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The following table and map show all the municipal areas in Ireland, that is all areas named in the Local Government Act 2001 as Cities, Boroughs, or Towns. The population figures are from the Central Statistics Office's report of the 2011 census.

When the Local Government Reform Act 2014 becomes law, Limerick and Waterford city councils will be merged with the corresponding county councils, while all borough and town councils will be superseded by new "municipal districts" covering both urban and rural areas within counties.[1][2] However, the "city" and "borough" labels would be transferred to the municipal district containing the relevant city or borough.[3][4]

Explanation of table[edit]

Column nameMeaningExplanationSources
Name(s)Names of the townThe first name listed is the commonest English name, and links to the relevant article. Alternative names are listed in parentheses. If the official name used in census reports is not the linked name, it is in italics. Only the name of the municipality is given, not that of any suburban areas (e.g. Tallaght is not named separately from Dublin).[5]
CouncilType of municipal councilThe Local Government Act 2001 defines three types of municipal council, namely "City", "Borough", and "Town". The "Town council" label replaced the earlier "Urban district council" and "Town commissioners", but did not abolish the distinction in their respective powers. Values listed in this column `are as follows:
CityFor the 5 former county boroughs with the same powers as county councils.[n 1]
BoroughFor the few ancient boroughs whose charters were not extinguished by the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act 1840 or promoted to the status later. Their powers are practically identical to those of the former urban districts, but the label "borough" is more prestigious. Abolished in 2014.
UDTown council which was formerly an urban district council under the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898. Abolished in 2014.
CommTown council which was formerly town commissioners, less powerful than an urban district council. Abolished in 2014.
Core CountyCore county for townCounty is that in which the municipal area is entirely located. In the case of cities, the namesake county is considered the core county even though the city is administratively separate from it.[9]
Other CountiesOther countiesFor towns whose suburbs/environs span a county boundary, any county other than the core county.[9][10]
2006 TotTotal population in 2006Sum of the municipal population and the suburban population.[9]
2011 TotTotal population in 2011.Sum of the municipal population and the suburban population.[9]
 % change TotChange in total populationAs a percentage of 2006 population.Calculated
Tot areaTotal area of the town2011 area in square kilometres (km²). Only for towns with a total population of at least 1,500.[11]
Tot densPopulation density of total areaPersons per km². Based on 2011 total area and population.Calculated
2006 MunPopulation of the municipal area in 2006Population within the 2006 municipal area.[9]
2011 MunPopulation of the municipal area in 2011Population within the 2011 municipal area.[9]
 % change MunChange in population of the municipal area.As a percentage of 2006 population. Where the municipal area changed in the interim, this is noted.Calculated. For changed areas:[12]
Mun areaMunicipal area of the townArea within the legally defined municipal boundary in 2011. Where this had increased since 2006, this is noted.[13] For changed areas:[12]
Mun densPopulation density of municipal areaPersons per km². Based on 2011 municipal area and population.Calculated
2009 electElectorate for the 2009 local elections.The Local Government Act, 1994 extended the boundaries of some towns for electoral purposes only.[14] That is, people living outside the municipal area were entitled to vote for the town council even though their residence was outside its jurisdiction. In a few cases, the municipal boundary of the town was subsequently extended to remove this anomaly.[15][12] The remaining cases are marked by an asterisk in this column. Where the municipal area changed between the 2006 census and the 2009 election, this is noted. (No municipal area changed between the 2009 election and the 2011 census.[12])[14][16]
2006 SubPopulation of the suburbs/environs in 2006Called "Suburbs" for cities and "Environs" for boroughs and towns. Defined as "the continuation of a distinct population cluster outside its legally defined boundary in which no occupied dwelling is more than 200 metres distant from the nearest occupied dwelling. In applying the 200-metre criterion, industrial, commercial and recreational buildings and facilities are not regarded as breaking the continuity of a built-up area. New suburbs or environs are defined only where there are at least twenty occupied dwellings outside the legal boundary within the new limit."[17][9]
2011 SubPopulation of the suburbs/environs in 2011The 2006 definition was changed by reducing the limit from 200 metres to 100.[17][9]


Name(s)CouncilCore CountyOther Counties2006 Tot2011 Tot % change TotTot areaTot dens2006 Mun2011 Mun % change MunMun areaMun dens2009 elect2006 Sub2011 Sub
Dublin10 CityDublinDublin (Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown, Fingal, South Dublin)1,045,7691,110,6276.23183,493506,211527,6124.2116.584,526347,312539,558583,015
Cork10 CityCork190,384198,5824.3494402119,418119,230−0.238.593,09082,89670,96679,352
Limerick10 CityLimerickClare90,75791,4540.8571,60452,53957,106[n 2]8.7[n 2]28.38[n 2]2,01240,35838,21834,348[n 2]
Galway10 CityGalway72,72976,7785.6531,44972,41475,5294.3501,51146,1643151,249
Waterford10 CityWaterfordKilkenny49,21351,5194.7441,17145,74846,7322.238.351,21926,5983,4654,787
Drogheda20 BoroughLouthMeath35,09038,5789.9152,57228,97330,3934.912.762,38223,091*6,1178,185
Kilkenny20 Borough[n 1]Kilkenny22,17924,42310.1279058,6618,7110.63.742,32914,324*13,51815,712
Wexford20 BoroughWexford18,16320,07210.5385288,85419,913[n 3]124.9[n 3]18.63[n 3]1,06915,7529,309159[n 3]
Sligo20 BoroughSligo19,40219,4520.33162717,89217,568−1.812.841,36813,941*1,5101,884
Clonmel20 BoroughTipperaryWaterford17,00817,9085.3171,05315,48215,793211.361,39010,7631,5262,115
Dundalk30 UDLouth35,08537,8167.811034429,03731,1497.325.191,23721,958*6,0486,667
Bray30 UDWicklowDublin (Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown)31,90131,872−0.193,54127,04126,852−0.77.493,58519,255*4,8605,020
Navan (An Uaimh)30 UDMeath24,85128,55914.9456353,71028,158[n 4]659[n 4]20.04[n 4]1,40517,54121,141401[n 4]
Ennis30 UDClare24,25325,3604.64556420,14220,1800.214.61,38214,1824,1115,180
Tralee30 UDKerry22,74423,6934.23274020,28820,8142.612.091,72216,391*2,4562,879
Carlow30 UDCarlowLaois20,72423,03011.1131,77213,62313,6980.66.452,12411,835*7,1019,332
Naas30 UDKildare20,04420,7133.3181,15120,04420,7133.318.241,13613,434
Athlone30 UDWestmeathRoscommon17,54420,15314.9171,18514,34715,5588.410.921,42512,637*3,1974,595
Letterkenny30 UDDonegal17,58619,58811.44840815,06215,3872.219.0380910,905*2,5244,201
Tullamore30 UDOffaly12,92714,36111.12168410,90011,3464.17.841,4478,573*2,0273,015
Killarney30 UDKerry14,60314,219−2.63837413,49712,740−5.613.449488,064*1,1061,479
Arklow30 UDWicklow11,75913,00910.61492911,71212,77096.441,9837,83147239
Cobh30 UDCork11,30312,3479.291,3726,5416,500−0.62.382,7318,087*4,7625,847
Castlebar30 UDMayo11,89112,3183.62745610,65510,8261.611.59418,115*1,2361,492
Midleton30 UDCork10,04812,00119.4121,0003,9343,733−5.11.552,4087,102*6,1148,268
Mallow30 UDCork10,24111,60513.3176837,8648,5789.16.491,3227,965*2,3773,027
Ballina30 UDMayo10,40911,0866.53037010,05610,361313.697577,569*353725
Enniscorthy30 UDWexford9,53810,83813.6186023,2412,842−12.31.162,4505,806*6,2977,996
Wicklow30 UDWicklow10,07010,3562.8101,0366,9306,761−2.43.082,1956,069*3,1403,595
Cavan30 UDCavan7,88310,20529.5185673,9343,649−7.22.011,8154,406*3,9496,556
Athy30 UDKildare8,2189,92620.8253977,9439,58720.710.299326,263275339
Longford30 UDLongford8,8369,6018.7224367,6228,00258.938966,100*1,2141,599
Dungarvan30 UDWaterford8,3629,42712.7175557,8137,9912.36.211,2876,2105491,436
Nenagh30 UDTipperary7,7518,4398.9184697,4158,0238.28.469485,388*336416
Trim30 UDMeath6,8708,26820.399191,3751,4414.80.672,1514,271*5,4956,827
New Ross30 UDWexfordKilkenny7,7098,1515.751,6304,6774,533−3.11.872,4245,533*3,0323,618
Thurles30 UDTipperary7,6827,9333.3136106,8316,9291.45.151,3455,877*8511,004
Youghal30 UDCork6,7857,79414.9117096,3936,9909.34.871,4355,683*392804
Monaghan30 UDMonaghan6,7107,45211.1135736,2216,6376.75.511,2055,474*489815
Buncrana30 UDDonegal5,9116,83915.7174023,4113,4521.24.677394,766*2,5003,387
Ballinasloe30 UDGalwayRoscommon6,3036,6595.6183706,0496,4496.616.743855,092*254210
Fermoy30 UDCork5,8736,48910.588112,2752,223−2.31.251,7785,000*3,5984,266
Westport30 UDMayo5,4756,06310.7203035,1635,5437.48.146813,731312520
Carrick-on-Suir30 UDTipperaryWaterford5,9065,9310.496595,8565,8860.596543,5005045
Kells (Ceannanus Mór)30 UDMeath5,2485,88812.269812,2572,208−2.21.181,8713,769*2,9913,680
Birr30 UDOffalyTipperary5,0815,82214.6193064,0914,4288.26.356973,2959901,394
Tipperary30 UDTipperary5,0655,3104.8114834,4154,322−2.13.361,2863,798*650988
Carrickmacross30 UDMonaghan4,3874,92512.3104931,9731,9780.31.421,3934,302*2,4142,947
Kinsale30 UDCork4,0994,89319.476992,2982,198−4.41.111,9803,099*1,8012,695
Listowel30 UDKerry4,3384,83211.4172843,9014,2057.86.366613,841*437627
Clonakilty30 UDCork4,1544,72113.6104723,7454,0006.84.458993,634*409721
Cashel30 UDTipperary2,9364,0513858102,4132,275−5.71.351,6852,929*5231,776
Macroom30 UDCork3,5533,8799.2221763,4073,7389.710.673502,937146141
Castleblayney (Castleblaney)30 UDMonaghan3,1243,63416.375191,8221,752−3.81.21,4603,118*1,3021,882
Kilrush30 UDClare2,6942,6950112452,6572,539−4.45.354752,13737156
Skibbereen30 UDCork2,3382,67014.292972,3382,5689.84.076311,947102
Bundoran30 UDDonegal1,9642,1409102141,7061,7814.43.934531,529258359
Templemore30 UDTipperary2,3842,071−13.1102072,2551,941−13.94.354461,766*129130
Clones30 UDMonaghan1,7671,761−0.353521,5171,491−1.71.838151,601*250270
Newbridge (Droichead Nua)40 CommKildare18,52021,56116.4161,34817,04217,1270.52.8[n 5]6,11713,6041,4784,434
Port Laoise (Portlaoise)40 CommLaois14,61320,14537.9191,0603,2813,63910.92.05[n 6]1,7758,409*11,33216,506
Mullingar40 CommWestmeath18,41620,1039.2238748,9409,4145.35.58[n 7]1,6879,791*9,47610,689
Balbriggan40 CommDublin (Fingal)15,55919,96028.3131,5356,73119,932[n 8]196.1[n 8]6.52[n 8][n 9]3,06110,5008,82828[n 8]
Greystones40 CommWicklow14,56917,46819.93058210,11210,1730.63.8[n 10]2,6779,966*4,4577,295
Leixlip40 CommKildare14,67615,4525.372,20714,67615,4525.311.3[n 11]1,36712,724
Tramore40 CommWaterford9,63410,3287.2147389,1929,7225.816.61[n 12]5857,712442606
Shannon40 CommClare9,2229,6734.991,0758,4819,673[n 13]14.1[n 13]31.2[n 13]3107,113741[n 13]
Gorey40 CommWexford7,1939,11426.791,0133,4793,463−0.51.71[n 14]2,0254,379*3,7145,651
Tuam40 CommGalway6,8858,24219.7136342,9973,34811.72.36[n 15]1,4195,863*3,8884,894
Edenderry40 CommOffaly5,8886,97718.5174105,6176,49015.57.93[n 16]8184,306*271487
Bandon40 CommCork5,8226,64014.1106641,7211,91711.40.84[n 17]2,2823,886*4,1014,723
Passage West40 CommCork5,2035,79011.3105794,8185,1226.34.03[n 18]1,2714,315*385668
Loughrea40 CommGalway4,5325,06211.741,2664,5325,06211.74.25[n 19]1,1913,914
Ardee40 CommLouth4,6944,9275143524,3014,5545.94.75[n 20]9593,197393373
Mountmellick40 CommLaois4,0694,73516.485922,8722,9984.42.27[n 21]1,3213,095*1,1971,737
Bantry40 CommCork3,3093,3481.2103353,3093,3481.210[n 22]3352,645
Muine Bheag (Muinebeag, Bagenalstown)40 CommCarlow2,7352,9507.974212,5322,7759.62.88[n 23]9642,193203175
Boyle40 CommRoscommon2,5222,5882.6112351,5991,459−8.82.98[n 24]4902,500*9231,129
Ballyshannon40 CommDonegal2,6862,503−6.8102502,0041,855−7.43.43[n 25]5412,324*682648
Cootehill40 CommCavan1,8922,12312.263541,2431,59228.11.82[n 26]8751,795*649531
Ballybay40 CommMonaghan1,2171,46120401298−25.70.25[n 27]1,1921,218*8161,163
Belturbet40 CommCavan1,4111,407−0.31,3951,378−1.24.38[n 28]3151,2961629
Lismore40 CommWaterford1,2401,36910.4790732−7.30.57[n 29]1,2841,138*450637
Kilkee40 CommClare1,3251,139−141,3251,037−21.75.25[n 30]1981,063102
Granard40 CommLongford9331,0219.49331,0219.48.12[n 31]126911



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