List of actors who played President of the United States

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This is a partial list of actors and actresses who have played the role of a real or fictitious President of the United States in films or television.

Presidents who played themselves[edit]


Bill ClintonHimselfFirst Kid1996
Bill ClintonHimselfContact1997


ActorPresidentTV showYear
George W. BushHimself"NCIS"2003
Gerald FordHimselfDynasty1983
Jimmy CarterHimselfHome Improvement1994

|- ||Barack Obama || Himself || Sat. Night Live || 2013

Actors who played real presidents[edit]


Joseph KilgourGeorge WashingtonWashington Under the American Flag1909
Joseph KilgourGeorge WashingtonWashington Under the British Flag1909
Joseph KilgourGeorge WashingtonThe Battle Cry of Peace1915
Joseph KilgourGeorge WashingtonThe Dawn of Freedom1915
William BerryGeorge WashingtonThe Spirit of '761917
Duke R. LeeGeorge WashingtonIn the Days of Daniel Boone1923
Arthur DeweyGeorge WashingtonAmerica1924
George NashGeorge WashingtonAlexander Hamilton1924
George NashGeorge WashingtonYorktown1924
Francis X. BushmanGeorge WashingtonThe Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Ross1927
Alan DinehartGeorge WashingtonThe Road is Open Again1933
Robert WarwickGeorge WashingtonGive Me Liberty1936
Montagu LoveGeorge WashingtonSons of Liberty1939
Barry BostwickGeorge WashingtonGeorge Washington (TV mini-series)1984
Frank WindsorGeorge WashingtonRevolution1985
Barry BostwickGeorge WashingtonGeorge Washington: The Forging of a Nation (TV mini-series)1986
Jeff DanielsGeorge WashingtonThe Crossing2000
Terry LaymanGeorge WashingtonThe Patriot2000
Kelsey GrammerGeorge WashingtonBenedict Arnold: A Question of Honor2003
David MorseGeorge WashingtonJohn Adams (TV miniseries)2008
William DanielsJohn Adams17761972
Pat HingleJohn AdamsIndependence1976
Hal HolbrookJohn AdamsGeorge Washington (TV mini-series)1984
Paul GiamattiJohn AdamsJohn Adams (TV miniseries)2008
Ken HowardThomas Jefferson17761972
Ken HowardThomas JeffersonIndependence1976
Jeffrey JonesThomas JeffersonGeorge Washington: The Forging of a Nation (TV mini-series)1986
Nick NolteThomas JeffersonJefferson in Paris1995
Stephen DillaneThomas JeffersonJohn Adams (TV miniseries)2008
Burgess MeredithJames MadisonMagnificent Doll1946
Ken KerchevalJames MadisonThe Adams Chronicles1972
Guy PaulJames MadisonGeorge Washington: The Forging of a Nation (TV mini-series)1986
Morgan WallaceJames MonroeAlexander Hamilton1931
Charles WaldronJames MonroeThe Monroe Doctrine1939
Grant MitchellJohn Quincy AdamsThe Monroe Doctrine1939
Robert Kelly[disambiguation needed]James MonroeGeorge Washington: The Forging of a Nation (TV mini-series)1986
Anthony HopkinsJohn Quincy AdamsAmistad1997
Ebon Moss-BachrachJohn Quincy AdamsJohn Adams (TV miniseries)2008
Charlton HestonAndrew JacksonThe President's Lady1953
Basil RuysdaelAndrew JacksonDavy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier1955
Charlton HestonAndrew JacksonThe Buccaneer1958
Dave McArdleAndrew JacksonAndrew Jackson : Good, Evil & The Presidency2008
G. D. SpradlinAndrew JacksonHouston: The Legend of Texas1986
Nigel HawthorneMartin Van BurenAmistad1997
James SeayWilliam Henry HarrisonBrave Warrior1952
Wolfgang GreeseWilliam Henry HarrisonTecumseh1972
David ClennonWilliam Henry HarrisonTecumseh1994
Edwin StanleyJames K. PolkThe Monroe Doctrine1939
Ian WolfeJames K. PolkCalifornia1946
Addison RichardsJames K. PolkThe Oregon Trail1959
Allan CavanZachary TaylorRebellion1936
James GammonZachary TaylorOne Man's Hero1999
Millard VincentMillard FillmoreThe Monroe Doctrine1939
Porter HallFranklin PierceThe Great Moment1944
Peter CarlisleJames BuchananEdward the Seventh1975
James HandyJames BuchananDeterrence1999
Joseph HenaberyAbraham LincolnThe Birth of a Nation1915
J. Herbert FrankAbraham LincolnIn the Days of Buffalo Bill1922
George A. Billings Sr.Abraham LincolnThe Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln1924
Walter HustonAbraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln1930
Frank McGlynn, Sr.Abraham LincolnAre We Civilized?1934
Frank McGlynn, Sr.Abraham LincolnThe Littlest Rebel1935
Frank McGlynn, Sr.Abraham LincolnThe Plainsman1936
John CarradineAbraham LincolnOf Human Hearts1938
Henry FondaAbraham LincolnYoung Mr. Lincoln1939
Raymond MasseyAbraham LincolnAbe Lincoln in Illinois1940
Austin GreenAbraham LincolnThe Story of Mankind1957
Raymond MasseyAbraham LincolnHow the West Was Won1962
John AndersonAbraham LincolnThe Fortune Cookie1966
Hal HolbrookAbraham LincolnSandburg's Lincoln1974
John AndersonAbraham LincolnThe Lincoln Conspiracy1977
Hal HolbrookAbraham LincolnNorth and South1985
Hal HolbrookAbraham LincolnNorth and South: Book II1986
F. Murray AbrahamAbraham LincolnDream West1986
Robert V. BarronAbraham LincolnBill & Ted's Excellent Adventure1989
Jason RobardsAbraham LincolnThe Perfect Tribute1991
Lance HenriksenAbraham LincolnThe Day Lincoln Was Shot1998
Brendan FraserAbraham LincolnBedazzled2000
Tim WillettAbraham LincolnKiss Kiss Bang Bang2005
Gerald BestromAbraham LincolnThe Conspirator2010
Bill Oberst Jr.Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln vs. Zombies2012
Benjamin WalkerAbraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter2012
Daniel Day-LewisAbraham LincolnLincoln2012
Kevin SorboAbraham LincolnFDR: American Badass!2012
Tom AmandesAbraham LincolnSaving Lincoln2013
Van HeflinAndrew JohnsonTennessee Johnson1942
Dennis ClarkAndrew JohnsonThe Conspirator2010
Donald CrispUlysses S. GrantThe Birth of a Nation1915
Guy OliverUlysses S. GrantOnly the Brave1930
Joseph CrehanUlysses S. GrantThey Died with Their Boots On1941
Stan JonesUlysses S. GrantThe Horse Soldiers1959
Harry MorganUlysses S. GrantHow the West Was Won1962
Norman BurtonUlysses S. GrantSandburg's Lincoln1974
Jason RobardsUlysses S. GrantThe Legend of the Lone Ranger1981
Kevin KlineUlysses S. GrantWild Wild West1999
Aidan QuinnUlysses S. GrantJonah Hex2010
Jared HarrisUlysses S. GrantLincoln2012
John DilsonRutherford B. HayesBuffalo Bill1944
Francis SaylesJames A. GarfieldThe Night Riders1939
Emmett CorriganChester A. ArthurSilver Dollar1932
Stuart HolmesGrover ClevelandThe Monroe Doctrine1939
Stuart HolmesGrover ClevelandThe Oklahoma Kid1939
Pat McCormickGrover ClevelandBuffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson1976
Roy GordonBenjamin HarrisonStars and Stripes Forever1952
Brian KeithWilliam McKinleyRough Riders1997
Sidney BlackmerTheodore RooseveltThe Monroe Doctrine1939
John AlexanderTheodore RooseveltFancy Pants1950
Brian KeithTheodore RooseveltThe Wind and the Lion1975
William PhippsTheodore RooseveltEleanor and Franklin1976
Tom BerengerTheodore RooseveltRough Riders1997
Robin WilliamsTheodore RooseveltNight at the Museum2006
Robin WilliamsTheodore RooseveltNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009
Ed MetzgerTheodore RooseveltThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button2008
Walter MasseyWilliam Howard TaftThe Greatest Game Ever Played2005
Alexander KnoxWoodrow WilsonWilson1944
Bob GuntonWoodrow WilsonIron Jawed Angels2004
Ian WolfeCalvin CoolidgeThe Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell1955
Jack YoungFranklin D. RooseveltYankee Doodle Dandy1942
Ralph BellamyFranklin D. RooseveltSunrise at Campobello1960
Edward HerrmannFranklin D. RooseveltEleanor and Franklin1976
Edward HerrmannFranklin D. RooseveltEleanor and Franklin: The White House Years1977
Albert McFadyenFranklin D. RooseveltThe National Parks: America's Best Idea2009
Dan O'HerlihyFranklin D. RooseveltMacArthur1977
Jason RobardsFranklin D. RooseveltF.D.R.:The Last Year1980
Edward HerrmannFranklin D. RooseveltAnnie1982
Jon VoightFranklin D. RooseveltPearl Harbor2001
Kenneth BranaghFranklin D. RooseveltWarm Springs2005
Alan CummingFranklin D. RooseveltReefer Madness2005
Bill MurrayFranklin D. RooseveltHyde Park on Hudson2012
Barry BostwickFranklin D. RooseveltFDR: American Badass!2012
Robert VaughnHarry S TrumanThe Man from Independence1974
James WhitmoreHarry S TrumanGive 'em Hell, Harry!1975
E. G. MarshallHarry S TrumanCollision Course: Truman vs. MacArthur1976
Ed FlandersHarry S TrumanMacArthur1977
Gary SiniseHarry S TrumanTruman1995
David Patrick KellyHarry S TrumanFlags of Our Fathers2006
Henry GraceDwight D. EisenhowerThe Longest Day1962
Robert BeerDwight D. EisenhowerThe Right Stuff1983
Keene CurtisDwight D. EisenhowerIQ1994
Tom SelleckDwight D. EisenhowerIke: Countdown to D-Day2004
Robert CatriniDwight D. EisenhowerFDR: American Badass!2012
Robin WilliamsDwight D. EisenhowerThe Butler2013
Cliff RobertsonJohn F. KennedyPT 1091963
James FranciscusJohn F. KennedyJacqueline Bouvier Kennedy1981
William PetersenJohn F. KennedyThe Rat Pack1998
Bruce GreenwoodJohn F. KennedyThirteen Days2000
Ossie DavisJohn F. KennedyBubba Ho-Tep2002
Brett StimelyJohn F. KennedyWatchmen2009
John Allen NelsonJohn F. KennedyFire Bay2011
Brett StimelyJohn F. KennedyTransformers: Dark of the Moon2011
Jim Meskimen (voice)John F. KennedyTransformers: Dark of the Moon2011
Brett StimelyJohn F. KennedyKill the Dictator aka El Teniente Amado2013
James MarsdenJohn F. KennedyThe Butler2013
Brett StimelyJohn F. KennedyParkland2013
Donald MoffatLyndon B. JohnsonThe Right Stuff1983
Randy QuaidLyndon B. JohnsonLBJ: The Early Years1987
Tom HowardLyndon B. JohnsonJFK1991
Michael GambonLyndon B. JohnsonPath to War2002
Liev SchreiberLyndon B. JohnsonThe Butler2013
Philip Baker HallRichard NixonSecret Honor1984
Anthony HopkinsRichard NixonNixon1995
Dan HedayaRichard NixonDick1999
Frank LangellaRichard NixonFrost/Nixon2008
James McManusRichard NixonBlack Dynamite2009
Robert WisdenRichard NixonWatchmen2009
John H. TobinRichard NixonTransformers: Dark of the Moon2011
John CusackRichard NixonThe Butler2013
Dick CrockettGerald FordThe Pink Panther Strikes Again1976
Larry LindsayGerald FordHot Shots! Part Deux1993
Corbin BernsenGerald FordThe Commission2003
Neal MatarazzoGerald FordCrisis 762004
Ed BehelerJimmy CarterSextette1978
Ed BehelerJimmy CarterHot Shots! Part Deux1993
Rip TornRonald ReaganAirplane II: The Sequel (deleted scene)1982
Jay KochRonald ReaganBack to the Future Part II1989
Bryan ClarkRonald ReaganPizza Man1991
Jay KochRonald ReaganHot Shots! Part Deux1993
Jay KochRonald ReaganPanther1995
Richard CrennaRonald ReaganThe Day Reagan Was Shot2001
Fred WardRonald ReaganL'affaire Farewell2009
Alan RickmanRonald ReaganThe Butler2013
John RoarkeGeorge H. W. BushThe Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear1991
Daniel T. HealyGeorge H. W. BushHot Shots! Part Deux1993
James CromwellGeorge H. W. BushW.2008
Scott HerriotBill ClintonNaked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult1994
Pat RickBill ClintonThe Silence of the Hams1994
Craig BarnettBill ClintonThe Godson1998
Damian MasonBill Clinton2001: A Space Travesty2000
Timothy WattersBill ClintonLife or Something Like It2002
Timothy BottomsGeorge W. BushThe Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course2002
Timothy BottomsGeorge W. BushDC 9/11: Time of Crisis2003
Bruce MendenhallGeorge W. BushPostal2007
Kamal HaasanGeorge W. BushDasavathaaram2008
James AdomianGeorge W. BushHarold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay2008
Josh BrolinGeorge W. BushW.2008
Christopher B. DuncanBarack ObamaMy Name Is Khan2010
Orlando Eric StreetBarack ObamaThe Butler2013


Lorne GreeneGeorge Washington"Swing Out, Sweet Land" (television film)1970
Will GeerGeorge WashingtonBewitched (episodes 8.21, 8.22)1972
Barry BostwickGeorge Washington"George Washington" (miniseries)1984
Barry BostwickGeorge Washington"George Washington 2 : The Forging of A Nation" (miniseries)1986
Maurice LaMarcheGeorge WashingtonHisteria!1999
Kelsey GrammerGeorge WashingtonBenedict Arnold: A Question of Honor2003
David MorseGeorge WashingtonJohn Adams2008
William ShatnerJohn Adams"Swing Out, Sweet Land" (television film)1970
George GrizzardJohn AdamsThe Adams Chronicles1976
William DanielsJohn AdamsThe Rebels1979
Simon Russell BealeJohn AdamsJohn and Abigail Adams on the PBS program The American Experience2006
Paul GiamattiJohn AdamsJohn Adams2008
Hugh O'BrianThomas Jefferson"Swing Out, Sweet Land" (television film)1970
Albert StrattonThomas JeffersonThe Adams Chronicles1976
Sam NeillThomas JeffersonSally Hemings: An American Scandal2000
Stephen DillaneThomas JeffersonJohn Adams2008
Henry ButlerJames MonroeThe Adams Chronicles1976
David BirneyJohn Quincy AdamsThe Adams Chronicles1976
William DanielsJohn Quincy AdamsThe Adams Chronicles1976
Steven HinkleJohn Quincy AdamsJohn Adams2008
Ebon Moss-BachrachJohn Quincy AdamsJohn Adams2008
Wesley AddyAndrew JacksonThe Adams Chronicles1976
Dave McArdleAndrew JacksonAndrew Jackson : Good, Evil & The Presidency2008
Robert RyanAbraham LincolnScreen Directors Playhouse, Season 1, "Lincoln's Doctor's Dog"1955
Barry AtwaterAbraham LincolnOne Step Beyond, Season 2, "The Day The World Wept - The Lincoln Story"1960
Austin GreenAbraham LincolnThe Twilight Zone, Season 3 - "The Passersby"1961
Ford RaineyAbraham LincolnThe Time Tunnel1966
Lee BergereAbraham LincolnStar Trek (original series episode The Savage Curtain)1969
Hal HolbrookAbraham LincolnLincoln1975
Gregory PeckAbraham LincolnThe Blue and the Gray1982
Hal HolbrookAbraham LincolnNorth and South1985
Hal HolbrookAbraham LincolnNorth and South II1986
Sam WaterstonAbraham LincolnLincoln1988
Kris KristoffersonAbraham LincolnTad (television film)1995
Lance HenriksenAbraham LincolnThe Day Lincoln Was Shot1998
Dann FlorekAbraham LincolnThe Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer1998
David ShelbyAbraham LincolnTouched by an Angel, Season 5 - "Beautiful Dreamer"1998
Maurice LaMarcheAbraham LincolnHisteria!1999
Peter RenedayAbraham LincolnThe Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy2001-2008
Will ForteAbraham LincolnClone High2002-2003
Peter RenedayAbraham LincolnBatman: The Brave and the Bold, final episode "Mitefall!" (aired November 11, 2011)2011
Billy CampbellAbraham LincolnKilling Lincoln (docudrama)2013
James GregoryUlysses S. GrantThe Wild Wild West (pilot episode)1965
Roy EngelUlysses S. GrantThe Wild Wild West (7 episodes)1965-1969
Stanley AndersonUlysses S. GrantSon of the Morning Star (television film)1991
Dennis LipscombUlysses S. GrantDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman1994
Fred ThompsonUlysses S. GrantBury My Heart at Wounded Knee (television film)2007
Richard HerdGrover ClevelandThe Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.1994
Victor BuonoWilliam Howard TaftBackstairs at the White House1979
Robert VaughnWoodrow WilsonBackstairs at the White House1979
George KennedyWarren G. HardingBackstairs at the White House1979
Malachy ClearyWarren G. HardingBoardwalk Empire ("Hold Me in Paradise")2010
Ed FlandersCalvin CoolidgeBackstairs at the White House1979
Larry GatesHerbert HooverBackstairs at the White House1979
John AndersonFranklin D. RooseveltBackstairs at the White House1979
Ralph BellamyFranklin D. RooseveltSunrise at Campobello1960
Jonah TriebwasserFranklin D. RooseveltThe Winds of War1979
David Ogden StiersFranklin D. RooseveltJ. Edgar Hoover1987
David Ogden StiersFranklin D. RooseveltDay One1989
John LithgowFranklin D. RooseveltWorld War II: When Lions Roared1994
Dennis HowardFranklin D. RooseveltAnnie (television film)1999
Albert McFadyenFranklin D. RooseveltFDR Remembers Pearl Harbor(ABC News)2010
Alan CummingFranklin D. RooseveltReefer Madness (television film - Showtime)2005
Jonah TriebwasserFranklin D. RooseveltFDR: History in the Making2005
Jonah TriebwasserFranklin D. Roosevelt10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America; Einstein's letter2006
Harry MorganHarry S. TrumanBackstairs at the White House1979
Billy WestHarry S. TrumanFuturama2001
Richard DysartHarry S. TrumanDay One1989
Andrew DugganDwight D. EisenhowerBackstairs at the White House1979
Robert DuvallDwight D. EisenhowerIke (miniseries)1979
Vaughn MeaderJohn F. KennedyThe Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)1963
William DevaneJohn F. KennedyThe Missiles of October1974
Joe PiscopoJohn F. KennedySaturday Night Live (NBC)1980-1984
Martin SheenJohn F. Kennedy"Kennedy" (miniseries)1983
Andrew RobinsonJohn F. KennedyThe Twilight Zone, Season 1, "Profile in Silver"1986
Steven WeberJohn F. KennedyThe Kennedys of Massachusetts (miniseries)1990
Stephen CollinsJohn F. KennedyA Woman Named Jackie (miniseries)1991
Michael J. ShannonJohn F. KennedyRed Dwarf (episode 7.01)1997
Tim MathesonJohn F. KennedyJackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis2000
Greg KinnearJohn F. KennedyThe Kennedys (miniseries)2011
Steven CulpJohn F. KennedyPerception2012
Rob LoweJohn F. KennedyKilling Kennedy (National Geographic Channel television film)2013
Don AllisonLyndon B. JohnsonThe Kennedys (miniseries)2011
Francis GuinanLyndon B. JohnsonKilling Kennedy (National Geographic Channel television film)2013
Rich LittleRichard NixonThe Kopykats (ABC)1972
Rip TornRichard NixonBlind Ambition (TV miniseries) (miniseries) (CBS)1979
Dan AykroydRichard NixonSaturday Night Live (NBC)1975-1979
Billy WestRichard NixonFuturama1999–present
Stuart MilliganRichard NixonDoctor Who ("The Impossible Astronaut"/"Day of the Moon")2011
Chevy ChaseGerald FordSaturday Night Live (NBC)1975-1976
Josef SommerGerald FordThe Betty Ford Story1987
Drew SnyderGerald FordDark Skies1997
Jeffrey VentimiliaGerald FordThat '70s Show1998
Joe StokesGerald FordDays That Shook the World2003
Dan AykroydJimmy CarterSaturday Night Live (NBC)1975-1979
Joe PiscopoJimmy CarterSaturday Night Live (NBC)1980-1984
Brad MaynardJimmy CarterThe Tick Pilot episode2001
Joe PiscopoRonald ReaganSaturday Night Live (NBC)1980-1984
Johnny CarsonRonald ReaganThe Tonight Show (NBC)1981-1989
Phil HartmanRonald ReaganSaturday Night Live (NBC)1985-1986
Randy QuaidRonald ReaganSaturday Night Live (NBC)1985-1986
Robert BeattyRonald ReaganBreakthrough at Reykjavik (Granada Television UK)1987
Bryan ClarkRonald ReaganGuts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North (television film - CBS)1989
Bryan ClarkRonald ReaganWithout Warning - The James Brady Story (television film - HBO)1991
Bryan ClarkRonald ReaganDark Skies, Season 1, "Bloodlines"1997
Richard CrennaRonald ReaganThe Day Reagan Was Shot2001
James BrolinRonald ReaganThe Reagans2003
Dana CarveyGeorge H. W. BushSaturday Night Live (NBC)1986-1993
Harry ShearerGeorge H. W. BushThe Golden Girls1990
Bill FarmerGeorge H. W. BushMurphy Brown1991
Harry ShearerGeorge H. W. BushThe Simpsons, Season 7, Two Bad Neighbors1996
Michael GreeneGeorge H. W. BushThe Day Reagan Was Shot2001
Trey ParkerBill ClintonSouth Park1998
Phil HartmanBill ClintonSaturday Night Live1992-1994
Michael McKeanBill ClintonSaturday Night Live1994-1995
Pat RickBill ClintonMurphy Brown1995
Darrell HammondBill ClintonSaturday Night Live1995-2009
Frank WelkerBill ClintonPinky and the Brain1995-1998
Frank WelkerBill ClintonAnimaniacs1993-1998
David HermanBill ClintonMADtv1995-1996
Bryan CallenBill ClintonMADtv1996-1997
Pat RickBill ClintonLeaving L.A.1997
Seth MacFarlaneBill ClintonFamily Guy1999-2002, 2005–present
Gabriel IglesiasBill ClintonAll That2000
Frank CaliendoBill ClintonFrank TV2007-2008
Dennis QuaidBill ClintonThe Special Relationship2010
Michael KrassBill ClintonBeatrix, Oranje onder Vuur2012
Chriss AnglinBill ClintonNaked Run2011
Trey ParkerGeorge W. BushSouth Park1997-2006
Christian DuguayGeorge W. BushMADtv2000-2001
Will FerrellGeorge W. BushSaturday Night Live2000-2002, 2009
Timothy BottomsGeorge W. BushThat's My Bush! (Comedy Central)2001
Will SassoGeorge W. BushMADtv2001-2002
Chris ParnellGeorge W. BushSaturday Night Live2002-2003
Frank CaliendoGeorge W. BushMADtv2002-2006
Steve BridgesGeorge W. BushNCIS2003
Darrell HammondGeorge W. BushSaturday Night Live2003
Will ForteGeorge W. BushSaturday Night Live2004-2006
Brent MendenhallGeorge W. BushRecount2008
James AdomianGeorge W. BushThe Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson2005-2009
Jason SudeikisGeorge W. BushSaturday Night Live2006-2008, 2010
Frank CaliendoGeorge W. BushFrank TV2007-2008
Ron ButlerBarack ObamaJimmy Kimmel Live!2007
Larry WilmoreBarack ObamaThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart2008
Trey ParkerBarack ObamaSouth Park2008
Deon DavisBarack ObamaWWE Raw2008
Freddy LockhartBarack ObamaFrank TV2008
Keegan-Michael KeyBarack ObamaMADtv2008-2009
Christopher B. DuncanBarack ObamaThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno2008-2009
Fred ArmisenBarack ObamaSaturday Night Live2008-2012
Kevin ScarloBarack ObamaJimmy Kimmel Live!2009
Kevin Michael RichardsonBarack ObamaBatman: The Brave and the Bold (episode 48, Cry Freedom Fighters)2010
Jordan PeeleBarack ObamaKey and Peele2012
Jay PharoahBarack ObamaSaturday Night Live2012

Actors who played fictional presidents[edit]


Forrest J AckermanThe PresidentAmazon Women on the Moon1987
Eddie AlbertThe PresidentDreamscape1984
Alan AldaThe PresidentCanadian Bacon1995
Stanley AndersonThe PresidentArmageddon1998
Stanley AndersonThe PresidentThe Rock1996
Tomas AranaPresident Harry CarreyThe President's Staff2013
William AthertonPresident John FieldsExecutive Power1997
Dan AykroydPresident William HaneyMy Fellow Americans1996
Robert BeattyThe PresidentSuperman IV: The Quest for Peace1987
John BeckPresident FallbrookThe Alternate2000
Michael BelsonThe PresidentWag the Dog1997
Hunt BlockPresident Howard LewisSalt2010
Bruce BoxleitnerPresident HowardContagion2002
Jeff BridgesPresident Jackson EvansThe Contender2000
Lloyd BridgesPresident Thomas "Tug" BensonHot Shots! Part Deux1993
Arthur ByronPresident Stanley CraigThe President Vanishes1934
James CaanThe PresidentGet Smart2008
George ClooneyPresident DevlinSpy Kids 3-D: Game Over2003
Stephen ColbertPresident HathawayMonsters vs. Aliens2009
Ronny CoxPresident Tom KimballCaptain America1990
Ronny CoxThe PresidentMartians Go Home1989
Ronny CoxPresident Jack NeilMurder at 16001997
Ronny CoxPresident SimmonsNadia's Promise2014
Peter CoyotePresident Adair T. ManningBehind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil2006
Peter CoyotePresident SterlingDr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief2008
Terry CrewsPresident Dwayne Elizondo
Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
James CromwellPresident Robert FowlerThe Sum of All Fears2002
Roger CrossThe PresidentPolar Storm2009
Robert CulpThe PresidentThe Pelican Brief1993
Jim CurleyThe PresidentIn the Line of Fire1993
William DevaneThe PresidentThe Dark Knight Rises2012
Michael DouglasPresident Andrew ShepherdThe American President1995
Sam DouglasThe President ("John")Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London2004
Richard DreyfussThe PresidentFail Safe2000
Charles DurningThe PresidentTwilight's Last Gleaming1977
Aaron EckhartPresident Benjamin AsherOlympus Has Fallen2013
R. Lee ErmeyPresident Richard BensonMegiddo: The Omega Code 22001
Joe EstevezPresident James MarshallCorruption.Gov2010
Tom EverettThe PresidentThe Island2005
Henry FondaThe PresidentFail-Safe1964
Henry FondaThe PresidentMeteor1979
Glenn FordPresident RichardsonVirus1980
Harrison FordPresident James MarshallAir Force One1997
Jamie FoxxPresident James SawyerWhite House Down2013
Morgan FreemanPresident Tom BeckDeep Impact1998
Morgan FreemanActing President TrumbullOlympus Has Fallen2013
James GarnerPresident Matt DouglasMy Fellow Americans1996
Danny GloverPresident Thomas Wilson20122009
Louis Gossett, Jr.President Gerald FitzhughLeft Behind: World at War2005
Louis Gossett, Jr.President Ryan GordonSolar Attack2005
Kelsey GrammerPresident Andrew "Andy" BooneSwing Vote (2008 film)2008
Bruce GreenwoodThe PresidentNational Treasure: Book of Secrets2007
Gene HackmanPresident Alan RichmondAbsolute Power1997
Gene Hackmanformer President Monroe ColeWelcome to Mooseport2004
Mark HarmonPresident James FosterChasing Liberty2004
Gregory HarrisonPresident Jonathan HayesFirst Daughter1999
Gregory HarrisonPresident Jonathan HayesFirst Target2000
Gregory HarrisonPresident Jonathan HayesFirst Shot2002
Phil HartmanPresident DillardThe Second Civil War1997
John HeardPresident Ted MatthewsMy Fellow Americans1996
Edward HerrmannPresident Arthur FellwickAtomic Train1999
Hal HolbrookPresident Adam ScottThe Kidnapping of the President1980
William HurtPresident AshtonVantage Point2008
Walter HustonPresident Judson C. "Judd" HammondGabriel Over the White House1933
Richard JenkinsPresident Eli Raphelson (Assumed and Sworn)White House Down2013
James Earl JonesPresident Douglass DilmanThe Man1972
James KarenPresident MitchellFreedom Strike1998
Michael KeatonPresident MackenzieFirst Daughter2004
Perry KingPresident BlakeThe Day After Tomorrow2004
Ben KingsleyPresident Gary NanceDave1993
Kevin KlinePresident William Harrison MitchellDave1993
Alexander KnoxPresident HughesCrack in the Mirror1960
Ronald LaceyPresident WidmarkThe Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension1984
Martin LandauPresident MoroseBy Dawn's Early Light1990
Jack LemmonPresident Russell P. KramerMy Fellow Americans1996
Tom Lister, Jr.President LindbergThe Fifth Element1997
Charles MacaulayThe PresidentSplash1984
Fredric MarchPresident Jordan LymanSeven Days in May1964
E. G. MarshallThe PresidentSuperman II1980
Christopher McDonaldThe PresidentSpy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams2002
Donald MoffatPresident BennettClear and Present Danger1994
Zero MostelThe PresidentFore Play1975
Michael MurphyPresident Alvin Hammond (Assumed and Sworn)White House Down2013
James NaughtonPresident DavenportFirst Kid1996
David NicholsPresident KelloggMan of the Year2006
Jack NicholsonPresident James DaleMars Attacks!1996
Leslie NielsenPresident HarrisScary Movie 32003
Leslie NielsenPresident HarrisScary Movie 42005
Michael PateThe PresidentThe Return of Captain Invincible1984
Gregory PeckThe PresidentAmazing Grace and Chuck1987
Gordon PinsentThe PresidentColossus: The Forbin Project1970
Donald PleasencePresident WhiteEscape from New York1981
Kevin PollakPresident Walter EmersonDeterrence1999
William PrinceThe PresidentThe Soldier1982
Jonathan PryceU.S. PresidentG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra2009
Jonathan PryceU.S. PresidentG.I. Joe: Retaliation2012
Bill PullmanPresident Thomas J. WhitmoreIndependence Day1996
Dennis QuaidPresident StatonAmerican Dreamz2006
Randy QuaidPresident A. Thorton Osgood IIMail to the Chief2000
David RaschePresident WhitmanDAG2000-2001
David RaschePresident BallentineThe Sentinel2006
James RebhornPresident SignoffThe Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle2000
John RitterPresident Chet RooseveltAmericathon1979
Tim RobbinsThe PresidentAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me1999
Eric RobertsPresident of the United StatesFirst Dog2010
Cliff RobertsonPresident Jack CahillEscape from L.A.1996
Chris RockPresident Mays GilliamHead of State2003
William SadlerPresident EllisIron Man 32013
Roy ScheiderThe PresidentChain of Command2000
Roy ScheiderPresident CarlsonExecutive Target1997
Roy ScheiderPresident Robert BakerThe Peacekeeper1997
Peter SellersPresident Merkin MuffleyDr. Strangelove1964
Harry ShearerPresident Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe Simpsons Movie2007
Charlie SheenPresident RathcockMachete Kills2013
John Wesley ShippThe PresidentGolden Shoes2013
Cotter SmithPresident McKennaX2: X-Men United2003
Josef SommerThe PresidentX-Men: The Last Stand2006
Rod SteigerThe PresidentCaptain Nuke and the Bomber Boys1995
Peter StraussPresident James SanfordxXx: State of the Union2004
Billy Bob ThorntonThe PresidentLove Actually2003
Lee TracyPresident Art HockstaderThe Best Man1964
John TravoltaPresident Jack StantonPrimary Colors1998
Ivan VolkmanThe PresidentHow to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying1967
Jack WardenPresident RobertsBeing There1979
Sam WaterstonPresident William FosterThe Enemy Within1994
Sam WaterstonPresident Edward ManchesterShadow Conspiracy1997
Kenneth WelshPresident Raymond BeckerThe Day After Tomorrow2004
Richard WidmarkPresident Paul RoudebushVanished1971
Luke WilsonPresident Joe Bauers (aka "Not Sure")Idiocracy2006


Lloyd BochnerPresident Mark HaydenLoyal Opposition: Terror in the White House1998
Powers BoothePresident Noah Daniels24: Redemption (Fox)2008
John BourgeoisPresident GalbrainXIII2008
Beau BridgesPresident Paul Hollister10.52004
Beau BridgesPresident Hank LandryStargate SG-12007
Gary ColePresident Mike BradyThe Brady Bunch in the White House (television film)2003
Dabney ColemanPresident George RichmondMy Date with the President's Daughter1998
Ronny CoxPresident Robert KinseyStargate SG-11997–Present
Peter CoyotePresident Dave SegoviaFlashForward (ABC)2009
James Cromwellformer President D. Wire NewmanThe West Wing (NBC)2004
Steven CulpPresident Edward TaylorImpact2009
John D'AquinoPresident Richard MartinezCory in the House (Disney Channel)2007–present
William DevanePresident Henry HayesStargate SG-12004
Michael DornThe PresidentHeroes (NBC)2008-2010
Christopher B. DuncanPresident William JohnsonThe First Family2012
Robert FoxworthPresident Charles HalseyThe Outer Limits/Episode "Trial By Fire"1996
Paul FreesPresident James Norcross / Super PresidentSuper President1967
John GoodmanActing President Glen Allen WalkenThe West Wing (NBC)2003
Harry HamlinPresident KempersQuarantine2000
Dennis HaysbertPresident David Palmer24 (Fox)2002-2004
Hal HolbrookPresident Maxwell MonroeUnder Siege1986
Ernie HudsonPresident WestwoodStealth Fighter1999
Gregory ItzinPresident Charles Logan24 (Fox)2005-2006
Peter JasonPresident DemskyAlien Apocalypse (television film)2005
Ken KerchevalPresident Cliff BarnesDallas, final episode Conundrum (aired May 3, 1991)1991
Logan LermanPresident Robert McCallisterJack & Bobby2004-2005
Will LymanPresident Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) BridgesCommander in Chief (ABC)2005
William H. MacyThe PresidentThe Unit (CBS)2007
Barry MorsePresident Johnny CyclopsWhoops Apocalypse (ITV)1982
James NaughtonPresident Paul KincaidHostages2013
Rob PaulsenPresident PinkyPinky and the Brain1996
Geoff PiersonPresident John Keeler24 (Fox)2005
Geoff PiersonPresident Wayne BanningSabrina, the Teenage Witch2001
Richard PryorThe 40th President of the United StatesThe Richard Pryor Show1977
Bill PullmanDale Gilchrist1600 Penn (NBC)2013
Ford RaineyU.S. PresidentVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea1964-1965
Ford RaineyThe PresidentLost in Space1965
Jason RobardsPresident Richard MoncktonWashington: Behind Closed Doors (mini-series)1977
Mark RobertsThe PresidentHighway to Heaven, final episode Merry Christmas from Grandpa (aired August 4, 1989)1989
Ricky SchroderThe PresidentSilver Spoons1983
George C. ScottPresident Samuel A. TreschMr. President (FOX)1987-1988
Martin SheenPresident Josiah BartletThe West Wing (NBC)1999-2006
Jimmy SmitsPresident Matthew SantosThe West Wing (NBC)2006
Blair UnderwoodPresident Elias MartinezThe Event (NBC)2010
Robert UrichPresident Adam MayfieldThe President's Man : A Line In The Sand (television film)2002
Ralph WaitePresident MathewsThe President's Man (television film)2000
Fred WillardPresident GarnerLois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (ABC)1996-1997
Steven WilliamsU.S. PresidentseaQuest DSV (NBC)1994
D.B. WoodsidePresident Wayne Palmer24 (FOX)2007
"Weird Al" YankovicPresident StuntcastinThe Aquabats! Super Show! (The Hub)2012
Tony GoldwynPresident Fitzgerald GrantScandal (ABC)2012-2013
Adrian PasdarPresident Paul GarcettiPolitical Animals2012
Michael GillPresident Garrett WalkerHouse of Cards2013-2014

Actresses who played fictional presidents[edit]


Christina ApplegatePresident Diane SteenMafia!1998
Ernestine BarrierMadame PresidentProject Moonbase1953
Polly BergenPresident Leslie McCloudKisses for My President1964
Sally ChamplinPresident of the United StatesThe Woman Every Man Wants2001
Stephanie PaulPresident of the United StatesIron Sky2012
Joan RiversPresident RiversLes Patterson Saves the World1987
Loretta SwitPresident Barbara AdamsWhoops Apocalypse1986


Kate BurtonActing President Sally LangstonScandal2012-
Patty DukePresident Julia MansfieldHail to the Chief1985
Geena DavisPresident Mackenzie AllenCommander in Chief2005-2006
Cherry JonesPresident Allison Taylor242008-2010
Mimi KuzykPresident Sally SheridanXIII2008
Patricia WettigPresident Caroline ReynoldsPrison Break2006


Academy Awards – Actual Presidents[edit]

1941Best ActorAbraham LincolnRaymond MasseyAbe Lincoln in IllinoisNominated
1976Best ActorHarry S. TrumanJames WhitmoreGive 'em Hell, Harry!Nominated
1996Best ActorRichard NixonAnthony HopkinsNixonNominated
1998Best Supporting ActorJohn Quincy AdamsAmistadNominated
2009Best ActorRichard NixonFrank LangellaFrost/NixonNominated
2013Best ActorAbraham LincolnDaniel Day-LewisLincolnWon

Golden Globe Awards – Actual Presidents[edit]

YearCategoryPresidentNomineeFilm or Television Series or MiniseriesResult
1976Best Actor - DramaHarry S. TrumanJames WhitmoreGive 'em Hell, Harry!Nominated
1996Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaRichard NixonAnthony HopkinsNixonNominated
Best Actor – Miniseries or Television FilmHarry S. TrumanGary SiniseTrumanWon
1998Best Supporting Actor – Motion PictureJohn Quincy AdamsAnthony HopkinsAmistadNominated
2009Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaRichard NixonFrank LangellaFrost/NixonNominated
Best Actor – Miniseries or Television FilmJohn AdamsPaul GiamattiJohn AdamsWon
2011Best Actor – Miniseries or Television FilmBill ClintonDennis QuaidThe Special RelationshipNominated
2013Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaAbraham LincolnDaniel Day-LewisLincolnWon
Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or ComedyFranklin D. RooseveltBill MurrayHyde Park on HudsonNominated

Primetime Emmy Awards – Actual Presidents[edit]

YearCategoryPresidentNomineeFilm or Television Series or MiniseriesResult
2008Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a MovieThomas JeffersonStephen DillaneJohn AdamsNominated
George WashingtonDavid MorseNominated

Satellite Awards – Actual Presidents[edit]

2012Best Actor in a Motion PictureAbraham LincolnDaniel Day-LewisLincolnNominated

Golden Globe Awards – Fictional Presidents[edit]

YearCategoryPresidentNomineeFilm or Television Series or MiniseriesResult
1964Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaJordan LymanFredric MarchSeven Days in MayNominated
1999Best Actor – Television Series DramaJosiah BartletMartin SheenThe West WingNominated
2000Best Actor – Television Series DramaJosiah BartletMartin SheenThe West WingWon
2001Best Actor – Television Series DramaJosiah BartletMartin SheenThe West WingNominated
2002Best Actor – Television Series DramaJosiah BartletMartin SheenThe West WingNominated
2003Best Actor – Television Series DramaJosiah BartletMartin SheenThe West Wing
2006Best Actress – Television Series DramaMacKenzie AllenGeena DavisCommander in ChiefWon