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This is a list of the major UK literary agencies, by order of the year of their establishment.

Literary agencies

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Year FoundedAgencyManagementNotable clientsWebsiteComments
1875A P WattCaradoc King (Chairman and Joint Managing Director), Derek Johns (Joint Managing Director) literary agency in the world.
1898 (USA)WME (UK)Simon Trewin(Head of UK Literary Division) William Morris Endeavor. The largest talent agency in the world, having been created in 2009 by the merger of the William Morris Agency and the Endeavor Agency.
1899Curtis BrownJonathan Lloyd (Chief Executive), Jonny Geller (Managing Director, Books Division)
1919AM HeathBill Hamilton (Managing Director)
1924Peters Fraser & Dunlop (PFD)Caroline Michel (Chief Executive)Simon Schama, Jeanette Winterson, C. S. Forester (estate)www.petersfraserdunlop.comPart of The Rights House Group, which was established in 2010. PFD is the result of a 1989 merger between the A. D. Peters Agency and the Fraser and Dunlop Agency.
1935David Higham AssociatesAnthony Goff (Managing Director)J. M. Coetzee, Roald Dahl (estate), Stephen Fry, Eric Hobsbawm, Jacqueline Pearn, Pollinger & Higham; David Higham Associates since 1956.
1956[1]Johnson & AlcockMichael Alcock, Andrew in 2003 by the merger of Michael Alcock Management and the John Johnson Agency.[2]
1962Sheil Land
1963[3]Greene & HeatonCarol by Elaine Greene, who was later joined by Carol Heaton.[4]
1971MBA Literary and Script AgentsDiana Tyler (Joint Managing Director), Laura Longrigg (Joint Managing Director)
1973 (USA)[5]Janklow & Nesbit (UK)Claire Conrad (Director, London Office)[6] office opened in 2000.[7]
1974[8]Independent TalentDuncan Heath (Chairman), Paul Lyon-Maris (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director), Lyndsey Posner (Managing Director - Corporate Affairs)[9]www.independenttalent.comOriginally founded as Duncan Heath & Associates, which was bought by ICM in 1985.[10] In 1991, ICM merged Duncan Heath & Associates with its UK office and, in 2002, a management buyout took place.[11] The agency was renamed Independent Talent in August 2007.[12]
1976[13]Ed Victor Literary AgencyEd Victor (Executive Chairman), Sophie Hicks (Joint Managing Director), Margaret Phillips (Joint Managing Director)[14]
1976Aitken Alexander AssociatesGillon Aitken (Chairman), Clare Alexander (Joint Managing Director), Sally Riley (Joint Managing Director) Gillon Aitken Associates, and operated for a time as Aitken & Stone.
1982Blake FriedmannCarole Blake (Joint Managing Director), Julian Friedmann (Joint Managing Director) by the merger of Julian Friedmann Literary Agency and the Carole Blake Literary Agency, which were founded in 1976 and 1977 respectively.
1985Caroline Sheldon Literary AgencyCaroline
1988Andrew Lownie Literary AgencyAndrew Lownie (Managing Director)
1988Darley AndersonDarley Anderson (Founder and Proprietor)[15]
1991[16]Limelight ManagementFiona LindsayJames Martin, Rachel Allen, Mary Berry, Oz Clarke, Linda Barkerwww.limelightmanagement.comCelebrity Management company and Literary Agency based in the heart of London and we focus on lifestyle subjects and experts. Agents for TV celebrities, broadcasters, writers, journalists, celebrity speakers and media personalities, after dinner speakers and motivational speakers who are specialists in the fields of food, drink, horticulture and garden design, antiques and history, business, health, beauty, and interior design.
1995[17]David Godwin Associates (DGA)David Godwin (Director), Heather Godwin (Director)[18]
1996[19]Lucas Alexander Whitley (LAW)Mark Lucas, Julian Alexander, Araminta
2000[20]Conville & WalshClare Conville, Patrick Walsh, Jake Smith-Bosanquet (Managing Director), Alan Oliver (Finance Director)[21]DBC Pierre, SJ Watson, Charlie Brooker, Belle de Jour, Vic Reeves, Francis Bacon (estate)
2000Capel & LandGeorgina Capel (Director), Anita Land (Director)
2000Antony Harwood Literary AgencyAntony Harwood (Managing Director)
2002[22]Jenny Brown AssociatesJenny Brownwww.jennybrownassociates.comThe largest literary agency in Scotland.[23]
2003Berlin AssociatesMarc Berlin, Fiona Williams, Rachel Daniels, Matt Connell, Laura Reeve, Julia Mills.www.berlinassociates.comBerlin Associates is a leading independent film, theatre and television agency, representing a select list of high-profile clients and emerging talent
2003Eve White Literary AgencyEve WhiteAndy Stanton, Tracey Corderoy, Rae Earl Johnson, Yvette
2005[24]GMCGraham Maw Christie Literary AgencyBased in London and specialising in
2007United AgentsPeter ­Bennett-Jones (Co-Chairman), Lindy King (Co-Chairman), St. John Donald (Managing Director)[26]
2012Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film AgencyMadeleine Milburn (Founder & Proprietor)Victoria Fox, C.J. Daugherty, Carolyn Jess-Cookewww.madeleinemilburn.comTop Literary Agency based in the UK with a reputation for launching new writers internationally. The Agency has a long-term vision and an international plan for each author, negotiating significant deals with publishers in the UK, the US and foreign markets.