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This is a list of official U.S. state dances:[1]


StateState danceYear &
AlabamaSquare Dance1981[2]
ArkansasSquare Dance[citation needed]
CaliforniaWest Coast Swing[3]
Square Dance
(official folk dance)
ColoradoSquare Dance[citation needed]
ConnecticutSquare Dance[citation needed]
GeorgiaSquare Dance[citation needed]
HawaiiHula[citation needed]
IdahoSquare Dance[citation needed]
IllinoisSquare Dance1990[4]
LouisianaSecond line[citation needed]
MarylandSquare Dance[citation needed]
MassachusettsSquare Dance1990[6][7]
MinnesotaSquare Dance[citation needed]
MississippiSquare Dance1995[8]
MissouriSquare Dance[citation needed]
NebraskaSquare Dance[citation needed]
New JerseySquare Dance
(official folk dance)
1983 [9]
New YorkLindy Hop[citation needed]
North CarolinaClogging
(official folk dance)
Carolina Shag
(official popular dance)
North DakotaSquare Dance[citation needed]
OhioCharleston[citation needed]
OklahomaSquare Dance[citation needed]
OregonSquare Dance1977[11]
PennsylvaniaPolka[citation needed]
South CarolinaThe Shag1984[12][dead link]
Square dance
(State American Folk Dance)
Richardson waltz
(State waltz)
TennesseeSquare Dance[citation needed]
TexasSquare Dance1994[15]
UtahSquare Dance1994[16]
VirginiaSquare Dance2011[17]
WashingtonSquare Dance1979[18]

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