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This is a list of toll roads in the United States. Included are current and future High Occupancy/Toll lanes, express toll lanes, and hybrid systems. This list does not include items on the list of toll bridges, list of toll tunnels, list of ferry operators, nor pre-freeway turnpikes.



Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
Black Warrior ParkwayI-20.svgI-59.svg TuscaloosaUS 82.svg Northport4.9 mi.$1.25
Emerald Mountain ExpresswayWares Ferry Road, MontgomeryRifle Range Road, Montgomery1.2 mi.$1.50
Foley Beach ExpressAlabama 180.svg Orange BeachAlabama 59.svg Summerdale14 mi.$3Extension to I-10 planned
Montgomery ExpresswayAlabama 152.svg MontgomeryAlabama 143.svg Prattville6.9 mi.$1.25



Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
17 Mile DrivePebble BeachPacific Grove17 mi.$9.25Motorcycles prohibited
California 241.svgCalifornia 261.svgCalifornia 133.svg Eastern Toll RoadIrvineCalifornia 91.svg Anaheim24 mi.$3.50 (east branch) $3.25 (west branch)
California 241.svg Foothill Toll RoadOso Parkway, Rancho Santa MargaritaCalifornia 133.svg Eastern Toll Road12 mi.$2Southern extension to I-5 planned.
California 73.svg San Joaquin Hills Toll RoadI-5.svg Laguna NiguelI-405.svg Irvine12 mi.$5.25
California 125.svg South Bay ExpresswayCalifornia 905.svg Otay MesaCalifornia 54.svg Spring Valley10 mi.$3.75

Other proposals

HOT lanes


The Bay Area is planning an entire network of HOT lanes.[7]

Riverside County is recognized by the California Transportation Commission(CATC) as having a traffic congestion problem second only to Los Angeles.[11]

Los Angeles County has a plan in place that has been approved by the California legislature.[12] They have received a grant for $213.6 million from the USDOT(US Department of Transportation). This plan will be implemented in two phases, although it is currently unknown when those phases will take place.[13]

Both phases are for the conversion of HOV lanes to HOT lanes.

Hybrid systems


Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
E-470.svg E-470I-25.svg Lone TreeI-25.svg Thornton47 mi.$12.25ExpressToll customers get a discount at ramp and mainline booths. Cash tolls phases out July 4, 2009. License Plate Toll started January 1, 2009
Northwest ParkwayUS 36.svg BroomfieldI-25.svg & E-470, Thornton11 mi.$3.00
I-25 Express LanesI-25.svg/19th Avenue, Downtown DenverI-25.svg/US 36.svg Thornton7 mi.SOV toll ($0.50-$5.00); HOV-2+, motorcycles, buses free.[17]Reversible HOT. Price is for peak rush hour. Carpoolers can use the lanes for free.

Former toll roads


Former toll roads


Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
I-95.svgI-295.svg Delaware TurnpikeMD JFK Highway.svgI-95.svg Maryland state lineUS 13.svgUS 40.svgI-295.svg New Castle11 mi.$4
Elongated circle 1.svg Korean War Veterans HighwayElongated circle 1.svgElongated circle 9.svg DoverElongated circle 7.svgElongated circle 58.svg Churchmans Crossing51 mi.$2 (weekdays) $4 (weekends)

Proposed projects


Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLength[18]Cash tolls (automobile)[19][20][21][22]Notes
Toll Florida 112.svgAirport ExpresswayMiami International Airport, MiamiI-95.svgI-95, Miami4.132 mi.$1.25 with cash, $1.00 with SunPassBecomes I-195 just west of I-95
Toll Florida 528.svgMartin Andersen Beachline ExpresswayI-4.svgI-4, near Lake Buena VistaI-95.svgI-95, near Cocoa53.5 mi.$3.25 with cash, $3.00 with SunPass
Toll Florida 414.svgApopka Bypass / John Land Apopka ExpresswayUS 441 (FL).svgU.S. 441, near LockhartUS 17 (FL).svgUS 92 (FL).svgU.S. 17, U.S. 92, Maitland6.53 mi.$1.00
Toll Florida 417.svgCentral Florida GreeneWay/Seminole Expressway/Southern ConnectorI-4.svgI-4, near CelebrationI-4.svgI-4, Sanford54.06 mi.$6.75 with cash, $6.00 with SunPass
Toll Florida 429.svgDaniel Webster Western BeltwayI-4.svgI-4, near Disney WorldUS 441 (FL).svgU.S. 441, Apopka31.853 mi.$3.50
Toll Florida 874.svgDon Shula ExpresswayFlorida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 821.svgHomestead Extension, Richmond HeightsFlorida 826.svgSR 826, Glenvar Heights7 mi.$1.00 with SunPass, $1.45 via "Toll-By-Plate"Open road tolling; cash collection ended on July 17, 2010
Toll Florida 836.svgDolphin ExpresswayNW 137th Avenue, TamiamiI-95.svgI-95, Miami16 mi.$2.25 cash, $2.00 with SunPass (includes SunPass only section)
I-75.svgEverglades Parkway (Alligator Alley)Collier County 951 FL.svgCR 951, East NaplesI-75.svgI-595.svgToll Florida 869.svgI-75, I-595, Sawgrass Expressway, Sunrise84.28 mi.$2.50 with cash, $2.00 with SunPass
Florida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 91.svgFlorida's TurnpikeI-95.svgUS 441 (FL).svgFlorida 826.svgGolden Glades Interchange, Miami GardensI-75.svgI-75, near Wildwood264.96 mi.$18.20 with cash, $14.40 with SunPass
Florida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 821.svgFlorida's Turnpike Homestead ExtensionUS 1 (FL).svgU.S. 1, Florida CityFlorida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 91.svgFlorida's Turnpike, Miramar47.856 mi.$4.00 with cash, $3.00 with SunPass
Goldenrod Road ExtensionOrlando International Airport, OrlandoFlorida 551.svgSR 551, Orlando$0.50To revert to City of Orlando when the costs are paid off
Toll Florida 924.svgGratigny ParkwayI-75.svgFlorida 826.svgI-75, SR 826, HialeahFlorida 953.svgSR 953, Opa-Locka5.378 mi.$1.00 with SunPass, $1.30 via "Toll-By-Plate"Open road tolling; cash collection ended June 7, 2010
Toll Florida 408.svgHolland East-West ExpresswayFlorida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 91.svgFlorida's Turnpike, near OcoeeFlorida 50.svgSR 50, near Bithlo22.13 mi.$3.50
Toll Florida 618.svgLee Roy Selmon ExpresswayUS 92 (FL).svgU.S. 92, TampaI-75.svgI-75, Brandon14.168 mi.$3.00 with cash, $2.50 with SunPass
Osceola County Road 522 FL.svg Osceola ParkwayI-4.svgI-4, near CelebrationFlorida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 91.svgFlorida's Turnpike, Kissimmee12.4 mi.$1.75
Toll Florida 570.svgPolk ParkwayI-4.svgI-4, near Plant CityI-4.svgI-4, near Polk City24.380 mi.$3.00
Toll Florida 869.svgSawgrass ExpresswayI-75.svgI-595.svgI-75, I-595, SunriseFlorida's Turnpike shield.pngToll Florida 91.svgFlorida's Turnpike, Deerfield Beach21.835 mi.$2.00 with cash, $1.50 with SunPass
Toll Florida 878.svgSnapper Creek ExpresswayToll Florida 874.svgDon Shula Expressway, KendallUS 1 (FL).svgU.S. 1, South Miami2.658 mi.$0.50 with SunPass, $0.80 via "Toll-By-Plate"Open road tolling; does not collect cash
Toll Florida 589.svgSuncoast ParkwayToll Florida 568.svgVeterans Expressway Spur, ChevalUS 98 (FL).svgU.S. 98, near Chassahowitzka41.512 mi.$3.00
Toll Florida 568.svgToll Florida 589.svgVeteransExpresswayI-275.svgFlorida 60.svgI-275, SR 60, TampaFlorida 597.svgSR 597, Cheval15.172 mi.$1.75 with cash, $1.25 with SunPass

Proposed toll roads

HOT lanes


HOT lanes

Conversion of the existing HOV lanes to HOT lanes has been approved to relieve the congestion in the DeKalb County portion of the Northeast Atlanta region. Roadway construction began in July 2010. This project will include the installation of new signs and sign structure, tolling technology and the installation of new guardrail. The construction zone is from Shallowford Road in DeKalb County to SR 317/Lawrenceville Suwanee Road in Gwinnett County and on SR 316/University Parkway from I-85 to Riverside Parkway in Gwinnett County.[24] This project will not include barriers; instead it will use painted lines to separate the HOT lane from other traffic. The new HOT lane will replace the HOV lane instead of expanding the roadway. [25]





Kentucky's once-extensive toll road system has completely ceased toll collections as of November 2006, as required by state law when collected tolls or other revenues are sufficient to pay off each road's construction bonds. More recently, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has decided to route their portion of Interstate 69 and parts of future Interstate 66 over existing parkways. The Kentucky legislature and KYTC are considering reinstating tolls on the affected parkway segments to finance these upgrades. The KYTC along with INDOT is also considering toll financing for three new bridges across the Ohio River (two near Louisville and one for future I-69 near Evansville).[26]




Proposed toll roads


Former toll roads


Proposed HOT lanes


Proposed HOT lanes

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

Former toll roads

New York/New Jersey Port Authority

North Carolina

Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
NC 147.svg Triangle Parkway/Triangle Expressway[34]NC 540.svg MorrisvilleI-40.svg Durham5 miles (8.0 km)$0.15 per mile with NC Quick Pass
$0.24 per mile without NC Quick Pass[35]
All electronic tollway, camera enforced[34]
NC 540.svg Western Wake Freeway/Triangle Expressway[34]NC 54.svg MorrisvilleNC 55.svg Holly Springs13 miles (21 km)$0.15 per mile with NC Quick Pass
$0.24 per mile without NC Quick Pass[35]
All electronic tollway, camera enforced
Projected to start operation Mid-2012[34]

Proposed toll roads

Proposed HOT lanes




Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
I-376 Toll.svg James E. Ross Highway (Beaver Valley Expressway)I-376.svg PA-51.svg Chippewa TownshipI-376.svg US 422.svg New Castle16 miMaximum Fare: $2.50 Cash or $2.00 E-ZPass
Turnpike-66.svg Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass (Greensburg Bypass) (Pennsylvania Turnpike 66)Pennsylvania Turnpike logo.svgI-76.svgI-70.svg US 119.svg New StantonUS 22.svg Delmont14 miMaximum Fare: $1.60 Cash or $1.33 E-ZPass
Turnpike-43.svg Mon-Fayette Expressway (Pennsylvania Turnpike 43)Mason-Dixon LinePA-51.svg Jefferson Hills52 miMaximum Fare: $5.35 Cash or $4.33 E-ZPass
Pennsylvania Turnpike logo.svgI-76.svgI-70.svgI-276.svg Pennsylvania TurnpikeOhioTurnpike.svg Ohio-Pennsylvania State LineDelaware River Bridge - Bristol Township359.6 miMaximum Fare: $35.55 Cash or $30.17 E-ZPass
I-476.svg Pennsylvania Turnpike - Northeast ExtensionPennsylvania Turnpike logo.svgI-276.svgI-476.svg Mid-County InterchangeI-81.svgUS 6.svgUS 11.svg Clarks Summit Interchange112 miMaximum Fare: $10.05 Cash or $8.30 E-ZPass
Turnpike-576.svg Southern Beltway (Pennsylvania Turnpike 576)I-376.svg Findlay Township, Pittsburgh International AirportUS 22.svg Robinson Township4.2 mi$0.50 Cash and E-ZPass - All Interchanges

Puerto Rico

Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
PR-22 Jose de Diego HighwayPR-22 Toa BajaPR-5 Bayamon10.3 mi (16.5 km)Maximum Fare: TBA or TBA AutoExpresoBeing converted into an All-Electronic Toll road.

Projected to start operation in mid November 2012.

South Carolina

Proposed HOT lanes

South Carolina

All South Carolina projects are under study.



Current toll roads

Road NameS/W TerminusN/E TerminusLengthCash tolls (automobile)Notes
183A US 183 south / SH 45 east / RM 620 – Austin RM 1431 (Whitestone Boulevard) – Cedar Park4.3 mi.Minimum $0.45 - Maximum $1.35 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
Minimum $0.60 - Maximum $1.80 (Mail)
This is an All-Electronic Toll road.
SH 255 (Camino Colombia Toll Road) FM 1472 near the Colombia Solidarity International Bridge I-3522.451 mi.$3.00 (TxTAG/TollTag/EZ TAG/Laredo Trade Tag)This is an All-Electronic Toll road. Pay-by-mail not accepted.
Dallas North Tollway.png Dallas North Tollway I-35E in Dallas US 380 near Frisco32 mi.Minimum $0.30 - Maximum $1.05 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
Minimum $0.40 - Maximum $1.30 (Cash/ZipCash(NTTA's name for Pay by Mail))
All-electronic tolling.
Fort Bend Toll Road Beltway 8 / Sam Houston Tollway/Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road
US 90 Alt. east (South Main Street)
1.5 mi$0.75 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
$1.00 (Cash)
Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road SH 6 Beltway 8 / Sam Houston Tollway / Fort Bend Toll Road6.0 miMinimum $0.35 - Maximum $1.25 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)The Fort Bend County segment is an All-Electronic Toll road; Pay-by-mail not accepted.
Grand Parkway (State Highway 99) in Chambers CountyFisher Road I-106.6 mi$1.00 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)All-Electronic Toll road; Pay-by-mail not accepted.
Hardy Toll Road I-610 I-4521.6 mi$2.50 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
$3.00 (Cash)
Spur 97 (International Parkway) SH 183 SH 114 / SH 1214.0 miTime Dependent. Cash or TollTag onlyFuture acceptance of TxTAG and EZ TAG possible
Loop 1 Loop 1 SH 453.8 mi.Minimum $0.45 - Maximum $0.68 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
Minimum $0.50 - Maximum $0.75 (Cash)
Minimum $0.60 - Maximum $0.90 (Mail)
SH 49 SH 155 FM 7567.0 mi.Minimum $0.25 - Maximum $0.50 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
Minimum $0.35 - Maximum $0.65 (Mail)
President George Bush Turnpike / SH 161 I-30 I-3044 mi.Accepts TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG, and ZipCash(NTTA's name for Pay by Mail)All Electronic Tollway
Sam Houston Tollway / Beltway 8 I-45 I-1063 mi.from $.50 to $2.00 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)The northeast section from U.S. 59 TO U.S. 90 is an All-Electronic Toll road; Pay-by-mail not accepted.
SH 121 (Sam Rayburn Tollway) SH 121 US 7526 mi.Accepts TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG, and ZipCash(NTTA's name for Pay by Mail)All Electronic Tollway
SH 45 RM 620 I-3511.5 miMinimum $0.45 - Maximum $0.68 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
Minimum $0.50 - Maximum $0.75 (Cash)
Minimum $0.60 - Maximum $0.90 (Mail)
SH 130 US 183 / SH 45 I-3537.4 mi.Minimum $0.45 - Maximum $1.35 (TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAG)
Minimum $0.50 - Maximum $1.50 (Cash)
Minimum $0.60 - Maximum $1.80 (Mail)
All Electronic Tollway.
Westpark Tollway SH 99Westpark Drive20 mi.Accepts TollTag, TxTAG, and EZ TAGAll Electronic Tollway. Pay-by-mail not accepted.
SH 550 FM 511 FM 5110.5 mi.Minimum $0.50 - Maximum $2.50 (TxTAG)
Minimum $0.67 - Maximum $3.35 (Mail)
All electronic tollway

Tolled express lanes on freeways

Proposed toll roads


Dallas-Fort Worth


San Antonio

South Texas

Proposed HOT lanes

Hybrid systems

Former toll roads

Canceled projects


HOT lanes


Proposed HOT Lanes


West Virginia


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