List of airports in Paraguay

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This is a list of airports in Paraguay, sorted by location.



Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served / LocationDepartmentICAOIATAAirport nameImage
Asunción / LuqueCapital District
/ Central
SGASASUSilvio Pettirossi International AirportSilvio Pettirossi International Airport.jpg
AyolasMisionesSGAYAYOJuan de Ayolas AirportAYO pic.jpg
Ciudad del Este / Minga GuazúAlto ParanáSGESAGTGuaraní International AirportGuarani AGT.jpg
ConcepciónConcepciónSGCOCIOTeniente Coronel Carmelo Peralta Airport
EncarnaciónItapúaSGENENOTeniente Amin Ayub Airport
FiladelfiaBoquerónSGFIFLMFiladelfia Airport
Fuerte OlimpoAlto ParaguaySGOLFuerte Olimpo Airport
HernandariasAlto ParanáSGIBItaipu Airport
La VictoriaAlto ParaguaySGLVLa Victoria Airport
Mariscal EstigarribiaBoquerónSGMEESGDr. Luis Maria Argaña International Airport
Pedro Juan CaballeroAmambaySGPJPJCDr. Augusto Roberto Fuster International Airport100px
PilarÑeembucúSGPIPILCarlos Miguel Jiménez Airport
Puerto VallemiConcepciónVMIDr. Juan Plate Airport
Salto del GuairáCanindeyúSGGRSalto del Guairá Airport
Santa TeresaAmambaySGSTSanta Teresa Airport


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