List of awards and nominations received by Eminem

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Eminem awards and nominations

Awards won331
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Eminem awards and nominations

Awards won331

The following is a comprehensive list of awards received by Eminem, an American rapper, record producer, and actor. He began his career in 1995 with Web Entertainment and has been one of the most popular rap acts in the world since the late-1990s.

Eminem quickly gained popularity in 1999 with his major-label debut album, The Slim Shady LP, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The following album, The Marshall Mathers LP, became the fastest-selling solo album in United States history.[1]

The Marshall Mathers LP and his fourth album, The Eminem Show, also won Grammy Awards, making Eminem the first artist to win Best Rap Album for three consecutive LPs. He then won the award again in 2010 for his album Relapse, giving him a total of 13 Grammys in his career. In 2003, he won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for "Lose Yourself" from the film, 8 Mile, in which he also played the lead role. "Lose Yourself" would go on to become the longest running No. 1 hip hop single.[2] Eminem then went on hiatus after touring in 2005. He released his first album since 2004's Encore, titled Relapse, on May 15, 2009. Eminem is the best-selling artist of the decade on the US Nielsen SoundScan,[3] and has sold over 230 million records worldwide to date, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. In 2010, Eminem released his seventh studio album Recovery. It became Eminem's sixth consecutive number-one album in the US and achieved international commercial success, charting at number one in several other countries. It stayed at number-one on the US Billboard 200 chart for five consecutive weeks and a total of seven weeks.[4][5] Recovery was also reported by Billboard to be the best-selling album of 2010, making Eminem the first artist in Nielsen SoundScan history to have two year-end best-selling albums.[6]

Eminem was ranked 79th on the VH1 100 Greatest Artists of All-Time.[7] Eminem was ranked #83 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[8] He was also named the Best Rapper Alive by Vibe magazine in 2008.[9] Including his work with D12, Eminem has had 10 #1 albums on the Billboard Top 200, 8 solo (6 studio albums, 2 compilation) and 2 with D12.[10] Eminem has had 13 number one singles worldwide. In December 2009, he was named the Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine.[11] His albums, The Eminem Show, The Marshall Mathers LP, and Encore (in order), ranked as the 3rd,[12] 7th,[12] and 40th[13] best-selling albums of the 2000–09 decade by Billboard magazine. According to Billboard, Eminem has two of his albums among the top five highest selling albums of the 2000s (decade). In the UK, Eminem has sold more than 13 million records.[14]

In 2010, MTV ranked Eminem as the 7th biggest icon in pop music history.[15] During 2010, Eminem's music generated 94 million streams, more than any other music artist. On September 12, the Chrysler 200 commercial starring Eminem also took home an Emmy. The commercial, titled "Born of Fire," features the Detroit-born rapper driving through his hometown while his track "Lose Yourself" plays in the background.[16]

In November at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards Eminem became the first rapper to ever receive the global icon award due to his accomplishments and influences in music joining him with Queen, Whitney Houston and Bon Jovi. And he is consistently ranked as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Overall Eminem received 341 awards from 508 nominations, which includes an Emmy Award win and an Academy Award win. NOTE: These numbers don't jibe with infobox numbers

As of March 2014 he has sold more than 44 million track downloads and 44,91 million albums in the United States alone overtaken The King of Country Music George Strait (44,89 Million) and became the 2nd Best Male Selling - Artist in History of US behind Garth Brooks who has sold 69.52 Million Albums in US.[17] As of April 2014 his newest Album Marshall Mathers LP 2 has sold more than 2,155,315 Copies in US and 4,058,000 Worldwide according to Nielsen SoundScan.[17]

Academy Awards[edit]

The Academy Award, also known as the "Oscar", is an award presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) at an annual ceremony, in recognition of people in the film industry. Eminem won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 75th Academy Awards, for his single "Lose Yourself" from the soundtrack of 8 Mile.[18] Thus he became the first hip hop artist ever to win an Academy Award. He was not present at the ceremony, but musician Luis Resto accepted the award.[19]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2003"Lose Yourself"Best Original SongWon

American Music Awards[edit]

The American Music Awards is an annual music awards show launched in 1973, by television personality Dick Clark to compete with the Grammy Awards. Eminem himself has been nominated for 20 awards while his albums were nominated for seven awards; he has won a total of 14 awards.[20]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2001EminemFavorite Pop/Rock Male ArtistNominated
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male ArtistNominated
2003Fan ChoiceWon
Favorite Hip-Hop/R&B Male ArtistWon
Favorite Pop/Rock Male ArtistWon
The Eminem ShowFavorite Hip-Hop/R&B AlbumWon
Favorite Pop/Rock AlbumWon
2005EncoreFavorite Rap/Hip-Hop AlbumWon
EminemFavorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male ArtistWon
2006Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male ArtistWon
Curtain Call: The HitsFavorite Rap/Hip-Hop AlbumNominated
2009RelapseFavorite Rap/Hip-Hop AlbumNominated
EminemArtist of the YearNominated
Favorite Pop/Rock Male ArtistNominated
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male ArtistNominated
2010Artist of the YearNominated
Favorite Pop/Rock Male ArtistNominated
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male ArtistWon
RecoveryFavorite Pop/Rock AlbumNominated
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop AlbumWon
2014EminemFavorite Rap/Hip-Hop ArtistNominated
The Marshall Mathers LP 2Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop AlbumNominated

ARIA Music Awards[edit]

The Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (commonly known as ARIA Music Awards or ARIA Awards) is an annual series of awards nights celebrating the Australian music industry, put on by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

2014[21]EminemBest International ArtistNominated

ASCAP Pop Music Awards[edit]

In 2003 Eminem's song Without Me was acknowledged as one of the most played songs by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.[22]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2003"Without Me"Most Performed SongWon

Barbados Music Awards[edit]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2011"Love The Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best CollaborationWon

BET Awards[edit]

The BET Awards were established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television network to celebrate African Americans and other minorities in music, acting.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2012[23]Bad Meets EvilBest GroupNominated

BET Hip-Hop Awards[edit]

The BET Hip Hop Awards are an annual awards show, airing on BET, showcasing hip hop performers, producers and music video directors.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2011[24]"Love The Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best Hip-Hop VideoNominated
2014EminemLyricist of the YearNominated
"The Monster" (featuring Rihanna)Best Collabo, Duo or GroupNominated
The Marshall Mathers LP 2Album of the YearNominated

Billboard Music Awards[edit]

The Billboard Music Awards is an honor presented by Billboard magazine at an annual ceremony to acknowledge the accomplishments of musicians. Eminem has won 17 awards.[25]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2000The Real Slim ShadyMaximum Vision VideoWon
Best Rap/Hip-Hop Clip of the YearWon
2002[26]The Eminem ShowAlbum of the YearWon
R&B/Hip-Hop Album of the YearWon
Top 200 Billboard AlbumWon
2009EminemArtist of the DecadeWon
2010 [27]EminemMale Artist of the YearWon
2011EminemTop ArtistWon
Top Billboard 200 ArtistNominated
Top Digital Media ArtistNominated
Top Digital Songs ArtistNominated
Top Male ArtistWon
Top Rap ArtistWon
Top Social ArtistNominated
Top Streaming ArtistWon
RecoveryTop Billboard 200 AlbumWon
Top Rap AlbumWon
"Not Afraid"Top Streaming Song (Video)Nominated
"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Top Digital SongNominated
Top Hot 100 SongNominated
Top Radio SongNominated
Top Rap SongWon
Top Streaming Song (Audio)Nominated
Top Streaming Song (Video)Nominated
2011Bad Meets EvilTop Social ArtistWon
Top Billboard 200 ArtistNominated
2014[28]EminemTop Billboard 200 ArtistNominated
Top Male ArtistNominated
Top Rap ArtistWon
The Marshall Mathers LP 2Top Billboard 200 AlbumNominated
Top Rap AlbumWon

Black Reel Awards[edit]

The Black Reel Awards began in 2000 and were designed to annually recognize and celebrate the achievements of black people in feature, independent and television films.

YearNominated workAwardResult
2003[29]8 MileBest Film SoundtrackNominated
2004[30]"Tupac: Resurrection"Best Song

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards[edit]

The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards was a film awards ceremony, founded by Blockbuster Inc., that ran from 1995 until 2001. The awards were produced by Ken Ehrlich every year.[31]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2000EminemFavorite New Male ArtistWon
2001EminemFavorite Male ArtistWon
Favorite Rap ArtistWon
The Marshall Mathers LPFavorite CDNominated

BMI Awards[edit]

BMI Film/TV Awards[edit]

American performance rights organization Broadcast Music Incorporated annually hosts the BMI Film/TV Awards to honor musicians based on the BMI catalogue. In 2003, Eminem took home two awards for his work on "Lose Yourself".[32]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2003"Lose Yourself"Best MusicWon
Most Performed Song From A FilmWon

BMI Pop Awards[edit]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2011[33]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Publisher Of The YearWon

BMI Urban Awards[edit]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2011[34]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Publisher Of The YearWon
Award-Winning Song

Brit Awards[edit]

The Brit Awards are an annual awards ceremony presented by the British Phonographic Industry, related to popular music. Eminem has been nominated for a total of seven Brit Awards and has won four of them, tying with Björk as the fourth most successful international winner at the ceremony.[35][36][37]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2001EminemBest International Male Solo ArtistWon
2003Best International Male Solo ArtistWon
The Eminem ShowBest International AlbumWon
2005EminemBest International Male Solo ArtistWon
2010Best International Male Solo ArtistNominated
RecoveryBest International AlbumNominated
2014EminemBest International Male Solo ArtistNominated

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards[edit]

YearNominated worksAwardResult
2003[38]8 MileMost Promising PerformerNominated

Detroit Music Awards[edit]

The Detroit Music Awards (DMAs) is an annual awards ceremony presented by the Motor City Music Foundation; it was launched in 1998. Eminem won 9 awards out of 16 nominations at the 2011 show.[39]

YearNominated worksAwardResult
2001The Marshall Mathers LPOutstanding National AlbumWon
"The Real Slim Shady"Outstanding National SingleWon
2003The Eminem ShowOutstanding National AlbumNominated
Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 MileOutstanding National AlbumNominated
"Lose Yourself"Outstanding National SingleWon
"Without Me"Outstanding National SingleNominated
2005EncoreOutstanding National Major Label RecordingWon
2011RecoveryOutstanding National Major Label RecordingWon
"Not Afraid"Outstanding National SingleWon
"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Outstanding National SingleNominated
Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000)Nominated
"Not Afraid"Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000)Won
2014The Marshall Mathers LP 2Outstanding National Major Label RecordingWon
"Rap God"Outstanding National SingleNominated
"Rap God"Outstanding Video / Major Budget (over $10,000)Nominated
"Berzerk"Outstanding Video / Major Budget (over $10,000)Won

ECHO Awards[edit]

The ECHO Awards is an annual awards ceremony presented by the . Eminem has won 7 Awards out of 8 Nominations make him the most successful Artist in this Category (Best International Hip-Hop/Urban Artist).

YearNominated worksAwardResult
2001Marshall Mathers LPBest Hip-Hop/Urban Artist (International)[40]Won
2002Devil's NightBest Hip-Hop/Urban Artist (International)[40]Won
2003The Eminem ShowBest Hip-Hop/Urban Artist (International)[40]Won
2005EncoreBest Hip-Hop/Urban Artist (International)[40]Won
2007Curtain Call: The HitsBest Hip Hop/Urban Artist (International) [41]Won
2010RelapseBest Hip Hop/Urban Artist (International)[42]Nominated
2011RecoveryBest Hip Hop/Urban Artist (International)[43]Won
2014The Marshall Mathers LP 2Best Hip Hop/Urban Artist (International)[44]Won

Emmy Awards[edit]

An Emmy Award, or simply Emmy, recognizes excellence in the television industry.

YearNominated worksAwardResult
2011[45]"Born of Fire: Chrysler 200"CommercialWon

Grammy Awards[edit]

The Grammy Awards, previously known as the Gramophone Award, is an accolade which has been presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences since 1959. Eminem has won 13 awards from 42 nominations.[46]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2000"My Name Is"Best Rap Solo PerformanceWon
"Guilty Conscience" (featuring Dr. Dre)Best Rap Performance by a Duo or GroupNominated
The Slim Shady LPBest Rap AlbumWon
2001The Marshall Mathers LPAlbum of the YearNominated
Best Rap AlbumWon
"The Real Slim Shady"Best Rap Solo PerformanceWon
"Forgot About Dre" (with Dr. Dre)Best Rap Performance by a Duo or GroupWon
2003The Eminem ShowAlbum of the YearNominated
Best Rap AlbumWon
"Without Me"Record of the YearNominated
Best Rap Solo PerformanceNominated
Best Short Form Music VideoWon
2004"Lose Yourself"Record of the YearNominated
Song of the YearNominated
Best Rap Solo PerformanceWon
Best Rap SongWon
Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual MediaNominated
2005"Just Lose It"Best Rap Solo PerformanceNominated
"Encore" (featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent)Best Rap Performance by a Duo or GroupNominated
EncoreBest Rap AlbumNominated
2007"Smack That" (with Akon)Best Rap/Sung CollaborationNominated
"Shake That" (featuring Nate Dogg)Nominated
2010"Beautiful"Best Rap Solo PerformanceNominated
"Crack a Bottle" (featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent)Best Rap Performance by a Duo or GroupWon
RelapseBest Rap AlbumWon
2011RecoveryAlbum of the YearNominated
Best Rap AlbumWon
"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Record of the YearNominated
Song of the YearNominated
Best Rap SongNominated
Best Rap/Sung CollaborationNominated
Best Short Form Music VideoNominated
"Airplanes, Part II" (with B.o.B and Hayley Williams)Best Pop Collaboration with VocalsNominated
"Not Afraid"Best Rap Solo PerformanceWon
Best Rap SongNominated
2012"I Need a Doctor"Best Rap/Sung CollaborationNominated
Best Rap SongNominated
2014"Berzerk"Best Rap PerformanceNominated
2015"Rap God"Pending
"The Monster"Best Rap/Sung CollaborationPending
The Marshall Mathers LP 2Best Rap AlbumPending

Golden Globe Awards[edit]

The Golden Globe Award is presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Association to recognize excellence in film. Eminem was nominated for Best Original Song in 2002.[47]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2002"Lose Yourself"Best Original SongNominated

iHeartRadio Music Awards[edit]

The iHeartRadio Music Awards are international music awards show founded by iHeartRadio in 2014. Eminem has received 2 nominations.

YearNominated artistAwardResult
2014[48]"The Monster" (featuring Rihanna)Song Of The YearNominated
Best Collaboration

International Dance Music Awards[edit]

YearNominated workAwardResult
2011[49]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best Rap/Hip Hop Dance TrackNominated

Japan Radio Popular Disc Awards[edit]

The Japan Radio Popular Disc Awards are an annual awards ceremony that takes place in Tokyo. Eminem won the award for Best Male Vocalist in 2001.[50]

YearNominated artistAwardResult
2001EminemBest Male VocalistWon

Juno Awards[edit]

The Juno Awards are presented annually by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to honorable Canadian musicians and artists who are nominated for international categories. Eminem has won two awards for his studio albums.[51][52]

YearNominated worksAwardResult
2001The Marshall Mathers LPBest Selling Album (foreign or domestic)Won
2003The Eminem ShowInternational Album of the YearWon
2005EncoreInternational Album of the YearNominated
2011RecoveryInternational Album of the YearNominated
2014The Marshall Mathers LP 2International Album of the YearNominated

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

The Mnet Asian Music Awards, otherwise abbreviated as MAMA, is an award show held by Mnet annually that credits South Korean artists, as well as foreign artists who have had an impact in the South Korean Music industry.

2002EminemBest International Artist[53]Won

MOBO Awards[edit]

YearNominated artist and workAwardResult
2000[54]The Real Slim ShadyBest Hip Hop ActWon
2010[55]EminemBest International ActWon

MTV Awards[edit]

Altogether Eminem's MTV Awards are 35 out of 90 Nominations, including MTV Asia Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards Japan.

MTV Africa Music Awards[edit]

YearNominated artist and workAwardResult
2010 [56]EminemBest International ArtistWon

MTV Asia Awards[edit]

The MTV Asia Awards take place biannually to honor Asian and international artists. Eminem was nominated for Favorite Male Artist in 2002.[57]

YearNominated artist and workAwardResult
2002EminemFavorite Male ArtistNominated
2003Favorite Male ArtistNominated
"Without Me"Favorite VideoNominated
2004EminemFavorite Male ArtistNominated
2006Favorite Male ArtistNominated

MTV Europe Music Awards[edit]

The MTV Europe Music Awards ("EMAs", originally MTV European Music Awards) were established in 1994 by MTV Networks Europe to celebrate the most popular songs and singers in Europe. Originally beginning as an alternative to the American MTV Video Music Awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards is today a popular celebration of what MTV worldwide viewers consider the best in music. In total Eminem has won 15 Awards out of 26 Nominations. He is the winner of most EMAs of all-time and became the 1st Rapper to win "Global Icon Award" in 2013.[58]

YearNominated artist and workAwardResult
1999EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
Best New ActNominated
2000EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
Best Male ActNominated
Marshall Mathers LPBest AlbumWon
2001EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
StanBest SongNominated
2002EminemBest Male ActWon
Best Hip-Hop ActWon
The Eminem ShowBest AlbumWon
Best Rap/Hip-Hop AlbumWon
Without MeBest VideoNominated
2003EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
2004D12Best Hip-Hop ActWon
Best GroupNominated
2005EminemBest MaleNominated
2009EminemBest Urban ActNominated
Best Male ActWon
We Made YouBest VideoNominated
2010EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
2011EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
Best Male ActNominated
2013EminemBest Hip-Hop ActWon
Best MaleNominated
Global Icon AwardWon
2014EminemBest Hip-Hop ActNominated
Best US ActNominated
Best MaleNominated
"The Monster" (featuring Rihanna)Best SongNominated

MTV Italy Awards[edit]

The Italian MTV Awards are accolades introduced in 2013 by MTV Italy. Prizes are awarded in several categories, based on public's televotes.[59] Eminem received a nomination during the second edition of the Italian MTV Awards.

YearNominated artist and workAwardResult
2014EminemSuper Man[60]Nominated
Artist Saga

MTV Movie Awards[edit]

Eminem won two awards for his feature film acting debut in 8 Mile at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards.[61][62]

YearNominated FilmRoleAwardResult
20038 MileJimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith Jr.Best Male PerformanceWon
Best Breakthrough MaleWon

MTV Video Music Awards[edit]

YearNominated worksAwardResult
1999[63]"My Name Is"Best Male VideoNominated
Best New Artist in a VideoWon
Best Direction in a VideoNominated
"Guilty Conscience"Breakthrough VideoNominated
2000[64]"The Real Slim Shady"Video of the YearWon
Best Male VideoWon
Best Rap VideoNominated
Viewer's ChoiceNominated
Best Direction in a VideoNominated
Best Editing in a VideoNominated
2001[65]"Stan" (featuring Dido)Video of the YearNominated
Best Male VideoNominated
Best Rap VideoNominated
Best Direction in a VideoNominated
Best Cinematography in a VideoNominated
2002"Without Me"[66]Video of the YearWon
Best Male VideoWon
Best Rap VideoWon
Best Direction in a VideoWon
Best Editing in a VideoNominated
Viewer's ChoiceNominated
2003"Lose Yourself"[67]Video of the YearNominated
Best Male VideoNominated
Best Rap VideoNominated
Best Video from a FilmWon
Viewer's ChoiceNominated
2005[68]"Just Lose It"Best Rap VideoNominated
"Mosh"Breakthrough VideoNominated
2009"We Made You"[69]Video of the YearNominated
Best Hip-Hop VideoWon
Best Male VideoNominated
Best Special EffectsNominated
2010"Not Afraid"[70]Video of the YearNominated
Best Hip-Hop VideoWon
Best Male VideoWon
Best Art DirectionNominated
Best CinematographyNominated
Best DirectionNominated
Best EditingNominated
Best Special EffectsNominated
2011"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best Male VideoNominated
Best Cinematography[71]Nominated
Best Direction[72]Nominated
Best Video with a Message[73]Nominated
2014[74]"The Monster" (featuring Rihanna)Best Male VideoNominated
Best CollaborationNominated
Best DirectionNominated
"Berzerk"Best Hip-Hop VideoNominated
"Rap God"Best Art DirectionNominated
Best EditingWon
Best Visual EffectsNominated

MuchMusic Video Awards[edit]

The MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs) is an annual award show presented by the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic to honour the year's best music videos.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2003[75]"Lose Yourself"People's Choice: Favorite international artistWon
"Without Me"Best international video - artistNominated
"Cleanin' Out My Closet"
2011[76]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Most Watched Video of the Year
International Video of the Year - Artist
UR Fave International Artist
2012[77]"Lighters" (featuring Bruno Mars)International Video of the Year - Group

MYX Music Awards[edit]

The MYX Music Awards is an accolade presented by the cable channel Myx to honor the biggest hitmakers in the Philippines.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2011[78]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Favorite International VideoNominated

NAACP Image Awards[edit]

The NAACP Image Awards are awards presented annually by the American National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to honor outstanding people of color in film, television, music, and literature.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2011[79]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best CollaborationNominated

NRJ Music Awards[edit]

The NRJ Music Awards, created in 2000 by the French radio station NRJ, give out awards to popular musicians by different categories.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2005[80]EminemInternational Male Artist of The YearNominated
2011[81]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best International Song
Video of the Year
Rihanna & EminemBest International Duo

Online Film Critics Society Awards[edit]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2003[82]"8 Mile"Best Breakthrough PerformanceNominated

People's Choice Awards[edit]

People's Choice Awards is an annual Award Show, People vote on internet their Favorite Artists, Actors etc. Eminem has won 7 Awards out of 10 Nominations.[83]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2002EminemFavorite Male Musical PerformerNominated
2003Favorite Male Musical PerformerWon
2007"Shake That"Favorite Hip-Hop SongNominated
2010EminemFavorite Male ArtistNominated
Favorite Hip-Hop ArtistWon
2011Favorite Male ArtistWon
Favorite Hip-Hop ArtistWon
Love the Way You Lie (featuring Rihanna)Favorite SongWon
Favorite Music VideoWon
2012EminemFavorite Hip-Hop ArtistWon

Spike Video Game Awards[edit]

Spike Video Game Awards (also known as the VGAs, and the VGX in its final year) was an annual award show hosted by Spike TV between 2003 and 2013 (a decade long run) that recognized the best computer and video games of the year.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2013[84]"Survival"Best Song In A GameNominated

Soul Train Music Awards[edit]

The Soul Train Music Awards is an annual award show which previously aired in national television syndication, and honors the best in Black music.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2010[85]"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Best hip-hop song of the yearWon

Soundscan Special Award[edit]

Nielsen SoundScan is an information and sales tracking system created by Mike Fine and Mike Shalett. SoundScan is the official method of tracking sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. In 2010 Nielsen Soundscan gave a Special Award to Eminem, named him as "Best Selling Artist of the Decade"[86] for his successful album sales between 2000-2009. Two of his albums The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show have received Diamond certifications in the US. Eminem had sold over 96 million albums worldwide as of May, 2014.[87]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2010EminemBest-Selling Artist of the Decade (2000-2009)Won

Satellite Awards[edit]

The Satellite Awards are annual awards given by the International Press Academy that are commonly noted in entertainment industry journals and blogs.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2003[88]"Lose Yourself"Best Original SongNominated

Swiss Music Awards[edit]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2014[89]The Marshall Mathers LP 2Best Album Urban InternationalWon

Teen Choice Awards[edit]

Eminem has won 10 Teen Choice Awards. He has been nominated for a total of 13.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2003 [90]EminemChoice Movie: Actor Drama/Action AdventureWon
Choice Crossover ArtistNominated
Choice Movie: Breakout Star - MaleWon
Choice Music: Male ArtistWon
Choice Music: Rap ArtistWon
2005 [91]EminemChoice Music: Rap ArtistWon
"Mockingbird"Choice Music: Rap TrackWon
2010 [92]EminemChoice Music: Best Male ArtistNominated
Choice Music: Best Rap ArtistWon
RelapseChoice Music: Best Rap AlbumWon
"Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna)Choice Music: Rap/Hip-Hop TrackWon
2011 [93]EminemChoice Music: R&B/Hip-Hop ArtistWon

UK Video Music Awards[edit]

The UK Music Video Awards is an annual celebration of creativity, technical excellence and innovation in music video and moving image for music.

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2011[94]"Love the Way You Lie" (w/ Rihanna)Best Urban Video – InternationalNominated

Vibe Magazine Special Awards[edit]

Vibe magazine launched the "Best Rapper Alive Tournament" on July 21, 2008. There were four brackets, and four number 1 seeds: Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Andre 3000. The actual final four included Ludacris, The Game, Eminem and Jay-Z. The last two rappers standing were Eminem and Jay-Z, with Eminem eventually garnering 69% of the votes for the victory. When Em heard the news, he stated: "It’s obviously an honor to have won the fans' support by being voted the Best Rapper Alive. I don't think that there is any one rapper that is simply the best though. Everyone who was in consideration and many others are the best at certain things, and at what they do. But since VIBE 's offering the distinction, hell yeah I'll accept!"[95]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2008EminemBest Rapper AliveWon

World Music Awards[edit]

The World Music Awards is an international awards show founded in 1989 under the high patronage of Albert II, Prince of Monaco and is based in Monte-Carlo. Awards are presented to the world's best-selling artists in the various categories and to the best-selling artists from each major territory. Sales figures are provided by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Nine awards are voted online by the public.[96]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2001EminemWorlds Best Selling Rap/Hip-Hop ArtistWon
2003EminemWorlds Best Selling American ArtistWon
Worlds Best Pop/Rock ArtistWon
Worlds Best American Male ArtistWon
2005EminemWorlds Best Selling Pop/Rock ArtistWon
Worlds Best Selling Rap/Hip-Hop ArtistWon
2010EminemWorlds Best Rap/Hip-Hop Selling ArtistWon
2014EminemWorlds Best Selling ArtistWon
Worlds Best Rap/Hip-Hop Selling ArtistWon
Worlds Best American Selling ArtistWon
World's Best Male ArtistNominated
World's Best Live Act
World's Best Entertainer
"Berzerk"World's Best Song
World's Best Video
"Rap God"World's Best Song
World's Best Video
"Survival"World's Best Song
World's Best Video
"The Monster" (featuring Rihanna)World's Best Song
World's Best Video
"My Life " (with 50 Cent and Adam Levine)World's Best Song
World's Best Video
The Marshall Mathers LP 2World's Best Album

World Soundtrack Awards[edit]

The World Soundtrack Awards are presented annually by the World Soundtrack Academy and honors accomplishment in film music.

YearNominated worksAwardResult
2003[97]"Lose Yourself"Best Original Song Written for a FilmNominated

Youtube Music Awards[edit]

YearNominated artist and worksAwardResult
2013[98]EminemArtist of the YearWon


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