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This list of castles in Scotland is a link page for any castle in Scotland.

An index to castle ruins is in "Royal National Directory of Scotland" (1915).[1]

A castle is a type of fortified structure built during the Middle Ages. Scholars debate the scope of the word 'castle', but usually consider it to be the private fortified residence of a lord or noble. This is distinct from a fortress, which was not a home, although this distinction is not absolute and the same structure may have had different uses from time to time. The term has been popularly applied to structures as diverse as hill forts and country houses. Over the approximately 900 years that castles were built they took on a great many forms.

In Scotland, earlier fortifications had included hill forts, brochs, and duns; and many castles were on the site of these earlier buildings. This article relates to castles in Scotland built from about 1100 AD onward.

The first castles were built in Scotland in the 11th and 12th centuries, with the introduction of Anglo-Norman influence.[2] These motte and bailey castles were replaced with the first stone-built castles from around 1200.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

The stone-built castles continued into the 13th century.

By the late 14th century, the large curtain-walled castles had begun to give way to more modest tower houses – vertical dwellings with less formidable defences. This type of vertical house continued to be popular with Scotland's landowning class through to the late 17th century, when classical architecture made its first appearance in the country. Meanwhile the advance of artillery pressed military engineers to devise stronger fortifications for important royal strongholds.

Tower houses and castles were often given painted ceilings and decorative plasterwork in the 16th and 17th centuries, employing distinctive national styles. In the late 18th century, forms found in medieval Scottish architecture were revived and castle-style houses were constructed. These "castles" had no defensive capability, but drew on military and tower-house architecture for their decorative details. This architectural trend culminated in the Scottish Baronial style of the 19th century.

There have been well over two thousand castles in Scotland, although many are known only through historical records. They are found in all parts of the country, although tower houses and peel towers are concentrated along the border with England, while the best examples of larger Renaissance-era tower houses are clustered in the north-east. There is some discussion about whether Scottish castles can be considered to be "true" castles, although this discussion is mainly focused around opinions held by some scholars as per the exact scope of the word castle. In Scotland, registration counties are used for land registration purposes. Charters and deeds relating to castles and tower houses are recorded in the land transactions of the counties.



Aberdeen CastleUnknown13th centuryNo remainsN/AAberdeen
Destroyed June 1308
Abergeldie CastleTower houseAbout 1550PreservedGordon familyNear CrathieLeased to the Royal Family 1848–1970Abergeldie Castle - - 253475.jpg
Banff CastleUnknown12th centuryNo remainsN/ABanffBanff Castle - - 1471187.jpg
Balmoral CastleBaronial house1856In use as a residencePrivate residence of The Queen[9]Royal Deeside
On the site of a 15th-century castleBalmoral Castle.jpg
Balquhain CastleTower house14th centuryRuinWest of Inverurie
Visited by Mary, Queen of ScotsBalquhain Castle Wall - - 29188.jpg
Birse CastleBaronial house1911Restored as a residencePrivateForest of Birse
Rebuilt 1911
Bognie CastleTower house1660sRuinedPrivateHuntly
Also known as Conzie Castle
Braemar CastleTower house17th centuryPreservedOwned by the Farquharsons of Invercauld and managed by Braemar Community Ltd.[10]Braemar
Braemar Castle 1.jpg
Cairnbulg CastleZ-plan tower house14th centuryIn use as a residenceLady SaltounCairnbulg
Restored in the 19th century. Also known as Philorth Castle. One of the Nine Castles of Knuckle.Cairnbulg Castle.jpg
Corgarff CastleTower housec. 1550PreservedHistoric ScotlandStrathdon
Corgarff Castle 13.JPG
Craigievar CastleTower house1626PreservedNTSAlford
decorative plasterworkCraigievar Castle cloudy.jpg
Craigston CastleTower house1607In use as a residencePrivateTurriff
Craigston Castle.jpg
Crathes CastleTower house1596PreservedNTSBanchory
painted ceilingsCrathes Castle.jpg
Delgatie CastleTower house1579PreservedDelgatie Castle TrustTurriff
painted ceilingsChâteau de Delgatie.jpg
Drum CastleTower house with additions13th century, 16th centuryPreservedNTSDrumoak
Drum Castle.jpg
Drumtochty CastleCastellated house1812OccupiedPrivateAuchenblae
Dundarg Castle14th century, rebuilt 16th centuryRuinedPrivateNew Aberdour
One of the Nine Castles of KnuckleGeograph-285141-Des Colhoun-Dundarg Castle and Fort.jpg
Dunnideer CastleTower housec. 1260RuinedPrivateInsch
Dunnideer Castle.jpg
Dunnottar CastleCourtyard castle16th centuryRuinedPrivateStonehaven
Dunnottar castle ruins.jpg
Eden CastleZ-plan tower house1577RuinedPrivateBanff
Esslemont CastleTower house14th century or earlierRuinedPrivateEllon
Fasque CastleBaronial house1809OccupiedPrivateFettercairn
Fasque House.jpg
Fedderate CastleL-plan tower house1257RuinedNear New Deer
Fetteresso CastleCastellated house1761Occupied as flatsPrivateStonehaven
Originally a 14th-century tower houseFetteresso Castle.jpg
Findlater CastleCourtyard castle14th centuryRuinedPrivateSandend
Findlater Castle.jpg
Castle ForbesCastellated house1815Occupied as a residenceChief of Clan ForbesAlford
Castle Forbes.jpg
Castle FraserZ-plan tower house1636PreservedNTSInverurie
Castle Fraser 1.jpg
Fyvie CastleTower house13th century with additionsPreservedNTSFyvie
Most of the current structure (including the beautiful gatehouse) dates to the late 14th through late 16th centuryFyvie Castle, Geograph.jpg
Glenbuchat CastleZ-plan tower house1590RuinedHistoric ScotlandKildrummy
Glenbuchat Castle 20080502 02.jpg
Huntly CastleL-plan tower house15th to 17th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandHuntly
decorative plasterworkHuntly Castle.jpg
Inverallochy CastleCourtyard castle13th centuryRuinedInverallochy
One of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Invercauld CastleBaronial house18th centuryIn use as accommodationPrivateRoyal Deeside
Invercauld House - - 423852.jpg
Inverugie CastleMotte and bailey12th centuryRuinedInverugie
Kildrummy CastleCastle of enceinteMid to late 13th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandKildrummy
Kildrummy castle 2.jpg
Kincardine CastleBaronial house19th centuryIn use as a residencePrivateRoyal Deeside
14th century ruin nearby
Kinnaird CastleTower house1570In use as a lighthouseNorthern Lighthouse BoardFraserburgh
Now the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, one of the Nine Castles of KnuckleFraserburgh Lighthouse (Kinnaird Castle) and the wine tower
Kinnairdy CastleTower house14th and 16th centuriesIn use as accommodationPrivateAberchirder
Kinnairdy Castle - - 746908.jpg
Kindrochit CastleKeep14th centuryRuinedBraemar
Founded by Malcolm Canmore in 1059Kindrochit-Castle-03.jpg
Knock CastleTower houseAround 1600RuinedHistoric ScotlandBallater
Knock Castle2.jpg
Knockhall CastleTower house1565RuinedNear Newburgh, AberdeenshireKnockhall Castle, Geograph.jpg
Lauriston CastleCourtyard castle with later additions13th centuryStill used as a residencePrivateSt Cyrus
Lauriston Castle Aberdeenshire 1.JPG
Leslie CastleTower house14th centuryRestored as a residencePrivateLeslie
Leslie Castle.jpg
Lonmay CastleMotte?Before 1720No remainsN/ACrimond
One of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Muchalls CastleL-plan tower house13th and 17th centuryIn useHouse of BurnettMuchalls
Castle NeweZ-plan tower house1831No remainsN/AStrathdon
Incorporates a tower from 1604
Castle of ParkIn use as a residencePrivateCornhill
Geograph-5388-Stephen Bowden-Castle of Park (12th century).jpg
Pitsligo CastleKeep1424RuinedRosehearty
Also known as Pitsligo Palace, one of the Nine Castles of KnucklePitsligo Castle 01.JPG
Pittulie Castle16th centuryRuinedRosehearty
One of the Nine Castles of KnuckleGeograph-317979-Des Colhoun-pittulie castle.jpg
Castle of RattrayMotteFrom 12th centuryNo remainsN/ARattray
One of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Ravenscraig CastleL-plan tower house15th centuryInverugie
Ruins of Ravenscraig Castle - - 481419.jpg
Slains CastleTower house, rebuilt as castellated house1597, rebuilt 1837RuinedPrivateCruden Bay
"New" Slains CastleSlaines Castle, Cruden Bay - - 920316.jpg
Slains CastleTower house13th centuryRuinedCollieston
"Old" Slains Castle, destroyed 1594
Terpersie CastleZ-plan tower house1561RestoredPrivateAlford
Terpersie Castle - - 494943.jpg
Tolquhon CastleCourtyard castle1589RuinedHistoric ScotlandPitmedden
Tolquhon Castle, front and entrance.jpg
Udny CastleTower house14-15th centuryPrivateNorth east of Udny Green
Udny Castle 03.jpg
Westhall CastleL-plan tower house16th centuryPrivateInsch


Affleck CastleL-plan tower house15th centuryIn use as a residencePrivateMonikie
Airlie CastleCountry house1793In use as a residencePrivateAlyth
Balfour CastleBaronial housec. 16th centuryRuinedPrivateBalfour Mains
Balintore CastleSporting Lodgec. 19th centuryUnder restorationPrivateNO290590
Ballumbie CastleCourtyard castlec. 15th centuryRuinedPrivateNO44643448BallumbieCastle.JPG
Brechin CastleCountry house1709In use as a residenceEarl of DalhousieBrechin
Brechin Castle Morris edited.jpg
Careston CastleCountry house17th-19th centuryCareston
Colliston CastleZ-plan tower house1545OccupiedArbroath
On hire as a venue for receptionsColliston Castle.jpg
Cortachy CastleZ-plan courtyard castle16th century, 19th centuryEarl of AirlieKirriemuir
Cortachy Castle - - 173993.jpg
Dundee Castlec. 13th centuryNo remainsN/ADundee
Location recorded in the name of Castle Street, Dundee
Edzell CastleCourtyard castle16th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandEdzell
Includes a unique Renaissance gardenEdzell Castle.jpg
Ethie Castle14th century and laterIn use as a hotelPrivateInverkeilor
Ethie Castle.jpg
Farnell Castle16th centuryFarnell
Finavon CastleBaronial house1856In use as a residencePrivateFinavon
Ruined earlier castle nearbyFinavon Castle.jpg
Forfar Castle11th centuryNo remainsN/AForfar
Location recorded in the name of Castle Street, Forfar
Glamis CastleBaronial house14th centuryIn use as a residenceEarl of Strathmore and KinghorneGlamis
Guthrie CastleBaronial house1848In use as a residencePrivateGuthrie
Incorporates earlier structureGuthrie Castle.jpg
Hatton CastleZ-plan tower house1575Restored as a residencePrivateNewtyle
Invermark CastleTower house1526RuinedPrivateGlen Mark
Invermark Castle, Glen Esk.JPG
Inverquharity CastleL-plan tower house1440sRestored as a residencePrivateKirriemuir
An attached wing dates to the sixteenth century, but was rebuilt in the twentieth centuryInverquharity Castle - - 1115653.jpg
Kinnaird CastleCastellated mansion1855In use as a residenceEarl of SoutheskBrechin
Incorporates earlier structureKinnaird Castle - - 211551.jpg
Melgund CastleTower house16th centuryRestored as a residencePrivateAberlemno
Melgund Castle.jpg
Montrose Castle12th centuryNo remainsN/AMontrose, Angus
Red CastleTower house15th centuryRuinedInverkeilor

Argyll and Bute[edit]

Achallader CastleTower house16th centuryRuined3.5 miles north of Bridge of OrchyAchallader Farm Tower - - 55403.jpg
Ardencaple Castle12th centuryDemolishedRoyal Navy1.6 km from HelensburghArdencaple Castle (circa 1879).jpg
Aros Castle13th centuryRuinedIsle of Mull, 2 km north of SalenAros Castle - exterior.jpg
Barcaldine CastleTower house17th centuryIn use as a hotelLoch Creran near ObanBarcaldine Castle - - 346164.jpg
Calgary CastleCastellated house19th centuryCalgary, Isle of MullCalgary House - - 175754.jpg
Carnasserie CastleTower house16th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandCarnasserieCastle002.jpg
Carrick CastleTower House15th centuryRuined, undergoing restorationPrivateArgyllCarrick Castle.jpg
Claig CastleBefore 17th centuryFoundation RuinsIsle of Fraoch EileanClaigCastle1.jpg
Craignish CastleBaronial House16th century or earlierRebuiltPrivateAdfernsee CraignishCraignish-old.jpg
Duart Castle13th centuryRestoredChief of Clan MacleanIsle of MullDuart Castle.jpg
Dunans CastleBaronial house1860Partially restoredPrivateGlendaruelDunans castle.jpg
Dunaverty Castle13th centuryRuinedKintyreDunaverty - - 735878.jpg
Dundarave CastleL-plan tower house16th centuryChief of Clan MacNaghten5 km northeast of InverarayDunderave Castle, Loch Fyne, Argyll - - 47961.jpg
Dunollie CastleTower house13th centuryRuinedObanDunollie Castle from Court Yard.jpg
Dunstaffnage CastleCastle of enceintec. 1220RuinedHistoric ScotlandAlmost entirely 13th century, although the upper gatehouse is late 15th centuryDunstaffnage Castle 20080428.jpg
Duntrune CastleTower house13th centuryStill in use as a residenceChief of Clan MalcolmArgyllThe tower house is a 17th-century additionDuntruneCastle(PatrickMackie)Jun2006.jpg
Dunyvaig CastleCourtyard castle13th centuryRuinedIslayDunyvaig Castle - - 115146.jpg
Fincharn Castle1240RuinedShore of Loch Awe
Glengorm Castle1860In use as a hotel and venue6 km north of TobermoryGlengorm Castle - - 270415.jpg
Gylen CastleTower house1582RuinedKerreraGylen castle isle of kerrera scotland by day.JPG
Innes Chonnel Castle13th centuryRuinedLoch AweInnis Chonnell, Loch Awe, Argyll.jpg
Inveraray CastleCastellated house1746Still in use as a residenceDuke of ArgyllInverarayInveraray Castle from above.jpg
Kames CastleTower house14th centuryStill in use as a residencePrivateIsle of ButeKames Castle.jpg
Kilchurn CastleTower house15th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandLoch AweKilchurn Castle from the boat.jpg
Kilmahew CastleTower house16th centuryRuinedRoman Catholic ChurchCardrossKilmahew.jpg
Kilmartin CastleZ-plan tower house16th centuryRestoredKilmartin Castle.jpg
Kilmory CastleCastellated house19th centuryIn use as officesArgyll County CouncilLochgilpheadKilmoryCastle(PatrickMackie)May2006.jpg
Castle LachlanCountry house1790Strathlachlan"new" Castle Lachlan (front).jpg
Old Castle Lachlan15th centuryRuinedLoch FyneOld Castle Lachlan 20100927.jpg
Minard CastleCastellated house19th centuryLoch FyneMinard Castle - - 461007.jpg
Moy Castle15th centuryRuinedNear Lochbuie, MullLochbuie House and Moy Castle.jpg
Rothesay CastleShell keep13th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandRothesayDrawing of Rothesay Castle, 1830
Saddell CastleTower house16th centuryRestoredLandmark TrustShore of Kilbrannan SoundSee SaddellSaddell Castle (2).jpg
Skipness Castle13th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandSkipnessSkipnessCastle002.jpg
Castle StalkerTower house15th centuryRestoredPrivateLoch LaichSeen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail as "Castle Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh"Castle Stalker 01.jpg
Castle Sween12th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandEastern shore of Loch SweenCastlesween.jpg
Tarbert CastlePre-13th centurySouth shore of East Loch TarbertTarbert Castle.jpg
Torosay CastleBaronial house1858Unoccupied residencePrivateIsle of MullTorosay Castle 01.jpg
Torrisdale Castle1815In use as a residencePrivateTorrisdaleTorrisdale Castle. - - 553191.jpg
Castle TowardBaronial house1940In use as education centreArgyll and Bute CouncilArgyllCastle Toward.jpg


Alloa TowerTower house14th centuryPreservedNTSAlloa
Broomhall CastleBaronial house1874In use as a hotelPrivateMenstrie
Broomhall Castle.jpg
Clackmannan TowerTower house14th century, with 15th century extensionRuinHistoric ScotlandClackmannan
Currently limited to exterior views only due to repair workClackmannan Tower.JPG
Castle CampbellCourtyard castleEarly 15th-century tower house, with a late 15th-century hall rangeRuinHistoric ScotlandDollar Glen
Also known as Castle GloomCastle-Campbell 1.jpg
Menstrie CastleTower house16th centuryRestored as flatsPrivateMenstrie
Contains a museum operated by the National Trust for ScotlandMenstrie Castle, at the Foot of the Ochil Hills.jpg
Sauchie TowerTower house15th centuryEmptyClackmannanshire Heritage TrustFishcross
Sauchie Tower - - 85404.jpg

Dumfries and Galloway[edit]

Abbot's TowerL-plan tower houseLate 16th centuryRestored in 1990; in use as a residencePrivateNX972666Abbot's Tower.JPG
Amisfield Tower also known as Hempisfield TowerTower house17th centuryStill in use as a residencePrivateNX992838Amisfield Tower
Annan Castle12th centuryMotte remainsRobert the Bruce ancestorsAnnanSee sketch c.1560 here [1]Mote of Annan
Auchen CastleCourtyard castle14th centuryRuinedPrivateNT063035Also the name of a nearby baronial house of 1849Remains of the castle
Auchenrivock TowerL-plan tower houseLate 16th centuryRuinedBuccleuch EstateNY372805
Auchenskeoch CastleZ-plan tower house17th centuryRuinedNX918589Only Z-plan tower in GallowayAuchenskeoch ( Castle Farm ).jpg
Baldoon CastleTower house17th century. Baldun in Wigtownshire 1654. Baldone 1684RuinedPrivateIn KirkinnerWigtownshire NX426535Baldoon Castle
Balmangan TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRuinedNX650457Balmangan Tower, Borgue, Kirkcudbrightshire.jpg
Barclosh CastleOblong plan tower houseLate 16th centuryRuinedPrivateNX855625
Barholm CastleTower house15th centuryRestored as a residencePrivateNX521529Barholm Castle.jpg
Barjarg TowerL-plan tower houseLate 16th centuryProgressively restored since 18th centuryNX877901 Tower Gatehouse - - 1057785.jpg
Barscobe CastleL-plan tower house1648Restored 1971PrivateNX660806Barscobe Castle 1.jpg
Blackethouse TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRuinedNY243744
Blacklaw TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRuinedForestry CommissionNT052067Blacklaw Tower, Moffat.jpg
Bonshaw TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryPreservedPrivateNY242720Bonshaw Tower, Annan, Dumfriesshire.jpg
Boreland TowerTower HouseLate 16th centuryNY066957Boreland Tower - - 831675.jpg
Breckonside PelePele towerLate 16th or early 17th centuryRuinedNX840889
Breckonside TowerOblong plan tower housec. 1591RuinedAbandoned 1980--
Brydekirk TowerTower house16th centuryRuinedPrivateNY187711Ruins form part of series of outbuildings at Brydekirk Mains farmApproach to Brydekirk Mains - - 966870.jpg
Buittle Castle12th centuryRuinedBuittle Castle - - 718206.jpg
Caerlaverock CastleCourtyard castle13th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNY025656Caerlaverock Castle from the air.jpg
Cardoness CastleTower house15th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNX589553Cardoness Castle 20080422 01.jpg
Carsluith CastleTower house16th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNX494542Carsluith Castle 2008.JPG
Castle KennedyTower house14th centuryRuinedPrivateIn Wigtownshire NX110608In the grounds of Lochinch Castle, extensive gardensCastle Kennedy - - 331046.jpg
Castle of ParkTower house16th centuryRestored as holiday accommodationHistoric ScotlandIn Wigtownshire NX188571Leased to Landmark TrustCastle of Park Glenluce exterior.JPG
Castle of St. JohnTower house16th centuryRestored as a museumDumfries and Galloway CouncilIn Wigtownshire NX060607Stranraer Castle.jpg
Castlemilk TowerTower house15th centuryDemolished c. 1707NY149776
Closeburn CastleTower house14th centuryStill in use as a residencePrivateNX907921Castle 1.jpg
Comlongon CastleTower house15th centuryRestored as a hotelPrivateNY07969019th century extensionsComlongon Castle.jpg
Cornal TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRuinedNT112044Cornal Tower ruins, Moffat.jpg
Corra Castle, KirkgunzeonCastleOnly remains are those of 17th-century housePrivateNX867662Corra Castle - - 134240.jpg
Corsewall CastleCastle15th CenturyRuinIn Wigtownshire NW991714Remains of Corsewall Castle - - 862643.jpg
Craigcaffie CastleCastlec. 1570Repaired RuinIn Wigtownshire NX088641Class A listed buildingCraigcaffie Castle, Innermessan - - 757969.jpg
Crawfordton TowerTrapezoid plan tower houseRuinedNX816889
Cruggleton CastleMotte and bailey12th centuryRuinedPrivateIn Wigtownshire NX483428Cruggleton Castle.jpg
Cumstoun CastleOblong plan tower housec. 1500RuinedNX682532
Dalswinton Tower or Dalswinton Old House, KirkmahoeZ-plan tower houseEarly 16th centuryRuined.NX945840plan :
Drumcoltran TowerL-plan tower houseLate 16th centuryPreservedHistoric ScotlandNX869682Drumcoltran Tower.JPG
Drumlanrig CastleRenaissance house17th centuryStill in use as a residenceDuke of BuccleuchNX850992On the site of an earlier castleDrumlanrig Castle.jpg
Dumfries Castle12th centuryRuinedDumfries
Dundeugh CastleL-plan tower house16th centuryRuinedForestry CommissionNX601880Castle Dundeugh ruins - - 95469.jpg
Dunskey CastleTower house16th centuryRuinedPrivateIn Wigtownshire NX003533 Castle2.jpg
Earlstoun CastleL-plan tower house16th centuryDecayed but roof maintainedPrivateNX618441 Loch - - 94422.jpg
Edingham CastleOblong plan tower house16th centuryRuinedNX839628Edingham Castle.JPG
Eliock CastleTower house16th centuryRuinedNS797075
Elshieshields TowerTower house16th centuryRestoredNY069850
Fourmerkland TowerOblong plan tower house1590PreservedNX908808 Tower, Holywood, Dumfriesshire.jpg
Frenchland TowerOblong plan tower houseLate 16th or early 17th centuryRuinedNT102054The remains of Frenchland Tower - - 398936.jpg
Friar's CarseBaronial mansion1873Occupied as a hotelPrivateNX125850On the site of a castleFriar's Carse, Scotland.jpg
Galdenoch CastleCastleIn Wigtownshire NW975633Class A listed buildingGaldenoch Castle (remains) - - 240913.jpg
Gillesbie TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRuinedNY172919
Gilnockie TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRestored as a residencePrivateNY382785Also known as Hollows TowerGilnockie Tower April 29 2007.JPG
Glenae TowerTower house16th centuryRuinedNX984905Entrance reminiscent of bastle-house or pele-house
Hills TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRestored c. 1930NX912726Retains barmkin and gatehouseHills Tower.JPG
Hoddom CastleFortified enclosure containing L-plan tower house1565PreservedNY155729Hoddom Castle - - 1475775.jpg
Isle Tower or Lochar TowerOblong plan tower house1587PreservedNY149776Looking up the Lochar Water towards Isle Tower - - 1273274.jpg
Isle of Whithorn CastleTower house1674Preserved as a residenceIn Wigtownshire Originally known as "The Isle"Isle of Whithorn Castle.JPG
Kenmure CastleCastle16th centuryNX635764Kenmure Castle - - 690489.jpg
Kirkconnell TowerTower house15th centuryStill in use as a residencePrivateNX979680Kirkconnell Tower - - 397816.jpg
Kirkcudbright Castle12th centurymotte and bailey, site next to MacLellan's CastleGreyfriar's Church built on its siteCastle and church Kirkcudbright - - 281465.jpg
Kirkcudbright Castle or MacLellan's Castle1582MacLellan's Castle geograph.jpg
Lag TowerOblong plan tower houseRuinedNX881862Lag Tower ruins, Dunscore.jpg
Langholm TowerTower house16th centuryRuinedNY361849Langholm Castle - - 858589.jpg
Lochar TowerRectangular plan tower house16th centuryRuinedNY028690Lochar Tower.JPG
Lochhouse TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryRestored as a residencePrivateNT082033Lochhouse Tower.jpg
Lochinch CastleBaronial house1867Still in use as a residencePrivateIn Wigtownshire NX106618Lochinch Castle - - 13404.jpg
Old Lochmaben CastleLochmaben Motte or Castle Hill is the 2nd green and 3rd tee of Lochmaben Golf Course12th centuryde Brus familypossibly birthplace of Robert the Bruce b.1274NY0820882206
Lochmaben CastleCastle of enceintec.1298 King EdwardRuinedHistoric Scotland.NY088811Lochmaben Castle 01.jpg
Lochnaw CastleTower house16th centuryIn Wigtownshire NW991628Large 17th century additionsLochnaw Castle.jpg
Lochwood CastleL-plan tower house15th centuryRuinedPrivateNY084967Also known as Lochwood TowerLochwood Castle - - 220345.jpg
Lockerbie TowerOblong plan tower house16th centuryDemolished 1967NY136814Site cleared to make way for present police station
MacLellan's CastleTower house16th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNX681510MacLellan's Castle geograph.jpg
Mellingshaw TowerTower house16th centuryRuinedNT037088
Morton CastleCourtyard castle15th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNX890992Preceded by a 13th-century castle. Francis Grose sketch Castle.jpg
Mouswald TowerOblong plan tower housec. 1562RuinedNY062739Mouswald Tower, Dumfriesshire.jpg
Orchardton TowerTower house15th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNX817550Orchardton Tower.jpg
Plunton CastleTower HouseRuinedPlunton Castle - - 494924.jpg
Raecleugh TowerBastle houseRuinedNT038118Farmhouse, Moffat
Repentance TowerTower house1565PreservedPrivateNY155722Repentance Tower - - 31412.jpg
Robgill TowerTower house12th century or earlierNY248717Robgill Tower.jpg
Rusko CastleTower houseRestoredPrivateRusco Castle - - 1240081.jpg
Sanquhar CastleCourtyard castle15th centuryRuinedPrivateNS785092Partially restored in the 19th centuryScotland.Sanquhar03.jpg
Sorbie TowerTower house16th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandIn Wigtownshire NX449470Sorbie Tower.JPG
Threave CastleTower house14th centuryRuinedHistoric ScotlandNX739623Threave Castle.jpg
Tibber's Castle or Mote de TibrisMotte and bailey13th centuryNo remainsPrivateNX862982The ruins lie within the estate of Drumlanrig Castle
Torthorwald CastleOblong plan tower house14th centuryRuinedPrivateNY033782Torthorwald Castle.jpg
Wigtown Castle12th centuryIn Wigtownshire
Wreaths Towerprior 16th centuryWreaths Tower, Kirkbean.jpg

City of Dundee[edit]

Broughty CastleTower house15th centuryIn use as a museumDundee City CouncilBroughty Ferry
Broughty Castle (2).JPG
Claypotts CastleZ-plan tower house16th centuryPreservedHistoric ScotlandNO451319Claypotts castle 02.jpg
Dudhope CastleExtended tower house15th centuryIn use as officesDundee City CouncilLaw
Dudhope Castle.jpg
Dundee Castle12th centuryNo remainsDundee
Mains CastleCourtyard castle16th centuryPreservedPrivateNO410330also known as Fintry CastleMains Castle.jpg
Powrie CastleZ-plan tower house16th centuryRuinedPrivateNO42034517th century wing restored16th-century south wing of Powrie Castle

East Ayrshire[edit]

Aiket CastleTower houseLate 15th centuryRestored and used as a residencePrivateNS387487 Near DunlopSee Barony of AiketA view of Aiket Castle in 2006.
Auchencloigh CastleTower House15th centuryScant remainsPrivateNear SinclairstonAuchencloigh Castle (Ruin) - - 398532.jpg
Barr CastleTower house15th centuryIn use as a Masonic Lodge with a museumMasonic LodgeGalston NS501366Also known as Lockhart TowerBarr Castle in 1900
Busbie CastleTower house14th centuryScant remainsGarden of residenceKnockentiberDemolished in the 1950sBusbie Castle in 1912
Caprington CastleTower house15th centuryStill in use as a residencePrivateNear Kilmarnock NS407362Extended to form a baronial house in the 1830s
Carnell CastleTower house15th centuryStill in use as a residence and hotelPrivateNS467322Extended to form a baronial house in 1843
Cessnock CastleTower house13th centuryRestored as a residencePrivateGalston NS510355
Corsehill CastleTower houseRuinedPrivateStewarton NS416467See Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and DunlopCorsehillCastle.jpg
Craufurdland CastleTower house14th centuryStill in use as a residencePrivateNear Kilmarnock NS455407Extended to form a gothic house in the 19th century
Dean CastleCourtyard Castle14th centuryRestored as a museumEast Ayrshire CouncilKilmarnock NS436394Restored 1935-6Dean Castle.JPG
Dunlop CastleNo remainsPrivateNear Dunlop village
Kerse CastleBefore 1600No remainsCraufurd clanNear HollybushSite of Kerse Castle
Kilmaurs Castlec. 15th centuryNo remainsPrivateNear Jocksthorn Farm, KilmaursReplaced by later Kilmaurs Place
Kingencleugh CastleL-plan tower house17th CenturyOrnamental ruinsPrivateNear MauchlinePart of the Kingencleugh House estateKingencleugh Castle in 2012
Lainshaw CastleLainshaw House incorporates part of the old castlePrivateStewartonSee Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and DunlopLainshaw Castle in 1779
Loch Doon Castle (Balloch Castle)Late 13th century (rebuilt 1930s)RuinedHistoric Scotland
Loudoun CastleCourtyard Castleby the 1820sSubstantial ruinsPrivateNear GalstonDestroyed by fire in 1941, formerly known as Windsor of the North, incorporated into a theme park between 1995–2010Loudoun Castle in the 1890s
Mauchline CastleTower15th centuryStill standingPrivateMauchlineAlso known as Abbot Hunter's TowerMauchline Castle 1790
Martnaham CastleTower4th & 5th centuries (King Coil)RuinsPrivateOn the south-side of Martnaham Loch,-sailors,-rebels-outlaws/king-coil.aspxMartnaham Castle ruins, East Ayrshire.jpg
Newmilns TowerKeep1530sRestored and used as a residencePrivateNewmilns NS536373Restored in 1997 - locally referred to as The KeepNewmilnstower.JPG
Polkelly CastleTower14th centuryRemovedPrivateNear Polkelly HallRuins used to build a road in the 1850s
Ravenscraig CastleBefore 1604RuinedSee Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and DunlopCorsehillHouse.jpg
Riccarton CastleBefore 1297No remainsA commemorative plaque is at the fire station
Robertland CastleTower16th centuryThe motte and a few stones remain. Robertland House was built from its remains.PrivateNear Stewarton
Rowallan Castle16th centuryIntactlimited access Historic ScotlandNear Kilmarnock NS43474242In the grounds of a Golfing development.Rowallan (Old) Castle - - 1356966.jpg
Sorn CastleTower house1409Expanded 1909, in use as a hotelPrivateNS548269Sorn Castle from the River Ayr Way - - 519591.jpg
Templehouse FortaliceNo remainsStewartonSee Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and Dunlop
Terringzean Castle, East Ayrshirec. 1696Substantial ruinsPrivateNear AuchinleckIn the grounds of Dumfries HouseTerringzean Castle from the west.JPG
Trabboch CastleL-plan Tower House14th centuryRuinPrivateNear StairMuch of the stone used to build the nearby farmTrabboch castle ruins from the east.jpg

East Dunbartonshire[edit]

Bardowie CastleTower house16th centuryRestoredPrivateBardowie, by Milngavie
Craigend CastleCastellated mansion1812RuinEast Dunbartonshire CouncilMugdock Country Park
Built on the site of an older castle[11]Craigend2.jpg
Lennox CastleCastellated mansion1841RuinMilton of Campsie NS604783Lennox Castle - - 1578690.jpg

East Lothian[edit]

Auldhame Castletower house16th centuryruinSeacliff NT602847Auldhame Castle.jpg
Ballencrieff Castletower house1507, 1586restoredprivate; next to pig farmBallencrieff NT487783Ballencrieff Castle, East Lothian - - 667965.jpg
Barnes Castleuncompleted castleruinHaddington
Extensive castle planned, but never completed above the vaults.[12]Barnes Castle, East Lothian.JPG
The Basscurtain wall & keep16th centuryruinopen for visitors (via boat trip)Bass Rock
later adapted for artillery; stone used to build lighthouse[13]Bass Rock Castle Lighthouse 1.jpg
Black CastleNo remainsCockburnspath
some remains existed until c. 1800[14]
Carberry TowerTower house16th centuryOccupiedPrivateMusselburghExtended in the 18th century, now a hotelCarberry Tower(2).jpg
Dirleton Castlefortress13th centurypartly ruinedHistoric ScotlandDirleton
Dirleton S.jpg
Dunbar CastleruinDunbar
Dunbar Harbour and Castle, 1987.jpg
Fa'side CastleTower house (altered keep)15th centuryRestored 1970sPrivateTranent
Also known as Fawside and FalsideFaside03.jpg
Fenton TowerTower house1587RestoredPrivateNorth Berwick
In use as a hotel, also featured on BalamoryFenton Tower - - 366565.jpg
Gamelshiel CastleTower house14th centuryRuinLammermuir Hills NT649648Gamelshiel Castle (remains of) - - 103058.jpg
Garleton CastleCourtyard castle16th centuryPartially occupiedPrivateHaddington
Partially restored with remaining part ruinedGarleton Castle.jpg
Hailes CastleKeep & ranges14th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandEast Linton
Ranges and towers 15th-16th centuryHailesN.jpg
Innerwick Castle14th centuryRuinInnerwickInnerwick Castle.jpg
Keith MarischalOccupiedKeith front.jpg
Kilspindie CastleRuinKilspindie Castle, East Lothian - - 750741.jpg
LennoxloveOccupiedDuke of HamiltonOpen to the publicLennoxlove House - - 37990.jpg
Luffness Castletower house16th centuryalteredprivateAberlady
castle on site from 13th century
Penshiel TowerRuin
Preston Towerkeep15th centuryruinNTS; free access (exterior view & garden & doocot)Prestonpans, next to Hamilton House
Two storeys added in 17th century. Currently in council-maintained grounds.[15]Preston Tower - - 1031308.jpg
Redhouse Castlecourtyard castle16th centuryruinfree access through market gardenLongniddry
Redhouse Castle.jpg
Saltcoats CastleCourtyard castle16th centuryRuinGullane
Saltoun Hall or CastleElizabethan house16th centuryoccupiedprivatePencaitland
building incorporates remnants of 12th-century castle[16]
Smeaton HouseCourtyard castle15th centuryModifiedPrivateDalkeithNow part of a farm
Stoneypath Towertower house16th centuryrestoredNunraw Abbey
Tantallon Castlecourtyard castle14th centuryruinHistoric ScotlandNorth Berwick
Tantallon Castle - - 1803318.jpg
Tranent TowerTower house16th centuryRuinTranentTranent Tower.jpg
Waughton Castle14th centuryRuinWhitekirkWaughton Castle and Doocot - - 137844.jpg
Whittingehame Towerkeep15th centuryOccupiedBalfour familyEast Linton
Whittingehame Tower.jpg
Yester CastleCastle & keep13th centuryRuinprivateGifford
Includes an underground vault known as the Goblin Ha'Vaulted entrance to Yester Castle

East Renfrewshire[edit]

Caldwell CastleOne inhabited tower remainsPrivateNear UplawmoorRecently restoredCaldwell Tower - - 1148414.jpg
Mearns CastleTower house15th centuryRestored as a churchChurch of ScotlandNewton Mearns NS552553Mearns Castle.jpg
Polnoon CastleTower house14th centuryTotal ruinPrivateNear EagleshamMound at Polnoon Castle.JPG

City of Edinburgh[edit]

Craigmillar Castlekeep & later ranges14th centuryruinHistoric ScotlandNT288709towers and curtain wall added 15th century; walled courtyard 16th century[17]Craigmillar Castle.jpg
Craiglockhart Castletower house13th centuryruinNT226703Craiglockhart castle.jpg
Craigcrook Castletower house16th centuryoccupiedprivateNT21067427Converted to officesCraigcrook Castle, Blackhall Edinburgh.jpg
Dundas Castlekeep15th centuryruinprivateNT11676719th-century mansion still occupiedDundas Castle.jpg
Edinburgh Castlefortress15th centurycompleteHistoric ScotlandEdinburgh NT252735Site of a castle since the 12th century[18]View of Edinburgh Castle (from the south east).jpg
Lauriston Castletower house16th centuryoccupiedCity of Edinburgh CouncilNT204762Extended in the 19th centuryLauristonCastleSouth.jpg
Liberton Towertower house17th centuryoccupiedprivate ownership; open by appt.NT267694Liberton Tower.JPG
Merchiston Castletower house15th centuryalteredNapier UniversityNT243717Now part of university buildingsMerchiston.JPG


Airth CastleHistoric house16th centuryOccupiedPrivateAirthIncorporates a 16th-century tower house, how used as a hotelAirth Castle.jpg
Almond CastleTower houseRuinPrivateWhitecrossWithin an industrial estateAlmond Castle.jpg
Blackness Castle15th centuryPreservedHistoric ScotlandBlacknessOpen to the publicBlackness Castle, Blackness, Scotland.jpg
Castle Cary CastleTower house15th centuryOccupiedPrivateCastlecaryStill in use as a residenceCastlecary Castle.jpg
Elphinstone TowerTower house15th centuryRuinPrivateDunmorePart of the Dunmore Park estate, later used as a mausoleumElphinstone tower 190609 - 01.jpg
Herbertshire Castlecirca 1407No remainsn/aDunipaceDemolished 1950
Kinneil HouseHistoric house1677PreservedFalkirk CouncilBo'nessBuilt around 15th-century tower house, contains 16th-century muralsKinneil House.jpg
Torwood Castle1566RuinTorwood Castle TrustTorwoodUndergoing restorationTorwood Castle ruin April 2007 - - 435251.jpg


Aberdour CastleruinHistoric Scotlandbuilt by Douglas earls of Morton; painted ceilingAberdour Castle from dovecote.jpg
Arnot Towercurrent building dates from c.1507, though fortifications were present c.1400ruinprivatenr Kinrossbuilt by Arnot family
Balgonie CastleBalgonieCastle04.jpg
Ballinbreich CastleRuinPrivate056.37ºN 003.18ºWBallinbreich Castle - - 83624.jpg
Balwearie CastleRuinNr Kirkcaldy
Collairnie CastlePrivate056.34ºN 003.12ºWBarclay family, heraldic painted ceilingsCollairnie.jpg
Couston CastleNT168850CoustonCastle-from-across-OtterstonLoch.jpg
Dairsie CastlePrivateDairsie Castle.jpg
Denmylne CastleruinPrivateBalfour familyDenmylne Castle - - 356933.jpg
Dunimarle CastleHistoric house18th centuryOccupiedPrivateCulross NS976858Earlier ruin in grounds
Earlshall CastleHistoric HouseBruce family, painted galleryEarlshall Castle, near Leuchars.jpg
Falkland PalaceHistoric HouseNational Trust for ScotlandRoyal palace, painted ceilingFalkland Palace.jpg
Fernie CastlePrivate
Fordell CastlePrivateHenderson familyFordell Castle, near Crossgates.JPG
Halyards PalaceRuinalso known as 'Grange', Kirkcaldy family
Kellie CastleHistoric HouseNational Trust for ScotlandOliphant & Erskine familyKellie Castle - - 945290.jpg
Lochore Castle
Lordscairnie CastleRuinPrivateLordscairnieCastle(JimBain)Mar2006.jpg
Macduff's CastleRuinMacduff's Castle - - 1366881.jpg
Myres CastlePrivateScrimgeour familyMyresgarden.jpg
Newark CastleRuin

Newark Castle ruins, Fife.JPG

Pittarthie CastleRuinNr DuninoPittarthie Castle - - 239556.jpg
Piteadie CastleRuinNr Kinghorn
Pitreavie Castletower houseNr DunfermlineWardlaw familyPitreavie House.jpg
Ravenscraig Castlemid-15th century[19]RuinHistoric ScotlandKirkcaldySinclair family, in the grounds of Ravenscraig ParkRavenscraig Castle.jpg
Rossend Castletowerprivate officesDury & Melville families painted ceiling in National Museum of ScotlandRossend Castle 1.jpg
Rosyth CastleRuinin Naval dockyardRosyth Castle.JPG
Rumgally Housetowerno access, within Naval dockyard
St Andrews CastleRuinHistoric ScotlandStAndrewsCastle.JPG
Scotstarvit TowerHistoric Scotland
Wemyss CastleHistoric HousePrivate

City of Glasgow[edit]

Bishop's Castle, GlasgowNo remainsHigh Street, GlasgowDemolished in the late 18th century
Cathcart Castle15th centuryRuinedLinn Park, CathcartAbandoned in the 18th century, pulled down in the 1980s
Crookston CastleX-plan tower house12th century; rebuilt c. 1400RuinedHistoric ScotlandPollokCrookston Castle.jpg
Haggs CastleTower house16th centuryOccupied as a residencePrivatePollokshields
Partick Castle1611No remainsPartickDemolished during the 1830s


Achnacarry CastleOccupied
Ackergill TowerOccupiedAckergill.JPG
Ardtornish CastleRuin
Ardvreck CastleRuin
Armadale CastleRuin
Ballone CastleZ-plan tower houselate 16th centuryRestored as residencePrivatenear PortmahomackRestored from scratch after 1990New additions to Ballone Castle - - 1044862.jpg
Balnagown CastleOccupied
Beaufort CastleOccupied
Borve Castle, BenbeculaRuin
Borve Castle, SutherlandRuin
Braal CastleRuin
Brahan CastleRuin
Brims CastleRuin
Caisteal MaolRuin
Carbisdale CastleOccupied
Castle Chanonry of RossNo remains
Castle of MeyHistoric HouseOccupied
Cawdor CastleHistoric HouseBegun in 1454, with keep dating to this period. Mostly 17th centuryOccupiedNairnshireCawdorCastleScotland.jpg
Castle CraigRuin
Dalcross CastleOccupiedDalcross, HighlandNairnshireDalcross Castle - - 370185.jpg
Dingwall CastleRuinDingwall
Dornoch CastleOccupied
Dounreay CastleRuinSee Dounreay
Dunbeath CastleOccupied
Dun RingillRuin
Dunrobin CastleOccupiedCastle openDunrobin Castle3.jpg
Dunscaith CastleRuin
Duntulm CastleRuin
Dunvegan CastleHistoric HouseOccupiedDunvegan castle1.jpg
Eilean Donan CastleDornieRebuilt in 20th centuryEilean Donan Castle2.jpg
Erchless CastleOccupiedprivate ownershipStruy
Foulis CastleOccupied
Forse CastleRuin
Glengarry Castle
Castle GrantOccupiedprivate ownership
Helmsdale Castle15th centuryNo remainsHelmsdale, SutherlandDemolished in the 1970s
Invergarry Castle17th centuryRuinRuins under preservation
Inverlochy CastleRuinInverlochy Castle PICT6929.jpg
Inverness CastleOccupiedInverness Castle, Scotland.jpg
Keiss CastleRuin
Kilravock CastleOccupiedNairnshireRose familyScotland Kilravock Castle.jpg
Kinloch CastleOccupied
Kinlochaline CastleOccupiedKinlochaline Castle Tower.jpg
Knock CastleRuin
Castle LeodOccupied
Lochindorb CastleRuin
Milntown CastleNo remains
Mingarry CastleMedieval hall13th centuryRuinArdnamurchan PeninsulaUndergoing preservation, renovation and restorationMingarry Castle.jpg
Moniack CastleOccupied
Newmore CastleRuin
Ormond CastleRuinAlso known as Avoch Castle
Rait Castle14th centuryRuinPrivateNairnshire Castle.jpg
Redcastle or Castle RoyRuinCastle Roy - - 301716.jpg
Scrabster CastleNo remains
Sinclair & Girnigoe CastleRuinGirnigoe1.jpg
Skibo CastleOccupied
Strome CastleRuinNational Trust for ScotlandScotland Strome Castle.jpg
Castle StuartTower house1625Restored as residencePrivateCastle Stuart.jpg
Teaninich CastleOccupied
Castle TioramRuinTioram Castle1 (Dave Wilkie).jpg
Tor CastleRuin
Tulloch Castle16th centuryOccupied
Urquhart CastleRuinHistoric ScotlandUrquhart Castle Tower House 2.jpg
Varrich Castle1000AD?RuinTongue, HighlandCaisteal Bharraich, Tongue, Scotland - - 102467.jpg


Ardgowan CastleTower houseLate 15th centuryRuinPrivateInverkipWithin grounds of Ardgowan House, also known as Inverkip CastleArdgowan Castle
Castle LevanTower house14th centuryRestoredPrivateGourockRestored as a residence in the 1980sRear of Castle Levan
Castle WemyssHistoric housec. 1850No remainsn/aWemyss BayDemolished 1984
Duchal CastleRuin
Dunrod CastleNo remainsn/aInverkipSee Inverkip
Easter Greenock CastleUnknown16th centuryNo remainsn/aGreenockDemolished in the 1830sEaster Greenock Castle in 1809
Newark CastleTower house and adjoining mansion1478IntactHistoric ScotlandPort GlasgowOpen to the publicNewark Castle


Borthwick CastleTower house1430OccupiedPrivateGorebridge NT370597In use as a hotelBorthwick Castle.jpg
Crichton CastleCourtyard castle14th centuryPreservedHistoric ScotlandGorebridge NT380612Open to the publicCrichton Castle, near Pathhead, Midlothian.jpg
Dalhousie CastleHistoric house16th centuryOccupiedPrivateBonnyrigg NT320636Incorporates remains of 13th-century tower, now used as a hotel[20]Dalhousie Castle 350.jpg
Dalkeith PalaceHistoric house18th centuryOccupiedDuke of BuccleuchDalkeith NT333679Incorporates remains of 12th-century castle[21] Now leased to the University of Wisconsin. Grounds open to the publicDalkeithPalace Morris edited.jpg
Hawthornden CastleTower house17th centuryOccupiedPrivateLoanhead NT287637Incorporates ruined 15th-century keep[22] Now used as a writers' retreat
Melville CastleCastellated mansion18th centuryRestoredPrivateDalkeith NT310669Built on site of earlier castle[23] Now in use as a hotelMelville Castle.jpg
Newbattle AbbeyFortified house17th centuryAlteredNewbattle Abbey CollegeDalkeith NT333660Part of a former Cistercian Abbey, now a collegeNewbattle Abbey.jpg
Roslin CastleKeep & ranges14th centuryKeep is a ruin, later ranges occupiedEarl of RosslynRoslin NT274628Ranges date from 15th-16th century[24] Leased to the Landmark Trust as holiday accommodation. Used in the film 'The Da Vinci Code' with Tom Hanks.RoslinCastle1.JPG


Aikenway CastleRuined
Asliesk CastleRuined
Auchindoun CastleRuinedDufftownAuchindouncastle3.jpg
Ballindalloch CastleHistoric House1546PrivateBallindalloch Castle (2) - - 968662.jpg
Balvenie CastleRuinedHistoric ScotlandDufftownBalvenie Castle Ruin.jpg
Blairfindy CastleRuined
Blervie CastleRuinedBlervie Castle - - 13151.jpg
Brodie Castlefortified housecompleteNational Trust for ScotlandNairnshireOpen to publicBrodie Castle 01.jpg
Burgie CastleRuinedBurgie-Castle 1.jpg
Coxton TowerRuinedCoxton Tower - - 8852.jpg
Craigneach CastleNo remains
Cullen Castleprivate dwellingsCullen Castle drawn by Robert Adam
Darnaway CastleHistoric houseDarnaway Castle - - 13190.jpg
Deskie CastleNo remains
Deskford TowerRuined
Drumin CastleRuinedDrumin Castle - - 454276.jpg
Duffus CastleRuinedHistoric ScotlandOpen to publicDuffuscastle.jpg
Dunphail CastleRuined
Elgin CastleRuinedElgin Castle - - 366911.jpg
Earnside CastleNo remains
Findochty CastleRuinedFindochty Castle - - 248881.jpg
Forres CastleNo remains
Gauldwell CastleHistoric houseRuined
Gordon CastleHistoric housePrivateGordon Castle.jpg
Hempriggs CastleNo remains
Inverugie CastleNo remains
Kilbuaick CastleNo remains
Kininvie CastlePrivateKininvie House - - 422093.jpg
Kinneddar CastleNo remains
Pitlurg CastleRuinedPitlurg Castle - - 479394.jpg
Quarrelwood CastleNo remains
Rothes CastleRuinedRothes Castle - - 249877.jpg
Rothiemay CastleRuined
Spynie PalaceRuinedHistoric ScotlandOpen to public - visited by Mary Queen of ScotsDavid's Tower, Spynie Palace
Skeith CastleNo remains
Castle StripeRuined
Tor Castle, DallasRuined
Tronach CastleNo remains

North Ayrshire[edit]

Ailsa Craig CastleTowerRuinPrivateOff Girvan
Ardrossan CastleRuinArdrossanAccessible to the publicArdrossan Castle - - 660775.jpg
Auchenharvie CastleRuinPrivateNear TorranyardA dangerous siteAuchenharviecastle2007.JPG
Hill of Beith CastleTower17th centuryFoundations onlyPrivateBeithDemolished in the 1750sFoundations of Hill of Beith Castle
Broadstone CastleNo remainsPrivateBeithDemolished in 1850 to build the nearby farm
Brodick CastleHistoric HouseNational Trust for ScotlandIsle of ArranBrodick Castle Main Building East 01.jpg
Clonbeith CastleRuinPrivate farmNear AuchentiberClonbeith Castle doorway
Little Cumbrae CastleTower16th centuryRuinPrivateNear Cumbrae IslandLittle Cumbrae Castle.jpg
Cunninghamhead CastleNo remainsPrivateNear Irvine
Eglinton CastleRuinNorth Ayrshire CouncilIrvineNow Eglinton Country ParkEglinton Castle in the 1920s
Fairlie CastleTower15th centuryRuinPrivateFairlieFairlie Castle, Clyde, 1840s..jpg
Giffen castleNo remainsPrivateNear BarrmillParts of it are incorporated into Barrmill Mill
Glengarnock CastleTowerRuinPrivateKilbirnieGlengarnock Castle Ayrshire - entrance.jpg
Hessilhead CastleScant remainsPrivateNear LugtonA Wildlife Rescue Centre occupies part of the old estateHessilhead Castle in the 1800s
Kelburn CastleCastle openKelburnCastle01.jpg
Kerelaw CastleRuinNorth Ayrshire CouncilSaltcoatsFenced off - dangerousKerelaw castle.jpg
Kersland CastleTower15th centuryRuinPrivateNear DalryLocated at Easter Kersland FarmKersland Castle ruins.JPG
Kilbirnie PlaceTower14th centuryRuinPrivateNear KilbirnieOn a golf courseKilbirnie place Ayrshire.jpg
Kildonan Castle13th centuryKildonan-castle.jpg
Law Castle15th centuryLaw Castle.jpg
Lochranza Castle (Arran Island)Historic ScotlandLochranza NR935505Lochranza castle sunny.JPG
Montfode CastleFortified tower16th centuryMostly demolishedPrivateNear ArdrossanOne tower and a short section of wall remainMontfode Castle
Montgreenan CastleRuinPrivateNear KilwinningMontgreenan House is nearby. Also known as the 'Bishop's Palace'Foundations of the 'Bishop's Palace'
PitconFortified towerDemolishedPrivateNear DalryAn 18th-century mansion is now present near the site
Portencross CastlePortencross Castle in 1900
Roughwood TowerFortified tower15th centuryDemolishedPrivateNear BeithA farm with old outbuildings is on the siteRoughwood Tower
Seagate CastleFortified townhouse16th centuryRuinNorth Ayrshire CouncilIn Irvineaccess on Doors Open Days onlySeagate Castle and street from the East, Irvine.JPG
Shewalton CastleFortified towerDemolishedPrivateIrvineThe castle was demolished in 1806 and a mansion house built on the site, also now demolished.
Skelmorlie CastleTower16th centuryInhabitedPrivateNear LargsMuch alteredSkelmorlie Castle in the 1880s
StanecastleSubstantial ruinNorth Ayrshire CouncilStanecastle, IrvineAccessible and well maintainedStanecastle2007.JPG

North Lanarkshire[edit]

Bedlay CastleTower house16th centuryOccupiedPrivateChryston
In use as a residence
Dalzell HouseHistoric house15th-19th centuryRestoredPrivateMotherwell
Divided into apartments. Incorporates a 15th-century tower houseDalzell House.JPG


Balfour CastleHistoric house1847OccupiedPrivateShapinsayBuilt around an earlier structureBalfour castle shapinsay.jpg
Bishop's PalaceTower house12th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandKirkwallRestored in the 16th century, open to the publicBishops palace orkney.jpg
Earl's Palace, BirsayPalace16th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandBirsayOpen to the publicEarls palace birsay 1.jpg
Earl's Palace, KirkwallFortified house17th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandKirkwallOpen to the publicEarls palace orkney 1.jpg
Kirkwall Castle14th centuryNo remainsn/aKirkwallDestroyed in 1614
Noltland CastleTower house16th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandWestrayOpen to the publicNoltland Castle 20110529.jpg

Perth and Kinross[edit]

Ardblair Castle
Ashintully CastleNO1000061300
Balhousie CastleNO11438243872003-06-07 - Balhousie Castle, Perth 01.jpg
Balvaird CastleHistoric ScotlandNO1697711527limited accessBalvaird Castle.jpg
Blackcraig Castle
Blair Castle1269PreservedBlair Charitable TrustBlair Atholl
The anicent seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl and home to Europe's only private army, the Atholl HighlandersBlair castle - facade.jpg
Burleigh CastleruinHistoric ScotlandNO1289104594free accessBurleighCastle03.jpg
Black Castle of Moulincirca 1326RuinMoulin, Pitlochry
Curtains of Stone - - 1344734.jpg
Castle Cluggypre 1467RuinDry Isle, Loch Monzievaird, Ochertyre
Castle Huntly15th centuryIn use as a prisonScottish Prison ServiceCarse of Gowrie
Craighall Castle
Dalnagar Castle
Drummond CastleNN8453418060Drummond castle - pano.jpg
Dupplin Castle
Elcho CastleTower houseHistoric ScotlandNO1632020783Decorative plasterworkElcho castle.jpg
Finlarig CastleNN5785433788
Forter Castle
Huntingtower CastleHistoric ScotlandNO0826225123painted ceilingHuntingtower Castle, near Perth.jpg
Kinfauns CastlePrivateNO1502022633
Kinnaird Castle, KinnairdKinnaird Castle.jpg
Lethendy Tower
Loch Leven CastleRuinHistoric ScotlandNO137017Lochleven west wall.JPG
Meggernie CastleNN5537746038
Megginch CastleNO2418924597
Castle MenziesNN8320049500Castle Menzies - - 968717.jpg
Methven CastleNO0417126038Methven Castle.jpg
Murthly Castleprivate houseMurthly Castle - - 424676.jpg
Newton Castle
Perth Castlepre-11th centuryNo remainsPerth
Taymouth CastleNN7845246545Taymouth Castle.jpg
Tullibole CastleTullibole Castle - - 116622.jpg


Auchenbathie TowerTower16th centuryRuinPrivateHowwood
Associated with William WallaceAchinbathie Tower ruins and Tower Farm ruins.jpg
Barr CastleTower16th centuryRuinPrivateLochwinnoch
Barr Castle - - 571413.jpg
Blackhall ManorOccupied
Belltrees PeelRuinNS3617558778
Castle SempleRuinNS3705257507
Cochrane Castle
Erskine Castle
Gryffe Castle
Hawkhead Castle
Houston Castle
Inch Castle
Inchinnan Castle
Johnstone CastleTower, former castellated mansion18th centuryUndergoing restorationPrivateJohnstone
Johnstone Castle - - 1146410.jpg
Ranfurly or Ranforlie Castle15th centuryRuinBridge of Weir
Renfrew CastleNo remainsNS51346748
Stanely Castle15th centuryRuinNS4636161623Stanely Castle.jpg

Scottish Borders[edit]

Ayton CastleOccupiedNT9291061382Ayton Castle - - 813849.jpg
Branxholme CastleTower houseOccupiedNT4643711647
Cessford CastleRuinNT7394523849Cessford Castle.jpg
Cranshaws TowerOccupied
Cavers CastleTower1200Ruin[25]
Drochil CastleRuinNT1619943506Schotland Drochil Castle 6-05-2010 16-51-45.JPG
Dryhope TowerRuinNT2673524732Dryhope Tower - - 925481.jpg
Duns CastleOccupiedNT7778154380Duns Castle.jpg
Edrington CastleRuinNT9412153399
Fast Castlecourtyard castleruinHall family
open: free
Fast Castle - - 365002.jpg
Fatlips CastleUndergoing restorationNT5819120887
Ferniehirst CastleOccupiedNT6524317981
Floors Castlehouse1721occupiedDuke of RoxburgheKelso
ruins of Roxburgh castle in the groundsFloors Castle.jpg
Fulton TowerRuin
Greenknowe TowerRuinNT639428Greenknowe Tower SW2.jpg
Hermitage CastlekeepruinHistoric ScotlandNewcastleton
Hermitage Castle.jpg
Hume CastleRuinGreenlaw
Hume Castle - - 812984.jpg
Jedburgh Castledemolished 1409Jedburgh
Replaced by a baronial-style jailCastlewood Cemetery - - 371421.jpg
Kirkhope TowerOccupiedNT3788125055Kirkhope.jpg
Mervinslaw Pelepele towerruin
Neidpath Castlekeep14th centurySemi-ruinousprivate ownership; open regularlyPeebles
Extensively remodelled in 16th century[26]Neidpath Castle.jpg
Newark CastleRuinNT4215029450Newark Castle - - 1127867.jpg
Nisbet HouseHouse1630RestorationPrivateDuns
West Tower added 1774Nisbethouse1935.jpg
Peebles Castle12th centuryNo remainsPeebles
Roxburgh CastleRuinNT7132033735
Smailholm TowerHistoric ScotlandNT637346Smailholm Tower 22407 from E.jpg
Thirlestane CastleOccupiedNT5338847926Thirlestane Castle.jpg
Traquair Housefortified houseoccupiedprivate ownership; open regularlyNT3307635483Traquair House in 1814
Wedderburn CastleOccupiedNT80840528513Wedderburn Castle.jpg
Whitslaid TowerRuinNT5576244563Whitslaid Tower.jpg


Muness CastleTower house1598RuinHistoric ScotlandUnst
Most northerly castle in BritainMuness Castle.jpg
Scalloway CastleTower house1600RuinHistoric ScotlandScalloway
Scalloway Castle - - 335271.jpg

South Ayrshire[edit]

Auchans CastleTower House17th centuryRuinPrivateDundonald
Onetime home to Lady Susanna Montgomerie and visited by Dr Samuel Johnson & James BoswellA view from the south-east of Auchans Castle
Baltersan CastleRuinBaltersan Castle - - 429772.jpg
Barnweill Castle16th centuryMoat onlyPrivateCraigieThe remains of Barnweill Church lie nearbyRemains of Barnweill Castle
Barr CastleLodge St Peter 331Galston
Barr Castle in 1800
Blairquhan CastleHistoric house1824OccupiedPrivateNS3653105468Blairquhan Castle.jpg
Craigie CastleKeep13th centuryRuinCraigie
One time home of the Wallace familyThe keep of Craigie Castle
Crosbie CastleKeep14th centuryRuinSouth Ayrshire CouncilTroonDemolished by the Fullarton of Fullarton family and made into an ice houseRuins of Crosbie Castle, Troon
Culzean CastleHistoric house1792PreservedNational Trust for ScotlandNS2325410253Incorporates an older tower houseCulzeancastle.JPG
Dundonald CastleRuinHistoric ScotlandDundonald
Dunduff CastleL-shaped TowerCirca 1696RestoredPrivateDunure
Held by the Stewarts and then the WhitefordsDunduff Castle from the south
Dunure CastleKeep15th centuryRuinMarquess of AilsaDunure
Dunure castle.jpg
Fail CastleTower16th centurySparse remainsPrivateTarbolton
Modified part of Fail Monastery
Glenapp CastleOccupiedNX0935480711
Greenan CastleRuinNS3118719324Greenan castle - - 178359.jpg
Maybole Castle1560OccupiedMaybole
Penkill Castle16th centuryOccupiedNX2315398535
Sundrum CastleOccupiedNS4107421260Sundrum Castle.jpg
Thomaston CastleRuinNS2399309532Thomaston Castle 20100926.jpg
Turnberry CastleRuinNS1966507245Turnberry Castle.jpg

South Lanarkshire[edit]

Bothwell CastleCastle of enceinte13th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandBothwell
Great Hall and South East Tower seen from the Donjon
Calderwood Castle14th centuryNo remainsN/aLong Calderwood, East KilbrideDemolished in 1955
Cadzow Castle1500–1550RuinHistoric ScotlandChatelherault Country Park
Rebuilt as a folly in the 18th centuryCadzow Castle seen across the Avon Gorge from the Duke's Bridge
Craignethan Castle1500–1550RuinHistoric ScotlandCrossford
Craignethan Castle.jpg
Crawford CastleRuinCrawford
Also known as Lindsay TowerCrawford Castle.jpg
Douglas CastleRuinDouglas
Only a single tower of the 17th-century castle remains. Also known as Castle DangerousDouglasCastle03.jpg
Farme CastleKeep and courtyard15th centuryNo remainsn/aRutherglenDemolished in the 1960s
Gilbertfield CastleTower house1607RuinPrivateCambuslang
Tower of HallbarTower house16th centuryRestored as holiday accommodationVivat TrustBraidwood
Lee CastleHistoric HouseOccupied as a residencePrivateLanark
Parts date from the 13th centuryDrawing of Lee Place in 1830
Mains CastleTower house15th centuryOccupied as a residencePrivateEast KilbrideMains Castle, East Kilbride - - 428013.jpg
Rutherglen Castle13th centuryNo remainsn/aRutherglenDestroyed in 1569
Strathaven CastleTower house14th centuryRuinStrathaven
Free accessStrathavenCastle.JPG
Tarbrax CastleNo remainsn/aTarbrax


Airthrey CastleBaronial house1790sOccupiedStirling UniversityStirling
University campus established in the grounds in the 1960sAirthrey Castle - - 3206.jpg
Ballikinrain CastleBaronial house1868OccupiedChurch of ScotlandKillearn
Independent residential schoolBallikinrain - - 370459.jpg
Buchanan CastleBaronial house1854RuinDrymen
De-roofed in the 1950sCastle Buchanan in late 1890's.jpg
Craigend CastleBaronial houseRuinMugdock Country ParkCraigend1.jpg
Culcreuch CastleTower house1296OccupiedPrivateFintry
In use as a hotelCulcreuch Castle.jpg
Doune CastleCourtyard castle14th centuryPreservedHistoric ScotlandDoune
Open to the publicDoune Castle - front.jpg
Edinample CastleTower house16th centuryOccupied as a residencePrivateBalquhidder
Restored in the 1980sEdinample Castle.jpg
Mugdock CastleCourtyard castle14th centuryRuinStirling CouncilMugdock Country Park
Plean CastleTower houseRestoredPrivatePleanAlso known as Plane castle, Menzies Castle, etc.Des Res - - 435426.jpg
Stirling CastleHistoric ScotlandStirling
View of Stirling Castle.JPG

West Dunbartonshire[edit]

Dumbarton CastleGarrison fortress[27]17th-18th century[27]Historic ScotlandDumbarton
The site was the centre of the Kingdom of Strathclyde. Open to public.[27]Scotland Dumbarton Castle bordercropped.jpg
Dunglass Castle15th centuryRuinPrivateBowling
Demolished for building stone 1735. Later house remains on the site.[28]Dunglass Castle.jpg
Balloch CastleCastellated house1809[29]West Dunbartonshire CouncilBalloch
Ruins of the original medieval castle still remain.[29]BallochCastleScotland.jpg

West Lothian[edit]

Duntarvie CastleRenaissance house16th centuryUndergoing restorationPrivateWinchburgh
Duntarvie Castle - - 684072.jpg
House of the BinnsCastellated house17th centuryCompleteNational Trust for ScotlandBlackness
Stands on the site of an earlier castle[30]The Bins.jpeg
Linlithgow PalaceCourtyard palace15th centuryRuinHistoric ScotlandLinlithgow
built on site of 12th-century castle[31]Am linlithgow palace north west.jpg
Midhope CastleTower house16th centuryDisusedPrivateAbercorn
Midhope Castle 01.JPG
Niddry CastleTower house15th centuryRestored & occupiedPrivateWinchburgh
Niddry Castle.jpg

Western Isles (na h-Eileanan Siar)[edit]

Amhuinnsuidhe CastleHistoric house1865OccupiedAmhuinnsuidhe Castle EstateHarris
Abhainsuidhe Castle.jpg
Ardvourlie CastleHistoric house1863OccupiedPrivateHarris
Ardvourlie Castle.jpg
Borve CastleTower house14th centuryRuinedBenbecula
Borve Castle 20090609 from north west.jpg
Calvay CastleUncertainRuinedThe local community through Stòras Uibhist[32]Calvay Island, Loch Boisdale, South Uist
Bonnie Prince Charlie hid here in June 1746, while fleeing from the Duke of Cumberland's troops after the Battle of Culloden.[33][34]Calbhaigh castle - - 878406.jpg
Kisimul CastleTower houseRestoredPrivate; leased to Historic ScotlandCastlebay, Barra
Open to public[35]Kisimul Castle.jpg
Lews CastleHistoric house19th century[36]OccupiedComhairle nan Eilean SiarStornoway, Lewis
Category A listed building[37]LewsCastle.jpg
Ormacleit CastleHistoric houseEarly 18th centuryRuinedSouth Uist
Burned in 1715Ormacleit Castle 20090609.jpg

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