List of airports in Croatia

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Civil airports in Croatia

This is a list of airports in Croatia, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City servedICAOIATAAirport nameLocation
ÿ Civil airportsÿÿÿÿ
BračLDSBBWKBol Airport
DubrovnikLDDUDBVDubrovnik Airport42°33′44″N 18°15′57″E / 42.5622383800°N 18.2657594100°E / 42.5622383800; 18.2657594100
Mali LošinjLDLOLSZLošinj Airport44°33′56″N 14°23′53″E / 44.5655036300°N 14.3979867300°E / 44.5655036300; 14.3979867300
OsijekLDOSOSIOsijek Airport45°27′32″N 18°49′24″E / 45.4589001100°N 18.8232948400°E / 45.4589001100; 18.8232948400
PulaLDPLPUYPula Airport44°53′34″N 13°55′00″E / 44.8926854400°N 13.9166197000°E / 44.8926854400; 13.9166197000
RijekaLDRIRJKRijeka Airport45°13′12″N 14°34′03″E / 45.2198913100°N 14.5674886900°E / 45.2198913100; 14.5674886900
SplitLDSPSPUSplit Airport43°32′19″N 16°17′55″E / 43.5385091500°N 16.2985301000°E / 43.5385091500; 16.2985301000
ZadarLDZDZADZadar Airport44°05′40″N 15°21′10″E / 44.0944431800°N 15.3528740800°E / 44.0944431800; 15.3528740800
ZagrebLDZAZAGZagreb Airport45°44′18″N 16°03′38″E / 45.7383556500°N 16.0606726300°E / 45.7383556500; 16.0606726300
ÿ Sport airportsÿÿÿÿ
ČepinLDOCSport Airport Čepin
ČakovecLDVCSport Airport Čakovec
Ivanić GradSport Airport Ivanić
KoprivnicaLDVKSport Airport Koprivnica
OtočacLDROSport Airport Otočac
RijekaLDRGSport Airport Grobničko Polje
SinjLDSSSport Airport Sinj
Slavonski BrodLDORSport Airport Slavonski Brod
VaraždinLDVASport Airport Varaždin
VrsarLDPVSport Airport Vrsar
LučkoLDZLSport Airport Lučko
ÿ Military airportsÿÿÿÿ
ZatonŠepurine Training Base
UdbinaLDZUUdbina Airport

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