List of The New York Times employees

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This is a list of The New York Times employees.[1]




The News Sections[2]

  • Dean Baquet, Executive Editor
  • Tom Bodkin, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Janet Elder, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Lawrence Ingrassia, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Susan Chira, Assistant Managing Editor
  • Rebecca L. Corbett, Assistant Managing Editor
  • Ian Fisher, Assistant Managing Editor
  • Michele McNally, Assistant Managing Editor
  • [[]], Assistant Managing Editor

  • Andrew Rosenthal, Editorial Page Editor
  • Trish Hall, Deputy Editorial Page Editor
  • Terry Tang, Deputy Editorial Page Editor

Business Management

  • Yasmin Namini, Chief Consumer Officer
  • Marc Frons, Senior V.P., Chief Information Officer
  • William T. Bardeen, Senior V.P.
  • Thomas K. Carley, Senior V.P., Planning
  • Terry L. Hayes, Senior V.P., Labor Relations
  • R. Anthony Benton, Controller
  • Laurena L. Emhoff, Treasurer
  • Diane Brayton, Secretary

Department heads[edit]

  • Barbara Strauch, science news editor
  • Sam Sifton, national news editor
  • Steve Duenes, graphics director
  • Stuart Emmrich, Styles editor
  • Jason Stallman, Sports editor
  • Sia Michel, Arts and Leisure editor
  • Patrick LaForge, editor, copy desks
  • Bill McDonald, obituaries editor
  • Alison Mitchell, weekend editor

Bureau chiefs[edit]

Domestic bureaus


Foreign bureaus


Foreign bureaus (cont.)


Op-ed columnists

Business columnists


News columnists

Science columnists

Other notable personnel[edit]



Executive editors[edit]

Other personnel[edit]


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