List of airports in Honduras

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Map of Honduras

This is a list of airports in Honduras, sorted by location.

Honduras, officially the Republic of Honduras (Spanish: República de Honduras), is a republic in Central America. It was formerly known as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras (now Belize). The country is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Its area is just over 112,000 square kilometres (43,000 sq mi) with an estimated population of almost 8 million inhabitants. The nation is currently divided into 18 departments (departamentos). The capital city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa.

Airports[edit source | edit]

Names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location servedDepartmentICAOIATAAirport name
AhuásGracias a DiosAHSAhuás Airport
AmapalaValleMHAMAmapala Airport (Los Pelonas)
Brus LagunaGracias a DiosMHBLBHGBrus Laguna Airport
CatacamasOlanchoMHCACAACatacamas Airport
CauquiraGracias a DiosCDDCauquira Airport
CholutecaCholutecaMHCHCholuteca Airport
ComayaguaComayaguaMHCGComayagua Airport
ComayaguaComayaguaMHSCXPLCoronel Enrique Soto Cano Air Base (Palmerola Air Base)
CoyolesYoroCYLCoyoles Airport
El ProgresoYoroMHPEEl Progreso Airport
ErandiqueLempiraEDQErandique Airport
GraciasLempiraGACGracias Airport
GualacoOlanchoGUOGualaco Airport
GuanajaBay IslandsMHNJGJAGuanaja Airport
IrionaColónIRNIriona Airport
Islas del Cisne (Swan Islands)Gracias a DiosMHICIslas del Cisne Airport
JuticalpaOlanchoMHJUJUTJuticalpa Airport
La CeibaAtlántidaMHLCLCEGolosón International Airport
La EsperanzaIntibucáMHLELEZLa Esperanza Airport
La UniónLUILa Unión Airport
Las LimasEl ParaísoLLHLas Limas Airport
LimónColónLMHLimón Airport
MarcalaLa PazMHMAMRJMarcala Airport
MocorónGracias a DiosMHDUMocorón Airport (Durzona)
Nuevo OcotepequeOcotepequeMHNVNuevo Ocotepeque Airport
OlanchitoYoroMHOAOANOlanchito Airport
PalaciosGracias a DiosPCHPalacios Airport
Puerto CastillaColónMHCTPuerto Castilla Airport
Puerto CortésCortésMHPUPuerto Cortes Airport
Puerto LempiraGracias a DiosMHPLPEUPuerto Lempira Airport
RoatánBay IslandsMHRORTBJuan Manuel Gálvez International Airport
Ruinas de CopánCopánMHRURUYRuinas de Copan Airport
San EstebanColónSETSan Esteban Airport
San Pedro Sula / La MesaCortésMHLMSAPRamón Villeda Morales International Airport
Santa BárbaraSanta BárbaraMHSBSanta Bárbara Airport
Santa Rosa de CopánCopánMHSRSDHSanta Rosa de Copán Airport
SulacoYoroSCDSulaco Airport
TegucigalpaFrancisco MorazánMHTGTGUToncontín International Airport
TelaAtlántidaMHTETEATela Airport
TocoaColónTCFTocoa Airport
TrujilloColónMHTJTJITrujillo Airport
VictoriaYoroVTAVictoria Airport
YoroYoroMHYROROYoro Airport
ÚtilaBay IslandsMHUTUIIÚtila Airport

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