List of World War II flying aces

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This is a list of World War II flying aces. Fighter aces in World War II had tremendously varying kill scores, affected as they were by many factors: the pilot's skill level, the performance of the airplane he flew and those he flew against, how long he served, his opportunity to meet the enemy in the air (Allied to Axis disproportion), and the standards his air service brought to the awarding of victory credits.

Towards the end of the war, the Axis Powers had largely exhausted their supply of skilled pilots and the replacements did not have as much opportunity to gain enough experience to be successful.

Additionally, national policies differed; German and Japanese[1] pilots tended to return to the cockpit over and over again until they were killed,[N 1] while very successful Allied pilots were routinely rotated back to training bases to educate cadet flyers. It is not clear what impact each individual nation's rules for score crediting have on the counts listed below, although the impact is likely to be significant. Germans credited a shared victory to only one pilot, while the French credited full victory to all participants. British, Finnish and US air forces credited fractional shares of aerial victories, resulting in fractions, such as 11½, which might be for example 10 aircraft and three shares with the second pilot. Some U.S. commands also credited aircraft destroyed on the ground. The Soviets counted only solo kills, while group kills were counted separately, as did the Japanese. Probable kills are usually left out of the list. This list is obviously still incomplete, for instance, of 123 known Italian flying aces [2] only less than 20 have been included in this list.

Flying aces[edit]

Günther Rall
Erich Rudorffer
Hans-Joachim Marseille
Werner Mölders
Adolf Galland
Ilmari Juutilainen, the highest scoring non-German ace.
Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, the highest scoring Japanese ace.
Ivan Kozhedub, top Allied and Soviet ace of WWII.
Mato Dukovac, highest scoring Croatian ace.
Richard Bong, the highest scoring U.S. ace.
Lydia Litvak, top female ace of WWII.
NameCountryServiceWWII Aerial VictoriesOther VictoriesNotes
Hartmann, Erich "Bubi"Erich "Bubi" HartmannGermanyLuftwaffe352(Top ace of all time.)
Barkhorn, GerhardGerhard BarkhornGermanyLuftwaffe301
Rall, GüntherGünther RallGermanyLuftwaffe275
Kittel, OttoOtto KittelGermanyLuftwaffe267
Nowotny, Walter "Nowi"Walter "Nowi" NowotnyGermanyLuftwaffe258
Batz, WilhelmWilhelm BatzGermanyLuftwaffe237
Rudorffer, ErichErich RudorfferGermanyLuftwaffe222(12 in Me-262)
Bär, HeinzHeinz BärGermanyLuftwaffe220(16 in Me-262)
Graf, HermannHermann GrafGermanyLuftwaffe212
Ehrler, HeinrichHeinrich EhrlerGermanyLuftwaffe208(8 in Me-262)
Weissenberger, TheodorTheodor WeissenbergerGermanyLuftwaffe208(8 in Me-262)
Philipp, HansHans PhilippGermanyLuftwaffe206
Schuck, WalterWalter SchuckGermanyLuftwaffe206(8 in Me-262)
Hafner, AntonAnton HafnerGermanyLuftwaffe204
Lipfert, HelmutHelmut LipfertGermanyLuftwaffe203
Krupinski, WalterWalter KrupinskiGermanyLuftwaffe197
Hackl, AntonAnton HacklGermanyLuftwaffe192
Brendel, JoachimJoachim BrendelGermanyLuftwaffe189
Stotz, MaxMax StotzGermanyLuftwaffe189
Kirschner, JoachimJoachim KirschnerGermanyLuftwaffe188
Brandle, KurtKurt BrändleGermanyLuftwaffe180
Josten, GüntherGünther JostenGermanyLuftwaffe178
Steinhoff, JohannesJohannes SteinhoffGermanyLuftwaffe176
Reinert, Ernst-WilhelmErnst-Wilhelm ReinertGermanyLuftwaffe174
Schack, GüntherGünther SchackGermanyLuftwaffe174
Lang, EmilEmil LangGermanyLuftwaffe173
Schmidt, HeinzHeinz SchmidtGermanyLuftwaffe173
Ademeit, HorstHorst AdemeitGermanyLuftwaffe166
Wilcke, Wolf-DietrichWolf-Dietrich WilckeGermanyLuftwaffe162
Marseille, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim MarseilleGermanyLuftwaffe158(Destroyed most Western Allied aircraft.)
Sturm, HeinrichHeinrich SturmGermanyLuftwaffe158
Thyben, GerhardGerhard ThybenGermanyLuftwaffe157
Beisswenger, HansHans BeisswengerGermanyLuftwaffe152
Düttmann, PeterPeter DüttmannGermanyLuftwaffe152
Gollob, Gordon M.Gordon M. GollobGermanyLuftwaffe150
Tegtmeier, FritzFritz TegtmeierGermanyLuftwaffe146
Wolf, AlbinAlbin WolfGermanyLuftwaffe144
Tanzer, KurtKurt TanzerGermanyLuftwaffe143
Muller, Friedrich-KarlFriedrich-Karl MüllerGermanyLuftwaffe140
Gratz, KarlKarl GratzGermanyLuftwaffe138
Setz, HeinrichHeinrich SetzGermanyLuftwaffe138
Trenkel, RudolfRudolf TrenkelGermanyLuftwaffe138
Schall, FranzFranz SchallGermanyLuftwaffe137(14 in Me-262)
Wolfrum, WalterWalter WolfrumGermanyLuftwaffe137
Fassong, Horst-Günther vonHorst-Günther von FassongGermanyLuftwaffe136
Fonnekold, OttoOtto FönnekoldGermanyLuftwaffe136
Weber, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz WeberGermanyLuftwaffe136
Müncheberg, JoachimJoachim MünchebergGermanyLuftwaffe135
Waldmann, HansHans WaldmannGermanyLuftwaffe134
Grislawski, AlfredAlfred GrislawskiGermanyLuftwaffe133
Wiese, JohannesJohannes WieseGermanyLuftwaffe133
Borchers, AdolfAdolf BorchersGermanyLuftwaffe132
Dickfeld, AdolfAdolf DickfeldGermanyLuftwaffe132
Clausen, ErwinErwin ClausenGermanyLuftwaffe132
Lemke, WilhelmWilhelm LemkeGermanyLuftwaffe131
Hoffmann, GerhardGerhard HoffmannGermanyLuftwaffe130
Sterr, HeinrichHeinrich SterrGermanyLuftwaffe130
Eisenach, FranzFranz EisenachGermanyLuftwaffe129
Dahl, WaltherWalther DahlGermanyLuftwaffe128
Dörr, FranzFranz DörrGermanyLuftwaffe128
Rademacher, RudolfRudolf RademacherGermanyLuftwaffe126(8 in Me-262)
Zwernemann, JosefJosef ZwernemannGermanyLuftwaffe126
Hrabak, DietrichDietrich HrabakGermanyLuftwaffe125
Ettel, Wolf-UdoWolf-Udo EttelGermanyLuftwaffe124
Ihlefeld, HerbertHerbert IhlefeldGermanyLuftwaffe123(+9 in Spain)
Tonne, WolfgangWolfgang TonneGermanyLuftwaffe122
Marquardt, HeinzHeinz MarquardtGermanyLuftwaffe121
Schnaufer, Heinz-WolfgangHeinz-Wolfgang SchnauferGermanyLuftwaffe121(top night fighter ace - all kills at night)
Weiß, RobertRobert WeißGermanyLuftwaffe121
Obleser, FriedrichFriedrich ObleserGermanyLuftwaffe120
Wachowiak, FriedrichFriedrich WachowiakGermanyLuftwaffe120
Leie, ErichErich LeieGermanyLuftwaffe118
Beerenbrock, Franz-JosefFranz-Josef BeerenbrockGermanyLuftwaffe117
Birkner, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim BirknerGermanyLuftwaffe117
Norz, JakobJakob NorzGermanyLuftwaffe117
Oesau, WalterWalter OesauGermanyLuftwaffe117
Wernicke, HeinzHeinz WernickeGermanyLuftwaffe117
Lambert, AugustAugust LambertGermanyLuftwaffe116
Molders, WernerWerner MöldersGermanyLuftwaffe101(15 in Spain)(First pilot to reach 100 victories.)
Crinius, WilhelmWilhelm CriniusGermanyLuftwaffe114
Schröer, WernerWerner SchröerGermanyLuftwaffe114
Dammers, HansHans DammersGermanyLuftwaffe113
Korts, BertholdBerthold KortsGermanyLuftwaffe113
Buhligen, KurtKurt BühligenGermanyLuftwaffe112
Lent, HelmutHelmut LentGermanyLuftwaffe110(night fighter ace - 102 kills at night)
Ubben, KurtKurt UbbenGermanyLuftwaffe110
Woidich, FranzFranz WoidichGermanyLuftwaffe110
Seiler, ReinhardReinhard SeilerGermanyLuftwaffe109
Bitsch, EmilEmil BitschGermanyLuftwaffe108
Hahn, HansHans HahnGermanyLuftwaffe108
Vechtel, BernhardBernhard VechtelGermanyLuftwaffe108
Bauer, ViktorViktor BauerGermanyLuftwaffe106
Lucas, WernerWerner LucasGermanyLuftwaffe106
Lutzow, GuntherGünther LützowGermanyLuftwaffe105
Galland, AdolfAdolf GallandGermanyLuftwaffe104(7 in Me-262)
Boremski, Eberhard vonEberhard von BoremskiGermanyLuftwaffe104
Sachsenberg, HeinzHeinz SachsenbergGermanyLuftwaffe104
Grasser, HartmannHartmann GrasserGermanyLuftwaffe103
Freytag, SiegfriedSiegfried FreytagGermanyLuftwaffe102
Geisshardt, FriedrichFriedrich GeisshardtGermanyLuftwaffe102
Mayer, EgonEgon MayerGermanyLuftwaffe102
Ostermann, Max-HellmuthMax-Hellmuth OstermannGermanyLuftwaffe102
Wurmheller, JosefJosef WurmhellerGermanyLuftwaffe102
Rollwage, HerbertHerbert RollwageGermanyLuftwaffe102
Miethig, RudolfRudolf MiethigGermanyLuftwaffe101
Priller, JosefJosef PrillerGermanyLuftwaffe101
Wernitz, UlrichUlrich WernitzGermanyLuftwaffe101
Dähne, Paul-HeinrichPaul-Heinrich DähneGermanyLuftwaffe99
Steinbatz, LeopoldLeopold SteinbatzGermanyLuftwaffe99
Späte, WolfgangWolfgang SpäteGermanyLuftwaffe99
Bartels, HeinrichHeinrich BartelsGermanyLuftwaffe99
Schleef, HansHans SchleefGermanyLuftwaffe99
Hannig, HorstHorst HannigGermanyLuftwaffe98
Rödel, GustavGustav RödelGermanyLuftwaffe98
Rüffler, HelmutHelmut RüfflerGermanyLuftwaffe98
Mertens, HelmutHelmut MertensGermanyLuftwaffe97
Schleinhege, HermannHermann SchleinhegeGermanyLuftwaffe97
von Eichel-Streiber, DiethelmDiethelm von Eichel-StreiberGermanyLuftwaffe96
Höfemeier, HeinrichHeinrich HöfemeierGermanyLuftwaffe96
Lemke, SiegfriedSiegfried LemkeGermanyLuftwaffe96
Münster, LeopoldLeopold MünsterGermanyLuftwaffe95
Juutilainen, IlmariIlmari JuutilainenFinlandFinnish Air Force94(Top non-German ace.)
Muller, RudolfRudolf MüllerGermanyLuftwaffe94(101)[a]
Resch, RudolfRudolf ReschGermanyLuftwaffe93(1 in Spain)
Klöpper, HeinrichHeinrich KlöpperGermanyLuftwaffe93
Bennemann, HelmutHelmut BennemannGermanyLuftwaffe93
Roßmann, EdmundEdmund RoßmannGermanyLuftwaffe93
Schnell, SiegfriedSiegfried SchnellGermanyLuftwaffe93
Loos, GerhardGerhard LoosGermanyLuftwaffe92
Romm, OskarOskar RommGermanyLuftwaffe92
Resch, AntonAnton ReschGermanyLuftwaffe91
Schentke, GeorgGeorg SchentkeGermanyLuftwaffe91
Kemethmüller, HeinzHeinz KemethmüllerGermanyLuftwaffe89
Nishizawa, HiroyoshiHiroyoshi NishizawaJapanImperial Japanese Navy87(Top Japanese ace, possibly 100+ kills.)
Jennewein, JosefJosef JenneweinGermanyLuftwaffe86
Mader, AntonAnton MaderGermanyLuftwaffe86
Wöhnert, UlrichUlrich WöhnertGermanyLuftwaffe86
Köppen, GerhardGerhard KöppenGermanyLuftwaffe85
Zellot, WalterWalter ZellotGermanyLuftwaffe85
Ewald, HeinzHeinz EwaldGermanyLuftwaffe84
Kalden, PeterPeter KaldenGermanyLuftwaffe84
Quast, WernerWerner QuastGermanyLuftwaffe84
Sayn-Wittgenstein, Heinrich Prinz zuHeinrich Prinz zu Sayn-WittgensteinGermanyLuftwaffe83
Weßling, OttoOtto WeßlingGermanyLuftwaffe83
Grünberg, HansHans GrünbergGermanyLuftwaffe82
Darjes, EmilEmil DarjesGermanyLuftwaffe82
Götz, HansHans GötzGermanyLuftwaffe82
Missner, HelmutHelmut MissnerGermanyLuftwaffe82
Beyer, FranzFranz BeyerGermanyLuftwaffe81
Broch, HugoHugo BrochGermanyLuftwaffe81
Nemitz, WilliWilli NemitzGermanyLuftwaffe81
Philipp, WilhelmWilhelm PhilippGermanyLuftwaffe81
Wagner, RudolfRudolf WagnerGermanyLuftwaffe81
Iwamoto, TetsuzoTetsuzo IwamotoJapanImperial Japanese Navy80(14 in 1938 China campaign)(Claimed 200+ victories.)
Bachnick, HerbertHerbert BachnickGermanyLuftwaffe80
Würfel, OttoOtto WürfelGermanyLuftwaffe79
Eder, Georg-PeterGeorg-Peter EderGermanyLuftwaffe78
Ewald, WolfgangWolfgang EwaldGermanyLuftwaffe78
Krafft, HeinrichHeinrich KrafftGermanyLuftwaffe78
Lücke, Max-HermannMax-Hermann LückeGermanyLuftwaffe78
Meier, Johann-HermannJohann-Hermann MeierGermanyLuftwaffe78
Nordmann, Karl-GottfriedKarl-Gottfried NordmannGermanyLuftwaffe78
Preinfalk, AlexanderAlexander PreinfalkGermanyLuftwaffe78
von Bonin, HubertusHubertus von BoninGermanyLuftwaffe77(4 in Spain)
Haiböck, JosefJosef HaiböckGermanyLuftwaffe77
Ohlrogge, WalterWalter OhlroggeGermanyLuftwaffe77
Kroschinski, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim KroschinskiGermanyLuftwaffe76
Mayerl, MaximilianMaximilian MayerlGermanyLuftwaffe76
Teumer, AlfredAlfred TeumerGermanyLuftwaffe76
Thiel, EdwinEdwin ThielGermanyLuftwaffe76
Wind, HansHans WindFinlandFinnish Air Force75
Bunzek, JohannesJohannes BunzekGermanyLuftwaffe75
Frielinghaus, GustavGustav FrielinghausGermanyLuftwaffe75
Grollmus, HelmuthHelmuth GrollmusGermanyLuftwaffe75
Pichler, JohannJohann PichlerGermanyLuftwaffe75
Röhrig, HansHans RöhrigGermanyLuftwaffe75
Semelka, WaldemarWaldemar SemelkaGermanyLuftwaffe75
Wandel, JoachimJoachim WandelGermanyLuftwaffe75
Gaiser, OttoOtto GaiserGermanyLuftwaffe74
Haas, FriedrichFriedrich HaasGermanyLuftwaffe74
Meltzer, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz MeltzerGermanyLuftwaffe74
Herget, WilhelmWilhelm HergetGermanyLuftwaffe73
Lindner, AntonAnton LindnerGermanyLuftwaffe73
Michalski, GerhardGerhard MichalskiGermanyLuftwaffe73
Schultz, OttoOtto SchultzGermanyLuftwaffe73
Fukumoto, ShigeoShigeo FukumotoJapanImperial Japanese Navy72
Mietusch, KlausKlaus MietuschGermanyLuftwaffe72
Mink, WilhelmWilhelm MinkGermanyLuftwaffe72
Schnell, Karl HeinzKarl Heinz SchnellGermanyLuftwaffe72
Fuß, HansHans FußGermanyLuftwaffe71
Glunz, AdolfAdolf GlunzGermanyLuftwaffe71
Heckmann, AlfredAlfred HeckmannGermanyLuftwaffe71
Scheel, GüntherGünther ScheelGermanyLuftwaffe71
Sugita, ShoichiShoichi SugitaJapanImperial Japanese Navy70
Hoffmann, KarlKarl HoffmannGermanyLuftwaffe70
Joppien, Hermann-FriedrichHermann-Friedrich JoppienGermanyLuftwaffe70
Lange, HeinzHeinz LangeGermanyLuftwaffe70
Linz, RudiRudi LinzGermanyLuftwaffe70
Omert, EmilEmil OmertGermanyLuftwaffe70
Burckhardt, Lutz-WilhelmLutz-Wilhelm BurckhardtGermanyLuftwaffe69
Köhler, ArminArmin KöhlerGermanyLuftwaffe69
Weismann, ErnstErnst WeismannGermanyLuftwaffe69
Zweigart, Eugen-LudwigEugen-Ludwig ZweigartGermanyLuftwaffe69
Dombacher, KurtKurt DombacherGermanyLuftwaffe68
Höckner, WalterWalter HöcknerGermanyLuftwaffe68
Huppertz, HerbertHerbert HuppertzGermanyLuftwaffe68
Jung, HeinrichHeinrich JungGermanyLuftwaffe68
Kaiser, HerbertHerbert KaiserGermanyLuftwaffe68
Leppla, RichardRichard LepplaGermanyLuftwaffe68
Losigkeit, FritzFritz LosigkeitGermanyLuftwaffe68
Freiherr von Maltzahn, GüntherGünther Freiherr von MaltzahnGermanyLuftwaffe68
Strelow, HansHans StrelowGermanyLuftwaffe68
Süß, ErnstErnst SüßGermanyLuftwaffe68
Tange, OttoOtto TangeGermanyLuftwaffe68
Dinger, FritzFritz DingerGermanyLuftwaffe67
Findeisen, HerbertHerbert FindeisenGermanyLuftwaffe67
Fuchs, KarlKarl FuchsGermanyLuftwaffe67
Füllgrabe, HeinrichHeinrich FüllgrabeGermanyLuftwaffe67
Hammerl, KarlKarl HammerlGermanyLuftwaffe67
Hoffmann, ReinholdReinhold HoffmannGermanyLuftwaffe67
Kageneck, Erbo Graf vonErbo Graf von KageneckGermanyLuftwaffe67
Schieß, FranzFranz SchießGermanyLuftwaffe67
Schwaiger, FranzFranz SchwaigerGermanyLuftwaffe67
Strassl, HubertHubert StrasslGermanyLuftwaffe67
Fleig, ErwinErwin FleigGermanyLuftwaffe66
Streib, WernerWerner StreibGermanyLuftwaffe66(65 at night)
Graßmuck, BertholdBerthold GraßmuckGermanyLuftwaffe65
Kempf, KarlKarl KempfGermanyLuftwaffe65
Meurer, ManfredManfred MeurerGermanyLuftwaffe65
Gallowitsch, BerndBernd GallowitschGermanyLuftwaffe64
Harder, JürgenJürgen HarderGermanyLuftwaffe64
Hermichen, RolfRolf HermichenGermanyLuftwaffe64
Lindner, WalterWalter LindnerGermanyLuftwaffe64
Petermann, ViktorViktor PetermannGermanyLuftwaffe64
Peters, ErhardErhard PetersGermanyLuftwaffe64
Radusch, GüntherGünther RaduschGermanyLuftwaffe64
Rokker, HeinzHeinz RökkerGermanyLuftwaffe64
Schoenert, RudolfRudolf SchoenertGermanyLuftwaffe64
Sakai, SaburōSaburō SakaiJapanImperial Japanese Navy64(May have had more victories.)
Götz, FranzFranz GötzGermanyLuftwaffe63
Hoffmann, HeinrichHeinrich HoffmannGermanyLuftwaffe63
Homuth, GerhardGerhard HomuthGermanyLuftwaffe63
Schilling, WilhelmWilhelm SchillingGermanyLuftwaffe63
Staiger, HermannHermann StaigerGermanyLuftwaffe63
Welter, KurtKurt WelterGermanyLuftwaffe63(56 at night, 20+ in Me-262,[3] maybe best ever jet ace.)
Kozhedub, IvanIvan KozhedubSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force62Also 2 American P51s(WWII Allied and Soviet Ace of Aces)
Cordes, HeinoHeino CordesGermanyLuftwaffe62
Hübner, WilhelmWilhelm HübnerGermanyLuftwaffe62
Neumann, HelmutHelmut NeumannGermanyLuftwaffe62
Beutin, GerhardGerhard BeutinGermanyLuftwaffe60
Bob, Hans-EkkehardHans-Ekkehard BobGermanyLuftwaffe60
Carganico, HorstHorst CarganicoGermanyLuftwaffe60
Czech, FranzFranz CzechGermanyLuftwaffe60
Franke, AlfredAlfred FrankeGermanyLuftwaffe60
Hrdlicka, FranzFranz HrdlickaGermanyLuftwaffe60
Kelter, KurtKurt KelterGermanyLuftwaffe60
Mors, AugustAugust MorsGermanyLuftwaffe60
Munz, KarlKarl MunzGermanyLuftwaffe60
Rauch, AlfredAlfred RauchGermanyLuftwaffe60
Stahlschmidt, Hans-ArnoldHans-Arnold StahlschmidtGermanyLuftwaffe59
Borchers, WalterWalter BorchersGermanyLuftwaffe59
Eckerle, FranzFranz EckerleGermanyLuftwaffe59
Steffen, KarlKarl SteffenGermanyLuftwaffe59
Zorner, PaulPaul ZornerGermanyLuftwaffe59
Pokryshkin, Aleksandr IvanovichAleksandr Ivanovich PokryshkinSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force59
Buchner, HermannHermann BuchnerGermanyLuftwaffe58
Becker, MartinMartin BeckerGermanyLuftwaffe58
Broennle, HerbertHerbert BroennleGermanyLuftwaffe58
Engfer, SiegfriedSiegfried EngferGermanyLuftwaffe58
Friebel, HerbertHerbert FriebelGermanyLuftwaffe58
Freuwörth, WilhelmWilhelm FreuwörthGermanyLuftwaffe58
Raht, GerhardGerhard RahtGermanyLuftwaffe58
Shinohara, HiromichiHiromichi ShinoharaJapanImperial Japanese Army58
Rechkalov, Grigoriy AndreevichGrigoriy Andreevich RechkalovSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force58
Gulayev, Nikolay DmitrievichNikolay Dmitrievich GulayevSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force57
Ahnert, Heinrich-WilhelmHeinrich-Wilhelm AhnertGermanyLuftwaffe57
Bauer, KonradKonrad BauerGermanyLuftwaffe57
Brandt, WalterWalter BrandtGermanyLuftwaffe57
Dahmer, HugoHugo DahmerGermanyLuftwaffe57
Ebener, KurtKurt EbenerGermanyLuftwaffe57
Kalkum, AdolfAdolf KalkumGermanyLuftwaffe57
Puschmann, HerbertHerbert PuschmannGermanyLuftwaffe57
Seifert, JohannesJohannes SeifertGermanyLuftwaffe57
Wolf, HermannHermann WolfGermanyLuftwaffe57
Cantacuzino, ConstantinConstantin CantacuzinoRomaniaRoyal Romanian Air Force56(Top Romanian ace)
Eberwein, ManfredManfred EberweinGermanyLuftwaffe56
Francsi, GustavGustav FrancsiGermanyLuftwaffe56
Haase, HorstHorst HaaseGermanyLuftwaffe56
Hackler, HeinzHeinz HacklerGermanyLuftwaffe56
Hohagen, ErichErich HohagenGermanyLuftwaffe56
Holtz, HelmuthHelmuth HoltzGermanyLuftwaffe56
Isken, EduardEduard IskenGermanyLuftwaffe56
Knappe, KurtKurt KnappeGermanyLuftwaffe56
Kraft, JosefJosef KraftGermanyLuftwaffe56
Schönfelder, HelmutHelmut SchönfelderGermanyLuftwaffe56
Seeger, GüntherGünther SeegerGermanyLuftwaffe56
Strüning, HeinzHeinz StrüningGermanyLuftwaffe56
Wagner, EdmundEdmund WagnerGermanyLuftwaffe56
Wick, HelmutHelmut WickGermanyLuftwaffe56
Luukkanen, EinoEino LuukkanenFinlandFinnish Air Force56
Bendert, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz BendertGermanyLuftwaffe55
Galland, Wilhelm-FerdinandWilhelm-Ferdinand GallandGermanyLuftwaffe55
Bareuther, HerbertHerbert BareutherGermanyLuftwaffe55
Frank, Hans-DieterHans-Dieter FrankGermanyLuftwaffe55
Tautscher, GabrielGabriel TautscherGermanyLuftwaffe55
Okumura, TakeoTakeo OkumuraJapanImperial Japanese Navy54
Badum, JohannJohann BadumGermanyLuftwaffe54
Ehlers, HansHans EhlersGermanyLuftwaffe54
Geiger, AugustAugust GeigerGermanyLuftwaffe54
Hauswirth, WilhelmWilhelm HauswirthGermanyLuftwaffe54
Leber, HeinzHeinz LeberGermanyLuftwaffe54
Simsch, SiegfriedSiegfried SimschGermanyLuftwaffe54
Vinke, HeinzHeinz VinkeGermanyLuftwaffe54
Yevstigneyev, Kirill A.Kirill A. YevstigneyevSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force53
Brunner, AlbertAlbert BrunnerGermanyLuftwaffe53
Berres, Heinz-EdgarHeinz-Edgar BerresGermanyLuftwaffe53
Heyer, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim HeyerGermanyLuftwaffe53
Kientsch, WillyWilly KientschGermanyLuftwaffe53
Sattig, CarlCarl SattigGermanyLuftwaffe53
Meimberg, JuliusJulius MeimbergGermanyLuftwaffe53
Barten, FranzFranz BartenGermanyLuftwaffe52
Drewes, MartinMartin DrewesGermanyLuftwaffe52
Gross, AlfredAlfred GrossGermanyLuftwaffe52
Häfner, LudwigLudwig HäfnerGermanyLuftwaffe52
Knoke, HeinzHeinz KnokeGermanyLuftwaffe52
Pflanz, RudolfRudolf PflanzGermanyLuftwaffe52
Rupp, FriedrichFriedrich RuppGermanyLuftwaffe52
Wefers, HeinrichHeinrich WefersGermanyLuftwaffe52
Greiner, HermannHermann GreinerGermanyLuftwaffe51
Hoffmann, WernerWerner HoffmannGermanyLuftwaffe51
zur Lippe-Weißenfeld, Egmont PrinzEgmont Prinz zur Lippe-WeißenfeldGermanyLuftwaffe51
Lüddecke, FritzFritz LüddeckeGermanyLuftwaffe51
Schulz, OttoOtto SchulzGermanyLuftwaffe51
Anabuki, SatoruSatoru AnabukiJapanImperial Japanese Army51
Kuroe, YasuhikoYasuhiko KuroeJapanImperial Japanese Army51
Hlinka, DmitriDmitri HlinkaSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force50
Van Lierde, RemyRemy Van LierdeBelgiumRoyal Air Force50(44 V1's, 6 aircraft)
Jabs, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim JabsGermanyLuftwaffe50
Knittel, EmilEmil KnittelGermanyLuftwaffe50
Liesendahl, FrankFrank LiesendahlGermanyLuftwaffe50
Lütje, HerbertHerbert LütjeGermanyLuftwaffe50
Willius, KarlKarl WilliusGermanyLuftwaffe50
Arnold, HeinzHeinz ArnoldGermanyLuftwaffe49
Ehrenberger, RudolfRudolf EhrenbergerGermanyLuftwaffe49
Kollak, ReinhardReinhard KollakGermanyLuftwaffe49
Quaet-Faslem, KlausKlaus Quaet-FaslemGermanyLuftwaffe49
Quante, RichardRichard QuanteGermanyLuftwaffe49
Beckh, FriedrichFriedrich BeckhGermanyLuftwaffe48
Gildner, PaulPaul GildnerGermanyLuftwaffe48
Hager, JohannesJohannes HagerGermanyLuftwaffe47
Stumpf, WernerWerner StumpfGermanyLuftwaffe48
Schwaiger, FranzFranz SchwaigerGermanyLuftwaffe48
Vogt, Heinz-GerhardHeinz-Gerhard VogtGermanyLuftwaffe48
Drünkler, Ernst-GeorgErnst-Georg DrünklerGermanyLuftwaffe47
Golinski, HeinzHeinz GolinskiGermanyLuftwaffe47
Hübner, EckhardEckhard HübnerGermanyLuftwaffe47
Kutscha, HerbertHerbert KutschaGermanyLuftwaffe47
Schmidt, ErichErich SchmidtGermanyLuftwaffe47
Seidel, GeorgGeorg SeidelGermanyLuftwaffe47
Serbanescu, AlexandruAlexandru ŞerbănescuRomaniaRoyal Romanian Air Force47
Vorozheikin, Arseniy VasilievichArseniy Vasilievich VorozheikinSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force46(+6 in Manchuria)
Koldunov, Aleksandr IvanovichAleksandr Ivanovich KoldunovSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force46
Skomorohov, Nikolay MikhailovichNikolay Mikhailovich SkomorohovSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force46
Augenstein, Hans-HeinzHans-Heinz AugensteinGermanyLuftwaffe46
Becker, LudwigLudwig BeckerGermanyLuftwaffe46
Bowing-TreudingWolfgang Böwing-TreudingGermanyLuftwaffe46
Fink, GünterGünter FinkGermanyLuftwaffe46
Laskowski, ErwinErwin LaskowskiGermanyLuftwaffe46
Rammelt, KarlKarl RammeltGermanyLuftwaffe46
Schnörrer, KarlKarl SchnörrerGermanyLuftwaffe46
Schulte, FranzFranz SchulteGermanyLuftwaffe46
Semrau, PaulPaul SemrauGermanyLuftwaffe46
Surau, AlfredAlfred SurauGermanyLuftwaffe46
Tangermann, KurtKurt TangermannGermanyLuftwaffe46
Düllberg, ErnstErnst DüllbergGermanyLuftwaffe45
Frank, RudolfRudolf FrankGermanyLuftwaffe45
Schöpfel, GerhardGerhard SchöpfelGermanyLuftwaffe45
Stigler, FranzFranz StiglerGermanyLuftwaffe45
Vinzent, OttoOtto VinzentGermanyLuftwaffe45
Lehtovaara, UrhoUrho LehtovaaraFinlandFinnish Air Force44½
Dukovac, MatoMato DukovacCroatiaCroatian Air Force44(Top Croatian ace.)
Tuominen, OivaOiva TuominenFinlandFinnish Air Force44
Frese, HansHans FreseGermanyLuftwaffe44
Hofmann, Karl-WilhelmKarl-Wilhelm HofmannGermanyLuftwaffe44
Knacke, ReinholdReinhold KnackeGermanyLuftwaffe44
Steinmann, WilhelmWilhelm SteinmannGermanyLuftwaffe44
Wever, WaltherWalther WeverGermanyLuftwaffe44
Bobrov, VladimirVladimir BobrovSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force43
Borris, KarlKarl BorrisGermanyLuftwaffe43
Franzisket, LudwigLudwig FranzisketGermanyLuftwaffe43
Mütherich, HubertHubert MütherichGermanyLuftwaffe43
Pöhs, JosefJosef PöhsGermanyLuftwaffe43
Schmidt, DietrichDietrich SchmidtGermanyLuftwaffe43
Puhakka, OlliOlli PuhakkaFinlandFinnish Air Force42
Hannig, NorbertNorbert HannigGermanyLuftwaffe42
Brocke, JürgenJürgen BrockeGermanyLuftwaffe42
Greceanu, TudorTudor GreceanuRomaniaRoyal Romanian Air Force42
Schmidt, RudolfRudolf SchmidtGermanyLuftwaffe42
Schramm, HerbertHerbert SchrammGermanyLuftwaffe42
Olejnik, RobertRobert OlejnikGermanyLuftwaffe41
Baake, WernerWerner BaakeGermanyLuftwaffe41
Fellerer, LeopoldLeopold FellererGermanyLuftwaffe41
Balthasar, WilhelmWilhelm BalthasarGermanyLuftwaffe40(+7 in Spain)(+13 on ground.)
Bong, Richard I.Richard I. BongUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces40(Top U.S. Ace.)
Busch, RudolfRudolf BuschGermanyLuftwaffe40
Bremer, PeterPeter BremerGermanyLuftwaffe40
Huy, Wolf-DietrichWolf-Dietrich HuyGermanyLuftwaffe40
Neuhoff, HermannHermann NeuhoffGermanyLuftwaffe40
Steinhausen, GünterGünter SteinhausenGermanyLuftwaffe40
Pattle, Marmaduke 'Pat'Marmaduke 'Pat' PattleSouth AfricanRoyal Air Force40(Top Gloster Gladiator ace, possibly 50+ victories.)
Hujita, IyozoIyozo HujitaJapanImperial Japanese Navy39
von Bonin, Eckhart-WilhelmEckhart-Wilhelm von BoninGermanyLuftwaffe39
Galić, CvitanCvitan GalićCroatiaCroatian Air Force38
Borngen, ErnstErnst BorngenGermanyLuftwaffe38
Rohwer, DetlevDetlev RohwerGermanyLuftwaffe38
Tratt, EduardEduard TrattGermanyLuftwaffe38
Johnson, James Edgar "Johnnie"James Edgar "Johnnie" JohnsonUKRoyal Air Force38
McGuire, Thomas B.Thomas B. McGuireUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces38
Babak, IvanIvan BabakSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force37
Neumann, KlausKlaus NeumannGermanyLuftwaffe37(5 in Me 262)
Bretnutz, HeinzHeinz BretnutzGermanyLuftwaffe37
Radener, WaldemarWaldemar RadenerGermanyLuftwaffe37
Volke, MaximilianMaximilian VolkeGermanyLuftwaffe37
Luganski, SergeySergey LuganskiSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force37
Puro, OlaviOlavi PuroFinlandFinnish Air Force36
Katajainen, NilsNils KatajainenFinlandFinnish Air Force35½
Bertram, GuntherGunther BertramGermanyLuftwaffe35
Hnido, PetrPetr HnidoSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force34
Brandt, PaulPaul BrandtGermanyLuftwaffe34
McCampbell, DavidDavid McCampbellUnited StatesU.S. Navy34(Top U.S. Navy Ace.)
Ohta, ToshioToshio OhtaJapanImperial Japanese Navy34
Stepanenko, IvanIvan StepanenkoSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force33
Clostermann, PierrePierre ClostermannFranceFree French Air Force; Royal Air Force33(Top French Ace.)
Beyer, HeinzHeinz BeyerGermanyLuftwaffe33
Nissinen, LauriLauri NissinenFinlandFinnish Air Force32½
Finucane, Brendan Eamon Fergus "Paddy"Brendan Eamon Fergus "Paddy" FinucaneIrelandRoyal Air Force32
Režňák, JánJán RežňákSlovakiaSlovak Air Force[4]32
Karhila, KyöstiKyösti KarhilaFinlandFinnish Air Force32
Kazuo, SuginoSugino KazuoJapanImperial Japanese Navy32
Kashiwade, IsamiIsami KashiwadeJapanImperial Japanese Army32
Malan, Adolph 'Sailor'Adolph 'Sailor' MalanSouth AfricaRoyal Air Force32
Beurling, George F. "Buzz"George F. "Buzz" BeurlingCanadaRoyal Air Force31⅓(Top Canadian Ace.)
Mayer, Hans-KarlHans-Karl MayerGermanyLuftwaffe31(+8 in Spain)
Kumanichkin, AlexandrAlexandr KumanichkinSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force31
Karhunen, JormaJorma KarhunenFinlandFinnish Air Force31
Szentgyörgyi, DezsőDezső SzentgyörgyiHungaryRoyal Hungarian Air Force30½
Sultan, Amet-HanAmet-Han SultanSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force30(Also 19 shared victories.)
Vale, WilliamWilliam ValeUKRoyal Air Force30(Also 6 shared victories.)
Blazytko, FranzFranz BlazytkoGermanyLuftwaffe30
Bucholz, MaxMax BucholzGermanyLuftwaffe30
Bartz, ErichErich BartzGermanyLuftwaffe30
Müller, Friedrich-Karl "Nasen"Friedrich-Karl "Nasen" MüllerGermanyLuftwaffe30
Mutoh, KaneyoshiKaneyoshi MutohJapanImperial Japanese Navy30
Kato, TateoTateo KatoJapanImperial Japanese Army30?
Jobou, RyotaroRyotaro JobouJapanImperial Japanese Army30
Vesa, EmilEmil VesaFinlandFinnish Air Force29½
Adolph, WalterWalter AdolphGermanyLuftwaffe29(+1 in Spain)
Tuck, Robert Roland StanfordRobert Roland Stanford TuckUKRoyal Air Force29
Braham, BobBob BrahamUKRoyal Air Force29
Caldwell, CliveClive CaldwellAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force28½(Top P40 ace of WWII)
Järvi, TapioTapio JärviFinlandFinnish Air Force28½
Kovárik, IzidorIzidor KovárikSlovakiaSlovak Air Force28(Maybe 29.)
Koenig, Hans-HeinrichHans-Heinrich KoenigGermanyLuftwaffe28
Andres, ErnstErnst AndresGermanyLuftwaffe28
Burk, AlfredAlfred BurkGermanyLuftwaffe28
Benning, AntonAnton BenningGermanyLuftwaffe28
Lacey, "Ginger""Ginger" LaceyUKRoyal Air Force28
Gabreski, Francis "Gabby"Francis "Gabby" GabreskiUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces28(6½ in Korea.)(Also 2½ on ground.)
Boyington, Gregory "Pappy"Gregory "Pappy" BoyingtonUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps28(Top U.S. Marine ace; 6 with AVG)[1]
Gray, Colin FalklandColin Falkland GrayNew ZealandRoyal Air Force27½
Duke, NevilleNeville DukeUKRoyal Air Force27
Beckmann, KarlKarl BeckmannGermanyLuftwaffe27
Clade, EmilEmil CladeGermanyLuftwaffe27
Johnson, Robert S.Robert S. JohnsonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces27
MacDonald, Charles H.Charles H. MacDonaldUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces27
Sasai, JunichiJunichi SasaiJapanImperial Japanese Navy27
Akamatsu, SadaakiSadaaki AkamatsuJapanImperial Japanese Navy27
Preddy, Jr., George E.George E. Preddy, Jr.United StatesU.S. Army Air Forces26.83(Also 5 on ground)
Lock, EricEric LockUKRoyal Air Force26½
Ogiya, NobuoNobuo OgiyaJapanImperial Japanese Navy26
Gerthoffer, JánJán GerthofferSlovakiaSlovak Air Force26
Alakoski, KlausKlaus AlakoskiFinlandFinnish Air Force26
Foss, Joseph J.Joseph J. FossUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps26
Tóth, LajosLajos TóthHungaryRoyal Hungarian Air Force26
Bannock, RussRuss BannockCanadaRCAF25½(incl. 19 V1 rockets)
Albrecht, EgonEgon AlbrechtGermanyLuftwaffe25
Bellof, LudwigLudwig BellofGermanyLuftwaffe25
Lippert, WolfgangWolfgang LippertGermanyLuftwaffe25(+5 in Spain)
Hanson, Robert M.Robert M. HansonUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps25
Kanno, NaoshiNaoshi KannoJapanImperial Japanese Navy25
Carey, Frank ReginaldFrank Reginald CareyUKRoyal Air Force25
Meyer, John C.John C. MeyerUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces24(+2 in Korea.)(Also 13 on ground)
Harris, Cecil E.Cecil E. HarrisUnited StatesU.S. Navy24
Littge, Raymond H.Raymond H. LittgeUnited StatesU.S. Air Force23½
Albert, MarcelMarcel AlbertFranceFree French Air Force23(Probably 2 more.)
Bader, DouglasDouglas BaderUKRoyal Air Force23
Valencia, Eugene A.Eugene A. ValenciaUnited StatesU.S. Navy23
Tervo, KaleviKalevi TervoFinlandFinnish Air Force23
Saarinen, JormaJorma SaarinenFinlandFinnish Air Force23
Wade, Lance C.Lance C. WadeUnited StatesRoyal Air Force23
Patuschka, HorstHorst PatuschkaGermanyLuftwaffe22
Kinnunen, EeroEero KinnunenFinlandFinnish Air Force22½
Schilling, David C.David C. SchillingUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces22½(+10½ onground)
Pingel, RolfRolf PingelGermanyLuftwaffe22(+6 Spanish Civil War)
Martinoli, Teresio VittorioTeresio Vittorio MartinoliItalyRegia Aeronautica22(+14 shared; top scoring Italian ace of WWII)
Ferrulli, LeonardoLeonardo FerrulliItalyRegia Aeronautica22
Müller, FritzFritz MüllerGermanyLuftwaffe22(jet ace)
Beese, ArturArtur BeeseGermanyLuftwaffe22
Charles, Edward F.Edward F. CharlesCanadaRCAF22
Deere, Alan ChristopherAlan Christopher DeereNew ZealandRoyal Air Force22
Johnson, Gerald R.Gerald R. JohnsonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces22
Kearby, Neel E.Neel E. KearbyUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces22
Robbins, Jay T.Jay T. RobbinsUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces22
Gentile, Dominic S.Dominic S. GentileUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces21.83(+7 ground kills, 2 of his victories with RAF.)
Kingaby, DonaldDonald KingabyUKRoyal Air Force21(+2 shared)
Tani, AnttiAntti TaniFinlandFinnish Air Force21½
Crawford-Crompton, William V.William V. Crawford-CromptonNew ZealandRoyal Air Force21½
Hesselyn, Raymond BrownRaymond Brown HesselynNew ZealandRoyal New Zealand Air Force21½
Christensen, Fred J.Fred J. ChristensenUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces21½
Wetmore, Raymond S.Raymond S. WetmoreUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces21¼(+2 ground kills)
Burbridge, Bransome ArthurBransome Arthur BurbridgeUKRoyal Air Force21(top RAF night fighter ace)
Burgwal, RudyRudy BurgwalNetherlandsRoyal Air Force21(21 V1's)
Demozay, JeanJean DemozayFranceRoyal Air Force21
Lucchini, FrancoFranco LucchiniItalyRegia Aeronautica21(+6 Spanish Civil War)(+52 shared)
Rossiwall, TheodorTheodor RossiwallGermanyLuftwaffe21
von Werra, FranzFranz von WerraGermanyLuftwaffe21
Voll, John J.John J. VollUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces21
Walsh, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. WalshUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps21
Myllylä, PaavoPaavo MyllyläFinlandFinnish Air Force21
Mahurin, Walker 'Bud' MelvilleWalker 'Bud' Melville MahurinUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces20.75(+3½ in Korea)
Mackie, EvanEvan MackieNew ZealandRoyal Air Force20(+3 shared, 16 victories with Spitfires)
Bolz, Helmut-FelixHelmut-Felix BolzGermanyLuftwaffe20(+3 in Spain)
Baudach, HelmutHelmut BaudachGermanyLuftwaffe20(jet ace)
Anter, RudolphRudolph AnterGermanyLuftwaffe20
Becker, PaulPaul BeckerGermanyLuftwaffe20
Berschwinger, HansHans BerschwingerGermanyLuftwaffe20
Crossley, MichaelMichael CrossleyUKRoyal Air Force20
Aldrich, Donald N.Donald N. AldrichUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps20
Lynch, Thomas J.Thomas J. LynchUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces20
McLeod, Henry W.Henry W. McLeodCanadaRCAF20
WestbrookUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces20
Allard, GeoffreyGeoffrey AllardUKRoyal Air Force19+5 shared
Pyötsiä, ViktorViktor PyötsiäFinlandFinnish Air Force19½
Suhonen, VäinöVäinö SuhonenFinlandFinnish Air Force19½
Bordoni, FrancoFranco BordoniItalyRegia Aeronautica19(5 victories with biplane) +18 shared
Gorrini, LuigiLuigi GorriniItalyRegia Aeronautica19(1 victory with biplane, 24 kills according to other sources)
Cunningham, John "Cat's Eyes"John "Cat's Eyes" CunninghamUKRoyal Air Force19(mainly as nightfighter)
Duncan, Glenn E.Glenn E. DuncanUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces19(+7.8 ground)
Fleming, Patrick D.Patrick D. FlemingUnited StatesU.S. Navy19
Nooy, Cornelius N.Cornelius N. NooyUnited StatesU.S. Navy19
Smith, John LucianJohn Lucian SmithUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps19
Vraciu, AlexanderAlexander VraciuUnited StatesU.S. Navy19
Teromaa, ErikErik TeromaaFinlandFinnish Air Force19
Skalski, StanisławStanisław SkalskiPolandPolish Air Force/RAF18.91(Top Polish ace)
Benko, Arthur J.Arthur J. BenkoUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18½
Carl, Marion E.Marion E. CarlUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps18½
Pekuri, LauriLauri PekuriFinlandFinnish Air Force18½
Carson, Leonard K.Leonard K. CarsonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18½(+3½ ground)
Eagleson, Glenn T.Glenn T. EaglesonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18½+2 Korea(+5 ground)
Thomas, Wilbur J.Wilbur J. ThomasUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps18½
Yukiyoshi, WakamatsuWakamatsu YukiyoshiJapanImperial Japanese Army18+
Kuttelwascher, KarelKarel KuttelwascherCzechoslovakiaRoyal Air Force18(20?)
von Bülow-Bothkamp, HarryHarry von Bülow-BothkampGermanyLuftwaffe18(+6 in World War I)
Urbanowicz, WitoldWitold UrbanowiczPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force18
Beckham, Walter C.Walter C. BeckhamUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18
Green, Herschel H.Herschel H. GreenUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18
Herbst, John C. "Pappy"John C. "Pappy" HerbstUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18
Older, Charles H.Charles H. OlderUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces18(10 AVG)
Takeo, TakemizuTakemizu TakeoJapanImperial Japanese Navy18
Gloan, Pierre LePierre Le GloanFranceFrench Air Force18
Zemke, HubertHubert ZemkeUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17.75
England, John B.John B. EnglandUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17½
Beeson, Duane W.Duane W. BeesonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17⅓(+4.8 ground)
Huotari, JoukoJouko HuotariFinlandFinnish Air Force17½
Thornell, John F.John F. ThornellUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17¼(+2 ground)
Brown, Henry W.Henry W. BrownUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17.2(+14½ ground)
Božík, RudolfRudolf BožíkSlovakiaSlovak Air Force17
Drago, UgoUgo DragoItalyRegia Aeronautica17(11 RSI)
McKnight, William "Willie"William "Willie" McKnightCanadaRoyal Air Force17
Frantisek, JosefJosef FrantisekCzechoslovakiaPolish Air Force17
Sarvanto, JormaJorma SarvantoFinlandFinnish Air Force17
Turkka, YrjöYrjö TurkkaFinlandFinnish Air Force17
Johnson, Gerald W.Gerald W. JohnsonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17
Varnell, Jr., James S.James S. Varnell, Jr.United StatesU.S. Army Air Forces17
Gładych, BolesławBolesław GładychPolandPolish Air Force/U.S. Army Air Forces17
Truscott, KeithKeith TruscottAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force17
Vasatko, AloisAlois VasatkoCzechoslovakiaRAF17
Horbaczewski, EugeniuszEugeniusz HorbaczewskiPolandPolish Air Force/RAF16½
Klersey, William T.William T. KlerseyCanadaRCAF16½
Lumme, AulisAulis LummeFinlandFinnish Air Force16½
MacLachlan, JamesJames MacLachlanUKRoyal Air Force16½(7½ after the amputation of his left arm)
Riihikallio, EeroEero RiihikallioFinlandFinnish Air Force16½
Cullen, NigelNigel CullenAustraliaRoyal Air Force16½
Godfrey, John T.John T. GodfreyUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces16⅓(+18 ground)
Goldsmith, AdrianAdrian GoldsmithAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force16¼
Anderson, Clarence E.Clarence E. AndersonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces16¼(+1 ground)
Galland, PaulPaul GallandGermanyLuftwaffe16
Clisby, LesLes ClisbyAustraliaRoyal Air Force16
Dzal, FranjoFranjo DzalCroatiaCroatian Air Force16
Baker, DouglasDouglas BakerUnited StatesU.S. Navy16
Edwards, James FrancisJames Francis EdwardsCanadaRCAF16
Halonen, EeroEero HalonenFinlandFinnish Air Force16
Harris, BillBill HarrisUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces16
McNair, Robert W.Robert W. McNairCanadaRCAF16
Plagis, JohnJohn PlagisRhodesiaRoyal Air Force16(Top Rhodesian ace.)
Dicezare, IoanIoan DicezareRomaniaRoyal Romanian Air Force16
Kepford, Ira C.Ira C. KepfordUnited StatesU.S. Navy16
Stimpson, Charles R.Charles R. StimpsonUnited StatesU.S. Navy16
Turner, StanStan TurnerCanadaRCAF16
Welch, George S.George S. WelchUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces16
la Meslée, Edmond MarinEdmond Marin la MesléeFranceFrench Air Force16
Visintini, MarioMario VisintiniItalyRegia Aeronautica16(+ 1 in Spanish Civil War)(+32 ground; top biplane ace of WWII.)
Harries, RaymondRaymond HarriesUKRoyal Air Force15+3 shared
Mason, ErnestErnest MasonUKRoyal Air Force15+2 shared
Waddy, John LloydJohn Lloyd WaddyAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force15½
Beerbower, Donald M.Donald M. BeerbowerUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces15½
Peterson, Richard A.Richard A. PetersonUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces15½(+3½ ground)
Whisner, Jr., William T.William T. Whisner, Jr.United StatesU.S. Army Air Forces15½+5½ Korea(+3½ ground)
Swett, James E.James E. SwettUnited StatesU.S. Marine Corps15½
Hill, David Lee "Tex"David Lee "Tex" HillUnited StatesU.S. Army Air Forces15¼(10¼ AVG)
Cyprich, FrantišekFrantišek CyprichSlovakiaSlovak Air Force15(18?)
Frost, John "Jack"John "Jack" FrostSouth AfricaSouth African Air Force15
Stoyanov, StoyanStoyan StoyanovBulgariaRoyal Bulgarian Air Force15
Alho, MarttiMartti AlhoFinlandFinnish Air Force15
Bencetic, LjudevitLjudevit BenceticCroatiaCroatian Air Force15
Hughes, PatersonPaterson HughesAustraliaRoyal Air Force15
Page, GeoffreyGeoffrey PageUKRoyal Air Force15
Bradley, Jack T.Jack T. BradleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Brown, Samuel J.Samuel J. BrownUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Cragg, Edward "Porky"Edward "Porky" CraggUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Dahlberg, Kenneth H.Kenneth H. DahlbergUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Dunham, William D.William D. DunhamUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Foy, Robert W.Robert W. FoyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Hofer, Ralph K.Ralph K. HoferUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15(+14 ground)
Homer, Cyril F.Cyril F. HomerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces15
Spears, Harold L.Harold L. SpearsUSAU.S. Marine Corps15
Bochkay, Donald H.Donald H. BochkayUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14.84
Blakeslee, Donald J.Donald J. BlakesleeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14½(incl. 3 with RAF)
Landers, John D.John D. LandersUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14½(+20 ground)
Nuorala, AaroAaro NuoralaFinlandFinnish Air Force14½
Powers, Jr., Joseph H.Joseph H. Powers, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces14½
Checketts, JohnnieJohnnie CheckettsNZRoyal New Zealand Air Force14½
Brown, HenryHenry BrownUSAU.S. Army Air Force14½(+14.5 ground)
Scherf, CharlesCharles ScherfAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force14½(+9 ground)
Bellagambi, MarioMario BellagambiItalyRegia Aeronautica14
Heglund, SveinSvein HeglundNorwayRoyal Air Force14
Baagoe, SophusSophus BaagoeGermanyLuftwaffe14
Wegmann, GüntherGünther WegmannGermanyLuftwaffe14(jet ace)
Brezina, FrantišekFrantišek BrezinaSlovakiaSlovak Air Force14
Carr, Bruce W.Bruce W. CarrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14(+10 ground)
Curtis, Robert C.Robert C. CurtisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14
DeHaven, Robert M.Robert M. DeHavenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14
Donahue, Archie G.Archie G. DonahueUSAU.S. Marine Corps14
Emmer, Wallace N.Wallace N. EmmerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14
Goodson, James A.James A. GoodsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14(+13 ground)
Hawkins, Arthur R.Arthur R. HawkinsUSAU.S. Navy14
Jeffrey, Arthur F.Arthur F. JeffreyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14
McComas, Edward O.Edward O. McComasUSAU.S. Army Air Forces14
McCuskey, Elbert S.Elbert S. McCuskeyUSAU.S. Navy14
Roberts, Jr., Daniel T.Daniel T. Roberts, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces14
Wirth, John L.John L. WirthUSAU.S. Navy14
Duncan, George C.George C. DuncanUSAU.S. Navy13½
Kokko, PekkaPekka KokkoFinlandFinnish Air Force13½
Lampi, HeimoHeimo LampiFinlandFinnish Air Force13½
Mehle, Roger W.Roger W. MehleUSAU.S. Navy13½
Strait, Donald J.Donald J. StraitUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13½
Carpenter, GeorgeGeorge CarpenterUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13.4(+4 ground)
Bryan, Donald S.Donald S. BryanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13.3
Lennartz, HelmutHelmut LennartzGermanyLuftwaffe13(jet ace)
Cramer, Darrell S.Darrell S. CramerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Pan-Yang, John WongJohn Wong Pan-YangUSAChinese Nationalist Air Force (USA-born volunteer)13
Brooks, James L.James L. BrooksUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Zumbach, JanJan ZumbachPolandPolish Air Force13
Boskic, SafetSafet BoskicCroatiaCroatian Air Force13
Shipard, MervynMervyn ShipardAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force13
Carmichael, Jr., Daniel A.Daniel A. Carmichael, Jr.USAU.S. Navy13
Cupp, James N.James N. CuppUSAU.S. Marine Corps13
East, Clyde B.Clyde B. EastUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Galer, Robert E.Robert E. GalerUSAU.S. Marine Corps13
Hampshire, John F.John F. HampshireUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Holloway, Bruce K.Bruce K. HollowayUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Marontate, William P.William P. MarontateUSAU.S. Marine Corps13
Millikan, Willard. W.Willard. W. MillikanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13(+2 ground)
Moran, Glennon T.Glennon T. MoranUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13(+3 ground)
Neale (pilot), RobertRobert Neale (pilot)USAAVG13(+2½ ground)
Olds, RobinRobin OldsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13(+4 Vietnam)(+11 ground)
O'Meara, JamesJames O'MearaUKRoyal Air Force13
Pallasvuo, YrjöYrjö PallasvuoFinlandFinnish Air Force13
Parker, Harry A.Harry A. ParkerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Rushing, Roy W.Roy W. RushingUSAU.S. Navy13
Shaw, Edward O.Edward O. ShawUSAU.S. Marine Corps13
Sewell, AJ "Jackie"AJ "Jackie" SewellUKFleet Air Arm13
Stephens, Robert W.Robert W. StephensUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Strane, John R.John R. StraneUSAU.S. Navy13
Scott, Jr., Robert LeeRobert Lee Scott, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Twelves, Wendell V.Wendell V. TwelvesUSAU.S. Navy13
Bartley, Anthony CharlesAnthony Charles BartleyUKRoyal Air Force13
Williamson, Felix D.Felix D. WilliamsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces13
Pietrzak, HenrykHenryk PietrzakPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force12½
Aaltonen, LasseLasse AaltonenFinlandFinnish Air Force12½
Armstrong, HugoHugo ArmstrongAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force12½
Barr, Andrew "Nicky"Andrew "Nicky" BarrAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force12½
Gaze, TonyTony GazeAustraliaRoyal Air Force12½
Brueland, Lowell K.Lowell K. BruelandUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12½(+2 Korea)
Frazier, Kenneth D.Kenneth D. FrazierUSAU.S. Marine Corps12½
Fairbanks, David Charles "Foob"David Charles "Foob" FairbanksUSARCAF12½
Koskinen, EinoEino KoskinenFinlandFinnish Air Force12½
Paronen, OnniOnni ParonenFinlandFinnish Air Force12½
Sarjamo, UrhoUrho SarjamoFinlandFinnish Air Force12½
Sovelius, Per-ErikPer-Erik SoveliusFinlandFinnish Air Force12½
Stewart, James C.James C. StewartUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12½(+1 ground)
Brown, Quince L.Quince L. BrownUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12⅓(+2 ground)
Baron, LuigiLuigi BaronItalyRegia Aeronautica12
Culinovic, MatoMato CulinovicCroatiaCroatian Air Force12
Martinko, EduardEduard MartinkoCroatiaCroatian Air Force12
Mikovic, VecaVeca MikovicCroatiaCroatian Air Force12
Stipcic, ZlatkoZlatko StipcicCroatiaCroatian Air Force12
Pisarek, MarianMarian PisarekPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force12
Dundas, JohnJohn DundasUKRoyal Air Force12
Freeborn, JohnJohn FreebornUKRoyal Air Force12
Stauder, JozefJozef ŠtauderSlovakiaSlovak Air Force12(13?)
Zeleňák, PavolPavol ZeleňákSlovakiaSlovak Air Force12
Bretherton, BruceBruce BrethertonAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force12
Crombie, CharlesCharles CrombieAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force12
Turnbull, PeterPeter TurnbullAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force12
Yarra, JohnJohn YarraAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force12
Matúšek, AntonAnton MatúšekSlovakiaSlovak Air Force12
Ahokas, LeoLeo AhokasFinlandFinnish Air Force12
Brezas, MichaelMichael BrezasUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Chase, Levi R.Levi R. ChaseUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Craig, Clement M.Clement M. CraigUSAU.S. Navy12
Eastham, David B.David B. EasthamUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Everton, Loren D.Loren D. EvertonUSAU.S. Marine Corps12
Giannella, LuigiLuigi GiannellaItalyRegia Aeronautica12
Gleason, George W.George W. GleasonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12(+2½ ground)
Harris, Leroy E.Leroy E. HarrisUSAU.S. Navy12
Head, Jr., Coatsworth B.Coatsworth B. Head, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Hedrick, Roger R.Roger R. HedrickUSAU.S. Navy12
Henry, William E.William E. HenryUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Hively, Howard D.Howard D. HivelyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12(+2½ ground)
Ladd, Kenneth G.Kenneth G. LaddUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Litvak, LydiaLydia LitvakSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force12(top female ace)
Masoner, Jr., William J.William J. Masoner, Jr.USAU.S. Navy12
McKennon, Pierce W.Pierce W. McKennonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12(+9.7 ground)
Moore, Robert W.Robert W. MooreUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Quirk, Michael J.Michael J. QuirkUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12(+5 ground)
Sanson, AttilioAttilio SansonItalyRegia Aeronautica12
Schreiber, LeRoy A.LeRoy A. SchreiberUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12(+2 ground)
Segal, Harold E.Harold E. SegalUSAU.S. Marine Corps12
Shirley, James A.James A. ShirleyUSAU.S. Navy12
Skogstad, Norman C.Norman C. SkogstadUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Sloan, William J.William J. SloanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Solaroli di Briona, GiorgioGiorgio Solaroli di BrionaItalyRegia Aeronautica12
Trowbridge, Eugene A.Eugene A. TrowbridgeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Turner, Richard E.Richard E. TurnerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12(11?) (incl 2 V-1)
Watkins, James A.James A. WatkinsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
West, Richard L.Richard L. WestUSAU.S. Army Air Forces12
Megura, NicholasNicholas MeguraUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11.84(+3.8 ground)
Carr, George R.George R. CarrUSAU.S. Navy11½
Clark, Jr., James A.James A. Clark, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces11½(+4½ ground)
Conger, Paul A.Paul A. CongerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11½
Gilbert, Olin E.Olin E. GilbertUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11½
Halton, William T.William T. HaltonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11½(+2 ground)
Hovde, William J.William J. HovdeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11½(+1 Korea)(+2 ground)
Kirla, Jr., John A.John A. Kirla, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces11½(+½ ground)
Snider, William N.William N. SniderUSAU.S. Marine Corps11½
Yeager, Charles E. "Chuck"Charles E. "Chuck" YeagerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11½
Chi-Sheng, LiuLiu Chi-Sheng / Liu ZheshengChinaChinese Nationalist Air Force11.3
Mayers, HowardHoward MayersAustraliaRoyal Air Force11.3
Norley, Louis H.Louis H. NorleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11.3(+5 ground)
DeLong, Philip C.Philip C. DeLongUSAU.S. Marine Corps11.2(+2 Korea)
Cork, Richard JohnRichard John CorkUKFleet Air Arm11
Russell, Ian Bedford NesbittIan Bedford Nesbitt RussellAustraliaRoyal Air Force11
Starc, AlbinAlbin StarcCroatiaCroatian Air Force11
Helebrant, JosipJosip HelebrantCroatiaCroatian Air Force11
Martinasevic, StjepanStjepan MartinasevicCroatiaCroatian Air Force11
Bauer, Harold W.Harold W. BauerUSAU.S. Marine Corps11
Blackburn, John T.John T. BlackburnUSAU.S. Navy11
Budanova, YekaterinaYekaterina BudanovaSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force11
Dean, Jr., William A.William A. Dean, Jr.USAU.S. Navy11
Fisken, GeoffGeoff FiskenNew ZealandRoyal New Zealand Air Force11
Frantz, Carl M.Carl M. FrantzUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
French, James B.James B. FrenchUSAU.S. Navy11
Goebel, Robert J.Robert J. GoebelUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Kirkwood, Phillip L.Phillip L. KirkwoodUSAU.S. Navy11
Lawler, John B.John B. LawlerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Leino, HemmoHemmo LeinoFinlandFinnish Air Force11
Lent, Francis J.Francis J. LentUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Molland, Leland P.Leland P. MollandUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Leverette, William L.William L. LeveretteUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Loisel, John S.John S. LoiselUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Lowry, Wayne L.Wayne L. LowryUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Magnaghi, CarloCarlo MagnaghiItalyRegia Aeronautica11
Mallory, Charles M.Charles M. MalloryUSAU.S. Navy11
Maresiev, Alexei PetrovichAlexei Petrovich MaresievSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force11(3 after losing his legs.)
McCorkle, Charles M.Charles M. McCorkleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
McDonald, Norman L.Norman L. McDonaldUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
McWhorter III, HamiltonHamilton McWhorter IIIUSAU.S. Navy11
Mitchell, John W.John W. MitchellUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11(+4 Korea)
Nieminen, UrhoUrho NieminenFinlandFinnish Air Force11
Reber, Jr., James V.James V. Reber, Jr.USAU.S. Navy11
Richardson, Elmer W.Elmer W. RichardsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11(8?)
Riddle, Robert H.Robert H. RiddleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Rigg, James F.James F. RiggUSAU.S. Navy11
Runyon, Donald E.Donald E. RunyonUSAU.S. Navy11
Sapp, Donald H.Donald H. SappUSAU.S. Marine Corps11
Shubin, MurrayMurray ShubinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Smith, Jr., CorneliusCornelius Smith, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Solaroli di Briona, GiorgioGiorgio Solaroli di BrionaItalyRegia Aeronautica11
Sparks, Kenneth C.Kenneth C. SparksUSAU.S. Army Air Forces11
Stanbrook, Richard E.Richard E. StanbrookUSAU.S. Navy11
Törrönen, IlkkaIlkka TörrönenFinlandFinnish Air Force11
Vejtasa, Stanley W.Stanley W. VejtasaUSAU.S. Navy11
Veronesi, MarioMario VeronesiItalyRegia Aeronautica11
Burgard, George T.George T. BurgardUSAAVG10.75
O'Conner, Frank Q.Frank Q. O'ConnerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10.75
Anderson, Jr., Charles F.Charles F. Anderson, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(+5½ ground)
Beebe, Marshall U.Marshall U. BeebeUSAU.S. Navy10½
Ceulleers, George F.George F. CeulleersUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½
Jernstedt, KennethKenneth JernstedtUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(+½ ground)
Conger, Jack E.Jack E. CongerUSAU.S. Marine Corps10½
Doersch, George A.George A. DoerschUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(+½ ground)
Erkinheimo, NiiloNiilo ErkinheimoFinlandFinnish Air Force10½
Hovde, William J.William J. HovdeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(+4 Korea)(+2 ground)
Kalima, MarttiMartti KalimaFinlandFinnish Air Force10½
Lahtela, KullervoKullervo LahtelaFinlandFinnish Air Force10½
Littge, Raymond H.Raymond H. LittgeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(+13 ground)
Metsola, KaiKai MetsolaFinlandFinnish Air Force10½
Rector, EdwardEdward RectorUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(6½ AVG)
Reiserer, Russell E.Russell E. ReisererUSAU.S. Navy10½
Storch, John A.John A. StorchUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10½(+1½ ground)
Symmes, John C.John C. SymmesUSAU.S. Navy10½
Newkirk, John V.John V. NewkirkUSAAVG10½
Metsola, KaiKai MetsolaFinlandFinnish Air Force10½
Peltola, EinoEino PeltolaFinlandFinnish Air Force10½
Robert E. MurrayUSAU.S. Navy10.4
Elliot, Ralph E.Ralph E. ElliotUSAU.S. Navy10.3
Glover, Fred W.Fred W. GloverUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10.3(+12½ ground)
Gibbes, BobbyBobby GibbesAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force10¼
McGarry, William D.William D. McGarryUSAAVG10¼
Aschenbrenner, Robert WRobert W AschenbrennerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Arthur, WilfredWilfred ArthurAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force10
Brennan, VirgilVirgil BrennanAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force10
Parkinson, ColinColin ParkinsonAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force10
Baldwin, Frank B.Frank B. BaldwinUSAU.S. Marine Corps10
Blickenstaff, Wayne K.Wayne K. BlickenstaffUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Broadhead, Joseph E.Joseph E. BroadheadUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Brown, Jr., Carl A.Carl A. Brown, Jr.USAU.S. Navy10
Coleman, Thaddeus T.Thaddeus T. ColemanUSAU.S. Navy10
Giroux, William K.William K. GirouxUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Goehausen, Jr., Walter J.Walter J. Goehausen, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Harris, Ernest A.Ernest A. HarrisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Ilk, IroIro IlkGermanyLuftwaffe10
Juchheim, Jr., Alwin M.Alwin M. Juchheim, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces10(+6 ground)
Karu, VeikkoVeikko KaruFinlandFinnish Air Force10
Kirjonen, MaunoMauno KirjonenFinlandFinnish Air Force10
Laitinen, AhtiAhti LaitinenFinlandFinnish Air Force10
Long, Herbert H.Herbert H. LongUSAU.S. Marine Corps10
Lines, Edward E.Edward E. LinesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Mann, Jr., Thomas H.Thomas H. Mann, Jr.USAU.S. Marine Corps10
Mansker, Joseph L.Joseph L. ManskerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Mitchell, Harris E.Harris E. MitchellUSAU.S. Navy10
Pasila, MikkoMikko PasilaFinlandFinnish Air Force10
Pisanos, SteveSteve PisanosGreeceRoyal Air Force/U.S. Army Air Forces10
Rankin, Robert J.Robert J. RankinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Reidy, Thomas H.Thomas H. ReidyUSAU.S. Navy10
Reynolds, Andrew J.Andrew J. ReynoldsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Scott, Jr., Robert L.Robert L. Scott, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Singer, Jr., ArthurArthur Singer, Jr.USAU.S. Navy10
Smith, John M.John M. SmithUSAU.S. Navy10
Solaro, ClaudioClaudio SolaroItalyRegia Aeronautica10(+ 1 in Spanish Civil War)
Stanch, Paul M.Paul M. StanchUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Summer, ElliotElliot SummerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Swope, James S.James S. SwopeUSAU.S. Navy10
Tarantola, EnnioEnnio TarantolaItalyRegia Aeronautica10(+ 1 in Spain)
Visconti, AdrianoAdriano ViscontiItalyRegia Aeronautica10
Westermark, Robert V.Robert V. WestermarkUSAU.S. Army Air Forces10
Adams, Fletcher E.Fletcher E. AdamsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9 ½
Bankey, Jr., Ernest E.Ernest E. Bankey, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces9 ½(+8 ground)
Check, Leonard J.Leonard J. CheckUSAU.S. Navy9 ½
Coate, EdwardEdward CoateAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force9 ½
Fiebelkorn, Ernest C.Ernest C. FiebelkornUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9 ½((9?), +2 ground)
Gabszewicz, AleksanderAleksander GabszewiczPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force9 ½
Maciejowski, MichałMichał MaciejowskiPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force9 ½
Spencer, Dale F.Dale F. SpencerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9 ½(+½ ground)
Coats, Robert C.Robert C. CoatsUSAU.S. Navy9 ⅓
Ferić, MirosławMirosław FerićPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force9 ⅓
Szczęsny, HenrykHenryk SzczęsnyPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force9 ⅓
Bond, Charles R.Charles R. BondUSAAVG9 ¼
Andrew, Stephen W.Stephen W. AndrewUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(+6½ ground)
Banks, William M.William M. BanksUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9 ½
Archer, Lee "Buddy"Lee "Buddy" ArcherUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(+6 ground)
Chudek, AleksanderAleksander ChudekPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force9
Annoni, EmanueleEmanuele AnnoniItalyRegia Aeronautica9
Falkowski, JanJan FalkowskiPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force9
Bowes, RoderickRoderick BowesAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force9
Kearney, James TimothyJames Timothy KearneyAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force9
Bassett, Edgar R.Edgar R. BassettUSAU.S. Navy9
Berree, Norman R.Norman R. BerreeUSAU.S. Navy9
Bland, William R.William R. BlandUSAU.S. Navy9
Bostwick, George E.George E. BostwickUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(+6 ground)
Bright, Mark K.Mark K. BrightUSAU.S. Navy9
Buie, Paul D.Paul D. BuieUSAU.S. Navy9
Carey, Jr., Henry A.Henry A. Carey, Jr.USAU.S. Navy9
Champlin, Frederick F.Frederick F. ChamplinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Collins, Frank J.Frank J. CollinsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(8?)
Collins, Jr., William M.William M. Collins, Jr.USAU.S. Navy9
Cormier, Richard L.Richard L. CormierUSAU.S. Navy9
Curdes, Louis E.Louis E. CurdesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Dahl, Perry A.Perry A. DahlUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Dalglish, James B.James B. DalglishUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(incl 3 V-1s)
DeBlanc, Jefferson J.Jefferson J. DeBlancUSAU.S. Marine Corps9
Dunkin, Richard W.Richard W. DunkinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Eastmond, Richard T.Richard T. EastmondUSAU.S. Navy9
Elder, Robert A.Robert A. ElderUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(+2 ground)
Emmons, Eugene H.Eugene H. EmmonsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Fanning, Grover E.Grover E. FanningUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Feightner, Edward L.Edward L. FeightnerUSAU.S. Navy9
Feld, SylvanSylvan FeldUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Forester, Joseph M.Joseph M. ForesterUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Franger, Marvin J.Marvin J. FrangerUSAU.S. Navy9
Freeman, Doris C.Doris C. FreemanUSAU.S. Navy9
Gallup, Kenneth W.Kenneth W. GallupUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(+2 ground)
Harris, Thomas S.Thomas S. HarrisUSAU.S. Navy9
Haviland, Jr., Frederick R.Frederick R. Haviland, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces9(+6 ground)
Hill, Allen E.Allen E. HillUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Hurlburt, Frank D.Frank D. HurlburtUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Kiser, George C.George C. KiserUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Lesicka, Joseph J.Joseph J. LesickaUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Magee, Christopher L.Christopher L. MageeUSAU.S. Marine Corps9
Menard, Jr., Louis A.Louis A. Menard, Jr.USAU.S. Navy9
Merony, Virgil K.Virgil K. MeronyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Morrill, Stanley B.Stanley B. MorrillUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Omiccioli, WalterWalter OmiccioliItalyRegia Aeronautica9
Overend, Edmund F.Edmund F. OverendUSAU.S. Marine Corps9(5 AVG)
Overfield, Lloyd J.Lloyd J. OverfieldUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Paris III, Joel B.Joel B. Paris IIIUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Picken, Harvey P.Harvey P. PickenUSAU.S. Navy9
Redmond, Eugene D.Eugene D. RedmondUSAU.S. Navy9
Reed, William N.William N. ReedUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9(3 AVG)
Rehm, Jr., Daniel R.Daniel R. Rehm, Jr.USAU.S. Navy9
Roberts, Eugene P.Eugene P. RobertsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Rudel, Hans-UlrichHans-Ulrich RudelGermanyLuftwaffe9(Top ground attack ace: 2000+ targets destroyed.)
Smith, Meryl M.Meryl M. SmithUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Smith, Robert T.Robert T. SmithUSAAVG9
Stabile, NatalinoNatalino StabileItalyRegia Aeronautica9(+ 1 in Spanish Civil War)
Stewart, James S.James S. StewartUSAU.S. Navy9
Stewart, John S.John S. StewartUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Thomas, Jr., Franklin C.Franklin C. Thomas, Jr.USAU.S. Marine Corps9
Haren, Jr., Arthur VanArthur Van Haren, Jr.USAU.S. Navy9
Warmer, Benjamin F.Benjamin F. WarmerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
White, Robert H.Robert H. WhiteUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Wolfe, Judge E.Judge E. WolfeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
Watts, Charles E.Charles E. WattsUSAU.S. Navy8.75
Henneberg, ZdzisławZdzisław HennebergPolandPolish Air Force
Brzeski, StanisławStanisław BrzeskiPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force
Król, WacławWacław KrólPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force
Banks, John L.John L. BanksUSAU.S. Navy
Bryan, Jr., William E.William E. Bryan, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces
Cain, James B.James B. CainUSAU.S. Navy
Cesky, Charles J.Charles J. CeskyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
Chenoweth, Oscar I.Oscar I. ChenowethUSAU.S. Navy
Chin, ArthurArthur Chin / Chen RuitianUSAChinese Nationalist Air Force (USA-born volunteer)
Cutler, Frank A.Frank A. CutlerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+3 ground)
Foster, Carl C.Carl C. FosterUSAU.S. Navy
Gray, John F.John F. GrayUSAU.S. Navy
Hargreaves, Everett G.Everett G. HargreavesUSAU.S. Navy
Hayes, Jr., Thomas L.Thomas L. Hayes, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces
Hoefker, John H.John H. HoefkerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
Jenkins, Otto D.Otto D. JenkinsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+2 ground)
Johnson, Arthur G.Arthur G. JohnsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
Lawlor, Frank L.Frank L. LawlorUSAAVG
Loesch, Gregory K.Gregory K. LoeschUSAU.S. Marine Corps
Luksic, Carl J.Carl J. LuksicUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+7 ground)
McDowell, DonaldDonald McDowellUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
McGrattan, Bernard J.Bernard J. McGrattanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
Moats, Sanford K.Sanford K. MoatsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
Morgan, Jr., John L.John L. Morgan, Jr.USAU.S. Marine Corps
Pigman, George W.George W. PigmanUSAU.S. Navy
Plant, Claude W.Claude W. PlantUSAU.S. Navy
Schlegel, Albert L.Albert L. SchlegelUSAU.S. Army Air Forces
Self, Larry R.Larry R. SelfUSAU.S. Navy
Głowacki, AntoniAntoni GłowackiPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force8⅓
Szaposznikow, EugeniuszEugeniusz SzaposznikowPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force8⅓
Drummond, John FraserJohn Fraser DrummondUKRoyal Air Force8⅓
Howard, James H.James H. HowardUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8⅓(2⅓ AVG)
Gabriel, Franklin T.Franklin T. GabrielUSAU.S. Navy
McMillan, George B.George B. McMillanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+1 ground)
Pietrasiak, AdolfAdolf PietrasiakPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force8.10
Mix, ErichErich MixGermanyLuftwaffe8(+3 in World War I)(13?)
Büttner, ErichErich BüttnerGermanyLuftwaffe8(jet ace)
Weihs, Hans-DieterHans-Dieter WeihsGermanyLuftwaffe8(jet ace)
Ainlay, John M.John M. AinlayUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(7?)
Alison, John R.John R. AlisonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Allen (USAAF), David W.David W. Allen (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Bardshar, Frederick A.Frederick A. BardsharUSAU.S. Navy8
Barnard, Lloyd G.Lloyd G. BarnardUSAU.S. Navy8
Benz, Jr., Walter G.Walter G. Benz, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Bonneau, William J.William J. BonneauUSAU.S. Navy8
Booth, Robert J.Robert J. BoothUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Burnett, Jr., Roy O.Roy O. Burnett, Jr.USAU.S. Navy8
Carroll, Jr., Walter J.Walter J. Carroll, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Case, William N.William N. CaseUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Collinsworth, J. D.J. D. CollinsworthUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(6?)
Cruikshank, Arthur W.Arthur W. CruikshankUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Damstrom, Fernley H.Fernley H. DamstromUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Dobbin, John F.John F. DobbinUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Doner, Landis E.Landis E. DonerUSAU.S. Navy8
Dorsch, Frederick J.Frederick J. DorschUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Duke, Walter F.Walter F. DukeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Edens, William C.William C. EdensUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(+3 ground)
Elder, John L.John L. ElderUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(+13 ground)
Evenson, Eric A.Eric A. EvensonUSAU.S. Navy8
Fielder, Jr., Arthur C.Arthur C. Fielder, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Fleming, Francis M.Francis M. FlemingUSAU.S. Navy8
Fowle, James M.James M. FowleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Gardner, William A.William A. GardnerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Gaunt, FrankFrank GauntUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(7?)
Gerard, Francis R.Francis R. GerardUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Gile, Clement D.Clement D. GileUSAU.S. Navy8
Glenn, Maxwell H.Maxwell H. GlennUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(5?; +3 ground)
Gordon, Mathew M.Mathew M. GordonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Griffin, Richard J.Richard J. GriffinUSAU.S. Navy8
Grosshuesch, Leroy V.Leroy V. GrosshueschUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Gutt, Fred E.Fred E. GuttUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Hadden, Jr., Mayo A.Mayo A. Hadden, Jr.USAU.S. Navy8
Harris, Frederick A.Frederick A. HarrisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Hart, Kenneth F.Kenneth F. HartUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Herman (or Hernan), Jr., Edwin J.Edwin J. Herman (or Hernan), Jr.USAU.S. Marine Corps8
Hollowell, George L.George L. HollowellUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Horne, AngusAngus HorneUKRoyal Air Force8
Ilfrey, Jack E.Jack E. IlfreyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Jackson, Michael J.Michael J. JacksonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(+5½ ground)
Johnson, Byron M.Byron M. JohnsonUSAU.S. Navy8
Johnson, John M.John M. JohnsonUSAU.S. Navy8
Jones, John L.John L. JonesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Kinnard, Claiborne H.Claiborne H. KinnardUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(+17 ground)
Kunz, Charles M.Charles M. KunzUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Leonard, William N.William N. LeonardUSAU.S. Navy8
Lewis, William H.William H. LewisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Lindsay, Elvin L.Elvin L. LindsayUSAU.S. Navy8
Maloney, Thomas E.Thomas E. MaloneyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(7?)
Maxwell, William R.William R. MaxwellUSAU.S. Navy8
May, Jr., EarlEarl May, Jr.USAU.S. Navy8
Miller, Johnnie G.Johnnie G. MillerUSAU.S. Navy8
Momyer, William W.William W. MomyerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Mulcahey, Douglas W.Douglas W. MulcaheyUSAU.S. Navy8
Murphy, Alva C.Alva C. MurphyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Narr, Joseph L.Joseph L. NarrUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Novotny, George P.George P. NovotnyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces9
O'Neill, John G.John G. O'NeillUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Owen, Edward M.Edward M. OwenUSAU.S. Navy8
Post, Nathan T.Nathan T. PostUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Prater, Jr., Luther D.Luther D. Prater, Jr.USAU.S. Navy8
Roddy, Edward F.Edward F. RoddyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Rowland, Robert R.Robert R. RowlandUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Sangermano (FO), PhilipPhilip Sangermano (FO)USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Sawyer, Charles W.Charles W. SawyerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(2¼ AVG)
Schiltz Jr., Glenn D.Glenn D. Schiltz Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Scott, David A.David A. ScottUSAU.S. Navy8(9?)
Shafer, Dale E.Dale E. ShaferUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Shaw, Robert M.Robert M. ShawUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Shomo, William A.William A. ShomoUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Smith, Robert H.Robert H. SmithUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Stanley, Gordon A.Gordon A. StanleyUSAU.S. Navy8
Stanton, ArlandArland StantonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Sublett, John L.John L. SublettUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Tapp, James B.James B. TappUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Tovrea, Philip E.Philip E. TovreaUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Tyler, James O.James O. TylerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Vogt, Jr., John W.John W. Vogt, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Wagner, Boyd D. "Buzz"Boyd D. "Buzz" WagnerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Warford, Victor E.Victor E. WarfordUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8
Warner, Arthur T.Arthur T. WarnerUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Weaver, Charles E.Charles E. WeaverUSAU.S. Army Air Forces8(+3 ground)
Wilson, Rex KerslakeRex Kerslake WilsonAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force8
Winters, Jr., Theodore H.Theodore H. Winters, Jr.USAU.S. Navy8
Yost, Donald K.Donald K. YostUSAU.S. Marine Corps8
Lang, Joseph L.Joseph L. LangUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7.83
Stewart, Everett W.Everett W. StewartUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7.83(+1.5 ground)
Jeka, JózefJózef JekaPolandPolish Air Forces/Royal Air Force
Pietrzak, HenrykHenryk PietrzakPolandPolish Air Forces/Royal Air Force
Burriss, Howard M.Howard M. BurrissUSAU.S. Navy
Agazarian, Noel le ChevalierNoel le Chevalier AgazarianUKRoyal Air Force7
Godefroy, Hugh C.Hugh C. GodefroyNetherlands/CanadaRoyal Air Force/RCAF7
Prues, WalterWalter PruesGermanyLuftwaffe7(Night Fighter)
Ambs, AlfredAlfred AmbsGermanyLuftwaffe7(jet ace)
Becker, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz BeckerGermanyLuftwaffe7(jet ace)
Köster, FranzFranz KösterGermanyLuftwaffe7(jet ace)
Eberspächer, HelmutHelmut EberspächerGermanyLuftwaffe7
Drobiński, BolesławBolesław DrobińskiPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force7
Bełc, MarianMarian BełcPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force7
Karubin, StanisławStanisław KarubinPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force7
Doglio, Furio NiclotFurio Niclot DoglioItalyRegia Aeronautica7
Dahms, Kenneth J.Kenneth J. DahmsUSAU.S. Navy
Chui-Kang, LiuLiu Chui-Kang / Liu CuigangChinaChinese Nationalist Air Force7
Woods, Sydney S.Sydney S. WoodsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7
William AndersonSwedenU.S. Army Air Forces7(+ V-1 robot 17 June 1944.[5])
Dibb, Robert A.Robert A. DibbUSAU.S. Navy7
O'Hare, Edward "Butch"Edward "Butch" O'HareUSAU.S. Navy7
Pierce, Sammy A.Sammy A. PierceUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7
Roberson, Arval J.Arval J. RobersonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7(+1 ground)
Serafini, FerruccioFerruccio SerafiniItalyRegia Aeronautica7
Shipman, ErnestErnest ShipmanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7
Woody, Robert E.Robert E. WoodyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7(+ 2 ground)
Graham, Gordon M.Gordon M. GrahamUSAU.S. Army Air Forces7(+ 9.5 ground)
Marshall, Jr., Bert W.Bert W. Marshall, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces7(+ 4 ground)
Foskett, RussellRussell FoskettAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force
Oblach, GiuseppeGiuseppe OblachItalyRegia Aeronautica7
Osterkamp, TheoTheo OsterkampGermanyLuftwaffe6(+32 in World War I)
Baschirotto, GianLinoGianLino BaschirottoItalyRegia Aeronautica6(+ 5 in Spanish Civil War)
Bassi, LivioLivio BassiItalyRegia Aeronautica6
Budanova, YekaterinaYekaterina BudanovaSoviet UnionSoviet Air Force6(+ 5 shared - possibly 11 individual wins.[6])
Fibbia, GuidoGuido FibbiaItalyRegia Aeronautica6(+ 3 Spanish Civil War)
Olson, Norman E.Norman E. OlsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces6(+ 2 ground)
Haviland, Jr., Fred R.Fred R. Haviland, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces6(+ 6 ground)
Pniak, KarolKarol PniakPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force6.75
Stapleton, Basil Gerald "Stapme"Basil Gerald "Stapme" StapletonSouth AfricaRoyal Air Force6.66
Yi-Chin, LeLe Yi-Chin / Le YiqinChinaChinese Nationalist Air Force6
Paszkiewicz, LudwikLudwik PaszkiewiczPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force6
Whalen, James HenryJames Henry WhalenCanadaRoyal Canadian Air Force6
Janus, StefanStefan JanusPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force6
Mollard, Jr., Norman W.Norman W. Mollard, Jr.[7]USAU.S. Navy6
Bille, Henry S.Henry S. BilleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces6(+4 ground)
Brown, Harry W.Harry W. BrownCanadaCanadian Expeditionary Force6
Witt, Jr., Lynn E.Lynn E. Witt, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces6
Whalen, William E.William E. WhalenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces6(+2 ground)
Laird, Dean (Diz) S.Dean (Diz) S. LairdUSAU.S. Navy
Compton, Gordon B.Gordon B. ComptonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+15 ground)
Fortier, Norman J.Norman J. FortierUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5.83(+5.5 ground)
Koraleski, Walter J.Walter J. KoraleskiUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5.54
Cundy, WilliamWilliam CundyAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force
Lenfest, Charles W.Charles W. LenfestUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+2 ground)
Minchew, Leslie D.Leslie D. MinchewUSAU.S. Army Air Forces(+ 1/2 ground)
Stark, LaurenceLaurence StarkUKRoyal Air Force
Rutkowski, KazimierzKazimierz RutkowskiPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force
Witorzeńć, StefanStefan WitorzeńćPolandPolish Air Force/Royal Air Force
Duffy, Jr, James E.James E. Duffy, JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5.2(+9 ground)
Myers, Raymond B.Raymond B. MyersUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+4 ground)
Cullerton, William J.William J. CullertonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+15 ground)
Jernstedt, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. JernstedtUSAAVG5(+ 7 ground)
Gregory, Hayden A. "Buck"Hayden A. "Buck" GregoryUSAU.S. Navy5(Probably 3 more.)
Heim, JosephJoseph HeimGermanyLuftwaffe5(jet ace)
Schreiber, AlfredAlfred SchreiberGermanyLuftwaffe5(first confirmed jet ace)
Steinhilper, UlrichUlrich SteinhilperGermanyLuftwaffe5(jet ace)
Tilli, PenttiPentti TilliFinlandFinnish Air Force5
Abernathy, Robert W.Robert W. AbernathyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Ackerman, Fred T.Fred T. AckermanUSAU.S. Navy5
Adair, Oliver L.Oliver L. AdairUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Adams (USAAF), Robert H.Robert H. Adams (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Agnew, John W.John W. AgnewUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Allen (USAAF), William H.William H. Allen (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Alley Jr, Stuart C.Stuart C. Alley JrUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Ambort, Ernest J.Ernest J. AmbortUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Ammon, Robert H.Robert H. AmmonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 9 ground)
Amsden, Benjamin C.Benjamin C. AmsdenUSAU.S. Navy5
Anderson, Leslie E.Leslie E. AndersonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Anderson (USAAF), Richard H.Richard H. Anderson (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Arasmith, Lester L.Lester L. ArasmithUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Aron, William E.William E. AronUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Asbury, Richard W.Richard W. AsburyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Aust, Abner M.Abner M. AustUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Axtell, Eugene D.Eugene D. AxtellUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Baccus, Donald A.Donald A. BaccusUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bade, Jack A.Jack A. BadeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bailey, Oscar C.Oscar C. BaileyUSAU.S. Navy5
Baird, Raphael F.Raphael F. BairdUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Balch, Donald L.Donald L. BalchUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Baldwin, Robert P.Robert P. BaldwinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bank, Raymond W.Raymond W. BankUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Barackman, Bruce M.Bruce M. BarackmanUSAU.S. Navy5
Barber, Rex T.Rex T. BarberUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Barkey, Robert M.Robert M. BarkeyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Barnes, Truman S.Truman S. BarnesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Baumler, AlbertAlbert BaumlerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 6 in Spanish Civil War)
Bearden, Aaron L.Aaron L. BeardenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Beavers Jr, Edward H.Edward H. Beavers JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Benne, LouisLouis BenneUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Berkheimer, Jack S.Jack S. BerkheimerUSAU.S. Navy5
Bertelson, Richard L.Richard L. BertelsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Billo, James D.James D. BilloUSAU.S. Navy5
Bishop, Lewis S.Lewis S. BishopUSAAVG5
Bishop, Walter D.Walter D. BishopUSAU.S. Navy5
Blair, Foster J.Foster J. BlairUSAU.S. Navy5
Blair, William K.William K. BlairUSAU.S. Navy5
Blaydes, Richard B.Richard B. BlaydesUSAU.S. Navy5
Bocquin, Victor E.Victor E. BocquinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bolyard, John W.John W. BolyardUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bonebrake, Robert R.Robert R. BonebrakeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bonner Jr, Robert R.Robert R. Bonner JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bordelon, Guy P.Guy P. BordelonUSAU.S. Navy5
Borley, Clarence A.Clarence A. BorleyUSAU.S. Navy5
Bostrom, Ernest O.Ernest O. BostromUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bowen, Wilbur L.Wilbur L. BowenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bowker, Fred E.Fred E. BowkerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bradley, John L.John L. BradleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Braun, Richard L.Richard L. BraunUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Brown, Gerald A.Gerald A. BrownUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Brown, Jasper R.Jasper R. BrownUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Bruneau, Paul J.Paul J. BruneauUSAU.S. Navy5
Buchanan, Robert L.Robert L. BuchananUSAU.S. Navy5
Burns, Robert G.Robert G. BurnsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Byrnes, Robert L.Robert L. ByrnesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Carder, John B.John B. CarderUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Carlton, William A.William A. CarltonUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Castle, Nial K.Nial K. CastleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Champion, Henry K.Henry K. ChampionUSAU.S. Navy5
Chandler, George T.George T. ChandlerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Chandler, Van E.Van E. ChandlerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 3 in Korea)
Cielinski, Joseph J.Joseph J. CielinskiUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cleaveland, Arthur B.Arthur B. CleavelandUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Clements, Donald C.Donald C. ClementsUSAU.S. Navy5
Clements, Robert E.Robert E. ClementsUSAU.S. Navy5
Clinger, Dallas A.Dallas A. ClingerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cloud, Vivian A.Vivian A. CloudUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cochran, Paul R.Paul R. CochranUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Collins, William F.William F. CollinsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Colman, Philip E.Philip E. ColmanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 4 in Korea)
Comstock, Harold E.Harold E. ComstockUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Condon, Harry L.Harry L. CondonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Coons, Merle M.Merle M. CoonsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cornell, Leland B.Leland B. CornellUSAU.S. Navy5
Cox, Ralph L.Ralph L. CoxUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cranfill, Niven K.Niven K. CranfillUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Crombie, William S.William S. CrombieUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cross, John O.John O. CrossUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Culbertson, Omer W.Omer W. CulbertsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Cundy, Arthur C.Arthur C. CundyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Curton, Warren D.Warren D. CurtonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Daniel, William A.William A. DanielUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Davies, Clarence E.Clarence E. DaviesUSAU.S. Navy5
Davis, Leonard K.Leonard K. DavisUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Dawkins Jr, George E.George E. Dawkins JrUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Dahl, RoaldRoald DahlUKRoyal Air Force5
Day Jr, William C.William C. Day JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Deakins, Richard S.Richard S. DeakinsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Della, GeorgeGeorge DellaUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Denoff, Reuben H.Reuben H. DenoffUSAU.S. Navy5
Dick, Frederick E.Frederick E. DickUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Dikovitsky, MichaelMichael DikovitskyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Dorris, Harry W.Harry W. DorrisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Doyle, Cecil J.Cecil J. DoyleUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Drake, Charles W.Charles W. DrakeUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Driscoll, Daniel B.Daniel B. DriscollUSAU.S. Navy5
Driscoll, WillieWillie DriscollUSAU.S. Navy5
Dubisher, Francis E.Francis E. DubisherUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Dubois, Charles H.Charles H. DuboisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Duffy (USN), James E.James E. Duffy (USN)USAU.S. Navy5
Duffy, Richard E.Richard E. DuffyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Egen Jr, Joseph L.Joseph L. Egen JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Elwood, Hugh M.Hugh M. ElwoodUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Empey, James W.James W. EmpeyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Erickson, Lyle A.Lyle A. EricksonUSAU.S. Navy5
Ernst, Herman E.Herman E. ErnstUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Farmer, Charles D.Charles D. FarmerUSAU.S. Navy5
Farnsworth Jr, Robert A.Robert A. Farnsworth JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Farrell (USMC), WilliamWilliam Farrell (USMC)USAU.S. Marine Corps5
Faxon, Richard D.Richard D. FaxonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Felts, Marion C.Marion C. FeltsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Fenex Jr, James E.James E. Fenex JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Fiedler (USAAF), WilliamWilliam Fiedler (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Fields Jr, Virgil C.Virgil C. Fields JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Finn, Howard J.Howard J. FinnUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Fischette, Charles R.Charles R. FischetteUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Fisk, Harry E.Harry E. FiskUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Flack Jr, Nelson D.Nelson D. Flack JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Flinn, Kenneth A.Kenneth A. FlinnUSAU.S. Navy5
Foltz, Ralph E.Ralph E. FoltzUSAU.S. Navy5
Fontana, Paul J.Paul J. FontanaUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Ford, Claude E.Claude E. FordUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Ford, Kenneth M.Kenneth M. FordUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Formanek Jr, GeorgeGeorge Formanek JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Galt, Dwight B.Dwight B. GaltUSAU.S. Navy5
Gardner, Warner F.Warner F. GardnerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Gayler, NoelNoel GaylerUSAU.S. Navy5
Gerick, Steven N.Steven N. GerickUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Ghelson, Grover D.Grover D. GhelsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Gibb, Robert D.Robert D. GibbUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Gladen, Cyrus R.Cyrus R. GladenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Godson, Lindley W.Lindley W. GodsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Gould, Norman D.Norman D. GouldUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Graffer, GiorgioGiorgio GrafferItalyRegia Aeronautica5
Graham, Robert F.Robert F. GrahamUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Graham, Vernon E.Vernon E. GrahamUSAU.S. Navy5
Gregory, Hayden A.Hayden A. GregoryUSAU.S. Navy5
Griffith, Robert C.Robert C. GriffithUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Grosvenor Jr, WilliamWilliam Grosvenor JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Gupton, Cheatham W.Cheatham W. GuptonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hacking, Albert E.Albert E. HackingUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Hagerstrom, James P.James P. HagerstromUSAU.S. Army Air Forces6
Hammer, Samuel E.Samuel E. HammerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hanna, Harry T.Harry T. HannaUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hansenman, Christopher J.Christopher J. HansenmanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Harman, Walter R.Walter R. HarmanUSAU.S. Navy5
Harris (USAAF), Thomas L.Thomas L. Harris (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hartley, Raymond E.Raymond E. HartleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hatch, Herbert B.Herbert B. HatchUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hauver, Charles D.Charles D. HauverUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Haworth, Russell C.Russell C. HaworthUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hayde, Frank R.Frank R. HaydeUSAU.S. Navy5
Hearrell, Frank C.Frank C. HearrellUSAU.S. Navy5
Held Jr, Charles F.Charles F. Held JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Henderson Jr, Paul M.Paul M. Henderson JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Hendricks, Randall W.Randall W. HendricksUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hill, James E.James E. HillUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hillary, Richard HopeRichard Hope HillaryAustraliaRoyal Air Force5(+2 probables)
Hillman, Donald E.Donald E. HillmanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hippe, Kenneth G.Kenneth G. HippeUSAU.S. Navy5
Hiro, Edwin M.Edwin M. HiroUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hnatio, Myron M.Myron M. HnatioUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hoag, John B.John B. HoagUSAU.S. Navy5
Hodges, William R.William R. HodgesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hoffman, Cullen J.Cullen J. HoffmanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hoffman, LouisLouis HoffmanUSAAVG5
Houck, Herbert N.Herbert N. HouckUSAU.S. Navy5
Hoyt, Edward R.Edward R. HoytUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hubbard, Mark E.Mark E. HubbardUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Hudson, Howard R.Howard R. HudsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Hunter, Alvaro J.Alvaro J. HunterUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Icard, Joseph W.Joseph W. IcardUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Ireland, Julius W.Julius W. IrelandUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Isaacson, Clayton M.Clayton M. IsaacsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Jensen, Hayden M.Hayden M. JensenUSAU.S. Navy5
Johnson, Evan M.Evan M. JohnsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Johnson, Wallace R.Wallace R. JohnsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Jones, Curran L.Curran L. JonesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Jones, Frank C.Frank C. JonesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 5.5 ground)
Jones, Lynn F.Lynn F. JonesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Jones, Warren L.Warren L. JonesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Jorda, Joseph W.Joseph W. JordaUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Julian, William M.William M. JulianUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kendrick, CharlesCharles KendrickUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Kennedy, DanielDaniel KennedyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kidwell, Robert H.Robert H. KidwellUSAU.S. Navy5
Kimball, Melvin B.Melvin B. KimballUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kincaid, John R.John R. KincaidUSAU.S. Navy5
King (USAAF), Charles W.Charles W. King (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
King, David L.David L. KingUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kirby, Marion F.Marion F. KirbyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kirkland, Lenton F.Lenton F. KirklandUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Knapp, Robert H.Robert H. KnappUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Knott, Carroll S.Carroll S. KnottUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kopsel, Edward H.Edward H. KopselUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Kostic, William J.William J. KosticUSAU.S. Navy5
Laird, Wayne W.Wayne W. LairdUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Lamoreaux, William E.William E. LamoreauxUSAU.S. Navy5
Lampe, Richard C.Richard C. LampeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Laney, WillisWillis LaneyUSAU.S. Navy5
Langdon, Ned W.Ned W. LangdonUSAU.S. Navy5
Lanphier, Thomas G.Thomas G. LanphierUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lathrope, Franklin C.Franklin C. LathropeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Laughlin, Charles H.Charles H. LaughlinUSAAVG5
Laven, GeorgeGeorge LavenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lazear, Earl R.Earl R. LazearUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lee, Harold K.Harold K. LeeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lee, Richard J.Richard J. LeeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Leikness, Marlow J.Marlow J. LeiknessUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lenfest, Charles W.Charles W. LenfestUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lenox Jr, JackJack Lenox JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Leppla, John A.John A. LepplaUSAU.S. Navy5
Lewelling, Alfred B.Alfred B. LewellingUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Liles, Brooks J.Brooks J. LilesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 4 in Korea)
Lillie, Hugh D.Hugh D. LillieUSAU.S. Navy5
Little, James W.James W. LittleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 1 in Korea)
London, Charles P.Charles P. LondonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lopez, DonaldDonald LopezUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Loving, Jr., George G.George G. Loving, Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Luma, John F.John F. LumaUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Lutton, Lowell C.Lowell C. LuttonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mackay, John A.John A. MackayUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Magoffin, Morton D.Morton D. MagoffinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mahon, KeithKeith MahonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mankin, Jackson C.Jackson C. MankinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mankin, Lee P.Lee P. MankinUSAU.S. Navy5
March Jr, Harry A.Harry A. March JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Mariotti, LuigiLuigi MariottiItalyRegia Aeronautica5
Marsh, Lester C.Lester C. MarshUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Martin Jr, Albert E.Albert E. Martin JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Martin, Kenneth R.Kenneth R. MartinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mason, Joseph L.Joseph L. MasonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mathis, William H.William H. MathisUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Matte, Joseph Z.Joseph Z. MatteUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Maxwell, Chester K.Chester K. MaxwellUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Mayo, Benjamin I.Benjamin I. MayoUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McArthur, Paul G.Paul G. McArthurUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McCartney Jr, Henry A.Henry A. McCartney JrUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
McCudden, Leo B.Leo B. McCuddenUSAU.S. Navy5
McDownough, William F.William F. McDownoughUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McElroy, James N.James N. McElroyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 6 ground)
McGinn, John L.John L. McGinnUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McGinty, Selva E.Selva E. McGintyUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
McGuffin, Samuel E.Samuel E. McGuffinUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McGuyrt, John W.John W. McGuyrtUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McKinley, Donald J.Donald J. McKinleyUSAU.S. Navy5
McMillan, George.George. McMillanUSAAVG5
MacMinn, Evan D.Evan D. MacMinnUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
McPherson, Donald M.Donald M. McPhersonUSAU.S. Navy5
Merritt Jr, George L.George L. Merritt JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 6 ground)
Michaelis, Frederick H.Frederick H. MichaelisUSAU.S. Navy5
Miller, EverettEverett MillerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Miller, Joseph E.Joseph E. MillerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Milliken, Robert C.Robert C. MillikenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Milton, CharlesCharles MiltonUSAU.S. Navy5
Mitralexis, MarinosMarinos MitralexisGreeceGreek Air Force5
Mollenhauer, Arthur P.Arthur P. MollenhauerUSAU.S. Navy5
Monk, Franklin H.Franklin H. MonkUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Moore, Robert H.Robert H. MooreUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Morriss, Paul V.Paul V. MorrissUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Munson, Arthur H.Arthur H. MunsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Myers, Jennings S.Jennings S. MyersUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Myshrall, Joseph R.Joseph R. MyshrallUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Nelson, Leslie D.Leslie D. NelsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Nelson, Robert J.Robert J. NelsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Nichols, Franklin A.Franklin A. NicholsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Nollmeyer, Edward M.Edward M. NollmeyerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Novak, Marvin R.Marvin R. NovakUSAU.S. Navy5
Oberhansky, Jack G.Jack G. OberhanskyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
O'Brien Jr, FrankFrank O'Brien JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Olander, Edwin L.Edwin L. OlanderUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Olsen, Austin L.Austin L. OlsenUSAU.S. Navy5
Paul E. OlsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Omiccioli, EnzoEnzo OmiccioliItalyRegia Aeronautica5
O'Neill Jr, Eugene W.Eugene W. O'Neill JrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
O'Neill, Lawrence F.Lawrence F. O'NeillUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Osher, Ernest K.Ernest K. OsherUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Overcash, Robert J.Robert J. OvercashUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Overton Jr, Edward W.Edward W. Overton JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Owens, Joel A.Joel A. OwensUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Paisley, Melvyn R.Melvyn R. PaisleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Parham, Forrest F.Forrest F. ParhamUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Paulk, EdselEdsel PaulkUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Perdomo, Oscar F.Oscar F. PerdomoUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Petach, JohnJohn PetachUSAAVG5(all 5 AVG)
Petrosellini, CostantinoCostantino PetroselliniItalyRegia Aeronautica5
Philips III, David P.David P. Philips IIIUSAU.S. Navy5
Phillips, Edward A.Edward A. PhillipsUSAU.S. Navy5
Phillips, HydeHyde PhillipsUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Pool, Kenneth R.Kenneth R. PoolUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Popek, Edward S.Edward S. PopekUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Porter, Robert B.Robert B. PorterUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Poske, George H.George H. PoskeUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Powell, Ernest A.Ernest A. PowellUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Powers, MacArthurMacArthur PowersUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Price, Jack C.Jack C. PriceUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Priest, Royce W.Royce W. PriestUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Pryor, Roger C.Roger C. PryorUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Quigley, Donald L.Donald L. QuigleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Raines, Robert J.Robert J. RainesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(3 AVG)
Ramlo, Orvin H.Orvin H. RamloUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Reese, WIlliam C.WIlliam C. ReeseUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Reulet, Joseph E.Joseph E. ReuletUSAU.S. Navy5
Rhodes, Thomas W.Thomas W. RhodesUSAU.S. Navy5
Rieger, Vincent A.Vincent A. RiegerUSAU.S. Navy5
Ritchey, AndrewAndrew RitcheyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Roberts, Newell O.Newell O. RobertsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Robinson, Leroy W.Leroy W. RobinsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Robinson, Ross F.Ross F. RobinsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Rose, FranklinFranklin RoseUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Rounds, Gerald L.Gerald L. RoundsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Rudolph, Henry S.Henry S. RudolphUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Rynne, William A.William A. RynneUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Scarborough, Hartwell V.Hartwell V. ScarboroughUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Schank, Thomas D.Thomas D. SchankUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Schecter, Gordon E.Gordon E. SchecterUSAU.S. Navy5
Schell, John L.John L. SchellUSAU.S. Navy5
Scherer, RaymondRaymond SchererUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Schilke, James F.James F. SchilkeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Schriber, LouisLouis SchriberUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Schuh, Duerr H.Duerr H. SchuhUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Schultz, Robert B.Robert B. SchultzUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Sealey, Harry H.Harry H. SealeyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Sears, Alexander F.Alexander F. SearsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
See, Robert B.Robert B. SeeUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Seganti, CarloCarlo SegantiItalyRegia Aeronautica5
Seidman, Robert K.Robert K. SeidmanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Shields, Charles A.Charles A. ShieldsUSAU.S. Navy5
Sipes, Lester H.Lester H. SipesUSAU.S. Navy5
Sistrunk, FrankFrank SistrunkUSAU.S. Navy5
Smith, Jack R.Jack R. SmithUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Smith (USAAF), Kenneth B.Kenneth B. Smith (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Smith, Kenneth D.Kenneth D. SmithUSAU.S. Navy5
Smith (USAAF), Paul A.Paul A. Smith (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5(incl 1 V-1 rocket)
Smith, Virgil H.Virgil H. SmithUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Sonner Jr, Irl V.Irl V. Sonner JrUSAU.S. Navy5
Southerland, James J.James J. SoutherlandUSAU.S. Navy5
Spurgin, ArthurArthur SpurginAustraliaRoyal Australian Air Force5
Spitler, Clyde P.Clyde P. SpitlerUSAU.S. Navy5
Stangel, William J.William J. StangelUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Stanley, Morris A.Morris A. StanleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Stebbins, Edgar E.Edgar E. StebbinsUSAU.S. Navy5
Stefanski, Edward J.Edward J. StefanskiUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Stehle, Raymond D.Raymond D. StehleUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Stone, Carl V.Carl V. StoneUSAU.S. Navy5
Strange, Johnnie C.Johnnie C. StrangeUSAU.S. Navy5
Suehr, Richard C.Richard C. SuehrUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Sullivan, Charles P.Charles P. SullivanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Sutcliffe, Robert C.Robert C. SutcliffeUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Sutherland, John F.John F. SutherlandUSAU.S. Navy5
Swinburne Jr., John F.John F. Swinburne Jr.USAU.S. Navy5
Sykes, William J.William J. SykesUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 5 ground)
Synar, StanleyStanley SynarUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Taylor, Oliver B.Oliver B. TaylorUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Taylor (USN), William W.William W. Taylor (USN)USAU.S. Navy5
Thompson, Robert D.Robert D. ThompsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Tierney, Robert E.Robert E. TierneyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(incl 1 V-1 rocket)
Tilley, John A.John A. TilleyUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Toaspern, Edward W.Edward W. ToaspernUSAU.S. Navy5
Topliff, John W.John W. TopliffUSAU.S. Navy5
Tordoff, Harrison B.Harrison B. TordoffUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Torkelson, Ross E.Ross E. TorkelsonUSAU.S. Navy5
Townsend, Eugene P.Eugene P. TownsendUSAU.S. Navy5
Troxell, Clifton H.Clifton H. TroxellUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Van Der Linden, Peter J.Peter J. Van Der LindenUSAU.S. Navy5
Van Dyke, Rudolph D.Rudolph D. Van DykeUSAU.S. Navy5
Vaught Jr., Robert H.Robert H. Vaught Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Vogt, John E.John E. VogtUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Waggoner, Horace Q.Horace Q. WaggonerUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(+ 7.5 ground)
Walker Jr., Walter B.Walter B. Walker Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Ward, Lyttleton T.Lyttleton T. WardUSAU.S. Navy5
Warren, Jack R.Jack R. WarrenUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Watson, Ralph J.Ralph J. WatsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wheatherford, Sidney W.Sidney W. WheatherfordUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Webb, Willard J.Willard J. WebbUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Weissenberger, Gregory J.Gregory J. WeissenbergerUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Welch, Darrell G.Darrell G. WelchUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Welles, Albert P.Albert P. WellesUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
West, Robert G.Robert G. WestUSAU.S. Navy5
White, Harry S.Harry S. WhiteUSAU.S. Navy5
White (USAAF), John H.John H. White (USAAF)USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wilhelm, David C.David C. WilhelmUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wilkins, Paul H.Paul H. WilkinsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wilson, William F.William F. WilsonUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Williams, Russell D.Russell D. WilliamsUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Winston, Robert A.Robert A. WinstonUSAU.S. Navy5
Wire, Ralph L.Ralph L. WireUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wiseman, Lee V.Lee V. WisemanUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wolford, John L.John L. WolfordUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wrenn, George L.George L. WrennUSAU.S. Navy5
Wright, Max J.Max J. WrightUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Wynn, Vasseure F.Vasseure F. WynnUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(incl 2.5 with RAF)
Yaeger Jr., Robert R.Robert R. Yaeger Jr.USAU.S. Army Air Forces5
York, Robert M.Robert M. YorkUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5
Yunck, Michael R.Michael R. YunckUSAU.S. Marine Corps5
Archer, LeeLee ArcherUSAU.S. Army Air Forces5(Only African American ace.)


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