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The following railroads operate in the U.S. state of Washington.

Common freight carriers[edit]

Private freight carriers[edit]

Passenger carriers[edit]

Defunct railroads[edit]

NameMarkSystem[nb 1]FromToSuccessorNotes
Bellingham Bay and British Columbia RailroadMILW18831912Bellingham and Northern Railway
Bellingham Bay and Eastern RailroadNP18911903Northern Pacific Railway
Bellingham and Northern RailwayMILW19121918Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Bellingham Terminals and Railway CompanyMILW19091912Bellingham and Northern Railway
Blakely Railroad18961917N/A
Blue Mountain RailroadBLMR19921999Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad
BNSF Acquisition, Inc.19962008BNSF Railway, Columbia Basin Railroad
Burlington Northern Inc.BN19701981Burlington Northern Railroad
Burlington Northern RailroadBN19811996Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway
Burlington Northern (Oregon–Washington) Inc.19811985Burlington Northern Railroad
Camas Prairie RailNetCSP19982004Great Northwest Railroad
Camas Prairie RailroadCSPNP/ UP19091998Camas Prairie RailNet
Cascades RailroadUP1859N/A
Central Washington RailroadNP18881898Washington Central Railway
Centralia Eastern RailroadNP19071917Northern Pacific Railway
Chehalis and Cowlitz RailwayGN/ MILW/ NP/ UP19111916Cowlitz, Chehalis and Cascade Railway
Chehalis Western Railroad19801992Tacoma Eastern Railway
Chehalis Western Railroad19361975Curtis, Milburn and Eastern Railroad
Chelatchie Prairie RailroadCCPR19811986Lewis and Clark Railway
Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound RailwayMILW19091912Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul RailwayMILW19121928Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway of WashingtonMILW19061909Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific RailroadMILWMILW19281980Chehalis Western Railroad, Pend Oreille Valley Railroad, Seattle and North Coast Railroad
Clealum RailroadNP18861898Northern Pacific Railway
Clearwater Short Line RailwayNP18981914Northern Pacific Railway
Columbia Railway and Navigation CompanyGN/ NP18901902Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
Columbia and Palouse RailroadUP18821910Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company
Columbia and Puget Sound RailroadGN18801916Pacific Coast Railroad
Columbia and Red Mountain RailwayGN18951907Great Northern Railway
Columbia River and Northern RailwayGN/ NP19021908Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
Columbia Valley RailroadUP18991907Ilwaco Railroad
Connell Northern RailwayNP19091914Northern Pacific Railway
Cowlitz, Chehalis and Cascade RailwayGN/ MILW/ NP/ UP19161955N/A
Curtis, Milburn and Eastern RailroadCMER19731993N/A
Eastern-Washington RailroadUP1904Spokane – Columbia River Railroad and Navigation Company
Eastern Washington RailwayNP18851886Spokane and Palouse Railway
Eastside RailwayUP18961914Olympia Terminal Railway
Everett and Cherry Valley Traction CompanyGN19071912Great Northern Railway
Everett and Monte Cristo RailwayNP18921900Monte Cristo Railway, Seattle and International Railway
Fairhaven and Southern RailroadGN18881898Seattle and Montana Railroad
Farmers' Railway, Navigation and Steamboat Portage CompanyGN/ NP18851890Farmers' Transportation Company
Farmers' Transportation CompanyGN/ NP18901890Columbia Railway and Navigation Company
Grays Harbor and Puget Sound RailwayUP19061910Oregon and Washington Railroad
Great Northern RailwayGNGN18901970Burlington Northern Inc.
Green River and Northern RailroadNP18901898Northern Pacific Railway
Hartford Eastern RailwayHE19151933N/A
Idaho and Washington Northern RailroadMILW19071916Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Idaho and Western RailwayMILW19091912Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway
Ilwaco RailroadUP19071910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Ilwaco Railway and Navigation CompanyUP18881907Ilwaco Railroad
Klickitat Northern Railroad19141918N/A
Kootenai Valley RailwayGN18981913Great Northern Railway
Lake Creek and Coeur d'Alene RailroadUP19061910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Lewis and Clark RailwayLINC19872004Columbia Basin Railroad
Longview, Portland and Northern RailwayLPN19221981Chelatchie Prairie Railroad
Mason County Central Railroad18891891Shelton Southwestern Railroad
Mill Creek RailroadNP19031905Washington and Columbia River Railway
Mill Creek Flume and Manufacturing CompanyNP18801903Mill Creek Railroad
Monte Cristo RailwayNP19001903Northern Pacific Railway
Newaukum Railroad19141914Newaukum Valley Railroad
Newaukum Valley RailroadNV19141943N/A
North Coast RailroadUP19061910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
North Coast RailwayUP19051906North Coast Railroad
North Yakima and Valley RailwayNP19051914Northern Pacific Railway
Northern Pacific RailroadNP18641896Northern Pacific Railway
Northern Pacific RailwayNPNP18961970Burlington Northern Inc.
Northern Pacific and Cascade RailroadNP18841898Northern Pacific Railway
Northern Pacific and Puget Sound Shore RailroadNP18841898Northern Pacific Railway
Olympia Railroad UnionNP18741877Olympia and Chehalis Valley Railroad
Olympia and Chehalis Valley RailroadNP18811891Port Townsend Southern Railroad
Olympia Southern RailwayMILW19131913Puget Sound and Willapa Harbor Railway
Olympia Terminal RailwayMILW, UP19111915Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company, Puget Sound and Willapa Harbor Railway
Oregon Railroad and Navigation CompanyUP18961910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Oregon Railway Extensions CompanyUP18881896Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company
Oregon Railway and Navigation CompanyUP18791896Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company
Oregon Steam Navigation CompanyUP18601880Oregon Railway and Navigation Company
Oregon Short Line RailwayUP18871889Oregon Short Line and Utah Northern Railway
Oregon Short Line and Utah Northern RailwayUP18891896N/ALeased the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company
Oregon Trunk RailwayOTGN/ NP19091981Burlington Northern (Oregon–Washington) Inc.
Oregon and Washington RailroadUP19061910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation CompanyUP19101987Union Pacific Railroad
Oregon, Washington and Idaho RailroadUP19031910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Oregon and Washington Territory RailroadNP18861892Washington and Columbia River Railway
Pacific RailwayMILW19051906Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway of Washington
Pacific Coast RailroadPCGN19161970Burlington Northern Inc.
Pacific and Eastern RailwayMILW19061913Puget Sound and Willapa Harbor Railway
Port Angeles Western Railroad19251950N/A
Port Ludlow, Port Angeles and Lake Crescent RailwayMILW19111911Seattle, Port Angeles and Lake Crescent Railway
Port Townsend RailroadPTRRMILW19451975Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
Port Townsend and Puget Sound Railway19141929N/ALeased the Port Townsend Southern Railroad
Port Townsend Southern RailroadMILW, NP18871945Port Townsend Railroad
Portland and Puget Sound RailroadNP1889Washington and Oregon Railway
Portland and Seattle RailwayGN/ NP19051908Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
Portland, Vancouver and Yakima RailwayNP18971903Washington Railway and Navigation Company
Priest Rapids RailwayMILW19071910Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway
Puget Sound and Cascade Railway191219391Mount Vernon Terminal Railway
Puget Sound and Grays Harbor Railroad and Transportation CompanyNP18861896Blakely Railroad, United Railroads of Washington
Puget Sound Shore RailroadNP18821889Northern Pacific and Puget Sound Shore Railroad
Puget Sound and Willapa Harbor RailwayMILW19131918Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Republic and Kettle Valley Railway19001906Spokane and British Columbia Railway
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba RailwayGN18791907Great Northern Railway
Sea Lion Railroad19971998Ballard Terminal Railroad
Seattle and International RailwayNP18961901Northern Pacific Railway
Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern RailwayNP18851896Seattle and International Railway, Spokane and Seattle Railway
Seattle and Montana RailroadGN18981907Great Northern Railway
Seattle and Montana RailwayGN18901898Seattle and Montana Railroad
Seattle and North Coast RailroadSNCT19791984N/A
Seattle and Northern RailwayGN18881902Seattle and Montana Railroad
Seattle, Port Angeles and Lake Crescent RailwayMILW19111915Seattle, Port Angeles and Western Railway
Seattle, Port Angeles and Western RailwayMILW19151918Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Seattle and San Francisco Railway and Navigation CompanyNP18991903Northern Pacific Railway
Seattle Southeastern RailwayMILW19061912Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway
Seattle Terminal Railway and Elevator CompanyNP18901903Northern Pacific Railway
Seattle and Walla Walla RailroadGN18761880Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad
Seattle and Walla Walla Railroad and Transportation CompanyGN18731876Seattle and Walla Walla Railroad
Seattle and West Coast RailwayNP18871888Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway
Shelton Southwestern Railroad18911898Shelton Southwestern Railway
Shelton Southwestern Railway1898N/A
Snake River Valley RailroadUP18981910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Snohomish, Skykomish and Spokane Railway and Transportation CompanyNP18891892Everett and Monte Cristo Railway
Spokane and British Columbia Railway19061919N/A
Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and Palouse RailwayGN19261943Great Northern RailwayElectric until 1941
Spokane – Columbia River Railroad and Navigation CompanyUP19051906North Coast Railroad
Spokane Falls and Idaho RailroadNP18861898Northern Pacific Railway
Spokane Falls and Northern RailwayGN18881907Great Northern Railway
Spokane International RailroadSIUP19411987Union Pacific Railroad
Spokane International RailwayUP19051941Spokane International Railroad
Spokane and Palouse RailwayNP18861898Northern Pacific Railway
Spokane, Portland and Seattle RailwaySP&S, SPSGN/ NP19081979Burlington Northern Inc.
Spokane and Seattle RailwayNP18961900Northern Pacific Railway
Spokane Union Depot CompanyUP19001910Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Tacoma Eastern RailroadMILW18901918Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Tacoma Eastern RailwayTE19951998Tacoma Rail
Tacoma Municipal Belt Line RailwayTMBL1998Tacoma Rail
Tacoma, Olympia and Chehalis Valley RailroadNP18891890Tacoma, Olympia and Grays Harbor Railroad
Tacoma, Olympia and Grays Harbor RailroadNP18901892United Railroads of Washington
Tacoma, Orting and Southeastern RailroadNP18881898Northern Pacific Railway
Thurston Railroad Construction CompanyNP18771881Olympia and Chehalis Valley Railroad
Toppenish, Simcoe and Western RailwayNP19091912North Yakima and Valley Railway
Union Depot Company of Spokane FallsUP18891898Spokane Union Depot Company
United Railroads of WashingtonNP18901898Northern Pacific Railway
Vancouver, Klickitat and Yakima RailroadNP18871897Portland, Vancouver and Yakima Railway
Walla Walla and Columbia River RailroadUP18681910Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company
Walla Walla Valley RailwayWWVNP19101985N/AElectric until 1949
Washington Railway and Navigation CompanyNP19031903Northern Pacific Railway
Washington Central RailroadWCRC19861996BNSF Acquisition, Inc., Columbia Basin Railroad
Washington Central RailwayNP18981914Northern Pacific Railway
Washington and Columbia River RailwayNP18921907Northern Pacific Railway
Washington Electric RailwayGN/ MILW/ NP/ UP19121916Cowlitz, Chehalis and Cascade Railway
Washington and Great Northern RailwayGN19011907Great Northern Railway
Washington and Idaho RailroadUP18861896Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company
Washington, Idaho and Montana RailwayWIMMILW19051980Burlington Northern Inc.
Washington Northern RailwayUP19061906Oregon and Washington Railroad
Washington and Oregon RailwayNP19001903Washington Railway and Navigation Company
Washington Short Line RailwayNP18881900Northern Pacific Railway
Washington Western RailwayWTW19121929N/A
Waterville Railway19091948N/A
Western American CompanyNP18961901Northern Pacific Railway
Yakima and Pacific Coast RailroadNP18901892United Railroads of Washington


  1. ^ This is one or more of the Class I railroads that the railroad became part of, if any.


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