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Some of the many recurring and regular characters in The Simpsons.

Along with the Simpson family, The Simpsons includes a large array of characters: co-workers, teachers, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople, local celebrities, and fictional characters. The creators originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokesters or for fulfilling needed functions in the town. A number of them have gained expanded roles and subsequently starred in their own episodes. According to creator Matt Groening, the show adopted the concept of a large supporting cast from the Canadian sketch comedy show Second City Television.[1]

The main characters, the Simpson family, are listed first; all other characters are listed in alphabetical order. Only main, supporting, and recurring characters are listed. For one-time characters, see "List of one-time The Simpsons characters".


CharacterVoice actor(s)Character's roleEpisode debutOriginal air date
Homer SimpsonDan Castellaneta[2]Husband of Marge; father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie."Good Night" (The Simpsons shorts)[3]1987-04-19
Marge SimpsonJulie Kavner[2]Wife of Homer; mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie."Good Night"[3]1987-04-19
Bart SimpsonNancy Cartwright[2]Eldest child and only son of Homer and Marge; brother of Lisa and Maggie."Good Night"[3]1987-04-19
Lisa SimpsonYeardley Smith[2]Middle child and eldest daughter of Homer and Marge; sister of Bart and Maggie."Good Night"[3]1987-04-19
Maggie SimpsonLiz Georges
Gabor Csupo
Harry Shearer
Yeardley Smith
Nancy Cartwright
Elizabeth Taylor
James Earl Jones
Jodie Foster
Youngest child and youngest daughter of Homer and Marge; sister of Bart and Lisa."Good Night"[3]1987-04-19
AkiraGeorge Takei,[4] Hank Azaria[2]Waiter at The Happy Sumo;[5] karate teacher.[6]"One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish"1991-01-24
Ms. AlbrightTress MacNeille[7]Sunday school teacher."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Aristotle AmadopolisJon Lovitz,[8] Dan Castellaneta[2]Owner of the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant.[9]"Homer Defined"1991-10-17
Atkins, State ComptrollerHarry Shearer,[10] Hank Azaria[11]State comptroller.[12]"Lisa Gets an 'A'"1998-11-22
Mary BaileyMaggie Roswell[7]Governor of Springfield's state."Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish"1990-11-01
Birchibald "Birch" T. BarlowHarry Shearer[7]Radio talk show host; Fox News anchor."Sideshow Bob Roberts"1994-10-09
Jasper BeardlyHarry Shearer[7]Grampa's closest neighbor at the Retirement Castle."Bart After Dark"1990-01-21
Benjamin, Doug, and GaryHarry Shearer,[7] Hank Azaria,[2] and Dan Castellaneta[2]Springfield University students."Homer Goes to College"1993-10-14
Bill and MartyDan Castellaneta[2] and Harry Shearer[7]KBBL Radio co-hosts."Bart Gets an F"1990-11-22
BlinkyUnvoicedThree-eyed fish."Homer's Odyssey"1990-11-01
Blue Haired Lawyer[13]Dan Castellaneta[13]Attorney."Bart Gets Hit by a Car"1991-01-10
BoobarellaTress MacNeilleHost of late night TV monster movies."I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can"2003-02-16
Wendell BortonRussi Taylor[7]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1990-01-21
Jacqueline BouvierJulie Kavner[2]Mother of Selma and Patty Bouvier and Marge Simpson, Grandmother of Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ling."Moaning Lisa"1990-11-22
Ling BouvierNancy Cartwright[2]Selma Bouvier's adopted daughter from China."Goo Goo Gai Pan"2005-03-13
Bouvier, PattyPatty BouvierJulie Kavner[2]Twin sister of Selma and older sister of Marge."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Bouvier, SelmaSelma BouvierJulie Kavner[2]Twin sister of Patty and older sister of Marge. Adoptive mother of Ling."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Brockman, KentKent BrockmanHarry Shearer[7]Channel 6 News anchor."Krusty Gets Busted"1990-04-29
Bumblebee ManHank Azaria[2]Star of slapstick sketch comedy show on Canal Ocho."Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"1992-11-03
Burns, Charles Montgomery "Monty"Charles Montgomery "Monty" BurnsChristopher Collins (early season 1), Harry Shearer[7]Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Capital City GoofballTom Poston[14]Mascot of the Capital City Capitals baseball team.[15]"Dancin' Homer"1990-11-08
Carlson, CarlCarl CarlsonHank Azaria[2]Springfield Nuclear Power Plant employee."Homer's Night Out"1990-03-25
Crazy Cat Lady[10]Tress MacNeille[10]Mentally ill owner of many cats. Name revealed as Eleanor Abernathy in "See Homer Run"."Girly Edition"1998-04-19
Chalmers, Superintendent GarySuperintendent Gary ChalmersHank Azaria[2]Public schools superintendent."Whacking Day"1993-04-29
CharlieDan Castellaneta[16]Springfield Nuclear Power Plant employee."Life on the Fast Lane"1990-03-18
ChaseHank Azaria[13]Luann Van Houten's ex-boyfriend; American Gladiator."A Milhouse Divided"1996-12-01
Christian, ScottScott ChristianDan Castellaneta[2]News co-anchor."Krusty Gets Busted"1990-04-29
Comic Book GuyHank Azaria[2]Proprietor of The Android's Dungeon comic book store. Name revealed to be Jeff Albertson in "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass"."Three Men and a Comic Book"1991-05-09
Costington, Mr.Mr. CostingtonHank Azaria[11]President of Costington's Department Store."Trash of the Titans"1998-04-26
DatabaseNancy Cartwright[2]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Bart's Comet"1995-02-05
Desmond, DeclanDeclan DesmondEric IdleDocumentary filmmaker."'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky"2003-03-20
Disco StuHank Azaria[11]Disco aficionado."Two Bad Neighbors"1996-01-14
DolphTress MacNeille[7]Springfield Elementary School bully."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Doris, LunchladyLunchlady DorisDoris Grau[7]Springfield Elementary School lunch lady."Lisa's Pony"1991-11-07
DuffmanHank Azaria[13]Spokes-mascot for Duff Beer."The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", later his real name is revealed to be Barry Duffman when he reads to recovering alcoholics.1997-09-21
Eddie and LouHarry Shearer[7] and Hank Azaria[2]Springfield police officers."There's No Disgrace Like Home"1990-01-28
Ernst and GunterHarry Shearer[10] and Hank Azaria[13]Lion tamers."$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)"1993-12-16
Fat TonyJoe MantegnaMob boss."Bart the Murderer"1991-10-10
Flanders, MaudeMaude FlandersMaggie Roswell[7]Ned Flanders's deceased wife."Dead Putting Society"1990-11-15
Flanders, NedNed FlandersHarry Shearer[7]The Simpson family's next door neighbor; owner of The Leftorium."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Flanders, RodRod FlandersPamela Hayden[7]Ned and Maude Flanders's elder son."The Call of the Simpsons"1990-02-18
Flanders, ToddTodd FlandersNancy Cartwright[2]Ned and Maude Flanders's younger son."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
FrancescaMaria Grazia Cucinotta[2]Sideshow Bob's Italian wife."The Italian Bob"2005-12-11
Frankie the SquealerDan Castellaneta[11]Informant for Fat Tony.[17]"Insane Clown Poppy"2000-11-12
Frink, Professor JohnProfessor John FrinkHank Azaria[2]Scientist, inventor."Old Money"1991-03-28
Gerald, BabyBaby GeraldUnvoicedOne-eyebrowed baby. Arch-nemesis of Maggie Simpson."Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"1994-04-28
Ginger FlandersTress MacNeille[10]Ned Flanders's "Vegas wife."[18]"Viva Ned Flanders"1999-01-10
GinoTress MacNeille[10]Sideshow Bob's toddler son."The Italian Bob"2005-12-11
Glick, Mrs.Mrs. GlickCloris Leachman,[19] Tress MacNielleElderly."Three Men and a Comic Book"1991-05-09
GloriaJulia Louis-DreyfusSnake's pregnant girlfriend."A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love"2001-12-02
Gumble, BarneyBarney GumbleDan Castellaneta[2]Homer's drunken old pal."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Gunderson, GilGil GundersonDan Castellaneta[13]Unsuccessful salesman."Realty Bites"1997-12-07
The Happy Little ElvesDan Castellaneta,[11] Hank Azaria,[11] and Harry Shearer[20]Children's cartoon series characters."Scary Movie" (The Simpsons shorts)[21]1989-02-12
Harm, Judge ConstanceJudge Constance HarmJane KaczmarekSpringfield judge."The Parent Rap"2001-11-11
Herman HermannHarry Shearer[7]Owner of Herman's Military Antiques shop.[22]"Bart the General"1990-02-04
Hibbert, BerniceBernice HibbertTress MacNeille[10]Dr. Hibbert's wife."Bart's Dog Gets an F"1991-03-07
Hibbert, Dr. JuliusDr. Julius HibbertHarry Shearer[7]Medical doctor."Bart the Daredevil"1990-12-06
Hoover, ElizabethElizabeth HooverMaggie Roswell[7]Lisa Simpson's teacher at Springfield Elementary School."Brush with Greatness"1991-04-11
Hutz, LionelLionel HutzPhil Hartman[23]Attorney."Bart Gets Hit by a Car"1991-01-10
Itchy & ScratchyDan Castellaneta[2] and Harry Shearer[7]Cartoon cat and mouse."The Bart Simpson Show" (The Simpsons shorts)[24]1988-11-20
JacquesAlbert Brooks[25]Bowling instructor.[26]"Life on the Fast Lane"1990-03-18
Jones, JimboJimbo JonesPamela Hayden[7]Springfield Elementary School bully."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Jordan, RachelRachel JordanShawn Colvin[27]Lead singer of the Christian Rock band Kovenant.[28]"Alone Again, Natura-Diddily"2000-02-13
Kang and KodosHarry Shearer[7] and Dan Castellaneta[2]Extraterrestrials."Treehouse of Horror"1990-10-25
Kashmir, PrincessPrincess KashmirMaggie Roswell[7]Belly dancer.[29]"Homer's Night Out"1990-03-25
Kearney ZzyzwiczNancy Cartwright[2]Springfield Elementary School bully."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Krabappel, EdnaEdna KrabappelMarcia Wallace[7]Bart Simpson's teacher at Springfield Elementary School."Bart the Genius"1990-01-14
Krustofski, Rabbi HymanRabbi Hyman KrustofskiJackie Mason and Dan CastellanetaRabbi; father of Krusty the Clown.[30]"Like Father, Like Clown"1991-10-24
Krusty the ClownDan Castellaneta[2]TV show clown host, original name Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski.[31]"The Krusty the Clown Show" (The Simpsons shorts)[32]1989-01-15
Kwan, CookieCookie KwanTress MacNeille[10]Real estate agent.[33]"Realty Bites"1997-12-07
Largo, DeweyDewey LargoHarry Shearer[7]Springfield Elementary School's music teacher."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Legs and LouieHank Azaria[2] and Dan Castellaneta[2]Fat Tony's henchmen."Bart the Murderer"1991-10-10
LeopoldDan Castellaneta[7]Superintendent Chalmers' assistant."Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"1994-04-28
Leonard, LennyLenny LeonardHarry Shearer[7]Springfield Nuclear Power Plant employee; one of Homer Simpson's friends."Life on the Fast Lane"1990-03-18
LewisRussi Taylor[7]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Lovejoy, HelenHelen LovejoyMaggie Roswell[7]Reverend Lovejoy's wife."Life on the Fast Lane"1990-03-18
Lovejoy, Reverend TimothyReverend Timothy LovejoyHarry Shearer[7]Minister of the First Church of Springfield."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Coach LugashDan Castellaneta[11]Gymnastics instructor.[34]"Children of a Lesser Clod"2001-05-13
LuigiHank Azaria[13]Italian restaurant proprietor."Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"1994-04-28
Lumpkin, LurleenLurleen LumpkinBeverly D'Angelo,[35] Doris Grau[7]Country music singer/songwriter."Colonel Homer"1992-03-26
Mann, OttoOtto MannHarry Shearer[7]Springfield Elementary School bus driver."Homer's Odyssey"1990-01-21
McCallister, Captain HoratioCaptain Horatio McCallisterHank Azaria[2]Sea captain."New Kid on the Block"1992-11-12
Meyers, Jr., RogerRoger Meyers, Jr.Alex Rocco,[36] Dan Castellaneta[2]Chairman of Itchy & Scratchy International."Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"1990-12-20
McClure, TroyTroy McClurePhil Hartman[37]Actor."Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment"1991-02-07
Moleman, HansHans MolemanDan Castellaneta[2]Misfortunate man."Principal Charming"1991-02-14
Monroe, Dr. MarvinDr. Marvin MonroeHarry Shearer[7]Psychotherapist."There's No Disgrace Like Home"1990-01-28
Nelson MuntzJulie Kavner
Russi Taylor
Nancy Cartwright
Bully."Bart the General"1990-02-04
Murdock, Captain LanceCaptain Lance MurdockDan Castellaneta[2]Daredevil."Bart the Daredevil"1990-12-06
Murphy, Bleeding GumsBleeding Gums MurphyRon Taylor[38]Blues musician.[39]"Moaning Lisa"1990-02-11
Naegle, LindseyLindsey NaegleTress MacNeille[10]Corporate executive."The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"1997-02-09
Nahasapeemapetilon, ApuApu NahasapeemapetilonHank Azaria[2]Operator of the Kwik-E-Mart."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Nahasapeemapetilon, ManjulaManjula NahasapeemapetilonJan Hooks[40]Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's wife."Much Apu About Nothing"1997-11-16
Nahasapeemapetilon, SanjaySanjay NahasapeemapetilonHarry Shearer[10]Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's older brother."Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment"1991-02-07
Old Barber[41]Dan Castellaneta,[41] Harry Shearer[20]Barber."Bart's Haircut" (The Simpsons shorts)[42]1987-11-15
Old Jewish ManHank Azaria[13]Springfield Retirement Castle resident."Old Money"1993-05-13
Patches and Poor VioletPamela Hayden[10] and Tress MacNeille[10]Orphans.[43]"Miracle on Evergreen Terrace"1997-12-21
Pye, ArnieArnie PyeDan Castellaneta[2]Channel 6 helicopter reporter."Homer Alone"1992-02-06
PoochieHomer Simpson (in turn voiced by Dan Castellaneta[2])Cartoon dog formerly on The Itchy & Scratchy Show."The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"1997-02-09
Powell, HerbertHerbert PowellDanny DeVito[44]Homer Simpson's half-brother.[45]"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"1991-02-21
Powell, JaneyJaney PowellPamela Hayden[7]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Bart the General"1990-02-04
Pennycandy, LoisLois PennycandyPamela Hayden[46]Krusty's attractive secretary."Like Father, Like Clown"1991/9/24
Powers, RuthRuth PowersPamela Reed[46]The Simpsons' next door neighbor.[47]"New Kid on the Block"1992-11-12
Prince, MartinMartin PrinceRussi Taylor[7]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Bart the Genius"1990-01-14
Pryor, Dr. J. LorenDr. J. Loren PryorHarry Shearer[7]Springfield Elementary's school psychologist."Bart the Genius"1990-01-14
Quimby, Mayor "Diamond Joe"Mayor "Diamond Joe" QuimbyDan Castellaneta[2]Mayor of Springfield."The Call of the Simpsons"1990-10-11
Radioactive ManHarry ShearerComic book superhero."Bart the Genius"1990-01-14
Rich Texan, TheThe Rich TexanDan Castellaneta[13]Philanthropist."$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)"1993-12-16
RichardPamela Hayden,[7] Nancy Cartwright[2]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Bart the Genius"1990-01-14
Dr. Nick RivieraHank Azaria[2]Incompetent medical doctor. Injured at the end of the movie by a falling chunk of glass, and brought back in the twentieth season."Bart Gets Hit by a Car"1991-01-10
Santa's Little HelperDan Castellaneta,[2] Frank Welker[20]The Simpson family's pet dog."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Sherri and TerriRussi Taylor[7]Identical twins; Students at Springfield Elementary Schools."Homer's Odyssey"1990-01-21
Shutton, DaveDave ShuttonHarry Shearer[7]Reporter for The Springfield Shopper."Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish"1990-11-01
Sideshow BobKelsey Grammer[48]Criminal mastermind and Krusty the Clown Show ex-operator and sidekick."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Sideshow MelDan Castellaneta[2]The Krusty the Clown Show sidekick."Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"1990-12-20
Simpson, Grampa AbrahamGrampa Abraham SimpsonDan Castellaneta[2]Homer Simpson's father; Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson's grandfather."Grampa and the Kids" (The Simpsons shorts)[49]1988-01-10
Simpson, AmberAmber SimpsonPamela Hayden[10]Homer Simpson's deceased "Vegas wife."[18]"Viva Ned Flanders"1999-01-10
Simpson, MonaMona SimpsonGlenn Close,[50] Tress MacNeille,[10] Maggie Roswell[51]Estranged mother of Homer Simpson and wife of Abe Simpson."Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"1991-02-21
Skinner, AgnesAgnes SkinnerTress MacNeille[7]Seymour Skinner's mother."The Crepes of Wrath"1990-04-15
Skinner, Principal SeymourPrincipal Seymour SkinnerHarry Shearer[7]Principal of Springfield Elementary School."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Smithers, WaylonWaylon SmithersHarry Shearer[7]Mr. Burns's personal assistant."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1990-01-21
Snake JailbirdHank Azaria[2]Recidivist."The War of the Simpsons"1991-05-02
SnowballFrank WelkerThe Simpson family's pet cats."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Snyder, Judge RoyJudge Roy SnyderHarry Shearer[10]Springfield judge."Krusty Gets Busted"1990-04-29
Springfield, JebediahJebediah SpringfieldHarry Shearer[7]Founder of Springfield; local hero."The Telltale Head"1990-02-25
Spuckler, CletusCletus SpucklerHank Azaria[2]Slack-Jawed Yokel."Bart Gets an Elephant"1994-03-31
Spuckler, BrandineBrandine SpucklerTress MacNeille[7]Cletus Spuckler's wife and sister."Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"1996-02-04
Squeaky-Voiced TeenDan Castellaneta[13]Service industry."Dog of Death"1991-02-14
Szyslak, MoeMoe SzyslakHank Azaria[2]Owner of Moe's Tavern."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Tatum, DrederickDrederick TatumHank Azaria[2]Professional boxer, a caricature of Mike Tyson.[52]Classic look: "Homer vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment"
Current look: "The Homer They Fall"
Taylor, AllisonAllison TaylorWinona Ryder, Pamela HaydenSpringfield Elementary Student."Lisa's Rival"1994-09-11
Teeny, Mr.Mr. TeenyDan Castellaneta[13]The Krusty the Clown Show trained monkey."Like Father, Like Clown"1991-10-24
Terwilliger, CecilCecil TerwilligerDavid Hyde Pierce[53]Sideshow Bob's younger brother.[54]"Brother from Another Series"1997-02-23
Tightlips, JohnnyJohnny TightlipsHank Azaria[11]One of Fat Tony's henchmen.[17]"Insane Clown Poppy"2000-11-12
ÜterRussi Taylor[7]Student at Springfield Elementary School."Treehouse of Horror IV"1993-10-28
Van Houten, KirkKirk Van HoutenHank Azaria[2]Milhouse Van Houten's father; factory worker."Bart's Friend Falls in Love"1992-05-07
Van Houten, LuannLuann Van HoutenMaggie Roswell[7]Kirk Van Houten's wife; Milhouse's mother."Homer Defined"1991-10-17
Van Houten, MilhouseMilhouse Van HoutenPamela Hayden[7]Bart Simpson's best friend; Student at Springfield Elementary School."Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"1989-12-17
Dr. VelimirovicHank Azaria[11]Plastic surgeon.[55]"Pygmoelian"2000-02-27
VeterinarianHank Azaria[2]Veterinarian.[56]"Dog of Death"1992-03-12
Wiggum, Chief ClancyChief Clancy WiggumHank Azaria[2]Springfield Chief of Police."Homer's Odyssey"1990-01-21
Wiggum, RalphRalph WiggumNancy Cartwright[2]Son of Police Chief Clancy Wiggum."Homer vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment"1991-02-07
Wiggum, SarahSarah WiggumPamela Hayden[10]Chief Wiggum's wife; Ralph Wiggum's mother."Duffless"1993-02-18
Groundskeeper WillieDan Castellaneta[2]Janitor of Springfield Elementary School."Principal Charming"1991-02-14
WiseguyHank Azaria[11]Service industry."The Way We Was"1991-01-31
Wolfcastle, RainierRainier WolfcastleHarry Shearer[7]Actor; star of McBain films."The Way We Was"1991-01-31
Yes Guy[11]Dan Castellaneta[11]Service industry."Mayored to the Mob"1998-12-20
Ziff, ArtieArtie ZiffJon Lovitz,[57] Dan Castellaneta[41]Former billionaire.[58]"The Way We Was"1991-01-31


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