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Toriko is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and produced by Toei Animation.[1] It began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on April 3, 2011.[1][2][3] A cross-over special between Toriko and One Piece also aired to coincide with the premiere broadcast.[4] The story focuses on Toriko, the titular Gourmet Hunter, as he searches around the world to create his full dinner course by acquiring rare foods and ingredients. On his adventure, Toriko is accompanied by Komatsu, the timid head chef of his own restaurant who decides to improve his culinary skills.

The series uses five pieces of theme music. The opening theme, titled "Guts Guts!!", is performed by Akira Kushida.[5] The first ending theme, "Satisfaction", is performed by F.T. Island.[6] The second ending theme, used from episodes 26 to 39, is "Deli-Deli Delicious" performed by Sea A.[7] The third ending theme, used from episode 40 to episode 50, is "Sabrina" performed by Leo Ieiri. The fourth ending theme, used from episode 52 to episode 62 onwards, is "Love Chase" performed by Tomohisa Yamashita. The fourth ending theme, used from episode 63 onwards, is "Samba de Toriko!!!" performed by Hyadain. The first DVD compilation was released on August 2, 2011, with individual DVDs being released monthly.[8]

In 2011, Funimation Entertainment announced that it has licensed Toriko for streaming in North America within four days after the Japanese broadcast. It premiered on Hulu and Funimation's official website on April 14.[9] Starting with episode three on April 20, the series was rescheduled to stream within three days after the Japanese broadcast.[10]

Episode list

No.TitleOriginal airdate
1"Arrival on Gourmet Island! The Gourmet Hunter Toriko Appears!"
"Jōriku, Gurume no Shima! Bishoku-ya Toriko Arawaru!" (上陸、グルメの島! 美食屋トリコ現る!) 
April 3, 2011[11]
A cross-over special with One Piece. As Monkey D. Luffy and his crew are running low on food supplies, they discover an island known as the Gourmet Island. As Luffy, Nami, Sanji and Tony Tony Chopper explore the island and discover everything to be made of food, they encounter Toriko travelling with Komatsu, who initially mistake Chopper as potential food. After encountering some Roasted Boars and clearing up their misunderstandings, the two groups search for a large bird which Toriko and Luffy manage to beat. They spend the night sampling their spoils. However, Nami and Komatsu are kidnapped by a group of Cocoalas. As the gang head towards a mountain where a delicious fruit is said to exist and where the Cocoalas have taken Nami and Komatsu, the gang end up against a fierce group of lions, but are aided by Toriko's allies: Sunny, Coco & Rin. They later find Nami and Komatsu being held captive by a giant Cocoala and work together to defeat it. Afterwards, an eruption occurs, revealing the entire island to be one giant dessert. After Luffy and crew gather the provisions they need, they set off on their journey as Toriko continues his search for his Full Course menu. 
2"The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator!"
"Hikyō no Kyojū! Toriko, Gararawani o Hokaku seyo!" (秘境の巨獣! トリコ、ガララワニを捕獲せよ!) 
April 10, 2011[12]
The series begins with a chef named Komatsu discovering a Gourmet Hunter named Toriko, who catches a Pincer Fish, much to Komatsu's amazement. After Toriko stops an attack on the fish by defeating a Five-Tailed Eagle, he is informed about a local Gararagator and accompanies Komatsu on his journey to the Baron Archipelago, a swamp where the animal lives. While there, Toriko scares off a Baron Tiger. Later, while eating Snake Frogs at dinner, a Swamp Snake suddenly appears but dies because of a large bite wound. However, they discover Baron Leeches on his body and is quickly eaten by the Gararagator, who reveals itself to be an oversized alligator. While fighting the Gararagator, Toriko discovers that it smells the scent of blood from the Baron Leeches. He eventually kills the Gararagator with his Fork and Knife technique. Toriko tells Komatsu of his intention to have a full-course menu while eating the Gararagator, while Komatsu tells his dream of becoming a world-renowned chef. Komatsu offers to come with Toriko, which he accepts. 
3"The Well Mellowed-7 Fruit Juice! Pick the Rainbow Fruit!"
"Hōjun naru Nanairo no Kajū! Niji no Mi o Tore!" (芳醇なる七色の果汁! 虹の実をとれ!) 
April 17, 2011[12]
Toriko is commissioned by the International Gourmet Organization to obtain the Rainbow Fruit, which is guarded by powerful Troll Kongs. As he and Komatsu make their way into the enclosed Biotope, news reporter Tina sneaks in to try and get footage of Toriko in action. Toriko encounters a scout and knocks him out with a stun gun, since he does not kill what he does not intend to eat, though gets licked with its scent. Toriko soon encounters a group of Troll Kongs guarding the Rainbow Fruit tree. As Toriko confronts them, the rain washes off the scent from the underling, allowing him to use his intimidation against the others and gain dominance over its leader. Toriko takes a single fruit, though Tina is caught and her footage is confiscated. Moved by the ever-changing flavors of the Rainbow Fruit, served in a jelly by Komatsu, Toriko declares the Rainbow Fruit as the dessert for his full-course menu. Meanwhile, various shady figures become interested in Toriko's movements. 
4"Prepare It! The Poisonous Puffer Whale! The Heavenly King Coco Appears!!"
"Sabake Mōdoku Fugukujira! Shiten'nō Koko Tōjō!" (さばけ猛毒フグ鯨! 四天王ココ登場!) 
April 24, 2011[12]
As the rare Puffer Whale makes its appearance once in every ten years, Toriko and Komatsu go to meet the chefs that prepare its meat. Upon arriving at their destination, they meet one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco, to request his help in capturing and preparing the Puffer Whale. Together they enter a cave labrynth in search of the Puffer Whale, though Coco predicts Komatsu might die. It is revealed that Coco's body contains several types of poison which ward away beasts, but has also made him a target for those interested in the antibodies he produces. As they approach the beach, Komatsu goes missing and Toriko and Coco are approached by the fearsome Devil Snake. 
5"The Deadly Cave Battle! Fire, Five-Fold Spiked Punch!"
"Dōkutsu no Shitō! Ute, Go-ren Kugi Panchi!" (洞窟の死闘! 打て、5連釘パンチ!) 
May 1, 2011[12]
The Devil Snake's cries cause the entrance to the cave to cave in, and its acid spitting and regenerative abilities prove difficult for Toriko and Coco. Meanwhile, Komatsu is taken captive by another hunter looking for the Puffer Whale. As Coco tries to distract the Devil Snake so Toriko can gather power, he is injected with its venom. However, he manages to make some antibodies for it and inject them into the snake along with his own poison, allowing Toriko to unleash his 5-Fold Spiked Punch on it. As Toriko contemplates what to do with the meat, Komatsu and his kidnapper encounter another Demon Devil Snake. 
6"The Knocking Master! Time to Taste the Puffer Whale!"
"Nokkingu no Tatsujin! Fugukujira, Jisshoku no Toki!" (ノッキングの達人! フグ鯨、実食の時!) 
May 8, 2011[12]
As the kidnapper leaves Komatsu at the mercy of the Demon Devil Snake only to be killed by some other creatures, Komatsu uses a special firecracker given to him by Toriko, but the sound from it causes Komatsu's heart to stop. However, he is rescued by an old man they had met on the train named Jirou, who is a Knocking Master, knocking out the snake and reviving Komatsu. After reuniting with Komatsu, Toriko's group reach a sandy beach in the cave, where they find a school of small Puffer Whales. After Coco uses his technique of hiding his presence to catch one whale, Toriko is able to copy it and catch more. After catching a few, Coco has Komatsu prepare the whales to have their poisonous glands removed and, despite poisoning all but one of the whales, Komatsu manages to save the last one, preparing it into sashimi and sake. Afterwards, they spot a strange creature with a fearsome aura emerge from the water, leaving with some more Puffer Whales. 
7"The Strongest Wolf That Ever Lived! The Battle Wolf is Reborn!"
"Saidai Saikyō no Ōkami! Batoru Urufu, Fukkatsu!" (最大最強の狼! バトルウルフ、復活!) 
May 15, 2011[13]
Toriko, Komatsu and Coco exit the cave and find the creature had beaten up all the other hunters. Later, Tina is suspended from her job as her camera had been confiscated by the IGO due to footage on the strange creature, known as a GT Robo, which has also been attacking Biotopes and stealing Rainbow Fruit. As the IGO prepare the release of a Gourmet Hunter named Zebra in preparation for a certain enemy, Toriko and Komatsu travel to one of the Biotopes to capture the Regal Mammoth. They meet up with Chief Mansam, who tells about the Gourmet Corps, the evil organisation trying to take control of the world's ingredients and is targeting the Regal Mammoth. They then head to the Gourmet Colloseum where they view the main event, a battle royale between various creatures, including the legendary Battle Wolf. However, something goes wrong and the colloseum is filled with Battle Fragrance that causes the beasts to go wild and attack the Battle Wolf. Toriko decides to enter the arena and appears before the Battlewolf. 
8"The Threat Appears! Rumble at the Gourmet Colosseum!"
"Arawareta Kyōi! Haran, Gurume Koroshiamu!" (現れた脅威! 波乱、グルメコロシアム!) 
May 22, 2011[13]
As Toriko confronts the Battle Wolf, the crowd is shocked to discover Toriko's appearance. Mansam discovers that Toriko entered the arena through the glass walls. Meanwhile, Tina discovers Komatsu and Mansam while filming the fight. Toriko frightens the other beasts away. The Battle Wolf collapses from exhaustion, but Toriko continues to fight the beasts. Mansem orders Rin to shut down the Battle Fragrance machine, but it continues to pour out Battle Fragrance as the machine malfunctions. Toriko manages to defeat a beast with his 5-Fold Spiked Punch technique, destroying most of the dome. Toriko announces the arrival of a new Battle Wolf. Meanwhile, Rin tries to tranquil a Demon Devil Python, but she is chased by the beast. Mansem tells Komatsu that the Battle Wolf has the Gourmet Cells, which can produce a clone of a beast. Rin leads the Demon Devil Python to the arena, where Toriko confronts the beast. Mansem confronts Dohem, whose true form is Bei. Bei defeats Mansem, while the Battle Wolf easily defeats the Demon Devil Python. Toriko then confronts Bei, who tells him that he will not be interested in eating a Battle Wolf and incapacitates the Battle Wolf with a single blast from the GT Robot. 
9"That Which Is Passed Down! Activate, Gourmet Cells!"
"Uketsugareru Mono! Kassei, Gurume Saibō!" (受け継がれるもの! 活性、グルメ細胞!) 
May 29, 2011[13]
Komatsu discovers that Mansem can heal himself by disinfecting his wounds. Bei tries to attack the Battle Wolf and her cub, but Rin uses the Endorphin Smoke technique on him. Mansem informs Komatsu that the Battle Wolf has given love to her cub which has been passed down for generations, and that a GT Robot can be manipulated by a human. Enraged at the near-death of the Battle Wolf, Toriko activates his gourmet cells and confronts the GT Robot. Toriko uses his Five-Fold Spike Punch and Ice Pick techniques on the GT Robot in a futile attempt to destroy it. The GT Robot attempts to kill Toriko, but he uses the Five-Fold Ice Pick Spiked Punch technique on the GT Robot - destroying its head. Mansem orders his men to fire the laser cannons on the robot, revealing its core antenna. The antenna flees from the attacks, but is obliterated by the beast Ricky. The Battle Wolf dies while standing up and Toriko, having befriended the cub, names him Terry Cloth. While eating, Toriko and Komatsu discovers that the Regal Mammoth has been stolen. Rin tells them that her brother has captured a Regal Mammoth on an island. 
10"The Man Who Has an Invincible Domain! His Name Is Sunny!"
"Muteki no Ryōiki o Motsu Otoko! Sono Na wa Sanī!" (無敵の領域を持つ男! その名はサニー!) 
June 5, 2011[13]
After defeating the GT Robot, Toriko, Mansem, Tina and Komatsu discover a Regal Mammoth. The Gourmet Hunter says that the Mammoth has been called a food treasure. However, a stranger defeats a group of Gang Hoods when they try to steal the Regal Mammoth. The stranger reveals that his name is Sunny and is a member of the Four Heavenly Kings. Mansem tells the group that the Regal Mammoth is a child and their parents are somewhere on the island. At Mansem's request, Toriko and the others search for the adult Regal Mammoth. Meanwhile, the Gourmet Corps learn of Bei's failure to defeat Toriko and steal the Regal Mammoth. Toriko and the others discover Black Grass and Sunny tells the group his full course meal. Toriko tells Komatsu that the IGO has 8 worlds with different environments and beasts. However, the group discovers the giant Rock Drums. Toriko uses his Five-Folt Spiked Punch technique on the beasts and Sunny eventually the last one with the Hair Net: Spatula technique. Mansem learns that a GT Robot has invaded the island. 
11"Regal Isle Dash! Search for the Jewel Meat!"
"Shissō, Rīgaru-tō! Jueru Mīto o Mezase!" (疾走、リーガル島! ジュエルミートを目指せ!) 
June 12, 2011[14]
12"The Devil's Game! Clear the Devil's Playground!"
"Ma no Gēmu! Debiru Asurechikku o Kuria Shiro!" (魔のゲーム! デビルアスレチックをクリアしろ!) 
June 19, 2011[14]
13"The Ultimate Backup! Clash, Coco Vs. GT Robot!"
"Saikyō no Suketto! Gekitotsu, Koko tai Jī-Tī Robo!" (最強の助っ人! 激突、ココ対GTロボ!) 
June 26, 2011[14]
14"The Threat Of Deadly Poison! Coco's Formula For Victory!"
"Kyōi no Mōdoku! Koko, Shōri e no Hōteishiki!" (脅威の猛毒! ココ、勝利への方程式!) 
July 3, 2011[14]
15"The Unyielding aesthetic! Sunny's Manly Battle!"
"Kyōjin naru Bigaku! Sanī, Otoko no Tatakai!" (強靭なる美学! サニー、男の闘い!) 
July 10, 2011[15]
16"Rin's Final Wish! Awaken, Super Toriko!"
"Rin, Saigo no Negai! Kakusei Seyo, Chō Toriko!!" (リン、最期の願い! 覚醒せよ、超トリコ!!) 
July 17, 2011[15]
17"Super Toriko, the Fist of Anger! This is the Strongest Spike Punch!"
"Chō Toriko, Ikari no Kobushi! Kore ga Saikyō no Kugi Panchi!" (超トリコ、怒りの拳! これが最強の釘パンチ!) 
July 31, 2011[15]
18"The Taste Written In His DNA! Toriko, Search For The Blue Blood Corn!"
"Dī-enu-ē ni Kizamareta Aji! Toriko, Bī-Bī Kōn o Sagase!" (DNAに刻まれた味! トリコ、BBコーンを探せ!) 
August 7, 2011[15]
19"The Talent of Battle! Show Me, Terry, King in the Making!"
"Tatakai no Sainō! Misero Terī, Ōja no Soshitsu!" (闘いの才能! 見せろテリー、王者の素質!) 
August 14, 2011[16]
20"For Terry’s Sake! Burst By Broiling Heat, BB Corn!"
"Terī no Tame ni! Shakunetsu de Hajikero, Bī-Bī Kōn!" (テリーの為に! 灼熱で弾けろ、BBコーン!) 
August 21, 2011[16]
21"The Gourmet Corps' Assassin! Toriko's Attack Instantaneously Evolves!"
"Bishoku-kai no Shikaku! Toriko no Waza, Shinka no Shunkan!" (美食會の刺客! トリコの技、進化の瞬間!) 
August 28, 2011[16]
22"Pressure of Madness! Grinpatch vs. Toriko!"
"Kyōki no Atsuryoku! Gurinpāchi tai Toriko!" (狂気の圧力! グリンパーチ対トリコ!) 
September 4, 2011[16]
23"The Amusement Park of Eating! The Bellyfull City, Gourmet Town!"
"Shokuji no Yūenchi! Manpuku tochi Gurume Taun!" (食事の遊園地! 満腹都市グルメタウン!) 
September 11, 2011[17]
24"The Moment of Dreams! Setsuno's Century Soup!"
"Yume no Jikan! Setsuno no Senchurī Sūpu!" (夢の時間! 節乃のセンチュリースープ!) 
September 18, 2011[17]
25"Meeting at the Saloon! The Powerful and Numerous Gourmet Hunters!"
"Deai no Sanba! Gun'yū Kakkyo no Bishoku-ya-tachi!" (出会いの酒場! 群雄割拠の美食屋達!) 
September 25, 2011[17]
26"The Gourtmet Hunter Troops' Challenge! Arrival in the Frigid Hell!"
"Bishoku-ya Gundan no Chōsen! Jōriku, Gokkan no Jigoku!" (美食屋軍団の挑戦! 上陸、極寒の地獄!) 
October 2, 2011[17]
27"Hurry While It's Hot! A Survival Race on Ice!"
"Zen wa Isoge! Hyōdo no Sabaibaru Rēsu!" (膳は急げ! 氷土のサバイバルレース!) 
October 9, 2011[17]
28"The Fiery Explosion Shakes the Iceberg!! The Masked Man's True Form!!"
"Hyōzen Yurugasu Bakuen! Fukumen Otoko no Shōtai!!" (氷山揺るがす爆炎! 覆面男の正体!!) 
October 16, 2011[18]
29"Glorious Bug Tamer! Tommyrod vs. Toriko"
"Ranman'naru Mushi Tsukai! Tomīroddo tai Toriko" (爛漫なる蟲使い! トミーロッド対トリコ) 
October 23, 2011[18]
30"Gratitude and Pride! Takimaru's Full-Out Corkscrew Shot!"
"Kansha to Hokori! Takimaru, Konshin no Sen'nuki Shotto!" (感謝と誇り! 滝丸、渾身の栓抜きショット!) 
October 30, 2011[18]
31"Settled! Match and Takimaru's Desperate Attacks!"
"Ketchaku! Matchi to Takimaru Sutemi no Ōwaza!" (決着! マッチと滝丸捨て身の大技!) 
November 6, 2011[18]
32"The Gourmet Reviver and the Legendary Soup's Location!"
"Shoku no Saisei-ya to Densetsu no Sūpu no Yukue!" (食の再生屋と伝説のスープの行方!) 
November 13, 2011[19]
33"Head-on Fight! Fierce Battle! Toriko vs. Tommyrod!"
"Makkō Shōbu! Gekitō Toriko tai Tomīroddo!" (真っ向勝負! 激闘トリコ対トミーロッド!) 
November 20, 2011[19]
34"Ultimate Desperation! Tommyrod's Full-Power Mode Explodes!"
"Zettai Zetsumei!! Tomīroddo Honki Mōdo Sakuretsu!" (絶体絶命!! トミーロッド本気モード炸裂!) 
November 27, 2011[19]
35"Wondrous Power! Gourmet Reviver Teppei Joins the Battle!"
"Kyōi no Chikara! Saisei-ya Teppei Sansen!" (驚異の力! 再生屋鉄平参戦!) 
December 4, 2011[19]
36"The Last Drop! Who Will Get the Century Soup?!"
"Saigo no Itteki! Senchurī Sūpu wa Dare no Te ni!?" (最後の一滴! センチュリースープは誰の手に!?) 
December 11, 2011[20]
37"Farewell, Ice Hell! Granny Setsu's Hidden Power!"
"Saraba Aisu Heru! Setsu-baa no Himetaru Chikara" (さらばアイスヘル! セツ婆の秘めたる力) 
December 18, 2011[20]
38"Splendid Healing! Here Comes the Gourmet Reviver, Yosaku!"
"Gōkai Chiryō! Saisei-ya Yosaku Tōjō!" (豪快治療! 再生屋・与作登場!) 
December 25, 2011[20]
39"Race to Finish! Will It Be Toriko's Recovery, or Komatsu's Soup?!"
"Kyōsō! Toriko no Kanshi ka Komatsu no Sūpu ka!?" (競争! トリコの完治か 小松のスープか!?) 
January 8, 2012[20]
40"To the World of Ultimate Bliss! Taste the Century Soup!"
"Shifuku no Sekai e! Jisshoku Senchurī Sūpu" (至福の世界へ! 実食センチュリースープ) 
January 15, 2012
41"Housewarming Party! Everyone Gather at the Sweets House!"
"Shinchiku Iwai! Suītsu Hausu ni Zen'in Shūgō!" (新築祝! スイーツハウスに全員集合!) 
January 22, 2012
Toriko needs to built a new candy house and contracts an architect named Smile to do so. 
42"The Gourmet King Championship! Search for the Ultimate Sweets!"
"Bishoku-Ō Kettei-sen! Kyūkyoku no Suītsu o Sagase!" (美食王決定戦! 究極のスイーツを探せ!) 
January 29, 2012
43"Bonding Dish! Partners Are Forever!"
"Kizuna no Ippin! Pātonā wa Eien ni" (絆の一品! パートナーは永遠に) 
February 5, 2012
44"White Hot! Toriko vs. the IGO President!"
"Hakunetsu! Toriko tai Ai-Jī-Ō Kaichō!" (白熱! トリコ対IGO会長!) 
February 12, 2012
45"Vegetable Garden in the Heavens! Vegetable Sky!"
"Tenkū no Yasai-batake Bejitaburu Sukai!" (天空の野菜畑・ベジタブルスカイ!) 
February 19, 2012
46"Discovery! The King of Vegetables, Ozone Grass!"
"Hakken! Yasai no Ōsama Ozon-sō!" (発見! 野菜の王様オゾン草!) 
February 26, 2012
47"Confession in the Heavens! The Formation of the Invincible Duo!"
"Ōzora no Kokuhaku! Fumetsu no Konbi Kessei!" (大空の告白! 不滅のコンビ結成!) 
March 4, 2012
48"Shocking Encounter! A Mysterious Life Form Appears!"
"Shōgeki no Deai! Nazo no Seibutsu Arawaru!" (衝撃の出会い! 謎の生物現る!) 
March 18, 2012
Toriko realizes that there is a unique wild beast that learns quickly by looking from others. After fulfilling the request from IGO's president, he comes back and Ichiro realizes Komatsu's ability to hear ingredients voice. Toriko also asks regarding the creature that he found in the sky garden but Ichiro ignores him. Ichiro also requests tons of other ingredients to prepare Toriko for entering gourmet world. Meanwhile other four heavenly kings have received their assignments accepts for Zebura in which currently in prison. Ichiro tells Toriko that it is OK to invite other heavenly kings to capture the requested ingredients as for training. Ichiro invites them to go to Gourmet World to enjoy unknown ingredients. 
49"Toriko Rushes in! The Truth of the Gourmet World!"
"Toriko Totsunyū! Gurume-kai no Shinjitsu!" (トリコ突入! グルメ界の真実!) 
March 25, 2012
50"Enter the Astounding Ringer! The True Meaning of a Partner!"
"Kyōi no Suketto Tōjō! Pātonā no Shin no Imi" (驚異の助っ人登場! パートナーの真の意味) 
April 1, 2012
Toriko is in the edge of danger by meeting animals which have immesureable capture level - currently - in the Underground Forest. He also meets tons of new ingredients that will be explained by his savior, Knocking Master Jirou. Jirou also tells him that he cannot rush on the training process for entering the Gourmet World, and he also tells that Komatsu is the one that requests his aids. Toriko begins to realize and regret regarding his actions for trying to conquer Gourmet World alone. He meets Komatsu to tell him that he is fine, and Komatsu cries out of joy. He begins for his next training - From Comics will be Melk's Stardust. 
51"Toriko and Luffy Meet Again! Find the Seafood Fruit!"
"Saikai Toriko to Rufi! Kaisen no Mi o Sagase!" (再会トリコとルフィ! 海鮮の実を探せ!) 
April 8, 2012
A second crossover special with One Piece
52"Shock! The Broken Kitchen Knife and Cutler Melk!"
"Shōgeki! Oreta Hōchō to Togishi Meruku" (衝撃! 折れた包丁と研ぎ師メルク!) 
April 15, 2012
53"Tension! Toriko's Knife vs. Melk's Kitchen Knife!"
"Kinpaku! Toriko no Naifu Tai Meruku Bōchō!" (緊迫! トリコのナイフ対メルク包丁!) 
April 22, 2012
54"Supergravity! Conquer Heavy Hole!"
"Chō Jūryoku! Hebī Hōru o Kōryaku Seyo!" (超重力! ヘビーホールを攻略せよ!) 
April 29, 2012
55"Hidden Truth! The First Melk Appears!"
"Kakusareta Shinjitsu! Shodai Meruku Arawaru!" (隠された真実! 初代 メルク現る!) 
May 6, 2012
56"Debut! The Second Generation's Succession and Melk Stardust!"
"Ohirome! Nidaime Shūmei to Meruku no Hoshikuzu!" (御披露目! 二代目襲名とメルクの星屑!) 
May 13, 2012
57"A Work Made with All Her Might! The Completed Melk Knife!"
"Konshin no Itsusaku! Kansei Meruku Hōchō!" (渾身の一作!完成メルク包丁!) 
May 20, 2012
58"Super Celeb! Once in a Lifetime Gourmet Carriage Journey!"
"Chō Serebu! Gurume Basha no Yume no Tabi!" (超セレブ! グルメ馬車の夢の旅!) 
May 27, 2012
59"Finally, He Appears! The Last of the Four Kings, Zebra!"
"Tsuini tōjō! Saigo no shiten'nō Zebura!" (遂に登場! 最後の四天王ゼブラ!) 
June 3, 2012
60"Unleash the Roar! The Release of the Condemned Criminal, Zebra!"
"Bakuon Kaihō! Shikeishū Zebura no Shi yo" (爆音開放! 死刑囚ゼブラの出しよ) 
June 10, 2012
61"Warning Issued! Zebra Lands on Sand Garden!"
"Keihō Hatsurei! Zebura Sandogāden ni Jōriku!" (警報発令! ゼブラサンドガーデンに上陸!) 
June 17, 2012
62"Komatsu's Disappearance! The Desert Labyrinth of Evil!"
"Komatsu Shissō! Ma no Dezāto Rabirinsu!" (小松失踪! 魔のデザートラビりンス!) 
June 24, 2012
63"The Sealed Voice! The Other-Dimensional Gourmet Pyramid!"
"Fūin Sareta Koe! I Kūkan Gurume Piramiddo" (封印された声! 異空間グルメピラミッド!) 
July 1, 2012
64"Astounding! The Mysterious Ancient Manuscript and the Creature Inside the Coffin!"
"Kikikaikai! Nazo no Komonjo to Hitsugi no Naka no Seibutsu!" (奇々怪々! 謎の古文書と棺の中の生物!) 
July 8, 2012
65"Shocking Showdown! Salamander Sphinx!"
"Shōgeki Taiketsu! Saramandā Sufinkusu" (衝撃対決! サラマンダースフィンクス!) 
July 15, 2012
66"Cooperative Cooking! Komatsu Steers Toriko and Zebra!"
"Renkei Chōri! Komatsu ga Ayatsuru Toriko to Zebura!" (連携調理! 小松が操るトリコとゼブラ!) 
July 29, 2012
67"Explosion of Combination Techniques! Taking the World's Best Cola!"
"Gattai-Waza Sakuretsu! Sekaiichi no Kōra Itadakimasu" (合体技炸裂! 世界一のコーラいただきます!) 
August 5, 2012


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