List of United States Air Force installations

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List of United States Air Force installations

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Map of Air Force Facilities
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List of United States Air Force installations

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Part of United States Department of Defense
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List United States Air Force installations.

Active United States Air Force installations[edit]

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United States Active Duty[edit]

Active-duty USAF bases in the United States are under the jurisdiction of the following Major Commands. There are 59 Active Bases across the country:[1]

NameLocationCoordinatesMajor CommandUnit EmblemUnit DesignationNotes/Mission
Altus Air Force BaseAltus, Oklahoma34°39′59″N 099°16′05″W / 34.66639°N 99.26806°W / 34.66639; -99.26806 (Altus AFB)AETC97th Air Mobility Wing.jpg97th Air Mobility Wing19th Air Force. This wing is tasked to train C-17 Globemaster and KC-135 Stratotanker crews in advanced specialty programs for 3,000 students yearly. 97th AMW operates C-17 Globemaster III for operational training flights.[2]
Arnold Air Force BaseTullahoma, Tennessee35°23′33″N 086°05′09″W / 35.39250°N 86.08583°W / 35.39250; -86.08583 (Arnold AFB)AFMCArnold Engineering Development Center.pngArnold Engineering Development CenterNon-flying base; Primary AFMC research and development center. The base is home to the largest flight simulation facilities in the world (AEDC). In 2002, $10 million was spent to expand these facilities even further. There are 58 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges and other specialized units.[3]
Barksdale Air Force BaseBossier City, Louisiana32°30′07″N 093°39′46″W / 32.50194°N 93.66278°W / 32.50194; -93.66278 (Barksdale AFB)AFGSC2d Bomb Wing.png
307th Bomb Wing patch 2011.jpg
2d Bomb Wing
307th Bomb Wing (AFRC)
The 2d Bomb Wing is the oldest bomb wing in the Air Force and one of two B-52 Stratofortress wings; 307th BW Air Force Reserve B-52 wing integrated with 2d BW.

HQ Eighth Air Force
HQ Air Force Global Strike Command[4]

Beale Air Force BaseMarysville, California39°08′10″N 121°26′11″W / 39.13611°N 121.43639°W / 39.13611; -121.43639 (Beale AFB)ACC9th Reconnaissance Wing.png
940th Air Refueling Wing.png
9th Reconnaissance Wing
940th Wing (AFRC)
12th Air Force. U-2R Dragonlady, RQ-4 Global Hawk and MC-12 Liberty reconnaissance operations worldwide. The base, considered to be the Air Force's model ISR hubs and includes DGS-2. The base covers 23,000 hectares and is home to 6,000 personnel.[5]
Buckley Air Force BaseAurora, Colorado39°42′06″N 104°45′06″W / 39.70167°N 104.75167°W / 39.70167; -104.75167 (Buckley AFB)AFSC460th Space Wing.png
140th Wing.png
460th Space Wing
140th Wing (CO ANG)
Non-Flying wing; provides missile warning, missile defense, technical intelligence, satellite command and control. Colorado ANG operates F-16 Fighting Falcons[6]
Cannon Air Force BaseClovis, New Mexico34°22′58″N 103°19′20″W / 34.38278°N 103.32222°W / 34.38278; -103.32222 (Cannon AFB)AFSOC27th Special Operations Wing.png27th Special Operations WingSpecial Operations base; SOW plans and executes specialized and contingency operations globally. Aircraft include MC-130 Combat Spear; MQ-1 Predator; AC-130 Gunship; CV-22 Osprey.[7]
Cavalier Air Force StationMountain, North Dakota48°43′55″N 97°54′16″W / 48.73194°N 97.90444°W / 48.73194; -97.90444 (Cavalier AFS)AFSC21st Space Wing.png21st Space WingNon-Flying wing; Operated by the 10th Space Warning Squadron. The station monitors and tracks potential missile launches against North America. NORAD relocated Cheyenne Mountain AFS operations to Peterson Air Force Base for efficiency on 28 July 2006.[8]
Columbus Air Force BaseColumbus, Mississippi33°38′38″N 088°26′38″W / 33.64389°N 88.44389°W / 33.64389; -88.44389 (Columbus AFB)AETC14th Flying Training Wing.jpg14th Flying Training Wing19th Air Force. Specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT). Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon[9]
Creech Air Force BaseIndian Springs, Nevada36°35′14″N 115°40′24″W / 36.58722°N 115.67333°W / 36.58722; -115.67333 (Creech AFB)ACC432d Wing.png432d Wing12th Air Force. Primary USAF unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations base. Conducts global reconnaissance worldwide. HQ Joint UAS Center of Excellence. Creech is home to the unmanned Predator missions conducted regularly in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.[10]
Davis–Monthan Air Force BaseTucson, Arizona32°09′59″N 110°52′59″W / 32.16639°N 110.88306°W / 32.16639; -110.88306 (Davis–Monthan AFB)ACC355th Fighter Wing - Emblem.png
USAF - 55th Electronic Combat Group.png
USAF - 214 Reconnaissance Group.png
355th Fighter Wing
162d Fighter Wing (AZ ANG)
55th Electronic Combat Group
214th Reconnaissance Group (AZ ANG)
563d Rescue Group
943d Rescue Group (AFRC)
12th Air Force. 355th Fighter Wing composed of A-10s, tasked to train A-10 pilots and provide close air support to ground forces around the world. 55th Electronic Combat Group operates EC-130H Compass Call aircraft. Arizona ANG operates MQ-1 Predator UAS. Also HQ for Twelfth Air Force. The base is also popular because of the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, formerly known as AMARC, or the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, where hundreds of retired military aircraft and large missiles are stored.[11]
Dover Air Force BaseDover, Delaware39°07′42″N 075°27′53″W / 39.12833°N 75.46472°W / 39.12833; -75.46472 (Dover AFB)AMC436th Airlift Wing.png
512th Airlift Wing.png
436th Airlift Wing
512th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Operates C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III heavy strategic airlift globally. Also the home for the largest military mortuary in the Department of Defense, used for processing military personnel killed in both war and peacetime.[12]
Dyess Air Force BaseAbilene, Texas32°25′15″N 099°51′17″W / 32.42083°N 99.85472°W / 32.42083; -99.85472 (Dyess AFB)ACC7th Bomb Wing.png
317 Airlift Group crest.png
7th Bomb Wing
317th Airlift Group (AMC)
12th Air Force. 7 BW is one of two B-1 Lancer bomber wings in USAF. Tenant 317 AG operates C-130 Hercules theater transports.[13]
Edwards Air Force BaseEdwards, California34°54′20″N 117°53′01″W / 34.90556°N 117.88361°W / 34.90556; -117.88361 (Edwards AFB)AFMC412th Test Wing.png412th Test WingAir Force Flight Test Center. Almost every United States military aircraft since the 1950s has been at least partially tested at Edwards, and it has been the site of many aviation breakthroughs with experimental aircraft being tested at Edwards.[14] Edwards also appears to have jurisdiction over Air Force Flight Test Center (Detachment 3), Nevada (AKA "Area 51")[15]
Eglin Air Force BaseValparaiso, Florida30°29′N 086°32′W / 30.483°N 86.533°W / 30.483; -86.533 (McConnell AFB)AFMC96th Test Wing - Emblem.png
53d Wing.png
33d Fighter Wing
53d Wing (ACC) 96th Test Wing
919th Special Operations Wing (AFRC)
Air Armament Center. AAC is the center responsible for the development, acquisition, testing, deployment and sustainment of all air-delivered weapons by the USAF. ACC 53d Wing serves as the focal point for ACC in electronic warfare, armament and avionics, chemical defense, reconnaissance, and aircrew training. AETC 33rd Fighter Wing provides joint USAF/USN/USMC/NATO/Allied pilot and maintenance personnel training for the F-35 Lightning II[16]
Ellsworth Air Force BaseBox Elder, South Dakota44°08′42″N 103°06′13″W / 44.14500°N 103.10361°W / 44.14500; -103.10361 (Ellsworth AFB)ACC28th Bomb Wing.png28th Bomb Wing12th Air Force. 12 BW is one of two B-1 Lancer bomber wings in USAF.[17]
Francis E. Warren Air Force BaseCheyenne, Wyoming41°07′59″N 104°52′01″W / 41.13306°N 104.86694°W / 41.13306; -104.86694 (Francis E. Warren AFB)AFGSC90th Space Wing.png90th Missile WingLGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM base with launch facilities in Southeast Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Northern Colorado. It is also the home of Twentieth Air Force, which commands all United States Air Force ICBMs.[18]
Fairchild Air Force BaseAirway Heights, Washington47°36′54″N 117°39′20″W / 47.61500°N 117.65556°W / 47.61500; -117.65556 (Fairchild AFB)AMC92d Air Refueling Wing.png
92nd Air Refueling Wing
141st Air Refueling Wing (WA ANG)
Operates KC-135 Stratotanker assigned to the 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Provides air refueling, as well as passenger and cargo airlift and aero-medical evacuation missions globally.[19]
Fort JacksonColumbia, South CarolinaAir Force Chaplain Corps - Emblem.pngHQ Air Force Chaplain CorpsTenant unit on United States Army installation.[20]
Fort MeadeOdenton, Maryland70isrw.jpg70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance WingTenant unit on United States Army installation. Part of the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency[21]
Goodfellow Air Force BaseSan Angelo, Texas31°25′46.6716″N 100°23′56.5434″W / 31.429631000°N 100.399039833°W / 31.429631000; -100.399039833 (Goodfellow AFB)AETC17th Training Wing.svg17th Training Wing2d Air Force. Non-flying training base. Goodfellow's main mission is cryptologic and intelligence training for the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps.[22]
Grand Forks Air Force BaseGrand Forks, North Dakota47°57′40″N 097°24′04″W / 47.96111°N 97.40111°W / 47.96111; -97.40111 (Grand Forks AFB)AMC319th Air Base Wing
69th Reconnaissance Group
Part of AMC Worldwide Tanker Force. KC-135 Stratotanker provides global air refueling.[23]
Hanscom Air Force BaseLincoln, Massachusetts42°28′12″N 071°17′21″W / 42.47000°N 71.28917°W / 42.47000; -71.28917 (Hanscom AFB)AFMC66th Air Base GroupElectronic Systems Center (ESC). Established during World War II for RADAR and electronic warfare research. Today the ESC supports research, acquisitions, and electronic systems.[24]
Hill Air Force BaseOgden, Utah41°07′26″N 111°58′22″W / 41.12389°N 111.97278°W / 41.12389; -111.97278 (Hill AFB)AFMC75th Air Base Wing.png
388th Fighter Wing.svg
419th Fighter Wing.png
75th Air Base Wing
388th Fighter Wing (ACC)
419th Fighter Wing (AFRC)
748th Supply Chain Management Group
One of three AFMC Air Logistics Complexes. Ogden Air Logistics Complex is primary support depot for A-10, B-2, F-16 aircraft and Minuteman III ICBMs and provides depot-level maintenance on those weapons systems. ACC 388th Fighter Wing & AFRC 419th Fighter WIng operate F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft; 388 FW was the first operational F-16 wing and Hill AFB the first operational F-16 base in 1978.[25]
Holloman Air Force BaseAlamogordo, New Mexico32°51′09″N 106°06′23″W / 32.85250°N 106.10639°W / 32.85250; -106.10639 (Holloman AFB)ACC
49th Wing
96th Test Group (AFMC)
12th Air Force. Operates F-22 Raptor. Trains MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper pilots and sensor operators. German Air Force training unit. 96th TG performs high speed sled track testing, navigation and guidance system testing, radar signature measurements, weapon systems flight testing, and Air Force Liaison for all AF programs tested at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). German Air Force Tactical Training Center. Hundreds of German Luftwaffe military personnel and 12 Panavia Tornados are assigned to the base to conduct advanced tactical training before returning to Germany.[26]
Hurlburt FieldMary Esther, Florida30°25′40″N 086°41′22″W / 30.42778°N 86.68944°W / 30.42778; -86.68944 (Hurlburt Field)AFSOC1st Special Operations Wing.svg
505th Command and Control Wing.png
1st Special Operations Wing
24th Special Operations Wing
505th Command and Control Wing (ACC)
HQ Air Force Special Operations Command, Special Operations base; Both SOWs plan and execute specialized and contingency operations globally. Aircraft include MC-130 Combat Spear; MQ-1 Predator; AC-130 Gunship; CV-22 Osprey. ACC 505th CCW is to improve warfighter capability through command and control testing, tactics development and training; part of Nellis USAF Weapons School.[27]
Keesler Air Force BaseBiloxi, Mississippi30°24′41″N 088°55′25″W / 30.41139°N 88.92361°W / 30.41139; -88.92361 (Keesler AFB)AETC81st Training Wing.png
403d Wing.png
81st Training Wing
403d Wing (AFRC)
2d Air Force. Primary AETC Technical Training school for electronics, such as wideband maintenance, ground radio, information technology, avionics, cryptography. Air Force Reserve Command's 403rd Wing operates WC-130 Hercules Hurricane Hunter aircraft. HQ Second Air Force.[28]
Kirtland Air Force BaseAlbuquerque, New Mexico35°02′25″N 106°36′33″W / 35.04028°N 106.60917°W / 35.04028; -106.60917 (Kirtland AFB)AFMC377th Air Base Wing.png
58th Special Operations Wing.jpg
377th Air Base Wing
150th Fighter Wing (NM ANG)
58th Special Operations Wing (AETC)
USAF Nuclear Weapons Center (NWC). The NWC is the center of expertise for nuclear weapon systems, ensuring safe, secure and reliable nuclear weapons are available to support the National Command Structure. Also AETC 19th Air Force Special Operations Command training base and training facility for ACC combat search and rescue (CSAR) communities. The 58 SOW operates the MC-130H Combat Talon II and MC-130P Combat Shadow, HC-130P King, UH-1N Huey, HH-60G Pave Hawk and CV-22 Osprey aircraft.[29]
Laughlin Air Force BaseDel Rio, Texas29°21′34″N 100°46′41″W / 29.35944°N 100.77806°W / 29.35944; -100.77806 (Laughlin AFB)AETC47th Flying Training Wing.png47th Flying Training Wing19th Air Force. Specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT) and is the largest pilot training base in the Air Force. The airfield handles the most takeoffs and landings among all airports in the United States. Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon[30]
Little Rock Air Force BaseJacksonville, Pulaski County, Arkansas34°55′01″N 092°08′47″W / 34.91694°N 92.14639°W / 34.91694; -92.14639 (Little Rock AFB)AMCUSAF - 19th Airlift Wing.png
314th Airlift Wing.png
19th Airlift Wing (AMC)
314th Airlift Wing (AETC)
189th Airlift Wing (AR ANG)
C-130 Airlift base for Air Mobility Command. Also only C-130 Hercules training base for the Department of Defense, training C-130 pilots, navigators, flight engineers, and loadmasters from all branches of the US military as well as 28 allied nations, in tactical airlift and aerial delivery.[31]
Los Angeles Air Force BaseEl Segundo, California33°55′08.79″N 118°22′50.23″W / 33.9191083°N 118.3806194°W / 33.9191083; -118.3806194 (Los Angeles AFB)AFSC61st Air Base Wing.svg61st Air Base GroupNon-flying facility. Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). The center manages research, development and acquisition of military space systems.[32]
Air Force Entertainment Liaison OfficeWilshire Blvd, Los AngelesAir Force Office of Public AffairsProvides assistance to the entertainment industry as a single point of contact for information and assistance with entertainment productions having Air Force themes or segments.
Luke Air Force BaseGlendale, Arizona33°32′06″N 112°22′59″W / 33.53500°N 112.38306°W / 33.53500; -112.38306 (Luke AFB)AETCUSAF - 56th Fighter Wing.png
944th Fighter Wing.png
56th Fighter Wing
944th Fighter Wing (AFRC)
19th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon training base.[33]
MacDill Air Force BaseTampa, Florida27°50′58″N 082°31′16″W / 27.84944°N 82.52111°W / 27.84944; -82.52111 (MacDill AFB)AMC6th Air Mobility Wing.png
927th Air Refueling Wing.png
6th Air Mobility Wing
927th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC)
HQ United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The 6 AMW is a 3,000-person force capable of providing air refueling anywhere in the world. It is augmented by the 927 ARW, a 1,000-person AFRC Associate unit. 6 AMW and 927 ARW operate KC-135 Stratotanker air refueling aircraft and the 6 AMW additional C-37 Gulfstream V executive airlift/transport operations. NOAA Air Operations a tenant activity with WP-3D Hurricane Hunter aircraft.[34]
Malmstrom Air Force BaseGreat Falls, Montana47°30′17″N 111°11′14″W / 47.50472°N 111.18722°W / 47.50472; -111.18722 (Malmstrom AFB)AFGSC341st Missile Wing.jpeg341st Missile WingLGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM base with launch facilities in central Montana.[35]
Maxwell Air Force BaseMontgomery, Alabama32°22′45″N 086°21′45″W / 32.37917°N 86.36250°W / 32.37917; -86.36250 (Maxwell AFB)AETC42d Air Base Wing.png
Air University.png
USAF - 908th Airlift Wing.png
42nd Air Base Wing
Air University
908th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
754th Electronic Systems Group
HQ Air Education and Training Command and Air University. Is the U.S. Air Force's center for Joint Professional Military Education (JPME). Also maintains jurisdiction of nearby Gunter Annex, formerly Gunter AFS. The 908th Airlift Wing (908 AW) is a tenant C-130 Hercules Air Force Reserve Command unit and the only operational flying wing at Maxwell.[36]
Civil Air Patrol HQ (CAP/USAF)
McConnell Air Force BaseWichita, Kansas37°37′23″N 097°16′02″W / 37.62306°N 97.26722°W / 37.62306; -97.26722 (McConnell AFB)AMC22d Air Refueling Wing.png
USAF - 931st Air Refueling Group.png
22d Air Refueling Wing
184th Intelligence Wing
931st Air Refueling Group (AFRC)
KC-135 Stratotanker. Primary mission is to provide global reach by conducting air refueling and airlift.[37]
Minot Air Force BaseMinot, North Dakota48°24′57″N 101°21′29″W / 48.41583°N 101.35806°W / 48.41583; -101.35806 (Minot AFB)AFGSC5th Bomb Wing.png
91st Space Wing.png
5th Bomb Wing
91st Missile Wing
One of two B-52 Stratofortress wings in USAF. 91st Missile Wing operates LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM launch facilities in northwestern North Dakota.[38]
Moody Air Force BaseValdosta, Georgia30°58′4″N 83°11′34″W / 30.96778°N 83.19278°W / 30.96778; -83.19278 (Moody AFB)ACC23d Wing.jpg23d Wing
93d Air Ground Operations Wing
820th Base Defense Group
476th Fighter Group (AFRC)
9th Air Force. A-10 Thunderbolt II. Moody AFB executes worldwide close air support, force protection, and combat search and rescue operations (CSAR) in support of humanitarian interests, United States national security and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).[39]
Mountain Home Air Force BaseMountain Home, Idaho43°02′37″N 115°52′21″W / 43.04361°N 115.87250°W / 43.04361; -115.87250 (Mountain Home AFB)ACC366th Fighter Wing.png366th Fighter Wing12th Air Force. F-15E Strike Eagle Mountain Home's primary mission is to provide combat airpower and combat support capabilities to respond to and sustain worldwide contingency operations.[40]
Nellis Air Force BaseLas Vegas, Nevada36°14′10″N 115°02′03″W / 36.23611°N 115.03417°W / 36.23611; -115.03417 (Nellis AFB)ACC57th Wing.svg
926th Group - emblem.png
57th Wing
99th Air Base Wing
53d Test and Evaluation Group
505th Test and Evaluation Group
563d Rescue Group
926th Group (AFRC)
USAF Warfare Center. Nellis is home of the largest and most demanding advanced combat air-training mission in the world. Also home base of the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron (Thunderbirds)[41]
Offutt Air Force BaseOmaha, Nebraska41°07′10″N 095°54′31″W / 41.11944°N 95.90861°W / 41.11944; -95.90861 (Offutt AFB)ACC55th Wing.png55th Wing12th Air Force. Headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), the Air Force Weather Agency and the ACC 55th Wing. 55th Wing responsible for global worldwide strategic intelligence gathering using Boeing RC-135. Former Cold War Headquarters of Strategic Air Command (SAC).[42]
Patrick Air Force BaseBrevard County, Florida28°14′06″N 080°36′36″W / 28.23500°N 80.61000°W / 28.23500; -80.61000 (Patrick AFB)AFSC45th Space Wing.png
920th Rescue Wing.jpg
45th Space Wing
920th Rescue Wing (AFRC)
45 SW manages all launches of unmanned rockets at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). These rockets include satellites for the US military, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the National Security Agency, as well as scientific payload launches in support of NASA and foreign governments. 920 RQW, a tenant AFRC unit, consists of HC-130P and HH-60G aircraft and over 1,500 Airmen, trained and equipped to locate and recover U.S. Armed Forces personnel during both peacetime and wartime military operations.[43]
Peterson Air Force BaseColorado Springs, Colorado38°49′25″N 104°41′42″W / 38.82361°N 104.69500°W / 38.82361; -104.69500 (Peterson AFB)AFSC21st Space Wing.png
302d Airlift Wing.png
21st Space Wing
302d Airlift Wing (AFRC)
HQ Air Force Space Command. 21 SW provides missile warning and space control to NORAD and U.S. Strategic Command through a network of command and control units and ground and space-based sensors operated by geographically separated units around the world. 302 AW is a tenant AFRC unit flying C-130 theater airlift aircraft.[44]
Pope FieldFayetteville, North Carolina35°10′15″N 079°00′52″W / 35.17083°N 79.01444°W / 35.17083; -79.01444 (Pope AAF)AMC43d Airlift Wing.svg
440th Airlift Wing.png
43d Airlift Group
440th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Under United States Army jurisdiction due to BRAC 2005 closure of USAF Pope AFB and transfer to Army control.

USAF now in tenant status at Pope performing C-130 Hercules tactical airlift operations in support of Army airborne units at Fort Bragg in preparation for airborne and aerial resupply missions.[45]

Robins Air Force BaseWarner Robins, Georgia32°38′24″N 083°35′30″W / 32.64000°N 83.59167°W / 32.64000; -83.59167 (Robins AFB)AFMC78 ABW.jpg
116th Air Control Wing.png
78th Air Base Wing
461st Air Control Wing (ACC)
116th Air Control Wing (GA ANG)
689th Combat Communications Wing
One of three AFMC Air Logistics Complexes. Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex is primary logistics support depot for AC-130/C-130 (and variants), C-17, E-8, F-15, HH-60, RQ-4 (UAS) and UH-1 aircraft and helicopters and provides depot-level maintenance on those weapons systems. HQ Air Force Reserve Command. Supports ACC and Georgia ANG E-8C Joint STARS reconnaissance aircraft global operations.[46]
Schriever Air Force BaseColorado Springs, Colorado38°48′12″N 104°31′32″W / 38.80333°N 104.52556°W / 38.80333; -104.52556 (Schriever AFB)AFSC50th Space Wing.png
310th Space Wing.png
50th Space Wing
310th Space Wing (AFRC)
Orbital satellite operations. Provides command and control for more than 170[1] Department of Defense warning, navigational, and communications satellite. Schriever is also the operations center for the Global Positioning System, the world’s largest military satellite constellation.[47]
Scott Air Force BaseBelleville, Illinois38°32′43″N 089°50′07″W / 38.54528°N 89.83528°W / 38.54528; -89.83528 (Scott AFB)AMC375 AW.jpg
932d Airlift Wing.png
126th Air Refueling Wing.png
375th Air Mobility Wing
932d Airlift Wing (AFRC)
126th Air Refueling Wing (IL ANG)
HQ Air Mobility Command; Aeromedial evacuations; AMC Special Air Mission
KC-135 Stratotanker (ANG). Also Headquarters for the Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC), United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and United States Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC).[48]
Seymour Johnson Air Force BaseGoldsboro, North Carolina35°20′22″N 077°57′38″W / 35.33944°N 77.96056°W / 35.33944; -77.96056 (Seymour Johnson AFB)ACC4th Fighter Wing.png
916th Air Refueling Wing.png
4th Fighter Wing
916th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC)
9th Air Force. Provides worldwide deployable F-15E Strike Eagle and personnel capable of executing combat missions in support of the Aerospace Expeditionary Force. The wing also provides logistical support to an Air Force Reserve Command KC-135 Stratotanker unit.[49]
Shaw Air Force BaseSumter, South Carolina33°58′23″N 080°28′22″W / 33.97306°N 80.47278°W / 33.97306; -80.47278 (Shaw Air Force Base)ACC20th Fighter Wing.png20th Fighter Wing9th Air Force. Operates F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft in conventional and anti-radiation suppression of enemy air defenses, strategic attack, counter-air, air interdiction, joint maritime operations and combat search-and-rescue missions. HQ ACC Ninth Air Force; United States Air Forces Central (USCENTAF) and United States Army Central (USARCENT)[50]
Sheppard Air Force BaseWichita Falls, Texas33°59′20″N 098°29′31″W / 33.98889°N 98.49194°W / 33.98889; -98.49194 (Sheppard AFB)AETC82d Training Wing.png
80th Flying Training Wing.png
82d Training Wing
80th Flying Training Wing
2d Air Force. AETC technical training wing; 19th Air Force 80th FTW conducts the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) program, the world's only multi-nationally manned and managed flying training program chartered to produce combat pilots for both USAF and NATO.[51]
Thule Air BaseGreenland76°31′52″N 068°42′12″W / 76.53111°N 68.70333°W / 76.53111; -68.70333 (Thule AB)AFSC821st-Air-Base-Group.jpg821st Air Base GroupMost northern USAF facility. Under operational control of 21st Space Wing, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. Provides missile warning, space surveillance and space control to NORAD and Air Force Space Command.[52]
Tinker Air Force BaseOklahoma City, Oklahoma35°24′53″N 097°23′12″W / 35.41472°N 97.38667°W / 35.41472; -97.38667 (Tinker AFB)AFMC72d Air Base Wing.png
552d Air Control Wing.png
507 ARW.jpg
72d Air Base Wing
552d Air Control Wing
507th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC) <BR. 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group
One of three AFMC Air Logistics Complexes. Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex is primary logistics support depot for B-1, B-2, B-52, KC-135 and E-3 aircraft and provides depot-level maintenance on those weapons systems. The Air Force Sustainment Center is also Headquartered here. 552d Air Control Wing flies Air Combat Command's E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft. The E-3's radar and other sensors provide deep-look surveillance, warning, interception control and airborne battle management.[53]
Travis Air Force BaseFairfield, California38°15′46″N 121°55′39″W / 38.26278°N 121.92750°W / 38.26278; -121.92750 (Travis AFB)AMC60th Air Mobility Wing.png
349 AMW.jpg
60th Air Mobility Wing
349th Air Mobility Wing (AFRC)
The 60th AMW is the largest wing in the Air Force's Air Mobility Command, with a fleet of C-5 Galaxies, KC-10 Extenders, and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft providing airlift around the world.[54]
Tyndall Air Force BasePanama City, Florida30°4′43″N 85°34′35″W / 30.07861°N 85.57639°W / 30.07861; -85.57639 (Tyndall AFB)AETC325th Fighter Wing.png
USAF - Con AF North.png
325th Fighter Wing
53rd Weapons Evaluation Group
19th Air Force. 325th FW provide air dominance training for F-22A Raptor and F-35A Lightning II pilots and maintenance personnel and air battle managers. The 1st Air Force ACC NORAD CONR-AFNORTH provides airspace surveillance and control and directs all Air Defense activities for the continental United States.[55]
United States Air Force AcademyColorado Springs, Colorado38°59′25″N 104°51′30″W / 38.99028°N 104.85833°W / 38.99028; -104.85833 (USAF Academy)US-AirForceAcademy-Shield.svg
10th Air Base Wing.png
306th Flying Training Group.png
10th Air Base Wing
306th Flying Training Group
USAF Federal military academy. The academy offers a four-year program with a Bachelor of Science degree with graduates commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force. 10th ABW provides academy support services; 306th FTG is the AETC airmanship training unit.[56]
Vance Air Force BaseEnid, Oklahoma36°20′22″N 097°55′02″W / 36.33944°N 97.91722°W / 36.33944; -97.91722 (Vance ANGB)AETC71st Flying Training Wing.png71st Flying Training Wing19th Air Force. Specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT). Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon[57]
Vandenberg Air Force BaseLompoc, California34°43′57″N 120°34′05″W / 34.73250°N 120.56806°W / 34.73250; -120.56806 (Vandenberg AFB)AFSC30th Space Wing.png30th Space Wing
381st Training Group
Launches satellites into polar orbit from the West Coast, using expendable boosters (Pegasus, Taurus, Minotaur, Atlas V and Delta IV). Wing personnel also support the Service's LGM-30G Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force Development Evaluation program.[58]
Whiteman Air Force BaseKnob Noster, Missouri38°43′49″N 093°32′53″W / 38.73028°N 93.54806°W / 38.73028; -93.54806 (Whiteman AFB)AFGSC509th Bomb Wing.png
131st Fighter Wing.png
442d Fighter Wing.png
509th Bomb Wing
131st Bomb Wing (MO ANG)
442d Fighter Wing (AFRC)
Operates B-2 Spirit stealth bomber designed to be employed to strike high-value targets that are either out of range of conventional aircraft or considered to be too heavily defended for conventional aircraft to strike without a high risk of loss. Also supports Air Force Reserve A-10 Thunderbolt II operations.[59]
Wright-Patterson Air Force BaseDayton, Ohio39°49′23″N 084°02′58″W / 39.82306°N 84.04944°W / 39.82306; -84.04944 (Wright-Patterson AFB)AFMC88th Air Base Wing.png
445th Airlift Wing.png
88th Air Base Wing
445th Airlift Wing(AFRC)
591st Supply Chain Management Group
HQ, Air Force Materiel Command. Wright-Patterson is the headquarters of the Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC); Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGSC) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). It is also the home base of the 445th Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command, an Air Mobility Command-gained unit which flies the C-17 Globemaster III heavy airlifter. Also home of the National Museum of the United States Air Force.[60]

DoD Joint Bases (USAF units)[edit]

Department of Defense Joint Bases were established in accordance with congressional legislation implementing the recommendations of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The legislation ordered the consolidation of separate military installations into a single joint base as a result of the law. Jurisdiction was designated by the DoD. Most of the facilities were geographically adjoining; others were within the same area.[1][61]

NameLocationCoordinatesUSAF Unit EmblemUnit DesignationNotes/Mission
Joint Base Anacostia-BollingWashington, D.C.38°50′34″N 077°00′58″W / 38.84278°N 77.01611°W / 38.84278; -77.01611 (JB Anacostia-Bolling)Under United States Navy jurisdiction. Merger of USAF Bolling AFB and USN Naval Support Facility Anacostia.

Non-flying facility. USAF components under Air Force District of Washington, 11th Wing. Mission is to support administrative requirements of USAF Pentagon personnel and other Air Force offices in the Department of Defense.[62][63]

Joint Base AndrewsCamp Springs, Maryland38°48′39″N 076°52′01″W / 38.81083°N 76.86694°W / 38.81083; -76.86694 (Joint Base Andrews)11th Wing.png
89th Airlift Wing.png
11th Wing
89th Airlift Wing
459th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC)
Under USAF jurisdiction; Air Force District of Washington. Merger of USAF Andrews AFB and USN Naval Air Facility Washington

Primary USAF mission at Andrews is the Air Mobility Command 89th Airlift Wing Special Air Mission, logistics and communications support for the president, Vice president and other U.S. senior leaders. Air Force One is assigned to the 89th AW. 459th ARW (AFRC) KC-135 Stratotanker[63][64]

Joint Base CharlestonCharleston, South Carolina32°53′55″N 080°02′26″W / 32.89861°N 80.04056°W / 32.89861; -80.04056 (Joint Base Charleston-AF)628th Air Base Wing - Emblem.png
437th Airlift Wing.png
315th Airlift Wing.png
628th Air Base Wing
437th Airlift Wing
315th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Under USAF jurisdiction; Air Mobility Command. Merger of USAF Charleston AFB and USN Naval Support Activity Charleston

USAF components: 437th Airlift Wing operates C-17 Globemaster III heavy airlift aircraft on a worldwide basis. Supports AFRC operations of the integrated 315th Airlift Wing[65]

Joint Base Elmendorf-RichardsonAnchorage, Alaska61°15′05″N 149°48′23″W / 61.25139°N 149.80639°W / 61.25139; -149.80639 (JB Elmendorf-Richardson)673d Air Base Wing.png
3d Wing.png
176th Wing Insignia.png
673d Air Base Wing
3d Wing
176th Wing (AK ANG)
Under USAF jurisdiction; Pacific Air Forces. Merger of USAF Elmendorf AFB and USA Fort Richardson

USAF components: 3d Wing F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter supports and defends U.S. interests in the Asia Pacific region and around the world. AK ANG 176th Wing operates eight C-130H Hercules aircraft. Also HQ of PACAF Eleventh Air Force, DOD Alaskan Command (ALCOM), Alaska NORAD Region[66][67]

Joint Base Langley–EustisHampton, Virginia37°04′58″N 076°21′38″W / 37.08278°N 76.36056°W / 37.08278; -76.36056 (Joint Base Langley–Eustis-AF)633d Air Base Wing.PNG
1st Fighter Wing.png
192d Fighter Wing.png
633d Air Base Wing
1st Fighter Wing
480th ISR Wing
192d Fighter Wing (VA ANG)
Under USAF jurisdiction; Air Combat Command. Merger of USAF Langley AFB and USA Fort Eustis

USAF components: 1st Fighter Wing F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter supports and defends U.S. interests around the world. 480th ISR Wing operates "Sentinel" weapon system, conducting imagery, cryptologic, and measurement and signatures intelligence activities. Also HQ of Air Combat Command (ACC)[68]

Joint Base Lewis-McChordTacoma, Washington47°08′51″N 122°28′46″W / 47.14750°N 122.47944°W / 47.14750; -122.47944 (Joint Base Lewis-McChord-AF)627th Air Base Group - Emblem.png
62d Airlift Wing.png
446th Airlift Wing.png
627th Air Base Group
62d Airlift Wing
446th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Western Air Defense Sector (WA ANG)
Under United States Army jurisdiction. Merger of USA Fort Lewis and USAF McChord AFB

USAF components under Air Mobility Command. 62d Airlift Wing C-17 Globemaster III airlifters fly around the world, conducting airdrop training; it also carries out the Antarctic resupply missions. Washington Air National Guard operates Western Air Defense Sector NORAD CONR-AFNORTH Ground Control Interceptor Base.[69][70]

McGuire Air Force BaseTrenton, New Jersey40°01′09″N 074°31′22″W / 40.01917°N 74.52278°W / 40.01917; -74.52278 (McGuire AFB)87th Air Base Wing - Emblem.png
21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force - Emblem.jpg
305th Air Mobility Wing.png
514 AMW.jpg
87th Air Base Wing
108th Air Refueling Wing (NJ ANG)
305th Air Mobility Wing
514th Air Mobility Wing (AFRC)
621st Contingency Response Wing
Under USAF jurisdiction; Air Mobility Command.

USAF components: 305th Air Mobility Wing 514th Air Mobility Wing C-17 Globemaster III conducts global strategic airlift and air refueling missions. In addition to aircraft and aircrew generation, the 305th Air Mobility Wing controls one of the Air Force's busiest aerial ports, and the air operations at both McGuire and Lakehurst Fields. Also 621st Contingency Response Wing and 108th Air Refueling Wing (NJ ANG)

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamHonolulu, Hawaii21°20′59″N 157°57′31″W / 21.34972°N 157.95861°W / 21.34972; -157.95861 (JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam)15th Wing.png
154th Wing.png
15th Wing
154th Wing (HI ANG)
Under United States Navy jurisdiction. Merger of USAF Hickam AFB, and USN Naval Base Pearl Harbor

USAF components under Pacific Air Forces. 15th Wing F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter projects peace and power in the Pacific and beyond. Also 15th Wing (HI ANG), HQ Pacific Air Forces and Thirteenth Air Force[71][72]

Joint Base San AntonioSan Antonio, Texas29°26′56″N 098°26′56″W / 29.44889°N 98.44889°W / 29.44889; -98.44889 (JB San Antonio)USAF - 502d Air Base Wing.png
12th Flying Training Wing.png
433 AW.jpg
149th Fighter Wing.png
67th Network Warfare Wing
502d Air Base Wing
340th Flying Training Group (AFRC)
433d Airlift Wing (AFRC)
149th Fighter Wing (TX ANG)
624th Operations Center
688th Information Operations Wing
Under USAF jurisdiction; Air Education and Training Command. Merger of USAF Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB and USA Fort Sam Houston

Randolph AFB 12th Flying Training Wing provides specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT). Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon. Lackland AFB provides USAF Basic Training to new Airmen and supports Texas Air National Guard 149th FW F-16 and Air Force Reserve 433d AW C-5 flight operations at Kelly Field Annex (Formerly Kelly AFB).[73][74][75]

Joint Region MarianasGuam13°34′52″N 144°55′28″E / 13.58111°N 144.92444°E / 13.58111; 144.92444 (Andersen AFB)36th Wing.png36th WingUnder United States Navy jurisdiction Merger of USN Naval Base Guam and USAF Andersen Air Force Base

USAF Pacific Air Forces 36th Wing at Andersen AFB. Supports transient aircraft using Andersen for training operations. (No permanent aircraft assigned)[76][77]

United States Air Forces in Europe[edit]

US Air Force Installations in the Europe Command
US Air Force Installations in the Europe Command

USAF air component for U.S. European Command (EUCOM). USAFE has seven main operating bases along with 114 geographically separated locations.[78]

NameLocationCoordinatesUnit EmblemUnit DesignationNotes/Mission
Ankara Support FacilityTurkey39th Air Base Wing.png
39th Air Base Wing
717th Air Base Squadron
A GSU of Incirlik Air Base, operates the Ankara Support Facility providing support to the American Community in the Ankara Area including the diverse military community and the U.S. Embassy.[79]
Aviano Air BaseItaly46°01′53″N 012°35′49″E / 46.03139°N 12.59694°E / 46.03139; 12.59694 (Aviano AB)31st Fighter Wing.png31st Fighter WingF-16 Fighting Falcon supporting NATO and deployments to US Air Forces Central.[80]
Büchel Air BaseGermany50°10′35″N 007°03′28″E / 50.17639°N 7.05778°E / 50.17639; 7.05778 (Büchel AB)52d Fighter Wing.png52d Fighter Wing702nd Munitions Support Squadron.[81]
Chievres Air BaseBelgium50°35′9.58″N 003°50′37.47″E / 50.5859944°N 3.8437417°E / 50.5859944; 3.8437417 (Chievres AB)86th Airlift Wing.png86th Airlift WingGSU of Ramstein Air Base.[82]
Ghedi Air BaseItaly45°25′52.57″N 10°16′48.40″E / 45.4312694°N 10.2801111°E / 45.4312694; 10.2801111 (Ghedi AB)52d Fighter Wing.png52d Fighter Wing704th Munitions Support Squadron.[81]
Incirlik Air BaseTurkey37°00′07″N 035°25′33″E / 37.00194°N 35.42583°E / 37.00194; 35.42583 (Incirlik Air Base)39th Air Base Wing.png39th Air Base WingNo permanent aircraft assigned. Supports USAF/NATO aircraft deployed to Southern Europe supporting NATO and deployments to US Air Forces Central.[83]
Izmir Air StationTurkey38°27′27″N 027°10′13″E / 38.45750°N 27.17028°E / 38.45750; 27.17028 (Izmir Air Station)39th Air Base Wing.png
425th Air Base Squadron - Emblem.png
39th Air Base Wing
425th Air Base Squadron
No permanent aircraft assigned. Supports U.S. personnel assigned to Component Command Headquarters Air Izmir and tenant organizations at over 20 GSU sites in Turkey. Administers the $1 million US-Turkish Cigli AB Loan Agreement. Performs everything normally accomplished by a wing, with the exception of operations. Izmir Air Station is the oldest NATO base in Turkey. The headquarters of NATO's Allied Air Component Command for Southern Europe has been located in Izmir since 11 August 2004.[84]
Kleine Brogel Air BaseBelgium52d Fighter Wing.png52d Fighter Wing701st Munitions Support Squadron.[81]
Lajes FieldTerceira Island, Azores, Portugal38°45′42″N 027°05′26″W / 38.76167°N 27.09056°W / 38.76167; -27.09056 (Lajes Field)65th Air Base Wing.png65th Air Base WingNon-flying wing; En route support for transient aircraft making trans-Atlantic crossings. In recent years traffic has declined as the U.S. Air Force moves towards mid-air refueling methods, leaving the airfield devoid of active aircraft for periods of time. However, the strategic importance of the site will likely keep it active for many years to come.[85]
Morón Air BaseSpain86th Airlift Wing.png86th Airlift Wing
496th Air Base Squadron
GSU of Ramstein Air Base.[82]
NATO Air Base GeilenkirchenGermanyLogistics WingThe Component Commander and the Logistics Wing of the E-3A Component currently fall under the USAF.[86]
Pápa Air BaseHungaryThe Heavy Airlift WingPápa Air Base was selected to host the operational arm of the Strategic Airlift Capability, The Heavy Airlift Wing. The initial cadre of the Heavy Airlift Wing arrived to Pápa Air Base in October 2008.[87]
RAF AlconburyCambridgeshire, United Kingdom52°22′15.27″N 000°13′36.94″W / 52.3709083°N 0.2269278°W / 52.3709083; -0.2269278 (RAF Alconbury)501st Combat Support Wing.png501st Combat Support Wing
423d Air Base Group
Provides combat support enabling intelligence and communications at RAF Alconbury, RAF Molesworth, and at Stavanger, Norway. .[88] Oldest USAFE (1951) and last major World War II USAAF Eighth Air Force operational base in the UK still on active status
RAF CroughtonNorthamptonshire, United Kingdom501st Combat Support Wing.png501st Combat Support Wing
422d Air Base Group
Provides combat support enabling communications and global strike operations at RAF Croughton, RAF Fairford, and RAF Welford.[89]
RAF FairfordGloucestershire, United Kingdom501st Combat Support Wing.png501st Combat Support Wing
420th Air Base Squadron
RAF FeltwellNorfolk, United Kingdom48th Fighter Wing
100th Air Refueling Wing
501st Combat Support Wing
352d Special Operations Group (AFSOC)
RAF FylingdalesNorth York Moors, United Kingdom54°21′28.42″N 0°40′12.37″W / 54.3578944°N 0.6701028°W / 54.3578944; -0.6701028 (RAF Fylingdales)501st Combat Support Wing[90]
RAF LakenheathSuffolk, United Kingdom52°24′30″N 000°33′24″E / 52.40833°N 0.55667°E / 52.40833; 0.55667 (RAF Lakenheath)48th Fighter Wing.png48th Fighter WingF-15 Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle supporting NATO and deployments to US Air Forces Central, the only F-15 squadrons in Europe. Also HH-60G PAVEHawk Search and Rescue helicopters. Last remaining active USAFE unit to be stationed in France (1952–1960). Given "Statue of Liberty Wing" (Statue De La Liberte)official designation on 4 July 1954 while stationed there aty Chaumont AB France. Only USAF Wing with a numerical and a name designator.[91]
RAF Menwith HillNorth Yorkshire, United Kingdom501st Combat Support Wing.png501st Combat Support Wing
421st Air Base Group
RAF MildenhallSuffolk, United Kingdom52°21′54″N 000°28′51″E / 52.36500°N 0.48083°E / 52.36500; 0.48083 (RAF Mildenhall)100th Air Refueling Wing.png
501st Combat Support Wing.png
100th Air Refueling Wing
501st Combat Support Wing
352d Special Operations Group (AFSOC)
KC-135 Stratotanker operations supporting NATO and deployments to US Air Forces Central, the only air refueling wing in Europe. Also major Air Mobility Command Aerial Port for UK. Mildenhall serves as a bridge between the US and Europe and the Middle East, allowing aircraft to refuel mid-air or resupply on the airfield before continuing to their destination. HQ Third Air Force.[93] 100th ARW carries the lineage and history of World War II USAAF Eighth Air Force 100th Bombardment Group, stationed in the UK 1943–1945.
RAF MolesworthCambridgeshire, United Kingdom501st Combat Support Wing.png501st Combat Support Wing
423d Air Base Group
RAF WelfordBerkshire, United Kingdom501st Combat Support Wing.png501st Combat Support Wing
420th Munitions Squadron
Provides combat support enabling communications and global strike operations at RAF Croughton, RAF Fairford, and RAF Welford.[89]
Ramstein Air BaseGermany49°26′38.10″N 007°36′08.13″E / 49.4439167°N 7.6022583°E / 49.4439167; 7.6022583 (Ramstein AB)86th Airlift Wing.png
521st Air Mobility Operations Wing.png
HQ United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)
HQ United States Air Forces Africa (AFAFRICA)
Third Air Force
86th Airlift Wing
435th Air Ground Operations Wing
521st Air Mobility Operations Wing
USAFE & AFAFRICA theater transport providing a service by relaying equipment to battlefields and war zones, and relaying patients back to the United States or to the nearby Landstuhl Medical Center. Major Air Mobility Command Aerial Port for USAFE. 86th is the longest continuously serving USAFE unit (20 August 1946–present).[95]
Spangdahlem Air BaseGermany49°58′33″N 006°41′50″E / 49.97583°N 6.69722°E / 49.97583; 6.69722 (Spangdahlem AB)52d Fighter Wing.png52d Fighter WingOperate F-16 Fighting Falcon and A-10 Thunderbolt II supporting NATO and deployments to US Air Forces Central.[81]
Stavanger Air StationNorway501st Combat Support Wing
426th Air Base Squadron
Provide support to the Joint Warfare Center (NATO) and DoD personnel assigned to Norway.[96]
Volkel Air BaseNetherlands52d Fighter Wing.png52d Fighter Wing703d Munitions Support Squadron.[81]

Pacific Air Forces[edit]

US Air Force Installations in the Pacific Command
US Air Force Installations in the Pacific Command

PACAF's primary mission is to provide U.S. Pacific Command integrated expeditionary Air Force capabilities to defend the Homeland, promote stability, dissuade/deter aggression, and swiftly defeat enemies. PACAF traces its roots to the activation of Far East Air Forces, 3 Aug 1944, at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It consisted of three numbered air forces—5th, 7th and 13th—which were supporting combat operations in the Pacific Theater of World War II. DoD Joint Bases in Alaska, Hawaii and Guam are not listed.[61]

NameLocationCoordinatesUnit EmblemUnit DesignationNotes/Mission
Eielson Air Force BaseFairbanks, Alaska64°39′56″N 147°06′05″W / 64.66556°N 147.10139°W / 64.66556; -147.10139 (Eielson AFB)354th Fighter Wing.png
168th Air Refueling Wing.png
354th Fighter Wing
168th Air Refueling Wing (AK ANG)
F-16 Fighting Falcon Red Flag-Alaska aggressor training. Air National Guard KC-135 Stratotanker air refueling unit.[97][98]
Kadena Air BaseOkinawa, Japan26°21′06″N 127°46′10″E / 26.35167°N 127.76944°E / 26.35167; 127.76944 (Kadena AFB)USAF - 18th Wing.png
353d Special Operations Group.png
18th Wing
353d Special Operations Group (AFSOC)
F-15 Eagle air defense operations over Japan and East Asia. The 18th Wing also conducts KC-135 air refueling and E-3B Airborne Command and Control operations in addition to HH-60G PAVEHawk Search and Rescue helicopter operations. 353d SOG provides special operations capability to PACAF.[99] 18th Operations Group (as 18th Pursuit Group) was assigned to Wheeler Field, Hawaii Territory on 21 January 1927. Oldest USAF unit continually assigned to Pacific.
Kunsan Air BaseRepublic of Korea35°54′13″N 126°36′57″E / 35.90361°N 126.61583°E / 35.90361; 126.61583 (Kunsan AB)8thfw-emblem.jpg8th Fighter WingF-16 Fighting Falcon defense of South Korea.[100] 8th Operations Group (as 8th Pursuit Group) oldest Fifth Air Force unit, continually assigned since 6 March 1942.
Misawa Air BaseJapan40°42′19″N 141°22′19″E / 40.70528°N 141.37194°E / 40.70528; 141.37194 (Misawa AB)35th Fighter Wing.png35th Fighter WingF-16 Fighting Falcon air defense operations over Japan.[101]
Osan Air BaseRepublic of Korea37°05′26″N 127°01′47″E / 37.09056°N 127.02972°E / 37.09056; 127.02972 (Osan AB)51st Fighter Wing.png51st Fighter Wing
694th Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Group
F-16 Fighting Falcon air defense of South Korea and A-10 Thunderbolt II support of US/ROK ground forces. HQ Seventh Air Force[102]
Yokota Air BaseJapan35°44′55″N 139°20′55″E / 35.74861°N 139.34861°E / 35.74861; 139.34861 (Yokota AB)374th Airlift Wing.jpg374th Airlift WingC-130 Hercules tactical airlift operation in Western Pacific. HQ Fifth Air Force[103] 374th Operations Group (as 374th Troop Carrier Group) continually assigned to Fifth Air Force since 12 November 1942. Activated in Australia, never assigned to the United States.

United States Air Forces Central[edit]

US Air Force Installations in the Central Command
US Air Force Installations in the Central Command

The primary mission of units assigned to United States Air Forces Central (USAFCENT), are to support the Global War on Terrorism by providing aerial support for U.S. and Coalition forces on the ground. Air Expeditionary units assigned to USAFCENT are in provisional status and do not carry a permanent history or lineage.

Publicly disclosed units and stations are listed below:[104]

NameLocationCoordinatesUnit EmblemUnit DesignationNotes/Mission
Al Dhafra Air BaseUnited Arab Emirates24°14′53″N 054°32′51″E / 24.24806°N 54.54750°E / 24.24806; 54.54750 (Al Dhafra AB)380th Air Expeditionary Wing.png
363d Flying Training Group - Emblem.png
380th Air Expeditionary Wing
363d Flying Training Group (ACC)
Primary AFCENT Deployment Base. Performs intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and aerial refueling in support of Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom and the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa. The attached 9th Air Force 363d Flying Training Group facilitates the flying training of airmen from various nations.[105][106]
Al Udeid Air BaseQatar25°07′02″N 051°18′53″E / 25.11722°N 51.31472°E / 25.11722; 51.31472 (Al Udeid AB)379th Air Expeditionary Wing - Emblem.png
64th Air Expeditionary Group.png
379th Air Expeditionary Wing
64th Air Expeditionary Group
Primary AFCENT Deployment Base. Provides combat airpower and combat support for Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and through support of the Joint Task Force Horn of Africa. 64th AEG providings integrated defense, emergency response, and combat support for the base. Al Udeid is the forward Headquarters of the United States Central Command, as well as the 83d Expeditionary Air Group of the Royal Air Force. The base is frequently used as a staging base for air units that are transferring into Iraq,[107]
Ali Al Salem Air BaseKuwait29°20′48″N 047°31′14″E / 29.34667°N 47.52056°E / 29.34667; 47.52056 (Ali Al Salem AB)386th Air Expeditionary Wing.png
387th Air Expeditionary Group - Emblem.png
386th Air Expeditionary Wing
387th Air Expeditionary Operations Group
Primary AFCENT Deployment Base. Primary tactical airlift hub for re-supply missions supporting Coalition operations in Iraq and providing combat service support to land component forces throughout the Persian Gulf Region and Iraq. 387th AEOG provides base operating support-integration for Coalition forces and civilian contractors.[108]
Bagram AirfieldAfghanistan34°56′46″N 069°15′54″E / 34.94611°N 69.26500°E / 34.94611; 69.26500 (Bagram AFLD)455th Air Expeditionary Wing.png
755th Air Expeditionary Group - Emblem.png
455th Air Expeditionary Wing
755th Air Expeditionary Group
Provides the International Security Assistance Force with responsive airpower as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. First constructed during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but it has since been greatly improved. The United States has spent more than $200 million improving Bagram, and the base now includes shops, restaurants, recreational complexes, and housing for thousands of personnel.[109]
Kabul International AirportAfghanistan34°33′56″N 069°12′39″E / 34.56556°N 69.21083°E / 34.56556; 69.21083 (Kabul IAP)438th Air Expeditionary Wing.PNG
438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.png
438th Air Expeditionary Wing
438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
Provides the International Security Assistance Force with responsive airpower as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.[110]
Kandahar AirfieldAfghanistan31°30′21″N 065°50′52″E / 31.50583°N 65.84778°E / 31.50583; 65.84778 (Kandahar AFLD)451st-airexpeditionarywing-emblem.png
738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group Emplem.png
451st Air Expeditionary Wing
651st Air Expeditionary Group
738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
Provides the International Security Assistance Force with responsive airpower as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. 738th AEAG is a detached component of the 438th AEW at Kabul IAP[110][111]
Sheik Isa Air BaseBahrain25°55′05″N 50°35′26″E / 25.91806°N 50.59056°E / 25.91806; 50.59056 (Sheik Isa AB)Detachment of the 379th Air Expeditionary WingLogistical hub.
Shindand Air BaseAfghanistan33°23′28.79″N 62°15′39.51″E / 33.3913306°N 62.2609750°E / 33.3913306; 62.2609750 (Shindand AB)838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group.png838th Air Expeditionary Advisory GroupBeing developed into a major flying training base for the Afghanistan Air Force. 838th AEAG is a detached component of the 438th AEW at Kabul IAP[110][112]
RAFO ThumraitOman17°39′56″N 54°01′28″E / 17.66556°N 54.02444°E / 17.66556; 54.02444 (RAFO Thumrait)405th Air Expeditionary Wing - emblem.png405th Air Expeditionary WingPrimary AFCENT Deployment Base. Air Refueling operations
Transit Center at ManasKyrgyzstan43°03′01″N 074°28′10″E / 43.05028°N 74.46944°E / 43.05028; 74.46944 (Manas TS)376th Air Expeditionary Wing.png376th Air Expeditionary WingAs its name suggests, the base is the main transit point for troops leaving and entering Afghanistan and is known to many soldiers as “The Gateway to Hell.” The site is equipped with comforts, including video games, internet cafes, and wireless internet.[113]

Air National Guard & Air Force Reserve[edit]

Air National Guard units are a reserve military force composed of state Air National Guard militia members or federally recognized units and report to the governor of their respective state, territory (Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands) or the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard. Each of the 54 Air National Guard organizations is supervised by the adjutant general of the state or territory,[114]

Air Force Reserve units are aligned under Fourth Air Force, Tenth Air Force and Twenty-Second Air Force of the Air Force Reserve Command. The command has Fighter, Air Refueling and Airlift units, and is administratively responsible for all the Air Force's individual mobilization augmentees.[115]

NameLocationCoordinatesStateUnit EmblemUnit DesignationNotes/Mission
Abston Air National Guard StationMontgomery, Alabama32°21′22″N 086°20′48″W / 32.35611°N 86.34667°W / 32.35611; -86.34667 (Abston ANGS)AL ANG226th Combat Communications GroupAFSPC gained cyber unit.[116]
Atlantic City Air National Guard Base
Atlantic City International Airport
Atlantic City, New Jersey39°26′53″N 074°34′54″W / 39.44806°N 74.58167°W / 39.44806; -74.58167 (Atlantic city ANGB)NJ ANG177th Fighter Wing.png177th Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[117]
Bangor Air National Guard Base
Bangor International Airport
Bangor, Maine44°48′51″N 068°49′51″W / 44.81417°N 68.83083°W / 44.81417; -68.83083 (Bangor ANGB)ME ANG101st Air Refueling Wing.png101st Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker under 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Former Strategic Air Command Dow Air Force Base[118]
Barnes Air National Guard Base
Barnes Municipal Airport
Westfield, Massachusetts42°09′56″N 072°43′14″W / 42.16556°N 72.72056°W / 42.16556; -72.72056 (Barnes ANGB)MA ANG104th Fighter Wing.png104th Fighter WingACC gained unit 9th Air Force. Operates F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter. Deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[119]
Beightler ArmoryColumbus, Ohio40°05′18″N 083°04′01″W / 40.08833°N 83.06694°W / 40.08833; -83.06694 (Beightler Armory)OH ANGHQ Ohio Air National Guard[120]
Berry Field Air National Guard Base
Nashville International Airport
Nashville, Tennessee36°07′36″N 86°40′55″W / 36.12667°N 86.68194°W / 36.12667; -86.68194 (Berry Field ANGB)TN ANG118th Airlift Wing.png118th Airlift WingAETC gained under 19th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[121]
Birmingham Air National Guard Base
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport
Birmingham, Alabama33°33′50″N 086°45′08″W / 33.56389°N 86.75222°W / 33.56389; -86.75222 (Birmingham ANGB)AL ANG117th Air Refueling Wing.png117th Air Refueling WingAMC gained unit, operates KC-135 Stratotanker, performs worldwide aerial refueling and airlift missions.[122]
Bradley Air National Guard Base
Bradley International Airport
Windsor Locks, Connecticut41°56′20″N 72°41′0″W / 41.93889°N 72.68333°W / 41.93889; -72.68333 (Bradley ANGB)CT ANG103d Fighter Wing.png103d Airlift WingAMC gained unit, 18th Air Force. Operates C-21a Cougar for aeromedical airlift missions.[123]
Burlington Air National Guard Base
Burlington International Airport
Burlington, Vermont44°28′22″N 073°08′48″W / 44.47278°N 73.14667°W / 44.47278; -73.14667 (Burlington ANGB)VT ANG158th Fighter Wing.png158th Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.

Former Air Defense Command Ethan Allen Air Force Base.[124]

Camp MabryAustin, Texas30°19′04″N 097°45′38″W / 30.31778°N 97.76056°W / 30.31778; -97.76056 (Camp Mabry)TX ANGTexas Air National Guard patch.pngHQ Texas Air National Guard[125]
Capital Airport Air National Guard Station
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
Springfield, Illinois39°50′39″N 089°40′41″W / 39.84417°N 89.67806°W / 39.84417; -89.67806 (Capital Airport NGS)IL ANG183d Fighter Wing.png183d Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon. Deploys on a worldwide basis when directed by HQ Air Combat Command.[126]
Channel Islands Air National Guard StationOxnard, California34°06′54″N 119°06′37″W / 34.11500°N 119.11028°W / 34.11500; -119.11028 (Bradley ANGB)CA ANG146th Airlift Wing.png146th Airlift WingStation is co-located with USN Naval Air Station Point Mugu 146th AW is AMC gained unit, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules. Also HQ California Air National Guard[127]
Charleston Air National Guard Base
Yeager Airport
Charleston, West Virginia38°22′23″N 81°35′35″W / 38.37306°N 81.59306°W / 38.37306; -81.59306 (Charleston ANGB)WV ANG130th Airlift Wing.svg130th Airlift WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates C-130 Hercules assigned to 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force.[128]
Charlotte Air National Guard Base
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Charlotte, North Carolina35°12′58″N 80°55′55″W / 35.21611°N 80.93194°W / 35.21611; -80.93194 (Charlotte ANGB)NC ANG145th Airlift Wing.png145th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[129]
Cheyenne Air National Guard Base
Cheyenne Regional Airport
Cheyenne, Wyoming41°09′41″N 104°49′10″W / 41.16139°N 104.81944°W / 41.16139; -104.81944 (Cheyenne ANGB)WY ANG153d Airlift Wing.png153d Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Performs training missions using C-130 Hercules.[130]
Clear Air Force StationDenali Borough, Alaska64°17′26″N 149°11′13″W / 64.29056°N 149.18694°W / 64.29056; -149.18694 (Clear AFS)AK ANG213th Space Warning Squadron - Emblem.png213th Space Warning SquadronAFSC gained. The primary mission of is to provide Early Warning of Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBMs) and Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBMs) to the Missile Correlation Center (MCC) at North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).[131]
Gulfport Combat Readiness Training CenterGulfport, Mississippi30°24′26″N 089°04′12″W / 30.40722°N 89.07000°W / 30.40722; -89.07000 (Gulfport CRTS)MS ANG255th Air Control Squadron - Emblem.png255th Air Control SquadronHosts regular deployments of Army and Air Force ANG units, and offers offshore airspace that is fully instrumented (ACMI) for recording air to air engagements.[132]
Montgomery Air National Guard Base
Dannelly Field
Montgomery, Alabama32°18′16″N 086°24′01″W / 32.30444°N 86.40028°W / 32.30444; -86.40028 (Montgomery ANGB)AL ANG187th Fighter Wing.png187th Fighter WingACC gained F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[133]
Muñiz Air National Guard Base
Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
San Juan, Puerto Rico18°26′22″N 066°00′07″W / 18.43944°N 66.00194°W / 18.43944; -66.00194 (Muniz ANGB)PR ANG156th Airlift Wing (USAF) patch.png156th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. The 156th Airlift Wing's C-130 Hercules mission is to perform the tactical portion of the airlift mission.[134]
Denver, ColoradoAFRCAir Reserve Personnel Center - Emblem.pngAir Reserve Personnel CenterLocated on Buckley Air Force Base, 1 August 2011. Provides administrative support to more than 980,000 Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard forces.[135]
Des Moines Air National Guard Base
Des Moines International Airport
Des Moines, Iowa41°32′18″N 093°39′34″W / 41.53833°N 93.65944°W / 41.53833; -93.65944 (Des Moines ANGB)IA ANG132d Fighter Wing.png132d Fighter WingACC gained 12th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[136]
Dobbins Air Reserve BaseMarietta, Georgia33°54′55″N 084°30′59″W / 33.91528°N 84.51639°W / 33.91528; -84.51639 (Dobbins ARB)AFRC94th Airlift Wing.png94th Airlift WingAETC gained. Primary mission is to trainC-130 Hercules aircrews for the United States Air Force, active duty, guard and reserve components. HQ Twenty-Second Air Force[137]
Duke FieldCrestview, Florida30°39′01″N 086°31′22″W / 30.65028°N 86.52278°W / 30.65028; -86.52278 (Duke Field)AFRC919th Special Operations Wing.png919th Special Operations Wing10th Air Force, gained by AFSOC. Only special operations unit in the Air Force Reserve, the 919th SOW deploys in numerous contingencies throughout the world.[138]
Duluth Air National Guard Base
Duluth International Airport
Duluth, Minnesota46°50′32″N 92°11′37″W / 46.84222°N 92.19361°W / 46.84222; -92.19361 (Duluth ANGB)MN ANG148th Fighter Wing.png148th Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[139]
Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base
Ellington Airport
Houston, Texas29°36′26″N 95°09′32″W / 29.60722°N 95.15889°W / 29.60722; -95.15889 (Ellington Field JRB)TX ANG147th Reconnaissance Wing - Emblem.png147th Reconnaissance WingACC gained unit, operates MQ-1 Predator. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[140]
Fargo Air National Guard Base
Hector International Airport
Fargo, North Dakota46°55′14″N 096°48′57″W / 46.92056°N 96.81583°W / 46.92056; -96.81583 (Fargo ANGB)ND ANG119th Wing.png119th WingACC gained unit, operates C-21 Learjet, MQ-1 Predator. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[141]
Forbes Field Air National Guard Base
Forbes Field Airport
Topeka, Kansas38°57′04″N 095°39′57″W / 38.95111°N 95.66583°W / 38.95111; -95.66583 (Forbes Field ANGB)KS ANG190th Air Refueling Wing.png190th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker globally under 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Formerly Forbes Air Force Base.[142]
Fort Smith Air National Guard Station
Fort Smith Regional Airport
Fort Smith, Arkansas35°20′12″N 94°22′03″W / 35.33667°N 94.36750°W / 35.33667; -94.36750 (Fort Smith ANGB)AR ANG188th Fighter Wing.png188th Fighter WingACC gained under 12th Air Force. Operates A-10 Thunderbolt II, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[143]
Fort Wayne Air National Guard Station
Fort Wayne International Airport
Fort Wayne, Indiana40°58′42″N 085°11′42″W / 40.97833°N 85.19500°W / 40.97833; -85.19500 (Fort Wayne ANGS)IN ANG122d Fighter Wing.png122d Fighter WingACC gained under 9th Air Force. Operates A-10 Thunderbolt II, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[144]
Francis S. Gabreski Air National Guard Base
Francis S. Gabreski Airport
Westhampton Beach, New York40°50′13″N 072°38′32″W / 40.83694°N 72.64222°W / 40.83694; -72.64222 (Francis S. Gabreski ANGB)NY ANG106th Rescue Wing.png106th Rescue WingOldest flying unit in Air National Guard. Operates C-130 Hercules and other specialized aircraft for air/sea rescue missions.[145]
Fresno Air National Guard Base
Fresno Yosemite International Airport
Fresno, California36°46′34″N 119°43′50″W / 36.77611°N 119.73056°W / 36.77611; -119.73056 (Fresno ANGB)CA ANG144th Fighter Wing.png144th Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[146]
Hensley FieldGrand Prairie, Texas32°44′24″N 096°58′12″W / 32.74000°N 96.97000°W / 32.74000; -96.97000 (Hensley Field)TX ANG254th Combat Communications Group.PNG254th Combat Communications GroupNon-Flying facility, ACC gained unit. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[147]
General Mitchell Air National Guard Base
General Mitchell International Airport
Milwaukee, Wisconsin42°56′50″N 087°53′48″W / 42.94722°N 87.89667°W / 42.94722; -87.89667 (General Mitchell ANGB)WI ANG128th Air Refueling Wing.png128th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker under 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force.[148]
Gowen Field Air National Guard Base
Boise Airport
Boise, Idaho43°33′52″N 116°13′22″W / 43.56444°N 116.22278°W / 43.56444; -116.22278 (Gowen Field ANGB)ID ANG124th Wing.png124th Fighter WingACC gained, 12th Air Force. Operates A-10 Thunderbolt II, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[149]
Great Falls Air National Guard Base
Great Falls International Airport
Great Falls, Montana47°28′55.20″N 111°22′14.46″W / 47.4820000°N 111.3706833°W / 47.4820000; -111.3706833 (Great Falls ANGB)MT ANG120th Fighter Wing.png120th Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-15 Eagle. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[150]
Grissom Joint Air Reserve BaseKokomo, Indiana40°38′53″N 086°09′08″W / 40.64806°N 86.15222°W / 40.64806; -86.15222 (Grissom ARB)AFRC434 ARW.jpg434th Air Refueling Wing4th Air Force, gained by AMC. The largest KC-135 Stratotanker wing in the Air Force Reserve Command.[151]
Hancock Field Air National Guard Base
Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Syracuse, New York43°06′41″N 076°07′25″W / 43.11139°N 76.12361°W / 43.11139; -76.12361 (Hancock Field)NY ANG174th Fighter Wing.png174th Fighter WingACC Gained, 9th Air Force. Equipped with MQ-9 Reaper for intelligence gathering missions. Deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[152]
Harrisburg Air National Guard Base
Harrisburg International Airport
Middletown, Pennsylvania40°11′37″N 076°45′48″W / 40.19361°N 76.76333°W / 40.19361; -76.76333 (Harrisburg ANGB)PA ANG193d Special Operations Wing.png193d Special Operations WingAFSOC gained. Operates EC-130 Hercules Commander Solo Special Operations aircraft. Deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations. Former Olmsted Air Force Base.[153]
Homestead Air Reserve BaseHomestead, Florida25°29′18″N 080°23′01″W / 25.48833°N 80.38361°W / 25.48833; -80.38361 (Homestead ARB)AFRC482d Fighter Wing.png482d Fighter Wing10th Air Force, gained by ACC. Flies F-16 Fighting Falcon.[154]
Jackson Air National Guard Base
Jackson-Evers International Airport
Jackson, Mississippi32°18′40″N 090°04′33″W / 32.31111°N 90.07583°W / 32.31111; -90.07583 (Jackson ANGB)MS ANG172d Airlift Wing.png172d Airlift WingAMC gained, 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates C-17 Globemaster III for global airlift missions.[155]
Jacksonville Air National Guard Base
Jacksonville International Airport
Jacksonville, Florida30°29′39″N 081°41′16″W / 30.49417°N 81.68778°W / 30.49417; -81.68778 (Jacksonville ANGB)FL ANG125th Fighter Wing.png125th Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-15 Eagle. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission. HQ Florida Air National Guard[156]
Joe Foss Field Air National Guard Station
Sioux Falls Regional Airport
Sioux Falls, South Dakota43°34′55″N 096°44′31″W / 43.58194°N 96.74194°W / 43.58194; -96.74194 (Joe Foss Field ANGS)SD ANG114th Fighter Wing.png114th Fighter WingACC gained under 12th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[157]
Kellogg Air National Guard Base
W. K. Kellogg Airport
Battle Creek, Michigan42°18′26.2″N 85°15′05.3″W / 42.307278°N 85.251472°W / 42.307278; -85.251472 (Kellogg ANGB)MI ANG110th Fighter Wing.png110th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. C-21 Learjet aeromedical evacuation mission.[158]
Key Field Air National Guard Base
Meridian Regional Airport
Meridian, Mississippi32°19′57″N 088°45′07″W / 32.33250°N 88.75194°W / 32.33250; -88.75194 (Key Field ANGB)MS ANG186th Air Refueling Wing.png186th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker on global refueling missions. Part of 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force.[159]
Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base
Klamath Falls Airport
Klamath Falls, Oregon42°09′22″N 121°43′59″W / 42.15611°N 121.73306°W / 42.15611; -121.73306 (Kingsley Field ANGB)OR ANG173d Fighter Wing.png173d Fighter WingAETC gained under 19th Air Force. Operates F-15 Eagle training airmen and pilots. Former Air Defense Command Kingsley Air Force Base.[160]
Lincoln Air National Guard Base
Lincoln Airport
Lincoln, Nebraska40°51′04″N 096°45′33″W / 40.85111°N 96.75917°W / 40.85111; -96.75917 (Lincoln AFB)NE ANG155th Air Refueling Wing.png155th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker performing global air refueling missions. Former Lincoln Air Force Base.[161]
Louisville Air National Guard Base
Louisville International Airport
Louisville, Kentucky38°10′41″N 85°43′29″W / 38.17806°N 85.72472°W / 38.17806; -85.72472 (Louisville ANGB)KY ANG123d Airlift Wing.png123d Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[162]
Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base
Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport
Mansfield, Ohio40°48′49″N 82°31′00″W / 40.81361°N 82.51667°W / 40.81361; -82.51667 (Mansfield Lahm ANGB)OH ANG179th Airlift Wing.png179th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[163]
March Joint Air Reserve BaseRiverside, California33°52′50″N 117°15′34″W / 33.88056°N 117.25944°W / 33.88056; -117.25944 (March ARB)AFRC452d Air Mobility Wing.png
163d Reconnaissance Wing.png
452d Air Mobility Wing
163d Reconnaissance Wing (CA ANG)
AMC gained. Mission to organize, train and equip aircrews to provide air refueling and strategic airlift C-17 Globemaster III. CA Air National Guard 163d RW operates MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). HQ Fourth Air Force[164][165]
McEntire Joint National Guard BaseEastover, South Carolina33°55′15″N 080°48′04″W / 33.92083°N 80.80111°W / 33.92083; -80.80111 (McEntire ANGB)SC ANG169th Fighter Wing.png169th Fighter WingACC gained, 9th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[166]
McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base
McGhee Tyson Airport
Knoxville, Tennessee35°48′39″N 083°59′38″W / 35.81083°N 83.99389°W / 35.81083; -83.99389 (McGhee Tyson ANGB)TN ANG134th Air Refueling Wing.png134th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker under 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates Air National Guard Training and Education Center. Former Air Defense Command McGhee Tyson Air Force Base.[167]
Memphis Air National Guard Base
Memphis International Airport
Memphis, Tennessee35°02′33″N 089°58′36″W / 35.04250°N 89.97667°W / 35.04250; -89.97667 (Memphis ANGB)TN ANG164th Airlift Wing.png164th Airlift WingAMC gained, 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates C-5 Galaxy heavy airlifter globally.[168]
Minneapolis-Saint Paul Joint Air Reserve Station
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota44°52′54″N 093°14′01″W / 44.88167°N 93.23361°W / 44.88167; -93.23361 (Minneapolis JARS)AFRC934th Airlift Wing.png
133d Airlift Wing.png
934th Airlift Wing
133d Airlift Wing (MN ANG)
Gained by Air Mobility Command 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Assigned to 10th Air Force. Both AFRES and ANG operate C-130 Hercules aircraft.[169]
Moffett Federal AirfieldMountain View, California37°24′54″N 122°02′54″W / 37.41500°N 122.04833°W / 37.41500; -122.04833 (Moffett Federal Airfield)CA ANG129th Rescue Wing.png129th Rescue WingBase is under United States Navy jurisdiction. 129th RQW mission is to train and prepare to perform its wartime mission of personnel recovery anywhere in the world. Also supports Air National Guard Band of the West Coast.[170]
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort WorthWestworth Village, Texas32°46′09″N 097°26′30″W / 32.76917°N 97.44167°W / 32.76917; -97.44167 (NASJRB Fort Worth)AFRCUSAF - 301st Fighter Wing.png
136th Airlift Wing.png
301st Fighter Wing
136th Airlift Wing (TX ANG)
Under United States Navy jurisdiction; formerly Carswell Air Force Base; HQ Tenth Air Force; Texas Air National Guard C-130 Hercules wing AMC gained, 18th Air Force.[171][172]
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow GroveHorsham Township, Pennsylvania40°11′59″N 075°08′53″W / 40.19972°N 75.14806°W / 40.19972; -75.14806 (NASJRB Willow Grove)PA ANG111th Fighter Wing.png111th Fighter WingBase is under United States Navy jurisdiction. 111th FW tenant organization. ACC 9th Air Force gained A-10 Thunderbolt II wing, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[173]
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New OrleansBelle Chasse, Louisiana29°49′31″N 090°02′06″W / 29.82528°N 90.03500°W / 29.82528; -90.03500 (NASJRB New Orleans)LA ANG159th Fighter Wing.png159th Fighter WingBase is under United States Navy jurisdiction. ACC gained, 9th Air Force. Operates F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[174]
New Castle Air National Guard Base
New Castle Airport
New Castle, Delaware39°41′07″N 075°35′57″W / 39.68528°N 75.59917°W / 39.68528; -75.59917 (New Castle ANGB)DE ANG166th Airlift Wing.png166th Airlift WingAETC gained. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[175]
Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station
Niagara Falls International Airport
Niagara Falls, New York43°06′48″N 078°56′51″W / 43.11333°N 78.94750°W / 43.11333; -78.94750 (Niagara Falls ARS)AFRC914 AW.jpg
107th Airlift Wing.jpg
914th Airlift Wing
107th Airlift Wing (NY ANG)
22d Air Force. AETC gained, Both AFRES and NY ANG operate C-130 Hercules[176]
North Highlands Air National Guard StationSacramento, California38°38′24″N 121°24′09″W / 38.64000°N 121.40250°W / 38.64000; -121.40250 (North Highlands ANGS)CA ANG162d Combat Communications Group.PNG162d Combat Communications GroupNon-flying unit; AFSC gained, 24th Air Force. Deploys tactical combat communications equipment.[177]
Otis Air National Guard BaseMashpee, Massachusetts41°39′31″N 070°31′17″W / 41.65861°N 70.52139°W / 41.65861; -70.52139 (Otis ANGB)MA ANG102nd Intelligence Wing emblem.jpg102d Intelligence WingNon-flying Wing. Air Force ISR Agency gained.[178]
Pease Air National Guard BasePortsmouth, New Hampshire43°04′41″N 070°49′24″W / 43.07806°N 70.82333°W / 43.07806; -70.82333 (Pease ANGB)NH ANG157th Air Refueling Wing.png157th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker performing global air refueling missions. Former Pease Air Force Base.[179]
Peoria Air National Guard Base
General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport
Peoria, Illinois40°39′38″N 089°41′44″W / 40.66056°N 89.69556°W / 40.66056; -89.69556 (Memphis ANGB)IL ANG182d Airlift Wing insignia AFD-080128-056.svg182d Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[180]
Pittsburgh IAP Air Reserve Station
Pittsburgh International Airport
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania40°29′40.49″N 080°12′55.71″W / 40.4945806°N 80.2154750°W / 40.4945806; -80.2154750 (Pittsburgh ARS)AFRC911 AW.jpg
171st Air Refueling Wing.png
911th Airlift Wing
171st Air Refueling Wing (PA ANG)
22d Air Force, AMC Gained. AFRES operates C-130 Hercules. PA Air National Guard 171st Air Refueling Wing is a KC-135 Stratotanker aerial refueling unit.[181][182]
Portland Air National Guard Base
Portland International Airport
Portland, Oregon45°34′56″N 122°35′23″W / 45.58222°N 122.58972°W / 45.58222; -122.58972 (Portland ANGB)OR ANG142d Fighter Wing.jpg142d Fighter WingACC gained unit, operates F-15 Eagle. Operational control exercised by First Air Force/AFNORTH for Operation Noble Eagle NORAD CONAR Air Defense mission.[183]
Quonset Point Air National Guard Station
Quonset State Airport
North Kingstown, Rhode Island41°35′50″N 071°24′44″W / 41.59722°N 71.41222°W / 41.59722; -71.41222 (Quonset Point ANGS)RI ANG143d Airlift Wing.png143d Airlift WingAMC gained 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules transports.[184]
Reno Air National Guard Base
Reno-Tahoe International Airport
Reno, Nevada39°29′57″N 119°46′05″W / 39.49917°N 119.76806°W / 39.49917; -119.76806 (Reno ANGB)NV ANG152nd Airlift Wing Nevada ANG patch.png152d Airlift WingAMC gained unit, operates C-130 Hercules. Provides rapid airlift and airdrop of cargo and troops. The unit is tasked to deploy anywhere on the globe within an assigned response time to perform both day and night missions.[185]
Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base
Rickenbacker International Airport
Columbus, Ohio39°48′49″N 082°56′48″W / 39.81361°N 82.94667°W / 39.81361; -82.94667 (Rickenbacker ANGB)OH ANG121st Air Refueling Wing.png121st Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker performing global air refueling missions. Former Lockbourne/Rickenbacker Air Force Base.[186]
Rome Research Site
Griffiss International Airport
Rome, New York43°13′50.955″N 75°24′34.707″W / 43.23082083°N 75.40964083°W / 43.23082083; -75.40964083 (Griffiss AFB)NY ANGEastern Air Defense Sector emblem.jpgEastern Air Defense SectorNORAD CONR-AFNORTH Ground Control Interceptor Base. Former Griffiss Air Force Base.[187]
Rosecrans Air National Guard Base
Rosecrans Memorial Airport
St. Joseph, Missouri39°46′19″N 94°54′34.94″W / 39.77194°N 94.9097056°W / 39.77194; -94.9097056 (Rosecrans ANGB)MO ANG139th Airlift Wing.png139th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[188]
Salt Lake City Air National Guard Base
Salt Lake City International Airport
Salt Lake City, Utah40°47′18″N 111°58′40″W / 40.78833°N 111.97778°W / 40.78833; -111.97778 (Salt Lake City ANGB)UT ANG151st Air Refueling Wing.png151st Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker under 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force.[189]
Savannah Air National Guard Base
Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
Savannah, Georgia32°07′39″N 081°12′7″W / 32.12750°N 81.20194°W / 32.12750; -81.20194 (Savannah ANGB)GA ANG165th Airlift Wing.png165th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-130 Hercules in training missions.[190]
Selfridge Air National Guard BaseMount Clemens, Michigan42°36′30″N 082°50′08″W / 42.60833°N 82.83556°W / 42.60833; -82.83556 (Selfridge ANGB)MI ANG127th Wing.png127th WingBoth ACC/AMC Gained. Operates C-130 Hercules and A-10 Thunderbolt II in training missions. Deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[191]
Shepherd Field Air National Guard Base
Eastern WV Regional Airport
Martinsburg, West Virginia39°24′07″N 77°59′04″W / 39.40194°N 77.98444°W / 39.40194; -77.98444 (Shepherd Field ANGB)WV ANG167th Airlift Wing.png167th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Operates C-5 Galaxy heavy-lift transport on a global basis.[192]
Sioux City Air National Guard Base
Sioux Gateway Airport
Sioux City, Iowa42°23′54″N 096°22′19″W / 42.39833°N 96.37194°W / 42.39833; -96.37194 (Sioux City ANGB)IA ANG185th Air Refueling Wing - Emblem.png185th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker performing global air refueling missions.[193]
Sandstorm Air National Guard Base
Yuma Annex, SANGB
Phoenix, Arizona33°25′36″N 112°00′43″W / 33.42667°N 112.01194°W / 33.42667; -112.01194 (Sky Harbor ANGB)AZ ANG161st Air Refueling Wing.png161st Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker performing global air refueling missions.[194]
Springfield Air National Guard Base
Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport
Springfield, Ohio39°50′25″N 083°50′25″W / 39.84028°N 83.84028°W / 39.84028; -83.84028 (Springfield ANGB)OH ANG178th Fighter Wing.png178th Fighter WingAETC gained, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon on in training missions.[195]
Stewart Air National Guard Base
Stewart International Airport
Newburgh, New York41°30′15″N 74°06′17″W / 41.50417°N 74.10472°W / 41.50417; -74.10472 (Stewart ANGB)NY ANG105th Airlift Wing.png105th Airlift WingAMC gained, 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates C-5 Galaxy heavy airlifter globally.[196]
Stratton Air National Guard Base
Schenectady County Airport
Schenectady, New York42°51′09″N 073°55′21″W / 42.85250°N 73.92250°W / 42.85250; -73.92250 (Stratton ANGB)NY ANG109th Airlift Wing.png109th Airlift WingAMC gained, 18th Air Force. Only Air Force unit equipped with specialized ski-equipped LC-130H Hercules for arctic ice/snow landing missions.[197]
Terre Haute Air National Guard Base
Terre Haute International Airport
Terre Haute, Indiana39°27′05″N 087°18′27″W / 39.45139°N 87.30750°W / 39.45139; -87.30750 (Terre Haute ANGB)IN ANG181st Intelligence Wing - Emblem.png181st Intelligence WingNon-flying Wing. Air Force ISR Agency gained.[198]
Toledo Air National Guard Base
Toledo Express Airport
Toledo, Ohio41°35′12.5″N 83°48′28.2″W / 41.586806°N 83.807833°W / 41.586806; -83.807833 (Toledo ANGB)OH ANG180th Fighter Wing.png180th Fighter WingACC gained, 9th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[199]
Truax Field Air National Guard Base
Dane County Regional Airport
Madison, Wisconsin43°08′23″N 089°20′15″W / 43.13972°N 89.33750°W / 43.13972; -89.33750 (Truax Field)WI ANG115th Fighter Wing.png115th Fighter WingACC gained, 9th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[200]
Tucson Air National Guard Base
Tucson International Airport
Tucson, Arizona32°06′55″N 110°55′50″W / 32.11528°N 110.93056°W / 32.11528; -110.93056 (Tucson ANGB)AZ ANG162d Fighter Wing.png162d Fighter WingAETC gained under 19th Air Force, operates F-16 Fighting Falcon integrated with Luke AFB 56th FW training mission.[201]
Tulsa Air National Guard Base
Tulsa International Airport
Tulsa, Oklahoma36°11′54″N 095°53′17″W / 36.19833°N 95.88806°W / 36.19833; -95.88806 (Tulsa ANGB)OK ANG138th Fighter Wing.png138th Fighter WingACC gained, 12th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter unit, deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[202]
Volk Field Air National Guard BaseNew Lisbon, Wisconsin43°56′11″N 090°15′35″W / 43.93639°N 90.25972°W / 43.93639; -90.25972 (Volk Field ANGB)WI ANGVolk Field ANGB Emblem.pngVolk Field Combat Readiness Training CenterVolk Field is one of only four Air National Guard Combat Readiness Training Centers in the US, and the only one that does not share its airfield with a civilian airport. In addition to its primary mission it is also an Aerial Port of Embarkation.[203]
Warfield Air National Guard Base
Martin State Airport
Middle River, Maryland39°19′32.38″N 76°24′49.55″W / 39.3256611°N 76.4137639°W / 39.3256611; -76.4137639 (Warfield ANGB)MD ANG175th Wing.png175th WingBoth ACC/AMC Gained. Operates C-130 Hercules and A-10 Thunderbolt II in training missions. Deploys when ordered to USAFCENT and other locations.[204]
Westover Air Reserve BaseChicopee, Massachusetts42°11′38″N 072°32′05″W / 42.19389°N 72.53472°W / 42.19389; -72.53472 (Westover ARB)AFRC439th Airlift Wing.jpg439th Airlift Wing4th Air Force, AMC Gained. United States' largest reserve base, operates C-5 Galaxy flying worldwide airlift missions.[205]
Will Rogers Air National Guard Base
Will Rogers World AirportMoved to Tinker AFB in 2007[206]
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma35°23′35″N 097°36′03″W / 35.39306°N 97.60083°W / 35.39306; -97.60083 (Will Rogers ANGB)OK ANG137th Airlift Wing.png137th Air Refueling WingAMC gained, Global tanker force 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Operates KC-135 Stratotanker performing global air refueling missions.[207]
Youngstown Air Reserve Station
Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport
Youngstown, Ohio41°15′38.64″N 80°40′44.74″W / 41.2607333°N 80.6790944°W / 41.2607333; -80.6790944 (Youngstown ARS)AFRC910th Airlift Wing.png910th Airlift Wing22d Air Force, AMC Gained. C-130 Hercules, home to the Air Force Reserve Command's aerial spray mission.[208]

Inactive United States Air Force installations[edit]

Does not include United States Army Air Forces facilities closed before September 1947.[209]

United States[edit]

See: List of USAF Aerospace Defense Command General Surveillance Radar Stations for radar stations in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Iceland and Canada.
See: North Warning System for a list of contractor-operated Distant Early Warning Line (DEW) radar stations in Greenland, Canada and Alaska.
See: List of White Alice Communications System sites for a list of contractor-operated communications sites in Alaska
See: Eastern Test Range for Air Force Auxiliary Bases established to support missile and rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station during the 1950s and early 1960s.

Europe/Mediterranean/North Atlantic[edit]

Includes bases in North Africa and the United Kingdom used by Strategic Air Command and bases used by the United States Air Forces in Europe (after 1947). Non-flying minor Air Stations not included.

Belgium/The Netherlands[edit]

Used as BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile base, 1984–1989
Planned BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile base (Closed 1988, never made active)

Eastern Europe[edit]

Air Bases in Bulgaria and Romania negotiated by diplomatic agreements for USAF use not included



Includes Occupied Austria (1945–1955), Occupied Germany (1947–1949); West Germany (1949–1990), and Occupied Berlin (West Berlin) (1947–1990)



United Kingdom[edit]

Lend-Lease bases[edit]

Caribbean Lend-Lease bases inactivated in 1949, however 99-year lease signed in 1940 remains in effect, United States has right of return until 2039.[209]

Southwest and Central Asia[edit]

Only bases publicly disclosed by United States Air Forces Central listed. Current status is undetermined unless noted.[211][212][213][214][215][216][217]

Arabian Peninsula[edit]

See: Organization of United States Air Force Units in the Gulf War for the USAF order of battle during the 1991 Gulf War

Central Asia[edit]

Note: Former Soviet Air Forces bases[218] **


Seized Iraqi air bases not used by the United States:

Note: Former Iraqi Air Force "Super Base" designation was given to airfields with numerous above-ground hardened aircraft-shelters and underground facilities that could shelter between four and ten aircraft on average. During Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, the Iraqi Air Force essentially stood down except in few cases of self-defence against US and British air strikes. Despite their size – or exactly because of it – most of these airfields were barely defended in 2003 and with a few exceptions, the "Super Base" facilities were captured intact with very little damage.

Most Iraqi Air Force aircraft in various conditions from being flyable to abandoned hulks (a large number were buried) were seized by the United States and its coalition partners, however it is known that Syrian and Iranian agents were busy removing radars and items from the avionics bays and cockpits. By autumn 2004 only some 20–25 unserviceable wrecks of Iraqi aircraft and helicoptes were left scattered around the many Iraqi airfields. The destruction of the Iraqi Air Force was probably one of the most complete such actions in the history of military aviation.

Although most of the former "Super Bases" have been de-militarized and today are abandoned facilities being reclaimed by the desert, a few were refurbished and were subsequently used by Army, Air Force and Marine units. They may form the organization of a new Iraqi Air Force equipped with surplus United States F-16, C-130 and other light aircraft.[219][220] [221]

Western Pacific[edit]

See Far East Air Force Korean airfields (K-sites) for airfields established in the Korean Peninsula during the Korean War (1950–1953)
See Southeast Asia section for USAF bases used during the Vietnam War (1960–1976)

.* In 1992 the US government changed the status of three US air bases in South Korea. Kwang Ju Air Base, Suwon Air Base and Taegu Air Base had previously been announced as ending operations, but would instead operate at reduced levels. 15 USAF personnel were assigned to each base, and reside in former officer quarters, which was basically a small apartment. USAF aircraft transit each base, with the personnel providing transient support and maintain USAF equipment stored at each base in case of an emergency for reactivation in which ACC and other units would deploy to them. In addition, the ROK use the airfields as an air base and civil airport


Note: As part of a mutual defense pact, the Republic of China (Taiwan) permitted United States forces, to utilize many ROC bases between 1957–1979. Deployments ended in 1979 as part of the drawdown of United States military forces in Asia after the end of the Vietnam War and the United States' transfer of diplomatic relations from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the People's Republic of China in 1979. For more information, see United States Taiwan Defense Command and 327th Air Division.

Southeast Asia[edit]

.** Note: Although active USAF use at U-Tapao ended in 1976, USAF and other DoD personnel have been temporarily deployed to the base for contingency operations in South Asia in the years since. Also U-Tapao supports various Foreign Military Sales in South Asia and DoD military personnel assigned to United States diplomatic postings in the region.

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