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This article is about the band Train list of songs. For the genre, see List of train songs.

This is a comprehensive list of songs by San Franciscan pop rock band Train. Since forming in 1994, the band has released five studio albums, one live album, and four extended plays (EPs). This list does not contain live versions or remixes released by the band.

Original Songs[edit]

Song TitleAlbum(s) / Single(s)First Released
"50 Ways to Say Goodbye"California 372012
"All American Girl"My Private Nation2005
"All I Ever Wanted"For Me, It's You2006
"All I Hear"For Me, It's You2006
"Always Remember"For Me, It's You2006
"Am I Reaching You Now?"For Me, It's You2006
"Better Off Alive"European edition of My Private Nation2003
"Blind"Independent release of Train1996
"Brand New Book"The Biggest Loser2011
"Breakfast in Bed"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Brick by Brick"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Bruises"California 372012
"Cab"For Me, It's You2005
"California 37"California 372012
"Calling All Angels"My Private Nation2003
"Coming Home"Target edition of For Me, It's You2006
"Counting Airplanes"My Private Nation2003
"Counting on You"One and a Half1999
"Days"Independent release of Train1996
"Drive By"California 372012
"Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Eggplant"Independent release of Train1996
"Explanation"For Me, It's You2006
"Fall Out"We Were Soldiers Soundtrack2002
"Fascinated""Calling All Angels"2003
"Father's Day (acoustic)"Christmas Time in San Francisco1995
"Feels Good At First"California 372012
"Following Rita"My Private Nation2003
"For Me, It's You"For Me, It's You2006
"For You""Calling All Angels"2003
"Futon""California 37"2013
"Free"Independent release of Train1996
"Getaway"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Get Out"For Me, It's You2006
"Get to Me"My Private Nation2003
"Give Myself to You"For Me, It's You2006
"Half Moon Bay"iTunes version of Save Me San Francisco/Golden Gate Edition2009
"Hey, Soul Sister"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Homesick"Independent release of Train1996
"Hopeless"One and a Half/Drops of Jupiter1999
"I Am"Independent release of Train1996
"I Got You"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Idaho"Independent release of Train1996
"If It's Love"Save Me San Francisco2009
"If You Leave"Train1998
"I'm About to Come Alive"My Private Nation2003
"I'm Not Waiting in Line"For Me, It's You2006
"Imagine""California 37"2013
"It's About You"Drops of Jupiter2001
"It's Love""Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)"/Independent release of Drops of Jupiter2001
"I Wanna Believe"iTunes version of For Me, It's You2006
"I Wish You Would"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Landmine""Calling All Angels"2003
"Let It Roll"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Lincoln Avenue"My Private Nation2003
"Marry Me"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Meet Virginia"Independent release of Train1996
"Mermaid"California 372012
"Mississippi"Drops of Jupiter2001
"My Private Nation"My Private Nation2003
"New Sensation"Alive at Last2004
"Out Here in the Open"Japanese edition of My Private Nation2003
"Ordinary"Alive At Last/Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack2004
"Parachute"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Rat"Independent release of Train1996
"Respect"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Save Me, San Francisco"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Save the Day"My Private Nation2003
"Shake Up Christmas""Save Me San Francisco Golden Gate Edition"2010
"Sharks""Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)"2001
"She's on Fire"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Shelter Me"For Me, It's You2006
"Should We Believe"Hawaii Five-0: Original Songs from the Television Series (was released as a demo two years earlier)2009
"Sing Together"California 372012
"Skyscraper"For Me, It's You2006
"Something More"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Sorry For"Independent release of Train1996
"Swaying"Independent release of Train1996
"Sweet Rain"One and a Half/Independent release of Drops of Jupiter1999
"The Finish Line"Pre-order edition of Save Me San Francisco/Golden Gate Edition2009
"The Highway"Independent release of Train/One and a Half1996
"This'll Be My Year"California 372012
"This Ain't Goodbye"Save Me San Francisco2009
"This Is Not Your Life""Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)"2001
"To Be Loved"California 37/Abduction2012
"Train"Independent release of Train1996
"We Were Made for This"California 372012
"When I Look to the Sky"My Private Nation2003
"When the Fog Rolls in"California 372012
"Whipping Boy"Drops of Jupiter2001
"Words"Save Me San Francisco2009
"Your Every Color"My Private Nation2003
"You Already Know"Save Me San Francisco2009
"You Can Finally Meet My Mom"California 372012


TitleAlbum(s)Year ReleasedOriginal Artist
"If I Can't Change Your Mind"For Me, It's You2006Bob Mould
"Light My Fire"Stoned Immaculate: The Music of The Doors2000The Doors
"Only You""Only You Single"2010The Platters
"Ramble On""Ramble On Single"2001Led Zeppelin
"What Child Is This?"Sweet Tracks 20042004William Chatterton Dix
"Umbrella"Save Me San Francisco2010Rihanna

Demo/Unreleased songs[edit]

Song TitlePeriod Written
"All Our Lives"
"Her Confession"1996
"Hot Nancy"
"I Can't Wait"1996
"It's Your Life"
"L.A. Freeway"
"Mary's Life"
"Never Let'em Know"1995
"Room in My House"1996
"Should We Believe"2009
"Simple Life"1996
"Something Good"
"The Gas"
"The Real You"2005
"Things I Don't Believe"
"This Ground"

Other songs[edit]

Song TitlePerformed withNotes
"Five By"Sesame Street characters [1]Parody of "Drive By"


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