List of bank mergers in the United States

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Table of Mergers

This is a partial list of many of the major banking company mergers since 1930 in the United States.

Year Merger closedAcquirerAcquired bankName of merged entityTransaction ValueUltimate Successor
1930Chase National BankEquitable Trust Co. of NYChase National BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1930Chase National BankInterstate Trust Co.Chase National BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1948Chemical Bank & Trust Co.Continental Bank & Trust Co. of NYChemical Bank & Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1951Chemical Bank & Trust Co.National Safety Bank & Trust Co. of NYChemical Bank & Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1954Chemical Bank & Trust Co.Corn Exchange Bank & Trust Co.Chemical Corn Exchange BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1955National City Bank of New YorkFirst National Bank of New YorkFirst National City BankCitigroup
1955Bank of the Manhattan Co.Chase National BankChase Manhattan BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1955Bankers TrustPublic National Bank & Trust Co.Bankers TrustDeutsche Bank
1956Citizens and Southern National Bank of South CarolinaGrowers Bank and TrustCitizens and Southern National Bank of South CarolinaBank of America
1957Commercial National BankAmerican Trust Co.American Commercial BankBank of America
1957Chase Manhattan BankStaten Island National Bank & Trust Co. of NYChase Manhattan BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1959Chase Manhattan BankClinton Trust CompanyChase Manhattan BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1959Chemical Corn Exchange BankNew York Trust Co.Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1961J. P. Morgan & Co.Guaranty Trust Co. of NYMorgan Guaranty Trust Co. of NYJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1960American Commercial BankNorth Carolina National BankNorth Carolina National BankBank of America
1961Manufacturers Trust Co.Hanover BankManufacturers Hanover BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1963Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.Bank of Rockville Centre Trust Co.Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1964Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.First National Bank of Mount VernonChemical Bank New York Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1964Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.Bensonhurst National Bank of BrooklynChemical Bank New York Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1975Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.Security National BankChemical Bank New York Trust Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1983Mellon National Corp.Girard BankMellon NationalBank of New York Mellon
1983BankAmerica Corp.Seafirst BankBankAmerica Corp. (Seafirst banks operated as Seafirst until 1998)Bank of America
1984Chase Manhattan CorporationLincoln First BankChase Manhattan Corporation (Chase Lincoln First until 1993)JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1985Bank of Boston Corp.Colonial BankBank of Boston Corp.Bank of America
1985Bank of Boston Corp.Rhode Island Hospital Trust National BankBank of Boston Corp.Bank of America
1985Bank of New England Corp.The Connecticut Bank and Trust Co.Bank of New England Corp.Bank of America
1985Citizens and Southern Georgia CorporationCitizens and Southern National Bank of South CarolinaCitizens & Southern National BankBank of America
1985Trust Company of GeorgiaSunBanks, Inc.SunTrust BanksSunTrust Banks
1985Signet Banking CorporationUnion Trust BancorpSignet Banking CorporationWells Fargo
1986Signet Banking CorporationSecurity National Corp.Signet Banking CorporationWells Fargo
1986Sovran Financial Corp.Suburban BankSovran Financial Corp.Bank of America
1985SunTrust BanksThird National CorporationSunTrust BanksSunTrust Banks
1986Security Pacific Corp.The Arizona BankSecurity Pacific Corp.Bank of America
1986Wells Fargo Corp.Crocker National BankWells Fargo Corp. (combined California bank uses Crocker's charter)Wells Fargo
1987Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.Texas Commerce BankChemical Banking Corporation (TX banks continued to operate as Texas Commerce)$1.2 BillionJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1987The Fidelity Bank (Fidelcor)First Fidelity BankFirst Fidelity Bank$1.34 Billion-largest ever at the timeWells Fargo
1987RepublicBank Corp.Interfirst Corp.First Republic Bank CorporationBank of America
1987Security Pacific Corp.Rainier National BankSecurity Pacific Corp. (banks in Pacific NW continued to operate as Rainier)Bank of America
1987Sovran Financial Corp.Commerce Union BankSovran Financial Corp.Bank of America
1987U.S. BancorpPeoples National Bank of WashingtonU.S. BancorpU.S. Bancorp
1987Fleet Financial Group, Inc.Norstar BankFleet/Norstar Financial Group, Inc.Bank of America
1987First Union Corp.Atlantic National Bank of FloridaFirst UnionWells Fargo
1988Bank of New YorkIrving Trust CompanyBank of New YorkBank of New York Mellon
1988Shawmut Corp.Hartford National Corp.Shawmut National Corp.Bank of America
1988Shawmut Corp.Arlington Trust Co.Shawmut National Corp.Bank of America
1988First Bank System, Inc.Central Bank of DenverFirst Bank System, Inc. (Colo. banks never became First Bank due to name conflict)U.S. Bancorp
1988Wells Fargo Corp.Barclays Bank of California, a subsidiary of Barclays plcWells Fargo Corp.Wells Fargo
1988Security Pacific Corp.The Hibernia BankSecurity Pacific Corp.Bank of America
1988Credit SuisseThe First Boston CorporationCS First Boston (later Credit Suisse First Boston)Credit Suisse
1988North Carolina National BankFirst Republic Bank CorporationNorth Carolina National BankBank of America
1989Boatmen's BancsharesCenterre BankBoatmen's BancsharesBank of America
1989Security Pacific Corp.Nevada National BancorporationSecurity Pacific Corp.Bank of America
1989Union Planters BankMagna Bank (Missouri)Union Planters BankRegions Financial
1990CoreStates Financial Corp.First Pennsylvania BankCoreStates Financial Corp.Wells Fargo
1990First Union CorporationFlorida National BankFirst Union CorporationWells Fargo
1990Citizens & Southern National BankSovran Financial Corp.C&S/Sovran Corp.Bank of America
1991Fleet/Norstar Financial Group, Inc.Bank of New EnglandFleet/Norstar Financial Group, Inc.Bank of America
1991North Carolina National BankC&S/Sovran Corp.NationsBank Corp.Bank of America
1991Norwest Corp.United Bank of DenverNorwest Corp.Wells Fargo
1991WachoviaThe South Carolina National BankWachoviaWells Fargo
1991First Union CorporationSoutheast Banking CorporationFirst Union CorporationWells Fargo
1991NBD BancorpSummcorpNBD Bank$323 million[1]JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1991Society Corp.Ameritrust Corp.Society Corp.KeyBank
1991Signet Banking CorporationMadison National BankSignet Banking CorporationWells Fargo
1992BankAmerica Corp.Security Pacific Corp.BankAmerica Corp.Bank of America
1992KeycorpPuget Sound National BankKeycorpKeyBank
1992Barnett Banks, Inc.First Florida BankBarnett Banks, Inc.Bank of America
1992Comerica, Inc.Manufacturers BankComericaComerica
1992NBD BancorpINB Financial Corp.NBD Bancorp$876 million[2]JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1992Chemical BankManufacturers Hanover Trust CompanyChemical BankJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1993First Bank System, Inc.Colorado National BankFirst Bank System, Inc. (CNB remained unchanged until after merger with U.S. Bancorp)U.S. Bancorp
1993Banc One Corp.The Valley National Bank of ArizonaBanc One Corp.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1993Bank of Boston Corp.South Shore Bank, Mechanics Bank, First AgriculturalBank of Boston Corp.Bank of America
1993First Union CorporationDominion BankFirst Union CorporationWells Fargo
1993First Union CorporationFirst American BankcorpFirst Union CorporationWells Fargo
1993NationsBank Corp.Maryland National BankNationsBank Corp.Bank of America
1993NationsBank Corp.American Security BankNationsBank Corp.Bank of America
1994Society Corp.KeycorpKeycorpKeyBank
1994Signet Banking CorporationPioneer Financial Corp.Signet Banking CorporationWells Fargo
1994BankAmerica Corp.Continental Illinois National BankBankAmerica Corp.Bank of America
1995NBD BancorpDeerbank Corp.NBD Bank$120 millionJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1995First Chicago BankNBD BankFirst Chicago NBDJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1995BB&T CorporationSouthern National Corp.BB&T CorporationBB&T
1995Fleet Financial Group, Inc.Shawmut National Corp.Fleet Financial Group, Inc.Bank of America
1996Wells Fargo Corp.First Interstate BancorpWells Fargo Corp.Wells Fargo
1996Union BankBank of CaliforniaUnion Bank of California$25 billionUnion Bank
1996Chemical Banking Corp.Chase Manhattan CorporationChase Manhattan CorporationJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1996CoreStates Financial Corp.Meridian Bancorp, Inc.CoreStates Financial Corp.Wells Fargo
1996Bank of Boston Corp.BayBanks, Inc.BankBoston Corp.Bank of America
1996First Union CorporationFirst Fidelity BankFirst Union CorporationWells Fargo
1996First Union CorporationCenter Financial Corporation(CenterBank)First Union CorporationWells Fargo
1996Fleet Financial Group, Inc.National Westminster Bancorp, a subsidiary of National Westminster BankFleet Financial Group, Inc.Bank of America
1996Crestar Financial Corp.Citizens Bancorp (Laurel, MD)Crestar Financial Corp.SunTrust Banks
1997U.S. BancorpFirst Bank System, Inc.U.S. BancorpU.S. Bancorp
1997NationsBank Corp.Boatmen's BancsharesNationsBank Corp.$9.6 BillionBank of America
1997Washington MutualGreat Western Financial CorporationWashington MutualJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1997First Union CorporationSignet Banking CorporationFirst Union CorporationWells Fargo
1997National City Corp.First of America BankNational City Corp.PNC Financial Services
1997Banc One Corp.First USABank One Corp.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1997First Nationwide BankCalifornia Federal BankCalifornia Federal Bank$1.2 billion, 1st Nationwide rebranded as "Cal Fed."Citibank
1998NationsBank Corp.Barnett Banks, Inc.NationsBank Corp.Bank of America
1998First Union CorporationCoreStates Financial Corp.First Union CorporationWells Fargo
1998NationsBank Corp.BankAmerica Corp.Bank of America Corp.Bank of America
1998Golden State BancorpFirst Nationwide Holdings, Inc.Golden State Bancorp$5.8 billionCitigroup
1998Norwest CorpWells Fargo Corp.Wells Fargo Corp.Wells Fargo
1998Star Banc Corp.Firstar Holdings Corp.Firstar CorporationU.S. Bancorp
1998Banc One Corp.First Chicago NBDBank One Corp.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1998Banc One Corp.First Commerce Corp.Bank One Corp.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1998Travelers GroupCiticorpCitigroup$140 BillionCitigroup
1998SunTrust BankCrestar Financial Corp.SunTrust Banks, Inc.SunTrust Banks
1998Washington MutualH.F. Ahmanson & Co.Washington MutualJPMorgan Chase & Co.
1999Fleet Financial Corp.BankBoston Corp.FleetBoston Financial Corp.Bank of America
1999Deutsche Bank AGBankers Trust Corp.Deutsche Bank AGDeutsche Bank
1999HSBC Holdings plcRepublic New York CorporationHSBC Bank USAHSBC Bank USA
1999Firstar CorporationMercantile Bancorporation, Inc.Firstar CorporationU.S. Bancorp
1999AmSouth BancorporationFirst American National BankAmSouth Bancorporation$6.3 BillionRegions Financial
2000Chase Manhattan CorporationJ.P. Morgan & Co. Inc.J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
2000Washington MutualBank United Corp.Washington Mutual$1.5 BillionJPMorgan Chase & Co.
2000Wells Fargo & Co.First Security Corp.Wells Fargo & Co.Wells Fargo
2000UBS AGPaine WebberUBS AGUBS AG
2001Firstar CorporationU.S. BancorpU.S. BancorpU.S. Bancorp
2001First Union Corp.WachoviaWachoviaWells Fargo
2001Fifth Third BancorpOld Kent Financial Corp.Fifth Third BancorpFifth Third Bank
2001Standard Federal BankMichigan National BankStandard Federal BankBank of America
2001FleetBoston Financial Corp.Summit BancorpFleetBoston Financial Corp.Bank of America
2002CitigroupGolden State BancorpCitigroup$5.8 billionCitigroup
2002Washington MutualDime Bancorp, Inc.Washington MutualJPMorgan Chase & Co.
2002HSBC Holdings plcHousehold International, Inc.HSBC Bank USAHSBC Bank USA
2003BB&T Corp.1st Virginia Banks, Inc.BB&T Corp.BB&T
2003M&T BankAllfirst BankM&T BankM&T Bank
2004New Haven Savings BankSavings Bank of Manchester, Tolland BankNewAlliance BankNewAlliance Bank
2004North Fork Bancorporation Inc.The Trust Company of New JerseyNorth Fork Bancorporation Inc.$726 MillionCapital One Financial
2004Bank of America Corp.FleetBoston Financial Corp.Bank of America Corp.$47 BillionBank of America
2004J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.Bank OneJPMorgan Chase & Co.JPMorgan Chase & Co.
2004Banco PopularQuaker City BankBanco PopularBanco Popular
2004Regions Financial CorporationUnion Planters CorporationRegions Financial Corporation$5.9 BillionRegions Financial
2004SunTrustNational Commerce FinancialSunTrust$6.98 Billion[3]SunTrust Banks
2004WachoviaSouthTrustWachovia$14.3 BillionWells Fargo
2005PNC BankRiggs BankPNC Bank$0.78 billion[4]PNC Financial Services
2005Capital One Financial CorporationHibernia National BankCapital One Financial Corporation$4.9 Billion[5]Capital One Financial
2005Bank of AmericaMBNA CorporationBank of America Card Services$35 BillionBank of America
2006WachoviaWestcorp Inc. (holding company for WFS Financial Inc and Western Financial Bank)Wachovia$3.91 Billion[6]Wells Fargo
2006NewAlliance BankCornerstone BankNewAlliance BankNewAlliance Bank
2006Capital One Financial CorporationNorth Fork BankCapital One Financial Corporation$13.2 Billion[7]Capital One Financial
2006WachoviaGolden West FinancialWachovia$25 Billion[8]Wells Fargo
2006Regions Financial CorporationAmSouth BancorporationRegions Financial Corporation$10 BillionRegions Financial
2007Citizens Banking CorporationRepublic BancorpCitizens Republic Bancorp$1.048 BillionCitizens Republic Bancorp
2007Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria USACompass BancsharesBBVA Compass$9.8 BillionBBVA Compass
2007Bank of AmericaLaSalle BankBank of America$21 BillionBank of America
2007State Street CorporationInvestors Financial Services CorporationState Street Corporation$4.2 BillionState Street Corporation
2007Bank of New YorkMellon Financial CorporationBank of New York Mellon$18.3 BillionBank of New York Mellon
2007WachoviaWorld Savings BankWachovia$25 BillionWells Fargo
2007Bank of AmericaU.S. Trust CorporationBank of America Private Wealth ManagementBank of America
2007M&T BankPartners Trust Financial GroupM&T BankM&T Bank
2008TD BanknorthCommerce BancorpTD Bank$8.5 BillionTD Bank
2008JPMorgan ChaseBear StearnsJPMorgan Chase$1.1 BillionJPMorgan Chase & Co.
2008Bank of AmericaMerrill LynchBank of America$50 BillionBank of America
2008Wells FargoWachoviaWells Fargo$15.1 Billion[9]Wells Fargo
2008JPMorgan ChaseWashington MutualJPMorgan Chase$1.9 Billion[10]JPMorgan Chase & Co.
2008Fifth Third BankFirst Charter BankFifth Third Bank$1.1 billion[11]Fifth Third Bank
2008PNC Financial ServicesNational City Corp.PNC Financial Services$5.08 billion[12]PNC Financial Services
2008U.S. BancorpDowney Savings and LoanU.S. BancorpU.S. Bancorp
2009M&T BankProvident Bank of MarylandM&T BankM&T Bank
2009M&T BankBradford BankM&T BankM&T Bank
2011M&T BankWilmington TrustM&T BankM&T Bank
2011Capital OneING Direct USACapital One$9 billion[13]Capital One
2012PNC Financial ServicesRBC BankPNC Financial Services$3.45 billionPNC Financial Services

Mergers Diagram

Graph of Bank Mergers in USA

This is a drawing, showing the same data as the table above. It is produced using hierarchical layout with constraints to keep the acquisition flow going from top to bottom within a connected component. Each entity is represented by rectangle with name, a solid edge indicates that the source bank bought the target bank. The dotted edges point to the merged entity after the acquisition was complete. The solid edges are labeled with the year that the acquisition took place and are also colored by how old the acquisition is, from blue (older) to red (newer).


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