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The following is a list of channels on Sirius XM Radio and Sirius XM Canada.

Key and symbols[edit]

(Spanish) - Broadcasts in Spanish.
(French) - Broadcasts in French.
Triangle-teal.svg - These music channels, unlike the other 69, carry commercial advertising. Five of these six channels are programmed by iHeartCommunications, Inc..
Triangle-purple.svg - These channels can be received without a subscription.
Triangle-grey.gif - These channels may be preempted for sports play-by-play, or special events programming. XM Sports Nation is pre-empted regularly by various sporting events.
Flag of Canada.svg - Content specifically produced by or provided to Sirius XM Canada.



NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
RADIO IDTriangle-purple.svg Eight digit alphanumeric radio identification number for activation/XM serviceYesNo
XM PreviewXM Promos and InformationTriangle-purple.svg Also acts as a subscription activation channel (about 15 minutes to receive the activation signal)YesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Sirius XM Hits 1Top 40Only available on Sirius Satellite Radio until 2011-05-04.YesYes
VenusRhythmic Pop/Dance hitsYesYes
The 40s on 4Big Band/Swing/Hits of the 1940sYesYes
The 50s on 5Hits of the 1950sYesYes
The 60s on 6Hits of the 1960sYesYes
The 70s on 7Hits of the 1970sYesYes
The 80s on 8Hits of the 1980sYesYes
The 90s on 9Hits of the 1990sYesYes
The PulseHot Adult ContemporaryAdded on 2006-04-17. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Flight 26".YesYes
Pop2KCHR/PopAdded 2006-04-17. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "XM Hitlist".YesYes
The BlendSoft Adult ContemporaryAdded to lineup on 2004-02-01.YesYes
Sirius XM LoveLove SongsRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "The Heart"; preempted on satellite by "Sirius XM Holly" and plays Christmas music during the holiday season.YesYes
Sirius XM Limited EngagementsLimited Run ChannelsYesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
The RoadhouseClassic CountryFormerly called "America" before 2008-11-12.YesYes
Willie's RoadhouseOld-Time Country/Honky-Tonk MusicFormerly titled "Hank's Place" until 2006-07-10.YesYes
Prime Country80s and 90s CountryAdded on 2006-04-17. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "US Country"; preempted on satellite by "Country Christmas" and plays country Christmas music during the holiday season.YesYes
The HighwayNew CountryAdded to lineup on 2004-02-01. Was titled "Highway 16" until 2008-11-12.YesYes
Outlaw CountryProgressive CountryAdded to XM on 2008-11-12 replacing X Country.YesYes
Bluegrass JunctionBluegrassYesYes
The VillageFolkAdded to lineup on 2002-08-26, replacing Highway 15. Deleted from satellites on 2012-01-12.NoYes
Red White & BoozeCountry Bar SongsYesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
The MessageChristian CHR and RockFormerly titled "The Fish" until 2006-04-17.YesYes
PraiseUrban Contemporary GospelOriginally on 63. Moved to 33 on 2004-02-01. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Spirit".YesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Elvis RadioElvis Presley musicAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
E Street RadioBruce Springsteen 24/7Added to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Underground GarageLittle Steven's Underground GarageAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Pearl Jam RadioPearl Jam musicLaunched 2010-10-22. Online broadcast airs on Sirius XM Music Showcase.YesYes
The Grateful Dead ChannelGrateful Dead 24/7Added to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Radio MargaritavilleJimmy Buffett and other music appealing to ParrotheadsAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Classic Rewind70s & 80s Classic rockAdded to lineup on 2006-03-01. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Big Tracks".YesYes
Classic Vinyl60s & 70s Classic rockRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Top Tracks".YesYes
Deep TracksDeep Classic rockYesYes
The SpectrumAdult Album AlternativeBriefly titled "Starbucks XM Café" from 2007-07-31 to 2008-09-30. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "XM Café".YesYes
Jam OnJam BandsAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
The LoftEclectic & Acoustic rockYesYes
The Coffee HouseSinger-SongwritersAdded on 2008-11-12.YesYes
The BridgeSoft rockYesYes
1st WaveClassic AlternativeRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Fred".YesYes
Lithium90s Alternative Hits/GrungeAdded to lineup on 2004-02-01. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Lucy".YesYes
Sirius XMUIndie and College rockWas titled "XMU" until 2008-11-12.YesYes
Alt NationNew AlternativeRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Ethel".YesYes
OctaneNew Hard rockAdded to lineup on 2002-11-14. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "SquiZZ".YesYes
Ozzy's BoneyardClassic Hard rockYesYes
Hair Nation80s Hair bandsAdded on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Liquid MetalHeavy metalRemoval from satellite lineup announced 2005-02-15. Returned to satellites (US/Canada/DirecTV) on 2006-04-17. Was titled "XM Liquid Metal" until 2008-11-12.YesYes
FactionAction Sports/Punk/SkaAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
The JointReggaeYesYes
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame RadioRock Hall Inducted ArtistsYesYes
RockBarParty RockYesYes
SiriusXM Comes Alive!Live Classic RockYesYes
Classic College RadioClassic Indie RockYesYes

Hip-Hop and R&B[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Hip-Hop NationHip Hop HitsAdded to lineup on 2002-08-26. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "The City".YesYes
Shade 45Hardcore Hip hop(Uncut)/Underground "indie" hip hopAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
BackSpinClassic Hip-HopAdded on 2009-01-15.[1]YesYes
The HeatRhythmic Top 40Premiered online on 2004-11-22 as "The Eye." Premiered on the satellites on 2006-04-17.YesYes
Heart & SoulUrban Adult ContemporaryOriginally was BET Uptown. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Suite 62".YesYes
Soul TownClassic SoulRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Soul Street"; preempted on satellite by "Holiday Soul" and plays Christmas music during the holiday season.YesYes
The GrooveOld-School Funk and R&BYesYes

Jazz, Blues, & Standards[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
WatercolorsSmooth JazzYesYes
Real JazzTraditional JazzYesYes
SpaNew AgeRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Audio Visions"; preempted on satellite by "Radio Hanukkah" and plays Hanukkah music during the holiday season.YesYes
EscapeBeautiful MusicYesYes
B. B. King's BluesvilleBluesName changed from "Bluesville" on 2008-07-14.YesYes
Siriusly SinatraFrank Sinatra Music/American StandardsPreviously titled "Frank's Place" until 2007-01-26. Then named "High Standards" until 2008-11-12.YesYes
On BroadwayShowtunesYesYes
YogaChanting, Sacred & Spiritual musicYesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Metropolitan Opera RadioOpera and Classical VocalsRenamed and moved on 2008-11-12; was previously "Vox"YesYes
Sirius XM PopsPopular ClassicalRemoved from satellite service on 2014-07-17NoYes
Symphony HallTraditional ClassicalRenamed and moved on 2008-11-12; was previously "XM Classics"YesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
BPMDance HitsYesYes
Electric AreaHouse music & Progressive DanceRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "The Move".YesYes
Sirius XM ChillSmooth ElectronicAdded to lineup on 2006-03-01. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "XM Chill".YesYes
Studio 54 RadioClassic Disco/Dance music from the 1970s and early to mid 1980sAdded on 2008-11-12. Removed 2011-08-09. Replaced "BBC Radio 1" on 2011-08-15. Prior to Aug. 2011 was known as "Strobe". Moved to channel 54 in 2012YesYes
UtopiaDance hits from the late 1980s to 2000sDebuted online, moved to on-air July 17, 2014YesYes

Latin & World[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
VivaLatin Pop(Spanish)YesYes
La MezclaSpanglish Hits(Spanish)YesYes
Flow NaciónHispanic Rhythmic(Spanish)YesYes
AguilaRegional Mexican(Spanish)YesYes
CariciaSpanglish Adult ContemporaryYesYes
LunaLatin JazzYesYes
RumbónClassic SalsaYesYes
La KuevaRock en EspañolYesYes
The VergeEmerging ArtistsFlag of Canada.svg Triangle-grey.gif Formerly titled "(un)Signed" and "Unsigned."YesCanada only
Air MusiqueNew and Emerging Top 40 MusicFlag of Canada.svg Triangle-grey.gif (French) Added on 2005-11-17.YesCanada only
Sur La RoutePop HitsFlag of Canada.svg (French) Added on 2005-11-17.YesCanada only

More Music[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
KIIS-FM 102.7Top 40 (CHR)Triangle-teal.svg A simulcast of KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, California until 2004 and again from 2011-06-08 to the present.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Z100 WHTZ 100.3Top 40 (CHR)Triangle-teal.svg Originally a simulcast of KHMX-FM, Houston, Texas. Simulcast of WHTZ 100.3 FM, Newark, New Jersey from 2011-06-08 to the present.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Nashville!Country MusicTriangle-teal.svg Added to lineup on 2002-08-26. Replaced WSIX-FM.U.S. onlyU.S. only

Best of Sirius (Premium package)[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
SiriusXM NFL RadioNational Football League talk & play-by-playAdded to XM on 2008-09-30.U.S. onlyU.S. only
SiriusXM NASCAR RadioNASCAR talk & play-by-playAdded to XM on 2008-09-30.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Sports Play-by-PlayNFL and College Sports play-by-playAdded to XM on 2008-09-30.U.S. onlyU.S. only

Family & Health[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Radio DisneyChildren'sYesYes
Kids Place LiveRenamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "XM Kids".YesYes
Doctor RadioHealth and medical informationTriangle-grey.gif Added to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
The Catholic ChannelCatholic LifestyleTriangle-grey.gifAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
FamilyTalkChristian TalkYesYes

News, Talk and NPR[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Howard 100The Howard Stern ShowAdded to XM on 2008-09-30.YesYes
Howard 101The Howard Stern Show & other comedy programsAdded to XM on 2008-09-30.YesYes
CNBCFinancial NewsTriangle-grey.gif TV audio simulcastYesYes
Bloomberg RadioTriangle-grey.gif Simulcast of WBBR in New York City, NY.YesYes
Fox News ChannelNewsTV audio simulcast. Originally on 122. Moved on 2002-12-02.YesYes
CNNTV audio simulcast. Added to lineup on 2002-12-02.YesYes
HLNTV audio simulcastYesYes
MSNBCNewsTriangle-grey.gif TV audio simulcast. Originally on 130 until 2006. Returned to 120 and online on April 12, 2010.YesYes
BBC World ServiceWorld NewsYesYes
C-SPAN RadioU.S. Government Hearings and Public AffairsSimulcast of WCSP-FM in Washington, DC.YesYes
World Radio NetworkWorld NewsAdded to XM on 2008-11-12. Moved on 2011-05-04YesYes
XM Public RadioPublic RadioAdded on 2004-09-01.YesYes
NPR NowPublic RadioAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Public Radio ExchangePublic radioAdded on 2009-01-28.YesYes
P.O.T.U.SPolitical TalkAdded in June 2007. Launched on 2007-09-24.[2] Was titled P.O.T.U.S `08 until 2008-11-12.U.S. onlyU.S. only
SIRIUS XM PatriotConservative TalkTriangle-grey.gifAdded on 2004-04-05 as America Right. Merged with SIRIUS Patriot on 17 May 2010.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Fox News TalkNews TalkAdded on 2006-01-02.YesYes
Sirius XM LeftProgressive TalkTriangle-grey.gifOriginally "America Left". Added by 2004-03-31. Was titled "Air America" between 2005-07-11 and 2008-07-14.YesYes
The PowerAfrican-American TalkTriangle-grey.gifYesU.S. only
H.U.R. VoicesHoward University College Radio/TalkYesYes
HBCUHoward University & HBCUs College Radio/TalkYesYes
CNN en EspañolNews(Spanish) TV audio simulcast. Originally on 134. Moved on 2006-05-01.YesYes
Canada 360Canadian News RadioFlag of Canada.svg Added on 2005-11-17.YesCanada only
Radio ParallèleTalk Radio for men and NHL Play-by-PlayTriangle-grey.gif Flag of Canada.svg (French) Added on 2005-11-17. Formerly titled Franc Parler until 2006-04-17 and SportPlus with a Sports Talk format until 2007-04-06.YesCanada only
Quoi de NeufCanadian News RadioFlag of Canada.svg (French) Added on 2005-11-17.YesCanada only
ATN-Asian RadioSouth Asian ProgrammingTriangle-grey.gifFlag of Canada.svg Added on 2007-09-24. Launched on 2007-10-29 for XM Satellite Radio and XM Radio Canada.[3]YesCanada only
Extreme TalkHot TalkU.S. onlyU.S. only
America's TalkTalk RadioAdded 2007-11-19.U.S. onlyU.S. only
ReachMDMedical news and informationAdded 2007-03-27.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Talk RadioTalk RadioFormerly titled "Ask!" until 2006-04-17.U.S. onlyU.S. only

Sports Talk & Play-by-Play[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
ESPN RadioSports Talk and Play-by-PlayYesYes
ESPN XtraSports Talk & NewsTriangle-grey.gif Was 24/7 ESPNEWS TV audio rebroadcast until 2008-02-04.[4]YesYes
Mad Dog RadioSports Talk and Play-by-PlayTriangle-grey.gif Added 2006-08-28. Rebranded 2008-11-12, replacing "XM Sports Nation"YesYes
SIRIUS XM Fantasy Sports RadioSports TalkAdded on 2010-06-28.U.S. onlyU.S. only
MLB Network Radio24/7 Major League Baseball ChannelRemoved from DirecTV's lineup 2006-04-17. Added to XM Radio Online on 2008-03-29. Was titled MLB Home Plate until April 4, 2010.YesYes
Sirius XM College Sports NationYesYes
NHL Home Ice24/7 NHL Talk & Play-by-PlayFlag of Canada.svg Channel re-branded as NHL Home Ice on 2007-07-01.YesYes
PGA Tour NetworkLive Tournament Coverage & Golf TalkAdded 2005-06-09.YesYes
IndyCarIRL Racing Coverage (IMSRN)Added 2006-03-24.YesNo
ESPN DeportesSports talkTriangle-grey.gif(Spanish)YesYes
XM ScoreboardSports Scores and UpdatesFlag of Canada.svg Added 2007-04-01.YesCanada only
Calendrier SportifSports schedules and informationFlag of Canada.svg (French) Added 2007-04-01.YesCanada only
Sirius XM Sports NationSports schedules and informationTriangle-grey.gif Added 2006-04-17.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Fox Sports RadioSports RadioYesU.S. Only
MLB en EspañolMajor League Baseball Talk and Play-by-Play(Spanish)U.S. onlyU.S. only
MLB Home Plate InfoMajor League Baseball Information and Play-by-PlayFlag of Canada.svg This channel provides off-air content for all MLB play-by-play channels.YesNo
Major League Baseball Play-by-PlayYesYes
ACC Football, Basketball, & BaseballAirs Coach K's Basketball and Beyond.YesYes
College Sports (Pac-10)Pac-10 Football, Basketball, & BaseballThis channel may be used to cover extra games for the ACC.U.S. onlyU.S. only
College Sports (SEC)Added on 2007-04-01.YesYes
College Sports (Big East)Big East Football, Basketball, & BaseballAdded 2007-04-01.U.S. onlyU.S. only
NHL Home Ice InfoNational Hockey League Information and Play-by-PlayFlag of Canada.svg This channel provides off-air content for all NHL play-by-play channels.YesYes
NHL Play-by-PlayNational Hockey League Play-by-PlayFlag of Canada.svgYesYes
College Sports (Big 12)Big 12 Football, Basketball, & BaseballAdded 2007-08-01.YesYes
NBA Play-by-PlayNational Basketball Association Play-by-Play.Added on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Sports Play-by-PlayAdditional sports Play-by-PlayAdded on 2007-09-24.YesYes


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Laugh USAFamily ComedyYesYes
Blue Collar ComedyBlue Collar ComedyAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
The FoxxholeJamie Foxx's channelAdded to XM on 2008-11-12.YesYes
Raw Dog ComedyUncensored comedyYesYes
Opie RadioOpie with Jim NortonTriangle-grey.gifExplicit Added on 2004-10-04. Formerly titled "High Voltage" until 2006-11-20, then as The Virus until 2011-10-13, then The Opie and Anthony Channel until July 4, 2014YesYes
Laugh AttackCanadian ComedyTriangle-grey.gif Flag of Canada.svg Added to lineup on 2005-11-17.YesCanada only


NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Sirius XM Book RadioAudio Books and Radio DramasTriangle-grey.gif Added to lineup on 2002-08-26. Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Sonic Theater"U.S. onlyU.S. only
Radio ClassicsOld Time RadioTriangle-grey.gif Added to lineup on 2002-08-26. Available online XM Canada on or before March 10, 2012. Added to U.S. online March 22, 2012.YesYes
Road Dog TruckingTruckers' ChannelTriangle-grey.gif Originally was on 168. Was moved on 2002-08-26. Renamed on 2009-02-17; was previously "Open Road"YesU.S. only
OutQGay/Lesbian EntertainmentTriangle-grey.gifAdded to XM on 2009-02-02.U.S. onlyU.S. only
Indie Talk RadioMen's Talk and EntertainmentTriangle-grey.gif Added on 2008-11-17.YesYes
Sirius XM StarsWomen's Talk and EntertainmentTriangle-grey.gif Renamed on 2008-11-12; was previously "Take 5".YesYes
Today Show RadioSimulcast of NBC's 'Today Show'Added to XM on 2014-06-28. Replaced "Cosmo Radio".YesYes
Oprah RadioSelf-Help TalkAdded 2006-07-17. Launched on 2006-09-25. Was "Oprah & Friends" until 2009-03-04.YesYes
Joel Osteen RadioReligion and Christian TalkComing Fall 2014YesYes

Traffic and Weather[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Boston/Philadelphia24/7 Traffic and WeatherAdded on 2004-04-01. Added Philadelphia on 2009-01-15.YesNo
New YorkYesNo
Miami-Fort Lauderdale/AtlantaWas Philadelphia until 2009-01-15.YesNo
Dallas-Fort Worth/HoustonWas Baltimore until 2009-01-15.YesNo
Baltimore/WashingtonAdded Baltimore on 2009-01-15.YesNo
Minneapolis-St. Paul/PittsburghAdded Minneapolis-St. Paul on 2009-01-15.YesNo
Detroit/Las VegasAdded Las Vegas on 2009-01-15.YesNo
Chicago/St. LouisAdded St. Louis on 2009-01-15.YesNo
Tampa-St. Petersburg/OrlandoWas St. Louis until 2009-01-15.YesNo
Phoenix/San DiegoAdded on 2004-08-02. Was Minneapolis-St. Paul until 2009-01-15.YesNo
San Francisco Bay Area/Seattle/TacomaAdded Seattle-Tacoma on 2009-01-15.YesNo
Los AngelesYesNo

XMRO / Only Available on XM Radio Online[edit]

NameFormatNotesSatellite serviceOnline service
Neil Diamond RadioNeil Diamond musicNoYes
enLightenSouthern GospelCurrently airing on Sirius XM Limited Engagements on Sirius XM Radio 18. Premiered online on 2004-11-22. Premiered on the satellites on 2006-04-17.YesYes
CinemagicMovie SoundtracksYesYes
Sirius XM BootlegsYesYes
Sirius XM Music ShowcaseExclusive MusicAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoU.S. only
Simon & Garfunkel RadioSimon & Garfunkel MusicNoU.S. only
Sirius XM Limited Engagements 2, 3, 4More Limited run channelsAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.YesYes
BBC Radio 1British Pop HitsAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoYes
Tim McGraw RadioTim McGraw MusicAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoYes
Sirius XM Comedy ShowcaseExclusive ComedyAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoU.S. only
EWTN Global Catholic Radio NetworkCatholic radioAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoU.S. only
NPRPublic radioAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoU.S. only
SIRIUS XM Left PlusProgressive talkAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoU.S. only
SIRIUS XM Patriot PlusConservative talkAdded to XMRO on 17 May 2010.NoU.S. only
Sirius XM Sports Nation 2More Sports TalkAdded to XMRO on 2009-05-18.NoU.S. only

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