (4.69 km2)190.5/sq mi (73.56/km2)
NeedhamChoctaw County940.57 sq mi (1.48 km2)164.34/sq mi (63.51/km2)
New BrocktonCoffee County1,1467.99 sq mi (20.68 km2)143.5/sq mi (55.42/km2)
New HopeMadison County2,8108.66 sq mi (22.42 km2)324.56/sq mi (125.33/km2)
New SiteTallapoosa County7739.87 sq mi (25.55 km2)78.35/sq mi (30.25/km2)
NewbernHale County1861.16 sq mi (3.01 km2)160.07/sq mi (61.79/km2)
NewtonDale County1,51114.25 sq mi (36.91 km2)106.04/sq mi (40.94/km2)
NewvilleHenry County5394.02 sq mi (10.41 km2)134.15/sq mi (51.78/km2)
North CourtlandLawrence County6320.65 sq mi (1.69 km2)967.84/sq mi (373.96/km2)
North JohnsJefferson County1450.2 sq mi (0.53 km2)714.29/sq mi (273.58/km2)
NorthportTuscaloosa County23,33016.75 sq mi (43.39 km2)1,392.67/sq mi (537.68/km2)
NotasulgaMacon County
Lee County
96513.81 sq mi (35.75 km2)69.9/sq mi (26.99/km2)
Oak GroveTalladega County5281.78 sq mi (4.6 km2)297.13/sq mi (114.78/km2)
Oak HillWilcox County260.56 sq mi (1.45 km2)46.43/sq mi (17.93/km2)
OakmanWalker County7893.08 sq mi (7.98 km2)256/sq mi (98.87/km2)
OdenvilleSt. Clair County3,58513.56 sq mi (35.11 km2)264.48/sq mi (102.11/km2)
OhatcheeCalhoun County1,1705.9 sq mi (15.29 km2)198.2/sq mi (76.52/km2)
OneontaBlount County6,56715.17 sq mi (39.28 km2)433.01/sq mi (167.18/km2)
OnychaCovington County1840.79 sq mi (2.05 km2)232.32/sq mi (89.76/km2)
OpelikaLee County26,47759.59 sq mi (154.33 km2)444.33/sq mi (171.56/km2)
OppCovington County6,65923.66 sq mi (61.29 km2)281.4/sq mi (108.65/km2)
Orange BeachBaldwin County5,44114.7 sq mi (38.08 km2)370.09/sq mi (142.88/km2)
OrrvilleDallas County2041.04 sq mi (2.69 km2)196.72/sq mi (75.84/km2)
Owens Cross RoadsMadison County1,5218.3 sq mi (21.49 km2)183.3/sq mi (70.78/km2)
OxfordCalhoun County
Talladega County
21,34830.67 sq mi (79.42 km2)696.12/sq mi (268.8/km2)
OzarkDale County14,90734.09 sq mi (88.28 km2)437.32/sq mi (168.86/km2)
Paint RockJackson County2100.43 sq mi (1.12 km2)484.99/sq mi (187.5/km2)
ParrishWalker County9822.09 sq mi (5.42 km2)469.18/sq mi (181.18/km2)
PelhamShelby County21,35239.02 sq mi (101.07 km2)547.16/sq mi (211.26/km2)
Pell CitySt. Clair County12,69524.75 sq mi (64.1 km2)512.93/sq mi (198.05/km2)
PenningtonChoctaw County2211.96 sq mi (5.08 km2)112.64/sq mi (43.5/km2)
Perdido BeachBaldwin County5811.24 sq mi (3.22 km2)467.04/sq mi (180.43/km2)
PetreyCrenshaw County580.73 sq mi (1.9 km2)79.02/sq mi (30.53/km2)
Phenix CityRussell County
Lee County
32,82227.75 sq mi (71.88 km2)1,182.60/sq mi (456.62/km2)
Phil CampbellFranklin County1,1484.07 sq mi (10.54 km2)282.2/sq mi (108.92/km2)
PickensvillePickens County6087.73 sq mi (20.01 km2)78.69/sq mi (30.38/km2)
PiedmontCalhoun County
Cherokee County
4,8789.81 sq mi (25.41 km2)497.1/sq mi (191.97/km2)
Pike RoadMontgomery County5,40631.64 sq mi (81.95 km2)170.84/sq mi (65.97/km2)
PinckardDale County6475.33 sq mi (13.81 km2)121.32/sq mi (46.85/km2)
Pine AppleWilcox County1323.1 sq mi (8.03 km2)42.58/sq mi (16.44/km2)
Pine HillWilcox County9753.82 sq mi (9.89 km2)255.44/sq mi (98.58/km2)
Pine RidgeDeKalb County2821.3 sq mi (3.36 km2)217.26/sq mi (83.93/km2)
PinsonJefferson County7,16310.1 sq mi (26.16 km2)709.21/sq mi (273.81/km2)
PisgahJackson County7224.8 sq mi (12.43 km2)150.42/sq mi (58.09/km2)
Pleasant GroveJefferson County10,1109.89 sq mi (25.62 km2)1,021.93/sq mi (394.61/km2)
Pleasant GrovesJackson County4203.65 sq mi (9.44 km2)115.19/sq mi (44.49/km2)
PollardEscambia County1371.11 sq mi (2.88 km2)123.2/sq mi (47.57/km2)
PowellDeKalb County9554.96 sq mi (12.85 km2)192.42/sq mi (74.32/km2)
PrattvilleAutauga County
Elmore County
33,96032.86 sq mi (85.09 km2)1,033.63/sq mi (399.11/km2)
PricevilleMorgan County2,6585.23 sq mi (13.55 km2)508.12/sq mi (196.16/km2)
PrichardMobile County22,65925.29 sq mi (65.5 km2)896/sq mi (345.94/km2)
ProvidenceMarengo County2231.75 sq mi (4.52 km2)127.79/sq mi (49.34/km2)
RaglandSt. Clair County1,63916.83 sq mi (43.58 km2)97.41/sq mi (37.61/km2)
Rainbow CityEtowah County9,60225.46 sq mi (65.93 km2)377.19/sq mi (145.64/km2)
RainsvilleDeKalb County4,94820.56 sq mi (53.26 km2)240.63/sq mi (92.9/km2)
RanburneCleburne County4091.59 sq mi (4.11 km2)257.88/sq mi (99.51/km2)
Red BayFranklin County3,1589.74 sq mi (25.23 km2)324.13/sq mi (125.17/km2)
Red LevelCovington County4871.92 sq mi (4.98 km2)253.38/sq mi (97.79/km2)
Reece CityEtowah County6533.56 sq mi (9.21 km2)183.68/sq mi (70.9/km2)
ReformPickens County1,7028.01 sq mi (20.74 km2)212.54/sq mi (82.06/km2)
RehobethHouston County1,2977.58 sq mi (19.63 km2)171.09/sq mi (66.07/km2)
ReptonConecuh County2820.96 sq mi (2.48 km2)294.67/sq mi (113.71/km2)
RidgevilleEtowah County1120.82 sq mi (2.13 km2)135.92/sq mi (52.58/km2)
River FallsCovington County5266.84 sq mi (17.7 km2)76.96/sq mi (29.72/km2)
RiversideSt. Clair County2,2088.67 sq mi (22.44 km2)254.82/sq mi (98.4/km2)
RiverviewEscambia County1841.45 sq mi (3.74 km2)127.25/sq mi (49.2/km2)
RoanokeRandolph County6,07418.73 sq mi (48.52 km2)324.22/sq mi (125.19/km2)
RobertsdaleBaldwin County5,2765.45 sq mi (14.12 km2)967.72/sq mi (373.65/km2)
RockfordCoosa County4773.31 sq mi (8.57 km2)144.15/sq mi (55.66/km2)
RogersvilleLauderdale County1,2573.03 sq mi (7.86 km2)414.44/sq mi (159.92/km2)
RosaBlount County3163.77 sq mi (9.76 km2)83.86/sq mi (32.38/km2)
RussellvilleFranklin County9,83013.4 sq mi (34.7 km2)733.58/sq mi (283.29/km2)
RutledgeCrenshaw County4675.86 sq mi (15.18 km2)79.68/sq mi (30.76/km2)
St. FlorianLauderdale County4133.67 sq mi (9.52 km2)112.41/sq mi (43.38/km2)
SamsonGeneva County1,9403.62 sq mi (9.37 km2)536.21/sq mi (207.04/km2)
Sand RockCherokee County
DeKalb County
5604.36 sq mi (11.29 km2)128.47/sq mi (49.6/km2)
SanfordCovington County2414.18 sq mi (10.82 km2)57.7/sq mi (22.27/km2)
SaralandMobile County13,40523.18 sq mi (60.02 km2)578.43/sq mi (223.34/km2)
Sardis CityEtowah County1,7047.85 sq mi (20.34 km2)217.01/sq mi (83.78/km2)
SatsumaMobile County6,1687.52 sq mi (19.48 km2)820.21/sq mi (316.63/km2)
ScottsboroJackson County14,77050.65 sq mi (131.18 km2)291.6/sq mi (112.59/km2)
SectionJackson County7704.57 sq mi (11.84 km2)168.42/sq mi (65.03/km2)
SelmaDallas County20,75613.81 sq mi (35.76 km2)1,503.08/sq mi (580.43/km2)
SheffieldColbert County9,0396.37 sq mi (16.5 km2)1,419.22/sq mi (547.82/km2)
ShilohDeKalb County2741.71 sq mi (4.44 km2)159.95/sq mi (61.71/km2)
ShorterMacon County4744.54 sq mi (11.75 km2)104.45/sq mi (40.34/km2)
SilasChoctaw County4525.21 sq mi (13.49 km2)86.81/sq mi (33.51/km2)
SilverhillBaldwin County7061.2 sq mi (3.1 km2)589.81/sq mi (227.74/km2)
SipseyWalker County4370.48 sq mi (1.25 km2)908.52/sq mi (349.6/km2)
SkylineJackson County8513.99 sq mi (10.33 km2)213.39/sq mi (82.38/km2)
SlocombGeneva County1,9809.49 sq mi (24.57 km2)208.68/sq mi (80.59/km2)
Smiths StationLee County4,9266.59 sq mi (17.08 km2)747.04/sq mi (288.41/km2)
SneadBlount County8355.26 sq mi (13.63 km2)158.72/sq mi (61.26/km2)
SomervilleMorgan County7242.74 sq mi (7.11 km2)263.85/sq mi (101.83/km2)
South VinemontCullman County7490.88 sq mi (2.27 km2)856/sq mi (329.96/km2)
SouthsideEtowah County
Calhoun County
8,41218.98 sq mi (49.16 km2)443.13/sq mi (171.11/km2)
Spanish FortBaldwin County6,79828.71 sq mi (74.34 km2)236.82/sq mi (91.44/km2)
SpringvilleSt. Clair County4,0808.9 sq mi (23.05 km2)458.43/sq mi (177.01/km2)
SteeleSt. Clair County1,0436.71 sq mi (17.39 km2)155.37/sq mi (59.98/km2)
StevensonJackson County2,0467.72 sq mi (20 km2)264.89/sq mi (102.3/km2)
SulligentLamar County1,9277.83 sq mi (20.29 km2)245.98/sq mi (94.97/km2)
SumitonWalker County
Jefferson County
2,5205.22 sq mi (13.53 km2)482.39/sq mi (186.25/km2)
SummerdaleBaldwin County8629.69 sq mi (25.09 km2)88.99/sq mi (34.36/km2)
Susan MooreBlount County7635.23 sq mi (13.55 km2)145.89/sq mi (56.31/km2)
Sweet WaterMarengo County2582.02 sq mi (5.24 km2)127.47/sq mi (49.24/km2)
SylacaugaTalladega County12,74919.49 sq mi (50.47 km2)654.16/sq mi (252.61/km2)
Sylvan SpringsJefferson County1,5428.69 sq mi (22.5 km2)177.53/sq mi (68.53/km2)
SylvaniaDeKalb County1,8378.47 sq mi (21.94 km2)216.83/sq mi (83.73/km2)
Talladega SpringsTalladega County1661.23 sq mi (3.19 km2)134.85/sq mi (52.04/km2)
TalladegaTalladega County15,67623.98 sq mi (62.11 km2)653.63/sq mi (252.39/km2)
TallasseeElmore County
Tallapoosa County
4,8199.67 sq mi (25.04 km2)498.35/sq mi (192.45/km2)
TarrantJefferson County6,3976.36 sq mi (16.46 km2)1,006.29/sq mi (388.64/km2)
TaylorHouston County
Geneva County
2,3757.36 sq mi (19.06 km2)322.65/sq mi (124.61/km2)
ThomastonMarengo County4172.01 sq mi (5.21 km2)207.15/sq mi (80.04/km2)
ThomasvilleClarke County4,2098.73 sq mi (22.6 km2)482.3/sq mi (186.24/km2)
ThorsbyChilton County1,9805.13 sq mi (13.29 km2)385.96/sq mi (148.98/km2)
Town CreekLawrence County1,1002.68 sq mi (6.94 km2)410.29/sq mi (158.5/km2)
ToxeyChoctaw County1370.68 sq mi (1.77 km2)200.29/sq mi (77.4/km2)
TraffordJefferson County6462.44 sq mi (6.32 km2)264.86/sq mi (102.22/km2)
TrianaMadison County4961.25 sq mi (3.23 km2)397.75/sq mi (153.56/km2)
TrinityMorgan County2,0954.41 sq mi (11.42 km2)475.16/sq mi (183.45/km2)
TroyPike County18,03327.63 sq mi (71.55 km2)652.73/sq mi (252.03/km2)
TrussvilleJefferson County
St. Clair County
19,93333.03 sq mi (85.54 km2)603.5/sq mi (233.03/km2)
TuscaloosaTuscaloosa County93,35760.23 sq mi (156 km2)1,501.94/sq mi (579.92/km2)
TuscumbiaColbert County8,4238.75 sq mi (22.65 km2)963.07/sq mi (371.88/km2)
TuskegeeMacon County9,86516.09 sq mi (41.68 km2)613.04/sq mi (236.68/km2)
TwinMarion County3993.37 sq mi (8.74 km2)118.26/sq mi (45.65/km2)
Union GroveMarshall County770.56 sq mi (1.44 km2)138.49/sq mi (53.47/km2)
Union SpringsBullock County3,9806.63 sq mi (17.17 km2)600.48/sq mi (231.8/km2)
UnionGreene County2370.82 sq mi (2.13 km2)288.67/sq mi (111.27/km2)
UniontownPerry County1,7751.33 sq mi (3.44 km2)1,334.59/sq mi (515.99/km2)
ValleyChambers County9,52411.03 sq mi (28.57 km2)863.46/sq mi (333.36/km2)
Valley GrandeDallas County4,02033.51 sq mi (86.77 km2)119.98/sq mi (46.33/km2)
Valley HeadDeKalb County5583.47 sq mi (8.98 km2)160.95/sq mi (62.14/km2)
VanceTuscaloosa County
Bibb County
1,52910.18 sq mi (26.38 km2)150.14/sq mi (57.96/km2)
VernonLamar County2,0005.88 sq mi (15.22 km2)340.31/sq mi (131.41/km2)
Vestavia HillsJefferson County
Shelby County
34,03319.41 sq mi (50.27 km2)1,753.46/sq mi (677/km2)
VinaFranklin County3584.8 sq mi (12.43 km2)74.57/sq mi (28.8/km2)
VincentShelby County
St. Clair County
Talladega County
1,98819.57 sq mi (50.67 km2)101.61/sq mi (39.23/km2)
VredenburghMonroe County3121.5 sq mi (3.89 km2)207.58/sq mi (80.21/km2)
WadleyRandolph County7511.46 sq mi (3.77 km2)516.15/sq mi (199.2/km2)
WaldoTalladega County2832.81 sq mi (7.28 km2)100.68/sq mi (38.87/km2)
Walnut GroveEtowah County6985.03 sq mi (13.01 km2)138.91/sq mi (53.65/km2)
WarriorJefferson County
Blount County
3,1769.77 sq mi (25.31 km2)325.01/sq mi (125.48/km2)
WaterlooLauderdale County2030.75 sq mi (1.94 km2)271.39/sq mi (104.64/km2)
WaverlyChambers County
Lee County
1452.72 sq mi (7.05 km2)53.23/sq mi (20.57/km2)
WeaverCalhoun County3,0383.47 sq mi (8.97 km2)876.77/sq mi (338.68/km2)
WebbHouston County1,43011.4 sq mi (29.52 km2)125.44/sq mi (48.44/km2)
WedoweeRandolph County8233.49 sq mi (9.05 km2)235.55/sq mi (90.94/km2)
West BloctonBibb County1,2404.57 sq mi (11.83 km2)271.51/sq mi (104.82/km2)
West JeffersonJefferson County3380.93 sq mi (2.4 km2)364.62/sq mi (140.83/km2)
West PointCullman County5863.42 sq mi (8.84 km2)171.6/sq mi (66.29/km2)
WestoverShelby County1,27518.41 sq mi (47.68 km2)69.26/sq mi (26.74/km2)
WetumpkaElmore County6,52810.11 sq mi (26.19 km2)645.44/sq mi (249.26/km2)
White HallLowndes County85815.3 sq mi (39.63 km2)56.07/sq mi (21.65/km2)
WilsonvilleShelby County1,8279.62 sq mi (24.9 km2)190/sq mi (73.37/km2)
WiltonShelby County6870.99 sq mi (2.57 km2)691.15/sq mi (267.32/km2)
WinfieldMarion County
Fayette County
4,71717.28 sq mi (44.76 km2)272.96/sq mi (105.38/km2)
WoodlandRandolph County1841.56 sq mi (4.04 km2)118.1/sq mi (45.54/km2)
WoodstockBibb County
Tuscaloosa County
1,4287.08 sq mi (18.33 km2)201.81/sq mi (77.91/km2)
WoodvilleJackson County7466.62 sq mi (17.15 km2)112.65/sq mi (43.5/km2)
Yellow BluffWilcox County1880.46 sq mi (1.2 km2)406.93/sq mi (156.67/km2)
YorkSumter County2,5386.87 sq mi (17.78 km2)369.7/sq mi (142.74/km2)

Census-designated places[edit]

There are 118 census-designated places in Alabama.

Place NameCounty(ies)[A]Population
Land Area (2010)[2]Density (2010)
AbandaChambers County1923 sq mi (7.76 km2)64.04/sq mi (24.74/km2)
AlexandriaCalhoun County3,91711.12 sq mi (28.79 km2)352.41/sq mi (136.05/km2)
AxisMobile County7573.93 sq mi (10.17 km2)192.87/sq mi (74.43/km2)
BallplayEtowah County1,58023.47 sq mi (60.77 km2)67.33/sq mi (26/km2)
BelgreenFranklin County1291.23 sq mi (3.18 km2)105.05/sq mi (40.57/km2)
BellamySumter County5433.78 sq mi (9.78 km2)143.8/sq mi (55.52/km2)
Belle FontaineMobile County6081.56 sq mi (4.03 km2)391/sq mi (150.87/km2)
Blue RidgeElmore County1,3417.77 sq mi (20.11 km2)172.68/sq mi (66.68/km2)
BoykinWilcox County2752.66 sq mi (6.89 km2)103.38/sq mi (39.91/km2)
BrantleyvilleShelby County8842.17 sq mi (5.61 km2)408.13/sq mi (157.58/km2)
Bristow CoveEtowah County68310.84 sq mi (28.08 km2)62.99/sq mi (24.32/km2)
Brook HighlandShelby County6,7462.83 sq mi (7.33 km2)2,384.59/sq mi (920.33/km2)
BroomtownCherokee County1824.69 sq mi (12.16 km2)38.77/sq mi (14.97/km2)
BucksMobile County320.39 sq mi (1 km2)82.69/sq mi (32/km2)
CalvertWashington County2773.44 sq mi (8.92 km2)80.45/sq mi (31.05/km2)
Carlisle-RockledgeEtowah County2,13716.19 sq mi (41.93 km2)132/sq mi (50.97/km2)
CarltonClarke654.52 sq mi (11.71 km2)14.38/sq mi (5.55/km2)
CatherineWilcox County222.3 sq mi (5.94 km2)9.59/sq mi (3.7/km2)
ChoccoloccoCalhoun County2,80411.65 sq mi (30.16 km2)240.79/sq mi (92.97/km2)
ChunchulaMobile County2101.81 sq mi (4.67 km2)116.34/sq mi (44.97/km2)
Coats BendEtowah County1,3948.55 sq mi (22.14 km2)163.04/sq mi (62.96/km2)
ConcordJefferson County1,8373.37 sq mi (8.72 km2)545.91/sq mi (210.67/km2)
CullomburgChoctaw County1715.35 sq mi (13.84 km2)31.99/sq mi (12.36/km2)
Deer ParkWashington County1883.13 sq mi (8.09 km2)60.16/sq mi (23.24/km2)
DeltaClay County1977.79 sq mi (20.17 km2)25.3/sq mi (9.77/km2)
DunnavantShelby County98117.71 sq mi (45.86 km2)55.4/sq mi (21.39/km2)
East PointCullman County2011.16 sq mi (3 km2)173.28/sq mi (67/km2)
EdgewaterJefferson County8831.21 sq mi (3.14 km2)727.95/sq mi (281.21/km2)
EgyptEtowah County9329.01 sq mi (23.34 km2)103.42/sq mi (39.93/km2)
Emerald MountainElmore County2,56116.09 sq mi (41.67 km2)159.19/sq mi (61.46/km2)
EunolaGeneva County2431.84 sq mi (4.76 km2)132.35/sq mi (51.05/km2)
FairfordWashington County1863.07 sq mi (7.95 km2)60.57/sq mi (23.4/km2)
FayettevilleTalladega County1,28417.44 sq mi (45.18 km2)73.61/sq mi (28.42/km2)
FitzpatrickBullock County834.16 sq mi (10.78 km2)19.94/sq mi (7.7/km2)
ForestdaleJefferson County10,1626.86 sq mi (17.77 km2)1,481.34/sq mi (571.86/km2)
Fort RuckerDale County4,63610.88 sq mi (28.19 km2)425.99/sq mi (164.46/km2)
FredoniaChambers County19911.98 sq mi (31.02 km2)16.61/sq mi (6.42/km2)
FruitdaleWashington County1854.47 sq mi (11.59 km2)41.35/sq mi (15.96/km2)
GallantEtowah County85514.38 sq mi (37.25 km2)59.45/sq mi (22.95/km2)
GrahamRandolph County2115.85 sq mi (15.16 km2)36.04/sq mi (13.92/km2)
Grand BayMobile County3,6728.68 sq mi (22.47 km2)423.29/sq mi (163.42/km2)
Grayson ValleyJefferson County5,7362 sq mi (5.17 km2)2,872.31/sq mi (1,109.48/km2)
GulfcrestMobile County1611.51 sq mi (3.92 km2)106.34/sq mi (41.07/km2)
HackneyvilleTallapoosa County3478.96 sq mi (23.21 km2)38.71/sq mi (14.95/km2)
HarvestMadison County5,28112.33 sq mi (31.94 km2)428.2/sq mi (165.34/km2)
HattonLawrence County2611.33 sq mi (3.45 km2)195.8/sq mi (75.65/km2)
Hazel GreenMadison County3,63010.03 sq mi (25.98 km2)361.81/sq mi (139.72/km2)
Highland LakesShelby County3,9263.66 sq mi (9.48 km2)1,072.97/sq mi (414.14/km2)
HissopCoosa County65818.26 sq mi (47.28 km2)36.04/sq mi (13.92/km2)
HobsonWashington County1262.94 sq mi (7.62 km2)42.8/sq mi (16.54/km2)
HollinsClay County54511.84 sq mi (30.67 km2)46.02/sq mi (17.77/km2)
Hollis CrossroadsCleburne County60812.46 sq mi (32.26 km2)48.81/sq mi (18.85/km2)
HoltTuscaloosa County3,6383.16 sq mi (8.19 km2)1,149.81/sq mi (444.2/km2)
HoltvilleElmore County4,09621.58 sq mi (55.88 km2)189.83/sq mi (73.3/km2)
HuguleyChambers County2,5408.35 sq mi (21.62 km2)304.3/sq mi (117.48/km2)
IvaleeEtowah County8797.45 sq mi (19.3 km2)117.97/sq mi (45.54/km2)
JoppaCullman County5011.94 sq mi (5.03 km2)257.72/sq mi (99.6/km2)
LadoniaRussell County3,1423.14 sq mi (8.12 km2)1,001.59/sq mi (386.95/km2)
LeroyWashington County91111.91 sq mi (30.85 km2)76.49/sq mi (29.53/km2)
Lookout MountainEtowah County1,62115.31 sq mi (39.64 km2)105.91/sq mi (40.89/km2)
MacedoniaPickens County2923.95 sq mi (10.22 km2)73.96/sq mi (28.57/km2)
MalcolmWashington County1872.36 sq mi (6.11 km2)79.27/sq mi (30.61/km2)
MarburyAutauga County1,41823.15 sq mi (59.96 km2)61.24/sq mi (23.65/km2)
McDonald ChapelJefferson County7171.08 sq mi (2.79 km2)665.12/sq mi (256.99/km2)
MeadowbrookShelby County8,7694.22 sq mi (10.92 km2)2,079.93/sq mi (803.02/km2)
MegargelMonroe County620.69 sq mi (1.78 km2)90.12/sq mi (34.83/km2)
MeridianvilleMadison County6,02115.54 sq mi (40.25 km2)387.43/sq mi (149.59/km2)
MignonTalladega County1,2842.59 sq mi (6.71 km2)495.94/sq mi (191.36/km2)
MillervilleClay County2786.7 sq mi (17.35 km2)41.5/sq mi (16.02/km2)
MinorJefferson County1,0940.7 sq mi (1.82 km2)1,560.63/sq mi (601.1/km2)
Moores MillMadison County5,68213.6 sq mi (35.23 km2)417.7/sq mi (161.28/km2)
Morrison CrossroadsRandolph County2195.19 sq mi (13.44 km2)42.19/sq mi (16.29/km2)
Mount OliveCoosa County3718.32 sq mi (21.55 km2)44.6/sq mi (17.22/km2)
Mount OliveJefferson County4,0799.32 sq mi (24.13 km2)438.6/sq mi (169.3/km2)
MovicoMobile County3050.78 sq mi (2.03 km2)389.53/sq mi (150.25/km2)
NanafaliaMarengo County942.17 sq mi (5.62 km2)43.32/sq mi (16.73/km2)
Nances CreekCalhoun County4075.81 sq mi (15.04 km2)70.08/sq mi (27.06/km2)
New MarketMadison County1,59717.53 sq mi (45.4 km2)91.1/sq mi (35.18/km2)
New UnionEtowah County95512.18 sq mi (31.56 km2)78.38/sq mi (30.26/km2)
Our TownTallapoosa County64111.88 sq mi (30.77 km2)53.96/sq mi (20.83/km2)
PanolaSumter County1440.72 sq mi (1.86 km2)200.56/sq mi (77.42/km2)
PentonChambers County2019.14 sq mi (23.66 km2)22/sq mi (8.5/km2)
PetermanMonroe County890.42 sq mi (1.1 km2)210.4/sq mi (80.91/km2)
Pine LevelAutauga County4,18324.81 sq mi (64.25 km2)168.62/sq mi (65.11/km2)
Point ClearBaldwin County2,1255.51 sq mi (14.27 km2)385.8/sq mi (148.91/km2)
PutnamMarengo County1939.49 sq mi (24.57 km2)20.35/sq mi (7.86/km2)
RayCoosa County4438.2 sq mi (21.25 km2)54/sq mi (20.85/km2)
RedlandElmore County3,73624.14 sq mi (62.53 km2)154.75/sq mi (59.75/km2)
Redstone ArsenalMadison County1,9467.76 sq mi (20.09 km2)250.84/sq mi (96.86/km2)
ReeltownTallapoosa County7667.55 sq mi (19.55 km2)101.5/sq mi (39.18/km2)
Rock CreekJefferson County1,4563.02 sq mi (7.81 km2)482.76/sq mi (186.43/km2)
Rock MillsRandolph County6006.33 sq mi (16.38 km2)94.86/sq mi (36.63/km2)
RockvilleClarke County432.81 sq mi (7.27 km2)15.32/sq mi (5.91/km2)
St. StephensWashington County4959.88 sq mi (25.58 km2)50.12/sq mi (19.35/km2)
SaksCalhoun County10,74412.15 sq mi (31.47 km2)884.21/sq mi (341.4/km2)
Selmont-West SelmontDallas County2,6713.28 sq mi (8.49 km2)814.83/sq mi (314.61/km2)
ShelbyShelby County1,04418.76 sq mi (48.58 km2)55.65/sq mi (21.49/km2)
Shoal CreekShelby County1,4005.01 sq mi (12.97 km2)279.66/sq mi (107.94/km2)
Sims ChapelWashington County1535.7 sq mi (14.77 km2)26.83/sq mi (10.36/km2)
Smoke RiseBlount County1,8256.45 sq mi (16.7 km2)283.08/sq mi (109.28/km2)
Spring GardenCherokee County2382.27 sq mi (5.87 km2)105.08/sq mi (40.55/km2)
Spruce PineFranklin County2220.93 sq mi (2.4 km2)239.74/sq mi (92.5/km2)
Standing RockChambers County1683.19 sq mi (8.26 km2)52.7/sq mi (20.34/km2)
SterrettShelby County71222.93 sq mi (59.38 km2)31.06/sq mi (11.99/km2)
StewartvilleCoosa County1,76724.14 sq mi (62.52 km2)73.2/sq mi (28.26/km2)
TheodoreMobile County6,1307.99 sq mi (20.7 km2)766.92/sq mi (296.14/km2)
TibbieWashington County411.75 sq mi (4.53 km2)23.43/sq mi (9.05/km2)
Tidmore BendEtowah County1,2459.64 sq mi (24.95 km2)129.22/sq mi (49.9/km2)
Tillmans CornerMobile County17,39812.97 sq mi (33.6 km2)1,340.99/sq mi (517.8/km2)
Underwood-PetersvilleLauderdale County3,2475.86 sq mi (15.17 km2)554.19/sq mi (214.04/km2)
UriahMonroe County2941.61 sq mi (4.16 km2)183.06/sq mi (70.67/km2)
VandiverShelby County1,13520.47 sq mi (53 km2)55.46/sq mi (21.42/km2)
Vinegar BendWashington County1929.45 sq mi (24.48 km2)20.31/sq mi (7.84/km2)
WeogufkaCoosa County2828.26 sq mi (21.4 km2)34.13/sq mi (13.18/km2)
West End-Cobb TownCalhoun County3,4654.15 sq mi (10.74 km2)835.75/sq mi (322.63/km2)
WhatleyClarke County1501.29 sq mi (3.34 km2)116.19/sq mi (44.91/km2)
White PlainsCalhoun County81112.81 sq mi (33.19 km2)63.29/sq mi (24.44/km2)
WhitesboroEtowah County2,13817.48 sq mi (45.28 km2)122.28/sq mi (47.22/km2)

Semmes- Mobile County *2013

Unincorporated communities[edit]

Place NameCounty(ies)
AbelClay County
AbernantTuscaloosa County
AcmarSt. Clair County
AdaMontgomery County
AdgerJefferson County
Alabama CityEtowah County
Alabama PortMobile County
AlbertaWilcox County
AldenJefferson County
AllenClarke County
AlmaClarke County
AlmondRandolph County
AlpineTalladega County
AltonJefferson County
Anne ManieWilcox County
AquillaWashington County
ArkadelphiaCullman County
ArlingtonWilcox County
ArmstrongBullock County
AwinWilcox County
BangorBlount County
BankstonFayette County
BarfieldClay County
Barnett's CrossroadsEscambia County
BarlowWashington County
BarneyWalker County
Bassetts CreekWashington County
Battens CrossroadsGeneva County
BazemoreFayette County
Belle MinaLimestone County
BellevilleConecuh County
BellwoodGeneva County
BeulahCovington County
Big CoveMadison County
BigbeeWashington County
BirmingportJefferson County
Bladon SpringsChoctaw County
Blount SpringsBlount County
BluffFayette County
BolingerChoctaw County
BollingButler County
Bon SecourBaldwin County
BoothAutauga County
BradfordJefferson County
BradleyCovington County
BraggsLowndes County
BremenCullman County
BranchvilleSt. Clair County
BrierfieldBibb County
BromleyBaldwin County
BrooklynConecuh County
BrooksvilleBlount County
BrownsDallas County
BrownsboroMadison County
BryantJackson County
Buena VistaMonroe County
BuhlTuscaloosa County
Bull SloughConecuh County
BurkvilleLowndes County
BurmudaConecuh County
Burningtree MountainMorgan County
Burnt CornMonroe County
BurntoutFranklin County
BurnwellWalker County
CaddoLawrence County
CahabaDallas County
CampbellClarke County
CapshawLimestone County
CecilMontgomery County
CentervilleConecuh County
ChancellorGeneva County
ChapmanButler County
ClaudElmore County
CloptonDale County
CloverdaleLauderdale County
CodenMobile County
Cook SpringsSt. Clair County
CornerJefferson County
CottondaleTuscaloosa County
CottontonRussell County
CoyWilcox County
CragfordClay County
Crane HillCullman County
CrawfordRussell County
CromwellChoctaw County
CropwellSt. Clair County
CrosstonJefferson County
DallasBlount County
DanvilleMorgan County
DawsonDeKalb County
De ArmanvilleCalhoun County
DelmarWinston County
DickinsonClarke County
DixianaJefferson County
Dixons MillsMarengo County
DocenaJefferson County
DolomiteJefferson County
DuncanvilleTuscaloosa County
EastabogaCalhoun County
Eight MileMobile County
ElginLauderdale County
EmpireWalker County
EqualityCoosa County
Flat RockJackson County
Fort McClellanCalhoun County
Fort MitchellRussell County
Fort MorganBaldwin County
FranklinMonroe County
GallionHale County
Gorham's BluffJackson County
GradyMontgomery County
GreenhillLauderdale County
Green PondBibb County
Grove OakDeKalb County
Gum SpringsBlount County
HigdonJackson County
Highland HomeCrenshaw County
Holy TrinityRussell County
Hoods CrossroadsBlount County
Hope HullMontgomery County
HoustonWintson County
HulacoMorgan County
InvernessBullock County
InvernessShelby County
IrvingtonMobile County
JackCoffee County
JavaCoffee County
KellermanTuscaloosa County
KentElmore County
KimbroughWilcox County
KnoxvilleGreene County
Lacey's SpringMorgan County
LaconMorgan County
Lake PurdyShelby County
Le MoyneMobile County
LenoxConecuh County
LetohatcheeLowndes County
LillianBaldwin County
Lower PeachtreeWilcox County
MajesticJefferson County
Marion JunctionDallas County
MarvynLee County
MasseylineJefferson County
McCallaJefferson County
Mellow ValleyClay County
Millers FerryWilcox County
Mon LouisMobile County
MontroseBaldwin County
Morgan CityMorgan County
Moulton HeightsMorgan County
Mount HighBlount County
Mount HopeLawrence County
Mount MeigsMontgomery County
Mountain CreekChilton County
NewellRandolph County
NormalMadison County
Oak GroveJefferson County
OakvilleLawrence County
OrionPike County
PalmerdaleJefferson County
PeroteBullock County
PetersonTuscaloosa County
PlantersvilleDallas County
PrairievilleHale County
QuintonWalker County
RalphTuscaloosa County
RamerMontgomery County
RangeConecuh County
Red HillBlount County
RemlapBlount County
SaffordDallas County
SaginawShelby County
SalemLee County
SamanthaTuscaloosa County
SawyervilleHale County
SayreJefferson County
SealeRussell County
SelfvilleBlount County
SeminoleBaldwin County
SemmesMobile County
Snow HillWilcox County
Spring HillBarbour County
Spring ValleyColbert County
SprottPerry County
St. Clair SpringsSt. Clair County
StapletonBaldwin County
StocktonBaldwin County
Straight MountainBlount County
SummitBlount County
TannehillTuscaloosa County
TannerLimestone County
TensawBaldwin County
Valhermoso SpringsMorgan County
VerbenaChilton County
Village SpringsJefferson County
VinelandMarengo County
VinemontCullman County
WagarvilleWashington County
WallaceEscambia County
WatsonJefferson County
WaughMontgomery County
WilmerMobile County
WinterboroTalladega County
WrenLawrence County
Yellow PineWashington County

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