List of World War I films

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This is a list of World War I films.

A staged scene from
The Battle of the Somme

Feature films[edit]

YearCountryMain title
(Alternative title)
Original title
(Original script)
1918 USAThe Service Star (The Flag of Mothers)Charles MillerA young girl lies about being engaged to a pilotD, L
1918 USAShoulder ArmsCharlie ChaplinDoughboy on the Western Front [1]C
1918 USAHearts of the WorldD. W. GriffithA,D
1918 USAThe Heart of HumanityAllen HolubarA,D
1919 FranceJ'accuseAbel GanceSuffering brought by the war on a Provençal love triangleD
1919 USAThe Lost BattalionBurton L. KingThe Lost BattalionD
1919 BelgiumMartyred Belgium †·La Belgique martyre (French)
Het gemartelde België (Dutch)
Charles TutelierSufferings of Flemish peasant family under German occupationD
1921 USAThe Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseRex IngramArgentinian family of mixed Franco-German heritage divided by the war's outbreakD, R
1921 Weimar RepublicLady Spy †·Die SpioninLudwig WolffSpy Mata HariD
1925 USAThe Big ParadeKing VidorUS Army's Rainbow DivisionD, RP, N
1926 USAWhat Price Glory?Raoul WalshRival United States Marines sergeants in France.D, CP
1927 USAHotel ImperialMauritz StillerAn Austrian officer separated from his army hides in the hotel of a frontier town occupied by the Russians with the help of the Hungarian chambermaidD, RP
1927 Weimar RepublicMata Hari: the Red DancerMata Hari, die rote TänzerinFriedrich FeherSpy Mata HariD
1927 Weimar RepublicOur EmdenKreuzer EmdenLouis RalphSMS EmdenD
1927 USAWingsWilliam A. WellmanTwo American pilots on the Western FrontD, R
1928 CanadaCarry on, Sergeant!Bruce BairnsfatherCanadian soldier and French waitressR
1928 UKDawnHerbert WilcoxNurse Edith CavellD
1928 USAFour SonsJohn FordFour Bavarian brothers, in the German and American armiesD
1929 UKLost PatrolWalter SummersA British patrol is cornered at an oasis by enemy Arab tribesmen during the Mesopotamian campaignA, DN
1930 USAAll Quiet on the Western FrontLewis MilestoneGerman infantry on the Western FrontDN
1930 USAThe Dawn PatrolHoward HawksRFC pilots on the Western FrontA
1930 USAHell's AngelsHoward Hughes,
Edmund Goulding (uncredited),
James Whale (uncredited)
RFC pilots on the Western FrontA
1930 USAJourney's EndJames WhaleBritish infantry on the Western FrontD
1930 USAMambaAlbert S. RogellGerman East Africa
1930 Weimar RepublicWestfront 1918Vier von der InfanterieGeorg Wilhelm PabstGerman infantry on the Western FrontD
1931 USAMata HariGeorge FitzmauriceSpy Mata HariD, R
1931 Weimar Republic
Mountains on FireBerge in Flammen (German)Luis Trenker, Karl HartlKaiserjäger in South TyrolD
1931 Weimar Republic
Mountains on Fire †·Les monts en flammes (French)Luis TrenkerKaiserjäger in South Tyrol. Remake of Berge in FlammenD
1931 USASeas BeneathJohn FordUSN mystery ship seeks German U-boatA
1931 Weimar RepublicHell on EarthNiemandslandVictor TrivasSoldiers from opposing sides trapped together.D
1931 UKTell EnglandAnthony Asquith and Geoffrey BarkasGallipoli campaign.A, D
1932 Weimar RepublicCruiser EmdenKreuzer EmdenLouis RalphSMS EmdenD
1932 USADoomed BattalionCyril GardnerKaiserjäger in South Tyrol. Remake of Berge in FlammenD
1932 USAA Farewell to ArmsFrank BorzageAmerican soldier and British nurseD, RN
1932 FranceWooden CrossesLes Croix de boisRaymond BernardD, AN
1932 Weimar Republic
TannenbergTannenbergHeinz PaulThe Battle of TannenbergA
1933 Weimar Republic (production)
 Nazi Germany(release)
DawnMorgenrotVernon Sewell,
Gustav Ucicky
1933 USAEver in my HeartArchie MayoAmerican woman marries German nationalD
1933 USAThe Eagle and the HawkStuart WalkerBritish pilotsA, D
1933 USSRThe Outskirts (The Patriots)Okraina (Окраина)Boris BarnetS
1933 USAStorm at DaybreakRichard BoleslawskiRomance and intrigue in a Hungarian town with a Serbian mayor, from the assassination of the Archduke to the aftermath of the war.D, AP
1934 Nazi GermanyThe Riders of German East AfricaDie Reiter von Deutsch-OstafrikaHerbert SelpinGerman East Africa [1]N
1934 Nazi GermanyShock TroopStoßtrupp 1917Hans ZöberleinN
1934 USAThe Lost PatrolJohn FordRemake of Lost PatrolA, DN
1935 ItalyAlpine LoveLe scarpe al soleMarco ElterItalian AlpiniDN
1935 ItalyTerritorial Militia †·Milizia territorialeMario BonnardC
1936 Italy13 Men and a Gun †·13 uomini e un cannoneGiovacchino Forzano13 Austrian artillerymen on the Russian front.D
1936 ItalyCavalry †·CavalleriaGoffredo AlessandriniItalian fighter pilotD
1936 USAThe Road to GloryHoward HawksRemake of Les Croix de bois, trench warfare on the Western FrontD, RN
1937 FranceGrand IllusionLa Grande IllusionJean RenoirTwo French POWs plot their escapeD
1938 Italy
13 Men and a GunMario Zampi13 Austrian artillerymen on the Russian front. Remake of 13 uomini e un cannone.D
1938 Italy
 Nazi Germany
13 Men and a Gun †·Dreizehn Mann und eine KanoneJohannes Meyer13 Austrian artillerymen on the Russian front. Remake of 13 uomini e un cannone.D
1938 USAThe Dawn PatrolEdmund GouldingRFC pilots on the Western FrontA
1938 USAMen with WingsWilliam A. WellmanUS pilot on the Western FrontA
1939 USAHotel ImperialRobert FloreyIn a frontier town alternatively occupied by the Austrians and the Russians, a Polish woman joins a hotel as a maid to seek revenge on the Austrian officer that caused her sister's suicide.DP
1940 USAThe Fighting 69thWilliam KeighleyNew York City's 69th Regiment, with Donovan (OSS) and Kilmer (poet)D
1940 AustraliaForty Thousand Horsemen (40,000 Horsemen)Charles ChauvelAustralian Light Horse at BeershebaA
1940 ItalyLittle Alpino †·Piccolo alpinoOreste BiancoliItalian boy fights with the AlpiniDN
1941 USASergeant YorkHoward HawksSgt. Alvin C. YorkA
1943 UKThe Life and Death of Colonel BlimpMichael Powell, Emeric PressburgerAn old-fashioned Boer War and World War I veteran struggles to uphold his sense of honor during World War IIR, C, D
1944 USAWilsonHenry KingPresident Woodrow WilsonD, R
1951 UK
The African QueenJohn HustonWar in German East AfricaA, R
1951 ItalyThe Caiman of the Piave †·Il caimano del PiaveGiorgio BianchiEspionage on the front of the Piave river in 1918D
1952 ItalyBrothers of ItalyFratelli d'ItaliaFausto SaraceniNazario Sauro, Italian of Istria, fights against AustriaD
1952 ItalyThe Legend of Piave †·La leggenda del PiaveRiccardo FredaItalian frontD
1952 USAWhat Price GloryJohn FordAmerican infantry on the Western FrontM
1953 USAThe Royal African Rifles (Storm Over Africa)Lesley SelanderBritish East AfricaA
1954 ItalyThe Five of the Adamello †·I cinque dell'AdamelloPino MercantiAlpiniD
1955 ItalyDon't Cry, Beautiful Girl! †·Bella non piangere!David CarbonariEnrico Toti in the Bersaglieri CorpsD
1957 USAA Farewell to ArmsCharles Vidor,
John Huston (uncredited)
American soldier and British nurseD, RN
1957 USSRAnd Quiet Flows the Don. Parts I and IITikhiy Don (Тихий Дон)Sergei GerasimovDon Cossack village between 1912 and 1922DN
1957 USAPaths of GloryStanley KubrickFrench infantry on the Western FrontDN
1958 USSRAnd Quiet Flows the Don. Part IITikhiy Don II (Тихий Дон II)Sergei GerasimovDon Cossack village between 1912 and 1922DN
1959 Italy
The Great WarLa Grande GuerraMario MonicelliItalian soldiers on the Venetian FrontC, D
1960 GermanyThe Good Soldier SchweikDer brave Soldat SchwejkAxel von AmbesserThe passive resistance of a Czech soldier in the Austro-Hungarian armyCN
1962 UK
Lawrence of ArabiaDavid LeanT. E. Lawrence and the Arab RevoltA
1964 UKKing & CountryJoseph LoseyBritish soldier tried for desertionD
1964 YugoslaviaMarch on the DrinaMarš na Drinu (Марш на Дрину)Žika MitrovićBattle of Cer [2]A, D
1964 France
Mata Hari, agent H21Mata Hari Agent H 21Jean-Louis RichardSpy Mata HariD, R
1966 UKThe Blue MaxJohn GuillerminGerman fighter pilot on the Western FrontA
1966 FranceKing of HeartsLe Roi de CoeurPhilipe de BrocaInmates of an insane asylum take over a village abandoned during the warC
1969 Italy
Fräulein DoktorFräulein DoktorAlberto LattuadaElsbeth SchragmüllerD
1969 UKOh! What a Lovely WarRichard AttenboroughSatirical chronicle of the warM
1970 USADarling LiliBlake EdwardsGerman female spy in ParisM
1970 Italy
Many Wars AgoUomini ControFrancesco RosiItalian infantry on the Venetian FrontD
1971 USAJohnny Got His GunDalton TrumboPlight of a highly wounded soldier in a military hospitalDN
1971 USAVon Richthofen and BrownRoger CormanAir war on the Western FrontA
1971 UKZeppelinEtienne PérierBritish double agentA, D
1976 UKAces HighJack GoldRFC on the Western FrontA
1976 France
 Ivory Coast
Black and White in ColorNoirs et Blancs en CouleurJean-Jacques AnnaudImpact of the war on the native populations of AfricaC, D
1976 AustraliaBreak of DayKen HannamA wounded Gallipoli survivor returns to AustraliaD
1976 UKShout at the DevilPeter R. HuntWar in East AfricaA
1978 RomaniaEcaterina TeodoroiuDinu CoceaEcaterina TeodoroiuD, LM
1981 AustraliaGallipoliPeter WeirAustralian infantry in the Gallipoli CampaignD
1981 RomaniaThe soldier's trapCapcana mercenarilorSergiu NicolaescuRomanian Army in Romanian FrontD
1983 CanadaThe WarsRobin PhillipsCanadian soldier on the Western FrontDN
1985 USAMata HariCurtis HarringtonSpy Mata HariD
1987 AustraliaThe LighthorsemenSimon WincerAustralian cavalry in the Battle of Beersheba (1917)D
1987 USSRMoonzundMoonzund (Моонзунд)Valentin PikulRussian Captain and German female spy during the Battle of Moon SoundD, R
1989 FranceLife and Nothing ButLa vie et rien d'autreBertrand TavernierIdentification of French soldiers missing in action after the warD
1992 New ZealandChunuk BairDale G. BradleyWellington Regiment at the Battle of GallipoliD
1992 Wales[3][4][5]Hedd WynPaul TurnerWelsh poet Ellis Evans (Hedd Wyn) killed at the Battle of PasschendaeleD
1994 USALegends of the FallEdward ZwickMontana family during the early 20th centuryD
1996 FranceCaptain ConanCapitaine ConanBertrand TavernierFrench occupation troops in Southeastern Europe after the surrender of BulgariaD
1996 USAIn Love and WarRichard AttenboroughErnest Hemingway and Agnes von KurowskyR
1997 UKRegenerationGillies MacKinnonSiegfried SassoonDN
1999 UK
The TrenchWilliam BoydBritish soldiers at the Battle of the SommeD
1999 RomaniaThe Death TriangleTriunghiul MorţiiSergiu NicolaescuRomanian soldiers in 1917D
2004 CanadaA Bear Named WinnieJohn Kent HarrisonWinnipeg the BearD, F
2004 FranceA Very Long EngagementUn long dimanche de fiançaillesJean-Pierre JeunetParallel story of a French soldier MIA and his fiancée in rural BrittanyD
2004 USACompany KRobert ClemAmerican veteran writes about the company in which he servedD
2005 Belgium
Joyeux NoëlMerry ChristmasChristian CarionChristmas truce of 1914D, R
2006 USAFlyboysTony BillThe Lafayette EscadrilleA, D
2006 JapanThe Ode to JoyBaruto no GakuenMasanobu DemeGerman POWs in JapanD
2006 UKQuiet Flows the DonSergey BondarchukDon Cossack during the war, the October Revolution and the Russian Civil WarDN
2007 CanadaThe Great WarBrian McKennaCanadian infantry on the Western FrontD
2008 RussiaAdmiralAdmiral (Адмиралъ)Andrey KravchukAlexander KolchakD, R
2008 UKEinstein and EddingtonPhilip MartinDevelopment of the Theory of RelativityD
2008 Spain[6][7]Flying HeroesCher Ami... ¡y yo!Miquel PujolAnimated film. Cher Ami is sent to help an American battalion trapped behind enemy lines.F
2008 USAHaberDaniel RagussisFritz HaberD
2008 Turkey120120Özhan ErenChildren supplying munition to the Ottoman troops during the Battle of SarikamisD
2008 CanadaPasschendaelePaul GrossCanadian infantry on the Western Front, and the Crucified SoldierD
2008 Germany
The Red Baron[8]Nikolai MüllerschönBaron Manfred von RichthofenD, R
2009 SerbiaSt. George Slays the DragonSveti Georgije ubiva aždahu (Свети Георгије убива аждаху)Srđan DragojevićBattle of Cer [9]DP
2009 Germany
The White RibbonDas weisse Band – Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (German)Michael HanekeMysterious happenings in a German village in the lead up to the warD
2010 AustraliaBeneath Hill 60Jeremy SimsOliver WoodwardD
2010 TurkeyVedaZülfü LivaneliSalih Bozok with the trace of life with Mustafa KemalLM
2011 CroatiaJosefJosefStanislav TomićCroat soldier in the Austro-Hungarian ArmyA
2011 USA
War HorseSteven SpielbergDevon youth and his horse on the Western FrontDC
2012 TurkeyÇanakkale 1915†·Çanakkale 1915
2012 UKPrivate PeacefulPat O`ConnorDevon Set in the fields of Devon and the WW1 battlefields of Flanders, two brothers fall for the same girl while contending with the pressures of their feudal family life, the war, and the price of courage and cowardice.DC
2012 TurkeySons of ÇanakkaleÇanakkale ÇocuklarıGallipoli Campaign: two brothers fight in 2 sidesF, DC, M
2013 TurkeyThe Long Way HomeEve Dönüş: Sarıkamış 1915Alphan EşeliFamily during the Battle of SarikamishD, A
2013 TurkeyGallipoli: End of the RoadÇanakkale: Yolun SonuKemal UzunSnipers durings Gallipoli CampaignD, AP
2013 AustraliaForbidden GroundJohn Earl
Adrian Powers
Three British soldiers stranded in no man's landD, A, F, LP, M
2014 SingaporeHearts From The SommeJames StevensStory of Friends during the Battle Of The Somme
* Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Musical, Family, Lost film.
Source material: Novel, Play, Memoir, Book (non-fiction), Short story, Children's book, Verse (poetry), Article.

TV films and series[edit]

YearCountryMain titleOriginal titleDirectorSubject*
1966 West Germany
The Mata Hari Case†·Der Fall Mata HariPaul VerhoevenSpy Mata HariD
1974 UKFall of Eagles (miniseries)John Elliot (creator)The Habsburgs, the Hohenzollerns and the Romanovs to 1918D, R
1976 USAOnce an Eagle (miniseries)Richard Michaels, E.W. SwackhamerTwo US Army officersD, RN
1977 UKWingsJim Goddard
Gareth Davis[disambiguation needed]
Donald McWhinnie
Desmond Davis
Two British fighter pilots on the Western FrontD
1979 USAAll Quiet on the Western FrontDelbert MannGerman infantry on the Western FrontDN
1981 NetherlandsMata Hari (miniseries)Mata HariJohn Van de RestSpy Mata HariD
1982 Australia1915 (miniseries)Di Drew,
Chris Thomson
Two rural Australians join the ANZACsD
1985 AustraliaAnzacs (miniseries)Pino Amenta,
John Dixon,
George Miller
Australian infantry in EuropeD
1986 Italy
 West Germany
Mino (miniseries)Mino - Il piccolo alpino(Italian)
Mino – Ein Junge zwischen den Fronten(German)
Gianfranco AlbanoItalian boy fights with the AlpiniA, D
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"London, May 1916" (aired March 11)
Carl SchultzWartime LondonA, R
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Verdun, September 1916" (aired March 25)
Rene ManzorThe Battle of VerdunA, D
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"German East Africa, December 1916" (aired April 1)
Simon WincerColonial war in the Belgian CongoA, D
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Congo, January 1917" (aired April 8)
Simon WincerAlbert Schweitzer in wartime GabonD
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Austria, March 1917" (aired September 21)
Vic ArmstrongThe Sixtus AffairA
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Somme, early August 1916" (aired September 28)
Simon WincerThe Battle of the SommeA, D
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Germany, Mid-August 1916" (aired October 5)
Simon WincerPrison camps in GermanyA
1992 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Barcelona, May 1917" (aired October 12)
Terry JonesEspionage in neutral SpainC
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Princeton, February 1916" (aired March 20)
Joe JohnstonGerman saboteurs in AmericaA
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Petrograd, July 1917" (aired March 27)
Simon WincerPetrograd July DaysD
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Northern Italy, June 1918" (aired April 17)
Bille AugustErnest Hemingway in the Italian FrontC
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom" (aired June 5)
Peter MacDonaldWar in German East Africa, Paul von Lettow-VorbeckA
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Ireland, April 1916" (aired June 12)
Gillies MacKinnonThe Easter RebellionA
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Paris, October 1916" (aired July 10)
Nicolas RoegSpy Mata HariD, R
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Istanbul, September 1918" (aired July 17)
Mike NewellSpionage during the Fall of the Ottoman EmpireD
1993 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Paris, May 1919" (aired July 24)
David HareThe Treaty of VersaillesD
1993 USATom and Jerry Kids
"Mouse with a Message" (aired September 9)
Carl UbanoPilots in Western Front, 1918C
1995 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye" (aired January 15)
Carl SchultzArmistice with Germany
1995 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Young Indiana Jones and the Attack of the Hawkmen" (aired October 8)
Ben BurttAir war on the Western FrontA
1995 USATrumanFrank PiersonHarry S. Truman, US ArmyDB
1996 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Prague, August 1917" (unaired)
Robert YoungEspionage, Franz KafkaC
1996 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Palestine, October 1917" and "Palestine 1917" (unaired)
Simon WincerThe Battle of BeershebaA
1996 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Morocco 1917" (unaired)
Michael SchultzThe Zaian RevoltA, R
1999 UK
All the King's MenJulian JarroldThe Sandringham CompanyDB
2001 USAThe Lost BattalionRussell MulcahyThe Lost BattalionA, D
2005 RussiaThe Fall of the EmpireГибель Империи (Gibel Imperii)Vladimir KhotinenkoThe Russian RevolutionDS
2007 ItalyLove and War†·L'amore e la guerraGiacomo CampiottiInspired to Rudyard Kipling's The War in the Mountains and Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to ArmsDB, N
2007 UKMy Boy JackBrian KirkRudyard Kipling's son Jack at the Battle of LoosDP, V
2008 Syria
 United Arab Emirates
Lawrence Al Arabلورانس العربThaer MousaT. E. Lawrence and the Arab RevoltDM, S
2009 TurkeyThe Thoroughfare of Çanakkale†·Çanakkale GeçilmezGallipoli Campaign: a flashbacks story between two friends (one has died)M
2013 BelgiumIn Flanders FieldsIn Vlaamse VeldenJan MatthysD
2013 GermanyOdyssey of HeroesDie Männer der EmdenBerengar PfahlSMS EmdenD, A
* Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Musical, Family.
Source material: Novel, Play, Memoir, Book (non-fiction), Short story, Children's book, Verse (poetry), Article.

(Science) fiction & fantasy[edit]

YearCountryMain titleOriginal titleDirectorSubject
1916 ItalyThe WarriorMaciste alpinoLuigi Romano Borgnetto, Luigi MaggiA soldier of near-superhuman strength fights battles in the First World War and rescues a young woman from the castle where she is imprisoned.
1933 USAMen Must FightEdgar SelwynA nurse raises her child as a pacifist after her pilot lover is killed in the war. Twenty years later, another world war breaks out.P
1966 USAThe Time Tunnel
"The Ghost of Nero" (1967 episode)
Time travellers meet Cpl. Benito Mussolini in 1915
1972 USAThe New Scooby-Doo Movies
"The Ghost of the Red Baron" (1972 episode)
The ghost of von Richthofen threatens the Three Stooges
1996 USAThe Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
"Transylvania, January 1918" (unaired episode)
Dick MaasYoung Indiana Jones runs into a mysterious Romanian general that might be a vampire
2002 UKDeathwatchMichael J. BassettBritish soldiers find a demonic being in a captured German trench
2011 USASucker PunchZack SnyderHeavily armed teenage girls on the Western Front
Source material: Novel, Play, Memoir, Book (non-fiction), Short story, Children's book, Verse (poetry), Article.


YearCountryMain titleOriginal titleDirectorSubject
1916 UKThe Battle of the SommeGeoffrey Malins
John McDowell
British Army at the Battle of the Somme, 1916
1918 USAThe Sinking of the LusitaniaWinsor McCayAnimated. Sinking of the RMS Lusitania
1934 ItalyGloria - The Great War †·Gloria - La grande guerraRoberto OmegnaItaly in World War I
2005 TurkeyGallipoliGeliboluTolga ÖrnekThe Gallipoli campaign, as told by soldiers on both sides

Derived Conflicts[edit]

Anglo-Irish War and Irish Civil War[edit]

YearCountryMain titleOriginal titleDirectorSubject*
1941 Nazi GermanyMy Life for IrelandMein Leben für IrlandMax W. KimmichThe son of an Irish rebel is sent to an English boarding school for re-education[disambiguation needed]D
2006 Ireland
The Wind That Shakes the BarleyKen LoachTwo Cork brothers join the IRAD
* Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Musical, Family.
Source material: Novel, Play, Memoir, Book (non-fiction), Short story, Children's book, Verse (poetry), Article.
Soviet stamp honouring film Chapaev

Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War[edit]

YearCountryMain title
(Alternative title)
Original title
(Original script)
1927 USAMockeryBenjamin ChristensenA mentally challenged peasant saves a countess, then obsesses over herD
1928 USSROctober: Ten Days That Shook the World (October)Oktyabr': Desyat' dney kotorye potryasli mir (Октябрь (Десять дней, которые потрясли мир))Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori AleksandrovOctober Revolution of 1917DB
1929 USSRArsenalArsenal (Арсенал) / Yanvarskoye vosstaniye v Kiyeve v 1918 godu (Январское восстание в Киеве в 1918 году)Alexander DovzhenkoKiev Arsenal January Uprising in 1918
1934 USSRChapaevChapaev (Чапаев)Georgi Vasilyev, Sergei VasilyevRed Army hero Vasily ChapayevAN
1937 UKKnight Without Armour (Knight Without Armor)Jacques FeyderBritish agent saves Russian countess from the bolsheviksDN
1939 USSRShchorsShchors (Щopc)Alexander Dovzhenko, Yuliya SolntsevaPartisan leader Nikolai Shchors
1958 USSRAnd Quiet Flows the DonTikhii Don (Тихий Дон)Sergei GerasimovDon Cossack village between 1912 and 1922D
1967 Hungary
The Red and the WhiteCsillagosok, katonákMiklós JancsóHungarian Communist volunteers in the Russian Civil WarD
1970 USSRWhite Sun of the DesertBeloye solntse pustyni (Белое солнце пустыни)Vladimir MotylThe Basmachi revoltA
2005 RussiaNine Lives of Nestor Makhno (miniseries)Devyat zhizney Nestora Makhno (Девять жизней Нестора Махно)Nikolai KaptaUkrainian anarchist Nestor MakhnoD
* Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Musical, Family.
Source material: Novel, Play, Memoir, Book (non-fiction), Short story, Children's book, Verse (poetry), Article.

Grigori Rasputin[edit]

YearCountryMain title
Original title
(Original script)
1996 USARasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny (TV)Uli EdelHis last four years (1912–16)D

Turkish War of Independence[edit]

YearCountryMain titleOriginal titleDirectorSubject*
1970 UKYou Can't Win 'Em AllPeter CollinsonTwo American veterans join a gang of Turkish mercenaries in an escort missionA
2007 TurkeyThe Last Ottoman: Knockout AliSon Osmanlı Yandım AliMustafa Şevki DoğanDischarged Ottoman Navy veteran joins Mustafa Kemal's armyA
* Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Musical, Family.
Source material: Novel, Play, Memoir, Book (non-fiction), Short story, Children's book, Verse (poetry), Article.

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  • ^† This English language title is a literal translation from its original foreign language title.
    This title should always be replaced by an English language release title when that information becomes available.


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