List of castles in Turkey

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Castles in Turkey were built in the Ancient and Medieval Times. The Turkish names for castle are kale and hisar. Thus the names of some castles have -kale or -hisarı suffixes.

ProvinceNameImageEra of construction
Adana ProvinceAyas CastleAyas Castle.jpg
Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Anavarza CastleAnavarza Castle.jpgRoman Empire
Afyonkarahisar ProvinceAfyon CastleAfyonBurgberg.jpgHittites
Ankara ProvinceAnkara CastleAnkarakalesi.JPGRoman Empire
Antalya ProvinceAlara CastleTuerk41.jpgArmenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Alanya CastleAlanya Castle.jpegSeljuks of Rum
Kaleköy CastleKalekoy20060929.jpg
Çanakkale ProvinceBozcaada CastleBozcaada, Çanakkale Province.jpg
Gaziantep ProvinceBirecik CastleCrusader Castle on the banks of the Euprates.jpgAssyria
Gaziantep CastleGaziantep castle.JPGByzantine Empire
Hatay ProvinceBagras CastleBaghras2.jpgByzantine Empire
Koz CastleKozkalesi.jpgCreusaders
İstanbul ProvinceAnadoluhisarıAnadoluhisarı.JPGOttoman Empire
RumelihisariRumeli Hisarı viewed from Bosphorus.JPGOttoman Empire
Yoros CastleAnadolu Kavağı with Yoros Castle in Istanbul, Turkey 002.jpgPhoenicia
Republic of Genoa
İzmir ProvinceKadifekaleKadifekale IzmirTurkey EUnluBlogspot.jpgHellenistic period
Kars ProvinceKars CastleKars Kale.jpgOttoman Empire
Kayseri ProvinceKayseri CastleKayseri-walls-sardic1.jpgByzantine Empire
Mersin ProvinceÇandır CastleÇandır castle, Mersin Province, Turkey.jpgByzantine Empire
Dağlı CastleDağlı Castle, Mersin Province.jpgRoman Empire
Kızkalesi073 Kızkalesi.07.2006 resize.JPGByzantine Empire
Cilician Kingdom of Armenia
Mamure CastleCastle in Mamure, Anamur, Turkey from the Sea.jpg]Seljuks of Rum
Mancınık CastleMancınık Castle, Mersin province, Turkey.jpgHellenistic period
Meydancık CastleMeydancık Castle, Mersin Province.jpgPirandu (Luwians)
Mut CastleMut Castle, Mersin Province.jpgByzantine Empire
Namrun CastleView of Çamlıyayla.jpgArmenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Silifke CastleSilifkeKale4.jpgByzantine Empire
Sinap CastleSinap Castle, Mersin Province.JPGArmenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Tokmar CastleTokmarKalesi1.jpgByzantine Empire
Yeniyurt CastleYeniyurt castle.JPGHellenistic period
Byzantine Empire
Muğla ProvinceBodrum CastleTurkeyBodrumCastle.jpgKnights Hospitaller
Marmaris CastleMarmaris Castle.jpgKnights Hospitaller
Ottoman Empire
Osmaniye ProvinceHemite CastleHemiteKalesi1.jpgCrusaders
ToprakkaleToprakkaleOsmaniye.jpgAbbasid Empire
ServantikarArmenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Rize ProvinceZilkaleZil Kale.jpgByzantine Empire
Sinop ProvinceBoyabat CastleCastle of Boyabat, Province of Sinop, Turkey.jpgPaphlagonia
Ottoman Empire
Şanlıurfa ProvinceŞanlıurfa CastleUrfaKale.jpgOsroene
RumkaleRumkale.jpgByzantine Empire
Trabzon ProvinceTrabzon CastleTrabzon,citadel1.jpgByzantine Empire
Van ProvinceToprakkaleToprah-Kale.jpgUrartu
Van CastleVan Castle.jpgUrartu