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Under the Dome is an American science fiction drama series developed for television by Brian K. Vaughan and based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. Both King and Vaughan serve as executive producers, alongside Neal Baer, Steven Spielberg, Stacey Snider, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, and Jack Bender. Baer and Vaughan serve as day-to-day showrunners. Under the Dome premiered on CBS on June 24, 2013.

The series takes place in Chester's Mill, Maine, a small American town that suddenly finds itself totally cut off from the rest of the world when an invisible, impenetrable barrier, referred to as "the Dome", mysteriously appears around it. While a contingent of the town's remaining government tries to maintain order, a small group of outsiders, led by Army veteran Dale "Barbie" Barbara (Mike Vogel), attempts to uncover the truth behind the Dome and how to escape from it.

As of September 22, 2014, 26 episodes of Under the Dome have aired, concluding the second season.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedDVD and Blu-ray release date
Season premiereSeason finaleRegion 1Region 2Region 4
113June 24, 2013 (2013-06-24)September 16, 2013 (2013-09-16)November 5, 2013 (2013-11-05)[1]November 18, 2013 (2013-11-18)[2]November 27, 2013 (2013-11-27)[3]
213June 30, 2014 (2014-06-30)September 22, 2014 (2014-09-22)December 9, 2014 (2014-12-09)[4]December 29, 2014 (2014-12-29)[5]December 3, 2014 (2014-12-03)[6]


Season 1 (2013)[edit]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
11"Pilot"Niels Arden OplevTeleplay by: Brian K. VaughanJune 24, 2013 (2013-06-24)13.53[7]
Dale "Barbie" Barbara (Mike Vogel) buries a man's body in the woods of Chester's Mill. As he is leaving the town, an invisible barrier descends on the borders of the township, trapping everyone inside. Local newspaper reporter Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre), who was investigating mysterious propane deliveries before the barrier appeared, takes a special interest in Barbie after he saves the life of teenager Joe McAlister (Colin Ford), whose parents are trapped out of town. Town councilman James "Big Jim" Rennie (Dean Norris) makes an emergency radio announcement, while police chief Duke Perkins (Jeff Fahey) and his deputy Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez) try to quell the rise of panic in the town. Big Jim's unstable son Junior (Alexander Koch) kidnaps Angie McAlister (Britt Robertson) when he begins to suspect she had an affair with Barbie. Carolyn Hill (Aisha Hinds) and her partner Alice Calvert (Samantha Mathis) are passing through Chester's Mill with their daughter Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) when the barrier appears and Norrie has what they think is an epileptic seizure. A link between Big Jim, Duke and the stockpiled propane is revealed. Julia takes Barbie into her home, where he realizes the man he murdered and buried was her husband, Peter. Duke suggests to Linda that the entire town is being punished and is about to reveal a dark secret about the town when his pacemaker explodes as he approaches the barrier. The U.S. military descends upon Chester's Mill as the world learns of the unprecedented phenomenon.
22"The Fire"Jack BenderRick ClevelandJuly 1, 2013 (2013-07-01)11.81[8]
When Barbie realizes he left his dog tags at the cabin where he killed Julia's husband Peter (R. Keith Harris), he heads back to retrieve them but is ambushed by Junior who believes Angie is sexually involved with him. At the radio station, Dodee and Phil pick up a military frequency discussing the dome and Julia commandeers the microphone to broadcast the information. While exploring, Joe and his friend Ben notice that the military is testing to see if water can get through the dome and find out that a small amount can seep through. Meanwhile, Big Jim has Reverend Coggins (Ned Bellamy) destroy the propane shipment records at Duke's house, but Coggins accidentally starts a large fire while burning the evidence. Linda hears Coggins yell for help and pulls him out of the house, but the fire spreads when a nearby propane tank explodes, forcing the town to rally together to form a bucket brigade. Big Jim, who had ignored Coggins' cries for help before anyone arrived on the scene, uses a tractor to contain the fire. Moments later however, a hysterical Deputy Paul Randolph (Kevin Sizemore) shoots his gun at the dome, but the bullet ricochets off it and kills Deputy Freddy (Joe Knezevich).
33"Manhunt"Paul EdwardsAdam SteinJuly 8, 2013 (2013-07-08)10.71[9]
Deputy Paul Randolph, locked up after accidentally killing Deputy Freddy, escapes his jail cell and locks Linda inside, Big Jim organizes a search party to find Paul by recruiting other townsmen and a reluctant Barbie, while Linda resolves to find Paul on her own. In the woods, Paul sneaks up on Barbie and Big Jim to hold them at gunpoint and Linda shows up and shoots Paul, prompting Big Jim to designate her as the new Sheriff. Julia tails Junior into the tunnels under the cement plant, where he is looking to find a way out, he hits the barrier of the dome and his flashlight explodes. Julia then uses her matches to guide them out to safety. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie find themselves in the middle of a party as Ben invites all of the teenagers in town to charge their electronics using Joe’s generator. The party ends when the generator blows, and Carolyn and Alice find Norrie and see her and Joe touch hands and start having simultaneous seizures, repeating the same cryptic phrase, "Pink stars are falling."
44"Outbreak"Kari SkoglandPeter CallowayJuly 15, 2013 (2013-07-15)11.13[10]
After Julia learns that Phil and Barbie are connected to her husband Peter, she questions Phil about Peter’s whereabouts, but he passes out from an unexpected illness. As other townspeople including Linda begin to display similar symptoms, Alice volunteers her help at the clinic and discerns the town is suffering from an outbreak of meningitis. Junior enforces a quarantine of the clinic and pacifies the panicked patients attempting to break out, which impresses Linda enough to designate him as a Deputy. With a waning supply of antibiotics, Big Jim and Barbie head to the pharmacy but discover Reverend Coggins had already taken all the medicine, believing it was God’s plan for the infected to die. Big Jim retrieves the antibiotics to treat the diseased while Barbie tracks down Julia at the cabin where she had followed leads to uncover documentation of Peter’s bankruptcy. When Barbie confesses he was visiting Chester’s Mill as an enforcer for Phil and Peter’s gambling debts, Julia lashes out at him for lying to her. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie experiment with their simultaneous seizures while Big Jim finds Angie in the underground shelter.
55"Blue on Blue"Jack BenderBrian K. VaughanJuly 22, 2013 (2013-07-22)11.60[11]
Despite finding Angie in the shelter, Jim leaves her locked up, unable to believe his son would do such a thing. Meanwhile, the military has scheduled a "visitors' day" for the residents of Chester's Mill, where family members and friends of people trapped in the dome can come and visit their loved ones at a designated spot along the barrier. During the event, Linda tells her fiancé about his brother's death, Julia's sister-in-law shows her a note from her husband that says he is leaving and to apologize for him, Norrie meets her estranged biological father who her parents had led her to believe she would never be able to find, and Barbie finds out from a soldier stationed outside the dome that the military plans to attempt to destroy the dome with a missile (MOAB), which will likely kill everyone inside. When Barbie relays this to Big Jim, he orders everyone to take shelter in the tunnels underneath the city. He then releases Angie from her captivity, but when Junior finds out, he sets off after her while everyone else takes shelter in the tunnels. As most of the town prepares for the inevitable in the tunnels, Joe and Norrie search for Angie, Junior finds Angie at her house and they spend what they believe will be their last moments together, and Barbie and Julia search for Norrie at the request of her parents. As the missile approaches, Norrie and Joe share a kiss. The missile impacts the dome, laying waste to everything outside of it but leaving the town unscathed. Norrie and Joe find that they no longer have seizures when they touch. As Big Jim investigates the edge of the dome, he is approached by Reverend Coggins, who earlier gave him an ultimatum to admit his part in a drug scandal to the town. Jim kills Coggins by pushing his head into the dome, causing his hearing aid to explode.
66"The Endless Thirst"Kari SkoglandSoo HughJuly 29, 2013 (2013-07-29)11.41[12]
After the town’s water tower is inadvertently destroyed and the lake is found to be polluted, Barbie helps Linda stop the looting that breaks out in response to the waning resources. Angie tells Rose about her captivity by Junior and asks for her help, but they are accosted by the Dundee boys who loot the diner, killing Rose and knocking Angie unconscious in the process. Barbie intervenes to rescue Angie and a miraculous rainstorm occurs and ends the chaos. Following his trade with Ollie Densmore for the town’s use of Ollie’s well in exchange for propane, Big Jim gives Angie the offer to protect her and Joe as long as she keeps her imprisonment by Junior a secret. After Julia and Dodee speculate that the source of the radio signal jam could be the answer to the dome’s origin, Dodee fashions a triangulation device that leads them to Joe and Norrie, who are on a search to find insulin to save Alice. The teenagers shock Julia and Dodee when they show them the video of their simultaneous seizure and end the signal jam by touching the dome together.
77"Imperfect Circles"Miguel SapochnikCaitlin ParrishAugust 5, 2013 (2013-08-05)10.42[13]
Feeling threatened that he is losing his authority, Big Jim takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, the dome asserts its actions after a newborn's birth. Julia's friend, Harriet, touches the dome and goes into labor so Julia takes her to the hospital. But on their way, they are gas-jacked by the two Dundee brothers who killed Rose, but Barbie arrives and the two flee. Barbie then takes the woman in labor to Alice to help them. While that's happening, Junior and Big Jim argue about Junior disturbing Angie and Jim forces Junior out of his house. Angie then decides to go see Rose and runs into Joe's friend and both fix the diner. Junior goes to the police station and comes with Linda to find the two murderers. Junior realizes that they are at an abandoned house and gets told by Linda that one of them almost raped Angie. Linda kills one of the brothers during a fight. Junior kills the other for the attempted murder when he tries to escape. Elsewhere, Ollie threatens Big Jim. Big Jim then checks on the city's stockpiled propane; however, he is stopped by an armed thug. But at night, while the thug tries to take a truck full of propane, Jim shoots it and it explodes, killing the thug. Joe and Norrie try to find the center of the dome, finding a second mini-dome that holds a mysterious egg in it. After touching it, Norrie and Joe see her mother Alice and Norrie runs off to find her. Back at Joe's house the baby is born and named 'Alice' out of gratitude for her help. The original Alice then has a heart attack (due to insufficient insulin) and dies in Norrie's arms. Joe and Angie reunite. But in the mini-dome, the egg's shell begins to light up, with many pink-colored lights on the surface of the egg traveling from the bottom to the top of the egg.
88"Thicker Than Water"Jack BenderAdam SteinAugust 12, 2013 (2013-08-12)10.36[14]
At night, Junior comes home but Big Jim points a gun at him and tells him to leave. The next morning, Big Jim confronts Ollie and gets Barbie, Linda, Junior and Carter to take the well from Ollie. But about ten guys with guns appear and Carter is shot. Junior betrays his father and joins Ollie's side. As Jim is rounding up volunteers to attack Ollie's farm, Barbie and Linda plan to blow up the well so that the other well's water will return. Barbie then tries to get Big Jim's approval but he denies it. Meanwhile, Norrie blames Joe for her mother's death and breaks up with him. Joe then tells Julia about the mini-dome and the egg and both go to see it. But this time the egg is pink and when Julia touches the dome, she sees another Joe who says, "The monarch will be crowned." Joe then thinks that something bad will happen to him. Junior finds out from Ollie that his mother did not die from a car accident but from suicide. Junior then asks Ollie not to kill Jim because he wants to. Before Big Jim and the volunteers attack, Barbie infiltrates Ollie's farm, creates a homemade bomb, and sticks it to the well. At night, Big Jim, Linda, Phil, and the rest attack the farm. Jim then realizes that Barbie is going to go ahead with bombing Ollie's well. In the ensuing battle, Phil and some other people are shot and killed except for Phil who received a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Right before Barbie detonates the bomb, he is caught but escapes and destroys the well. While everyone realizes that the well has been destroyed, Junior appears and knocks Jim out with his gun. As Joe and Julia are exiting the forest and into the street, Linda almost hits Joe while she drives Phil to the hospital. Linda then reassures Joe that he will be fine. Angie and Norrie bond and she talks Norrie into getting back together with Joe. Norrie then tells Joe that she is ready to bury Alice. Big Jim is dragged into Ollie's living room and Ollie's men leave saying that they no longer need his water. Ollie then gives permission for Junior to kill Big Jim but instead, Junior asks Jim questions about his mother. When Junior starts to get soft, Ollie pulls out a gun and aims it at Jim but Junior shoots and kills Ollie. Big Jim and Junior then reconcile before parting ways. Big Jim is confronted by Barbie. At the police station, Linda is surprised to see Junior back and he tells her what happened. He says that he no longer has a home, and that he will now live in the cell. At Julia's house, Julia asks Barbie if he knows what the other Joe meant but he says no. It is then hinted that Angie may also be connected to the dome as evidenced by the camera panning across her shoulder blade to show a tattoo of a butterfly.
99"The Fourth Hand"Roxann DawsonDaniel TrulyAugust 19, 2013 (2013-08-19)10.64[15]
Julia takes Barbie to see the mini-dome and the egg, but they have both disappeared. Barbie leaves to help Linda break up some fights. They find a highly strung out drug addict who is undergoing withdrawal symptoms from Rapture, a drug that he had purchased from Reverend Coggins. A thorough search by Linda and Barbie uncovers drug-making equipment in one of Reverend Coggins' coffins. Angie takes over the diner, and asks Big Jim to put her name on the diner's deed. Big Jim promises to think about it. Junior pays a visit to Angie at the diner and she goes into a seizure, repeating the phrase, "The pink stars are falling." Junior brings Angie back home, where she finds out that she had the same seizure as Joe and Norrie. Norrie notices Angie's butterfly tattoo and wonders if she is the "monarch who will be crowned." Norrie suggests using the "Yagi", a directional antenna assembled by Dodee. Julia tries to borrow it from Dodee but Dodee says that the Yagi isn't working anymore because Joe and Norrie touched the dome together. Big Jim receives an unexpected visitor – Max, a business partner who created Rapture. She was trapped under the dome because she had decided to pay Big Jim a visit on the day the dome fell over Chester's Mill. Big Jim suggests to Linda that they encourage the town's residents to voluntarily hand in their weapons, so as to protect everybody's safety. Linda and Barbie are skeptical of Big Jim's intentions, but decide to go along with his idea to keep everybody safe.
1010"Let the Games Begin"Sergio Mimica-GezzanAndres Fischer-Centeno & Peter CallowayAugust 26, 2013 (2013-08-26)11.11[16]
Linda takes Julia to help investigate Duke's involvement with previous criminal activity in Chester's Mill. During their investigation, Linda finds a note from Duke saying that after his son died from a drug addiction, he vowed to get drugs out of the town by making a deal with Maxine; he and others bought the propane she needed, and she would keep drugs out of the town; Reverend Lester then laundered the proceeds and Big Jim bought the propane. Julia then finds out that her husband Peter filed a five-year life insurance policy on himself. She later finds out that Barbie killed him, but she interprets it as Peter wanting to die due to his overwhelming debt. Maxine proves to Barbie that she intends to take over the town after she shows him an underground black market fight club. She then blackmails Barbie into fighting Victor, an old rival of his. He begins to win, but then throws the match, something Maxine expected him to do. Later, Maxine tries to seduce Barbie and threaten to reveal his secrets, but Barbie leaves saying that he is done with her. Big Jim finds a house on a nearby island that Maxine is supposedly hiding at, and finds the house's caretaker Agatha. Jim begins to look through the house, with Agatha eventually pulling a gun and revealing she is Maxine's mother, having given birth to her at age 16 and dropping out of high school. She then tells Jim that she knows as much as Maxine does about the town, especially about his and Barbie's secrets. Big Jim then intimidates her, saying that she doesn't have the courage to kill. He then grabs the gun from her and takes her to his boat. While on the boat, Agatha falls into the water, and cannot swim as her hands are tied up. She pleads for Jim to pull her up, but he leaves her to drown. That night, he heads home to find Linda waiting for him, telling him to meet her at the police station the next day for questioning. Joe, Angie, and Norrie touch the mini-dome in their barn simultaneously with the egg in the middle beginning to glow. The dome then reveals a fourth handprint, implying that a fourth hand is required to touch the dome. The three promise not to tell anyone as they search for the fourth person. Dodee then sneaks into the barn and touches the mini-dome. She is then shocked and knocked out. The three kids then take her to the hospital and tell her that she electrocuted herself while fixing her generator. Angie then asks Nurse Adams if any people have recently had seizures, and she replies saying not since her Grade 10 dance. Angie later tells Joe and Norrie that Junior had a seizure during that dance. She then tells them that she was kidnapped by Junior. Joe vows to get revenge on Junior, but not before Angie takes the two to Junior's house to show them a painting Junior's mother made of a dream she had, depicting Junior and "pink stars falling in lines." Junior then finds them in the basement, and Joe runs toward him, but is put in a choke hold. Angie demands Junior let Joe go, and he does. The three then take Junior to the barn as the "fourth hand." After the four of them touch the dome, the egg in the middle releases pink stars all over the barn walls. The four are astonished, though Junior looks confused, asking them what it means.
1111"Speak of the Devil"David M. BarrettScott GoldSeptember 2, 2013 (2013-09-02)11.15[17]
Big Jim turns the town against and forms a manhunt on Barbie after the truth about his past is revealed. Meanwhile, Maxine makes it personal when she confronts Barbie's closest ally. Joe, Norrie, Angie, and Junior release their grip from the mini-dome and see white spots all over the barn, which are supposed to link up the constellations that they created. Later, Junior tries again to seduce Angie, with her replying that a relationship will never happen. Junior then decides to leave the three kids and forget about the mini-dome. As this happens, funnel clouds begin to appear in the sky. Junior then heads home and finds his father Big Jim, who arms him with a gun and bullets saying to stay at the house and beware of Maxine, who is threatening to hurt those closest to him. Angie then heads to the house pleading for Junior to return and help her, Joe, and Norrie with a situation with the mini-dome. As the funnel cloud grows, the wind picks up a bench, which almost hits Angie, but is saved by Junior. The clouds then begin to subside. Junior and Angie then realize that the dome wants him to stick with the three kids. Julia is shot by Maxine after Barbie rejected her in the previous episode. Barbie then gets Joe to drive them to the hospital. When they got there and see that the nurses are busy with other tornado-related emergencies, Barbie is forced to heal Julia's wounds. While sucking air out of her chest through a small tube, her heart stops. As this happens, a branch flies through the window, with Barbie pushing Joe out of the way. The clouds then subside, and Julia's heart begins to beat again. Joe then concludes that Barbie is the "monarch [that] will be crowned." Later, Barbie gets Big Jim's help to take down Maxine without any death on their part. The two head to Maxine's underground club, but are ambushed by Maxine and a gunman. She says how she wants revenge for the murder of her mother Agatha, and that she wants to live a life with Barbie, but he rejects her advances. The power then goes out from Barbie's activated alarm which cut the power. Barbie and Big Jim then steal their guns and lead them outside. Barbie then leaves, telling Maxine "You're done." As he walks off, Big Jim kills both Maxine and the gunman. Big Jim then tries to shoot Barbie, but he punches him in the throat and steals the gun. Linda then appears and Big Jim lies, saying that Barbie killed the two. Throughout the episode, Linda has been finding false evidence that concludes that Barbie is a dangerous felon. Barbie runs off before anything can happen to him. Big Jim later heads to the radio station and finds Dodee, who during the storm managed to gain access to a message from the military, saying that they have found Barbie. Big Jim hears this message, and then goes on the radio, framing Barbie for numerous crimes that occurred over the past few days. Norrie convinces Joe, Angie and Junior to touch the bigger dome at the same time. Upon doing so, the four see a vision of Big Jim bleeding from three stab wounds and a bloody nose. The vision then has the four holding four bloody knives, with Junior running off to find his dad. The three others then consider that in order for the dome to come down, they have to kill Big Jim.
1212"Exigent Circumstances"Peter LetoAdam Stein & Caitlin ParrishSeptember 9, 2013 (2013-09-09)9.72[18]
As Barbie hides in the woods, Big Jim gives a speech to the townspeople convincing them to continue the search for Barbie, with Linda enforcing rules of security. Dodee later reveals to Big Jim, after hearing radio transmissions from the military, that Barbie is being searched for from outside the dome. During the radio transmissions, Dodee remembers what happened to her days ago when she touched the mini-dome. She takes Big Jim to the radio station and tells him about the egg in the mini-dome. She then leaves the room for a moment, where Big Jim hears the people on the transmission discuss past events that occurred in the dome, including Reverend Coggins's murder. Dodee overhears the transmission, realizing that Big Jim was responsible for his death and other past crimes in the town. Big Jim tells her he did it to protect the town. To show Jim that she is still trustworthy, she tells him about the egg and that it could be the power source of the dome, as a solution to free Chester's Mill from it. But the fact that he does not want the dome to come down leads Big Jim to kill her and burn the station, blaming Barbie for arson. Joe, Angie, and Norrie grow confused over the vision they witnessed earlier, with the three of them and Junior killing Big Jim. Norrie's step mom Carolyn then discovers the mini-dome, and promises to keep it secret from the town and Big Jim. Big Jim and some volunteers help him break into the barn to find the mini-dome, but find nothing; Joe's friend Ben has hidden the mini-dome in his house. Big Jim then arrests Joe and Norrie for aiding a vigilante, where he tries to interrogate the two in their cells. In doing so, Norrie stabs him in the arm with a knife she hid away. Joe and Norrie are soon released, and make their way to Ben's house, where he has been covering the dome in blankets after a piercing noise from the egg starts. Ben, Joe, Norrie, and Carolyn take off the blankets to find the dome glowing orange and the monarch cocoon beginning to move. Linda then walks upon the scene. Barbie later finds Angie and convinces her to protect Julia, who is recovering in the hospital from bullet wounds. He worries that Julia will reveal Big Jim's lies and will be killed because of it. Angie manages to distract Junior, by sweetly talking to him and kissing him, while Barbie takes Julia's stretcher to a nearby ambulance. Junior attempts to stop him, but Barbie manages to subdue him, and gets Angie to drive the ambulance to a safe place. He is later arrested by Linda for arson and murder of Dodee, with Phil kicking him in the mouth before being taken away. Julia wakes up with Angie helping her recollect, where she begins to worry over what Big Jim will do to Barbie. In his cell, Barbie is encouraged by Big Jim to confess to all the charges put on his record, or have those closest to him harmed. Junior then finds Big Jim and demands the truth from him; Big Jim lies to him, saying that Barbie was responsible for everything he is charged for. Conflicted over his father's trustworthiness, Junior walks to the end of the dome, and touches it, hoping for an answer. Big Jim walks Barbie to the front of town hall, where many angry townspeople wait for Barbie's guilty plea; after a few moments of contemplation, he pleads not guilty.
1313"Curtains"Jack BenderBrian K. Vaughan & Scott GoldSeptember 16, 2013 (2013-09-16)12.10[19]
The monarch hatches, and the butterfly starts flying around inside the mini dome violently and creating expanding black spots where it crashes against the surface. These spots are mirrored in the big dome and begin to expand until both domes are jet black, casting the town into permanent darkness. Joe suggests the four touch the dome, but Linda cuts in, stating the egg is police property; the four choose not to stop her, knowing she will be knocked unconscious allowing them to escape. Junior, Angie, Joe, and Norrie then touch the dome together, the mini dome shatters releasing both the Egg and butterfly, and at first it seems to hover round their prime candidate for Monarch, Barbie, but finally, they discover that the Monarch is Julia. They receive a visit from one of the dome's people who looks like Alice. The visitor states that they have taken human form to "bridge the divide", and that the reason for the dome is "to protect them". When they ask from what, the reply is "you will see, in time". They also discover that they must earn the light by keeping the egg safe. Barbie then gets captured by Junior. Big Jim thinks that his family are the chosen ones because his mentally ill wife had been painting pink stars and eggs in her last days before suicide, indicating she had some knowledge of things to come. When Junior confronts him, he admits that he has actually committed the killings he accused Barbie of, but just to save the town. They put Barbie in a noose and then Julia has to choose to save the egg and the lives of the entire town, or save Barbie by giving the egg to Big Jim within one hour. She accepts the responsibility of the title Monarch and chooses the egg (and the lives of everybody in the dome) and protects it by throwing it into the lake. The egg starts to glow, and the pink stars rise to the sky. Big Jim says the Lord is blessing the hanging, the stars continue to rise and remove the dark black "curtain", replacing it with a curtain of piercing bright white light, increasing in intensity until things start to fade to white. Junior seeks guidance from his dad, who continues to tell him to pull the lever.

Season 2 (2014)[edit]

A week prior to the season premiere, a TV special entitled Under the Dome: Inside Chester's Mill aired on CBS on June 23, 2014, which featured a condensed recap of the first season, interviews with the cast and crew, and a sneak preview of the premiere. The special was watched by 4.34 million American viewers and received an 18-49 rating/share of 0.8/3.[20]

No. in
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
141"Heads Will Roll"Jack BenderStephen KingJune 30, 2014 (2014-06-30)9.41[21]
Barbie's fate is left in the hands of Big Jim and Junior, after being falsely charged with numerous crimes committed by Big Jim. However, the dome releases a mysterious sound, which scares Junior from pulling the lever and causes Linda to halt the execution. The dome has become magnetized, causing execution observers to pass out. Linda, Junior, Barbie and Big Jim visit the dome wall, in which its magnetization pulls all metal objects against it, including Barbie who is still handcuffed. After freeing him, Linda is killed from being crushed against the dome's wall by a large vehicle. Meanwhile, Julia meets Sam Verdreaux (Eddie Cahill), while rescuing a mysterious girl from drowning. Julia leaves Sam and the girl to reunite with Barbie. It is later revealed that Sam is Junior's uncle and Big Jim's brother-in-law. Determined to save the rest of the townspeople, Barbie meets Rebecca Pine (Karla Crome), a high school science teacher who has many theories about the dome. While Barbie and Rebecca attempt to stop the pulses, the others are convinced that the dome is punishing them for not killing Big Jim, when it told them to. The dome's magnetic force locks Big Jim in the fall out shelter, where he seems to be taunted by Dodee's ghost. Eventually he makes it out. Another large pulse has caused everyone inside the dome to pass out, with the exception of Barbie, Julia and Big Jim. Big Jim thinks the dome is telling him to sacrifice himself, but he is unable to reach the lever, so he asks Julia and Barbie for assistance. Julia accepts but then refuses to follow through, sending Big Jim to break it himself. Julia prevents Big Jim's death by cutting the rope, after she becomes convinced that the dome instead wants the townspeople to stop killing each other. Once Julia cuts Big Jim loose, the townspeople begin to wake up and the dome releases all the metal objects. Big Jim tries to gain the townspeople’s trust back by appointing Phil as the new sheriff, and inviting Joe, Angie, Norrie and Carolyn to stay at his house. Later that night, Angie sees the girl who was rescued by Julia and follows her into the school, where she is seen looking into a locker. The girl sees Angie and takes off. Angie looks to see what is inside the locker and is stunned by what she sees. Her shock is short lived however as she is cut down by an unseen assailant, her bloody hand print on the locker the last thing we see. At some point, this mysterious girl is seen near Linda's dead body, saying, "I'm sorry".
152"Infestation"Ernest DickersonKelly Souders & Brian PetersonJuly 7, 2014 (2014-07-07)7.70[22]
Having being spared by The Dome, Big Jim starts to have a change of heart, changing rapidly from the previous mindset of himself being most important, to being generally helpful towards the entire town. Residents start to trust him considerably more, thinking of him as a hero for sacrificing himself. Rebecca takes action after a Caterpillar infestation begins to take control of all the town's crops, by burning fields, and later enlisting the help of Big Jim and Barbie to instead use an old plane to spray the fields with pesticides. This nearly sees the demise of Barbie as fuel runs low on the aeroplane, however, Big Jim saves his life by revealing a secret reserve tank, enabling Barbie to land safely - solidifying Jim's status of hero. Following Angie's murder, there is a manhunt for the person responsible for the crime. Initially, the girl who was resuced by Julia is the main suspect, as her shoe print was found near the crime scene in a puddle of blood, however it is soon revealed that it was a man who did the deed, thanks to bruising on Angie's arm, signifying a strengthened struggle that only a man could have done. Jim and Junior both suspect each other initially, and with the persuasion of Joe, Junior heads to the prison cell to murder this mysterious stranger, before being stopped by Julia and Sam. Junior then heads to his Uncle Sam's shack to reveal that the previous night, he was drunk, and that he found Angie's bracelet under his bed, therefore Junior believes that he may have been the man who killed Angie.
163"Force Majeure"Peter LetoAdam SteinJuly 14, 2014 (2014-07-14)7.64[23]
Rebecca and Big Jim decide to conduct a census on the town to decide who will get to live and who will die. Meanwhile Chester's Mill is faced with acid rain that looks like blood and all people are forced to stay indoors. At the school, Joe, Norrie and the unknown girl detect the internet connection which is afterwards cut short. Junior receives a message from his mother telling him that she is alive and to trust only the town's barber, Lyle. Rebecca and Big Jim are going to clear the lake when they are attacked by Lyle who leaves Big Jim in the acid rain and kidnaps Rebecca. Lyle tortures Rebecca to try to make her agree that they must accept their fate and stop finding solutions to survive. Barbie, Sam and Julia save Big Jim, and then Barbie, Julia and Junior set out to find Rebecca. Sam threatens Big Jim that one day he will kill him. Julia finds a photo of Sam, Lyle and Pauline during the summer of 1988. They find Lyle and imprison him. Meanwhile Joe, Norrie and the unknown girl open the locker that Angie closed just before dying, they find nothing. They decide to check the owners of the locker and come across a photo of the unknown girl during in the 80's and find that her name is Melanie. Sam goes to meet Lyle in jail and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Junior has witnessed the scenes and demands answers from Lyle, who tells him that in time he will have all his answers. In the end Rebecca and Big Jim decide they will have to reduce the population of Chester's Mill which outrages Julia, but Barbie accepts Big Jim and Rebecca's plan.
174"Revelation"Holly DaleAlexandra McNallyJuly 21, 2014 (2014-07-21)6.74[24]
With Big Jim on board Rebecca pushes ahead with the plan to reduce the population. By keeping track of the local farmers' livestock Rebecca discovers a pig that died from the flu and gets blood from the carcass to cultivate the virus at a lab. When it is ready, and liking the idea of using natural selection and letting the virus do the dirty work, Big Jim heads to the diner to contaminate some water. Julia and Sam are also checking farms and find not just the one dead pig but many more. Julia connects the deaths to Rebecca's plans and believes that the diner will be the contamination point. They go there and stop Big Jim but he doesn't have the virus. Rebecca didn't trust him and she takes the virus to the church where many people are gathered. Before she can put it in the font water she finds that more pigs have died and believes this to be a mutation that is much more lethal so she doesn't contaminate the water. Both Big Jim and Rebecca get locked up in jail. Junior lets Lyle out of jail. Lyle shows Junior postcards he had received from Pauline since helping her fake her death. The postcards displayed the events that had happened since the dome came down but stopped at the blood rain. They go to Sam's cabin looking for Pauline's journal. Lyle hits Junior, takes the journal and leaves. When Barbie finds the three teens (Joe, Norrie, and Melanie) they tell him about the internet hot spot at the school and take him back there. They also explain about Melanie's locker and her picture in the old yearbook. They all begin looking through old newspaper files on microfiche and find an article about the disappearance of Melanie Cross. They go to her former home in town and then to a spot in the forest. Some of her memories come back. In 1988 she, Pauline, Lyle, and Sam found a meteorite with the egg. Melanie was pushed and killed. The group goes to Sam's cabin for an explanation and find Junior who says Lyle hit him. Barbie goes to talk to Julia at her house but she is still mad at him so he leaves. Sam is there and tries to kiss Julia but she backs off. Sam is shown with scratches on his right shoulder, possibly from Angie.
185"Reconciliation"Ed OrnelasCathryn HumphrisJuly 28, 2014 (2014-07-28)6.57[25]
Barbie explains to Julia about Melanie and the egg. Barbie and Julia bring Big Jim and Rebecca to the town square for their arraignment. As Julia is explaining about the upcoming trial one of the men in the crowd pulls out a gun, possibly to shoot Big Jim. Phil shoots and kills the man after Barbie had disarmed him, which results in Julia firing Phil. Later Phil heads into the cell block to free Big Jim and Rebecca, but Big Jim tells him that the town would kill him, Big Jim, if he were released right now. Julia tries to organize a food-sharing program but the storehouse and its contents are burned in an explosion. Sam helps Junior find the missing pages to Pauline's journal and Junior tells him about the four hands. Believing that if all of the four hands are dead the Dome will come down, Sam almost smothers a drunk Junior, but stops when Junior wakes and tells him he's the only family he has left. Carolyn, Norrie's mother, finds a back store room where Phil and some cronies hid the food before starting the fire and he attempts to kill her, but Barbie shoots him in the shoulder saving her life. In addition to the hidden storeroom food, Andrea, the widow of a survivalist, shows Julia her massive food supply which should last the town for a couple of months. At the diner Julia announces that for the town to continue they must forgive the past and frees Big Jim and Rebecca. At the end of the episode Junior, Rebecca, and Sam find a mysterious tunnel leading from Melanie's old school locker.
196"In the Dark"Jack BenderCaitlin ParrishAugust 4, 2014 (2014-08-04)6.83[26]
Barbie and Sam investigate the tunnel behind Melanie's locker at the school, but an explosion from a booby trap causes a cave-in and cuts them off from Junior. Meanwhile, a dust storm brought on by the acidity of the red rain overtakes the town. Julia chooses to help Barbie rather than focus on the weather crisis, while Big Jim attempts to regain the support of the townspeople. He is initially unsuccessful, but eventually convinces the people to build a mist-dispersing windmill, which calms the dust storm. Below ground, Barbie and Sam explore a huge cave system, eventually reaching a seemingly endless chasm, which they reason must lie outside the boundaries of the dome; Lyle's supplies are found at the site, but he remains missing. The two reminisce about the past, and Barbie eventually sees the scratches on Sam's shoulder and realizes that it was Sam who murdered Angie, and has been hunting the four hands. He warns Barbie that the dome will only fall when the four are dead, and overtaken by the hopelessness of his situation, leaps into the chasm. Julia and Rebecca use explosives to blast through the cave-in, rescuing Barbie. Meanwhile, Joe, Norrie, Melanie and Junior hide from Lyle, whom they believe is trying to kill them, and after recovering the egg from the lake, activate it and are showered in pink stars. The stars take on a shape that is familiar to Melanie: an obelisk standing in her old hometown, Zenith.
207"Going Home"David BarrettPeter CallowayAugust 11, 2014 (2014-08-11)6.90[27]
Barbie and Julia meet with Junior and tell him about Sam's apparent death, and that he had killed Angie. But when he reacts badly to the news and storms out, Barbie decides that his body should be recovered as proof of guilt. Now at the cliff edge, Barbie slowly descends with Julia and Rebecca's help, but when the rope detaches from the cave wall, he cuts it to save their lives and falls into the darkness. As Julia breaks down in tears, she makes Rebecca promise to not tell anyone, let alone Big Jim what had happened to Barbie. Now in Zenith, Barbie makes his way back to his apartment to recover some money, but when armed thugs confront him, he leads them to his fathers home and subdues them. Back at Chester's Mill, Big Jim confronts Rebecca after growing suspicious of what she was doing with Julia and Barbie, when she tells him Barbie had died, he leads a memorial service for him at the diner. In Zenith, Sam reunites with Pauline and tells of his experiences in Chester's Mill. She tells him why she faked her death, and of her regret for not helping Junior. Together they meet with Lyle who is constantly speaking Melanie's name, to Sam's surprise. Back at Chester's Mill, Julia sends a drone down the cliff with the help of Joe, Norrie and Melanie to learn more about what happened to Barbie, but when it vanishes, Joe captures an image of what they believe to be a playground, and an obelisk. Encouraged by the discovery, and that Barbie may still be alive, the group returns to the surface. Meanwhile Barbie learns about the Dome situation from his father Don, and then convinces him to help return to it after telling of his love for Julia.
218"Awakening"Jack BenderAndres Fischer-Centeno & Daniel TrulyAugust 18, 2014 (2014-08-18)7.30[28]
Big Jim assumes the role of Sheriff and apologizes to Rebecca for his behavior. Barbie meanwhile gives his father a message for Julia, but is unaware that it has been modified by him. When Julia receives the message she has her doubts. Worried for Lyle, but believing he has the answers they need, Pauline pressures Sam into helping him, but Sam is confused about his own situation. In Zenith, Barbie confronts a man tailing him and learns that his father had doctored the message to Julia. At the school, Julia, Joe, Norrie and Melanie discuss Barbie's message, and decide to respond in a way he would understand. Junior meanwhile is shocked by his fathers decision to become Sheriff, but is called away by a fire. While there, Big Jim tells him someone is targeting him. At his fathers home, Barbie breaks into his fathers computer with the help of a Hounds of Diana hacker, and makes a shocking discovery. Now at his fathers company, Barbie sends a cryptic message to Julia, who is waiting at the cliff edge that confirms he's alive but doesn't want her to jump, but instead wants her to meet him. With Hunters help, Barbie assumes a false identity of an Aktion employee and makes his way through the checkpoints towards the Dome. In Zenith, Sam and Pauline attempt to talk with semi lucid Lyle after giving him the drug, and learn about the postcards and the red door. Julia meanwhile makes her way to Joe's house to meet Barbie, and is briefly stopped by a curious Big Jim who gives her a radio. Attacked and handcuffed by Phil, Big Jim is saved by Junior and Rebecca, and then imprisons Phil. That night, Barbie reunites at the Dome wall with Julia and gives her a message, but is captured by armed men while Big Jim watches on.
229"The Red Door"Peter WellerKelly Souders & Brian Peterson & Adam SteinAugust 25, 2014 (2014-08-25)6.60[29]
After being captured at the edge of the Dome, Barbie is taken into custody for interrogation by a private security firm. It is then revealed the firm has been hired by Don Barbara to work with his energy company in order to obtain the egg at any cost, even at the expense of Barbie. Don forces his assistant Hunter to send a recorded message to Julia in which Don claims to care about Barbie, telling Julia that handing over the egg will be the only way that his son will be released. If not, he doesn't know what kind of harm could befall him. To the surprise of Melanie, who is opposed to giving into the security firm's demands, Julia appears to be willing to exchange the egg for Barbie. Barbie eventually manages to knock out his interrogator and uncuffs himself, and heads to the Hounds of Diana headquarters, where he meets up with Hunter, Hunter's co-worker, Lyle, Sam, and Pauline. Pauline reveals that Hunter was one of her best students when she taught art. Barbie, shocked to see Sam alive, reveals to everyone that Sam murdered Angie. Pauline is horrified but calms down somewhat when Sam tells her his rationale behind his actions, and that he hasn't laid a hand on Junior. Pauline feels partially at fault in that her paintings led Sam to do what he did, and she realizes they must go back to Chester's Mill to atone for their sins. Meanwhile, back in Chester's Mill, Junior reveals to his father that he knew that Barbie was still alive, and that Barbie's captors desire the egg. Big Jim then heads to the Dome barrier, where he exchanges written messages with a guard in charge, who agrees that if Big Jim can get the egg, he and Junior will be allowed to escape the Dome. However, Junior and Melanie take the egg back to Junior's storm shelter, and Junior reluctantly agrees to lie down with Melanie. Back in Zenith, Barbie realizes that the red door that may lead back to Chester's Mill is the door to a root cellar in his backyard, repainted when he was a kid. The group uses Hunter's co-worker as a diversion and successfully enter the cellar in Don Barbara's backyard without getting caught. They discover a tunnel that Barbie can't remember seeing before, and once inside, each individual is engulfed by a spiraling swirl of mist that Pauline had predicted earlier. Sam flashes back to after Pauline's "death," when he had to tell a disappointed young Junior that he had to stay with his father instead of coming to live with his Uncle Sam. Barbie flashes back to when the root cellar was first built, when none other than Melanie was sent by her "mom" and encourages him to leave his handprint on the fresh paint. Pauline flashes back to the pit where her and her friends first discovered the Dome. Melanie is there and says, " This is where it began, and this is where it ends. For all of us." The group awakens from their flashbacks to find themselves in the lake back in Chester's Mill--all except Lyle, who is nowhere to be found. They swim to shore and go their separate ways, each of them having their own business to take care of. Pauline goes back to her old house, and is looking at old photos when she turns around to see her mystified husband at the foot of the stairs.
2310"The Fall"Eriq La SalleAlexandra McNally & Mark Linehan BrunerSeptember 1, 2014 (2014-09-01)6.29[30]
Barbie and Julia prepare the residents of Chester's Mill for a potential evacuation and discuss the situation in Zenith, Julia believes she should go first and negotiate for the townspeoples' safe passage, but Barbie is against the idea, believing it to be unsafe for her. When Big Jim interrupts their meeting, he demands to be involved and offers to go first over the cliff along with the egg. They however, are unaware that Big Jim had met with the men in black at the Dome's edge and has a deal of his own set up. Later, Barbie discusses his vision while returning to Chester's Mill, that of him as a boy and a red door which Melanie helped him paint. He believes Melanie to be his sister, the daughter of a woman his father had been having an affair with, and she tells him she remembers. Junior meanwhile brutally attacks Sam for killing Angie and is faced with an apparition of Angie, who convinces Junior to spare Sam's life. Melanie decides to hide the egg through concern in Big Jim's bunker with the help of Junior. When the egg emits a high pitched scream, Pauline is faced with crippling headaches and paints her visions. Concerned for his wife, Big Jim locks her inside the house, and finds the egg, along with Joe and Norrie in his bunker. When he tells them of the effect the egg is having on Pauline, he forces them at gunpoint to the school and throws it over the cliff edge. Immediately Chester's Mill is faced with earthquakes and Melanie collapses. Barbie notices Phil making his way towards the cliff edge, and as the portal to Zenith is now gone, he finds Phil impaled on the rocks below. Big Jim returns home and learns Pauline's headaches have stopped, but she is disappointed when he tells her what he had done with the egg because her visions are now gone.
2411"Black Ice"Jack BenderAdam Stein & Peter CallowaySeptember 8, 2014 (2014-09-08)6.62[31]
The Dome begins to rotate, which shifts the colder air of the upper atmosphere downward, sending Chester's Mill into a deep freeze. Melanie's condition worsens when people in Zenith discover the Egg. The townspeople take shelter to stay warm in the school, where Rebecca and Sam tend to the ill. Barbie and Julia are in an ambulance on the way to pick up food for the people at the school, when the vehicle spins out and capsizes, resulting in a piece of metal getting lodged in Julia's leg. Barbie carries her the rest of the way to the Sweetbriar and manages to revive her just in time. Big Jim heads down to the dock to look for fuel for the heat generator at the school, when he stumbles upon Lyle in the lake. Big Jim throws him a buoy and Lyle swims to safety. Lyle explains that his visions involved the world going up in flames in the near future. Pauline's opinion of her husband appears to change somewhat when she learns that he found the fuel and rescued Lyle. The Dome begins to rotate back in the morning, and the temperature starts to moderate again. Joe and Norrie grow suspicious of Hunter and follow him to the edge of the Dome, where they see him communicating via written messages with the head guard. The two kids confront Hunter afterwards, who explains that he was giving the guard false information so that the men in black will leave Chester's Mill alone. The Dome then starts contracting inward.
2512"Turn"Peter LetoWilliam Kendall & Daniel TrulySeptember 15, 2014 (2014-09-15)7.04[32]
The Dome continues to slowly contract, causing periodic tremors and other damage. Junior and Lyle review Pauline's notebook, looking for any clues that might be helpful. Lyle points out one picture and interprets it as he and Pauline going to Heaven together. Melanie's condition continues to worsen and Rebecca gives her a blood transfusion. Barbie takes Hunter to the edge of the Dome and tells the men in black that he demands to see his father. When he arrives, Barbie convinces him that Melanie is alive within the Dome and the only way to save her is for him to return the Egg to Chester's Mill. He is told that the way in is the Red Door. As Don leaves to get the Egg, the Dome's contraction stops. Big Jim encourages Pauline to paint something, even though her visions have stopped. When Don reaches the Egg, he picks it up and surprisingly it does not hurt him. As he turns to take it to the Red Door, the men in black stop him, saying they have their orders. This causes the Dome to start contracting again, and Melanie is in distress. One of Pauline's paintings shows eight hands supporting Melanie, and the other (unseen) is dripping blood. Melanie is taken to the center of the Dome where the Egg was discovered. Pauline talks to Junior and seems to be saying goodbye to him. Since Angie was killed there are only seven Hands available, but they realize that Melanie really counts as two Hands ... one representing the past and one for the present. When they hold both of her hands, the ground opens up and Melanie is sucked into a hole. Big Jim congratulates Pauline with a kiss and as they are kissing, Lyle stabs her in the back. As Pauline lies dying, Lyle tells Big Jim that now he can join her in Heaven, and encourages Big Jim to stab him and finish the job. Big Jim does so in a fit of rage.
2613"Go Now"Jack BenderCaitlin Parrish & Cathryn HumphrisSeptember 22, 2014 (2014-09-22)7.52[33]
Pauline is still alive but injured. She whispers to Julia that she foresees that a different person will lead the way out. The Dome is still contracting and is causing earthquakes and problems with the weather. Barbie and the others are wondering how to safely explore the crater to see if it's a way out. Barbie is called away to assist a farmer who is trapped by falling debris. Joe, Norrie and Hunter go down into the crater and do an initial exploration of a cave. The cave path has a small crevice which has to be jumped over. Joe, Norrie and Hunter come out of the crater and tell Barbie what they found. Barbie decides that the only way out is through the cave. Sam diagnoses that Pauline has sustained severe internal injuries and will bleed out unless she gets surgery, which he is not qualified to do. Saline might buy her enough time to get her through the cave. Big Jim goes out in search of saline. Pauline asks Junior to go to her workshop and bring her paint and canvas so she might paint something that is helpful. While Pauline is alone with Rebecca, she begs to be given an overdose of morphine because she is in great pain and has seen that the Dome has planned for her to die there. When Junior reaches the workshop, he sees the painting showing Pauline bleeding from the mouth and from the abdomen. He realizes that he had been sent out as a way of saying goodbye. Rebecca administers the morphine overdose. Big Jim arrives with the saline but Sam detects that Pauline's pulse is weak. Pauline passes away and Big Jim sees that Rebecca is still holding the needle. Rebecca starts to explain her reasons, but Big Jim becomes irate. Sam tries to ask Big Jim to just walk away, but Big Jim knocks Sam out and then hits Rebecca in the head with a hammer, killing her. The townspeople start heading toward the crater. Big Jim takes Pauline's body to her workshop and issues an ultimatum to the Dome, saying that it should bring Pauline back to life in three seconds or he will go on a rampage against all of the Dome's favorite people. Nothing happens so Big Jim sets fire to the workshop and leaves. Julia is called away from the crater by a terrified Andrea Grinnell for help . When she arrives, Big Jim shoots Andrea and comes after Julia. Julia stabs Big Jim in the foot and starts to run. Junior meets her in the woods and says he will take care of Big Jim. Junior shoots Big Jim in the shoulder. All of the townspeople are down in the crater. Barbie and Julia go through the cave. Barbie crosses the crevice but it suddenly widens and Julia is unable to cross. Barbie promises to come back for her. Junior also arrives on the other side of the crevice. Barbie goes ahead and catches up to the townspeople, who end up at a blank wall. Norrie shouts that the Dome should just tell them what to do. A monarch butterfly lands on one particular rock. Barbie touches the rock with his hand and the entire wall crumbles. On the other side is a white light with Melanie standing in the middle, who urges everyone to follow her and go home.

Season 3 (2015)[edit]

On October 9, 2014, CBS renewed Under the Dome for a third season, confirmed to air summer of 2015.[34]


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