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The Walking Dead is an American television drama series created and produced by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman.


Main characters

NameActor/actressStarring seasonsRecurring seasonsEpisode count
Rick GrimesAndrew Lincoln1, 2, 319
Rick Grimes is the central character of the series. A former sheriff’s deputy in a small Georgia town, Rick is an everyman — smart, calm, just, an athletic outdoorsman, a good friend, husband and father — but flawed. He sees most problems as black or white and will often stubbornly cling to his personal strong moral code, which results in not always making the best decisions. Rick is a natural leader, someone his fellow survivors will turn to in a crisis, confident in his guidance, even when he at times doubts himself. His overwhelming need to do the right thing and protect those who can't protect themselves may pull him away from his family, causing cracks of tension within his marriage and in his relationship with his son.
Lori GrimesSarah Wayne Callies1, 2, 319
Lori is the wife of Rick and the mother of Carl. Compassionate and empathetic, Lori is the emotional center of the survivor group. With their entire world in chaos, Lori will cling to her humanity and fight to maintain their decency and rituals, offering comfort to everyone as they face their individual tragedies. Although she had been sleeping with Shane when she thought Rick was dead, she is loyal to Rick once he returns and is also fiercely protective over their son Carl. In the second season she is pregnant with what is implied to be Shane's child.
Carl GrimesChandler Riggs1, 2, 318
Carl is the son of Rick and Lori. He worships his father and believes, as only a child can, that Rick is indestructible and that blind faith in his father helps provide comfort to Lori, who isn't as confident that Rick will return to them. He is frequently confronted with the realities of the harsh new world. He gradually begins to undergo increased maturity in his actions and thoughts.
GlennSteven Yeun1, 2, 318
Glenn used to deliver pizzas for a living. He is keenly aware of the extreme danger of these missions, but because of his youth is willing to take the risk. His knowledge of every shortcut in Atlanta proves extremely useful to the survivor group's survival, and is an excellent scavenger. Glenn thinks on his feet and shows great compassion and humanity. Despite all the horrors he's seen, he maintains an enthusiasm for life and its unexpected pleasures. He is an integral part of the camp, showing surprising depth and emotion when the group experiences devastating tragedy. In the second season, he develops a passionate relationship with Maggie, whilst living on the Greene farm.
AndreaLaurie Holden1, 2, 318
Older sister of Amy. Andrea is intelligent, cautious and extremely protective of her younger sister, with whom she has not always had the closest relationship. She goes through a significant transformation following Amy's death. In the second season, she gradually begins to become more independent, and hones her shooting skills, having received tutelage by Shane.
Shane WalshJon Bernthal1, 218
Shane was a sheriff’s deputy in a small Georgia town, and was Rick’s partner in the sheriff’s department, and best friend since high school. Shane harbored feelings for Lori, and the two began a passionate, sexual relationship after Shane tells Lori that Rick was dead. Among the group of survivors, Shane initially had acted as the de facto leader, a position he enjoyed. He had always lived in Rick's shadow and while he never consciously resented it, he relished his newfound position of authority.

Shane was the primary antagonist in Season 2, becoming increasingly prone to bouts of irrational violence and bloodlust which gradually developed from the first season. This breakdown of conscience resulted in the deaths of Otis and Randall, in addition to making life-threatening gestures toward Dale and Rick, until he was ultimately killed by the latter in an act of self-defense. After he dies, he comes back as a walker and is finally killed by Carl.

Dale HorvathJeffrey DeMunn1, 216
Dale was an older man. His age, calm affect, worldly experience, and RV provide the nucleus around which the small community of survivors has formed. He was wise, sometimes profound and the respected elder of the group, though also rather feisty, not afraid to speak his mind and call others out for mistakes in judgment. Over time he, Andrea and Amy bond, and he finds their friendship invaluable in getting beyond grieving for his late wife. Dale is a fairly self-sufficient man, and ever watchful of the changing dynamics among the survivor community, and his equipment and know-how have made life without modern conveniences much more bearable for the group. Dale is killed by a walker who was stuck in mud and was accidentally lured by Carl earlier that day.
Daryl DixonNorman Reedus2, 3116
A Southern redneck with a tough background, Daryl is a survivalist and member of the Atlanta band. He is one of the top experts with hunting weapons, killing deer and other animals for food. Daryl's signature weapon is a crossbow, a valuable weapon in the new world due to its stealth properties, reusable ammunition and low noise emission. He constantly struggles with his own insecurities. In the second season, he is the one most committed to searching for Sophia, identifying with her cause. The discovery of an un-dead Sophia caused him to become aloof towards the group, especially towards the girl's mother, Carol. He eventually regains his bonds with the group and has become a faithful follower of Rick.
Maggie GreeneLauren Cohan3212
Hershel's eldest daughter. A tomboy at heart, she scavenges for her family to get supplies from out in town. She has held a strong sense of faith throughout the years, but is now starting to have doubts about what she believes in. Her initial fling with Glenn has gradually developed into a genuine relationship.

Recurring characters

Atlanta survivors

NameActor/actressStarring seasonsRecurring seasonsEpisode count
Carol PeletierMelissa McBride1, 2, 316
Carol is the protective mother of Sophia and abused wife of Ed. She has a kind heart and puts herself out to others within the group, however she can also become meek and overly-emotional at times. In the second season, she's stricken with grief and depression over her daughter going missing and eventually being discovered as a walker. She gradually builds upon her previously non-existent self-confidence.
Theodore "T-Dog" DouglasIronE Singleton1, 2, 317
A muscular and well-intentioned man, yet often clumsy and lacking in common sense. He faces grief and regret after dropping the key to Merle's handcuffs and leaving him alone while the group was in the city. He then returns to save Merle, but Merle has disappeared. He then moves off to Hershel's farm with the remaining survivors and stays there after the Atlanta camp was breached by walkers. When the farm also gets breached, he escapes with a few other survivors. He is keen on moving on and escaping, but Lori convinces him to turn back to get Rick and the others. His full name was first stated, when he and Dale were talking in "Bloodletting".
Merle DixonMichael Rooker1, 2, 33
Older brother of Daryl. A southern, extremely racist man, Merle lived with a neglectful father and acted out against society, which frequently landed him in juvenile institutions. Merle participates in one scavenging group mission and reacts violently when the group assists Rick. He attacks members of the group and is handcuffed to a pipe by Rick. When the group is discovered by walkers, T-Dog returns to free him but accidentally drops the key in a drain and leaves him behind. Rick and others return later to rescue him, it is revealed that Merle had already escaped – having cut off his own cuffed hand in order to escape from the walkers. The group found evidence that Merle survived his self-mutilation and escaped from the building he was trapped on, and may have stolen their truck to escape Atlanta. In the second season, he briefly appears in Daryl's hallucination, telling him that the rest of the group doesn't care about him and that he will be the only one who ever will. He will return in Season 3, alive and as a resident of Woodbury, a ravaged town run by the malicious Governor. His stump has been concealed with a wrist cover that has a bayonet on it. [1]
Sophia PeletierMadison Lintz1, 28
Sophia was a 12-year-old girl who was the daughter of Carol and Ed Peletier. Sophia and her mother were shown to be closer to the Grimes family after Ed is killed by a walker, and were becoming more outspoken and happy following Ed's demise. In the first episode of Season 2, Sophia is chased into the woods by walkers and becomes detached from the group. The group searched for Sophia in the area, but in the mid-season finale, it is revealed that Sophia became a walker and was being kept in Hershel's barn the entire time. Rick remorsefully euthanizes Sophia, shooting her. She was buried at the farm.
Ed PeletierAdam Minarovich1, 24
Husband of Carol, father of Sophia. Ed was lazy, abusive, and sexist. It's also been heavily implied that he harbored underlying sexual feelings toward Sophia. After slapping his wife in front of other survivors, Shane beats Ed badly, threatening to kill him the next time he saw Ed lay his hands on his family or anyone else again. Due to his injuries, Ed remained in his tent, and was the first victim of a subsequent walker attack, when unknowingly opening the tent to a walker outside. In Season 2, Carol's hatred for Ed is established when it is revealed Carol prayed for Ed to die for all the discomfort and harm he projected onto her and her daughter. He later appears in a flashback to the beginning of the outbreak where his family and others are trying to get into Atlanta. He berates Carol for wanting to give away some of their available food to the Grimes family.
Morales FamilyJuan Gabriel Pareja, Viviana Chavez, Maddie Lomax, Noah Lomax13 4(Husband)
Consists of the husband who goes by his last name, his wife Miranda and their two young children Eliza and Louis. The husband accompanies the scavenging group, knowing parts of the city's infrastructure. After the survivors decide to go to the CDC, he and his family decide to try their luck in locating family in Birmingham, Alabama. They are never seen or mentioned after that. The father, Morales, first appeared in "Guts". The rest of the family first appeared in "Tell It to the Frogs".
JacquiJeryl Prescott Sales15
Former employee at the Atlanta City Zoning Office, Jacqui develops a strong friendship with Jim. After his death, she accompanies the band to the Atlanta Centre for Disease Control. At first believing the CDC will have a cure and save them, she despairs with the rest of the group when they learn of the failure. She elects to remain behind with Dr. Jenner when the CDC self-destructs, holding his hand when they die.
JimAndrew Rothenberg14
Jim was a mechanic living with a large family in Atlanta. When the dead began to rise, Jim remained generally unaware of this until the city, decreed a safe zone by the government, gradually started to become overrun with the undead. Jim was among the few who escaped from the city as it was completely overwhelmed, though his entire family died in the chaos, shielding him from the walkers long enough to allow him to escape. Emotionally traumatized and devastated, when Jim joined the survivor group just beyond the city's outer limits, Jim became the most taciturn member of the group, revealing almost nothing about his past and barely saying a word. During a walker attack on the group, Jim was bitten, but said nothing until Jacqui found out. Jim suffered the effects of the plague for days. Refusing a mercy killing or staying with the group (as he knew he didn't have a chance), Jim was willingly abandoned on the road to the CDC in order to, upon death, join his family, either in heaven or literally as a walker. It is clear that he has become a walker.
AmyEmma Bell15
Sister of Andrea. Amy was heading to college with her older sister Andrea for the new school year during the outbreak, and, when the dead began to rise, Amy and Andrea joined the survivor group existing on the outer limits of the overrun city of Atlanta – the two made their home in Dale’s RV at the camp, with Amy helping look out for the kids in the camp. Amy was twelve years younger than Andrea, and that caused tension between them; primarily, Amy was resentful of Andrea leaving her behind at home and not coming back often enough to visit and be a part of her life. The experience of the apocalypse has strengthened their bond enormously (though Amy, despite worshiping her sister and seeing her as a role model, still didn’t appreciate being judged and ordered around by her). One night, Amy was bitten in the neck by a walker in the opening stages of a walker swarm's attack on the exposed camp, and died in Andrea’s arms of blood loss and trauma after all the walkers had been killed. Her body was protected by her sister, who shot her in the head after she reanimated. Amy was then buried on the hill. Andrea was distraught after Amy's death and wanted to stay in the CDC and die as she thought she had nothing else to live for, but Dale convinced Andrea not to. Amy is mentioned a few times in Season 2, when Carol's daughter Sophia disappears she worries that "she won't turn out like Amy" and Shane uses Amy's death to infuriate Andrea in getting her to practice shooting Walkers.

Hershel's Farm

NameActor/actressStarring seasonsRecurring seasonsEpisode count
Hershel GreeneScott Wilson2, 311
Hershel is a religious man and former alcoholic, clinging desperately onto the old-world values in order to preserve his sanity. He proves to be a valuable asset to everyone around with him, with his extensive medical and farming knowledge. Eventually he comes to regard the walkers as beyond curable and dangerous.
Beth GreeneEmily Kinney2, 311
Hershel's youngest daughter; she's sixteen and has a boyfriend named Jimmy who she has been dating for three months. She goes into a catatonic state after watching her walker family members and neighbors get shot, and when she recovers, sinks into a deep depression. She attempts to convince Maggie to commit suicide with her, and shortly after, attempts it on her own by cutting her wrists in the bathroom.

In the season 2 finale she is seen mourning after witnessing the death of Patricia and after learning the death of her boyfriend Jimmy.

JimmyJames Allen McCune210
Beth's seventeen year old boyfriend, who resides at the Greene farm along with her family and now the Atlanta group. He's shown to be eager to have a gun and attempts to get one from Rick without Hershel's permission. He is killed by walkers in Dale's RV while attempting to rescue Rick and Carl from the barn.
OtisPruitt Taylor Vince23
Otis was Hershel's ranch hand who was married to Patricia. In the season 2 premiere, he accidentally shot and critically wounded Carl while hunting (Carl was standing on the other side of his target deer), and led Rick and Shane to Hershel's farm. Guilt-ridden over Carl's wounding, he volunteers to go with Shane to the local high school to get medical supplies in order to save Carl's life. Both Otis and Shane are injured while fleeing a large herd of walkers. Shane shoots him in the leg and takes the other medical supplies, leaving him behind to be devoured alive so that Shane could escape.
PatriciaJane McNeill211
A middle aged woman who resides at the Greene farm (previously along with her husband Otis). She's a quiet but helpful individual, and was shown to be greatly concerned with Otis' well-being while he was alive. Patricia is deeply distraught over his death and, feeling the need to have closure, requests that Shane tells her about his final moments. She appears to have recovered from her loss, and is shown befriending Lori and Carol, though she exhibits depressed behavior. She is killed by walkers while she attempts to escape the farm.

Miscellaneous survivors

NameActor/actressStarring seasonsRecurring seasonsEpisode count
Morgan JonesLennie James11
A survivor staying in Rick Grimes’ hometown with his son. Following the walker outbreak, Morgan evacuated with his wife, Jenny, and his son, Duane. Their plan was to head for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route, a walker attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in Rick’s hometown – after Jenny died of the walker virus, and reanimated, Morgan and Duane stayed in the town, fearful of moving on. Fiercely protective, Morgan barricades himself and Duane inside a vacant house belonging to Rick’s neighbour. Despite the dire conditions, Morgan still endeavors to create normalcy for Duane, correcting his son’s grammar and engaging in mealtime prayers. Both remain haunted by the loss of Jenny, who returns to the house regularly as a walker. Morgan and Duane meet Rick after he returns him, and take him in and tell him of the rise of the dead, its effects and the possibility of survivors in Atlanta. Declining Rick’s offer to go with him, Rick and Morgan eventually part ways, with Morgan planning to end his wife’s suffering as a walker and help his son learn how to effectively use firearms. The two promise to meet up again after Duane learns to shoot.
Duane JonesAdrian Kali Turner11
Son of Morgan. He finds Rick Grimes and knocks him out, believing him to be a walker. He stays with his father when Rick offers to take them to Atlanta.
Vatos GangNeil Brown, Jr., Anthony Guajardo, Noel Gugliemi, James Gonzaba, Gina Morelli11
Group of survivors still in the city, led by a young man named Guillermo.
FelipeNoel Gugliemi11
Tough guy associate of Guillermo, and the grandson of "Abuela" played by Gina Morelli. He is actually a nurse practitioner at the retirement home who decides to stay behind with the rest of the "Vatos" and help the elderly.
GuillermoNeil Brown, Jr.11
He, his associate Felipe and others protect a nursing home full of the elderly after it gets mostly abandoned. They come into conflict with Grimes and his group when they fight over weapons. In an alleged deleted scene from the pilot of season 2, it is revealed that most if not all of the survivors were killed by walkers.
Dr. Edwin JennerNoah Emmerich12
Dr. Edwin Jenner is the last surviving staff pathologist at the Atlanta CDC. Working with surviving samples of infected tissue, he attempts to create a possible cure but repeatedly fails. When the Grimes group arrives at the CDC looking for help or survivors, he hesitates to assist and only allows them in once the walkers have them surrounded. He reveals that his wife succumbed to the disease and provided his few samples of tissue until they were accidentally destroyed due to his fatigue. Despairing, he attempts to lock the group in the CDC building which is programmed to self-destruct when all fuel runs out. Relenting, he allows them to flee shortly before the building is destroyed but he dies in the explosion. Before parting ways with Rick for the last time, Jenner whispered to him (as revealed in the Season 2 finale) that everyone carries the infection.
MichonneDanai Gurira2, 31
A Katana wielding survivor, accompanied by two walkers that are chained to her side by side wither their arms and lower jaws cut off. The two walkers are her boyfriend and her best friend. She is the hooded figure that saves Andrea from the walkers in the season 2 finale. She is confirmed to appear in the third season and will develop more.
RandallMichael Zegen24
A teenager who's a member of Dave and Tony's group. He went to the same high school as Maggie, and recently had lost his mother (presumably when the apocalypse broke out). When he impales his leg on a fence, he is rescued by Rick, Glenn and Hershel. When they realize his group may be dangerous, Rick and Shane are in conflict over keeping him alive or killing him. Shane brings him out into the woods and snaps his neck. He later is discovered by Glenn and Daryl as a walker and is impaled through the head with a machete by Glenn.
TonyAaron Munoz22
Tony was a man from Philadelphia, along with his friend Dave. He and Dave were with a group of thirty armed men. They encountered Rick, Hershel and Glenn in a bar. During the conversation, Dave mentions that Tony went to college for two years. Tony then walks over to a corner and urinates on the floor. After Rick refuses them safety, he steps behind Rick, then reaches for his shotgun, giving away the ambush. After Rick kills Dave in self-defense, he turns around and shoots Tony in the right shoulder and the stomach. As Tony slumps against the wall, Rick kills him by shooting him in the head. Rick then takes his shotgun and some shotshells in his pocket. His corpse is left in the bar when they flee the town.
DaveMichael Raymond-James22
Dave was a man from Philadelphia, along with his friend Tony. He has a handgun, which he took from a police officer he possibly killed. He and Tony encounter Rick, Hershel and Glenn in the bar. They share a drink and talk about possible safe places, and he mentions that Fort Benning is overrun by walkers, which they call "lame-brains". He then asks if his group can come to the farm, but Rick rejects. Dave jumps over the bar to get better alcohol and once again ask for safe harbor. Rick refuses again. Dave then reaches for his gun but before he reaches it he is shot in the head by Rick. His corpse is left in the bar when they flee the town. His handgun is used as a weapon by Hershel during the escape.
The GovernorDavid Morrissey3-
Leader of a group of Woodbury Survivors and real name is Brian Blake. He is a major antagonist from the comics and confirmed to be in the third season.