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This list of University of Texas at Austin alumni includes notable graduates, non-graduate former students, and current students of the University of Texas at Austin. The institution is a major research university in Downtown Austin, Texas, USA and is the flagship institution of the University of Texas System.[1][2][3] Founded in 1883, the university has had the fifth largest single-campus enrollment in the nation as of Fall 2006 (and had the largest enrollment in the country from 1997–2003), with over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 16,500 faculty and staff.[4] It currently holds the largest enrollment of all colleges in the state of Texas.[5]

Over 30 UT Austin undergraduates have served in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, such as Lloyd Bentsen '42, who served as both a U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative, and was the 1988 Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee. Cabinet members of American presidents include former United States Secretary of State James Baker '57, former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett, and former Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans '73. First Lady Laura Bush '73 and daughter Jenna '04 both graduated from UT Austin, as well as former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson '33 & '34 and her eldest daughter Lynda. In foreign governments, the university has been represented by Fernando Belaúnde Terry '36 (42nd President of Peru), and Abdullah al-Tariki (co-founder of OPEC).

First Lady Laura Bush '73 received an M.S. from UT Austin.

UT Austin alumni in academia include the 26th President of The College of William & Mary Gene Nichol '76, the 10th President of Boston University Robert A. Brown '73 & '75, and the 8th President of the University of Southern California John R. Hubbard. The University also graduated Alan Bean '55, the fourth man to walk on the Moon. Additionally, alumni of the university who have served as business leaders include ExxonMobil Corporation CEO Rex Tillerson '75, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell, and Gary C. Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines.

Michael Dell started PC's Limited (the precursor to Dell Computers) while at UT Austin.

In literature and journalism, UT Austin has produced Pulitzer Prize winners Gail Caldwell and Ben Sargent '70, as well as CNN anchor Betty Nguyen '95. Alumnus J. M. Coetzee also received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature.

UT Austin has also produced several musicians and entertainers. Janis Joplin, the American singer who posthumously was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award attended the university, as well as February 1955 Playboy Playmate of the Month and Golden Globe recipient Jayne Mansfield. Additionally, the big screen has carried the talents of actor Matthew McConaughey '93 (star of The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Sahara (2005), We Are Marshall (2007), et al.) with Farrah Fawcett (one of the original Charlie's Angels) on the small screen.

A number of UT Austin alumni have found success in professional sports. Seven-time Cy Young Award-winner Roger Clemens entered the MLB after helping the Longhorns win the 1983 College World Series. Several Olympic medalists have also attended the school, including 2008 Summer Olympics athletes Ian Crocker '05 (swimming world record holder and two-time Olympic gold medalist) and 4x400m relay defending Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards '06. Mary Lou Retton (the first female gymnast outside Eastern Europe to win the Olympic all-around title, five-time Olympic medalist, and 1984 Sports Illustrated Sportswoman of the Year) also attended the university.

Alumnus Roger Clemens, MLB pitcher and seven-time Cy Young Award winner
Alumna Mary Lou Retton (pictured with President Reagan) was the first non-European gymnast to win the all-around Olympic competition.


Academia and research

University deans, chancellors, and presidents

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Brown, Robert A.Robert A. Brown1973
Tenth president of Boston University[6]
Hance, KentKent Hance1968J.D.Third chancellor of the Texas Tech University System; former United States Representative, Texas District 19[7]
Hubbard, John R.John R. Hubbard1938
Historian, former president of the University of Southern California[8][9]
Moeser, JamesJames Moeser1961
Ninth chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[8][10]
Keeton, W. PageW. Page Keeton1931LL.M.Former dean of the University of Texas School of Law[11]
Krishnan, RamayyaRamayya KrishnanPh.D.Dean of the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College[12]
Green, Leon A.Leon A. Green1915LL.B.Former dean at the Northwestern University School of Law[13]
McCormick, Charles T.Charles T. McCormick1909B.A.Law dean at University of North Carolina and UT; also taught at Northwestern; penned classic works on Evidence and Damages.[14]
Nichol, GeneGene Nichol1976J.D.President of the College of William and Mary; formerly dean of the law schools at both the University of North Carolina and the University of Colorado at Boulder.[8]
Padolina, CristinaCristina PadolinaPh.D.President and Chief Academic Officer, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines[15]
Romo, RicardoRicardo Romo1967B.S.Fifth (and current) President of the University of Texas at San Antonio; U.S. representative to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization; member of the President’s Board of Advisers on Historically Black Colleges and Universities[8][16]

Professors, doctors and researchers

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Bailey, J. MichaelJ. Michael Bailey1989Ph.DPsychologist specialized in sexual orientation[17]
Barr, AlwynAlwyn Barr1966Ph.D.Historian of the African American experience, American Civil War, and Reconstruction[18]
Bean, AlanAlan Bean1955B.Sc.Astronaut, lunar module pilot on Apollo 12[19]
Bing, R.H.R.H. Bing1935B.A.Mathematician[20]
Birkman, RogerRoger Birkman1961Ph.DPsychologist specializing in self and social perception. Creator of The Birkman Method assessment.[citation needed]
Boone, Elizabeth HillElizabeth Hill Boone1974
Order of the Aztec Eagle medal recipient for work in Mesoamerican art history[21]
Brown, BrenéBrené BrownBSWResearch professor University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work[22]
Caldwell, Stephen A.Stephen A. Caldwell1927, 1934M.A., Ph.D.Louisiana educator, 1911–1956; became Louisiana State University administrator, 1934[23]
Calvert, Robert A.Robert A. Calvert1975Ph.D. in historyHistorian of Texas and the American South[24]
Cawthon, John ArdisJohn Ardis Cawthon1948Doctor of EducationEducation professor at Louisiana Tech University and regional historian of North Louisiana.[25]
Hales, Peter BaconPeter Bacon Hales1976
Chair and professor of Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago; Historian and photographer specializing in contemporary art, American spaces and landscapes[26]
Boyer, Robert S.Robert S. Boyer1967B.A.Computer scientist, co-inventor of the Boyer–Moore string search algorithm[27]
Bulsara, AdiAdi Bulsara1978Ph.DPhysicist, leader in nonlinear dynamics, PhD student of Ilya Prigogine[28]
Cade, Elsa SalazarElsa Salazar Cade1968
Science educator and entomologist[29]
Cade, RobertRobert Cade1961Ph.DInventor of sports drink Gatorade[30][31]
Cade, William H.William H. Cade1968
Animal behaviorist, President of the University of Lethbridge[32]
Dethloff, Henry C.Henry C. Dethloff1952
Historian, author, professor emeritus at Texas A&M University[33]
Frantz, Joe BertramJoe Bertram FrantzBachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Ph.D.Historian of the United States, the American West, and Texas[34]
Hannan, KevinKevin Hannan1977M.A.Ethnolinguist[35]
John, HaynesHaynes JohnUnknownMedical Degreefamily physician and surgeon[36]
Holden, William CurryWilliam Curry Holden1923
Historian, archaeologist, first director of the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock[37]
Key, Jr., V.O.V.O. Key, Jr.1929
Political scientist, studied elections and voting behavior; taught at UCLA, Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Alfred Cowles Professor of Government at Yale University, Jonathan Trumbull Professor of American History and Government at Harvard University[38]
Lang, Herbert H.Herbert H. Langearly 1950sB.A.
Historian at Texas A&M University, studied the American West[39]
Lomax, AlanAlan Lomax2004B.A.Musicologist and folklorist, son of John Avery Lomax[8][40]
Lomax, John AveryJohn Avery Lomax1908B.A.Pioneering musicologist and folklorist[41]
Nance, J. MiltonJ. Milton Nance1941M.A. and Ph.D.Historian at Texas A&M University and author of Dare-Devils All: The Texan Mier Expedition, 1842-1844[42]
Nelson, DonnaDonna Nelson1980Ph.DChemistry professor and scientific workforce scholar[43]
McDonald, ForrestForrest McDonald1949
Historian, 1987 Jefferson Lecturer[44]
Melosi, Martin V.Martin V. Melosi1970sPh.D. in HistoryHistorian, heads Graduate Studies Division and Institute for Public History at the University of Houston[45]
Mondy, Robert W.Robert W. Mondy1934 1950M.A. Ph.D.Historian, author of Jesse Mercer: A Study of Frontier Religion[46]
Webb, Walter PrescottWalter Prescott Webb1915B.A.Historian and author of the Handbook of Texas[47]
Castleman, KenKen Castleman1965
Author of the textbook Digital Image Processing, president of Advanced Digital Imaging Research[48][49]
Crippen, RobertRobert Crippen1960B.Sc.Pilot of STS-1, first orbital test flight of NASA Shuttle program[50]
Dickson, Leonard EugeneLeonard Eugene Dickson1893
Emerson, E. AllenE. Allen Emerson1976BScComputer scientist, A. M. Turing Award[51]
Frazier, O. H.O. H. Frazier1963B.A.Heart surgeon[52]
Healy, EamonnEamonn Healy1984Ph.D.Professor of chemistry at St. Edward's University[53]
Jones, F. BurtonF. Burton Jones1935Ph.D.Mathematician[54]
Madere, SteveSteve MadereM.S.Computer scientist, founded Deja News[55]
McGinty, Garnie W.Garnie W. McGintyPh.D.Historian, Louisiana Redeemed: The Overthrow of Carpetbag Rule, 1876-1880, college president[56]
Montgomery, MikeMike Montgomery1999Ph.D.
Astronomer, research scientist McDonald Observatory[57]
Moore, Robert LeeRobert Lee Moore1901B.Sc.Mathematician[58]
Pearsall, Christopher G.B.Christopher G.B. Pearsall78/79, 88/89A.S.Physics.
Research scientist, Feynman Revisited[59]
Richardson, Rupert N.Rupert N. Richardson1922
Historian of Texas, author of textbook, Texas: The Lone Star State[60]
Rudin, Mary EllenMary Ellen Rudin1944, 1949B.A.
Schmidt, Henry C.Henry C. SchmidtBachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Ph.D.Historian, specialist in Latin American affairs[62]
Shires, TomTom Shires1944B.S.Trauma surgeon[63][64]
Tinsley, BeatriceBeatrice Tinsley1964Ph.D.Astronomer[65]
Tyson, Neil deGrasseNeil deGrasse Tyson1983M.A.Astrophysicist[66][67]
Vogt, Stephen S.Stephen S. Vogt1975
Astronomer, developed the technique of "Doppler imaging"[68]
Wallace, ErnestErnest Wallace1942Ph.D.Historian[69]
Watson, Eugene P.Eugene P. Watson1951Ph.D. in Library ScienceNamesake of the library at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana


Wells, SpencerSpencer Wells1988B.S.Geneticist and anthropologist[71]
Wilson, StephanieStephanie Wilson1992M.S.Astronaut, mission specialist on Space Shuttle mission STS-121[72]
Zuniga, Oscar J.Oscar J. ZunigaB.S.Engineer, subdivision developer in Laredo[73]}

Business and finance

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Buckley, Sr., WilliamWilliam Buckley, Sr.1904
Oil speculator and political activist[74]
Dedman, Jr., Robert H.Robert H. Dedman, Jr.B.A. in Economics, 1979Chairman of ClubCorp[75]
Dell, MichaelMichael Dell(never graduated)Founder of Dell Computers[76]
Geffen, DavidDavid Geffen(never graduated)Co-founder of DreamWorks Animation, founder of Asylum Records and Geffen Records[77]
Hicks, TomTom Hicks1968BBA (McCombs)Former owner of the Texas Rangers[78]
Hildebrand, JeffreyJeffrey Hildebrand1981; 1985B.S. in Geology, M.S. in Petroleum EngineeringChairman and CEO of Hilcorp Energy Company, 56th richest American[79]
Johnson, William R.William R. Johnson1974MBA (McCombs)CEO of H.J. Heinz Co.[80]
Kelly, Gary C.Gary C. Kelly1974BBA (McCombs)CEO of Southwest Airlines[81]
Killam, RadcliffeRadcliffe Killam1932B.S.Philanthropist and oilman[82]
McCombs, RedRed McCombsMBA (McCombs)
Co-founder of Clear Channel Communications, former co-owner of the San Antonio Spurs, the Denver Nuggets, and the Minnesota Vikings[83]
McGehee, RobertRobert McGehee1972J.D.CEO of Progress Energy[84]
Mulva, JamesJames Mulva1968
B.S. (McCombs)
MBA (McCombs)
CEO of ConocoPhillips[85]
Noël, BillBill Noël1935Bachelor of Business AdministrationOil industrialist, banker, philanthropist from Odessa[86]
Nowlin, William C.William C. Nowlin1972
B.S. (Cockrell)
M.S. (Cockrell)
Co-founder of National Instruments[8][87]
Ryan, Thomas L.Thomas L. Ryan1987BBA (McCombs)CEO of Service Corporation International, a Fortune 1,000 company[8][88]
Schramm, TexTex Schramm1947B.A.Former Dallas Cowboys general manager and Pro Football Hall of Fame member[89]
Spence, RoyRoy Spence1971B.A.Co-founder of the national advertising agency, GSD&M[90]
Tillerson, RexRex Tillerson1975B.S.Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ExxonMobil, the largest Fortune 500 company[91]
Tinsley, Edward R.Edward R. TinsleyB.S. (accounting)Chairman of K-Bob's Steakhouse, which operates mostly in Texas and New Mexico; political activist[92]
Truchard, JamesJames Truchard1964
Electrical engineer, co-founder, president, and chairman of the board of National Instruments[8][93]
Wilder, C. JohnC. John Wilder1974BBA (McCombs)Former CEO of TXU, a Fortune 1,000 energy holdings company[8][94]
Wynne, Angus G.Angus G. Wynne1938B.A.Founder of Six Flags Over Texas[citation needed]
Wynne, BedfordBedford WynneCo-founder of the Dallas Cowboys[95]


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Abraham, F. MurrayF. Murray Abraham(never graduated)American actor who won Academy Award for role in Amadeus[96]
Alejandro, KevinKevin AlejandroAmerican actor featured in Ugly Betty[97]
Anderson, WesWes Anderson1990B.A.American filmmaker who was nominated for Academy Awards for The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox[8][98]
Bates, FlorenceFlorence Bates1906B.S.American character actress[99]
Barton, SteveSteve Barton(never graduated)Broadway theatre actor[100][101]
Coleman, TroyTroy Coleman1993B.A.American singer of country rap known as "Cowboy Troy"; co-host of Nashville Star[8][102]
Davis, GailGail DavisB.A.American actress for starring role in the 1950s syndicated western television series Annie Oakley[103]
Day, FeliciaFelicia Day2000B.S./B.A.Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, The Guild), writer and producer. Also a professional violinist.[104]
Fawcett, FarrahFarrah Fawcett(never graduated)American actress famous for role in original Charlie's Angels[105]
Foster, BenBen Foster2008B.S.Award-winning American filmmaker, Strings[106][107]
Friedman, Richard S.Richard S. Friedman1966B.A.Singer and author known as "Kinky Friedman"[108]
Garriott, RichardRichard Garriott(never graduated)Video game programmer and spaceflight participant[109]
Gilpin, PeriPeri Gilpin(never graduated)Actress famous for role in Frasier[110]
Griffith, NanciNanci GriffithB.A.Winner of 1994 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album[111]
Hamm, JonJon Hamm(never graduated)American actor[112]
Harden, Marcia GayMarcia Gay Harden1980B.A.American actress who won Academy Award for role in Pollock[8][113]
Hillerman, JohnJohn Hillerman(never graduated)American actor who won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for role in Magnum, P.I.[114]
Howard, SusanSusan Howard(never graduated)Actress best known for role as Donna Culver Krebbs on soap opera Dallas[115]
Hullum, MattMatt Hullum1997B.S.Filmmaker who co-founded Rooster Teeth Productions[116]
Joshi, AbhijatAbhijat Joshi2002MFAScreenwriter best known for work in Lage Raho Munnabhai, the fifth highest-grossing Bollywood film[8][117]
Jones, L.Q.L.Q. Jones1950Prolific actor and producer in Westerns[118]
Lechowick, BernardBernard Lechowick1971MFAAward-winning Television showrunner best known for writing and producing Knots Landing and creating Homefront, Second Chances, and Hotel Malibu.[119]
Linklater, RichardRichard Linklater(never graduated)Academy Award-nominated American film director and screenwriter, Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, Before Sunset, and Bad News Bears[120]
Lowe, ToddTodd Lowe1999B.A.Regular in True Blood and Gilmore Girls[121]
Ludden, AllenAllen Ludden1940
Daytime Emmy Award winner for work as Password host; Peabody Award winner for Mind Your Manners[122]
Mansfield, JayneJayne Mansfield(never graduated)American actress who won the Theatre World Award and a Golden Globe[123]
McCanlies, TimTim McCanlies(transferred to Texas A&M before graduating)Writer and director of Secondhand Lions[124]
McConaughey, MatthewMatthew McConaughey1993B.A.American actor who starred in The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Sahara (2005), We Are Marshall (2007), etc.[125]
Miller, BrookeBrooke Miller20108th place contestant on the seventh cycle of America's Next Top Model.
Morrison, SterlingSterling Morrison1971Ph.D.Founding member of rock band The Velvet Underground[126]
Parker, FessFess Parker1950B.A.American actor, played Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone[127][128]
Patel, AshmitAshmit Patel2000BFABollywood Actor[129]
Ribon, PamelaPamela Ribon1996BFANovelist, television writer, actor[130]
Rich, ChrisChris Rich1970M.A.Actor, Brock Hart on Reba[131][132]
Ritter, TexTex Ritter(Never graduated, studying law)Actor in Westerns (and father of John Ritter)[133]
Rodríguez, RobertRobert Rodríguez2008B.A.Mexican American filmmaker, studied at the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication.[134]
Norman, DaxDax Norman2001B.A.Painter, animator[135]
Dennis, MarkMark Dennis2007B.S.Award-winning American filmmaker, Strings[106][107]
Saldaña, JasonJason Saldaña2001B.S.Voice actor, most notably Tucker (Red vs. Blue)[citation needed]
Schenkkan, RobertRobert SchenkkanB.A.B.A. (Plan II); playwright and screenwriter; 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for The Kentucky Cycle[136]
Schlamme, ThomasThomas SchlammeB.A.Television producer[137]
Schmidt, HarveyHarvey Schmidt1940Writer of musical theatre[138]
Tune, TommyTommy Tune1962B.A.Broadway choreographer and performer[139]
Wallach, EliEli Wallach1930B.A.Method actor, the "Ugly" from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly[140]
Wilson, OwenOwen Wilson1991B.A.Actor, screenwriter, producer[141][142][143]
Winick, GaryGary Winick1970MFADirector, producer[144]
Zellweger, RenéeRenée Zellweger1991B.A.Oscar-winning actress; majored in English although also took a drama class[145]
Polland, Gary M.Gary M. Polland1970Bachelor in Business AdministrationHouston attorney, talk-show host, former Harris County Republican Party chairman[146]
Tsui, HarkHark Tsui1975RTFHong Kong film producer and film director, major figure of the Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema[147]

Government, law, and public policy

U.S. Presidential family members

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Bush, LauraLaura Bush1973M.S.Forty-third First Lady of the United States[148]
Bush, JennaJenna Bush2000B.A.Daughter of President George W. Bush[149]
Johnson Robb, Lynda BirdLynda Bird Johnson Robb1966B.A.Eldest daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson; former First Lady of Virginia[150]
Johnson, Lady BirdLady Bird Johnson1933B.A.Former first lady of the United States, recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.[151]

Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Clark, Tom C.Tom C. Clark1922J.D.Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States[152]

Justices of State Supreme Courts

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Watt, Joseph M.Joseph M. Watt1972J.D.Chief Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court[153]

Federal Judges

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Conner, William C.William C. Conner1941
Federal judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York[154]
, Randy CraneRandy Crane1985
Federal judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas[155]
, Barefoot SandersBarefoot Sanders1949
Federal judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, counsel to President Lyndon Johnson[156]
, William Wayne JusticeWilliam Wayne Justice1942B.A.
Federal judge for the Eastern District of Texas and the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.[157]

Members of the United States Congress

Note: "D" indicates a Democrat while "R" indicates a Republican.


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Bentsen, LloydLloyd Bentsen1942J.D.Former Senator (D) from Texas[158]
Connally, TomTom Connally1898J.D.Former Representative and Senator (D) from Texas[159]
Hutchison, Kay BaileyKay Bailey Hutchison1962
Former United States Senator (R) from Texas (1993– )[160]
Mayfield, Earle BradfordEarle Bradford Mayfield1900
J.D.Former United States Senator from Texas (1923–1929)[161]
Yarborough, RalphRalph Yarborough1927J.D.Former United States Senator from Texas (1957–1971)[8][162]


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Andrews, Michael A.Michael A. Andrews1967B.A.Former Representative (D) from Texas' 3rd congressional district[163]
Archer, William R.William R. Archer1946
United States Representative from Texas (1971–2001)[164]
James Andrew Beall1890J.D.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1903–1925)[8][165]
Bartlett, SteveSteve Bartlett1971B.A.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1983–1991)[166]
Bell, ChrisChris Bell1982B.J.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (2003–2005)[167]
Bell, John JuniorJohn Junior Bell1932
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1955–1957)[168]
Bentsen, LloydLloyd Bentsen1942J.D.U.S. Representative (1948–1955), U.S. Senator (1970–1992) and Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton.[8][169]
Blanton, Thomas LindsayThomas Lindsay Blanton1897J.D.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1917–1929, and 1930–1937)[8][170]
Boulter, Eldon BeauEldon Beau Boulter1965B.A.Former member of the United States House of Representatives from Amarillo (1985–1989)[171]
Brooks, JackJack Brooks1943
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1953–1966; and 1967–1995)[172]
Chapman, JimJim Chapman1968BBAFormer member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1985–1997)[173]
Cuellar, HenryHenry Cuellar1981
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (2005– )[174]
Doggett, LloydLloyd Doggett1967
Former justice of the Texas Supreme Court (1989–1994), Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1995– )[175]
Eckhardt, BobBob Eckhardt1935
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1967–1981)[176]
Geren, PetePete Geren1974
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1989–1997)[177]
Gonzalez, CharlesCharles Gonzalez1969B.A.Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1999– )[178]
Gossett, EdEd Gossett1924
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1939–1951)[179]
Hinojosa, Rubén E.Rubén E. Hinojosa1962BBAMember of the U.S. House of Representatives (1997– )[180]
Ikard, FrankFrank Ikard1936
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1951–1961)[181]
Jones, John MarvinJohn Marvin Jones1907LL.B.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1917–1940)[182]
Kazen, Jr., AbrahamAbraham Kazen, Jr.1940Pre-LawFormer member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1967–1985)[183]
Kleberg, RichardRichard Kleberg1911J.D.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1931–1945)[8][184]
Leath, MarvinMarvin Leath1954BBAFormer member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1979–1991)[185]
Loeffler, TomTom Loeffler1968
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1979–1987)[186]
Patman, BillBill Patman1953BBA
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1981–1985)[187]
Pickle, J.J.J.J. Pickle1938B.A.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1963–1995), and for whom the University of Texas' J.J. Pickle Research Campus in northwest Austin is named[188][189]
Sheppard, MorrisMorris Sheppard1897B.A.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1902–1913)[190]
Sweeney, MacMac Sweeney1897B.A.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wharton (1985–1989)[191]
Thornberry, William HomerWilliam Homer Thornberry1897B.A.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1949–1963)[192]
Turner, JimJim Turner1897B.A.Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1997–2005)[193]

United States governors

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Briscoe, DolphDolph Briscoe1942B.A.Forty-first Governor of Texas[194]
Bush, JebJeb Bush1974B.A.Forty-third Governor of Florida[195]
Connally, John B.John B. Connally1939
Thirty-ninth Governor of Texas, wounded while riding in the car during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy[196]
Moody, DanDan Moody1910
Thirtieth Governor of Texas and opponent of the Ku Klux Klan, at the age of thirty-three he was elected and took office as the youngest governor in Texas history.[197]
Owens, BillBill OwensB.A.
Fortieth Governor of Colorado[198]
Richards, AnnAnn RichardsB.A.
Forty-fifth Governor of Texas[199]

Government officials outside the U.S.

Members of the United States Cabinet

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Baker, JamesJames Baker1957J.D.Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush, Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan, and White House Chief of Staff under both George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan[200]
Evans, DonaldDonald Evans1969
MBA (McCombs)
Former Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush[201]
Bennett, William J.William J. BennettPresident Reagan's chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1981–1985), Secretary of Education (1985–1988), and President George Herbert Walker Bush's "drug czar" (1989–1990)[citation needed]
Bentsen, LloydLloyd BentsenU.S. Representative (1948–1955), U.S. Senator (1970–1992) and Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton[citation needed]

Armed forces

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Steindam, Russell AlbertRussell Albert Steindam1968B.A.Army Ranger, Medal of Honor recipient[202]
Kearby, Neel ErnestNeel Ernest Kearby1936B.B.A.World War II aviator, Medal of Honor recipient[203]
Franks, TommyTommy Franks(never graduated)Retired United States Army General, Former Commander of the United States Central Command[204]
Inman, Bobby RayBobby Ray Inman1950B.A.Retired United States Navy Admiral, Director of the National Security Agency, Lyndon B. Johnson Centennial Chair in National Policy (University of Texas at Austin)[205]
Tornow, Robin G.Robin G. Tornow1972M.EngRetired United States Air Force Brigadier General[206]
Chapman, DonaldDonald Chapman1942J.D.Retired United States Navy Rear Admiral[207]

Other U.S. political and legal figures

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Blythe, BillBill BlytheB.A.Republican state representative from Harris County, 1971 to 1983[208]
Buckley, EstherEsther BuckleyB.S. in Biology and MathematicsMember of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1983 to 1992; educator in Laredo, Texas[209][210]
Butte, George C.George C. Butte1904M.A.Republican gubernatorial nominee in 1924; member of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands, 1932–1936[211]
Cahoon, Frank KellFrank Kell Cahoon1957B.S.Midland oilman; former Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives[212]
Corbin, Kilmer B.Kilmer B. CorbinLawTexas state senator from Lubbock (1949–1957); father of actor Barry Corbin[213]
Craddick, ChristiChristi Craddick1992Bachelor's degreeTexas Railroad Commission member since 2012 from Midland; daughter of Texas State Representative Tom Craddick[214]
Dyer, PhilPhil Dyer1973B.B.A.Mayor of Plano, Texas (2009–present), president of LegacyTexas Bank[215]
Ender, Elma SalinasElma Salinas Ender1974B.S. in Accounting and SpanishFirst Hispanic woman to serve on a state district court in Texas; judge of the 341st Judicial District from 1983 to 2012[216]
Eggers, PaulPaul Eggers1948LL.B.Republican gubernatorial nominee in 1968 and 1970[217]
Farabee, RayRay FarabeeB.B.A.; J.D.Texas state senator from Wichita Falls (1975–1988); general counsel to the University of Texas System (1988–2000)[218]
Formby, MarshallMarshall Formby1937M.A. in journalismTexas state senator from Plainview (1941–1945); attorney; radio station owner[219]
George, KennKenn GeorgeMaster of Business AdministrationTexas state representative from Dallas (1999–2003); businessman[220]
Gooden, LanceLance GoodenBachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Business AdministrationTexas state representative from Kaufman County (since 2011); businessman[221]
Guerrero, LenaLena Guerrero(never graduated)Former Texas State Representative from Travis County, first woman to serve on the Texas Railroad Commission[222]
Hall (Texas politician), BillyBilly Hall (Texas politician)1963Bachelor of Science in JournalismFormer member of the Texas House of Representatives (1973–1987) and treasurer of Webb County (1995–2002)
Keel, TerryTerry Keel1980B.A.First Republican sheriff of Travis County since Reconstruction; Texas House of Representatives, elected member 1997 - 2007, House parliamentarian 2007 - 2009[citation needed]
Krier, Cyndi TaylorCyndi Taylor Krier1971Bachelor's degreeFirst Republican woman to serve as both a state senator from Bexar County (1985–1993) and as the Bexar County administrative judge (1993 to 2001)[223]
Kubiak, DanDan Kubiak1962Bachelor of Business Administration; later Ph.D. (education)Texas state representative from Rockdale (1969–1983; 1991–1998); businessman[224]
Kuempel, JohnJohn KuempelBachelor's degreeTexas state representative from Seguin (since 2010); businessman[225]
Lehrmann, DebraDebra Lehrmann1979
Texas Supreme Court Justice (Place 3); former 360th District Court judge in Fort Worth[citation needed]
Lewis, Tryon D.Tryon D. Lewis1969B.A.Texas state representative from Odessa; former 161st State Judicial District Court judge[226]
Martin, CrawfordCrawford MartinLaw school courses; transferred to Cumberland School of LawAttorney General of Texas; Texas Secretary of State; Texas State Senator; mayor of Hillsboro[227]
Matthews, Charles R.Charles R. Matthews2006Ph.D. in Higher education administrationMayor of Garland, Texas, from 1984 to 1986; member of the Texas Railroad Commission from 1995 to 2005, and chancellor-emeritus of the Texas State University System from 2005 to 2010[228]
Mengden, WalterWalter Mengden1950B.B.A.Member of both houses of the Texas State Legislature from Harris County, 1971–1983; attorney and oilman[229]
Munisteri, SteveSteve MunisteriB.B.A.
Republican Party of Texas state chairman[230]
Nowotny, George E.George E. Nowotny1955Bachelor of Science in geologyMember of the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1967 to 1972[231]
Nugent, James E.James E. Nugent1949Juris DoctorMember of the Texas House of Representatives from Kerrville (1961–1979) and member of the Texas Railroad Commission (1979–1995)[232]
Price, WalterWalter PriceB.A.Republican state representative from District 87[233]
Raymond, RichardRichard RaymondB.A.State legislator, advocate for Hispanic causes[234]
Reese, JimJim Reese1951Bachelor of Fine Arts in radio and television communicationBusinessman, former sports broadcaster, former mayor of Odessa, Republican politicianRef
Salinas, Ezequiel D.Ezequiel D. SalinasFormer state court judge from Laredo; advocate for civil rights of Hispanics[235]
Schoolcraft, AlanAlan Schoolcraft1973Bachelor's degreeFormer member of the Texas House of Representatives from San Antonio[236]
Shepperd, John BenJohn Ben Shepperd1941LL.BState attorney general (1953–1957)[237]
Thompson, Ernest O.Ernest O. Thompson1917LL.BLongest-serving member of the Texas Railroad Commission[238]
Watson, GregoryGregory WatsonCoordinated the movement to ratify the Twenty-seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution while a student at UT Austin[citation needed]
White, BillBill White1974B.A.Mayor of Houston[239]
Williamson, RicRic Williamson1974B.A.Texas Transportation Commissioner (2001–2007); Texas House of Representatives (1985–1999)[240]
Barnes, BenBen BarnesFormer Texas Speaker of the House (1965–1969) and Lieutenant Governor (1969–1973)[citation needed]
Bartlett, DanDan BartlettB.A.White House communications director for President George W. Bush[241]
Best, StevenSteven BestProfessor of philosophy and spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Front[citation needed]
Carpenter, LizLiz Carpenter1942B.J.Former press secretary to First Lady Lady Bird Johnson[242]
Carr, WaggonerWaggoner CarrLaw School, former Speaker of Texas House of Representatives and Attorney General of Texas[citation needed]
Carr, WarlickWarlick CarrLaw School, prominent Lubbock attorney[citation needed]
Connally, WayneWayne ConnallyMember of both houses of the Texas state legislature from Wilson County[citation needed]
Cummings, Russell B.Russell B. CummingsB.S.Member of the Texas House of Representatives from Harris County, 1963–1967[243]
Crea, Vivien S.Vivien S. Crea1972B.A.Vice Admiral of the U.S. Coast Guard[244]
Franks, TommyTommy Franks(never graduated)Former Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Central Command[245]
Godwin, MikeMike Godwin1980
First staff lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, former general counsel of Wikimedia Foundation[246]
Jamail, JoeJoe Jamail1950
Trial lawyer[247]
Lanham, FritzFritz Lanham1900B.A.Politician, author of Lanham Act, the law governing U.S. trademark policy[248]
Rayburn, SamSam RayburnFormer Speaker of the House[citation needed]
Smith, Steven WayneSteven Wayne Smith1986LawFormer justice of the Texas Supreme Court[249]
Upham, ChetChet Upham1945B.S.Former state chairman of the Texas Republican Party; oil and natural gas businessman; UT regent[250]
Weddington, SarahSarah WeddingtonAttorney and lecturer, represented "Jane Roe" in the landmark Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court case[citation needed]
Whittington, HarryHarry WhittingtonTexas attorney who is well-known concerning the incident with Vice-President Dick Cheney[citation needed]
Willeford, PamelaPamela Willeford1972B.A.U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein[251][252]
Inman, BobbyBobby Inman1950B.A.Former director of the National Security Agency[253]
Blizzard, EdEd Blizzard1975B.A.Prominent pharmaceutical injury attorney[254]
McBrayer, OdellOdell McBrayerFort Worth attorney and gubernatorial candidate in 1974[citation needed]
Connally, NellieNellie ConnallyFormer First Lady of Texas[citation needed]

Journalism and media

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Begala, PaulPaul Begala1983
Former host of CNN's Crossfire[8][255]

Literature, writing, and translation

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Breathed, BerkeleyBerkeley Breathed1979B.S.Author of comic-strip Bloom County[256]
Coetzee, John MaxwellJohn Maxwell Coetzee1968Ph.D.Winner of 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature[257]
Cooper, MadisonMadison Cooper1915B.A.Author[258]
Crane, RoyRoy Crane1922B.A."Father of the adventure story cartoon strip"; author of syndicated Buz Sawyer[259]
Hix, H.L.H.L. Hix1985
Award-winning poet, program director at the University of Wyoming[260]
Kenner, JulieJulie Kenner1987B.A.Romance and fantasy author[8][261]
Caldwell, GailGail Caldwell1978
Book critic at The Boston Globe and winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism[262]
Chorost, MichaelMichael Chorost1988
Heyhoe, KateKate HeyhoeB.A.Cookbook author[264]
Hinojosa, RolandoRolando Hinojosa1953B.A.Author, winner of the Premio Quinto Sol prize[265]
Kelton, ElmerElmer Kelton1948B.A.Author, winner of a number of prizes in western literature[266]
Morris, WillieWillie Morris1956B.A.Author, journalist, editor of Harper's Magazine, Rhodes Scholar[267]
Penman, Sharon KaySharon Kay PenmanB.A.Author of historical novels[268]


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Dunleavy, MaryMary Dunleavy1990M.M.Professional opera singer[101]
Joplin, JanisJanis Joplin(never graduated)American singer who posthumously was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award[269]
Lynch, RayRay Lynch1967B.M.Billboard Award-winning American classical guitarist and lutenist[270]
Robinson, RoyRoy Robinson-B.A.Songwriter and Musician. His songs have been recorded by Santana, Garth Brooks, Johnny Bush, Tommy Alverson, Don Edwards (cowboy singer), Red Steagall, and many more. Also played bass for fellow UT student Janis Joplin.[271]
Sandifer, PhillipPhillip Sandifer1982B.A.Songwriter and Musician. His songs have been recorded by Glen Campbell, Jennifer Warnes, Gary Powell. He has performed on various Disney recordings and has written, performed & produced many top hits in the Contemporary Christian music genre.
Shocked, MichelleMichelle Shocked1983B.S.Protest-music writer and performer[8][272]

Social reforms

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference



NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Clemens, RogerRoger Clemens(never graduated)Starting pitcher for five MLB teams, 7-time Cy Young Award-winner, 1986 American League MVP, 11-time All-Star, 2-time World Series champion, winner of 1983 College World Series[273]
Segrist, KalKal Segrist(never graduated)MLB second baseman; Fifth head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders baseball program.[274]


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Aldridge, LaMarcusLaMarcus Aldridge(never graduated)Power forward for NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, second overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft[296]
Durant, KevinKevin Durant(never graduated)Small forward and shooting guard for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, second overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, 2008 NBA Rookie of the Year, 3-time NBA All-Star, 2010 FIBA World Championship MVP, 3-time NBA scoring champion


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Crenshaw, BenBen CrenshawWinner of 1984 and 1995 Masters Tournaments, World Golf Hall of Fame inductee, 1972 NCAA champion[309]


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Applewhite, MajorMajor Applewhite2002B.S.Running backs coach for UT Austin, former college quarterback, 2001 Holiday Bowl MVP[8][310]
Benson, CedricCedric BensonRunning back for the Cincinnati Bengals, winner of the Doak Walker Award[311]
Bertelsen, JimJim Bertelsenformer defensive back for the Los Angeles Rams[312]
, Justin BlalockJustin BlalockGuard for the Atlanta Falcons[313]
King, J. T.J. T. KingHead football coach and Athletic Director of the Texas Tech Red Raiders[314]


NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Crocker, IanIan Crocker2005B.S.World record-setter and winner of 4×100 m medley relay gold medals in both the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics[315]
Dusing, NateNate Dusing2002Won the bronze medal in the 400 m freestyle relay at the 2004 Summer Olympics and the silver medal in the 800 m freestyle relay at the 2000 Summer Olympics[316]
Hansen, BrendanBrendan Hansen2005B.S.Former world record holder in the 100 m and 200 m breaststroke and current record holder in the 4×100 m medley relay; at the 2004 Summer Olympics won the gold medal in the 4×100 m medley relay, silver at the 100 m breaststroke, and bronze at the 200 m breaststroke; at the 2008 Summer Olympics his team won gold and set a world record in the 4×100 m medley relay[317]
Jordan, ShaunShaun Jordan1991Won gold medal in the 4×100m freestyle relay at both the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics[318]
Peirsol, AaronAaron Peirsol2006Won olympic medals at the 2000 (silver in 200 m backstroke), 2004 (gold in the 100 m and 200 m backstroke and the 4×100 m medley relay), and 2008 Summer Olympics (gold in the 100 m backstroke and 4×100 m medley relay, silver in the 200 m backstroke); current world record holder in the 100 m backstroke and 4×100 m medley relay, former record holder in the 200 m backstroke[319]
Yeo, JoscelinJoscelin Yeo2003Rhodes Scholar; competed on the Singapore national team at the 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004 Summer Olympics, more Olympic games than any other Singaporean athlete[320]
Carey, RickRick Carey1984Won three gold medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics, in the 100 m and 200 m backstroke and the 4×100 m medley relay; former world record holder in the 100 m and 200 m backstroke and 4×100 m medley relay[321]

Track and field

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Richards, SanyaSanya Richards2006B.S.Gold medalist in the 4x400m relay at the 2004 Olympic Games[322]

Other sports

NameClass year(s)Degree(s)NotabilityReference
Retton, Mary LouMary Lou RettonFirst female gymnast outside Eastern Europe to win the Olympic all-around title, five-time Olympic medalist, 1984 Sports Illustrated Sportswoman of the Year[323]


See also



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