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This is a list of state parks and reserves in the U.S. state of Washington which are part of the Washington State Park System.

Current state parks

Park name  County  Area  Notes  Photo  
Alta Lake State ParkOkanogan County7002181000000000000181 acre (73 ha) 
View of Alta Lake
Anderson Lake State ParkJefferson County7002410000000000000410 acre (170 ha)  
Battle Ground Lake State ParkClark County7002280000000000000280 acre (110 ha) 
Aerial view of Battle Ground Lake State park
Bay View State ParkSkagit County700125000000000000025 acre (10 ha) 
Padilla Bay as seen from Bayview State Park
Beacon Rock State ParkSkamania County70034650000000000004,650 acre (1,880 ha) 
Large rock nearby water
Belfair State ParkMason County700163000000000000063 acre (25 ha)  
Birch Bay State ParkWhatcom County7002193000000000000193 acre (78 ha)  
Blake Island State ParkKitsap County7002475000000000000475 acre (192 ha) 
Blake Island surrounded by water
Blind Island State ParkSan Juan County   
Bogachiel State ParkClallam County7002123000000000000123 acre (50 ha)  
Bottle Beach State ParkGrays Harbor County700175000000000000075 acre (30 ha)  
Bridgeport State ParkOkanogan County7002748000000000000748 acre (303 ha)  
Bridle Trails State ParkKing County7002482000000000000482 acre (195 ha)A suburban equestrian park
A tree in a forested area
Brooks Memorial State ParkKlickitat County7002700000000000000700 acre (280 ha)  
Cama Beach State ParkIsland County   
Camano Island State ParkIsland County7002134000000000000134 acre (54 ha) 
Rocky beach with covered with driftwood
Camp Wooten Environmental Learning CenterColumbia County
Cape Disappointment State ParkPacific County70031882000000000001,882 acre (762 ha)Formerly called Fort Canby, World War I-era naval gun emplacements and bunkers
A lighthouse atop a rocky cliff overlooking water
Centennial Trail State ParkSpokane County   
Clark Island State ParkSan Juan County   
Columbia Hills State ParkKlickitat County70033338000000000003,338 acre (1,351 ha)Formed from the merger of Horsethief Lake and Dalles Mountain Ranch State Parks 
Columbia Plateau Trail State ParkAdams County  
A rail trail overlooking a stream in a shallow valley
Conconully State ParkOkanogan County700181000000000000081 acre (33 ha)  
Crawford State ParkPend Oreille County   
Curlew Lake State ParkFerry County7002123000000000000123 acre (50 ha)  
Columbia Park, KennewickBenton County7002400000000000000400 acre (160 ha) 
Many duck in the Columbia River with a bridge in the distance spanning the river
Cutts Island State ParkPierce County70002000000000000002 acre (0.8 ha)  
Damon Point State ParkGrays Harbor County700161000000000000061 acre (25 ha)  
Daroga State ParkDouglas County700190000000000000090 acre (36 ha)  
Dash Point State ParkKing County7002398000000000000398 acre (161 ha)  
Deception Pass State ParkIsland County  
A green bridge spanning some water
Dosewallips State ParkJefferson County7002425000000000000425 acre (172 ha) 
Tidal shoreline decorated with spruce trees
Doug's Beach State ParkKlickitat County7002400000000000000400 acre (160 ha)  
Eagle Island State ParkPierce County700110000000000000010 acre (4.0 ha)  
Fay Bainbridge State ParkKitsap County700116840000000000016.84 acre (6.81 ha) 
Grass with water in the distance
Federation Forest State ParkKing County7002619000000000000619 acre (251 ha)  
Fields Spring State ParkAsotin County7002792000000000000792 acre (321 ha) 
Hills in the distance as viewed from highground
Flaming Geyser State ParkKing County7002480000000000000480 acre (190 ha)Flaming methane geysers (seeps)
A small flame coming from a cylindrical concrete slab surrounded by rocks
Fort Casey State ParkIsland County7002467000000000000467 acre (189 ha)World War I-era naval gun emplacements and bunkers
A canon in an embarkment overlooking water
Fort Columbia State ParkPacific County7002593000000000000593 acre (240 ha) 
Historic building on a slight hill
Fort Ebey State ParkIsland County7002645000000000000645 acre (261 ha)  
Fort Flagler State ParkJefferson County World War I-era naval gun emplacements and bunkers
Deer grazing on grass in front of historic buildings
Fort Okanogan State ParkOkanogan County700145000000000000045 acre (18 ha)  
Fort Simcoe State ParkYakima County7002200000000000000200 acre (81 ha) 
Wooden structure surrounded by yellow grassland
Fort Townsend State ParkJefferson County7002367000000000000367 acre (149 ha)  
Fort Ward State ParkKitsap County7002137000000000000137 acre (55 ha)World War I-era naval gun emplacements and bunkers 
Fort Worden State ParkJefferson County7002433000000000000433 acre (175 ha) 
Historic buildings behind a flag pole
Ginkgo/Wanapum State ParkKittitas County70037470000000000007,470 acre (3,020 ha)A petrified wood forest
Petrified wood below park signage
Goldendale Observatory State ParkKlickitat County70005000000000000005 acre (2 ha)An astronomical observatory
Astronomical telescope being demonstrated
Grayland Beach State ParkPacific County7002412000000000000412 acre (167 ha)  
Griffin Bay State ParkSan Juan County700115000000000000015 acre (6.1 ha)  
Griffiths-Priday State ParkGrays Harbor County7002364000000000000364 acre (147 ha)  
Harstine Island State ParkMason County   
Hope Island State Park (Mason County)Mason County7002106000000000000106 acre (43 ha)  
Hope Island State Park (Skagit County)Skagit County7002200000000000000200 acre (81 ha)  
Ike Kinswa State ParkLewis County7002454000000000000454 acre (184 ha)  
Illahee State ParkKitsap County  
Small beach as seen through a higher vantage point obscurbed by trees
Iron Horse State ParkKittitas County, | King County70031612000000000001,612 acre (652 ha) 
Cross country skiers on a snow covered path between trees
James Island State ParkSan Juan County7002117000000000000117 acre (47 ha)  
Jarrell Cove State ParkMason County700143000000000000043 acre (17 ha)  
Joemma Beach State ParkPierce County7002122000000000000122 acre (49 ha)  
Jones Island State ParkSan Juan County7002190000000000000190 acre (77 ha)  
Joseph Whidbey State ParkIsland County7002112000000000000112 acre (45 ha)  
Kanaskat-Palmer State ParkKing County7002320000000000000320 acre (130 ha) 
Rapids of the Green River near pebble beaches
Kinney Point State ParkJefferson County700176000000000000076 acre (31 ha)  
Kitsap Memorial State ParkKitsap County700158000000000000058 acre (23 ha)  
Kopachuck State ParkPierce County7002109000000000000109 acre (44 ha)  
Lake Chelan State ParkChelan County   
Lake Easton State ParkKittitas County7002516000000000000516 acre (209 ha) 
Lake Easton with a distant beach on the opposite side
Lake Isabella State ParkMason County   
Lake Sammamish State ParkKing County7002512000000000000512 acre (207 ha) 
Picnic tables on a grassy field near a large lake
Lake Sylvia State ParkGrays Harbor County   
Lake Wenatchee State ParkChelan County7002489000000000000489 acre (198 ha) 
A lake as it encounters foothills covered in trees
Larrabee State ParkWhatcom County  
A steep rocky coastline covered in trees
Leadbetter Point State ParkPacific County   
Lewis and Clark State ParkLewis County7002621000000000000621 acre (251 ha) 
Informational sign by a large Douglar Fir tree
Lewis and Clark Trail State ParkColumbia County700137000000000000037 acre (15 ha)  
Lime Kiln Point State ParkSan Juan County700136000000000000036 acre (15 ha)A facility for orca whale research
A small lighthouse on a rocky near a rocky coastline
Lincoln Rock State ParkChelan County700180000000000000080 acre (32 ha)  
Loomis Lake State ParkPacific County   
Manchester State ParkKitsap County7002111000000000000111 acre (45 ha)  
Maryhill State ParkKlickitat County700199000000000000099 acre (40 ha)  
Matia Island State ParkSan Juan County7002145000000000000145 acre (59 ha)  
McMicken Island State ParkMason County700111500000000000011.5 acre (4.7 ha)  
Millersylvania State ParkThurston County7002842000000000000842 acre (341 ha) 
Calm lake with trees on the opposite side in the distance
Moran State ParkSan Juan County70035000000000000005,000 acre (2,000 ha) 
A small pier into Mountain Lake
Mount Pilchuck State ParkSnohomish County70031893000000000001,893 acre (766 ha) 
A small structure on a rocky summit
Mount Spokane State ParkSpokane County700413919000000000013,919 acre (5,663 ha) 
A wooded mountain in the distance
Mystery Bay State ParkJefferson County700110000000000000010 acre (4 ha)  
Nolte State ParkKing County7002117000000000000117 acre (47 ha)  
Obstruction Pass State ParkSan Juan County700180000000000000080 acre (32 ha)[1] 
Ocean City State ParkGrays Harbor County7002170000000000000170 acre (69 ha)  
Olallie State ParkKing County  
Snoqualmie River flowing through a heavily wooded area
Olmstead Place State ParkKittitas County7002217000000000000217 acre (88 ha)  
Osoyoos Lake State ParkOkanogan County700147000000000000047 acre (19 ha)  
Pacific Beach State ParkGrays Harbor County700110000000000000010 acre (4 ha)  
Pacific Pines State ParkPacific County  
A small trail through a field with high grass and small shrubs
Palouse Falls State ParkFranklin County, Whitman County7002105000000000000105 acre (42 ha) 
A sign stating "Palouse Falls State Park" in an arid landscape
Paradise Point State ParkClark County700188000000000000088 acre (36 ha)  
Patos Island State ParkSan Juan County7002207000000000000207 acre (84 ha) 
A lighthouse in the distance on the Patos Island
Peace Arch State ParkWhatcom County A peace memorial on the United States-Canada border
A white stone arch in a grassy lawn in front of a line of automobiles
Pearrygin Lake State ParkOkanogan County7002696000000000000696 acre (282 ha)  
Penrose Point State ParkPierce County7002152000000000000152 acre (62 ha)  
Peshastin Pinnacles State ParkChelan County700134000000000000034 acre (14 ha)  
Pleasant Harbor State ParkJefferson County7002425000000000000425 acre (172 ha)  
Posey Island State ParkSan Juan County70001000000000000001 acre (0.4 ha)  
Potholes State ParkGrant County7002640000000000000640 acre (260 ha) 
Aerial view of a large reservoire surrounded by fields
Potlatch State ParkMason County   
Rainbow Falls State ParkLewis County7002139000000000000139 acre (56 ha)  
Rasar State ParkSkagit County7002169000000000000169 acre (68 ha)  
Reed Island State ParkClark County7002510000000000000510 acre (210 ha)  
Riverside State ParkSpokane County700410000000000000010,000 acre (4,000 ha) 
A stream of water in front curving around some large boulders
Rockport State ParkSkagit County7002670000000000000670 acre (270 ha) 
Densely populated greenery in a forest
Rothschild House State ParkJefferson County   
Sacajawea State ParkFranklin County7002284000000000000284 acre (115 ha) 
A museum building surrounded by trees
Saint Edward State ParkKing County7002316000000000000316 acre (128 ha) 
A dense forest with shrubs
Saltwater State ParkKing County700187400000000000087.4 acre (35.4 ha) 
Picnic tables on a lawn surrounded by a steep rocky beach
Scenic Beach State ParkKitsap County700188000000000000088 acre (36 ha)  
Schafer State ParkMason County7002119000000000000119 acre (48 ha)  
Seaquest State ParkCowlitz County7002475000000000000475 acre (192 ha)  
Sequim Bay State ParkClallam County700192000000000000092 acre (37 ha)  
Shine Tidelands State ParkJefferson County700113000000000000013 acre (5.3 ha)  
Skagit Island State ParkSkagit County700124000000000000024 acre (9.7 ha)  
Skull Island State ParkSan Juan County   
South Whidbey State ParkIsland County7002347000000000000347 acre (140 ha) 
A black and white image of a large cedar looking up from the ground
Spencer Spit State ParkSan Juan County7002138000000000000138 acre (56 ha) 
Driftwood on a beach with some small watercraft in the nearby water
Spring Creek Hatchery State ParkSkamania County [2] 
Squak Mountain State ParkKing County  
View from the top of a tall hill overlooking more hills
Squilchuck State ParkChelan County7002228000000000000228 acre (92 ha)  
Steamboat Rock State ParkGrant County70033522000000000003,522 acre (1,425 ha) 
Large plateau separated from the viewer by some water
Steptoe Battlefield State ParkWhitman County70004000000000000004 acre (1.6 ha)  
Steptoe Butte State ParkWhitman County7002150000000000000150 acre (61 ha) 
Small paved road approaching a hill surrounded by fields
Stretch Point State ParkMason County   
Stuart Island State ParkSan Juan County700185000000000000085 acre (34 ha)  
Sucia Island State ParkSan Juan County  
Sail boats anchored off a beach covered with driftwood
Sun Lakes State ParkGrant County70034027000000000004,027 acre (1,630 ha) 
High point view of a body of water surrounded by steep cliffs
Tolmie State ParkThurston County7002105000000000000105 acre (42 ha)  
Triton Cove State ParkJefferson County700129000000000000029 acre (12 ha)  
Turn Island State ParkSan Juan County700135000000000000035 acre (14 ha)Part of San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge 
Twanoh State ParkMason County7002182000000000000182 acre (74 ha)  
Twenty-Five Mile Creek State ParkChelan County7002235000000000000235 acre (95 ha)  
Twin Harbors State ParkGrays Harbor County7002172000000000000172 acre (70 ha)  
Upright Channel State ParkSan Juan County700120000000000000020 acre (8.1 ha)  
Wallace Falls State ParkSnohomish County70034735000000000004,735 acre (1,916 ha) 
A large waterfall flowing between green forests
Wenatchee Confluence State ParkChelan County7002197000000000000197 acre (80 ha)  
West Hylebos State ParkKing County   
Westhaven State ParkGrays Harbor County700179000000000000079 acre (32 ha)[3] 
Westport Light State ParkGrays County7002212000000000000212 acre (86 ha)  
Yakima Sportsman State ParkYakima County7002247000000000000247 acre (100 ha)  

Former state parks

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