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The television series The West Wing is a political drama series which was originally broadcast on NBC.

Many actors noted for work in sitcoms, including John Goodman, John Larroquette, Christopher Lloyd, Ed O'Neill, Matthew Perry, and Patricia Richardson, appeared in dramatic roles on The West Wing.

White House staff[edit]

Other White House staffers[edit]

Office of the White House Counsel[edit]

Situation Room[edit]

Secret Service/FBI[edit]

Campaign staff[edit]

Santos campaign[edit]

Vinick campaign[edit]



Josiah Bartlet's family[edit]

Leo McGarry's family[edit]

C. J. Cregg's family[edit]

Josh Lyman's family[edit]

Toby Ziegler's family[edit]

Donna Moss's family[edit]

Will Bailey's family[edit]

Charlie Young's family[edit]

Matt Santos's family[edit]

Other characters[edit]


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