List of United States cable and satellite television networks

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The following is a list of cable and satellite networks broadcasting or receivable in the United States, organized by genre. Some cable systems used one or more cable channels for video on demand.

Color legend[edit]

Channel Types



NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
Animal PlanetYesDiscovery Communications
  • Animal Planet East
  • Animal Planet West
  • Animal Planet On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
The Biography ChannelYesA+E Networks
  • Bio
  • Bio On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
CreateNoAmerican Public Television in partnership with WGBH-TV (WGBH Educational Foundation), WNET, WLIW, (the latter two stations owned by WNET), National Educational Telecommunications Association and PBS
Discovery ChannelYesDiscovery Communications
  • Discovery Channel East
  • Discovery Channel West
  • Discovery Channel On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Investigation DiscoveryYes
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Investigation Discovery On Demand
formerly Discovery Times, Discovery Civilization Channel, originally Eye On People
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
HistoryYesA+E Networks
  • History East
  • History West
  • History On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
H2Yesformerly History International
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Military ChannelYesDiscovery Communications
  • Military Channel
  • Military Channel On Demand
formerly Discovery Wings
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Military HistoryNoA+E Networks
Minnesota ChannelYesTwin Cities Public Television
National Geographic ChannelYes21st Century Fox and National Geographic Society
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Nat Geo WildYes
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Nat Geo Wild On Demand
Formerly Fox Reality Channel and National Geographic Wild
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
PBS Satellite ServiceYesPublic Broadcasting Service
PivotYesParticipant MediaAlso has on line subscription channel and on line on demand content.
ScienceYesDiscovery Communicationsformerly Discovery Science
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Smithsonian ChannelYesSmithsonian Institution, Showtime Networks
University of California TelevisionNoUniversity of California
University of Washington TelevisionNoUniversity of Washington
VelocityHD OnlyDiscovery Communications(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
WorldNoAmerican Public Television, Public Broadcasting Service, WGBH Educational Foundation, WNETFormerly PBS World


NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
A&EYesA+E Networks
  • A&E East
  • A&E West
  • A&E On Demand
formerly Arts & Entertainment; plays dramas
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Anime NetworkNoValkyrie Media Partners/Aesir MediaA video on demand only network dedicated to Japanese animation and otaku culture. Formerly available as a 24/7 television channel, now exclusively video on demand.
Asia VisionYes
AspireYesMagic Johnson and Comcast Corporationlaunched on June 27, 2012
Audience NetworkYesDirecTVAvailable exclusively on DirecTV. Formerly Freeview and The 101 Network
AXS TVHD OnlyAXS TV LLC, Ryan Seacrest (through Ryan Seacrest Media), Anschutz Entertainment Group, & Creative Artists Agency
  • AXS TV
  • AXS TV On Demand
formerly HDNet
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
BBC AmericaYesBBC
  • BBC America
  • BBC America On Demand
Distributed in US by Discovery Communications
Black Entertainment TelevisionYesBET Networks (Viacom)
  • BET East
  • BET West
  • BET On Demand
Also known as "BET"
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • Bravo East
  • Bravo West
  • Bravo On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Cars.tvHD OnlyEntertainment Studios NetworksVideo on Demand channel
CentricYesBET Networksformerly BET Jazz, then BET J
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Classic Arts ShowcaseNoLloyd E. Rigler - Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation
  • Chiller
  • Chiller On Demand
airs horror and suspense programming
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ClooNoNBCUniversalFormerly Sleuth on August 15, 2011
crime & mystery programs
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Country Music TelevisionYesViacom Media Networks
  • CMT East
  • CMT West
  • CMT On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Comcast NetworkYesNBCUniversalFormerly CN8 until January 5, 2009. Comcast Network now has separate operations in the Philadelphia and Washington D.C. markets. TCN HD is a temporary channel used by Comcast to cover local sports events.
Comedy CentralYesViacom Media Networks
  • Comedy Central East
  • Comedy Central West
  • Comedy Central On Demand
A product of the merger of Viacom's HA! TV Comedy Network and The Comedy Channel, owned by Time Warner.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Comedy.tvHD OnlyEntertainment Studios NetworksVideo on Demand channel
Crime & Investigation NetworkYesA+E Networks(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
The CWNoCBS (50%) Time Warner (50%)
  • CW Eastern
  • CW Central
  • CW Mountain
  • CW Pacific
  • E! East
  • E! West
  • E! en Español
  • E! On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
El ReyYesRobert Rodriguez \ Univision CommunicationsGeneral entertainment channel targeted at Latino audiences (English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Es.tvHD OnlyEntertainment Studios NetworkVideo on Demand channel
EurochannelNoGustavo Vainstein(English)
FearnetYesHorror Entertainment LLCFEARnet On Demand
Funimation ChannelHD onlyOlympusat, Inc.anime
FXYesFox Entertainment Group
  • FX East
  • FX West
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
FXXYesFox Entertainment Group(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Game Show NetworkYesDirecTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • GSN East
  • GSN West
Game Show Network
G4YesG4 Media (NBCUniversal)
  • G4 East
  • G4 West
  • G4 On Demand
Here TVNoHere Media
ImaginAsianNoImaginAsian Entertainment(iaTV)
In DemandYesIn Demand Networks (Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable)Pay Per View provider, available through various cable companies
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
IonYesION Media Networks
  • Ion Eastern
  • Ion Central
  • Ion Mountain
  • Ion Pacific
formerly PAX and i; shows mostly infomercials with 7–9 hours of syndicated entertainment programming a day. Also available as a broadcast channel in many areas.
LCN-TVNoJaime Johnson - Founder*Single Feed - CentralLouisiana Programming
LifetimeYesA+E Networks
  • Lifetime East
  • Lifetime West
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Lifetime Real WomenNo(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Logo TVYesViacom Media Networks
  • Logo TV East
  • Logo TV West
  • Logo TV On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MTVYesViacom Media Networks
  • MTV East
  • MTV West
  • MTV On Demand
Music-related programming, originally Music Television
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • MTV2
  • MTV2 On Demand
formerly M2 / the box
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
OxygenYesNBCUniversal(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ReelzYesHubbard Broadcasting
  • Reelz
  • Reelz On Demand
Formerly ReelzChannel;
movie news, trailers, behind the scenes
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
SpikeYesViacom Media Networks
  • Spike East
  • Spike West
  • Spike On Demand
formerly The Nashville Network (TNN); and The National Network (TNN)
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • Syfy East
  • Syfy West
  • Syfy On Demand
professional wrestling & faux-reality programming - known as the Sci Fi Channel until July 7, 2009
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
TBSYesTurner Broadcasting System(Time Warner)
  • TBS East
  • TBS West
  • TBS On Demand
stands for Turner Broadcasting System; shows mostly comedy; previously TBS Superstation and Superstation WTBS
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
TruTVYesTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)
  • TruTV East
  • TruTV West
  • TruTV On Demand
Known as Court TV from 1991 - December 31, 2007
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • TNT East
  • TNT West
  • TNT On Demand
shows mostly drama
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
TVGNYesLions Gate Entertainment (50%) and CBS Corporation (50%)
  • TVGN East
  • TVGN West
formerly the Prevue Guide, Prevue Channel, TV Guide Channel and TV Guide Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
TV LandYesViacom Media Networks
  • TV Land East
  • TV Land West
plays mostly 70s-90s programming and nostalgia-related original programming
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
TV OneYesRadio One and Comcast(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Universal HDHD onlyNBCUniversalFormerly Bravo HD+
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
USA NetworkYesNBCUniversal
  • USA East
  • USA West
  • USA On Demand
drama & comedy
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Vegas on DemandNoVideo On Demand Channel
VH1YesViacom Media Networks (Viacom)
  • VH1 East
  • VH1 West
  • VH1 On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
WE tvYesAMC Networks
  • We TV East
  • We TV West
  • We TV On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
WGN AmericaYesTribune Broadcasting (Tribune Company)(English) and (Spanish) audio feed

Home & Leisure[edit]

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
The Africa ChannelYes
AWEYesHerring BroadcastingCovers the lifestyles of the rich and famous
Casa Club TVNoMGM Networks(Spanish) audio feed
Cooking ChannelYesScripps Networks InteractiveReplacement for Fine Living Network.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
DIY NetworkYesDo-It-Yourself Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Destination AmericaYesDiscovery Communications
  • Destination America
  • Destination America On Demand
was most recently "Planet Green" until it was rebranded on May 26, 2012
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Discovery Fit & HealthNoReplaced FitTV on February 1, 2011.
A product of the merger of Discovery Health and FitTV.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Esquire NetworkYesNBCUniversal
  • Esquire On Demand
formerly Style Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
FashionTVYesMichel Adam Lisowski
Food NetworkYesScripps Networks Interactive
Tribune Broadcasting
  • Food Network East
  • Food Network West
  • Food Network On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
HGTVYesScripps Networks Interactive
  • HGTV East
  • HGTV West
  • HGTV On Demand
also known as Home & Garden Television
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Ion LifeNoIon Media NetworksVideo on Demand channel
Live Well NetworkHD OnlyDisney-ABC Television Group
Mag Rack on DemandNoVideo on demand channel
mydestination.tvHD only
OvationYesHubbard Broadcasting
  • Ovation
  • Ovation On Demand
Oprah Winfrey NetworkYesDiscovery Communications, Harpo Productions
  • Own: Oprah Winfrey Network East
  • Own: Oprah Winfrey Network West
  • Own: Oprah Winfrey Network On Call
Recipe.tvHD Only
Retirement Living TVNo
RFD-TVYesRFD Communications Inc.RFD-TV HD has a different lineup from the standard-definition version of RFD-TV
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Studio 4 FitnessNo
TLCYesDiscovery Communications
  • TLC East
  • TLC West
  • TLC On Demand
formerly The Learning Channel
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Travel ChannelYesScripps Networks Interactive
Cox Media Group
  • Travel Channel East
  • Travel Channel West
  • Travel Channel On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Veria TVYes

Kids and Family[edit]

NameHDOwnerOther FeedsNotes
ABC FamilyYesDisney–ABC Television Group
  • ABC Family East
  • ABC Family West
formerly CBN Satellite Service, CBN Cable, The Family Channel, and Fox Family
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
America OneNoVoth Network, Inc.
AMGTVNoAccess Media Group, Inc.
BabyTVYesFox International Channels
BabyFirstTVYesVarious investorsDaytime programs at 5:30am–11:00pm & nighttime programs at 11:00pm–5:30am.
Adult SwimYesTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)Late-night adult-oriented animation block to target 17+. VOD channel. On daily 9pm-6am. Aired on the same channel as Cartoon Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • Boomerang
  • Boomerang en Español
  • Boomerang On Demand
Mostly animated series from the 1980s and earlier with some 1990s-present series
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Cartoon NetworkYes
  • Cartoon Network East
  • Cartoon Network West
  • Cartoon Network On Demand
Mostly animated and live-action series
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
CBeebiesYesBBCOn Dish Network
Disney ChannelYesDisney–ABC Television Group
  • Disney Channel East
  • Disney Channel West
  • Disney Channel On Demand
formerly The Disney Channel
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Disney JuniorYesLaunched March 23, 2012. TV channel for ages 2–7.
Disney XDYes
  • Disney XD East
  • Disney XD West
  • Disney XD en Español
  • Disney XD On Demand
Action, adventure and comedy programs aimed at males 7–14 years old - formerly Toon Disney / Jetix; animated Disney shows; changed format/name on February 13, 2009.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
FamilyNetYesNorth American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
Hallmark ChannelYesCrown Media Holdingsformerly Faith and Values, and Odyssey
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Hub NetworkYesDiscovery Communications and Hasbro, Inc.formerly Discovery Kids and The Hub.
Kids & Teens TVNoSky Angeleducational entertainment for kids
Nick Jr.YesViacom Media Networks
  • Nick Jr. (Eastern)
  • Nick Jr. (Pacific)
  • Nick Jr. On Demand
Originally Noggin sharing time with The N (now TeenNick), its air time was from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. ET. Noggin became its own channel on December 31, 2007 when The N took the place of Nick GAS. On September 28, 2009 Noggin became Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon East
  • Nickelodeon West
  • Nickelodeon On Demand
Nick at Nite is the primary nighttime programming block; though Nick at Nite airs on the same channel as Nickelodeon, it is counted as a separate channel for ratings reasons.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Nick 2No
  • Nick 2 East
  • Nick 2 West
    (opposite coast's feed used depending on which of the main Nick channel's network feed is used in their designated areas of the country)
For East Coast viewers, this is the West Coast feed of Nickelodeon, and vice versa; carried exclusively via digital cable, while both the East and West Coast feeds of Nickelodeon are carried on satellite.
NicktoonsYesformerly Nicktoons TV, Nicktoons & Nicktoons Network.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • TeenNick
  • TeenNick On Demand
Originally The N, sharing time with Noggin (now Nick Jr.), taking over Noggin's channel space from 6 p.m.-6 a.m. ET. The N became its own channel on December 31, 2007 when The N took the place of Nick GAS. On September 28, 2009 The N became TeenNick.
QuboNoIon Media Networksprogramming for children
Pets.tvHD OnlyEntertainment Studios
  • Sprout
  • Sprout On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Youtoo TVNoYoutoo Mediaformerly The Nostalgia Channel, Nostalgia Television, Goodlife TV Network and American Life Network/ALN


NameHDOwnerOther FeedsNotes
Pirate TVNoDish NetworkA special channel on Dish Network. The channel is accessible only to viewers using illegally modified receivers, and consists solely of a tape loop confirming that the connection is illegal, followed by an offering of amnesty to illegal viewers if they call a special toll-free number and subscribe to the service legally.


NameOwnerEast/West FeedHDNotes
AMCAMC Networks
  • AMC East
  • AMC On Demand
Yesformerly American Movie Classics
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
CinemaxHome Box Office, Inc.
  • Max East
  • Max West
  • MoreMax East
  • MoreMax West
  • 5StarMax East
  • ActionMax East
  • ActionMax West
  • OuterMax East
  • ThrillerMax East
  • ThrillerMax West
  • MoreMax
  • MaxLatino
  • Max On Demand
  • Max East
  • Max West
  • MoreMax East
  • MoreMax West
  • 5StarMax
  • ActionMax East
  • ActionMax West
  • OuterMax
  • ThrillerMax East
  • ThrillerMax West
  • MovieMax
  • MaxLatino
  • Max On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Cinémoi USCinemoi North AmericaLaunched on September 17, 2012; airs French movies; Previously available only on DirecTV; DirecTV ceased transmission July 1, 2013. Airs on Verizon FiOS.
EncoreStarz Inc.
  • Encore East
  • Encore West
  • Encore Action East
  • Encore Action West
  • Encore Black East
  • Encore Black West
  • Encore Español
  • Encore Classic East
  • Encore Classic West
  • Encore Suspense East
  • Encore Suspense West
  • Encore Family
  • Encore Westerns East
  • Encore Westerns West
  • Encore On Demand
  • Encore East
  • Encore West
  • Encore Action
  • Encore Drama
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
EpixStudio 3 Partners (Viacom, MGM and Lions Gate Entertainment)
  • EPIX
  • EPIX2
  • EPIX3
  • EPIX Drive-In
  • EPIX
  • EPIX2
  • EPIX3
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Euro Cinema Movies On DemandNoVideo On Demand Channel.
Film Festival On DemandNoVideo On Demand Channel.
FlixShowtime Networks (CBS Corporation)Yes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
FX Movie Channel21st Century Fox
  • FX Movie Channel
  • FX Movie Channel On Demand
Yesformerly fXM - Movies from Fox; rebranded as Fox Movie Channel in 2000 and FXM in 2013
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
HBOHome Box Office, Inc. (Time Warner)
  • HBO East
  • HBO West
  • HBO2 East
  • HBO2 West
  • HBO Signature East
  • HBO Signature West
  • HBO Family East
  • HBO Family West
  • HBO Comedy East
  • HBO Comedy West
  • HBO Zone East
  • HBO Zone West
  • HBO Latino East
  • HBO Latino West
  • HBO On Demand
  • HBO East
  • HBO West
  • HBO2 East
  • HBO2 West
  • HBO Signature East
  • HBO Signature West
  • HBO Family East
  • HBO Family West
  • HBO Comedy East
  • HBO Comedy West
  • HBO Zone East
  • HBO Zone West
  • HBO Latino East
  • HBO Latino West
  • HBO On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Hallmark Movie ChannelCrown Media HoldingsYes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
  • HDNet Movies
  • HDNet Movies On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
IFCAMC Networks
  • IFC Free On Demand
  • IFC
Yesalso referred to as the Independent Film Channel
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Lifetime Movie NetworkA+E NetworksYes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MGM HDMetro-Goldwyn-MayerHD Only
MoviePlexStarz Inc.
  • MoviePlex
  • RetroPlex
  • IndiePlex
  • RetroPlex
  • IndiePlex
ShowtimeShowtime Networks (CBS Corporation)
  • Showtime East
  • Showtime West
  • Showtime 2 East
  • Showtime 2 West
  • Showtime Showcase East
  • Showtime Showcase West
  • Showtime Beyond East
  • Showtime Beyond West
  • Showtime Extreme East
  • Showtime Extreme West
  • Showtime Family Zone East
  • Showtime Family Zone West
  • Showtime Next East
  • Showtime Next West
  • Showtime Women East
  • Showtime Women West
  • Showtime On Demand
  • Showtime East
  • Showtime West
  • Showtime 2 East
  • Showtime 2 West
  • Showtime Showcase East
  • Showtime Showcase West
  • Showtime Beyond East
  • Showtime Beyond West
  • Showtime Extreme East
  • Showtime Extreme West
  • Showtime Family Zone East
  • Showtime Family Zone West
  • Showtime Next East
  • Showtime Next West
  • Showtime Women East
  • Showtime Women West
  • Showtime On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Sony Movie ChannelSony Pictures TelevisionHD Only
StarzStarz Inc.
  • Starz East
  • Starz West
  • Starz Cinema
  • Starz Comedy
  • Starz Edge East
  • Starz Edge West
  • Starz InBlack
  • Starz Kids & Family
  • Starz On Demand
  • Starz East
  • Starz West
  • Starz Cinema
  • Starz Comedy
  • Starz Edge East
  • Starz Edge West
  • Starz InBlack
  • Starz Kids & Family
  • Starz On Demand
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Sundance ChannelAMC Networks
  • Sundance Channel East
  • Sundance Channel West
  • Sundance Channel On Demand
Yes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
The Movie ChannelShowtime Networks (CBS Corporation)
  • The Movie Channel East
  • The Movie Channel West
  • The Movie Channel Xtra East
  • The Movie Channel Xtra West
  • The Movie Channel On Demand
  • The Movie Channel East
  • The Movie Channel West
  • The Movie Channel Xtra East
  • The Movie Channel Xtra West
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Turner Classic MoviesTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • Turner Classic Movies On Demand
Yesalso referred to as TCM.
Warner Brothers Free MoviesNoVideo on demand channel
VeneMoviesGrupo CisnerosNo(Spanish) audio feed


Music audio-only[edit]

DMXDigital audio service available to commercial establishments / Digital audio service available on DirecTV channels 801-884.
Music ChoiceDigital audio service available through digital cable
MuzakMuzak Holdings LLCDigital audio service available to commercial establishments / Available on Dish Network channels 923-979
Sirius Satellite Radio / XM Satellite RadioSirius XM RadioAvailable on Dish Network channels 6002-6099

Music video[edit]

NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
BET GospelNoBET Networks (Viacom)
BET Hip-HopNo
Bohemia Visual MusicNoBohemia Visual Music LLC
CMT Pure CountryNoViacom Media Networksformerly VH1 Country
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Concert TVNoStingray DigitalVideo on demand channel
FuseYesMadison Square Garden, Inc.
  • fuse
  • fuse On Demand
formerly Much Music USA
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Great American CountryYesScripps Networks Interactive
  • Great American Country
  • Great American Country On Demand
formerly referred to as GAC
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Harmony ChannelNoHarmony Intermedia, Inc.Mood elevating visual music
MTV HitsNoViacom Media Networks24-hour Hot 100 video station.
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MTV JamsNoformerly MTVX
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MTVUNoformerly College Television Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
PalladiaHD OnlyFeatures content from MTV, VH1, and CMT
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Real Hip-Hop NetworkNoSSM Media Ventures, Inc.Features Hip-Hop oriented content from Hip-Hop's 4 (core) elements: DeeJaying, Break Dancing, Emceeing and Graffiti. RHN also features live concerts, documentaries, music videos and hip-hop themed feature films.
Tempo NetworksNoTempo Networks, LLCformerly MTV Tempo
The Soundtrack ChannelNo
VH1 ClassicNoViacom Media Networksclassic rock documentaries and occasional video blocks
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
VH1 SoulNoR&B, funk, soul, and Motown
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Volksmusik TVNoACOS Radio & Television Development Corp. Inc. & BGP-Medien GmbHPopular German language folk music and Schlager network
ZUUS CountryNoZUUS Media, LLC


Al Jazeera AmericaYes
  • Al Jazeera America On Demand
Al Jazeera Media Network
Bloomberg TelevisionYesBloomberg L.P.(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
CNBC WorldNo
CNNYesTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)
CNN AirportNoAvailable only in airports
CNN en EspañolNo(Spanish) audio feeed
CNN InternationalYes
C-SPANYesNational Cable Satellite Corporationcovers the United States House of Representatives
C-SPAN 2Yescovers the United States Senate and airs Book TV on weekends
C-SPAN 3Yescovers other live events and airs archived historical programming
EuronewsNoEuronews SA
Fox Business NetworkYes21st Century Fox
Fox News ChannelYes21st Century Fox
Free Speech TVNoIndependentPublic, non-profit channel
FusionYesDisney/ABC / Univision Communications
HLNYesTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)formerly CNN2, CNN Headline News and Headline News. HLN HD is currently carried on various Time Warner Cable systems.
The Local AccuWeather ChannelNoAccuWeatherCarried via digital cable and over-the-air digital television
Link TVNoLink Media, Inc.formerly World Link TV
MundoVisionNoMundoVision Corporation of America(Spanish) audio feed
NOAA Weather Radio All HazardsNoContent depends on city, state, & region.NOAA / National Weather Service (U.S. Government)Some cable systems may have local radar with audio, text messages with audio, or audio only.
One America News NetworkNoHerring BroadcastingIn cooperation with the Washington Times, News from a center-right perspective.
Pentagon ChannelNoAmerican Forces Network (US Government)
RTYesRussia TodayInternational news channel from DC with Russia twist.
The Weather ChannelYes
WeatherStar HD / IntelliStar HD in beta testing
  • Weather Channel
  • Weather Channel On Demand
NBCUniversal(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
WeatherNation TVYesWeatherNation TV, Inc.Weather network

Regional news[edit]

24/7Boise, IDGannett Company
Arizona NewsChannelPhoenix, Arizona
Arizona Capitol TelevisionPhoenix, ArizonaArizona Legislaturealso called ACP
Bay News 9Tampa, FloridaBright House Networks
Blue Ridge Communications Networks
* Cable 11 Northern Lancaster County
* TV 13 The Poconos
Eastern PennsylvaniaBlue Ridge Communications
Central Florida News 13Orlando, FloridaBright House Networks
Chicagoland TelevisionChicago, ILTribune Broadcasting
New England Cable NewsNew EnglandNBCUniversalalso called NECN
News 12 Networks
* News 12 Long Island
* News 12 New Jersey
* News 12 Westchester
* News 12 Connecticut
* News 12 The Bronx
* News 12 Brooklyn
* News 12 Hudson Valley
New York MetroCablevision
News 14 CarolinaNorth Carolina
* Durham
* Raleigh
* Greensboro
* Winston-Salem
* High Point
* Charlotte
Time Warner Cable
News 9 Now / News on 6 NowOklahoma City and Tulsa, OklahomaCox Media Group & Griffin Communications
NewsWatch 15New Orleans, LouisianaGannett Company and Cox Media Group
NewsChannel 8Washington DC regional, Virginia and MarylandAllbritton Communications
Northwest Cable NewsSeattle, Washington (Serving the Pacific Northwest)Gannett CompanyUses news resources from co-owned Belo outlets KING-TV/Seattle, KREM/Spokane, KGW/Portland, Oregon and KTVB/Boise, Idaho
NY1New York CityTime Warner Cable
Pittsburgh Cable News ChannelPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaCox Communicationsalso called PCNC; Uses resources from co-owned WPXI
SNN Local NewsSarasota, FloridaSarasota Herald-Tribunealso called Six News Now
TXCNTexasGannett Companyalso called Texas Cable News
Time Warner Cable News AustinAustin, TexasTime Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable News BuffaloBuffalo, New YorkTime Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable News Capital RegionUpstate New YorkTime Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable News Central New YorkSyracuse, New YorkTime Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable News RochesterRochester, New YorkTime Warner CableOriginal station of the Time Warner Cable News system. Started as Greater Rochester Cablevision.


beIN Sport USAYesAl Jazeera Media Network / Turner Broadcasting System(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
CBS Sports NetworkYesCBS Corporationformerly CSTV and CBS College Sports Network (English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ESPNYesESPN Inc. (Disney/Hearst Corporation)(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ESPN2Yes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ESPN PlusYessyndicates college sports to local broadcast and regional cable stations.
ESPN ClassicNoformerly Classic Sports Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ESPNewsYes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ESPNUYes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
ESPN Full CourtSomeregular season NCAA Some ESPN ALT feeds are in HD on directv
ESPN GamePlanNoNCAA football PPV package
Fight Now TVNoChannel Zero Inc.Launched May 24, 2011
Fox College SportsYes21st Century Fox
Fox College Sports (Atlantic)formerly Fox Sports Atlantic
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Fox College Sports (Central)formerly Fox Sports Central
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Fox College Sports (Pacific)formerly Fox Sports Pacific
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Fox Soccer PlusYesSoccer plus extensive coverage of rugby union. Established after News Corporation acquired most of the former broadcast rights of Setanta Sports USA.
Fox Sports 1YesFox Sports 24 hour sports network. Formerly Speed Channel
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Fox Sports 2Yes21st Century FoxFox Sports 24 hour sports network. Formerly Fuel TV
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
GameYesIn Demandoutlet for MLB Extra Innings, and NHL Center Ice
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Golf ChannelYesNBCUniversal(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Horse Racing TVNoStronach Group and Churchill Downs Incorporated
MAVTVYesLucas Oil Products(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MLB Extra InningsYesMajor League Baseball(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MLB NetworkYeslaunched January 1, 2009 (English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MLS Direct KickYesMajor League Soccer
NBA League PassYesNational Basketball Association(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
NBA TVYesformerly TV; Turner Sports operates the channel in association with the NBA.
NBCSNYesNBCUniversalformerly Outdoor Life Network, Versus, and NBC Sports Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
NFL NetworkYesNational Football Leaguelaunched November 4, 2003 (English) and (Spanish) audio feed
NFL RedZoneYesNFL Football (airs 1-8PM Sundays only) NFL Network Version of red zone
NFL Sunday TicketYes(exclusive to DirecTV)
NFL Sunday Ticket RedZoneYesExclusive DirecTV Version of red zone
NHL Center IceYesNational Hockey League(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
NHL NetworkYesNational Hockey League
NBCUniversal (15.6%)
launched October 1, 2007
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Outdoor ChannelYesOutdoor Channel Holdings Inc.(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Outside TelevisionNo
Pursuit ChannelNoHunting and fishing adventure programming
The Ski ChannelNoSteve Bellamy, Jonny Moseley, Bryan BrothersVideo on demand channel
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Sportsman ChannelYesInterMedia Outdoors(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
TeamYesIn Demandoutlet for NBA League Pass, and MLS Direct Kick
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Tennis ChannelYesIMG, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Steve Bellamy, Frank Biondi(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable DeportesYesTime Warner CableLaunched October 1, 2012. Available in all TV providers.
TVGNoBetfairThe Interactive Horse Racing Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Universal SportsYesNBCUniversal (minority) and InterMedia Partners (majority)High definition feed launched in 2012
World Fishing NetworkYesAltitude Sports and Entertainment (50%) Insight Sports Ltd. (50%)(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
WWE Classics on DemandNoWorld Wrestling EntertainmentVideo on demand channel
UFC Events on DemandNoVideo on demand channel
Untamed Sports TVNoOlympusSat, Inc.

Regional sports networks[edit]

4SDYesCox Communications4SD won't retain the rights for Padres baseball for the 2012 season and beyond
Altitude Sports and EntertainmentYesKroenke Sports EnterprisesSports channel covering Denver sports teams
Big Ten NetworkYesBig Ten Conference / Fox Cable Networks (a division of 21st Century Fox)Big Ten Conference sports
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Big Ten Network On DemandYesBig Ten Conference / Fox Cable Networks (a division of 21st Century Fox)Big Ten Conference sports
Bright House Sports NetworkYesBright House NetworksTampa Bay Sports TV
Comcast SportsNetYesNBCUniversal as a division of NBC Sports

(English) and (Spanish) audio feed

CSSYesNBCUniversal and Charter CommunicationsSoutheast
Cox Sports TelevisionYesCox Communications
Detroit Lions Television NetworkNoDetroit Lions
Fox Sports Networks (formerly Fox Sports Net)Yes21st Century Fox through Fox Entertainment Group

(English) and (Spanish) audio feed

University of North Dakota Sports NetworkNoUniversity of North Dakota, WDAZ-TV, Midcontinent CommunicationsFormerly known as Fighting Sioux Sports Network (FSSN)
Ceased on March, 2012.
Longhorn NetworkYesUniversity of Texas at Austin / ESPN / IMG College
Metro SportsYesTime Warner
Mid-Atlantic Sports NetworkYesBaltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MSG NetworkYesMadison Square Garden, Inc.(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
MSG PlusYesformerly SportsChannel New York and FSN New York
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
New England Sports NetworkYesBoston Red Sox / Boston Bruins
Pac-12 NetworkYesPacific-12 ConferencePac-12 Conference sports, consists of a national feed plus 6 regional feeds
Root SportsYesDirecTV Sports Networks
Sabres Hockey NetworkYesBuffalo Sabres (Terrence Pegula) / Entercom CommunicationsBroadcast on radio and MSG Network
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
SportsNet New YorkYesNew York Mets, Time Warner, NBCUniversal(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
SportSouthYes21st Century Foxformerly Turner South and sister channel of FSN South
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
SportsTime OhioYes(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Sun SportsYesformerly Sunshine Network. Sister channel of FSN Florida
(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
Time Warner Cable SportsNetYesTime Warner Cable(English) and (Korean) audio feed
Time Warner Cable DeportesYes24 hour (Spanish) audio feed
YES NetworkYesYankee Global Enterprises LLC / Goldman Sachs / 21st Century Fox(English) and (Spanish) audio feed

Each affiliate has its own feed but only some local games and national FS programs such as FS Final Score The Baseball Report and national games produced by FS are in HD. HD feeds are left blank the rest of the time.

Distant Locals[edit]

WPIX New YorkWPIX, LLC. (Tribune Broadcasting)superstation The CW feed for markets without a The CW affiliate
KTLA Los AngelesKTLA, LLC. (Tribune Broadcasting)superstation The CW feed for markets without a The CW affiliate
WGN-TV ChicagoWGN Continental Broadcasting Company (Tribune Broadcasting)superstation The CW feed for markets without a The CW affiliate
KWGN-TV DenverKWGN, LLC. (Tribune Broadcasting)superstation The CW feed for markets without a The CW affiliate
WSBK-TV BostonCBS Television Licenses LLC (CBS Corporation)superstation feed of MyNetworkTV
WPCH-TV AtlantaSuperStation, Inc. (Turner Broadcasting System)superstation feed. Formerly WTBS, rebranded as PeachtreeTV
WWOR-TV Secaucus, New JerseyFox Television Stationssuperstation MyNetworkTV feed for markets without a MyNetworkTV affiliate
WABC-TV New YorkAmerican Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (Disney/ABC)national ABC feed for markets without an ABC affiliate
KABC-TV Los AngelesABC Holding Company, Inc. (Disney/ABC)
WCVB-TV BostonWCVB Hearst Television, Inc. (Hearst Television)
WXYZ DetroitScripps Media, Inc. (E.W. Scripps Company)
WLS-TV ChicagoWLS Television, Inc. (Disney/ABC)
KSTP-TV MinneapolisKSTP-TV, LLC (Hubbard Broadcasting)
KMGH-TV DenverScripps Media, Inc. (E. W. Scripps Company)
WCBS-TV New YorkCBS Broadcasting, Inc. (CBS Corporation)national CBS feed for markets without a CBS affiliate
KCBS-TV Los Angeles
WBZ-TV BostonCBS Television Licenses LLC (CBS Corporation)
WWJ-TV DetroitCBS Broadcasting, Inc. (CBS Corporation)
WBBM-TV Chicago
WCCO-TV Minneapolis
KCNC-TV DenverCBS Television Stations, Inc. (CBS Corporation)
WNBC New YorkNBC Telemundo License, LLC (NBC Universal)national NBC feed for markets without an NBC affiliate
KNBC Los Angeles
WHDH BostonWHDH-TV (Sunbeam Television)
WDIV-TV DetroitPost-Newsweek Stations, Michigan, Inc. (Post-Newsweek Stations)
WMAQ ChicagoNBC Telemundo License, LLC (NBC Universal)
KARE MinneapolisMultimedia Holdings Corporation (Gannett Company)
KUSA Denver
WNYW New YorkFox Television Stationsnational Fox feed for markets without a Fox affiliate
KTTV Los Angeles
WUHF RochesterWUHF Licensee, LLC (Sinclair Broadcast Group)
WFLD ChicagoFox Television Stations
KDVR DenverCommunity Television Of Colorado, LLC (Tribune Broadcasting)
KCET Los Angeles
The CW PlusCBS Corporation 50%
Time Warner 50%
The CW feed for markets without a The CW affiliate
WKAQ-TVTelemundo of Puerto Rico (NBCUniversal)Telemundo (Spanish)


3ABNYesThree Angels Broadcasting Network3ABN (English) audio feed
Angel OneNoAvailable on Dish Network.
Angel TwoNoAvailable on Dish Network.
BYUtvYesBrigham Young UniversityLatter-day Saint audience.
CatholicTVYesCatholicTV.com24/7 faith-based entertainment
CTNNoAvailable on DirecTV.
EWTNYesEWTN (Spanish) audio feed
Golden Eagle BroadcastingNoOral Roberts UniversityAvailable on DirecTV.
God's Learning ChannelNoPrime Time Christian Broadcasting
God TVNoThe Angel Foundationworldwide Broadcast Licence is held by Angel Christian Television Trust Inc.[1]
Hope ChannelYesHope Channel, Seventh-day Adventist Church
Hope Church ChannelNo
The Inspiration NetworkNoThe Inspiration Networks
Jewish Life TelevisionNo
La Familia NetworkNo
La Familia CosmovisionNo
LeSEAYesLeSEA Broadcasting
NRB NetworkNoNational Religious BroadcastersAvailable on DirecTV.
SonLife Broadcasting NetworkNo
Telecare (Long Island)No
Trinity Broadcasting NetworkYesTrinity Broadcasting Network
Smile of a Child TVNo24/7 religious-based children's television network
JUCE TVYesformerly JCTV
TBN Enlace USAYes
TBN RussiaYes
The Church ChannelYes
Tri-State Christian TelevisionYesAvailable on DirecTV.
UpYesUsed to be Gospel Music Channel and GMC
Christian music and secular entertainment programming
The Word NetworkNoAdell Broadcasting


America's Auction NetworkNoValCom
Gem Shopping NetworkNo
Home Shopping NetworkYesHSN, Inc.
Liquidation ChannelYesThe Jewelry Channel, Inc.
Jewelry TelevisionYesMultimedia Commerce Group Inc.formerly ACN
QVCYesLiberty Media
QVC PlusNo
Rocks TVNoThe Genuine Gemstone Company
ShopHQYesValueVision MediaNBCUniversal, owns 37% of ValueVision. Formerly ShopNBC.


NameHDOwnerEast/West FeedNotes
Azteca AméricaYesAzteca International Corporation(Spanish) audio feed
CinelatinoMVS ComunicacionesDistributed/owned in Canada by Telelatino Network Inc.
(Spanish) audio feed
TheCoolTVNoCool Music Network, LLC
Discovery en EspañolNoDiscovery Communications(Spanish) audio feed
Discovery FamiliaNoformerly Discovery Kids en Español
ESPN DeportesYesESPN Inc.Spanish Language sports network
EWTN EspañolNo
Fox DeportesYes21st Century Foxformerly Fox en Español, Fox Sports Américas
(Spanish) audio feed
GalavisiónYesUnivision Communications
  • Galavisión East
  • Galavisión West
(Spanish) audio feed
Gol TVYesGol TV Inc.(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
History en EspañolNoA+E Networks(Spanish) audio feed
HITNNoHispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc.(Spanish) audio feed
HispanicTVNoTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)
MexicanalNo(Spanish) audio feed
Mega TVNo(Spanish) audio feed
MHz WorldViewNoMHz Networks (Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation)
mun2NoNBC Universal(English) and (Spanish) audio feed
nuvoTVNoFormerly Si TV
(English) audio feed
SorpresaNoFirestone Communications
TeleHitNoTelevisa Networks(Spanish) audio feed
  • Telemundo East
  • Telemundo West
(Spanish) audio feed
Tr3sNoViacom Media Networks
  • Tres
  • Tres On Demand
formerly MTV en Español.
TV VenezuelaNo
UniMásYesUnivision Communications
  • UniMás East
  • UniMás West
Formerly TeleFutura
(Spanish) audio feed
  • Univision East
  • Univision West
(Spanish) audio feed
Univision Deportes NetworkYesSpanish Language sports network

Creates and distributes over 20 Video on demand networks

WAPA AmericaYesInterMedia Advisors(Spanish) audio feed


The Africa ChannelVarious InvestorsAfrican TV channel based in North Hollywood, CA
The Arabic ChannelAllied Media Corp.Arabic TV channel based in New York City, NY
AfrotainmentSoundview AfricaAfrican TV channel based in New York City, NY
Afrotainment MusicSoundview AfricaAfrican Music channel based in New York City, NY
ARTNArmenian-Russian Television NetworkArmenian TV channel based in Glendale, California
BostelRTV BostelBosnian TV channel based in Chicago, IL
DFH NetworkDFH Network Inc.Turkish Pay-TV service based in Santa Ana, California comprising 7 channels
German Kino PlusFennFamLLCGerman TV channel based in Marietta, Georgia
ITV GoldInternational Broadcasting NetworkSouth Asian TV channel based in Long Island City, NY
Impact TelevisionImpact Television NetworkRussian TV channel based in Sacramento, California
Jewish Life TelevisionJewish TV channel based in Los Angeles, CA
JUS OneJUS BroadcastingPunjabi TV channel based in Long Island City, NY
JUS PunjabiJUS BroadcastingPunjabi TV channel based in Long Island City, NY
KO-AM TVKO_AM TV Inc.Korean TV channel based in Seattle, Washington
The Korean ChannelThe Korean Channel Inc.Korean TV channel based in College Point, NY
MKTVMedia Korea Inc.Korean TV channel based in Fort Lee, New Jersey
New Greek TVNew Greek TV Inc.Greek TV channel based in Astoria NY
One World SportOne Media Corp, Inc.Asian Sports channel based in Fort Worth, Texas
RSCRomanian Satellite NetworkRomanian Pay-TV service based in Rockville, Maryland, comprising 5 channels
Russia TodayRussian Media Group LLCRussian TV channel based in Fort Lee, New Jersey
Saigon Broadcasting Television NetworkSBTN Inc.Vietnamese TV channel based in Garden Grove, California
Sino TVMulticultural Radio Broadcasting Inc.Chinese channel based in New York City, NY
Sky Link TVSky Link TV Inc.Chinese TV channel based in Rosemead, California
SPT TVSeabra Portuguese TelevisionPortuguese TV channel based in Newark, New Jersey
Tai Seng Sat TVTai Seng EntertainmentChinese TV channel based in San Francisco, CA
Tapesh TVPersian Broadcasting CompanyPersian TV channel based in Los Angeles, CA
JadeworldTVB USA Inc.Chinese TV channel based in Norwalk, California
TV AsiaAsia Star Broadcasting IncSouth Asian TV channel, based in Edison, New Jersey
TV JapanNHK Cosmomedia America Inc.Japanese channel based in New York City, NY
tvKTelevision Korea24 Inc.Korean TV channel based in Los Angeles, CA
Viên Thao TVVien Thao MediaVietnamese TV channel based in San Jose, California


NameOwnerMultiplex ChannelsHDNotes
ClimaxPlayboy Enterprises
  • Climax 1
  • Climax 2
  • Climax 3
Hot ChoiceIn Demand Networks, LLC (Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner)PPV Service, available on most cable systems.
Hustler TVLFP BroadcastingPPV ServiceYes
Peephole TVMedia House Enterprises, Inc.

The network is available on IPTV, Satellite and Mobile phone

  • Peephole.TV (Eastern Western Network feed)
  • Peephole Color (Ethnic adult content)
  • Peephole Gay World (XXX Gay Network)
  • Peephole Big Ass & Tits
  • Peephole Teen & Milf
  • Peephole Gang Bang & Gonzo
Penthouse TVPenthouse Media Group / New Frontier MediaVideo On Demand Channel
Playboy TVPlayboy Enterprisesaka Playboy ChannelYes
Playgirl TVVideo On Demand Channel
Seduxxxtion TV on DemandNoVideo On Demand Channel
Spice NetworksPlayboy Enterprises
  • Club Jenna
  • Fresh!
  • SKiN TV
  • Spice Wild
  • Spice:Xcess
  • Shorteez
The Erotic NetworkNew Frontier Media
  • Juicy
  • Real
  • SexSee
  • TEN
  • Vavoom
  • Xtsy
Uncensored TV on DemandVideo On Demand Channel.

Defunct networks (no longer in existence under any name)[edit]


HD TheaterDiscovery CommunicationsRebranded to Velocity on October 4, 2011.
History InternationalA+E NetworksRebranded to H2 on September 26, 2011.
Knowledge TVJones Internationalclosed several months after being sold to Discovery Communications.
Research Channel


Automotive Television NetworkGlobal Television / Fidelity Capital
Channel America
Colours TVBlack Star Communications
Computer Television Service
Exercise TVVideo on Demand channel
Fox Reality ChannelNews CorporationNat Geo Wild launched on March 29, 2010 on all cable services, April 19, 2010 on Dish Network, and DirecTV on June 30, 2010.
FreeviewDirecTVStopped on 2005 for The 101 Network, and then the Audience Network on June 1, 2011.
INHD2In Demand Networks LLCiN Demand ceased operation of INHD2, which was a companion network to INHD, on January 1, 2007. INHD would later be relaunched as MOJO HD.
The Interactive ChannelSource Media
Jones Computer NetworkJones Intercable
The Lottery Channel
MOJO HDComcast, Cox Communications, Time WarnerFormerly INHD, ceased operations on December 1, 2008.
National Jewish Television NetworkExisted in the 1980s until at least some point in the 2000s.
Network 1Network Telephone ServicesChannel allowed viewer participation through 800 and 900 phone numbers.
PlayCableInteractive format features video games, existed in the early 1980s.
Si TVChanged the new channel name NuvoTV on July 4, 2011.
SoapnetDisney/ABCSoap opera network specializing in showing current and past soap operas ceased operations on December 31, 2013
The Silent NetworkSpecialized channel aimed at hearing-impaired people; existed in the 1980s.
SingleVisionGlobalComm 2000
Talk TVEd Cooperstein
Guide PlusExisted briefly in the 1990s, airing on some cable systems in lieu of Prevue Channel. TV Guide wanted back in the game, so they purchased Prevue in 1999 and renamed it TV Guide Channel (now TV Guide Network).
Varsity TVVarsity Media Group, Inc.high school student-produced programming
WWOR EMI ServiceRKO General (1979-1987), MCA (1987-1991), Pinelands, Inc. (1991-1993), Chris-Craft Industries (1993-1997), Eastern Microwave, Incorporated (uplinker, 1979-1996; Superstation programmer, 1990-1996), Advance Entertainment Corporation (uplinker and Superstation programmer, 1996)National version of New York City's WWOR-TV. Existed c. 1989-1997

Kids and family[edit]

Discovery KidsDiscovery CommunicationsEnded on October 10, 2010 for Hub Network.
The Family ChannelTransformed into Fox Family in August 15, 1998, and then ABC Family on November 10, 2001.
Nick GasViacom, MTV NetworksOn December 31, 2007, The N (now TeenNick) became its own channel. The Nick Gas channel was shut down when The N became its own channel. The channel ended on April 23, 2009 on Dish Network for Cartoon Network's west coast feed.
NogginOriginally broadcasting educational programming from the 1980s to present, the station changed to being half TeenNick and half Nick Jr. The station ultimately became Nick Jr. while TeenNick replaced Nick Gas.
The Nostalgia ChannelYoutoo MediaOriginally was commercial free and showed mainly 1930s-50s Black-and-white films. Relaunched to GoodLife TV Network, AmericanLife TV Network, and then to the current Youtoo TV on September 28, 2011.
Toon Disney/JetixDisney–ABC Television GroupFinished on February 13, 2009 with Disney XD.
Total Communication NetworkTotal Communication NetworkEntertainment and educational programming aimed at hearing-impaired children.


Gay Entertainment TelevisionGay Entertainment Television, Inc.
Q Television NetworkTriangle MultimediaCeased operations in February 2006.


ApplauseParasol Media
Arts & Antiques NetworkCYMA Productions
Bridges TVMuslimRemoved on March 15, 2012 on Verizon FiOS.
Discovery Health ChannelDiscovery CommunicationsMerged to become OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on January 1, 2011.
Discovery Travel and LivingShut down on 1998 to Discovery Home & Leisure, March 29, 2004 to Discovery Home, June 4, 2008 to Planet Green, and then finally to Destination America on May 26, 2012.
FitTVRelaunched as Discovery Fit & Health on February 1, 2011.
Fashion and Design TelevisionAnthony Guccione
Fine Living NetworkScripps Networks InteractiveReplacement for Cooking Channel on Memorial Day 2010.
KaleidoscopeChannel for the disabled
LimeWent online-only February 25, 2007. Formerly Wisdom Network.
Wedding CentralRainbow MediaCeased operations July 1, 2011.
Wine TVCeased operations in 2009.


Americana Television NetworkAmericana Television Network Inc.Country, blues, bluegrass, jazz and gospel music videos.
The BoxMusic channel that originated in 1982 and ceased operations in 2001 when replaced by MTV2.
Cable Music ChannelTurner BroadcastingStarted in the 1980s by Ted Turner to compete with MTV. Unlike MTV, it had no VJs. It was short lived.
Classic Music ChannelClassical Broadcasting Company
The Gospel Network
Hit Video USA1980s video channel based out of Texas, aired on some broadcast channels during overnight periods.
International Music FeedUniversal Music GroupAired music videos from various artists from around the world, purchased by Hubbard Broadcasting in 2008 and subsequently shut down on March 31, 2008 in order to expand distribution for Hubbard channel Ovation TV.
m ChannelAired syndicated music videos, TV shows, movies and news. Was folded under decision of the owner/creator of the network.
MOR Music TVChannel which aired music videos and performances in conjunction with selling albums.
NOYZBullfrog MediaCeased operations in early January 2008 after parent company's bankruptcy.
The Tube Music NetworkCeased operations October 1, 2007.
Z Music TelevisionContemporary Christian Music video channel; not to be confused with movie service Z Channel; shared channel space with BET in some areas.

News and information[edit]

ABC News NowDisney/ABCLacked significant distribution with low cable and satellite carrier pick up. Was closed in favor of using the channel's few carriage deals to support Fusion a new hispanic focused news channel geared towards a younger audience.
All News ChannelCONUS CommunicationsAired on USSB and later DirecTV; its programming was carried by many over-the-air television stations during the late night hours.
American Political Channel
America's Voiceaka National Empowerment Television, or NET
CBS TeleNoticias
CNNfnTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)1995-2004; a few cable systems switched the channel space to CNN International after discontinuation.
NBC Weather PlusNBCDistributed via the digital subchannels of NBC affiliates and digital cable. Ceased operations in 2008.[2]
NewsTalk TelevisionMultimedia, Inc.Existed from 1994 to 1995; formerly known as the Talk Channel.
Satellite News Channel (SNC)a joint venture between ABC and Group WNews

Regional news networks[edit]

Local News on CableNorfolk, VirginiaBelo Corporationalso called LNC5
Southern Arizona News NetworkTucson, ArizonaKVOA Communications, Inc.


Action Pay-Per-ViewBET network, and later TVN EntertainmentDi-function channel.
Adam & Eve ChannelAdam & Eve Communications Inc.Adult pay-per-view and home shopping
AdultVisionPlayboy EnterprisesAdult pay-per-view
American ExxxtasyHome Dish Satellite Network Inc.Adult pay-per-view
Cable Video StoreGeneral Instrument (Original), Graff Pay-Per-View (second)
Guest CinemaAdult pay-per-view
Request TVLiberty Media and 20th Century FoxAlso operated a Spanish-language pay-per-view channel, Request En Español.
RendezvousAdult pay-per-view
SpectradyneAdult pay-per-view
StarDust TheatreHome Dish Satellite Network Inc.
Tuxxedo NetworkHome Dish Satellite Network Inc.Adult pay-per-view
Wometco Home TheaterWometco Enterprises

Premium movies[edit]

The B-Movie Channel
Cable Theaterexisted from late 1970s-early 1980s.
FestivalHome Box Office, Inc.1980s premium channel from HBO.
Home Theater Networkpremium movies
Movie Maniaformerly B-Mania!, B-Movie channel, no longer broadcasting as of October 2006.
MovieVisionpremium movies
ONTValso had sports and events.
PRISMSpectacor24-hour premium cable television channel intended for cable customers in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania metropolitan area. Channel infrastructure is still used for Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia.
SelecTVStarion Entertainment
Spotlightpremium movies
Super Time/Star TVSan Francisco over the air channel like ONTV via KTSF-TV. Named Super Time during the late 1970s and Star TV in the early 1980s.
Z ChannelMovie channel

Public Interest[edit]

PBS YOUPublic Broadcasting ServiceService ended in January 2006; most stations replaced service with American Public Television's Create network.
ThinkBrightWNED-TVCeased in 2011.


PTL Satellite NetworkEvangelical Christian network known for broadcasting The PTL Club hosted by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.Collapsed in the wake of a sex and embezzlement scandal that resulted in Jim Bakker being sentenced to prison. On the air from 1977 to 1987.


America's StoreIAC/InterActiveCorpCeased broadcasting on April 3, 2007.
ATV: Advertising TelevisionWeb Broadcasting Systems Inc.
BET-Home Shopping NetworkBET Holdings, Inc. / Home Shopping Network
Black Shopping Network
Consumer Resource NetworkSeventh Medium
Cupid Network TelevisionCapital DistributionAdult home shopping
Global Shopping Network
Q2Home shopping. Spinoff of QVC, existed briefly in the mid 1990s.
Resort & Residence TV
Shop at Home NetworkJewelry TelevisionCeased broadcasting on March 7, 2008.
TV Car ShowroomHachette Filipacchi Magazines
ViaTV NetworkRSTV Inc.


CNN Sports IllustratedTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)Existed from 1996-2002.
Empire Sports NetworkAdelphia CableExisted from 1990-2005.
FSN ChicagoBecame Comcast SportsNet Chicago
Men's Outdoor and RecreationCeased operations.
MountainWest Sports NetworkMountain West Conference (MWC), CBS Corporation, ComcastMountain West Conference sports; existed from September 2006-June 2012.
Prime NetworkLiberty MediaExisted from 1983-1997.
Sports TimeAnheuser-BuschSt. Louis and Midwest Cable Sports station; existed from April 1984-March 1985.
SportsChannelbecame Fox Sports Net
Sports News NetworkMizlou CommunicationsExisted from February-December 1990.
TraxNetworks Development Corporation
TVS Television NetworkNow part of Margate Entertainment.
Outdoor Life NetworkNBCUniversalLaunch on July 1, 1995, replaced as Versus on September 25, 2006, deleted the channel name to NBC Sports Network on January 2, 2012.
Victory Sports OneMinnesota Twins Baseball Network/Minnesota Gophers Sports
Water ChannelMCE Television Networks Inc.
Web Sports NetWeb Broadcasting Systems Inc.Text-based sports news service.
World Championship Sports NetworkExisted from 2005-2008.
NASCAR Hot PassNASCAR / DirecTVExclusive to DirecTV existed from 2007 to 2012.



Black Family ChannelCeased operations April 30, 2007. To launch as broadband network, subscriber base sold to Gospel Music Channel. Formerly MBC Network.
Caribbean Satellite Network
New Urban Entertainment Television (NUE-TV)Space Station TeleVision, co-owned by Dennis Brownlee and Robert Townsend. Investors included Quincy Jones, Leo J. Hindery Jr., David Falk, and Alfred Liggins III.Ceased operations in May of 2001; formerly shutdown in October of 2002. Senior Council Pat Irvin, Human Resources Director Renee Barfield, Cindy Mahmoud, Senior Vice President Gordon Boelter, Executive Vice President of Programming, Donovan Myrie, News Director, Craig Henry, Director of Music, Monte Powell, Director of Programming, Rick Porterfield, Production Director.
The MBC Movie NetworkMinority Broadcasting Corp.
World African Network


AZN TelevisionComcastFormerly International Channel; First nationwide television cable channel dedicated to Asian Americans. Ceased operations on April 9, 2008.
MTV ChiViacomAn MTV World network dedicated to Chinese American audiences; launched on December 6, 2005, and shut down on April 30, 2007.
MTV DesiViacomAn MTV World network dedicated to South Asian American audiences; launched on July 12, 2005, and shut down on April 30, 2007.
MTV KViacomAn MTV World network dedicated to Korean American audiences; launched on June 27, 2006, and shut down on April 30, 2007.


ChannelDFirst German private television satellite channel in North America 2001-2002.
Dolphin-TVDolphin-TV German Television Inc.German private television satellite channel 2006-2007.
GermanTVDeutsche Welle TV, ARD & ZDF (German Public Broadcasters)Satellite channel 2001-2005.



High definition[edit]

Voom HD NetworksRainbow Media (Cablevision)15 All-HD networks, ceased broadcasting on January 20, 2009.

Former networks that became a new network[edit]

ABC News NowDisney–ABC Television GroupTurned off on October 28, 2013 to Fusion.
ARTSHearst Corporation/ABCMerged with The Entertainment Channel to form A&E in 1984.
America's Collectibles NetworkMultimedia Commerce Group Inc.Closed on October 15, 1993 with Jewelry Television.
America's TalkingNBCUniversalrelaunched as MSNBC.
The BoxViacom Media NetworksMerged into MTV2 a year after being bought by Viacom
Cable Health ClubDiscovery CommunicationsChanged to America's Health Network on 1996, snd then The Health Network on 1999, switched to FitTV on 2004, and then Discovery Fit & Health on February 1, 2011.
Cable Health NetworkA+E NetworksMerged with Daytime to form Lifetime in 1984.
CBNDisney-ABC Television GroupRelaunched to The Family Channel on 1990, Fox Family Channel on 1998, and ABC Family on November 10, 2001.
Classic Sports NetworkESPN Inc.Purchased by ESPN and renamed ESPN Classic.
CNN 2Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)Rebranded as CNN Headline News in January 1983, and then simply HLN on June 17, 2007.
Court TVRebranded as TruTV on January 1, 2008.
Discovery Health ChannelDiscovery CommunicationsMerged with FitTV to create Discovery Fit & Health on New Year's Eve 2010, and got replaced with Oprah Winfrey Network on New Year's Day 2011.
Discovery KidsRenamed Hub Network on October 10, 2010.
Discovery Travel and LivingChanged the new channel name to Discovery Home and Leisure on 1998, and then Discovery Home on 2004, Planet Green on 2008, and then Destination America on May 26, 2012.
Discovery WingsSwitched to Military Channel on January 10, 2005.
Documentary ChannelParticipant MediaMerged with Halogen TV and replaced by Pivot on August 1, 2013.
Fine Living NetworkE.W. Scripps CompanyShut down on May 31, 2010, replaced with Cooking Channel.
Fox Reality ChannelNews CorporationShut down on March 29, 2010, replaced with Nat Geo Wild.
Fox Sports World21st Century Foxformerly Fox Soccer, Replaced by FXX on September 2, 2013.
FreeviewDirecTVRebranded to The 101 Network on 2005, and then got rebranded to the Audience Network on June 1, 2011.
Fuel TV21st Century FoxReplaced on August 17, 2013 by Fox Sports 2
Ha!Viacom Media NetworksMerged with The Comedy Channel to form Comedy Central in 1991.
HDNetHDNet Inc.Closed on July 2, 2012 with AXS TV.
HD TheaterDiscovery CommunicationsRebranded as Velocity on October 4, 2011.
History InternationalA+E NetworksRebranded as H2 on September 26, 2011.
i-Life TVThe Inspiration NetworksOpened Halogen TV on October 24, 2009, merged with the Documentary Channel and replaced by Pivot on August 1, 2013.
INTRO TelevisionLiberty Starzoriginally called TV!; renamed INTRO Television, carrying the same programming format. Replaced by Encore PLEX (eventually changed to MoviePlex) in 1995.
JCTVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkTurned off on January 1, 2014 to JUCE TV.
Maximum Adventure NetworkMerged with Pursuit Channel.
MovietimeNBCUniversalRebranded as E! on 1991.
MuchUSACHUM Limited and Rainbow MediaRebranded as fuse on May 19, 2003.
National College Sports NetworkCBS CorporationSwitched to CSTV on 2003, and then CBS College Sports Network on 2008, and then finally CBS Sports Network on April 4, 2011.
Newsworld InternationalCanadian Broadcasting Corporation/USA Broadcastingpurchased by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, relaunched as Current TV in August 1, 2005, and then to Al Jazeera America on August 20, 2013.
The 90's ChannelPublic Communicators, Inc.Relaunched to become Free Speech TV in 1995
Nick GaSViacom Media NetworksRebranded as The N in January 1, 2008, and then TeenNick on September 28, 2009.
NogginRebranded as Nick Jr. on September 28, 2009.
OdysseyCrown Media Holdings (Hallmark Cards)originally launched as two separate networks, ACTS (a Christian teaching channel) and VISN (interfaith programming). VISN and ACTS merged and became Faith & Values Channel. The network was renamed again in 1996 as Odyssey. Hallmark Entertainment and The Jim Henson Company purchased the network, which was relaunched as Hallmark Channel in 2001.
Outdoor Life NetworkNBCUniversalRenamed to Versus on September 25, 2006, and then became the NBC Sports Network on January 2, 2012, and then shuted down to the NBCSN on September 23, 2013.
PBS KidsPBSRelaunched as Sprout on September 26, 2005.
PinwheelViacom Media NetworksRetired on April 1, 1979 to Nickelodeon.
Prevue ChannelLions Gate EntertainmentLaunched as Prevue Guide, then modified slightly into Prevue Channel. Purchased by TV Guide in 1999 and renamed TV Guide Channel and then TV Guide Network, as of April 20, 2013 it is now TVGN.
Sci Fi ChannelNBCUniversalRelaunched as Syfy on July 7, 2009.
Si TVPrivately heldRelaunched as NuvoTV on July 4, 2011.
SpeedSPEED Channel Inc. (21st Century Fox)formerly SpeedVision, replaced by Fox Sports 1 on August 17, 2013.
Star ChannelShowtime Networks. (CBS Corporation)Relaunched to become The Movie Channel in 1979.
StyleNBCUniversalRelaunched as Esquire Network on September 23, 2013
TelefuturaUnivision CommunicationsClosed off on January 7, 2013 to UniMás.
Tempo TelevisionFormerly Satellite Program Network and then opened CNBC on April 17, 1989.
TNNViacom Media NetworksOriginally The Nashville Network later renamed The National Network. Purchased by Viacom and relaunched as Spike.
Toon DisneyDisneyRelaunched as Disney XD on February 13, 2009.
TrioNBCUniversalRelaunched as Sleuth in January 1, 2006, and then relaunched as Cloo on August 15, 2011.
Turner SouthTurner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)Purchased by Fox Cable Networks and renamed SportSouth.
ValueVisionValueVision MediaShut down on 2001 to ShopNBC, and then to ShopHQ on January 1, 2014.
VH1 CountryViacom Media NetworksClosed on May 27, 2006 to replace CMT Pure Country.
VH1 MegaHitsInceased programming in 2005, satellite space and existing subscription base used to launch Logo.
VH1 UnoNetwork discontinued in February 2008 to launch mtvU into regular cable homes beyond college campuses.
WealthTVHerring BroadcastingRetired on November 11, 2013 to AWE.
ZDTVZiff-DavisBecame TechTV in 2000 and then merged with G4 to form G4techTV, which is now G4.

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