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This list of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy (ten are active) includes all types in the main hull numbering sequence, consisting of those commissioned with hull classification symbols CV (aircraft carrier), CVA (attack aircraft carrier), CVB (large aircraft carrier), CVL (light aircraft carrier), CVN (aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion)) and CVAN (attack aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion)). All units after CVA-58 are supercarriers.

For the smaller escort aircraft carriers (CVE), please see list of escort aircraft carriers of the United States Navy.

For grouping by class, please see list of aircraft carrier classes of the United States Navy.

For airship aircraft carriers, please see list of airships of the United States Navy.


CV-1Langley1922Langley-class, lead shipSunk, 27 February 1942 65 nm south of Cilacap, Java
CV-2Lexington1927Lexington-class, lead shipSunk, 8 May 1942 in the Battle of the Coral Sea
CV-3Saratoga1927Lexington-classSunk, 25 July 1946 in Operation Crossroads as a nuclear test target
CV-4Ranger1934Ranger-class, lead shipDecommissioned: 18 October 1946. Scrapped 1947
CV-5Yorktown1937Yorktown-class, lead shipSunk, 7 June 1942 in the Battle of Midway
CV-6Enterprise1938Yorktown-classDecommissioned: 17 February 1947. Scrapped 1960
CV-7Wasp1940Wasp-class, lead shipSunk, 15 September 1942 during the Guadalcanal campaign
CV-8Hornet1941Yorktown-classSunk, 27 October 1942 in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
CV-9 a, c, dEssex1942Essex-class, lead shipDecommissioned: 30 June 1969. Scrapped 1975
CV-10 a, c, dYorktown1943Essex-classDecommissioned: 27 June 1970. Preserved, Patriot's Point Naval & Maritime MuseumMount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
CV-11 b, c, dIntrepid1943Essex-classDecommissioned: 15 March 1974. Preserved, Intrepid Sea-Air-Space MuseumNew York, New York, USA
CV-12 a, c, dHornet1943Essex-classDecommissioned: 26 June 1970. Preserved, USS Hornet MuseumAlameda, California, USA
CV-13 Franklin1944Essex-classDecommissioned: 17 February 1947. Scrapped 1966
CV-14 b, c, dTiconderoga1944Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 1 September 1973. Scrapped 1975
CV-15 a, c, dRandolph1944Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 13 February 1969. Scrapped 1975
CV-16 b, c, fLexington1943Essex-classDecommissioned: 8 November 1991. Preserved, USS Lexington Museum On the BayCorpus Christi, Texas, USA
CV-17 Bunker Hill1943Essex-classDecommissioned: 9 January 1947. Scrapped 1973
CV-18 a, c, dWasp1943Essex-classDecommissioned: 1 July 1972. Scrapped 1973
CV-19 b, cHancock1944Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 30 January 1976. Scrapped 1976
CV-20 a, c, dBennington1944Essex-classDecommissioned: 15 January 1970. Scrapped 1994
CV-21 eBoxer1945Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 1 December 1969. Scrapped 1971
CVL-22Independence1943Independence-class light carrier, lead shipNuclear test target in Operation Crossroads, July 1946. Decommissioned: 28 August 1946. Scuttled 29 January 1951
CVL-23Princeton1943Independence-classSunk, 24 October 1944, Battle of Leyte Gulf
CVL-24Belleau Wood1943Independence-classTransferred to France as Bois Belleau (R97) (1953–1960). Returned to U.S. Scrapped 1960
CVL-25Cowpens1943Independence-classDecommissioned: 13 January 1947. Scrapped 1960
CVL-26Monterey1943Independence-classDecommissioned: 16 January 1956. Scrapped 1971
CVL-27Langley1943Independence-classTransferred to France as La Fayette (R96) (1951–1963). Returned to U.S. Scrapped 1964
CVL-28Cabot1943Independence-classTransferred to Spain as Dédalo (R-01) (1967–1989). Returned to the U.S. Scrapped 2002
CVL-29Bataan1943Independence-classDecommissioned: 9 April 1954. Scrapped 1961
CVL-30San Jacinto1943Independence-classDecommissioned: 1 March 1947. Scrapped 1972
CV-31 b, cBon Homme Richard1944Essex-classDecommissioned: 2 July 1971. Scrapped 1992
CV-32 dLeyte1946Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 15 May 1959. Scrapped 1970
CV-33 a, c, dKearsarge1946Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 13 February 1970. Scrapped 1974
CV-34 a, b, cOriskany1950Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 30 September 1976. Scuttled as an artificial reef, May 2006 in the Gulf of Mexico[1]
(12 August 1945)
Essex-class (extended bow)Canceled while under construction. Hull launched in 1946 and used for experiments and explosive tests. Scrapped 1949
CV-36 dAntietam1945Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 8 May 1963. Scrapped 28 February 1974
CV-37 ePrinceton1945Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 30 January 1970. Scrapped 1971
CV-38 b, c, dShangri-la1944Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 30 July 1971. Scrapped 1988
CV-39 a,dLake Champlain1945Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 2 May 1966. Scrapped 1972
CV-40 dTarawa1945Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 13 May 1960. Scrapped 1968
CVB-41 b, cMidway1945Midway-class, lead shipDecommissioned: 11 April 1992. Preserved, USS Midway MuseumSan Diego, California, USA
CVB-42 b, cFranklin D. Roosevelt1945Midway-classDecommissioned: 30 September 1977. Scrapped 1978
CVB-43 b, cCoral Sea1947Midway-classDecommissioned: 26 April 1990. Scrapped 2000
CV-45 eValley Forge1946Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 15 January 1970. Scrapped 1971
CV-46Iwo JimaCanceled
(12 August 1945)
Essex-class (extended bow)Canceled while under construction. Scrapped 1946
CV-47 dPhilippine Sea1946Essex-class (extended bow)Decommissioned: 28 December 1958. Scrapped 1971
CVL-48Saipan1946Saipan-class, lead shipConverted to USS Arlington (AGMR-2) 1966. Decommissioned: 14 January 1970. Scrapped 1976
CVL-49Wright1947Saipan-classConverted to USS Wright (CC-2) 1963. Decommissioned: 27 May 1970. Scrapped 1980
CV-50CanceledEssex-class (extended bow)Canceled
CV-51CanceledEssex-class (extended bow)Canceled
CV-52CanceledEssex-class (extended bow)Canceled
CV-53CanceledEssex-class (extended bow)Canceled
CV-54CanceledEssex-class (extended bow)Canceled
CV-55CanceledEssex-class (extended bow)Canceled
CVA-58United StatesCanceled
(23 April 1949)
United States–class supercarrier, lead shipCanceled five days after the ship's keel was laid down
CV-59Forrestal1955Forrestal-class supercarrier, lead shipDecommissioned 11 September 1993. Sold for scrapping in Brownsville, Texas.[2][3][4]
CV-60Saratoga1956Forrestal-class supercarrierDecommissioned 20 August 1994. Sold for scrapping in Brownsville, Texas. Currently being towed to Brownesville TX for dismantling.
CV-61Ranger1957Forrestal-class supercarrierDecommissioned 10 July 1993. To be dismantled, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CV-62Independence1959Forrestal-class supercarrierDecommissioned 30 September 1998. Awaiting disposal, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CV-63Kitty Hawk1961Kitty Hawk–class supercarrier, lead shipDecommissioned 12 May 2009. In reserve until 2015, docked at NISMF, Bremerton, WA
CV-64Constellation1961Kitty Hawk–class supercarrierDecommissioned 6 August 2003. Sold for scrapping in Brownsville, Texas[5]
CVN-65Enterprise1961Enterprise-class supercarrier, lead shipInactive 1 December 2012. Anticipated decommissioning 2015.
Defueling, docked at Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia.[6]
Slated for disposal[6]
CV-66America1965Kitty Hawk–class supercarrierDecommissioned 9 August 1996. Scuttled in 2005 as a live-fire test platform
CV-67John F. Kennedy1968Kennedy-class supercarrier, lead shipDecommissioned 1 August 2007. On donation hold, docked at NISMF, Philadelphia, PA.
CVN-68 in active serviceNimitz1975Nimitz-class supercarrier, lead shipActive; Homeport: Naval Station Everett, Everett, Washington
CVN-69 in active serviceDwight D. Eisenhower1977Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia (in dry dock for maintenance through at least November 2014)[7]
CVN-70 in active serviceCarl Vinson1982Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, California
CVN-71 in active serviceTheodore Roosevelt1986Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-72 in active serviceAbraham Lincoln1989Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia (in dry dock through November 2016 for Refueling and Complex OverHaul)[8]
CVN-73 in active serviceGeorge Washington1992Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Yokosuka Naval Base, Yokosuka, Japan
CVN-74 in active serviceJohn C. Stennis1995Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, Washington (in dry dock for maintenance at least through August 2014)[9]
CVN-75 in active serviceHarry S. Truman1998Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-76 in active serviceRonald Reagan2003Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, California
CVN-77 in active serviceGeorge H.W. Bush2009Nimitz-class supercarrierActive; Homeport: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-78Gerald R. Ford2015[10]Ford-class supercarrier, lead shipFloated in dry dock 2013; Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia
CVN-79John F. Kennedy~2020[10]Ford-class supercarrierFirst steel cut; Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia
CVN-80Enterprise[6]~2025[10]Ford-class supercarrierPlanned; Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia

(† = in active service)

a): converted for jets, hydraulic catapults, 1950–54
b): converted for jets, steam catapults, 1954–59
c): converted to angled deck, 1956–59
d): retasked to ASW (CVS), 1953–69
e): converted to amphibious assault ship, LPH, 1959
f): converted for training, CVT, 1969

Training ships[edit]

USS Sable

During World War II, the United States Navy purchased two Great Lakes side-wheel paddle steamers and converted them into freshwater aircraft carrier training ships. Both vessels were designated with the hull classification symbol IX (Unclassified Miscellaneous) and lacked hangar decks, elevators or armaments. The role of these ships was for the training of pilots for carrier take-offs and landings.[11] Together the Sable and Wolverine trained 17,820 pilots in 116,000 carrier landings. Of these, 51,000 landings were on Sable.[12]

IX-64Wolverine1942Training shipDecommissioned: 7 November 1945. Scrapped 1947
IX-81Sable1943Training shipDecommissioned: 7 November 1945. Scrapped 1948


USS Enterprise with USS Long Beach and USS Bainbridge.
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

The active carriers of the US Navy

Active Nimitz-class carriers:

Under construction[edit]

Under-construction Gerald R. Ford–class aircraft carriers:


Planned Gerald R. Ford–class aircraft carriers:

Aircraft-carrier museums[edit]

See: U.S. Navy Museum#Aircraft-carrier museums

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