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The following is a list of characters from the comic book series The Walking Dead, created by Robert Kirkman.

Grimes family

Rick Grimes

Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #1-Present

Lori Grimes

Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #2-48, #51, #55, #75

Carl Grimes

Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #2-Present

Judith "Judy" Grimes

Judy Grimes is the newborn daughter of Lori and Rick, (though it is strongly implied that Shane is her actual father) sister of Carl. Judy's life came to an abrupt and tragic end as she, along with her mother, were killed in the final stages of the Woodbury Army's assault on the prison where she and the other zombie plague survivors resided.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #39-48

Atlanta survivors


Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #2-Present


Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #2-100

Dale Horvath

Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3-66

Carol Peletier

Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3-42

Shane Walsh

Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #1-6, #7, #15 (as a zombie), #37

Sophia Peletier

Sophia Peletier, In the comic series, Both Sophia's father (Ed Peletier) and mother (Carol Peletier) committed suicide. Her father in the early stages of the outbreak, and her mother at the prison, when she willingly allows herself to be bitten. Sophia is then adopted by Glenn and Maggie, who she then pretends are her real parents. She is also Carl's playmate & childhood "girlfriend".
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #2-Present


Jim, played by Andrew Rothenberg in the television show, was a mechanic living with a large family in Atlanta. When the dead began to rise, Jim remained generally unaware of this until the city, decreed a safe zone by the government, gradually started to become overrun with the undead. Jim was among the few who escaped from the city as it was completely overwhelmed, though his entire family died in the chaos, shielding him from the zombies long enough to allow him to escape. Emotionally traumatized and devastated, when Jim joined the survivor group just beyond the city's outer limits, Jim became the most taciturn member of the group, revealing almost nothing about his past and barely saying a word. During a zombie attack on the group, Jim, failing to kill one with his gun, grapples with a zombie and violently smashes its head in, his rage over his family's death driving him momentarily insane. After coming to his senses, he found the zombie, before dying, had bitten him in the abdominal region. Jim suffered the effects of the zombie plague for days. Refusing a mercy killing or staying with the group (as he knew he did not have a chance), Jim was willingly abandoned at the entrance to Atlanta, in the hopes that, upon reanimating, he could be reunited with the undead members of his family that may still exist.
Status: Undead
Series Lifespan: #2-6


Amy, played by Emma Bell in the television show, was Andrea's youngest sister. She is a junior physical-education major, and was returning to college for the new school year. When the dead began to rise, Amy and Andrea joined the survivor group existing on the outer limits of the overrun city of Atlanta. Amy and her sister cared for the group's children, and Amy herself, adventurous and out-going, became a key member of the group by keeping morale up. One night, Amy was bitten on the forearm by a zombie in the opening stages of a zombie swarm's attack on the exposed camp, and died of blood loss and trauma within seconds. Andrea then waited for her to reanimate so she could say goodbye before she shot her in the head. Amy was then buried in the woods.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3-5


Allen was the big-bearded husband of Donna and father of twins Billy and Ben. Before the dead rose, Allen was a shoe salesman gradually falling into debt. After the dead rose, Allen and his family joined the group of survivors encamped on the outer limits of Atlanta. Upon leaving, Allen suffered terribly when Donna was killed by zombies, sending him into a downward emotional spiral that he never truly recovers from. With time, he gradually gained a sense of acceptance, but this new-found peace was short-lived; Allen was bitten on the foot by a zombie, while helping the others clear out the remaining areas of the prison the group was staying in. In an effort to contain the infection, Rick made a violent and botched attempt at amputation. After a long struggle for survival against blood loss, and serious infections setting in, Allen died. After being shot in the head by Rick before he could reanimate, his body was buried outside the prison.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #2-23


Donna was the wife of Allen and mother of twins Billy and Ben. Strong-willed, loving and caring to her family, Donna made all the big decisions in her relationship with her husband, while leaving the financial responsibilities with Allen. After the dead rose, Donna and her family joined the group of survivors encamped on the outer limits of Atlanta, where she made a point of resenting that the women of the group (herself, Carol and Lori) had to take care of most of the group's domestic chores (e.g. laundry). Shortly after, when the group attempted to settle at Wiltshire Estates, Donna is killed by a zombie and her body devoured by more of the undead, leaving Allen permanently devastated.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3-9


Billy was Allen and Donna's twin son. He is unofficially adopted by Dale and Andrea after their parents die. He does not seem to understand what is happening in the world as it is. On the road to D.C., Billy is brutally slaughtered by Ben, who is convinced that Billy will come back. The group debates killing Ben to protect themselves, but takes no immediate action. In the night, Carl sneaks into the van where Ben is locked up, and executes him. They are buried side by side.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3-61


Ben was Allen and Donna's twin son. He is unofficially adopted by Dale and Andrea after their parents die. He does not seem to understand what is happening in the world as it is. On the road to D.C., Ben brutally slaughters Billy, convinced that he will come back. The group debates killing Ben to protect themselves, but takes no immediate action. In the night, Carl sneaks into the van where Ben is locked up, and executes him. They are buried side by side.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3-61

Greene family and friends

Hershel Greene

Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10-48

Maggie Greene

Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #10-Present


Patricia, played by Jane McNeill in the television show, was Otis's incredibly naive and overly trusting girlfriend. They broke up after moving to the prison. Her naivety almost costs her life when she attempts to break out Thomas after his evident murders, claiming his death sentence was harsh treatment. He almost kills her soon after, but is saved with the intervention of Maggie. Became an outcast after aiding Dexter and Andrew in their attempted rebellion. She saved Rick's life after the Governor's first attack by letting Alice give Rick a transfusion of her type O negative blood. Before the final battle with Woodbury she had sex with a wounded Axel, not wanting to regret anything. Patricia was killed in the Woodbury Army's assault on the prison, her head being shot off while advising the remaining survivors to flee.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10-48

Billy Greene

Billy Greene is Hershel's youngest son. Depicted as in his teens, brash and rebellious, he played little part in the earlier issues but is revealed to be helpful around the prison, and mindful of all the "good-looking ones" (women) being spoke for. Billy ends up having a one-night stand with Carol before she commits suicide, feeling guilt after seeing Carol kill herself. Billy was killed in the final stages of the assault on the prison by the Woodbury Army; his death leading his father to allow himself to die as well.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10-48


Otis, played by Pruitt Taylor Vince in the television show is the boyfriend of Patricia and a neighbor of Hershel Greene. Shown to be slightly racist against the black survivors. When the zombie crisis began, Otis and Patricia narrowly escaped from Wiltshire Estates and were allowed to stay at Hershel's family farm until the crisis ended. Otis, despite his mentally slow nature, is kind and good-natured, and as such took it hard when he almost killed Carl after accidentally shooting him(non-fatally)while out hunting for a deer. Otis remained at the farm to look after the livestock while the Greenes left to join Rick's group at the prison. Otis would later follow, and was saved from zombies surrounding the prison by the newly-arrived Michonne and joined the group (though ended his relationship with Patricia after learning of her part in Dexter's attempted coup). Later, the prison was (temporarily) overrun by zombies while rescuing Tyreese following his return from searching for Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. Otis was attacked by zombies and killed. Otis reanimated, and was shot in the head by Rick after almost biting him.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #9-35

Rachel and Susy Greene

Rachel and Susy Greene are Hershel's youngest twin daughters. They were Thomas's victims, being decapitated when alone in the prison barbershop.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10-15, #16 (as zombies)

Shawn Greene

Shawn was Hershel's oldest son and the first member of the Greene family to be killed by zombies. He is reanimated and locked in Hershel's barn until a cure for the epidemic can be discovered. He eventually escapes the barn and kills his brother Arnold. He is shot by Hershel when he realizes that his son will never again be normal. In the television show he is portrayed by Georgia native, Travis Charpentier.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #11 (as a zombie)

Lacey Greene

Lacey was Hershel's oldest daughter. She is shown as sarcastic and weary of her father. Before much of her personality was revealed, she was killed by the zombies that were kept in the family's barn while attempting to save her father.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10-11

Arnold Greene

Arnold Greene was Hershel's second son. He is shown as loyal and reliable to his father. Bitten by his brother, Shawn, who had become a zombie and was kept locked inside the family's barn. He was shot by a distraught Hershel to prevent reanimation.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10-11

Prison inmates


Dexter is a towering, physically intimidating African-American inmate at the prison where the group takes residence. Convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, whom he states, "were the last". He ironically trusts the other survivors far less than they trust him. He has a covert homosexual relationship with Andrew, but is purely in said relationship for sex. After the murders of the Greene twins, Lori leads the group to wrongly lock him up on account of being the only convict known to murder. After Thomas is revealed to be responsible and not receiving any apology, he loses his patience and orders Andrew to scavenge the prison's riot gear. Amidst the confusion with Thomas, Dexter gathers Andrew and a defecting Patricia with their new riot gear to force out the survivors. He is soon after killed discreetly in a skirmish against zombies by Rick, who covers it up as a friendly fire mistake.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #13-19


Andrew was a dread-locked former drug user who believes God sent the zombie apocalypse to help him "get clean". He is of African-American background. He had a homosexual relationship with Dexter, probably due to the amount of time spent locked up with him alone and the two other convicts. He is apparently in love with him. When Dexter is accused of murder, he organizes Andrew to find a way into the previously unexplored Block A and gather up the guards riot gear to take over the prison. After Dexter's death, he is extremely distraught; he subsequently fled the prison during the time Michonne and Otis arrive. Despite assumptions of being dead or reanimated, his ultimate fate is still undetermined.[1]
Status: Unknown, presumed undead
Series Lifespan: #13-19


Axel was described as a grizzled old white biker imprisoned for armed robbery. A peeping tom, but apparently otherwise harmless. When Dexter tries to force the survivors out of the prison, Axel stands up for them. Being the only of the four convicts to remain with the survivors over the majority of the story, after general disdain he eventually earned their trust after working hard, and always helped whenever anybody asked for it. Says "You follow me?" a lot. He had a brief relationship with Patricia after being shot in the arm during the first prison assault, having sex with her and saying to Alice he "didn't want to regret anything, you follow me?" After helping the survivors set up defenses, he was abruptly shot in the head during the second prison assault, dying alone and without time for remorse.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #13-47, #75

Thomas Richards

Thomas Richards was a nerdy Caucasian man who claims to be in federal prison for tax evasion. He is actually a homicidal lunatic who murders two of Hershel's daughters by decapitation and attempts to murder Andrea before he is beaten senseless by an enraged Rick. He is later shot repeatedly by Maggie Greene after his attempted escape, nearly killing Patricia in the process. His deceased body was thrown to the zombie hordes outside of the prison.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #13-18

Miscellaneous survivors


Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #19-Present

Sgt. Abraham Ford

Abraham Ford is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. After the zombie crisis began, Ford came into contact with Eugene, who claimed he had information that Washington D.C. is the only potential sanctuary from the zombie hordes. Teaming up with Rosita and Eugene, Ford is now on a mission to get there, intending to solve the zombie crisis after Eugene reveals he has crucial information about the zombie's origins. Initially rough and wary of Rick and the survivors, and antagonistic to Rick's equally hardened attitude, Abraham has developed to be a trustworthy and reliable defender of the current group. His back story has revealed him as a sensitive, broken man burdened by several traumatizing experiences in the first few months of the crisis, which included his wife and children being raped and then turned. He was in a relationship with Rosita, however the relationship ended after Rosita discovered and confronted Abraham about him cheating on her to be with Holly. Eugene and he finally began mending their friendship,before Abraham was shot through the head with a crossbow bolt by the cult. Everyone in Alexandria came to his funeral,with Rosita,Holly,Eugene and even Michonne crying for him.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #53-98

Rosita Espinosa

Rosita Espinosa is a woman who joins up with Sgt. Ford and Eugene in their mission to reach Washington D.C. and end the zombie crisis. She remains one of the more mysterious characters to date. She is shown as kind, gentle, and an understanding woman, capable of taking care of Abraham's emotional instabilities with these traits and expressing disagreement when he speaks inhumanely. She is in a relationship with Abraham Ford until he admits cheating on her with Holly. She then packs up and moves in with Eugene.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #53-Present

Dr. Eugene Porter

Dr. Eugene Porter is a scientist who was able to discover what caused the creation of the zombies after the crisis arose. He explains to the group his research as having to do with making the human genome a weapon, and targeting people of a particular heritage with it. It is unknown whether he truly believes and knows his research had direct involvement with the outbreak, he is lying, or if his explanation is an educated hypothesis. Teaming up with Sgt. Ford and Rosita, Eugene is now on a mission to get to Washington D.C., intending to solve the zombie crisis using the crucial information he discovered. He sports a mullet, which he claims helps him trick any hostile threats into thinking he knows nothing important. It is later revealed that he is simply a high school teacher who lied about the whole Washington mission because he has no other important survival skills.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #53-Present

Fr. Gabriel Stokes

Gabriel Stokes is an African-American preacher who comes across the group after leaving his church, where he had been hiding from the undead. The group is very suspicious of his story, and does not trust him. It was revealed that he had survived over several months alone in the church by turning away his followers and any other civilians when the zombie attacks started, saving him from internal conflict. As a consequential result, however, he now feels remorse. Since arriving at the Safe-Zone, he believes that God's plan for him has been to meet the survivors so that he could eventually preach at the Safe-Zone's church.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #61-Present

Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones, portrayed by Lennie James in the television show, was an African-American father hiding out with his son in various houses in Rick's neighborhood, attempting to ride out the zombie apocalypse. Upon meeting Rick, Morgan and Rick instantly formed a friendship, as well as Morgan bringing him up to speed on current events as best as he can. After being provided with weapons from the police station, Morgan and Rick part ways, one day hoping to meet each other again. Much later, at Christmas, Morgan and Duane are seen alive and living in a cabin on a snowy mountain, in safety and relative comfort. Several months passing, Rick later re-encountered the two while picking up supplies for the road to D.C.; unfortunately, Rick found that Morgan is alive but Duane has turned into a zombie, with Morgan feeding his zombified son any humans who passed through. Before leaving with Rick, Morgan broke Duane's chain, allowing him to roam freely within the house. Since reuniting with Rick and Carl and joining their group, Morgan has exhibited signs of severe mental illness and self-harming behaviors. After arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, he became a chef for the community. He was bitten on the arm by a roamer during the massive zombie assault on the compound. His arm was almost immediately amputated by Michonne, and he soon after died from blood loss or infection. Before his death, he has a brief but deep relationship with Michonne.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #1-83

Duane Jones

Duane Jones, portrayed by Adrian Kali Turner in the television show was a young boy hiding out with his father, Morgan, in various houses in Rick's neighborhood, attempting to ride out the zombie apocalypse. After meeting Rick and being provided with weapons from the police station, he and Duane part ways with Rick, hoping to meet each other again some day. Much later, at Christmas, Morgan and Duane are seen alive and living in a cabin on a snowy mountain, in safety and relative comfort. Rick re-encountered the two, but found that Morgan is alive but Duane has turned into a zombie. Morgan left with Rick, leaving living dead Duane to roam freely within the house. The name "Duane Jones" was the author's homage to the African American actor of the same name who was the main protagonist in Night of the Living Dead.
Status: Undead
Series Lifespan: #1-59


Former athlete and father to Julie, Tyreese is one of the strongest men to join the group of survivors. Tyreese, Julie, and her boyfriend, Chris, joined Rick's group shortly after they began their journey away from Atlanta. A one-time pro football player in the late 1990s, he is much like Rick in many ways: strong, a devastatingly effective melee fighter (managing to kill more than ten zombies by himself, in one instance), a stern but loving father, and a generally sensible person. A terrible shot, and recognized for it, his signature weapon was a hammer. Shortly after joining the group he began a relationship with Carol, but shifted to Michonne after several fights and arguments with Carol and Rick over physical actions/mistakes, and remained with her till his death. He was a valuable member of the group, generally being Rick's right-hand man in the skirmish clearings of the zombies on the road and in the Atlanta prison. During the Prison War, he traveled with Michonne to kill the Governor and his group, but is unfortunately captured. After being horrifically beaten and tortured, he is brutally beheaded by the Governor using Michonne's katana in front of the remaining prison survivor community to double the loss.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #7-46, #49 (as a zombie), #72, #75


Julie is Tyreese's sixteen-year-old teenage daughter. She is shown to be affectionate to both her father and boyfriend. The end of the world has not stopped her from seeking independence where she can find it. During the initial stages of clearing out the penitentiary, she and Chris act as babysitters. Once settled, after having sex for the first time with Chris, she carries out an ill-fated suicide pact with her boyfriend. She soon reanimates in Tyreese's arms, and almost kills her father before being fatally shot by Chris again.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #7-14


Chris is the sixteen year old boyfriend of Julie who was staying with her and her father, Tyreese, due to personal problems before the zombie crisis began. Chris, Julie and Tyreese eventually joined up with Rick's group when searching for food in Atlanta's outskirts, and moved with them from Wiltshire Estates to the prison. Unknown to everyone else, Chris was pushing Julie into a suicide pact, believing they could truly be together forever. After retrieving a gun from Tyreese for self-defense purposes, he uses it one night in the prison, executing their plan. Unfortunately, Chris fired too soon and Julie was killed, to his shock. When Julie reanimated in Tyreese's arms, he shot her again. Tyreese, in furious revenge, subsequently choked him to death. After Chris reanimated, Tyresse repeatedly struck him until he was nothing but mutilated pieces, which he then burned and later angrily revealed to Rick.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #7-15

The Hunters

Chris, Theresa, David, Greg & Albert are members of a group of people who have been tracking down Rick and his group of survivors. They abducted Dale and were revealed to be cannibals. Their leader introduces himself, as Chris - in a particularly polite manner, making a special point of wanting it to be known that he and the others are "not crazy". They try to induce vomiting after eating Dale's leg, after finding out he had been bitten and is "tainted meat". They and an unnamed member of the group were later brutally slaughtered by Rick's Group after Chris told Rick they would hunt down his small band of survivors.
Status: All deceased
Series Lifespan: #61-66

Derek's Group

Derek is the leader of a small group of scavengers in DC. After following gunshots the group finds the Alexandria community. They demand to be let in and threaten Rick at gunpoint. A shootout ensues and Derek's group are all killed. These gunshots attract the attention of the large DC herd which eventually rips through the walls of the community.
Status: All deceased
Series Lifespan: #75-78

Woodbury survivors

The Governor

Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27-48, #72, #75

Bruce Cooper

Bruce Cooper is The Governor's right hand man and one of his best friends. An intimidating, muscular figure, Bruce is tall and bald, but has a short goatee. He has a Caucasian appearance. He is shown as trusting of Philip to do whatever is necessary for the survival and prosperity of Woodbury, whether it means violence and brutality against those who disagree or run the wrong way with them. He is extremely loyal to Philip, displaying this trait when he nearly killed Glenn without an expression of hesitance under orders from Philip. When Rick's group ventured out to loot Woodbury's Wal-Mart in preparation for an attack, Bruce led a small team to confront them; he is then shot in the neck by Andrea and left for dead. The Governor later discovers him alive, barely, choking on his own blood but managing to give his boss info on the survivor's actions before Phillip shoots him, to prevent reanimation.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27-43


Gabe is the other most loyal goon of The Governor and another one of his closest friends. Gabe is described as a short, stocky man and seems extremely obedient toward Philip, albeit hesitant and doubtful of some of his leader's actions. He becomes Philip's chief confidant after Bruce's death, organising Woodbury against the prison community and rallying them up. He accompanies Philip almost everywhere he goes. He leads the scout parties and is responsible for discovering the prison's location, as well as the capture and brutal bashing of Tyreese, and hands him over to The Governor to use as leverage. Gabe effectively becomes second in command at the latter prison assaults. At the end he becomes weary of the battle, and is promptly shot by Andrea toward the end of the conflict when she returns with the RV.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27-47

Dr. Stevens

Dr. Stevens is Woodbury's primary doctor. While he resents working for The Governor, he understands that he would be killed if he did not cooperate. He tends to Rick's severed hand, being responsible for his recovery. While fleeing with the others, he is bitten and eventually killed while escaping Woodbury.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #28-32


Previously an interior design student, Alice is a fast learner and, while living in Woodbury, was Dr. Stevens' assistant. She chooses to leave Woodbury with Rick and thereafter becomes the de facto physician of Rick's group and helps deliver Lori's baby. While attempting to cover Rick and Lori in their escape, she is personally killed by a vengeful Governor during the assault on the prison.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #29-48


Bob was the local town drunk of Woodbury. Forty years prior to the series, he claims he was an army medic. He is seen occasionally when the Governor encounters him intoxicated outside his house on the town streets. His minor role in the storyline expands significantly when he becomes the person responsible for saving the Governor's life. He was called upon by Gabe and Bruce to save the Governor when Alice and Dr. Stevens, the only town medics, deserted them and Michonne tortured him nearly to the point of death. Remembering the man's deeds for the town, he did as asked, successfully. After the slow recovery, the Governor personally asked him to watch over his undead daughter until he and the Woodbury army returned from killing the prison survivors; since the outcome of the battle resulted in the Governor's and most (if not all) of the Woodbury survivor's deaths, Bob's ultimate fate, and anyone left with him in Woodbury, has not been revealed.
Status: Unknown
Series Lifespan: #29-43


Lily was an angry brunette woman from Woodbury who participated in the prison assault. Before Woodbury, she was a survivor with her father, but her father was killed, and she began to become unstable, and eventually, she either stole her group's RV and found the town of Woodbury, or she was left behind by the group after killing one of the survivors and stumbled up-on Woodbury. She is ordered by Philip to kill Lori and Judith. After shooting them, she discovers that Philip forced her to kill a baby, and she becomes extremely distraught. When a large crowd of zombies breaks through into the prison yard, Lilly kills Philip while he gathers them up and throws his body to the hordes while she attempts to lead the remnant of the Woodbury survivors into the prison. The prison becomes overrun with zombies, but it is ultimately unknown what becomes of her or any of them specifically.
Status: Unknown, presumed deceased or undead
Series Lifespan: #46-48

Caesar Martinez

Caesar Martinez is a former gym teacher who conducted Rick's party's entry to Woodbury. He later helped Rick's party escape, and fight their way back to the prison. Eventually, Martinez left the prison to go tell the people of Woodbury the location of the prison to escape from the Governor. During his run back to Woodbury, he is run down by Rick in the RV and then strangled to death. His reanimated body is discovered by a Woodbury scouting party, and his head is brought back to Woodbury, to manipulate people to turn them against the people on the prison.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27-36, #43 (as a zombie), #75

Alexandria Safe-Zone Community


Aaron is a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone Community who came into contact with Rick's group shortly after they met Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. He watched over the group until he found them suitable for the community. Although the survivors were suspicious of Aaron's motives, they went along with him and joined the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Aaron's romantic partner is Eric, who also accompanies him on his recruiting missions. After the zombie attack on the community, Aaron trained with Rick and Andrea in order to defend against the undead. Aaron, along with Eric, joined Rick's group as they traveled in search of food.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #67-Present


Eric is Aaron's boyfriend and partner who served as Aaron's "insurance policy" with the duty to kill anyone who might harm Aaron or the community. During an attempt to recruit a young woman, Eric was stabbed after discovering the woman trying to steal Maggie's horse. Aaron immediately brought Eric back to the safe-zone. Doctor Cloyd treats Eric, and he recovered quickly. Later, during the zombie attack on the safe zone, Eric hid with Aaron, though they later joined in the fight against the zombies. Eric, along with Aaron, joined Rick's group as they left the community in search of food.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #68-Present


Heath is a young African American man who goes on scouting missions for the community. He is primarily a supply runner and is well-experienced with navigating the backstreets of Washington. After his partner Scott dies from an infection, Glenn becomes his new partner. He and Glenn share a strong bond. He was initially very distrustful of Glenn's group, seeing Rick as another "Davidson", though he grows to trust them.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #69-Present


Bruce served as second-in-command in charge of the Exploration team that goes to D.C for Supplies and the Construction workers that explain the community and repairs the walls. He had a friendship with Abraham where they worked together, but in the zombie attack, one walker bit him, and he didn't make it back to safety.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #69-80

Douglas Monroe

Douglas Monroe was a former Democratic Ohio U.S. congressman who became the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He is the husband of Regina and the father of Spencer. He welcomed Rick and company with open arms, though he demanded that they follow the rules that he had set in place. He became distraught over his wife's death and holed himself up in his house for long stretches of time. During the zombie attack, Douglas was surrounded by zombies. As he tries to shoot the zombies, he accidentally hits Carl Grimes. He is then devoured by the undead.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #70-83


Olivia is a cheerful young woman in charge of the weapons storage at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Olivia persuaded Douglas to let Michonne keep her weapons after Rick's group joined the community, and also cut Rick's hair for him. A bit of a gossip, Olivia was the first to tell Rick about Davidson. After the zombie attack, Andrea trained Olivia and the others on how to use weapons, though Olivia had difficulty killing the walkers. Later, Olivia told Rick that food rations were running low, leading Rick to form a group to find food outside of the community. When Rick and the others left, Olivia joined Nicholas and Spencer in conspiring against him, though it is unclear what her feelings are on ousting Rick.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #70-Present


Nicholas is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community, as well as a family man. He is shown to be an aggressive yet timid man. When Rick and the survivor group first arrived in the community, Nicholas was one of the most weary, especially after discovering that Rick was allowing Carl to carry a gun. He wasted no time picking arguments with the survivors. He became increasingly frustrated as Rick's sense of leadership dominated the community, and it came to a boiling point once the man murdered his close friend in the community, Pete Anderson. Nicholas quickly attempted to form a coup with his fellow Alexandria citizens and viciously beat Glenn when he witnessed it. The coup was quickly dissolved by Rick, and he apologized. Since then, he has become more acceptant of Rick and his group.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #71-Present

Dr. Denise Cloyd

Denise Cloyd is the doctor of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She has taken care of many of the characters, such as Morgan and Carl, after they sustained injuries. When the walkers attacked the safe-zone, Denise was trapped in Rick's house with the group. However, she ran back to her house to take care of any civilians that needed her. Rick brought Carl to Denise to take care of him, and she was able to patch him up. When Rick left to get food for the community, he asked Denise to watch over Carl. Denise is also romantically involved with Heath.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #71-Present

Pete, Jessie and Ron Anderson

Pete Anderson was a hard-boiled man who was physically abusive toward his wife Jessie and son Ron. After Rick separates him from his family, Pete flies into a rage and kills Douglas's wife Regina while trying to kill Rick. He's shot by Rick shortly afterward. Following his death, Jessie and Ron find peace for a while, with Jessie quickly striking up a romantic relationship with Rick. She and her son are devoured by zombies while the group tries to get through a crowd of them outside.
Status: All deceased
Series Lifespan: - Pete: #72-77, Jessie: #72-83, #85 (as a zombie), Ron: #70-83

Spencer Monroe

Spencer Monroe is the son of deceased Douglas and Regina Monroe. He and Andrea take a liking toward one another and almost strike up a relationship, but Andrea is disgusted by him when he exhibits signs of extreme selfishness. He later participates in a coup against Rick led by Nicholas, because of the blame he has against the man for the death of both of his parents. He accepts Andrea's newfound relationship with Rick.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #72-Present


Holly is Abraham's girlfriend. She works alongside the construction crew, planning and building new houses for the crowded community. Upon having her life saved by Abraham, the two gradually fall in love with each other and initiate a secret relationship behind Rosita's back. She is frequently shown to be behind his back with various interpersonal issues, and at one point urges Abraham to attempt to take charge of the group (though that never truly comes to fruition). Holly is later devastated by Abraham's death.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #73-Present


Tobin headed the construction team. His cowardice in the face of an attack had led to the death of many workers in the past. After taking on Abraham, the team is attacked once again, and Tobin leaves Holly for dead. Abraham saves Holly and kills the walkers much to the amazement of the other workers. This gains Tobin's respect, and he willingly allows Abraham to take over. Tobin is killed defending the community from zombies after a herd breaks through one of the walls.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #69-81

The Hilltop Colony

Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Jesus is a bearded man with impressive physical skills, who acts as ambassador for the colony and frequently searches for new recruits. He and the rest of his people, for months, have been controlled under terror by The Saviors. He once attempted to track them to their base alone, but was caught along the way and chased back to the colony. He remains helpless and relies on Rick to help rid them of the gang.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #91-Present


Gregory is a somewhat self-important member of the Hilltop described as "keeping the trains running on time", and is closely associated with the (unseen) leader of the colony Kenneth. He is stabbed by Ethan in exchange for Crystal's life, who had been taken hostage by Negan, but fortunately recovers. Like his fellow survivors, he is helpless against The Saviors and relies on Rick to help rid them of the gang.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #95-Present


Ethan is a member of the Hilltop sent as an emissary (along with Andy, Crystal and David) to Negan's settlement. Unhappy with the Hilltop, Negan kills Andy and David, and keeps Crystal hostage. Ethan is sent back to assassinate Gregory in exchange for her life. After stabbing him Rick tackles Ethan to the ground before cutting his throat.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #95

The Saviors


Negan is the sadistic and socio-pathic leader of The Saviors. He gradually gathered together men of great strength and has led them to terrorize other survivor communities in exchange for food and other supplies. Negan sets out for revenge against Rick's group after they slaughter a handful of his men. Under his command, Abraham is murdered. He has other men track the Safe Zone while he and more of his men follow and ultimately ambush the group during their trip to the Hilltop. After Rick refuses to accept a deal that would give Negan the right to the Safe-Zone's supplies, Negan shows off his power by brutally murdering Glenn.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #100-Present


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