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This is a list of official U.S. state foods:


StateFood typeFood nameImageYear &
AlabamaState nutPecanPecan-nuts-on-tree.jpg1982[1]
State fruitBlackberryBlackberry fruits10.jpg2004[2]
State tree fruitPeachFlavorcrest peaches.jpg2006[3]
ArkansasState fruit/vegetableSouth Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink TomatoBright red tomato and cross section02.jpg1987[4]
State grainriceRice p1160004.jpg2007[4]
FloridaState pieKey lime pieKey limepie.jpg2006 [5]
State fruitOrangeOrangeBloss wb.jpg2005
GeorgiaState prepared foodGritsGrits 1.jpg[6]
State fruitPeachFlavorcrest peaches.jpg[citation needed]
State vegetableVidalia Sweet OnionSweet onions 1.jpg[citation needed]
IdahoState foodPotatoPotato and cross section.jpg[citation needed]
State fruitHuckleberryBog huckleberry.jpg2000
IllinoisState snack foodPopcornPopcorn02.jpg[7]
State fruitGoldRush Apple (Malus xdomestica)95apple.jpeg2007[7]
KentuckyState fruitBlackberryBlackberry fruits10.jpg2004[8]
LouisianaState fruitStrawberryStrawberry444.jpg1980
State jelliesMayhaw jelly
Louisiana sugar cane jelly
Mayhaw jelly jar us state food crop.jpg2003
State meat pieNatchitoches meat pieNatchitoches-meatpies-and-beans-rice.jpg2003
State vegetableSweet potato5aday sweet potato.jpg2003
MaineState dessertBlueberry pie made with wild Maine blueberriesBest Blueberry Pie with Foolproof Pie Dough.jpg2011[9]
State fruitWild blueberryBlueberries.jpg1991
State soft drinkMoxieMoxiecan.jpg2005[10]
State treatWhoopie pieWhoopie pie with dusting of confectioner's sugar.jpg2011[9]
MarylandState foodBlue crabsBlue crab on market in Piraeus - Callinectes sapidus Rathbun 20020819-317.jpg1989
State dessertSmith Island CakeSmith island cake2009.jpg2008
MassachusettsState fruitCranberryCranberry bog.jpg[citation needed]
State muffinCorn muffinCorn bread muffins 1 copy.jpg[11]
State beanBaked navy beanSnijboon peulen Phaseolus vulgaris.jpg[12]
State dessertBoston cream pieBostoncreampie.jpg[13]
State cookieChocolate chip cookieChocolate chip cookies.jpg[14]
State doughnutBoston cream doughnutBoston cream doughnut bisected.jpg[15]
MinnesotaState fruitHoneycrisp appleHoneycrisp.jpg2006 [16]
State grainWild riceWildRice23.jpg1977 [16]
State muffinBlueberry muffinMuffin NIH.jpg1988 [16]
State mushroomMorelSmardz-Morchella-Ejdzej-2006.jpg1984 [16]
MissouriState fruitNorton Cynthiana grapeNorton grapes growing in Missouri.jpg[citation needed]
State dessertIce cream coneChocolate ice cream.jpg
New HampshireState fruitPumpkinPumpkins.jpg[17]
State vegetableWhite PotatoPotato and cross section.jpg2013[18]
New JerseyState fruitHighbush BlueberryVaccinium corymbosum Beeren.jpg2004[19]
State vegetableJersey TomatoBright red tomato and cross section02.jpg2005[20]
New MexicoState cookieBizcochitoBiscochitos at the State Capitol, Santa Fe NM.jpg1989[21][22]
State vegetableChilesLarge Cayenne.jpg1965
State vegetableFrijoles (refried beans)Refried beans-frijoles refritos.jpg1965
New YorkState muffinApple muffinAllison's Fine Baked Goods Apple Muffin 2010.jpg[23]
State fruitApple95apple.jpeg[citation needed]
North CarolinaState blue berryBlueberryBlueberries.jpg2001[24]
State red berryStrawberryStrawberry444.jpg2001[24]
State fruitScuppernong GrapeMuscadines.Scuppernongs.jpg2001[24]
State vegetableSweet potato5aday sweet potato.jpg1995[24]
North DakotaState fruitChokecherryPrunus virginiana.jpg2007
OhioState fruitTomatoBright red tomato and cross section02.jpg2009[25]
State candyBuckeyesBuckeyes Peanut Butter Balls.jpg
OklahomaState mealBarbecued porkPork steaks cooking-1.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealChicken fried steakCountryFriedSteak.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealSausages and gravyReunion sausages dsc07796.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealBiscuitsBiscuits-and-gravy.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealFried okraBucket of raw okra pods.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealSquashYellowSquash.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealGritsGrits, served with a waffle.1988[26][27]
State mealCornZea mays.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealBlack-eyed peasBlack-eyed-pea-closeup.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealCornbreadSkillet cornbread 1.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealPecan piePecan pie slice.jpg1988[26][27]
State mealStrawberriesStrawberry444.jpg1988[26][27][28]
State vegetableWatermelonVampire watermelon.jpg2007[28]
OregonState fruitPearPears.jpg[29]
State mushroomPacific Golden ChanterelleChanterelle Cantharellus cibarius.jpg[29]
State nutHazelnut (Filbert)Corylus avellana.jpg[29]
PennsylvaniaState drinkMilkGlass of milk on tablecloth.jpg
State CookieChocolate Chip Cookie6cookies.JPG
State CandyChocolateChocolate02.jpg
Rhode IslandState drinkCoffee milk[citation needed]
State fruitRhode Island Greening AppleRhode Island Greening Apple outside.jpg[citation needed]
South CarolinaState fruitPeachFlavorcrest peaches.jpg1984[30]
State VegetableCollard GreensCollard-Greens-Bundle.jpg[31]
State snack foodBoiled peanutsBoiled peanut.jpg2006[32]
South DakotaState dessertKuchenStreuselkuchen7.jpg2000[33]
State breadCornbreadFrybread.jpg2005[34]
TennesseeState fruitTomatoBright red tomato and cross section02.jpg2003
TexasState breadPan de campo2005[35]
State dishChili con carneBowl of chili.jpg1977[35]
State fruitTexas Red GrapefruitCitrus paradisi (Grapefruit, pink) white bg.jpg1993[35]
State health nutNative pecanPecan-nuts-on-tree.jpg2001[35]
State pastriesSopaipilla
Sopaipilla.jpg Strudel.jpg2003-2005 [35]
State pepperJalapeñoJalapenyo.jpg1995[35]
State native pepperChiltepinChiltepin mexico sonora.jpg1997[35]
State snackTortilla chips
Tortilla chips.jpg Mexico.Salsa.02.jpg2003[35]
State vegetableSweet onionSweet onions 1.jpg1997[35]
UtahState fruitCherryCherries summerland.jpg1997[36]
State historic vegetableSugar beetSugarBeet.jpg2002[37]
State snack foodJell-ODay 18 - Still Eating The Green Jello (gifrancis).jpg2001[38]
State vegetableSpanish sweet onionSweet onions 1.jpg2002[37]
VermontState fruitApple95apple.jpeg1999[39]
State pieApple pieApple pie.jpg1999[40]
VirginiaState muffinBlueberry muffin1989[41]
State dessertIce cream2007[42]
WashingtonState fruitApple95apple.jpeg1989[43]
State vegetableWalla Walla sweet onionSweet onions 1.jpg2007[44]
West VirginiaState fruitGolden Delicious appleGolden delicious apple.jpg[citation needed]
WisconsinState beverageMilkGlass of milk on tablecloth.jpg1987[45]
State fruitCranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon)Cranberry bog.jpg2003[45]
State grainCorn (Zea mays)Zea mays.jpg1989[46]
State muffinCranberry muffin
State pastryKringleKringle.jpeg2013[47]


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