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Winx Club is an American/Italian animated series which premiered on January 28, 2004 in Italy on Rai 2. The series involves Bloom, who is an ordinary girl from Earth, who learns she's not so ordinary and that she is a fairy. She travels to the Magic Dimension to study at Alfea, a college for fairies, where she meets her roommates, Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa. She also learns about the two other schools in Magix: Redfountain, the school for Specialists and Cloudtower, the school for witches, which is where the Trix, Icy, Darcy and Stormy attend. The Trix are the main villains in the first season. In the second season, a new fairy is introduced, Aisha (named Layla in the 4kids version), who is the princess of the distant world of Andros. The Winx face a new villain, Lord Darkar, who has the Trix become his allies. They also meet the Pixies, who they bond with. In the third season, the Trix escape from their prison and bring back a new villain named Valtor, who has a special connection with Bloom. The Winx must become Enchantix fairies. In the first theatrical film, Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, the Winx (minus Bloom) graduate from Alfea and have now become guardian fairies of their realms, they face a new threat, the Ancestral Witches, who are ancestors of the Trix. In the fourth season, the Winx become teachers at Alfea, but a new threat arrives: The Wizards of the Black Circle, who mistake Bloom for the last fairy of Earth. The Winx resign as teachers and travel to Earth, where they must find and protect the last fairy of Earth, who lives in Bloom's hometown, Gardenia and whose name is Roxy. The Winx must become Believix fairies, in order to beat the Wizards. In the second theatrical computer-animated movie, Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure, the Trix return along with the three Ancestral Witches who destroy the good fraction of the Tree of Life, which causes a magic blackout. The Winx Club must stop them both and restore the good and positive magic. In the fifth season, Aisha's first cousin, Tritannus, finds he will not be king of the Oceans of Andros and attempts to kill his twin brother, Nereus, he gets thrown in prison with the Trix and he absorbs the pollution from an oil spill in Gardenia and transforms into a monster. The Winx Club find their Believix powers to be less stronger and effective underwater and must attain a new sea/ocean-based fairy transformation and magical power, Sirenix, which is a dangerous transformation and enormous power of the fairies. The Sirenix Book, gives them a new evolved fairy transformation called Harmonix, which enables them to swim faster and freely use their powers and spells in the sea and ocean.

Since premiering in early 2004, Winx Club has aired 121 episodes across five seasons. Currently, seasons have consisted of 26 episodes with large story arcs spanning the entire season and smaller subplots regarding the people and places of the realm of Magix. In the United States, this show was licensed by 4Kids Entertainment and then aired and dubbed three seasons of the show on 4Kids TV from 2004 to 2007. In 2010, Nickelodeon had acquired the rights to localizing Winx Club across the United States. They have confirmed to be co-producing the fifth and sixth seasons of Winx Club. To lead up to the upcoming new seasons, Nickelodeon aired content between Seasons 1 through Season 4, in the US. From June to October 2011, Nickelodeon had aired four one-hour specials between Seasons 1 and 2. Following Nickelodeon's version of the third season from November to December 2011. Nickelodeon aired Season 4 on May 6, 2012 until July 29, 2012. In Italy, Winx Club has aired Season 1-4 on Rai Due The 4 one-hour specials aired every Monday from November 21 to December 12, 2011 on Rai Due. The fifth season of Winx Club premiered on Nickelodeon on August 26, 2012 and premiered in Italy on Rai Due on October 16, 2012.

As of April 7, 2013, 125 episodes of Winx Club have aired in the US.

As of April 11, 2013, 121 episodes of Winx Club have aired in Italy on Rai 2.



SeasonEpisodesRai 2 airdates
4Kids TV
Season premiereSeason finaleSeason premiereSeason finaleSeason premiereSeason finale
126January 28, 2004March 26, 2004June 19, 2004December 11, 2004N/A
226April 19, 2005July 14, 2005September 10, 2005March 11, 2006N/A
326January 29, 2007March 28, 2007September 30, 2006September 22, 2007November 14, 2011December 26, 2011
426April 15, 2009November 13, 2009N/AMay 6, 2012July 29, 2012
526October 16, 20122013N/AAugust 26, 20122013
Theatrical featuresTitleItalian release datesAmerican release dates
1Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost KingdomNovember 30, 2007March 11, 2012
2Winx Club 3D: Magical AdventureOctober 29, 2010

Episode Format

All episodes are listed in the following format:

#TitleItalian air date
(Rai 2)
American air date
(4Kids TV/Nickelodeon)
"Italian title"  (Literal translation) / "Title from the English dub by Cinélume in Quebec"
"Title from the edit by 4Kids Entertainment (for seasons 1-3) / Title from the Nickelodeon dub (for Seasons 3-4)"
Summary of the episode 


First season (2004)

#TitleItalian air date
(Rai 2)
American air date
(4Kids TV)
1"Una Fata a Gardenia"  (A fairy from Gardenia) / "An Unexpected Event"
"It Feels Like Magic"
January 28, 2004 (2004-01-28)June 19, 2004
In a small town called Gardenia, an ordinary girl named Bloom is suddenly caught up in a fight between a fairy named Stella and an ogre named Knut. After Bloom drives Knut off with unknown and innate abilities, Stella explains that Bloom possesses magical powers, and Bloom in turn tries to convince her parents to let her go to Alfea, a school for fairies. 
2"Benvenuti a Magix!"  (Welcome to Magix!) / "Welcome to Magix!"
"More Than High School"
January 30, 2004 (2004-01-30)June 26, 2004
Bloom arrives at Alfea, using an assumed name. She is introduced to her roommates, Musa, Tecna, and Flora. But she also meets the Trix, three witches: Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora form the Winx Club. 
3"L'anello di Stella"  (The ring of Stella) / "Alfea College for Fairies"
"Save the First Dance"
February 2, 2004 (2004-02-02)July 3, 2004
Alfea and the neighboring boys school, Redfountain, will be having a ball. All the girls are excited, but The Trix show up to spoil things. Bloom has trouble finding a dress for the ball but eventually finds one and ends up dancing with Sky. 
4"La palude di Melmamora"  (The swamp of Melmamora) / "The Black-Mud Swamp"
"The Voice of Nature"
February 4, 2004 (2004-02-04)July 10, 2004
The girls participate in a school field trip at Black-Mud Swamp to test their ability to work with nature without magic. During the trip, they run in to the boys from Redfountain as well as the Trix and have a battle. 
5"Appuntamento al buio"  (Blind date) / "Date with Disaster"
"Date with Disaster"
February 6, 2004 (2004-02-06)July 17, 2004
Stella is invited to go on a blind date with Prince Sky (Brandon). After the surprise date, Stella starts acting strangely. It was Darcy who made herself appear as Stella while the real Stella was captured by the Trix. The Winx end up saving her but the Trix get Stella's Ring of Solaria. 
6"Missione a Torrenuvola"  (Mission at Cloudtower) / "Mission at Cloudtower"
"Secret Guardian"
February 9, 2004 (2004-02-09)July 24, 2004
The Winx Club go to Cloudtower to retrieve Stella's ring of Solaria, and find out more about the origin of Bloom's powers. 
7"A che servono gli amici?"  (What are friends for?) / "Friends in Need"
February 11, 2004 (2004-02-11)July 31, 2004
After the events at Cloudtower, the Winx Club is punished with detention and the temporary loss of their powers. The Trix use this opportunity to attack. 
8"La festa della rosa"  (The festival of the rose) / "A Friendship Sundered"
"The Day of the Rose"
February 13, 2004 (2004-02-13)August 7, 2004
During the Rose Festival, both Bloom and Riven unwittingly fall into a trap by the Trix to divide the close relationship between the Specialists and the Winx Club. In the end Riven thinks that Darcy has saved him in a racing crash and he blames Bloom for what happened. 
9"Il tradimento di Riven"  (The betrayal of Riven) / "Betrayed!"
February 16, 2004 (2004-02-16)August 14, 2004
There are hostilities between the Winx Club due to a mood swing spell put on Stella, and Musa's feelings for Riven are strained. In a fight with the Trix, the possessor of the Dragon's Flame is revealed to be Bloom. 
10"La fiamma del drago"  (The flame of dragon) / "Bloom Tested"
"Magical Reality Check"
February 18, 2004 (2004-02-18)August 21, 2004
It's time for Bloom's magical midterm test in a virtual reality machine. The Trix mess with the computer so they can enter it and make her angry- making her use her Dragon Fire power so they can capture it and use it for themselves. 
11"Il regno delle ninfe"  (The reign of the nymphs) / "The Monster and The Willow"
"Junior League"
February 20, 2004 (2004-02-20)August 28, 2004
Flora experiments with her plants to study for her test. Stella (who had her clothes torn apart by a plant) and Tecna (who was attacked by a plant) tell Flora to move the plants. She moves them to Black-Mud Swamp. Flora seeks help from the Water Nymphs in finding a special plant. The Water Nymphs ask the Winx girls to destroy a monster which has been terrorizing them. 
12"Miss Magix" / "Miss Magix"
"Miss Magix"
February 23, 2004 (2004-02-23)September 4, 2004
On the day before a big test, Stella enters a beauty contest. Lucy from Cloudtower does too, with help from the Trix, who make her look beautiful. The Trix mess with the other contestants to that Lucy wins, but Bloom breaks the spell that made her pretty. In the end, Stella wins and kept her promise to Bloom, which was to study all night for the test the next morning. Stella makes a few mistakes but because she studied after the pageant, she passes. 
13"La figlia del fuoco"  (The daughter of fire) / "A Great Secret Revealed"
"Meant to Be"
February 25, 2004 (2004-02-25)September 11, 2004
Bloom returns to Earth during spring break and she casts her doubts on a pending business deal regarding her mother's flower shop. She also discovers that Mike, her adoptive father, found her while tackling a fire. The vision was unlocked while putting out a fire in her mother's flower shop. Bloom also discovers she can read people's auras. 
14"Il segreto di Bloom"  (The secret of Bloom) / "Bloom's Dark Secret"
"Witch Trap"
February 27, 2004 (2004-02-27)September 18, 2004
Bloom's curiosity about her past and magical powers begin to interfere with her confidence and she arranges to go to Cloudtower with the Winx Club and Brandon to seek answers. 
15"Voci dal passato"  (Voices from the past) / "Honor Above All"
"Pushing the Envelope"
March 1, 2004 (2004-03-01)September 25, 2004
A pending test by Professor Wizgiz worries the Winx Club. Bloom accidentally finds the answers to the test. 
16"Il nemico nell’ombra"  (The Enemy in the Shadows) / "Cold Spell"
"The Nightmare Monster"
March 3, 2004 (2004-03-03)October 2, 2004
In another attempt to harness the power of the Dragon's Flame, the Trix send a monster to terrorise the dreams of the Winx girls. 
17"Il segreto di Brandon"  (The secret of Brandon) / "Secrets Within Secrets"
"Royal Heartbreak"
March 5, 2004 (2004-03-05)October 9, 2004
During festivities at Redfountain, Bloom encounters Princess Diaspro, who claims she is betrothed to Brandon, whom she keeps calling Sky. 
18"Addio Magix!"  (Goodbye Magix!) / "The Font of Dragon Fire"
"Senior Witches Go to Earth"
March 8, 2004 (2004-03-08)October 16, 2004
Upset about the events at Redfountain, Bloom returns to Earth. The Trix take advantage of the situation and attack her on Earth. 
19"Attacco ad Alfea"  (Attack on Alfea) / "The Fall of Magix"
"The Army of Decay"
March 10, 2004 (2004-03-10)October 23, 2004
Bloom returns to Alfea following the events on Earth. The Trix take control of Cloudtower and summon the Army of Decay to take control of Magix. 
20"La scomparsa di Bloom"  (The disappearance of Bloom) / "Mission to Domino"
"Sparks of Hope"
March 12, 2004 (2004-03-12)October 30, 2004
To counter the powerful magic possessed by the Trix, the Winx Club go to planet Domino (Sparks) hoping to find the Dragon's Flame. Redfountain is attacked by the Army of Decay. 
21"Trappola di ghiaccio"  (Trap of ice) / "The Crown of Dreams"
"The Frozen Palace"
March 15, 2004 (2004-03-15)November 6, 2004
In the ruins of Domino (Sparks), the Winx Club is attacked during their exploration. 
22"Il ritorno di Riven"  (The return of Riven) / "Storming Cloudtower"
"Mission to Cloud Tower"
March 17, 2004 (2004-03-17)November 13, 2004
The Army of Decay forces the retreat of the population to Alfea. The Winx Club go to Cloudtower in attempt to retrieve the power of the Dragon's Flame from the Trix. 
23"Fuga da Torrenuvola"  (Escaping from Cloudtower) / "Power Play"
"The Search for the Flame"
March 19, 2004 (2004-03-19)November 20, 2004
The Trix torment the Winx Club for being unable to find the power of the Dragon's Flame on Domino (Sparks). The cadre and staff of Cloudtower escape to Alfea. 
24"Il mistero del lago"  (The mystery of the lake) / "The Witches' Siege"
"Battle for Alfea"
March 22, 2004 (2004-03-22)November 27, 2004
The Army of Decay launches an attack on Alfea. Bloom is guided to Lake Fortress of Light/Roccaluce by a mysterious voice to get the power of the Dragon's Flame. 
25"Il sonno di Magix"  (The sleep of Magix) / "The Ultimate Challenge"
"The Great Witch Invasion"
March 24, 2004 (2004-03-24)December 4, 2004
The first attack on Alfea fails and Bloom regains her powers. The Trix lead the Army of Decay in a final attack on Alfea. 
26"Battaglia finale"  (Final battle) / "The Witches' Downfall"
"Fire and Ice"
March 26, 2004 (2004-03-26)December 11, 2004
With the Army of Decay launching its final attack on Alfea, Bloom and the other Winx girls face off against the Trix in the ultimate showdown to save all of Magix. 
"Attack of the Senior Witches"May 22, 2004
A composed episode made by 4Kids Entertainment featuring the scenes from episodes 18, 19 and 20 where the Trix (referred to as the Senior Witches in the 4Kids edits) begins attacking on Alfea, serving as a sneak preview to the first season. 

Second season (2005-2006)

#TitleItalian air dateAmerican air date
(4Kids TV)
1 (27)"La fenice d'ombra"  (The phoenix of shadow) / "The Shadow Phoenix"
"Back to School"
April 19, 2005 (2005-04-19)September 10, 2005
The Winx Club returns for their second year at Alfea and encounter an exhausted fairy and her sleepy baby pixie. In the b-story Bloom finds the secert archive which contains Alfea's piece of the codex 
2 (28)"Il ritorno delle Trix"  (The return of the Trix) / "Up to their old Trix"
"Princess of Tides"
April 21, 2005 (2005-04-21)September 17, 2005
The new fairy introduces herself as Aisha (Layla) and requests the help of the Winx Club to rescue her kidnapped pixie friends. Lord Darkar breaks the Trix out of their prison and gives them Gloomix. 
3 (29)"Rescue Mission" / "Rescue Mission"
"Into the Under Realm"
April 26, 2005 (2005-04-26)September 24, 2005
In conjunction with the Specialists, Bloom, Stella and Aisha (Layla) travel to the Underrealm in an attempt to rescue the pixies. Along the way, they have to battle shadow monsters and tolerate a temporary loss of power. 
4 (30)"La Principessa Amentia"  (The Princess Amentia) / "Princess Amentia"
"Queen of Perfection"
April 28, 2005 (2005-04-28)October 1, 2005
Brandon and Stella, after getting separated from the group in the previous episode, encounter a subterranean civilisation whose royalty banishes Stella and forces Brandon into an arranged marriage with Princess Amentia. Stella, after returning to the surface to regenerate her powers, rescues her friends. 
5 (31)"Magico Bonding"  (Magic Bonding) / "Magic Bonding"
"Rescuing the Pixies"
May 3, 2005 (2005-05-03)October 8, 2005
After Lord Darkar causes a cave-in in the previous episode, Sky, Bloom, Aisha (Layla) and Stella have to find another way to get to Lord Darkar's fortress. When they finally manage to get back into the caves after using Sky's magic gadget, Layla goes to the fortress to rescue the pixies while Bloom, Stella and Sky are forced to battle the Trix. 
6 (32)"Il matrimonio di Brandon"  (The wedding of Brandon) / "Runaway Groom"
"My Boyfriend's Wedding"
May 5, 2005 (2005-05-05)October 15, 2005
During the ascent to leave Lord Darkar's fortress, Sky, Bloom, Stella, Aisha (Layla) and the pixies travel to Downland to prevent Princess Amentia from marrying Brandon. 
7 (33)"La pietra misteriosa"  (The Mysterious Stone) / "The Mysterious Stone"
"The Dark Tower"
May 10, 2005 (2005-05-10)October 22, 2005
Shortly after the Winx Club and Specialists return from the Underrealm, a monolith appears and the girls are sent to destroy it, but are unable to when it drains them of their magic. 
8 (34)"Il guasta feste"  (The crashed party) / "Party Crasher"
"Party Monster, The Spoilsport"
May 12, 2005 (2005-05-12)October 29, 2005
The Winx Club arrive at Redfountain for ground breaking festivities. The Trix infiltrate the party disguised as fairies and unleash a monster to disrupt the activities so they can attempt to obtain the Codex. Flora meets Helia at Redfountain. 
9 (35)"Il segreto del professor Avalon"  (The secret of professor Avalon) / "Professor Avalon's Secret"
"The Angel of Doom"
May 17, 2005 (2005-05-17)November 5, 2005
Tecna and Digit become suspicious of Professor Avalon's strange actions and constant interaction with Bloom. They assume that he is a creature that disguises itself as a paladin in order to earn people's trust before revealing its true nature and destroying everything. 
10 (36)"La cripta del codice"  (The crypt of code) / "Crypt of the Codex"
"Reaching for the Sky"
May 19, 2005 (2005-05-19)November 12, 2005
The Trix launch an attack on the new Redfountain to capture a piece of the Codex. In the b-story, Bloom goes to Redfountain to try sort out the troubles between her and Sky. 
11 (37)"Corsa contro il tempo"  (Race against the time) / "Race Against Time"
May 24, 2005 (2005-05-24)November 19, 2005
Determined to find the location of Pixie Village to steal the fourth piece of the Codex, Lord Darkar or The Shadow Phoenix puts a homesickness spell on the pixies that compels them to return to their village. 
12 (38)"Unite per la vittoria"  (Together for the victory) / "Win-x Together!"
"Truth or Dare/ United Victory"
May 26, 2005 (2005-05-26)November 26, 2005
Under a spell, a Specialist named Jared corrupts the simulation chamber. Doing Darkar's dirty work, Darcy sabotages the Winx during the simulator test. In the b-story, the Winx Club has to learn about convergence spells. 
13 (39)"La dama del ballo"  (The lady of the ball) / "Invisible Pixies"
"Gangs of Gardenia"
May 31, 2005 (2005-05-31)December 3, 2005
Bloom, Stella, Musa and Layla go to Earth for a break from studies. Musa and Aisha (Layla) attract the attention of a local gang in a nightclub, when Musa changes the music in a club using magic. 
14 (40)"Battaglia sul pianeta Eraklyon"  (Battle on planet Eraklyon) / "Battle on Planet Eraklyon"
"The Wrong Righters"
June 2, 2005 (2005-06-02)January 28, 2006
Sky, Bloom, Brandon, and Flora go to sky's home where they find his former fiancée, Princess Diaspro, has been kidnapped by yosinote who wants to rule Eraklyon, and demands a ransom. Meanwhile at Alfea Stormy and Musa have a fight, Musa manges to win and Stormy swears revenge. 
15 (41)"Lo spettacolo continua"  (The show continues) / "The Show Must Go On!"
"Magic in My Heart"
June 7, 2005 (2005-06-07)February 4, 2006
Musa is set to perform at Redfountain, but her father opposes her interest in music and wants to transfer her to another school. Stormy strikes again, attacking Musa's father to get revenge on the fairy. 
16 (42)"Hallowinx!" / "Hallowinx!"
"The Fourth Witch"
June 9, 2005 (2005-06-09)February 11, 2006
(After episode 44)
Jolly does a card reading that foretells danger to people going on a journey and feels that it will come true when the Winx Club is invited by Mitzi to her Halloween party in a haunted house. 
17 (43)"Gemellaggio con le Streghe"  (Twinning with the Witches) / "Twinning with the Witches"
"Exchange Students"
June 14, 2005 (2005-06-14)February 4, 2006
(After episode 41)
The Winx Club go to Cloudtower with Mirta to protect the second piece of the Codex. The Trix infiltrate Cloudtower and cause frequent mayhem to distract the Winx girls from getting the Codex first. 
18 (44)"Nel Cuore di Torrenuvola"  (In the Heart of Cloudtower) / "In the Heart of Cloudtower"
"The Heart of Cloud Tower"
June 16, 2005 (2005-06-16)February 11, 2006
(Before episode 42)
The Trix continue to attack Cloudtower in order to obtain the second piece of the Codex and the Winx Club's constant bickering prevents them from stopping the Trix. 
19 (45)"La spia nell'ombra"  (The spy in the shadow) / "Spy in the Shadows"
"Shadows in Bloom"
June 21, 2005 (2005-06-21)February 18, 2006
After Bloom is put under a therapeutic spell cast by Professor Avalon to learn more about her parents, she is controlled by an evil force to steal the third piece of the Codex from Alfea. 
20 (46)"Il villaggio delle Pixies"  (The village of Pixies) / "Pixie Village"
"The First Charmix"
June 23, 2005 (2005-06-23)February 18, 2006
The Winx girls are sent with the Specialists on a team-building vacation to the Wildlands. While on a ski lift to the top of a mountain, the lift breaks down and Bloom encourages them to work together to save themselves, earning her Charmix. Meanwhile, Icy is sent by Lord Darkar to obtain the fourth piece of the Codex at Pixie Village. Professor Avalon is poisoned by a flower (which was faked) and needs a special ingredient from Pixie Village to cure him. 
21 (47)"Il potere del Charmix"  (The power of Charmix) / "Charmix Power"
"Trouble in Paradise"
June 28, 2005 (2005-06-28)February 25, 2006
The Trix are sent by Lord Darkar to the Wildlands to capture Bloom, as her Dragon Flame is a key part in opening the Realm to Realix to obtain the Ultimate Power. The Trix put the wild animals under their influence to capture Bloom. Stella gives up her beach fashion show to help Aisha (Layla) ,and Musa & Riven discover the Trix are there ,she makes the choice to trust him earning both fairies their Charmix (Stella & Musa). 
22 (48)"Wildland: La grande trappola"  (Wildland: The great trap) / "Danger in the Wildland"
"Last Resorts"
June 30, 2005 (2005-06-30)February 25, 2006
Timmy devises a plan to prevent the Trix from kidnapping Bloom. Meanwhile, Aisha (Layla) faces her fears of being alone and Tecna reconciles with Timmy. Both earn their Charmix and the pixies are exposed to strange pollen which makes them very sick. 
23 (49)"Il momento della verità"  (The moment of truth) / "The time for truth"
"Darkness and Light"
July 5, 2005 (2005-07-05)March 4, 2006
The real Professor Avalon escapes from Lord Darkar's fortress, then heads to Alfea while Winx girls are not acknowledging it. The pixies they are taken back to Pixie Village, where the Flower of Life is the only way to cure them. However, the flower is sick and Flora remains there for as long as she can to heal it. Meanwhile, the rest of the Winx begin their Charmix training, but Bloom is captured and brought to Lord Darkar's fortress by what is turns out to be a servant of his posing as Professor Avalon. Flora confesses her love to Helia and earns her Charmix. Flora is flattered because Helia confesses that he loves her too. 
24 (50)"Prigioniera di Darkar"  (Prisoner of Darkar) / "Darkar's Prisoner"
"Desperately Seeking Bloom"
July 7, 2005 (2005-07-07)March 4, 2006
The Winx girls, the Pixies, and the Specialists head to the Underrealm to rescue Bloom Meanwhile, Brandon, Sky and Aisha (Layla) request Princess Amentia's assistance in the battle with Lord Darkar.In the end Bloom falls under Darkar`s spell. 
25 (51)"Faccia a faccia con il nemico"  (Face to face with the enemy) / "Face to Face with the Enemy"
"Storming Shadowhaunt"
July 12, 2005 (2005-07-12)March 11, 2006
The Winx and Specialists enter the Underrealm and proceed to Lord Darkar's fortress, having to face several obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, the Trix's Gloomix is burned out when they give their powers to the shadow monsters in order for them to destroy the Winx and Specialists. Lord Darkar sees them useless and banishes them. 
26 (52)"Le ceneri della Fenice"  (The ashes of the Phoenix) / "The Phoenix Revealed"
"The Ultimate Power Couple"
July 14, 2005 (2005-07-14)March 11, 2006
Lord Darkar and Dark Bloom enter the Realm of Realix and begin preparations for obtaining the Ultimate Power. The Winx Club, aided by the Specialists, Ms. Faragonda, Ms. Griffin and Cordatorta pass many obstacles in order to enter the Realm of Realix and destroy Lord Darkar. Sky confesses his romantic love for Bloom, which makes Bloom transform back into her normal self. 

Third season (2006-2007)

The third season of Winx Club premiered in Italy on Rai 2 on January 29, 2007 and ended on March 26, 2007. The third season originally premiered in America on September 30, 2006 on 4kids and ended on September 22, 2007. The third season premiered in America on November 14, 2011 on Nickelodeon and ended on December 26, 2011 under the name "Winx Club: Enchantix".

#TitleItalian air dateAmerican air date
(4Kids TV)
1 (53)"Il ballo della principessa"  (The ball of the princess) / "The Princess' Ball"
"The Princess' Ball"
January 29, 2007 (2007-01-29)September 30, 2006

Stella's father is throwing a princess ball for her, and he promises her a special surprise. The Trix awaken Valtor and try to escape from the Omega Dimension. Aisha (Layla) must return to her realm urgently. In the b-story, Stella and another girl, Chimera, fight over a dress for her princess ball.

Note: This is the first full episode to air on Nick. 
2 (54)"Il marchio di Valtor"  (The mark of Valtor) / "Valtor's mark"
"Beauty is a Beast"
January 31, 2007 (2007-01-31)October 7, 2006
At the party, Stella's special surprise turns out to be more of a shock, as King Radius has announced his engagement to Countess Cassandra. Chimera also casts a spell on Stella, turning her into a monster. 
3 (55)"La principessa e la bestia"  (The princess and the beast) / "The Fairy and the Beast"
"Pretty Pretty Princess / Monster's Escape"
February 2, 2007 (2007-02-02)October 28, 2006
The Winx Club help Stella escape Solaria and seek help to break the spell cast upon her. 
4 (56)"Lo specchio della verità"  (The mirror of truth) / "The Mirror of Truth"
"Mirror of Truth / Stella's Truth"
February 5, 2007 (2007-02-05)November 4, 2006
The Winx Club arrive at the ice caves in search of the mirror of truth. Aisha (Layla) hesitantly explains her feelings about Valtor's arrival at her home planet. Stella turns back to herself. The Winx learn about earning their Enchantix! 
5 (57)"Il Mare di Paura"  (The Sea of Fear) / "Sea of Fear"
"Mission to Tides / Andros in Danger"
February 7, 2007 (2007-02-07)November 11, 2006
The Winx team up to save Aisha's (Layla's) home, Andros, while Stella stays at Alfea to cover them for sneaking out of the school. Meanwhile, Aisha loses her sight when Valtor casts a dark spell on her. 
6 (58)"La scelta di Aisha"  (The choice of Aisha) / "Layla's Choice"
"The Mermaid Queen / Aisha's Courage"
February 9, 2007 (2007-02-09)November 18, 2006
The Winx girls, minus Stella, proceed to the underwater city of mermaids to aid in a rescue of its queen, while Stella receives news of her place in the new royal hierarchy. Aisha (Layla) is offered a chance to heal her blindness, but forgoes it to heal the dying Mermaid Queen, earning her Enchantix as a reward. However, she is still blind. 
7 (59)"La compagnia della luce"  (The company of the light) / "The Company of the Light"
"Royal Behavior / Heroes of the Past"
February 12, 2007 (2007-02-12)November 25, 2006
The five members of the Winx Club return to Alfea where they are promptly punished for their excursion having to clean up the library, while Valtor continues his conquest to recoup his power. In the b-story, Winx Club discover the tremendously strong healing effects of the Enchantix fairy dust, with which Layla uses to cure her blindness. 
8 (60)"Una sleale avversaria"  (A disloyal adversary) / "Disloyal Adversary"
"Dark Sky / Diaspro's Deception"
February 14, 2007 (2007-02-14)February 24, 2007
During a party on Sky's home planet, Princess Diaspro, aided by Valtor, launches her plan to gain the affections of Prince Sky. While doing this, she damages Bloom's feelings as he states that he is Diaspro's boyfriend. During their attempt to escape from Eraklyon, Stella earns her Enchantix after saving her father from a dragon's attack. 
9 (61)"Il cuore e la spada"  (The heart and the sword) / "The Heart and The Sword"
"Operation Boyfriend Rescue / Breaking the Mark"
February 16, 2007 (2007-02-16)March 3, 2007
The Winx Club and Riven and Brandon devise a plan to figure out Sky's erratic behavior and go to Eraklyon. In the end, Stella breaks the spell on Sky. The Winx Club have to leave without knowing it worked, but Brandon is arrested. 
10 (62)"Alfea sotto assedio"  (Alfea under siege) / "Alfea Under Siege"
"Attack of the Zombie Witches / Taking Over Cloudtower"
February 19, 2007 (2007-02-19)March 10, 2007
Valtor conquers Cloudtower, brings the student witches under his control, and forces them to attack Alfea after he imprisons Professor Griffin. All the fairies, including Mirta, fight the witches while Valtor goes into battle with Ms. Faragonda. Meanwhile, Musa earns her Enchantix after trying to save Princess Galatea from a fire started by Darcy in the Alfea library. She then uses her fairy dust's healing abilities to restore Galatea's fairy wings. 
11 (63)"Trappola per fate"  (Trap for fairies) / "A Trap for Fairies"
"Missing in Action / Facing the Enemy"
February 21, 2007 (2007-02-21)March 17, 2007
While the Winx Club conduct a search for Ms. Faragonda, they encounter Mirta returning to Cloudtower concerned about her friend Lucy. Valtor uses the intrusion to fight the Winx. 
12 (64)"Le lacrime del salice nero"  (The tears of the black willow) / "The Black Willow's Tears"
"Tears From the Black Willow / A Journey to Lynphea"
February 23, 2007 (2007-02-23)March 24, 2007
The Winx Club go to Flora's home planet seeking guidance in breaking the spell cast on Ms. Faragonda. Flora's younger sister, Miele, tags along. Flora earns her Enchantix after saving her sister from the poisoned tears of the Black Willow and dumps the trix (who are sent to stop them from gathering the tears) into the Black Willow's tears where they turn into little girls. 
13 (65)"Un ultimo battito d'ali"  (One last beat of wings) / "One Last Fluttering of Wings"
"Point of No Return / Tecna's Sacrifice"
February 26, 2007 (2007-02-26)March 31, 2007

Valtor's conquest over Aisha's (Layla's) home world threatens to destroy both the planet Andros (Tides) and the Omega Dimension. The Winx Club must stop the destruction and the escaped prisoners from the Omega Dimension, and one of them will ultimately have to make a supreme sacrifice to do it. Volunteering to close the portal herself, Tecna earns her Enchantix in the process — but is seemingly lost forever in the Omega portal.

Note: There are two shots of Bloom appearing briefly in her Enchantix form: the first one is a close-up on her eye and you can see she is wearing her eye shadow makeup from her Enchantix form; the second one is a close-up on her mouth and you can see the pink bow and collar from her Enchantix form. 
14 (66)"Furia!" (Fury!) / "Fury!"
"Payback / Revenge!"
February 28, 2007 (2007-02-28)April 7, 2007
Anguished with the loss of Tecna, the five Winx Club go to confront Valtor at Cloudtower. 
15 (67)"L'isola dei draghi"  (The island of dragons) / "The Island of Dragons"
"The Island of Dragons / Dragon Quest"
March 2, 2007 (2007-03-02)April 14, 2007
Bloom arrives on Pyros, an island inhabited by dragons, where she is instantly attacked and becomes stranded. She meets a dragon who is friendly and teaches her how to be a dragon. Meanwhile, back at Redfountain, Timmy dedicates all his time into finding Tecna in the Omega Dimension through his computers. 
16 (68)"Dalle ceneri"  (From the ashes) / "From the Ashes"
"The Power Within / Building Hope"
March 5, 2007 (2007-03-05)April 21, 2007
Bloom continues her exploration of Pyros and encounters a sorceress named Mya, who offers to train Bloom and help her become stronger. Meanwhile, the Winx Club and the Specialists arrive at Tecna's approximate location in the Omega Dimension. Back on Pyros, Bloom must battle the Trix by herself, but by believing in herself and refusing to give in to Valtor, she earns her full-fledged Enchantix and goes back to Alfea. 
17 (69)"Nella tana del serpente"  (In the lair of the snake) / "In the Snake's Lair"
"The Omega Mission / The Omega Mission"
March 7, 2007 (2007-03-07)April 28, 2007
Sky and Bloom rescue Tecna. After falling off a ledge, Tecna and Bloom find the other Winx girls, who are trapped by ice snakes. With their help, they manage to escape with the Specialists. The Winx Club and the Specialists return to Alfea, where the girls celebrate their reunion with a party. 
18 (70)"Lo scrigno di Valtor"  (The casket of Valtor) / "Valtor's Box"
"Day at the Museum / The Museum of Magic"
March 9, 2007 (2007-03-09)July 28, 2007
While training Bloom faints and discovers her enchantix is incomplete because she never saved anyone from her realm so the go to the Magix Museum to gain an object to hold his power Valtor announces his plan to steal a relic that is associated with the destruction of Domino but really's it the box that holds the hour glass. Ophir(Nabu), who is interested in Aisha (Layla) because she is his bethrothed, aids the Winx in defending the museum. however his inference causes the lose of the object and they suspect he is a spy for valtor 
19 (71)"All'ultimo minuto"  (At the last minute) / "At the Last Moment"
"Biker Chick Wedding Crashers / Back to Solaria"
March 12, 2007 (2007-03-12)August 4, 2007
Countess Cassandra announces plans to marry Stella's father, prompting Stella and the Winx Club to crash the wedding. The boys help them ride their bikes so they can act like a bike gang, due to the tight security. In the end, Stella reverses the effects of Cassandra's magic on her father. 
20 (72)"La carica delle Pixies"  (The charge of Pixies) / "The Pixies' Charge"
"Little Big Shots / The Pixies Fight Back"
March 14, 2007 (2007-03-14)August 11, 2007
While the Winx Club are away on a mission, their Pixies defend their village from Icy, Stormy, and Darcy winning in the end. 
21 (73)"La torre rossa"  (The red tower) / "The Red Tower"
"The Golden Kingdom / Beyond the Magic Dimension"
March 16, 2007 (2007-03-16)August 18, 2007
The Winx club proceeds with a plan to negate and ultimately defeat Valtor by going to the Golden Kingdom. Ophir becomes a stowaway on their mission. They are attacked by pegagaurds and are left unconcience 
22 (74)"Il labirinto di cristallo" "The Crystal Labyrinth"
"The Crystal Labyrinth / Finding Your Way"
March 19, 2007 (2007-03-19)August 25, 2007
In order to obtain the Water Stars that can defeat Valtor, Stella, Musa, and Tecna must find their way through a maze with obstacles testing their commitment to possess the Stars. 
23 (75)"La sfida dei maghi"  (The challenge of magicians) / "The Wizards' Challenge"
"The Wizard's Challenge / The Water Stars"
March 21, 2007 (2007-03-21)September 1, 2007
Valtor challenges the three headmasters of the schools to a duel. The Winx Club determines the duel a diversion to occupy the headmasters while the real Valtor breaks into Alfea. 
24 (76)"La rivelazione delle streghe"  (The revelation of the witches) / "Witches' Revelation"
"The Witches' Crypt / Seeking the Truth"
March 23, 2007 (2007-03-23)September 8, 2007
The Winx Club go to find the missing Cloudtower crypts to contact the three witches who destroyed Domino. Meanwhile, Valtor endows the Trix with Disenchantix abilities which the Winx"s destroy with combined fairy dust. 
25 (77)"L'ira dello stregone"  (The anger of the wizard) / "Wizard's Anger"
"The Spell of the Elements / Valtor's Fury"
March 26, 2007 (2007-03-26)September 15, 2007

Valtor releases a spell of the four elements, fire, water, wind, and earth, to conquer Magix. The Winx Club are determined to stop him once and for all. In the end every one except Bloom thinks that Valtor is gone for good.

Note: This is the first time Bloom's fairy dust is used. 
26 (78)"Un nuovo inizio"  (A new beginning) / "A New Beginning"
"Fire and Flame / The Final Battle"
March 26, 2007 (2007-03-26)September 22, 2007
Valtor survives the attack and lures the Winx Club into a trap by kidnapping their boyfriends. Bloom is determined to rescue Sky and stop Valtor for good. 

Fourth season (2012)

The fourth season of Winx Club premiered on April 15, 2009 in Italy on Rai 2 and ended on November 13, 2009. The fourth season premiered on May 6, 2012 in America on Nickelodeon and ended on July 29, 2012 under the name "Winx Club: The Power of Believix". The fourth season premiered on July 29, 2012 in Canada on YTV..

Nick Dub Title
Italian air dateAmerican air date
1 (79)"I cacciatori di fate"(The hunters of fairies) / "The Fairy Hunters"
"The Wizards of the Black Circle"
April 15, 2009 (2009-04-15)May 6, 2012
The Winx, who are now famously known for their heroics, must soon battle a new evil called the Wizards of the Black Circle that are currently searching for the last fairy on Earth. In a back story a new student plays a prank on Flora and frames her friend Alice which they must also deal with. 
2 (80)"L'albero della vita"  (The tree of life) / "The Tree of Life"
"Fear in Pixie Village"
April 17, 2009 (2009-04-17)May 6, 2012
The girls learn that the Wizards of the Black Circle stole magic from Earth, and that there is one last fairy that they are looking for. Now, the Winx Club must use the Tree of Life in Pixie Village to travel to Earth and find that fairy — but they must first battle a monster that has caused all the Pixies to mysteriously vanish. 
3 (81)"L'ultima fata della terra"  (The last fairy of earth) / "The Last Fairy on Earth"
"Winx on Earth"
April 20, 2009 (2009-04-20)May 13, 2012
After the Winx girls arrive in Gardenia, Bloom's adoptive parents help them open up a new store that they decide to call Love & Pet, after they transform stuffed animals into fairy pets. 
4 (82)"Love & Pet" (Love & Pet) / "Love & Pet"
"Magic Pets"
April 22, 2009 (2009-04-22)May 13, 2012
While Love & Pet slowly becomes popular in Gardenia, the Wizards of the Black Circle arrive on Earth and begin their search for the last Earth fairy. Meanwhile, the Specialists have recently arrived on Earth, where Sky discovers Bloom with Andy, an old friend of hers. 
5 (83)"Il regalo del Mitzi"  (The gift of Mitzi) / "Mitzi's Present"
"Ogron's Spell"
April 24, 2009 (2009-04-24)May 20, 2012
The Wizards invade Love & Pet and bewitch several of the animals. The Winx girls must round them up and find a way to reverse the spell. Meanwhile, Mitzi shows her affection for Brandon after he saves her from one of the bewitched animals. This begins to infuriate Stella. 
6 (84)"Una fata in pericolo"  (A fairy in danger) / "A Fairy in Danger"
"A Fairy Found"
April 27, 2009 (2009-04-27)May 20, 2012
Both the Winx girls and the Wizards of the Black Circle discover the identity of the last Fairy on Earth —Roxy, a waitress at the Frutti Music Bar. A huge battle ensues between both sides over the new girl and only her belief in magic can help the Winx Club turn the tide. The Winx girls earn their Believix form after Roxy believes in fairies. 
7 (85)"Winx Believix" (Winx Believix) / "Winx Believix"
"I Believe in You"
April 29, 2009 (2009-04-29)May 27, 2012
Thanks to Roxy, the Winx girls have earned their Believix, but their powers have still not fully evolved. Meanwhile, Roxy is being chased all over Gardenia by the Wizards, while a mysterious female voice encourages Roxy to accept her magical powers and her destiny as the last terrestrial fairy on Earth. 
8 (86)"Il cerchio bianco"  (The white circle) / "The White Circle"
"Hidden in the Country"
May 1, 2009 (2009-05-01)May 27, 2012
With their new friend Roxy, the Winx girls travel to a farm from Roxy's childhood, where they are attacked by the Wizards of the Black Circle. Here, they find the White Circle, a unusually powerful magical artifact that aids Roxy in chasing away the Wizards and their Black Circle. The girls also discover their new power to make people believe in magic. 
9 (87)"Nebula" (Nebula) / "Nebula"
"Nebula's White Circle"
May 4, 2009 (2009-05-04)June 3, 2012
In order to become the most powerful wizards in the world, The Wizards must capture the last fairy on Earth by using a location spell to find the White Circle. Meanwhile, Musa is debating on calling the music producer Jason Queen. Jason remembers seeing Musa perform of the Frutti Music Bar and asks her to come in to audition. As Bloom tries to reassure Sky and Riven that they and Andy are just friends, Roxy, while holding the White Circle in her room, is suddenly possessed by sheer anger and rage and goes to take on the Wizards of the Black Circle alone. 
10 (88)"La canzone di Musa"  (The song of Musa) / "Musa's Song"
"The Audition"
May 6, 2009 (2009-05-06)June 3, 2012
Musa's astonishing beautiful singing voice attracts the attention of a record manager named Jason, who offers her a record deal. Riven's jealousy toward Jason causes him and Musa to drift farther apart. Meanwhile, the other Winx girls and Roxy suffer many failed attempts to get the people of Gardenia to believe in fairies. Only when the girls help extinguish a fire created by the Wizards do the people slowly regain their belief in magic. 
11 (89)"Winx Club per sempre"  (Winx Club forever) / "Winx Club Forever"
May 8, 2009 (2009-05-08)June 10, 2012
While spending the afternoon at Gardenia's local mall, the Winx girls must deal with a band of armed robbers. Meanwhile, Roxy discovers her innate powers beginning to surface, as she is able to make animals speak like humans. Nabu proposes to Aisha. 
12 (90)"Papà! Sono una fata!"  (Dad! I'm a fairy!) / "Dad! I'm a Fairy"
"The Pet's Pursuit"
May 11, 2009 (2009-05-11)June 10, 2012
Roxy discovers that the Wizards have abducted her father, and she is captured herself when she gets home to inform her father of her magical abilities. Artù, Kiko and the Love & Pet animals mount a rescue mission to save both of them, but Artù is injured by Gantlos in the process, which allows an angered and saddened Roxy to awaken her dormant Winx/fairy form at last, greatly strengthening her magical and animal-based abilities tenfold. 
13 (91)"L'attacco degli stregoni"  (The attack of the wizards) / "The Wizards' Attack"
"Roxy's Energy"
May 13, 2009 (2009-05-13)June 17, 2012
Now finally having achieved her dormant Winx/fairy form, Roxy is put to the ultimate test when the Wizards of the Black Circle threatens to destroy all of Gardenia and its citizens if she does not surrender. 
14 (92)"7: Il numero perfetto"  (7: The perfect number) / "7: The Perfect Number"
"Bringing Magic Back"
October 14, 2009June 17, 2012
The Winx girls and Roxy must deal with their new popularity within Gardenia while also dealing with a pair of animal smugglers. 
15 (93)"Lezioni di magia"  (Lessons of magic) / "Magic Lessons"
"The New Witch in Town"
October 16, 2009June 24, 2012
The Winx girls' new popularity infuriates the Wizards of the Black Circle, so in a plot to make people hate fairies, they offer to transform Mitzi and her two friends into fairies. Meanwhile, Jason invites Musa to his wedding, and the Winx girls teach Roxy the basics of being a fairy. 
16 (94)"Un mondo virtuale"  (A virtual world) / "A Virtual World"
"A Virtual Hideout"
October 19, 2009June 24, 2012
Tecna reveals that she has created a virtual world in her computer to hide the White Circle, but while the girls go to perform at the Frutti Music Bar, the Wizards enter the virtual world to find it. 
17 (95)"L'isola incantata"  (The enchanted island) / "The Enchanted Island"
"Island Tricks"
October 21, 2009July 1, 2012
The Winx girls travel to the island from a vision of Roxy's, the mystical world of Tir Nan Og sealed within the White Circle. Upon arriving, a mysterious figure keeps calling out to Roxy and a dark force soon abducts the Winx, taking them to the prison of all Earth's terrestrial fairies. After freeing the Earth fairies, they reveal that they want revenge against the humans who imprisoned them, and declare war against all of humanity in turn. 
18 (96)"La furia della natura"  (The fury of nature) / "The Nature Rage"
"Diana's Attack"
October 26, 2009July 1, 2012

Diana, the Earth Fairy of Nature, begins the war against humanity by transforming Gardenia into a man-eating jungle and the Winx girls, with Roxy, have no choice but to do battle against her minions. Meanwhile, the specialists fight off against Diana, but are kidnapped in the process. In the end, they report Diana's actions to Ms. Faragonda and how their Believix powers almost didn't succeed in battle, and she tells them that in order for them to defeat Diana, they must discover the tremendous energy and power of the Gifts of Destiny.

Note: This is the last episode of the fourth season to be aired on YTV. 
19 (97)"Nel regno de Diana" (In the kingdom of Diana) / "In Diana's Kingdom"
"In the Amazon Forest"
October 28, 2009July 8, 2012
The Winx girls are paid a special visit by the Ethereal Fairies, who grants them the first Gift of Destiny called Sophix, a nature-based transformation that enables each Winx girls' unique abilities to effect nature itself. After gaining their new powers, they enter the Amazon Rainforest. But when they arrive, they must do battle with more of Diana's minions and Flora, Musa and Aisha are kidnapped. Meanwhile, Bloom, Stella, and Tecna locate the source of Diana's magical strength: the Sacred Bud. 
20 (98)"I doni del destino"  (The gifts of destiny) / "The Gifts of Destiny"
"Diana’s Redemption"
October 30, 2009July 8, 2012
Flora, Musa and Aisha and the Specialists (Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy) manage to escape Diana's fortress and meet up with the others as they realize that the Sacred Bud is connected to her; the more of the forest that is destroyed, the more Diana is weakened. The girls must save the forest as well as Diana, and also somehow manage to convince her to release Gardenia from its jungle spell. They are successful in their mission and now even Diana is trying to convince Morgana not to crave for vengeance. 
21 (99)"La caverna di Sibylla" (The cave of Sibylla) / "Sibylla's Cave"
"The Fairy of Justice"
November 02, 2009July 15, 2012
The Winx form an unlikely alliance with the Fairy Hunters to help one of them after Duman comes down with an illness. They travel to the Sibillini Mountains in Italy, where they ask the Fairy of Justice, Sibylla, for help. 
22 (100)"La Torre Gelata" (The frost tower) / "The Frozen Tower"
"Aurora's Tower"
November 6, 2009July 15, 2012
Fairy of the North, comes to Earth, freezing it over and threatening to send the planet into another Ice Age. The Winx, using another evolution form called Lovix, which is winter-themed, confront Aurora. 
23 (101)"La prova di Bloom" (The trial of Bloom) / "Bloom's Trial"
"Bloom's Challenge"
November 6, 2009July 22, 2012
To protect Roxy, Bloom must fight Nebula, Fairy of War, with the agreement that she drop her campaign for revenge if Bloom wins. Bloom wins the fight, and the Winx return home. Along the way the ethereal fairies give the Winx the third and final Gift of Destiny-the Black Gift-which is a life-reviving Gift, but which could be used to revive someone who is dead and can be used only once. 
24 (102)"Il giorno della giustizia" (The day of justice) / "The Day of Justice"
"The Wizard's Trap"
November 9, 2009July 22, 2012
The Winx girls return to Tir Nan Og with the Wizards of the Black Circle, but they end up in the fight of their lives when the magical kingdom is in danger. Nabu makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the kingdom and "dies" in the process . When proceeds to use the life bud gifted by the Ethereal fairies, it is snatched away by the wizards of the Black Circle. This causes Aisha to seek revenge for Nabu being put in a magical coma. In the end, she leaves the Winx Club and joins Nebula's army. Nabu is taken back to Andros. 
25 (103)"Il segreto di Morgana" (The Secret of Morgana) / "Morgana's Secret"
"Home at Last"
November 11, 2009July 29, 2012
Nebula captures Morgana and conquers the magical kingdom of Tir Nan Og. Then, she leads her army into the Omega Dimension where the remaining Wizards are hiding. After freeing Morgana, Roxy discovers that she is Morgana's daughter. Later, the Winx girls must face Nebula's vengeful army, led by their new lieutenant — Aisha. Morgana and the Winx girls are able to convince the Fairies of Vengeance not to seek revenge, but now must also convince Aisha and Nebula of the same. 
26 (104)"Ghiaccio e fuoco" (Ice and fire) / "Ice and Fire"
"Duel in the Omega Dimension"
November 13, 2009July 29, 2012

The Wizards of the Black Circle flee as Aisha and Nebula chase them toward a dead end. Determined to avenge Nabu, Aisha teams up with Nebula to destroy the Fairy Hunters, but both are easily overpowered. The rest of the Winx catch up with Aisha and Nebula and all eight fairies use convergence to overpower and defeat as well as freeze the evil Wizards solid. Afterwards, Aisha uses the remnants of Nabu's spirit, combined with the powers of the Fairies of Tir Nan Og, to restore the kingdom. Morgana proclaims Nebula the new Queen of Tir Nan Og, and then returns to Earth, where she is reunited with her husband, Klaus, and her daughter Roxy, while Aisha returns to the Winx Club. Riven and Musa make up, and get back together. At the Frutti Music Bar, Roxy makes the decision to study at Alfea before the Winx make one last performance, and the episode ends with the girls flying over Gardenia and into the sunset. Note: Despite Nabu being in a coma, he is still seen in the background while Roxy dances.

Note: In the final few seconds of the episode, the Winx club are seen evolving back to their Enchantix forms. 

Fifth season (2012-2013)

In 2010, it was publicly announced by Nickelodeon that they acquired the rights for Winx Club in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg and that they would be co-producing the fifth and sixth seasons along with Rainbow S.r.l.. The fifth season had first premiered on August 26, 2012 in America and on October 16, 2012 in Italy under the name "Winx Club: Beyond Believix". Two newly evolved fairy transformations were confirmed: Harmonix and Sirenix. Unlike previous seasons, however, this season is in HD and the first to use 2d computer-animated graphics, instead of being hand-drawn and 2 dimensional. The Harmonix will be in 2D and will be in 2D computer graphics, while Sirenix will be both 3D computer graphic, and in CGI but only in the world of the Infinite Ocean.

The episode "The Lilo" was broadcast as the fifth season premiere in America, Romania, Australia, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Germany and Canada. It has been officially confirmed directly from Rainbow that "The Lilo" is fifth episode of the season.

#TitleItalian airdate
(Rai 2)
American airdate
1 (105)"Minaccia dall'oceano" (Threat from the ocean)
"The Spill"
October 16, 2012 (October 16, 2012)September 2, 2012

In the kingdom of the Oceans of Andros, Aisha's uncle, King Neptune, is planning a coronation for one of his twin sons, Nereus or Tritannus, to become the heir. But when he chooses Nereus, he is disrupted by a mysterious person, who attempts to kill Nereus. After a brief fight with the mysterious person, it is revealed it's Tritannus, who King Neptune throws into prison.

Meanwhile, the Winx are planning a concert at the Frutti Music Bar. Unfortunately, an oil rig visible from the beach had a leak. The Winx transform and save the workers with help from the Specialists. While helping one of the workers, Sky drops the pendant of Eraklyon into the sea, which he was going to give to Bloom. Meanwhile, Tritannus meets a trio of witches in the same prison as him, the Trix. 
2 (106)"L'ascesa di Tritannus" (The rise of Tritannus)
"The Rise of Tritannus"
October 17, 2012 (October 17, 2012)September 9, 2012
The Winx hold a benefit concert instead to help clean up the oil spill. Tritannus escapes from prison with the help of the Trix after absorbing the pollution from the oil spill. This transforms him into a monster. The Winx find out that the Trix have escaped from prison and that a mutated monster has control of the Gate from Andros to Earth. Aisha learns that the monster is her cousin, Tritannus. Flora, Tecna and Aisha find that it is difficult to swim underwater with only their Believix abilities and magic does not work well and is less effective under the ocean as well. 
3 (107)"Ritorno ad Alfea" (Return to Alfea)
"Return to Alfea"
October 18, 2012 (October 18, 2012)September 16, 2012
The Winx Club return to Alfea and discuss with Ms. Faragonda about their new threat, Tritannus. Faragonda tells them they will need to acquire an ancient power called Sirenix to defeat Tritannus. She also informs the Winx the last fairy to acquire the power was Bloom's sister, Daphne, she knows where to find the Book of Sirenix. Bloom meets with her sister, who warns her to not seek the power, but Daphne eventually tells Bloom the Book of Sirenix is located in the Magic Archives of Alfea. The Winx, along with Sky, Brandon, Helia, and Princess Krystal, who is the princess of Flora's realm, Linphea, go into the Magic Archive to begin their search. The Trix attack the Winx with their new and stronger abilities given to them by Tritannus. During the battle, Sky takes a blow to the head that causes him to lose his memory. 
4 (108)"Il libro Sirenix" (The Sirenix book)
"The Sirenix Book"
October 19, 2012 (October 19, 2012)September 23, 2012
Princess Krystal attempts to heal Sky's memory, but the memory of losing the pendant of Eraklyon is causing the blockage, but only Sky knows where it can be found. Timmy helps Tecna update her phone to find the Sirenix Book, which the Trix secretly sabotage. When Tecna uses her cursed phone, the Winx find an ancient cursed book, which turns Tecna into a terrifying robot. The Winx find it difficult to stop her, but thanks to a powerful book that releases a whirlpool of water, Tecna is restored to normal, and the Winx find the Sirenix Book. Meanwhile, Nereus and Queen Ligea seek Tritannus and find him, but he turns Nereus into one of his mutant henchmen and threatens his mother to tell him about Sirenix. She tells him what little she knows, but unsatisfied, Tritannus angrily turned her into one of his mutant henchmen as well. 
5 (109)"Il magico Lilo" (The magical Lilo)
"The Lilo"
October 22, 2012 (October 22, 2012)August 26, 2012
[The Trix return and the Winx are back at Alfea training.] Ms. Faragonda calls the Winx in and tells them about the Lilo, a magical plant which is on the verge of blooming for the first time in centuries, and it is somewhere on Earth, in Gardenia. Unfortunately, the Trix are searching for the Lilo as well to strengthen and magnify their own magical strength and power tremendously. The Winx find that the Lilo is in the possession of Macy, Mitzi's younger sister. The Winx try to stop the Trix from gaining the Lilo's great, magical powers and prevail with everyone believing in them once again then the Trix got weaker with every second chance. 
6 (110)"Potere Harmonix" (Harmonix power)
"The Power of Harmonix"
October 23, 2012 (October 23, 2012)October 7, 2012
The Winx Club decide to open the Sirenix book, but it won't open. So, Ms. Faragonda discusses the danger of Sirenix with them and asks them to represent Alfea in the ancient ruins of Graynor. The Winx Club try to find the creature of the Rainbow Mantle to earn the bane of the Ancestral Spirit of Nature. The Trix attack Stella, Musa, and Tecna. Coming to their friends' aids, Bloom, Flora, and Aisha defend their unconscious friends. In the midst, Bloom saves a horse, who reveals itself to be the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle when the Trix try to attack it. It heals the Winx Club, and they win. Upon opening the Sirenix Book, they are given Sirenix guardians and learn they must earn the Sirenix transformation and power before the next lunar cycle ends. To begin their quest, they must first find three mystical gems known as the Gem of Self-confidence, the Gem of Empathy, and the Gem of Courage. The Sirenix Guardians grant them a new transformation, Harmonix, to help them with their quest. They split up into two teams: Flora, Tecna, and Musa try to find the location Shimmering Shells in the Magic Archive while Bloom, Stella and Aisha try to find the Gem of Self-confidence in the oceans of the world, Andros. 
7 (111)"Le conchiglie luccicanti" (The Shells Shining)
"The Shimmering Shells"
October 24, 2012 (October 24, 2012)October 14, 2012
Trying to obtain the mystical gem of self-confidence, the Winx search in the oceans of Stella's home world, Solaria. Meanwhile, the Trix and the Tritannus' mutants attack Gardenia to get more toxic pollution for Tritannus to be even stronger and more powerful. Bloom, Tecna, and Musa appear with their newfound and much stronger and more effective Harmonix powers and stop them. In the end, everyone wins, and the Winx obtain their first gem. 
8 (112)"La melodia del rubino" (The Melody of the Ruby)
"Secret of the Ruby Reef"
October 25, 2012 (October 25, 2012)October 28, 2012
Tritannus raids King Neptune’s underwater palace and transforms his whole merfamily into mutants. Then, thanks to the dark magic of his trident, he manages to absorb all of the magical strength and energy of his father’s mystical sword. Meanwhile, the Winx Club get a second clue to Sirenix which leads them to Musa's home world, Melody. Searching for the Gem of Empathy, Musa and Aisha are interrupted from a conversation when Musa is hit by a powerful dark spell and transforms into a terrible monster. Meanwhile, the Trix arrive with Tritannus on Daphne's doorstep in Lake Roucalouche, and intend to absorb her dormant and highly damaged Sirenix powers. 
9 (113)"La gemma dell'empatia" (The gem of Empathy)
"The Gem of Empathy"
October 26, 2012 (October 26, 2012)November 4, 2012
An age-changing spell causes Stella to become a three-year-old girl. Musa, Flora, and Brandon look after her. Eventually, the spell wears off, reverting Stella back to her actual teenage age and height. Meanwhile Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha go to Tenca's home world, Zenith, to find the gem of empathy. Aisha and Tecna get into a fight and Bloom stops them as they have to work together to obtain the second Sirenix gem. They do so, and they gain the gem of empathy, leaving only one more challenge to gain the gem of courage. 
10 (114)"Natale ad Alfea" (Christmas at Alfea)
"A Magix Christmas"
October 29, 2012 (October 29, 2012)December 9, 2012

Bloom plans to go home for Christmas, but the Trix cast a spell that creates ice monsters and turns the magical protection barrier against them, trapping them at Alfea. The Winx Club fight the Trix and try to make Bloom feel at home to which she gives them her gifts and calls them the best friends. After this the Trix reveal themselves, and destroy the gingerbread house.

Furious and angered, Bloom uses her Harmonix abilities to call upon the immeasurable and vast power and strength of the Dragon Fire, and easily melts the ice dragons and blows the Trix away, restoring the beauty and joy of Christmas. Faragonda creates decorations, opens a mystic portal, and then the children from Gardenia along with Bloom's adoptive parents, Mike and Vanessa, come to Alfea to celebrate the holiday. 
11 (115)"Le Trix in agguato" (The Trix in the ambush)
"Trix Tricks"
October 30, 2012 (October 30, 2012)November 11, 2012
Red fountain is having a scooter show. The Trix make themselves invisible and turn the scooters into a type of lion demon. The lion demon's power is far much stronger than the Winx Club's Harmonix abilities. Sky has an idea on how to break the spell, and the lion demon's turn back into scooters. After the race, Flora, Musa and Stella go to Linphea for the test of courage. Bloom and Sky go on a date and are ambushed by the Trix. The Winx end up saving them. 
12 (116)"Prova di coraggio"
"Test of Courage"
November 1, 2012 (November 1, 2012)November 18, 2012
The Winx Club-excluding Musa and Tecna-head to Bloom's home world, Domino, for a celebration with the people of Domino, and her birth parents, Oritel and Marion. But when Bloom discovers that the last and third gem is somewhere in her home world's ocean, she and her friends must leave the celebration immediately. Meanwhile, Flora's selkie-friend-finds the bright red heart-shaped pendant of Eraklyon at the bottom of the ocean of earth, and gives it to Flora. Back at the Domino palace, Flora gives it back to Sky, there by restoring his full memory at last. Sky then finally gives Bloom the pendant. Sky then reveals to a shocked Bloom that Daphne is being held captive by Tritannus and forced to tell all about Sirenix. 
13 (117)"Le fate Sirenix" (The Sirenix Fairies)
November 2, 2012 (November 2, 2012)November 25, 2012
Tritannus and the Trix steal Daphne's damaged Sirenix energy and magical power and manages to grant the Trix an evil and darker witch-themed version of Sirenix. Meanwhile, the Winx Club have collected all three mystical gems and gain full access to the Sirenix transformation and tremendous ocean/sea-based magical power, and they enter the infinite ocean itself through a portal Omnia, the final guardian tells them they each get a wish but only if need by faith. Tritannus has all of the six Selkies great and strong abilities, and together with the Trix, he enters the infinite ocean as well with Daphne still as his captive. 
14 (118)"Il trono dell'imperatore" (The Emperor's Throne)
"The Emperor's Throne"
April 8, 2013 (April 8, 2013)February 17, 2013
The Winx find an island composed completely out of trash, which Tritannus uses to refuel his toxic strength. The Winx arrive and stop the Trix,causing them and Tritannus to retreat. After following Tritannus and the Trix into the Infinite Ocean, Aisha is saddened and heartbroken to find the royal family of Andros' underwater kingdom is mutated. 
15 (119)"Il pilastro della Luce" (The Pillar of Light)
"The Pillar of Light"
April 9, 2013 (April 9, 2013)February 24, 2013

Tritannus plans to activate the Emperor's Throne; the Winx must restore order when Tritannus takes the seal from the mystical Pillar of Light. The whole of Magix is plunged into darkness. Solaria is the most affected, especially by King Radius who gets sick because of his connection to the sun. The Winx Club go to the infinite ocean to restore the Pillar of Light, and Stella succeeds in doing so by tapping into her Sirenix abilities.

(Note: This is Stella's mother's-Queen Luna- first actual and physical appearance (she had appeared before , but only in Stella's nightmare in Episode sixteen, "Nightmare Monster"). 
16 (120)"L'eclisse" (The Eclipse)
"The Eclipse"
April 10, 2013 (April 10, 2013)March 3, 2013
Tritannus escapes with the seal while the Winx converge to save the Pillar of Light. On Solaria, Queen Luna takes care of King Radius. Aisha breaks Tritannus's spell and turns her first cousins, Nereus and Tressa, back to normal. Meanwhile, back at Alfea Faragonda gather's everybody into her office and tell's everyone they need to prepare the Winx Club to defeat Tritannus to fully master all of their tremendously strong Sirenix abilities to thwart Tritannus once and for all. 
17 (121)"L'occhio che ispira le fate" (The Eye That Inspires Faries)
"Faraway Reflections"
April 11, 2013 (April 11, 2013)March 10, 2013
Daphne urges the Winx to look for the eye of inspiration, but they don't know what it is or where to find it. On Earth, Tritannus turns the garbage island into a ravaging monster that causes panic in Gardenia. The Winx Club need to intervene before it's too late. 
18 (122)"Il divoratore" (The Devourer)
"The Devourer"
March 17, 2013
Tritannus takes control of a horrible and massive fish called the Devourer and orders it to devour all of the selkies in the Infinite Ocean. Flora, Tecna, and Musa must then try to find its weakness point. One the world Domino, a royal council meeting is held on what action must be taken about Tritannus. But, it seems that all of the kingdoms have different ideas and different points of views. 
19 (123)
"The Singing Whales"
March 31, 2013
Tritannus takes the Seal from the Pillar of Balance, causing everything in all of the worlds to become dangerously unstable, and shake up and fall apart as the result of Tritannus tampering with the second Pillar. Musa's home world Melody's singing whales that keep the world of all music and sound in balance suddenly disappear. And the Winx Club must fight both Icy and Tritannus as Darcy and Stormy are missing. 
20 (124)
"The Problems of Love"
March 31, 2013

Darcy and Stormy show up with the Singing Whales of Melody. Icy is not impressed and rather be with Tritannus. Much their dismay they send the whales after the Winx causing a horrible sound. The Winx try to attack but are stopped by Musa, as she faces the whales alone the villain's flee. Musa is using Voice of Sirenix to free them and succeeds. Then they use Sirenix convergence magic to restore the Pillar of Balance.

After the Winx return to visit Melody, they go back home to Alfea. Sky wants to call Bloom but then leaves. However Diaspro calls Bloom and spitefully lies, saying she will take Sky's calls from now on. Bloom is upset until her Sirenix guardian comes to comfort her telling her to trust in true romantic love to which Flora and Aisha agree. The Winx train in the aviary which leads up to saving Flora because of a mess Stella made. The episode ends with Tritannus putting the seal in the throne, draining him again. Darcy and Stormy plan to make Icy come back to them no matter what it takes. 
21 (125)
"A Perfect Date"
April 7, 2013

The Winx head for the Pillar of Control before Tritannus, and Bloom is informed by Daphne beforehand to destroy the Pillar's seal. Meanwhile, the Winx Club and the Specialists plan a real face-to-face romantic date for Tecna and Timmy in Magix City.

Meanwhile, Bloom is informed by Daphne that the seal of the Pillar of Control must be destroyed so Tritannus will never attain its seal to activate the Emperor's throne. The five Winx Club girls go to the infinite ocean, but are attacked by a huge, electric eel. Realizing they need Tecna's aid, Musa contacts her; and Tecna goes to help her best friends. Using Aura of Sirenix, Tecna easily defeats the eel. Tecna later returns to Timmy and they share a romantic cuddling and realize that it is indeed nice to spend quality time together. 

One-Hour Specials

TitleItalian release date (Rai 2)American release date (Nickelodeon)
OH1"Il destino di Bloom" (The Fate of Bloom)
"Premiere Special"
November 21, 2011June 27, 2011
One of four one-hour specials with newly animated scenes and rearranged plot produced by Rainbow S.r.l., covering the first half of the first season. This special mainly features the plots of episodes 1, 2, 7 and 10. 
OH2"La vendetta delle Trix" (The Revenge of the Trix)
"Revenge of the Trix"
November 28, 2011August 1, 2011
One of four one-hour specials with newly animated scenes and rearranged plot produced by Rainbow S.r.l., covering the middle of the first season. This special mainly features the plots of episodes 9, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18. 
OH3"Battaglia per Magix" (Battle for Magix)
"The Battle for Magix"
December 5, 2011September 18, 2011
One of four one-hour specials with newly animated scenes and rearranged plot produced by Rainbow S.r.l., covering the end of the first season. This special mainly features the plots of episodes 19, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26. 
OH4"La fenice d'ombra" (The Phoenix of shadow)
"The Shadow Phoenix"
December 12, 2011October 16, 2011
One of four one-hour specials with newly animated scenes and rearranged plot produced by Rainbow S.r.l., covering the second season. This special mainly features the plots of episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 20, 23, 24, 25 and 26. 

Theatrical movies/films

TitleDirectorWriter(s)Italian release dateAmerican release date
F1Winx Club - Il Segreto Del Regno Perduto / Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost KingdomIginio StraffiIginio Straffi
Sean Molyneaux
November 30, 2007 (2007-11-30)March 11, 2012
Takes place after the events of the first three seasons and Valtor's defeat, and revolves Bloom's origins. She goes on a journey to find her birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion, and restore her home world, Domino, and all of its people to life at last. 
F2Winx Club 3D: Magica Avventura / Winx Club 3D: Magical AdventureIginio StraffiIginio Straffi
Sean Molyneaux
October 29, 2010 (2010-10-29)Summer 2013
Taking place right after the events of the fourth season, The Trix return and join the spectral and ghostly three Ancestral Witches, and attempt to ruin the balance of positive and negative magic by sabotaging the Tree of Life in Pixie Village. Also, Sky's father, King Erendor, reveals a dark and terrible secret that was directly responsible for the destruction of Domino. 


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