List of awards and nominations received by Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus awards and nominations

Miley Cyrus at 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards.
Awards and nominations
American Music Awards
Bambi Awards
Billboard Music Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Grammy Awards
MTV Movie Awards
MTV Video Music Awards
People's Choice Awards
Teen Choice Awards
World Music Awards
Young Artist Award
Awards won66
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Miley Cyrus awards and nominations

Miley Cyrus at 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards.
Awards and nominations
American Music Awards
Bambi Awards
Billboard Music Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Grammy Awards
MTV Movie Awards
MTV Video Music Awards
People's Choice Awards
Teen Choice Awards
World Music Awards
Young Artist Award
Awards won66

Miley Cyrus is an American recording artist and actress. Cyrus is best known for starring as the title character in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. Cyrus has released four studio albums Meet Miley Cyrus (2007), Breakout (2008), Can't Be Tamed (2010) and Bangerz (2013) and she released the EP The Time of Our Lives (2009). In 2008, Cyrus was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song and won the MTV Movie Award for Best Song From A Movie with her song "The Climb" in 2009. She received 16 nominations at the World Music Awards in 2014 and 43 Teen Choice Award nominations from 2006 to 2014, making her the most nominated person in the history of the Teen Choice Awards.

American Music Awards

2009Hannah Montana: The Movie SoundtrackFavorite Soundtrack[1]Nominated
Hannah Montana Season 3 SoundtrackNominated

ASCAP Awards

2010[2]"The Climb"Most Performed SongsWon
2011[3]"Party in the U.S.A."

Bambi Awards

2013Miley CyrusBest International Pop[4]Won


Billboard Music Awards

2014Miley CyrusArtist of the Year[5]Nominated
Top Female Artist[6]Nominated
Top Hot 100 Artist[5]Nominated
Mejor Artista del Digital Songs[7]Nominated
Top Social Artist[8]Nominated
Top Streaming Artist[8]Won
"Wrecking Ball"Top Hot 100 Song[5]Nominated
Top Streaming Song (Video)[9]Won
"We Can't Stop"Nominated

Billboard Touring Awards

2008Miley CyrusBreakthrough Act[10]Won

BMI Awards

BMI London Awards

2014[11]"Wrecking Ball"Pop Award SongsWon

BMI Pop Awards

2009[12]"See You Again"Award-Winning SongsWon
2010[13]"The Climb"
2011[14]"Party in the U.S.A."

Bravo Otto

2009Miley CyrusFavorite TV Actress – Gold Otto[15]Won
Favorite Singer – Silver Otto[15]Won
2010Best Movie Star – Gold Otto[15]Won
2014[16]Az év női előadójaNominated

Capital Awards

Capital Love Awards

2014Miley CyrusBest Female[17]Nominated

Capital Twitter Awards

2014Miley CyrusBest Twitter Feud (Vs Demi Lovato)[18]Nominated
Biggest Twit On Twitter[19]
Queen Of Twitter[20]

Broadcast Film Critics Association Award

2008"I Thought I Lost You" (ft John Travolta)Best Song[21]Nominated

Capricho Awards

2010Miley CyrusInternational Singer[22]Nominated
"Party in the U.S.A."International Music[22]
Miley Cyrus"Best Kiss of Fiction" (with Liam Hemsworth in The Last Song)[22]
Diva of the Year[22]
Best Cover of CH[22]
2013Bapho of the Year[23]
2014[24]Cantora International
Melhor Show No Brasil
Melhor Capa De CH
Meme Do Ano
Miley CyrusFÃ-Clube Do Ano

Do Something Awards

2012Miley CyrusTwitter[25]Nominated

Global Action Leadership Awards

2011Miley CyrusGlobal Action Leadership AwardsWon

Golden Globe Awards

2008"I Thought I Lost You" (ft John Travolta)Best Original Song[15]Nominated

Golden Raspberry Awards

2009Hannah Montana: The MovieWorst Actress[26]Nominated
2010The Last SongWorst Actress[27]Nominated

Gracie Allen Awards

2008Miley Cyrus - Hannah MontanaOutstanding Female Lead in a Comedy Series[15]Won
2009Outstanding Female Lead in a Comedy Series[15]Won

Grammy Awards

2015BangerzBest Pop Vocal Album[28]Pending

Houston Film Critics Society Awards

2008[29]"I Thought I Lost You" (ft John Travolta)Best Original SongNominated

iHeartRadio Music Awards

2014"Smilers"Best Fan Army[30]Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Best Lyrics[31]Won

Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica

2009Miley CyrusFashionista Award – Female[15]Nominated
Best Pop Artist – International[15]Nominated

Kids' Choice Awards

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

2007Miley Cyrus - Hannah MontanaFavorite TV Actress[15]Won
2008Favorite TV Actress[15]Won
Miley CyrusFavorite Female Singer[15]Won
2009Favorite Female Singer[15]Won
Miley Cyrus - BoltFavorite Voice From an Animated Movie[15]Nominated
Miley Cyrus - Hannah MontanaFavorite TV Actress[15]Nominated
2010Favorite TV Actress[15]Nominated
"Party in the U.S.A."Favorite Song[15]Nominated
Miley CyrusFavorite Movie Actress[15]Won
Favorite Female Singer[15]Nominated
2011Favorite Female Singer[15]Nominated
Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana ForeverFavorite TV Actress[15]Nominated
Miley CyrusFavorite Movie Actress[15]Won
2014"Wrecking Ball"Favorite Song[32]Nominated

Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards

2008Miley CyrusFave International Singer[15]Won
Fave International TV Star[15]Won
2009Fave International TV Star[15]Nominated
Fave International Singer[15]Nominated
2010The Last SongFave Movie Star[15]Won
The Last Song (with Liam HemsworthFave Kiss[15]Won
Miley CyrusCutest Couple[15]Nominated

Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards

2007Miley Cyrus - Hannah MontanaBest TV Actress[15]Nominated
2008Favorite Female TV Star[15]Won

Nickelodeon Argentina Kids' Choice Awards

2011Miley CyrusFavorite International SingerNominated[15]

Nickelodeon Mexico Kids' Choice Awards

2010Miley CyrusInternational Women's Favorite Character SeriesNominated[15]

Make-a-Wish Foundation

2012Miley CyrusSpecial Award[33]Won

MTV Awards

MTV Africa Music Awards

2014Miley CyrusBest International Act[34]Nominated

MTV Italian Music Awards

2014"Wrecking Ball"Best Video[35]Nominated
Miley CyrusBest Female[35]Nominated
Best Twitter[35]Nominated

MTV Millennial Awards

2014Miley CyrusGlobal Instagram Star[36]Won

MTV Movie Awards

2009"The Climb"Best Song From A Movie[15]Won
Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana: The MovieBreakthrough Performance Female[15]Nominated

MTV Video Music Awards

2008"7 Things"Best New Artist[15]Nominated
2009Best Editing[15]Nominated
2013"We Can't Stop"[37]Nominated
Best Pop Video[15]Nominated
Best Female Video[15]Nominated
Best Song of the Summer[15]Nominated
2014"Wrecking Ball"Video of the Year[38]Won
Best Direction[39]Nominated

MTV Video Music Awards Japan

2014"We Can't Stop"Best Female Video[40]Won
"Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" (with Snoop Lion)Best Reggae Video[41]Nominated

MTV Europe Music Awards

2008HerselfBest New Act[15]Nominated
2010HerselfBest Female[15]Nominated
HerselfBest Pop[15]Nominated
2013HerselfBest Pop[42]Nominated
HerselfBest Female[42]Nominated
HerselfBest US Act[42]Won
HerselfBest North America Act[15]Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Best Video[42]Won
2014HerselfBest Pop[43]Nominated

MuchMusic Video Awards

2008"Start All Over"Best International Artist Video[44]Nominated
2009"The Climb"Best International Artist Video[15]Nominated
2010"Party in the U.S.A."Best International Artist Video[15]Won
UR Fave: International Video [15]Nominated
2014Miley CyrusUR Fave: International Artist/Group of the Year[45]Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Best International Artist Video[46]Nominated

MYX Music Awards

2009"7 Things"Favorite International Music Video[15]Nominated
2010"The Climb"Favorite International Video[15]Nominated
2014"Wrecking Ball"Favorite International Video[47]Nominated

NewNowNext Awards

2013[48]Miley CyrusBest New DoNominated

NME Awards

2014[49]Miley CyrusVillain Of The YearNominated

NRJ Music Awards

2013Miley CyrusBest Female International[15]Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Best Video of the Year[15]Nominated

People's Choice Awards

2010Miley CyrusFavorite Breakout Movie Actress[15]Won
Favorite Web Celeb[15]Nominated
2014BangerzFavorite Album[15]Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Favorite Music Video[15]Nominated

Radio Disney Music Awards

2006"The Best of Both Worlds"Best Song[50]Won
Miley CyrusBest New Artist[50]Won
Best Female Singer[50]Won
"I Got Nerve"Best Song to Listen to While Getting Ready for School[50]Won
Miley CyrusFavorite TV Star Who Sings[50]Won
Most Stylish Singer[50]Won
"The Best of Both Worlds"Best Song to Put on Repeat[50]Won

Teen Choice Awards

2006Miley CyrusTV Breakout Star[51]Nominated
2007Choice TV Actress: Comedy[52]Won
2008Hannah MontanaChoice TV Actress: Comedy[15]Won
Miley CyrusChoice Music: Female Artist[15]Won
Choice Most Fanatic Fans[15]Nominated
"See You Again"Choice Music: Single[15]Nominated
"7 Things"Choice Summer: Song[15]Nominated
2009"Before the Storm"Choice Summer: Single[15]Won
Miley CyrusChoice Music: Female Artist[15]Nominated
Hannah MontanaChoice TV Actress: Comedy[15]Won
Hannah Montana: The MovieChoice Movie: Liplock[15]Nominated
Choice Movie Actress: Music/Dance[15]Won
Choice Movie Hissy Fit[15]Won
Miley CyrusFemale Hottie[15]Nominated
Choice Celebrity Dancer: Female[15]Nominated
Choice Red Carpet Icon: Female[15]Nominated
"The Climb"Choice Music: Single[15]Won
2010The Last SongChoice Movie Actress: Drama[15]Won
Choice Movie: Chemistry[15]Nominated
Choice Movie: Liplock[15] (with Liam Hemsworth)Nominated
Choice Movie: Hissy Fit[15]Won
Miley Cyrus and Max AzriaChoice Fashion: Celebrity Fashion Line[15]Won
Miley CyrusChoice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Female[15]Nominated
Choice Other: Fanatic Fans[15]Nominated
Choice Music: Female Artist[15]Nominated
"When I Look at You"Choice Music: Love Song[15]Won
"Can't Be Tamed"Choice Music: Single[15]Nominated
Miley CyrusChoice Summer: Music Star – Female[15]Nominated
2011Hannah MontanaChoice TV Actress: Comedy[15]Nominated
Miley CyrusChoice Red Carpet Icon: Female[15]Nominated
2012Female Hottie[15][53]Won
Fashion Icon Female[15]Nominated
LOLActress Romance[15]Nominated
2013Miley CyrusFemale Hottie[15]Nominated
Choice Style Icon[15]Won
Choice Summer: Music Star – Female[15]Nominated
Candie's Fashion Trendsetter[15]Won
"We Can't Stop"Choice Single: Female Artist[15]Nominated
"We Can't Stop"Choice Summer: Song[15]Won
Two and a Half MenScene Stealer: Female[15]Won
2014Miley CyrusChoice Female Artist[54]Nominated
Choice Instagrammer[54]Won

Teen Vogue Instawards

2014[55]Miley CyrusFunniestNominated
Best Selfies

World Music Awards

2014"23"World's Best Song[56]Nominated
"Adore You"Nominated
"Fall Down" (with
"We Can't Stop"Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Nominated
BangerzWorld's Best Album[57]Nominated
"23"World's Best Video[58]Nominated
"Adore You"Nominated
"Fall Down" (with
"We Can't Stop"Nominated
"Wrecking Ball"Won[59]
Miley CyrusWorld's Best Female Artist[59]Won
World's Best Pop/Rock Artist[60]Won
World's Best Live Act[61]Nominated
World's Best Entertainer of the Year[62]Nominated
World's Most Talked About Artist on Facebook[63]Won

YouTube Music Awards

2013"We Can't Stop"Video of the Year[64]Nominated

Young Artist Awards

2008Miley Cyrus - Hannah MontanaBest Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actress[65]Won
Cast of Hannah MontanaBest Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series[65]Nominated
2009Miley Cyrus - Hannah MontanaBest Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actress[66]Nominated
2010Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actress[67]Nominated

Z Awards

2007Miley CyrusBest New Artist [68]Nominated

4Music Video Honours

2014Miley CyrusBest Girl [69]Nominated


2010Billboard's Hottest Artists Under 21[70]10th
Forbes Highest-Earning Stars[71]13th
2011Billboard's Hottest Artists Under 21[72]21st
2012Complex The 25 Hottest Women Under 21[73]5th
2013Maxim Hot 100[74]1st
2014AskMen 100 Most Desirable Women[75]99th
Dosomething Celebs Gone Good[76]4th
Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities[77]17th
MTV Stars[78]


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