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Best selling automobiles are those passenger cars and light trucks which, since the introduction of the Benz Patent Motorwagen in 1886, can lay claim to being the highest selling vehicles in the markets they compete in.

While references to verify the manufacturers' claims have been included, there is always the possibility of inaccuracy or hyperbole. Also note that a single vehicle can be sold concurrently under several nameplates in different markets, as with for example the Nissan Sunny; in such circumstances manufacturers often provide only cumulative units sold figures for all models. As a result, there is no definitive standard for measuring units sold; Volkswagen has claimed its Beetle as the bestselling car in history as it did not substantially change throughout its production run.[1] By contrast, Toyota has applied the Corolla nameplate to 11 generations since 1966, which have sold over 40 million through July 2013.[2]

World's bestsellers[edit]

Three cars have been widely acknowledged as the "bestselling automobile in the world" since Ford built its millionth Model T on December 10, 1915. The Model T itself remained the highest seller until forty five years after production ceased in 1927. On February 17, 1972 Volkswagen claimed that the Ford had been superseded by the Beetle, when the 15,007,034th was manufactured.[1] Although The Model T has subsequently been credited with 16.5 million units sold, this anomaly is moot in light of the Beetle reaching 21 million.[3]

The Beetle remained the bestselling vehicle until the late 1990s,[4] when it was itself overtaken by the Toyota Corolla.[5] This was an example of the modern practice of applying a brand name across a range of vehicles, and retaining it for marketing purposes even as the car changes.[6] While the first Corolla in 1966 was rear wheel drive and rode on a 2286 mm wheelbase, the current front wheel drive versions share a 2600 mm wheelbase and use a mechanically unrelated platform.

ImageAutomobileProductionUnits SoldYears soldNotes
1927 Ford Model-T.
Ford Model T1908–2716,500,000.[7]1908–27The first car to achieve one million, five million, ten million and fifteen million units sold. By 1914, it was estimated that nine out of every ten cars in the world were Fords.[7]
1961 Volkswagen Type 1 "Beetle".Volkswagen Beetle1938–200321,529,464.[3]1972–97The first car to achieve twenty million units sold.[1]
1969 Toyota Corolla.
Toyota Corolla1966–present40,000,000[2]1997–presentThe 40 million milestone was reached in July 2013.[2]
VAZ-21011970–198819,300,000[8]1970–1988The 2101 was sold in export markets as the Lada 1200, Lada 1300 and Lada 1200S until 1989[9]

National bestsellers[edit]

Sortable and collapsible table
CountryImageAutomobileYears SoldNotes
2009 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo.
Ford Falcon1960–presentOver 3,000,000.[10]
2007 Volkswagen Gol Plus.
Volkswagen Gol[11]1980–presentOver 4,500,000.[12]
Volkswagen Santana.
Volkswagen Santana1984–presentOver 1,670,000 domestically produced Santana up to 2008.[13]
Fourth generation Renault Clio.
Renault Clio1991–present8,535,280 up to 2005.[14]
1980 Volkswagen Golf GTI.
Volkswagen Golf[11]1974–presentOver 25,000,000 to 2006.[15]
Hindustan Ambassador
Hindustan Ambassador1958–presentAlmost 4,000,000.[16]
First generation Fiat Uno.
Fiat Uno1983–present (1983-1995 in Italy)Approximately 8,800,000 worldwide to 2004.[17]
Eleventh generation Toyota Corolla.
Toyota Corolla1966–present40,000,000 worldwide in July 2013.[2]
 MalaysiaPerodua MyVi (front), Kuala Lumpur.jpgPerodua Myvi2005–present77,657 at 2010.(or about 1,500,000 since 2005.)[18]
 PolandPolski Fiat 126p rocznik 1973.jpg126p1973–20003,318,674 in Poland, (plus 126 model - 1,352,912 in Italy; 2,069 in Austria, and an unknown number in Yugoslavia.)[19][20]
Seat Ibiza IV 1.4 16V Style front 20100516.jpg
SEAT Ibiza1984–present3,949,597 up to 2008.[21]
Volvo 240 station wagon.
Volvo 200 Series1974–932,862,573.[22]
Second generation Renault Symbol.
Renault Symbol1999–present260.000 up to 2013.[23][24]
 United Kingdom
1993 Mini Cooper.
Morris Mini1959–20005,505,874.[26]
 United States
2009 Ford F-150.
Ford F-Series1948–presentOver 34,000,000 America's bestselling vehicle for 28 consecutive years;[27] 33,900,000 in 12 generations to May 2010.[27]

Brand bestsellers[edit]

BrandImageAutomobileProductionUnits SoldNotes
Alfa Romeo
1979 Alfasud ti
Alfa Romeo Alfasud1972–19891,017,387.[28]
Alpine-Renault A310
Alpine A3101971–198411,616.[29]
American Motors
AMC Hornet.
AMC Hornet1970–77Approximately 860,000.[30][31]
Aston Martin
Aston Martin DB7 Volante.
Aston Martin DB71993–20037,000[32][33]
1973 Autobianchi A112 E.
Autobianchi A1121969–19861,254,178.[34]
First generation BMW 3 Series coupé.
BMW 3 Series1975–presentOver 9,500,000 to 2005.[35]
1986 Buick LeSabre.
Buick LeSabre1959–2005Over 6,000,000.[36]
Bugatti Veyron 16.4.
Bugatti Veyron2005–300th base model 16.4 sold by June-2011.[37]
Cadillac De Ville.
Cadillac De Ville1959–2005Approximately 3,870,000 excluding early Series 62 hardtops, 1981–1988, 1991–93, and 2000-05. (Total production for 1981–1988, 1991–93 and 2000-05 is unknown but a good guess is over 1,300,000.)[30][31]
Checker Marathon.
Checker Marathon1961–8210,559 not counting taxicabs and private sales for 1961-63, 1976 and 1980-82 (private sales for 1961-62, 1976 and 1980-82 are unknown).[30][31]
1965 Chevrolet Impala.
Chevrolet Impala1958–presentOver 13,000,000 to 1996.[38]
1961 Chrysler Newport.
Chrysler Newport1961–81Approximately 1,920,000 (excluding early Newport hardtops).[30][31]
First generation Citroën 2CV.
Citroën 2CV1948–903,872,583.Including commercial variants, the total figure is approximately nine million[39]
Continental Mark II.
Continental Mark II1956–573,012 (only car produced by the short lived Continental division of the Ford Motor Company).[30]
1948 Crosley.
62,210 before introduction of series names in 1950 (does not include 1949 Hot Shot).[30][40]
Dodge DeSoto Custom.
DeSoto Custom1939–42
Approximately 570,000.[30][40]
De Tomaso
De Tomaso Pantera.
De Tomaso Pantera1970–19917,260 produced over a single generation[41]
Eagle Talon.
Eagle Talon1990–98Approximately 200,000.[42]
1959 Edsel Ranger.
Edsel Ranger1958–6050,803.[30]
Excalibur Series II.
Excalibur Series II1970-822,230.[43]
1961 Facel Vega Facellia
Ferrari 360 Spider.
Ferrari 3601999–2004Over 17,000 coupés and convertibles.[45]
First generation Fiat Uno.
Fiat Uno1983–presentApproximately 8,800,000 worldwide to 2004.Sold over six million in Western Europe before being replaced by the Punto in 1995, while production continued in South Africa, Poland and Brazil.[17]
1955 Ford F-100.
Ford F-Series1948–presentOver 34,000,000 America's bestselling vehicle for 28 consecutive years;[27] 33,900,000 in 12 generations to May 2010.[27]
FrazerFrazer Standard1947–51Approximately 90,000.[30]
Henry J
1951 Henry J.
Henry J Deluxe195143,400.[30]
Hindustan Ambassador.
Hindustan Ambassador1958–presentAlmost 4,000,000.[16]
Holden VB Commodore.
Holden Commodore1978–present2,400,000 to 2006.[46]
First generation Honda Civic.
Honda Civic1972–presentOver 16,500,000 to May 2006.[47]
Hudson Super.
Hudson Super1916–26
Approximately 600,000 not counting 1916-17 and 1940-42. (Production for 1916-17 and 1940-42 is unknown but a reasonable guess is about 80,000.)[30][40]
1966 Imperial Crown convertible.
Imperial Crown1957–70Approximately 127,000.[30]
2000 Jeep Cherokee.
Jeep Cherokee (XJ)1984–present2,884,172 in North America until 2001; production continues in China.[48]
Kaiser Deluxe
Kaiser Deluxe1949–53Approximately 130,000.[30]
Lada/AvtoVAZLada Riva 1500.Lada Riva
1980–present13,500,000 until exports to Europe were discontinued in 1997.Production continues in both USSR and Egypt.[49]
Land RoverDefender 110Series/Defender1948–presentover 2,000,000 (approx)Production scheduled to end in 2015.[50]
2007 Lamborghini Gallardo.
Lamborghini Gallardo2004–201314,022 coupés and convertibles to November 2013.[51]
2012 Lancia Ypsilon
Lancia Ypsilon1996–presentover 870,000 to 2005.[52]
Lincoln Town Car.
Lincoln Town Car1981–2011Approximately 2,290,000 not counting 2005-2011. (Production of 2005-2011 is unknown but a reasonable guess is about 160,000.)[31][53]
Lotus Elise 111S.
Lotus Elise1996–presentover 20,000 produced over two generations to December 2004.[54]
2012 McLaren MP4-12C.
McLaren 12C2011–20141000th sold by June 2012 in a single generation.[55]
Mazda 323 Turbo.
Mazda Familia1963–2003Over 10,000,000 up to 1995.[56]
Merceds-Benz C-Class.
Mercedes-Benz C-Class1993–present6,900,000 to November 2006.[57]
2006-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis
Mercury Grand Marquis1983–20112,687,888 from 1983-2009 (excludes 2010-2011 models); also excludes approximately 270,000 1975-82 Grand Marquis built as part of the Marquis series.[30][31][58]
1955 Messerschmitt KR200.
Messerschmitt KR2001955–196430,286
1959 Metropolitan
Metropolitan1958–6155,215 as a separate marque under AMC.[59]
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME.
Mitsubishi Lancer1973–presentOver 6,000,000 to the end of 2006.[60]
Nash Statesman.
Nash Statesman1950–56Approximately 340,000.[30]
1972 Datsun 1200.
Nissan Sunny/Sentra/Pulsar/Almera1966–presentOver 15,900,000.[49] Ten generations, and four nameplates depending on marketplace.
Image:1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible.
Oldsmobile Cutlass1961–9911,900,000 across several platforms and generations.[61]
First generation Opel Corsa, sold in the United Kingdom as a Vauxhall Nova.
Opel Corsa1982–presentOver 18,000,000 sold worldwide in 25 years and in 4 generations. 10 million of them were sold only in Europe.[62]
Packard Eight.
Packard Eight1933–36
Approximately 250,000.[30][40]
1965 Peel Trident.
Peel Trident1965–6682 in a single generation.[63]
PeroduaPerodua MyVi (front), Kuala Lumpur.jpgPerodua Myvi2005–present77,657 at 2010. (or about 1,500,000 since 2005.)[18]
Peugeot 206.
Peugeot 2061998–2012Approximately 5,400,000 to 2006.[64]
Plymouth Fury III convertible.
Plymouth Fury1959–78Approximately 3,680,000 (counting VIPs, but not counting 1959 and 1962 Sport Furys and 1975-77 Gran Furys).[30][31]
2005 Pontiac Grand Am.
Pontiac Grand Am1973–75, 1978–80, 1985–2005Over 4,000,000.[65]
Porsche 911 SC.
Porsche 9111963–present820,000 produced up to 2013.[66]
Rambler Classic.
Rambler Classic1961–66Approximately 1,460,000 (including those produced in 1966 under AMC).[30][31]
Third generation Renault Clio.
Renault Clio1991–present8,535,280 up to 2005.[14]
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow1965–8029,030 produced over a single generation.[67]
1985 Saab 900CD.
Saab 9001978–93908,810.[68]
Saturn SL
Saturn S-Series1991–2002Approximately 2,210,000 not counting 2002 (sales of 2002 are unknown).[69]
SEAT Ibiza Mk4 (2008).
SEAT Ibiza1984–present3,949,597 up to 2008.[21]The sales of the fourth generation of the SEAT Ibiza, as well as those of its derivatives (such as the SEAT Córdoba and the SEAT Inca, or the rebadged versions) are not included in the figures.
Simca 1100.
Simca 11001967–19822,139,400Figures include a small numer of complete knock down (CKD) kits and commercial versions.[70]
Studebaker Champion.
Studebaker Champion1939–42
Approximately 1,320,000.[30][40]
Third generation Subaru Legacy.
Subaru Legacy1988–presentOver 3,000,000 to 2005.[71]
Škoda Octavia 1st generation after facelift
Škoda Octavia1996–presentOver 2,000,000 to 2007.[72]
A 1976 Toyota Corolla.
Toyota Corolla1966–present40,000,000 through July 2013.[2]
Tesla Motors
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S2012–present12,700 through June 2013.[73]
1983 Trabant P601.
Trabant1957–91Over 3,000,000.[74]
Mk.1 Volkswagen Golf.
Volkswagen Golf1974–present30,000,000 by mid June 2013.[75] Became Volkswagen's bestseller in 2002.
Volvo 240 sedan.
Volvo 200 Series1974–932,862,573.[22]
1936 Willys 77.
Willys 771933–36Approximately 68,000.[76]

Class bestsellers[edit]

ClassImageAutomobileProductionUnits SoldNotes
All-electric car
Nissan Leaf.
Nissan Leaf2010–present100,000 by mid January 2014.[77]The world's bestselling all-electric car in history.[78]
Full-size car
1958 Chevrolet Impala.
Chevrolet Impala1958–1985
Over 13,000,000 between its introduction and 1996.[38]The bestselling car in America in a single year, with 1,046,514 sold in 1965 including the Impala SS.[30]
Hybrid electric vehicle
A second generation Toyota Prius.
Toyota Prius1997–present3,166,600 in three generations up to December 2013.[79]The world's best selling hybrid electric vehicle.
Pickup truck
Ford F-150 SVT Lightning.
Ford F-Series1948–presentOver 34,000,000 America's bestselling vehicle for 28 consecutive years;[27] 33,900,000 in 12 generations to May 2010.[27]World's bestselling truck for thirty consecutive years.[80]
Plug-in hybrid
Chevrolet Volt.
Chevrolet Volt2010–presentAbout 70,000 sold by January 2014 (includes Ampera models sold in Europe).[81]The world's bestselling plug-in hybrid.
Full-size luxury car
Cadillac De Ville.
Cadillac De Ville1959–2005Approximately 3,870,000 excluding early Series 62 hardtops, 1981–1988, 1991–93, and 2000-05. (Total production for 1981–1988, 1991–93 and 2000-05 is unknown but a good guess is over 1,300,000.)[30][31]
Racing car
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup.
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup2005–20111,400 in a single generation[82]
Rotary engined car
A first-generation Mazda RX-7.
Mazda RX-71978–2002811,634 in three generations to 2005.[83]
Single-cylinder car
BMW Isetta.
Iso/BMW/VELAM/Romi Isetta1953–61161,728 in all variations[84]
Sports car
1970 Datsun 240Z.
Nissan Z-cars1969–99
1,535,000 in five generations up to 2005.[85]
Two-seat convertible sports car
A first generation Mazda Eunos.
Mazda MX-51989–presentAlmost 750,000 in the first two generations to 2005.[86]Verified by the Guinness Book of Records as the bestselling two-seater, convertible (open top) sports car in history.

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