List of baseball team nicknames

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Arizona Diamondbacks[edit]

Atlanta Braves[edit]

Baltimore Orioles[edit]

Boston Red Sox[edit]

Chicago Cubs[edit]

Chicago White Sox[edit]

Cincinnati Reds[edit]

Cleveland Indians[edit]

Colorado Rockies[edit]

Detroit Tigers[edit]

Miami Marlins[edit]

Houston Astros[edit]

Kansas City Royals[edit]

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim[edit]

Los Angeles Dodgers[edit]

Milwaukee Brewers[edit]

Minnesota Twins[edit]

New York Mets[edit]

New York Yankees[edit]

Oakland Athletics[edit]

Philadelphia Phillies[edit]

Pittsburgh Pirates[edit]

St. Louis Cardinals[edit]

San Diego Padres[edit]

San Francisco Giants[edit]

Seattle Mariners[edit]

Tampa Bay Rays[edit]

Texas Rangers[edit]

Toronto Blue Jays[edit]

Washington Nationals[edit]

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