List of U.S. cities with large African-American populations

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This is a list of the United States cities over 100,000 people that have populations that are over 30% Black or African American.[note 1] Statistics include Black peoples regardless of nationality.

There are 19 American cities with populations over 100,000 that have majority (over 50%) Black or African-American populations. These cities are located in the following 13 states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia.

Cities with the highest percentage of Blacks or African Americans[edit]

Ten cities with 100,000 or more total population and the highest percentages of Blacks or African-Americans, alone or mixed with other races[1]
CityTotal populationBlack or African American, alone or mixed with other racesBlack or African American, aloneMixed-race Black/African-American
RankPercent of total populationRankPercent of
total population
RankPercent of
total population
Detroit, MI713,777184.3182.7831.6
Jackson, MS173,514280.1279.42420.7
Miami Gardens, FL107,167377.9376.3911.6
Birmingham, AL212,237474.0473.42570.6
Baltimore, MD620,961565.1563.71341.3
Memphis, TN646,889664.1663.32250.8
New Orleans, LA343,831761.2760.21841.0
Flint, MI102,434859.5956.692.9
Montgomery, AL205,764957.4856.62310.8
Savannah, GA136,2861056.71055.41391.3
Ten cities with 100,000 or more total population and the highest percentage "Black in combination" (mixed with other races)[1]
Black or African American, alone or mixed with other racesBlack or African American, aloneMixed-race Black/African-American
RankPercent of
total population
RankPercent of
total population
RankPercent of
total population
Lansing, MI114,2976927.87823.714.1
Tacoma, WA198,39713215.014511.223.8
Killeen, TX127,9214037.94634.133.8
Syracuse, NY145,1705133.15729.543.6
Providence, RI178,04210919.411416.053.3
Fairfield, CA105,32111119.011815.763.3
Rochester, NY210,5652944.93341.773.2
Fayetteville, NC200,5643144.83241.982.9
Vallejo, CA115,9428124.98322.1102.9

Cities with the highest number of Blacks or African Americans[edit]

Ten cities with 100,000 or more total population
and the highest number of Blacks or African Americans[2]
Black or African American,
alone or mixed with other races
Black or African American,
Mixed-race Black/African-American
New York, NY8,175,13312,228,14512,088,5101139,635
Chicago, IL2,695,5982913,0092887,608325,401
Philadelphia, PA1,526,0063686,8703661,839425,031
Detroit, MI713,7774601,9884590,2261311,762
Houston, TX2,099,4515514,2175498,466815,751
Memphis, TN646,8896414,9286409,687585,241
Baltimore, MD620,9617403,9987395,781298,217
Los Angeles, CA3,792,6218402,4488365,118237,330
Washington, DC601,7239314,3529305,125229,227
Dallas, TX1,197,81610308,08710298,993239,094
Columbus, OH787,03315237,07716220,241516,836
San Diego, CA1,307,40240104,3744387,949616,425
Phoenix, AZ1,445,63237109,5444093,608715,936
Indianapolis, IN829,71814240,78915226,671914,118
Boston, MA617,59421163,62923150,4371013,192

Select cities with a large percentage of Black or African American people[edit]

[dubious ]

The following data was sourced from the 2010 U.S. Census.[citation needed]

RankCityPercentage Black or African AmericanTotal Black or African American
1Detroit, Michigan82.7590,226
2Jackson, Mississippi79.4137,716
3Miami Gardens, Florida76.381,776
4Birmingham, Alabama73.4155,791
5Baltimore, Maryland63.7395,781
6Memphis, Tennessee63.3409,687
7New Orleans, Louisiana60.2206,871
8Baton Rouge, Louisiana58.5126,250
9Wilmington, Delaware5841,326
10Flint, Michigan56.657,939
11Savannah, Georgia55.475,507
12Augusta, Georgia54.7107,182
13Shreveport, Louisiana54.7109,022
14Montgomery, Alabama54.5116,524
15Atlanta, Georgia54.0226,894
16Cleveland, Ohio53.3211,672
16Portsmouth, Virginia53.350,878
17Harrisburg, Pennsylvania52.425,957
18Newark, New Jersey52.4145,085
19Valdosta, Georgia51.127,860
20Washington, D.C.50.7305,125
21Richmond, Virginia50.6103,342
22Mobile, Alabama50.698,691
23St. Louis, Missouri49.2157,160
24Danville, Virginia48.343,055
25Beaumont, Texas47.355,931
26North Charleston, South Carolina47.245,964
27Jackson, Tennessee45.729,802
28Saginaw, Michigan[3]44.923,127
29Cincinnati, Ohio44.8133,039
30Inglewood, California43.948,164
31Philadelphia, Pennsylvania43.4661,839
32Norfolk, Virginia43.1104,672
33Dayton, Ohio42.960,705
34Suffolk, Virginia42.736,120
35Little Rock, Arkansas42.381,889
36Columbia, South Carolina42.254,537
37Fayetteville, North Carolina41.984,040
38Rochester, New York41.787,897
39Durham, North Carolina41.093,517
40Newport News, Virginia40.773,514
41Greensboro, North Carolina40.6109,586
42Milwaukee, Wisconsin40.0237,769
43Hartford, Connecticut38.748,331
44Buffalo, New York38.6100,774
45Bronx, New York[4]36.5505,200
46New Haven, Connecticut35.445,938
47Tallahassee, Florida35.063,475
48Charlotte, North Carolina35.0256,241
49Chattanooga, Tennessee34.958,507
50Winston-Salem, North Carolina34.779,598
51Brooklyn, New York[4]34.3860,083
52High Point, North Carolina33.034,394
53Chicago, Illinois32.9887,608
54Compton, California32.931,688
55Paterson, New Jersey31.746,314
56Greenville, South Carolina31.518,422
57Huntsville, Alabama31.256,229
58Cheltenham, Pennsylvania31.112,065
59Jacksonville, Florida30.7252,421
60Kansas City, Missouri29.9137,540
61Raleigh, North Carolina29.3117,160
62Orlando, Florida28.166,876
63Columbus, Ohio28.0220,241
64Oakland, California28.0109,471
65Hawthorne, California27.723,385
66Upper Darby, Pennsylvania27.522,769
67Indianapolis, Indiana27.2226,671
68Toledo, Ohio27.278,121
69Kansas City, Kansas26.839,080
70Richmond, California26.627,542
71South Bend, Indiana26.626,906
72Tampa, Florida26.287,872
73Charleston, South Carolina25.430,491
74Boston, Massachusetts24.4150,437
75Queens, New York[4]20.1446,098
76Minneapolis, Minnesota18.671,160
77Victorville, California16.819,483
78Oklahoma City, Oklahoma15.187,354
79San Bernardino, California15.031,582
80Sacramento, California14.668,335

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The United States Census Bureau defines a "Black or African American" as "[a] person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa. It includes people who indicate their race as 'Black, African Am., or Negro'; or report entries such as African American, Kenyan, Nigerian, or Haitian."