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Map of Haiti

This is a list of airports in Haiti, grouped by type and sorted by location.

Haiti, officially the Republic of Haiti, is a Caribbean country. It occupies the western, smaller portion of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. The total area of Haiti is 27,750 square kilometres (10,714 sq mi). Its capital is Port-au-Prince. The official languages are Haitian Creole and French.

Haiti is divided into ten departments, which are further divided into 41 arrondissements, and 133 communes.



Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City servedDepartmentICAOIATAAirport nameRunway
Cap-HaïtienNordMTCHCAPCap-Haitien International Airport4,886 ft × 131 ft (1,489 m × 40 m) paved[1]
Port-au-PrinceOuestMTPPPAPToussaint Louverture International Airport9,974 ft × 141 ft (3,040 m × 43 m) paved[2]
JacmelSud-EstMTJAJAKJacmel Airport3,937 ft × 95 ft (1,200 m × 29 m) paved[3]
JérémieGrand'AnseMTJEJEEJérémie Airport3,937 ft (1,200 m) unpaved
Les CayesSudMTCACYAAntoine-Simon Airport3,666 ft × 80 ft (1,117 m × 24 m) paved[4]
Port-de-PaixNord-OuestMTPXPAXPort-de-Paix Airport2,100 ft (640 m) unpaved
Anse-à-GaletsOuestn/aLGNAnse-à-Galets Airport (on Île de la Gonâve)2,448 ft (746 m) unpaved
Anse-RougeArtiboniten/aANRAnse-Rouge Airport1,962 ft (598 m) unpaved
BelladereCentren/aBELBelladere Airport3,300 ft (1,000 m) unpaved
Fond des BlancsSudn/an/aFond-des-Blancs Airportunpaved
HincheCentren/aHINHinche Airport2,660 ft (810 m) unpaved
Haut-PalmistesNord-Ouestn/an/aHaut-Palmistes Airport (on Île de la Tortue)unpaved
Mole Saint-NicolasNord-Ouestn/aMSNMole Saint-Nicolas Airport3,220 ft (980 m) unpaved
OuanamintheNord-Estn/aOANOuanaminthe Airport2,424 ft (739 m) unpaved
PhaetonNord-Estn/aFLTPhaeton Airfield3,238 ft (987 m) unpaved
PignonNordn/aPGNPignon Airport3,500 ft (1,100 m) unpaved
Port-SalutSudn/aPSTPort-Salut Airport2,628 ft (801 m) unpaved

Makeshift airstrips

In the wake of the 7.0 magnitude 2010 Haiti earthquake of January 12, several makeshift airports have been set up around the country to facilitate aide shipments.

Outside of Léogâne, a makeshift airstrip has been set up on part of Route 9, a highway of the commune, able to handle small planes.[5]

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