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The cast of The Idolmaster from the anime.
From left to right at the back row: Azusa Miura, Ritsuko Akizuki, Hibiki Ganaha, Takane Shijō, Yayoi Takatsuki and Makoto Kikuchi.
From left to right at the middle row: Miki Hoshii, The Producer, Iori Minase, Haruka Amami, Yukiho Hagiwara and Kotori Otonashi.
From left to right at the front row: Ami Futami, Mami Futami and Chihaya Kisaragi.

This is the list of characters from The Idolmaster game franchise.

765 Production[edit]

765 idols[edit]

The primary characters in The Idolmaster from 765 Production, a small, rising studio located in a small office.

Haruka Amami (天海 春香 Amami Haruka?)
Voiced by: Eriko Nakamura
Age: 16/17
Image Color: Red
Personal Songs: "Taiyou no Jealousy", "I Want", "Otome yo Taishi o Idake!!", "START!!", "Sayonara o Arigatou" and "Kirameki Shinkoukei"
Image Songs: "Taiyou no Jealousy", "I Want" and "Watashi wa Idol♥" (shared with Iori)
Haruka is the all-around ordinary good girl and main heroine in The Idolmaster. She has enjoyed singing and making sweets since she was a child, despite the fact that she seems to be quite inept as a cook in general. She is easily excited and a bit clumsy, admitting herself that she usually falls down somehow at least once a day. However, Haruka remains positive and keeps a strong resolve, always working the hardest to make the Producer happy. Even though her character image color is red, Haruka actually tends to be more partial toward the color pink (which is Iori's image color). Apart from her dream of becoming a popular idol, she's very grounded in her roots and is comfortable just having work in general, as well as spending time with her fellow idols. Haruka is close to the other idols, but she is the closest to Chihaya, whom she helps to overcome her past.
Haruka has straight brown hair and green eyes, She usually wears a pink shirt under a white jacket; she also dons a blue skirt and brown sandals. Her alternative outfit is a light blue mini sweater with a white shirt under it and a pink skirt with yellow boots.
In Puchimas, Haruka's Puchidol is called "Haruka-san". Similar to Gremlins, she dislikes sunlight, turns malicious when snacking after midnight, and multiplies herself whenever she comes into contact with water, creating a huge number of clones much to the others' chagrin. She also likes to nibble at others.
Chihaya Kisaragi (如月 千早 Kisaragi Chihaya?)
Voiced by: Asami Imai
Age: 15/16
Image Color: Blue
Personal Songs: "Aoi Tori", "Me ga Au Toki", "arcadia", "Nemurihime", "Yakusoku" and "SnowWhite"
Image Songs: "Aoi Tori", "Me ga Au Toki" and "Omoide o Arigatou" (shared with Miki)
Cool and serious, Chihaya has the greatest enthusiasm towards music and the greatest natural talent of all of the girls, earnestly believing that if she were no longer able to sing, she would rather die. She does not very much care for the title "idol" in fact, and prefers to refer to herself as a "vocalist" instead. Chihaya enjoys listening to classical music, along with spending time by herself, giving an aura of maturity about her, though she is really just awkward when it comes to communicating with other people. Despite her age, she has the smallest bust out of all of the characters. Chihaya has a tragic past due to the death of her younger brother in a car accident eight years ago, which she blames herself for. This also lead to her parents divorcing and driving a wedge between her and her parents. She overcomes her past thanks to her friends, and after that, she is more expressive and cheerful. Chihaya is Haruka's best friend.
Chihaya has brown eyes and blue hair parted to the right. She wears a white blazer with a blue turtle-neck shirt under it and brown pants. Her alternative outfit is a blue vest with a gray blazer and blue jeans.
In Puchimas, Chihaya's Puchidol is called "Chihya", who loves to sing but dislikes girls with large breasts reflecting Chihaya's self-counsciousness with her own bust size, with Ritsuko as the only exception, she also develops a longer hair during winter that grows back soon after it is cut.
Yukiho Hagiwara (萩原 雪歩 Hagiwara Yukiho?)
Voiced by: Yurika Ochiai (2005-2010), Azumi Asakura (2010-present)
Age: 16/17
Image Color: White (sometimes Cyan or Grey)
Personal Songs: "First Stage", "Kosmos, Cosmos", "ALRIGHT*", "Nando mo Ieru yo" and "First Step"
Image Songs: "First Stage", "Kosmos, Cosmos" and "My Best Friend" (share with Ritsuko and Takane)
A terrible crybaby, Yukiho aspires to become an idol in order to one day shed her cowardly disposition. She is afraid of dogs (even chihuahuas seem threatening to her) and also does not do well with boys. Having grown up in a strict, traditional Japanese household, Yukiho's drink of choice is tea, predominantly green tea. Among her hobbies is writing poetry (mostly haikus), but she is usually too shy to even share her poems with anyone. Though her image color is White, she tends be partial to the color "Baby Blue". Whenever she is depressed or scared, she has a habit of running off exclaiming she will go "dig a hole and bury herself in it," she grabs a shovel and digs a hole with the others telling her to stop. Her best friend is Makoto.
Yukiho has short super-straight light brown hair. She usually wears a white dress with a light blue snowflake pattern and pink shoes. Her alternative outfit is white shirt with a strawberry pattern and a bright pink skirt.
In Puchimas, Yukiho's Puchidol is called "Yukipo", who loves tea and usually rests in a cardboard box or in a hole she drilled for herself, which often a preferred solution to many situation. In the winter, she grows a tanuki tail.
Yayoi Takatsuki (高槻 やよい Takatsuki Yayoi?)
Voiced by: Mayako Nigo
Age: 13/14
Image Color: Orange
Personal Songs: "Ohayou!! Asagohan", "Kiramekirari", "Genki Tripper", "Smile Taisou" and "Heartwarming"
Image Songs: "Ohayou!! Asagohan", "Kiramekirari" and "GO MY WAY!!" (shared with the Futami twins and Ai)
Yayoi is a bright and cheerful girl who cares for her family very much. Due to her father's unstable occupational status, her family is actually quite poor, as indicated by Yayoi's plain clothing, which she has actually had for a very long time. To earn extra money, Yayoi often does cleaning and other odd jobs around the 765 Production building, and continues to do so even after she debuts as an idol. She is endlessly energetic, however, and never lets the weight of the world discourage her. Yayoi is the oldest of six siblings and always has to be the one to look after them, but also wishes that she had an "older brother" type around to look after her. Yayoi is very close to Iori despite their different backgrounds.
Yayoi has long, reddish-brown hair which she keeps back in two twintails using scrunchies. She usually wears a long-sleeved yellow-orange shirt, a short denim skirt, and her frog wallet (Berochoro) that she wears around her neck. Her alternative outfit is almost the same, except she now wears short suspenders.
In Puchimas, Yayoi's Puchidol is called "Yayo", who reacts sharply to the sound of money falling and other kind of sounds. When it gets cold she grows tufty, lame-looking long hair.
Ritsuko Akizuki (秋月 律子 Akizuki Ritsuko?)
Voiced by: Naomi Wakabayashi
Age: 18/19
Image Color: Green
Personal Songs: "Mahou o Kakete!", "Ippai Ippai", "livE", "Love Order Maid" and "GREEDY GIRL"
Image Songs: "Mahou o Kakete!", "Ippai Ippai" and "My Best Friend" (shared with Yukiho and Takane)
The cool, smart-girl type, Ritsuko believes in theory more than her own inner strength. Originally an intern working at 765 Production after graduating from high school, due to a lack of girls scouted by 765 Production Ritsuko became an idol herself. Ritsuko's family consists of herself, her mother, and her father. Her parents share the same trait as Ritsuko: being business-like and hardworking. They own a shop in the city. Despite being an idol, she still has one hand in the business side of her own celebrity, and is quick to chide the Producer if she thinks he is not doing his job correctly.
Ritsuko has shoulder-length brown hair, which she always keeps in two braided pigtails. She wears glasses and a white shirt with blue stripes and a dark green skirt with a light brown belt, and red shoes. Her alternative outfit is a plaid dark green jumper with a blue shirt under it and black trousers.
In The Idolmaster 2, Ritsuko becomes the producer for the idol group Ryūgū Komachi and ties her hair up. She'll tie her hair in pigtails again when using a Ryūgū Komachi costume in the game. In the anime, she was a former idol before becoming a producer for 765 Production, and ties her hair in pigtails for the concert in Episode 18.
In Puchimas, Ritsuko's Puchidol is called "Chi-chan", who's very good at office work and loves to be petted and complimented by the producer. Also, like Ritsuko, she takes care of the other puchis.
Azusa Miura (三浦 あずさ Miura Azusa?)
Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi
Age: 20/21
Image Color: Purple
Personal Songs: "9:02pm", "Tonari ni...", "Mythmaker", "Lovely", "Smoky Thrill", "Hare Iro" and "Nageki no FRACTION"
Image Songs: "9:02pm", "Tonari ni..." and "Massugu" (shared with Makoto)
The oldest amongst all idols in the game, Azusa's personality reflects that of a kind-hearted but air-headed "big sister" type. She has a very easy going and carefree personality, though also an incredibly terrible sense of direction, and while walking her dog will occasionally end up in strange, distant places with nary a clue of how she got there, or how to get back. Azusa also enjoys giving and reading fortunes, and has a firm belief that she will one day fall in love with her "destined someone". One of her motivations for becoming an idol, in fact, is to someday find her true love.
Azusa has red eyes and long, dark purple hair which is parted in the middle. She has a sickle-like cowlick which sticks out from the middle-part of her hair. She dons a light blue sweater-like shirt and a teal in-shirt. Azusa also wears a vanilla-colored skirt and brown shoes. Her alternative outfit is a carmine sweater-like shirt and a white in-shirt. She also wears a gray skirt with a flower pattern and brown shoes.
In The Idolmaster 2, Azusa cuts her hair short and makes an idol group with Iori and Ami called Ryūgū Komachi. In the anime, Azusa still retains her long hairstyle but later cuts her hair short after she joins Ryūgū Komachi.
In Puchimas, Azusa's Puchidol is called "Miura-san" and has teleporting powers, warping to a random location when startled by a loud noise and usually helps the other idols and puchis when they need fast transportation.
Iori Minase (水瀬 伊織 Minase Iori?)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Age: 14/15
Image Color: Pink
Personal Songs: "Here we go!!", "Futari no Kioku", "Rizora", "DIAMOND" and "Private Road Show (playback, Weekday)"
Image Songs: "Here we go!!", "Futari no Kioku" and "Watashi wa Idol♥" (shared with Haruka)
The daughter of one of the associates of the 765 Production president, Iori is a spoiled rich girl who flaunts her family's wealth. Although she is quite polite and refined on stage and in public, when with the Producer and other girls she has a very sharp tongue, and is quick to berate other people's intelligence, especially the Producer's. Probably due to having two older brothers, Iori has grown up with a deep complex of hating to lose, and thus rarely shows any weaknesses. She does have a much softer side that she shows from time to time, making her personality that of a perfect tsundere character. The stuffed rabbit that she carries around with her constantly is named "Usa-chan" (also known as "Charles Donatello the 18th" in the anime). Though very rich and spoiled, her best friend is Yayoi, who is much poorer than her.
Iori has long brown hair that extends past her shoulders all the down her back, and is kept off of her forehead by a pink headband bundled with a bow. She rarely lets her bangs down and chooses to expose her forehead, except on special occasions. She wears a pink sleeveless shirt with ribbons tied to it on both sides. Iori also wears a white skirt with pink vertical lines that each have strawberries with a white fluffy decorations on the bottom of her skirt and brown cowgirl-like shoes. Her alternative outfit is a dark blue dress with magenta flowers that have white horizontal lines and a tucked in white shirt; she also wears magenta cowgirl-like boots.
In The Idolmaster 2, Iori makes an idol group with Ami and Azusa called Ryūgū Komachi. She also changes her hairstyle, leaving a bang of hair out of her hairband.
In Puchimas, Iori's Puchidol is called "Io", who can charge energy on her forehead to unleash a beam of destruction which is often used against roaches.
Makoto Kikuchi (菊地 真 Kikuchi Makoto?)
Voiced by: Hiromi Hirata
Age: 16/17
Birthday: August 29
Image Color: Black
Personal Songs: "Agent Yoru o Yuku", "Meisou Mind", "Jitensha", "tear" and "Cheering Letter"
Image Songs: "Agent Yoru o Yuku", "Meisou Mind" and "Massugu" (shared with Azusa)
Makoto is popularized as the "pretty-boy idol" within 765 Production, and as such, she has accumulated more female than male fans. She is usually seen in sporty outfits and was already rather popular among her fellow students at the all-girls school she attends, and her current work as an idol does not make the situation any easier for her. Her father is a famous race-car driver and wished for a son instead, so he raises Makoto as a boy. Even though she is not ungrateful of her popularity, underneath her gruff, boyish exterior, Makoto is actually an honest, sensitive girl, and wishes to make herself more feminine. Therefore, unbeknownst to her father, she decided to become an idol in order to find a way to a new, more feminine presence for herself and to show others that she can have a girly side as well. She is really close to Yukiho.
Makoto has short black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a short black tank-top underneath a gray jump-suit with red vertical stripes and blue sweat pants. Her alternative outfit is red shirt with a race car logo underneath a gray mini-sweater with vertical black lines and blue pants.
In The Idolmaster 2, Makoto grows her hair longer and parts her bangs in the middle, she is also a skilled mixed martial artist.
In Puchimas, Makoto has a super-deformed version of herself called "Makochii", who is very cute and strong, capable of dealing strong pro-wrestling moves, as well as having healing powers. She also appears to be fat due to Makoto, who often overfed her out due to her cuteness.
Ami and Mami Futami (双海 亜美・真美 Futami Ami, Mami?)
Voiced by: Asami Shimoda
Age: 12/13
Image Color: Yellow (sometimes Green-Yellow for Mami)
Personal Songs: "Positive!", "Start→ Star→", "Reimei Starline", "Gemmy" (Mami only), "YOUou MYshin!" (Ami only), "SMOKY THRILL" (Ami only)
Image Songs: "Positive!", "Start→ Star→", "GO MY WAY!!" (shared with Yayoi and Ai) and "Do-Dai" (Mami Only)
A playful pair of twin sisters who make a two-girl singing sensation. Ami and Mami both enjoy doing impressions and teasing their friends, though Mami seems to somewhat be a little more obedient than Ami. The only way to tell the two girls apart is through their hairstyles—Ami ties her hair to the right, Mami to the left—otherwise, they are completely identical. They use this to their advantage by switching their hairstyles and both performing as idols, but only underneath Ami's name. The only people who know about it are the members of the 765 Production.
Ami and Mami have brown eyes and short brown hair tied in different directions, Ami usually wears a pink shirt under a yellow coat and purple shorts, While Mami wears a light blue shirt under a light green coat and dark purple shorts.
In The Idolmaster 2, the public now knows about the twins and Ami makes an idol group with Iori and Azusa called Ryūgū Komachi. They've also had a bit of a growth spurt between the two games. In addition, Mami extends her ponytail longer to further differentiate herself from her sister. In the anime, the twins are already produced as separate idols and Mami retains her extended ponytail.
In Puchimas, Ami and Mami's Puchidols are called "Ko-Ami" and "Ko-Mami", respectively. Both love to play pranks and usually get themselves in trouble.

Project Fairy[edit]

Project Fairy is an idol unit introduced in The Idolmaster SP, produced by rival studio 961 Production. The group was specifically created so that each of its three members harmonize perfectly, and have different specialties in singing. In The Idolmaster Dearly Stars, the members of Project Fairy have become part of 765 Production.

Miki Hoshii (星井 美希 Hoshii Miki?)
Voiced by: Akiko Hasegawa
Age: 15/16
Image Color: Light Green (sometimes called Fresh Green)
Personal Songs: "relations", "Furufuru Future☆", "Shocking na Kare", "Day of the future", "Marionette no Kokoro" and "Tsuioku no Sand Glass"
Image Song: "Omoide o Arigatou" (shared with Chihaya) and "Overmaster" (Project Fairy image song)
Miki has rarely had to work hard for anything.It is because of this that she always approaches tasks with a very laid back attitude. She manages good grades with minimal effort, and was born with natural good-looks that belie her age, but she can sometimes be found annoying by others because of her rare attitude she has sometimes. She even receives about 20 confessions of love per day from boys. She's grown up in a very laissez-faire family, who had no problems with her becoming an idol. While she doesn't really have cruel intentions, she believes like everything else, she can make her way to becoming top idol easily. As she first appears in the Xbox 360 version of the arcade game, Miki is in some ways the second main character (behind Haruka) and her character is developed considerably over the game's year-long time span. If special conditions are met in the game, she cuts her hair short and no longer dyes it blonde.
Miki has brown hair (dyed blonde) and green eyes. She wears a light green beach-shirt with a butterfly on it. She wears a jean mini-skirt and orange shoes. When she cuts her hair, she has a white beach-shirt, a pink mini-skirt, and brown boots.
In The Idolmaster SP, Miki was unsatisfied with the way she was being managed, and switched to another production company, 961 Production, as a member of the group "Project Fairy".
In The Idolmaster Dearly Stars, she re-joins 765 Pro. She also is a natural blonde and has a curlier hairstyle.
In Puchimas, Miki's Puchidol is called "Afuu", who loves onigiri and when she is exposed to heat, her hair color and personality changes dramatically.
Hibiki Ganaha (我那覇 響 Ganaha Hibiki?)
Voiced by: Manami Numakura
Age: 15/16
Image Color: Cerulean (sometimes called Light Blue)
Personal Songs: "Next Life", "TRIAL DANCE", "Brand New Day!" and "Rebellion"
Image Song: "shiny smile" and "Overmaster" (Project Fairy image song)
Hibiki is a member of "Project Fairy", and appears in The Idolmaster SP as a rival. Hibiki is from Okinawa. She is highly energetic and cheerful, and despite rivalries with the other idols, she always remains friendly and happy, without becoming overly competitive like Takane. Hibiki has an outstanding amount of pets, who she happens to lose quite frequently; her pets include a mouse, a hamster (named Hamuzō in the anime), a gerbil, a parrot, a rabbit, a cat, a dog (named Inumi in the anime), a pig, a flying squirrel, and oddly enough, a crocodile. She also has a pet chicken (named Kokemaro), but apparently it's kept at the parents' home in Okinawa.
Hibiki has tanned skin, long black hair tied in a wild ponytail and blue eyes. She usually wears hoop earrings, a white shirt with flannel sleeves and a blue-green in-shirt. she also dons black shorts and brown sandals.
Along with Takane and Miki, she is part of 765 Pro in The Idolmaster Dearly Stars. Her three sizes also shrank, since she is the only character that happens to, some fans theorize that President Kuroi was lying about her measurements.
In Puchimas, Hibiki's Puchidol is called "Chibiki", who is very energetic and can summon strange animals to do her bidding, a power that goes haywhire when she cries, bringing forth dangerous monsters.
Takane Shijō (四条 貴音 Shijō Takane?)
Voiced by: Yumi Hara
Age: 17/18
Image Color: Magenta (sometimes called Carmine)
Personal Songs: "Flower Girl" and "Kazahana"
Image Song: "My Best Friend" (shared with Ritsuko and Yukiho) and "Overmaster" (Project Fairy image song)
Takane is a member of "Project Fairy", and appears in The Idolmaster SP as a rival. She is usually seen in elegant outfits, and while she has a elegant, snobby attitude due to her wealthy upbringing, she also has a refined, regal personality and has a princess-like air to her. She hardly sees her mother, so she lives with her butler due to her father's frequent business trips. Her father owns a large company - like Iori's father - which causes tension to spark between the two. Takane has an amazing passion for music. She is considered one of the smarter characters in the series, and is fluent in numerous languages, one of which being German. She also often observes far more detailed things than most characters, most of which they miss. Furthermore, it is implied in the anime that her native country is not Japan. She is also very mysterious in more ways than one as she keeps most of her personal information hidden, especially where she came from.
Takane has long silver hair that extends all down her back slightly down her waist, and she keeps it in place wearing a carmine headband, but unlike Iori, she lets her bangs down. She usually wears a purple shirt with carmine buttons and long sleeves, a short jacket of a darker tone and a long carmine skirt. Her alternative outfit is a dark pink sweater and a vanilla-colored skirt.
In The Idolmaster Dearly Stars, she is part of 765 Pro. She also grows her hair longer in the front.
In Puchimas, Takane's Puchidol is called "Takanya". Found in a Brazil-like tropical country, she loves ramen, has an unusual personality and talks by writing out words on paper.

765 staff[edit]

Producer (プロデューサー Purodyūsā?)
Voiced by: Yūki Tai (drama CDs), Kenji Akabane (anime), Junji Majima (Puchimas)
Age: Mid-20s (anime)
The protagonist of The Idolmaster. He is a young rookie producer who has been put in charge of a new set of pop idols. In the game, his name is never given, and is decided by the player. His personality is also dependent on the player's choices, and can range from sweet and protective to perverted. However, in the drama CDs, he's most usually portrayed as somewhere in between.
In the anime, he is depicted as a young man with dark blue hair, glasses and a business suit. As the girls' producer, he is a very hard working individual who tries his best to help the idols as their mentor figure. As their producer, he will go to whatever lengths to make sure the girls are happy, healthy, and able to make their appearances. Like Yukiho, he too is afraid of dogs. While he mainly produces the rest of the girls, he sometimes co-produces Ryūgū Komachi with Ritsuko, often taking over when she is unable to, usually when it only involves a single member or when Ritsuko is busy, even temporarily producing Ritsuko when she goes back on stage for a concert. He is often Yukiho's manager most of the time.
In Puchimas, Producer is shown with a huge letter "P" in the place of his head.
Junichirō Takagi (高木 順一朗 Takagi Junichirō?)
Voiced by: Kan Tokumaru
Age: 55
The president of 765 Production. He takes the Producer under his wing and monitors his performance in charge of the girls. He is never seen as anything but a silhouette, and rarely encountered outside of the 765 building, except at the final performance in The Idolmaster game. In The Idolmaster Break! manga, his appearance is revealed to be a middle age man around his fifties or sixties.
Before The Idolmaster 2 was made, Junichirō's voice actor Kan Tokumaru died. As a result, in The Idolmaster 2, Junichirō gives the position of president of 765 Production to his cousin, Junjirō Takagi, so he would avoid traveling around Japan while moving to Hawaii and becoming chairman of 765 Production.
Junjirō Takagi (高木 順二朗 Takagi Junjirō?)
Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka
Age: 56
Jun'ichirō's cousin and the new president of 765 Production in The Idolmaster 2. Like his cousin, only his silhouette appears in the game. However, he does appear in the anime, although his face is not fully shown. He puts a lot of faith and trust that his idols will make it through, wanting to promote them simply as themselves and relying on their own talents to pull them through. Because of this, he uses his resources well to help his idols mostly to stay happy as he believes that they are at their best when they are happy.
Kotori Otonashi (音無 小鳥 Otonashi Kotori?)
Voiced by: Juri Takita
Image Color: Light Yellow (the color of canaries)
Personal Songs: "Sora", "ID:[OL]", "Hana", "Hikari", "Sachi"
An office clerk at 765 Production. Kotori originally only appears at the end of The Idolmaster arcade game, but then becomes a recurring character within the drama CDs. Originally featured on The Idolmaster arcade game webpage in the F.A.Q. section, she has accumulated enough fans to appear in other aspects of The Idolmaster franchise. Among the few things disclosed about her personality and character, Kotori is known to be a little older than Azusa (making her somewhere in her early twenties), and despite not being an idol herself, loves to sing. Her last name literally means "soundless". In The Idolmaster anime, Kotori takes an active role with the girls whenever the Producer and Ritsuko are busy. She was also revealed to be a former idol produced by Junjirō and Kuroi before they went their separate ways.
Kotori has brown eyes and short green hair which goes down her neck. She wears a yellow microphone headset which also doubles as a hairband. She wears a white dress-shirt and black and green vest and a large purple ribbon bowtie, a black skirt with black nylon stockings, and white high-heel shoes. The facial feature that sets her apart from the other idols in the game is the mole beauty mark on her right cheek which is often covered up by her microphone piece.
In The Idolmaster 2, Kotori continues to be a clerk at 765 Production. Kotori's mole also appears as a DLC accessory.
In Puchimas, Kotori also has a Puchidol modeled after her named "Piyo-Piyo", who is more reliable in office work than her and is also very agile and capable of flying.
Yūtarō Takagi (高木 裕太郎 Takagi Yūtarō?)
Voiced by: Azumi Asakura
Jun'ichirō's grandson and protagonist of The Idolmaster Break! manga. Yūtarō is a fan of the idols of 765 Production, especially Haruka. But when his grandfather gets sick, Yūtarō is forced to take over the company as both its new president and its producer as he deals with the company's financial problems and managing the idols' careers.

876 Production[edit]

876 idols[edit]

Three new idols from 876 Production that were introduced in The Idolmaster Dearly Stars. They also appear a few episodes of the anime.

Ai Hidaka (日高 愛 Hidaka Ai?)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu
Age: 13
Image Color: Peach
Image Songs: "HELLO!!" (876 Pro image song), "ALIVE", and "Go My Way" (shared with Yayoi and the Futami twins)
Personal Song: "ALIVE" and "Hanamaru"
Considered by fans as a "younger clone" of Haruka, Ai is described as the unstoppable mini-tank who never loses heart despite her shortcomings and lack of experience. She is known to have a massive amount of energy. Her mother, Mai, was one of the most well-known idols in Japan, before she became pregnant with Ai when she was only 15 years old. As a result, 876 Pro wanted to promote her as Mai's daughter, but Ai insists on becoming a popular idol on her own.
Ai has dark red apple-shaped hair and brown eyes. She wears a pink shirt with a heart pattern, gray cargo shorts and dark pink shoes.
In the PlayStation 3 version of The Idolmaster 2, Ai appears as a DLC character in catalog 3 as a S4U character. Once she is unlocked in S4U players can make her sing "ALIVE" and "Go My Way".
Eri Mizutani (水谷 絵理 Mizutani Eri?)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
Age: 15
Image Color: Robin's Egg Blue (sometimes called Periwinkle)
Image Songs: "HELLO!!" (876 Pro image song) and "Precog"
Personal Song: "Precog" and "Crossword"
A former hikikomori and internet celebrity known online as "Ellie", who was scouted to become an idol in real life. While she can perform well online, in real life, she is very shy and does not like talking to people outside of her friends. She is also known to like cats.
Eri has short, roughly chin length (although it is longer on the right side and in the back), navy-blue hair, swept out of her eyes with a wide silver barrette. Her hair is thinner at the ends and tapers towards her neck. She has small, almond-shaped light blue eyes. She wears a plain, short-sleeved white shirt with a red ribbon around the neck under a brown blazer. Her jacket is marked with a gold emblem on the right breast pocket. she also wears a navy blue knee length skirt as well
In the PlayStation 3 version of The Idolmaster 2, Eri appears as a DLC character in catalog 5 as a S4U character. Once she is unlocked in S4U players can make her sing "Precog" and "Shiny Smile".
Ryō Akizuki (秋月 涼 Akizuki Ryō?)
Voiced by: Yuuko Sanpei
Age: 15
Image Color: Mint Green
Image Songs: "HELLO!!" (876 Pro image song) and "Dazzling World"
Personal Song: "Dazzling World" and "Himitsu no Himitsu no Sangoshou"
Ritsuko's cousin, though very soft-spoken compared to her. Ryō is actually a boy trying to pass as a female idol, and keeps that a secret from the other idols. He wanted to become a male idol, but when he goes to see Ritsuko about it, she takes him to 876 Pro to become one. There, he ends up covering for a female idol. He does so well, and as a result, the studio hires him as a female idol.
Ryō has short wavy dark green hair and green eyes. When disguised as a girl, he wears a light green dress with a white shirt underneath it and green high-heels. When dressed as a boy, he wears a green shirt with an "@" logo on it, blue shorts and green sandals.
In the PlayStation 3 version of The Idolmaster 2, Ryo appears as a DLC character in catalog 7 as a S4U character. Once he is unlocked in S4U players can make him sing "Dazzling World" and "Kiramekirari".

876 staff[edit]

Minori Ishikawa (石川実 Ishikawa Minori?)
Voiced by: Risa Hayamizu (Splash Red drama CD)
Ishikawa is the president of 876 Production. She is never seen as anything but a silhouette, but appears much more often than her 765 counterpart, Jun'ichirō Takagi. She is said to be very good friends with both President Takagi and Yukio Igarashi.
Manami Okamoto (岡本 まなみ Okamoto Manami?)
Manami acts as both Ai Hidaka and Ryō Akizuki's manager, though she focuses more on Ai due to her lack of self confidence. Because of this, the two form a close bond. Manami has a gentle, hardworking, and kind personality, although she can be rather ditzy sometimes.

961 Production[edit]


An all-male idol group introduced in The Idolmaster 2. It was formed and produced by 961 Production to counter 765 Pro rise in popularity. In the anime, they are an established and popular idol unit. Sometime in Episode 21, they left 961 Pro to start on their own after finding out about Kuroi's dirty tactics.

Tōma Amagase (天ヶ瀬 冬馬 Amagase Tōma?)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima
Age: 17
Personal Song: "BANG×BANG"
Tōma is one of the newest idols introduced in The Idolmaster 2. Apparently the leader of "Jupiter", he is a year younger than Takane. His hobbies are soccer, cooking, and figure collecting. His character image songs, which are shared with the other two members of Jupiter, are "Alice or Guilty" and "Koi o Hajimeyou". In the anime, he slightly admires Chihaya's recovery from the exposure and her singing during Idol Jam. The Idolmaster 2 hints at a potential relationship between him and Haruka.
Hokuto Ijūin (伊集院 北斗 Ijūin Hokuto?)
Voiced by: Daichi Kanbara
Age: 20
Personal Song: "Kesshou~Crystal Dust~"
Hokuto is one of the newest idols introduced in The Idolmaster 2. He is a year younger than Azusa, making him the oldest member of "Jupiter". His hobbies are playing piano, violin, and going on dates. His character image songs are "Alice or Guilty" and "Koi o Hajimeyou". The Idolmaster 2 hints at a potential relationship between him and Makoto.
Shōta Mitarai (御手洗 翔太 Mitarai Shōta?)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Age: 14
Personal Song: "On Sunday"
Shōta is one of the newest idols introduced in The Idolmaster 2. He is the youngest member of "Jupiter", and is a year younger than Iori. His hobbies are napping and honoring his parents. His character image songs are "Alice or Guilty" and "Koi o Hajimeyou". The Idolmaster 2 hints at a potential relationship between him and Yayoi.

961 staff[edit]

Takao Kuroi (黒井 崇男 Kuroi Takao?)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu
The president of 961 Production, as well as its producer. Like the other producers, he's not seen, but like the 876 Pro producer, is seen as a silhouette. After his original idols join with 765 Pro in The Idolmaster 2, he forms a new idol group called "Jupiter", formed by male idols. He is depicted as a cruel and ruthless businessman who will do anything, legal or not, to sell his idols and get ahead of 765 Pro and tell lies about them to his idols. He tends to treat his idols more like tools choosing the most appealing and talented rather than building their abilities, the complete opposite of Junjirō's methods.
He and Junjirō were once old colleagues and friends, but later they had a falling out after Junjirō disagreed in the way Takao raised his idols. Since that incident, Takao has vowed to destroy Junjirō's company and his idols by any means necessary.
His company is actually named after him, as "961" is pronounced ku-ro-i in Japanese.

Other characters in The Idolmaster Dearly Stars[edit]

Mai Hidaka (日高 舞 Hidaka Mai?)
Voiced by: Ryoka Yuzuki (Splash Red drama CD)
Personal Song: "ALIVE"
Mai is the mother of Ai Hidaka. She is 29-years-old, which means that she became a mother at the age of 16. She was once a legendary "S Rank" super idol who won the Ultimate Idol, though was only active for three years before retiring. Her image song "ALIVE" was extremely popular, which she later allowed her daughter Ai to use when she became an idol. Later in Ai's story, she comes out of retirement with Manami Okamoto as her manager.
Ayane Suzuki (鈴木 彩音 Suzuki Ayane?)
Voiced by: Yurin (Innocent Blue drama CD)
Image Song: Seikan Hikōu
Ayane Suzuki (who prefers to be called Cineria) is a fairly high ranking net idol as well as Eri Mizutani's chat buddy, and tries to support Eri to the best of her ability whenever she can. As someone who looked up to Eri ever since her net idol days, she believes that Reiko Ozaki tricked the pure Eri into joining the "Dark Side" and tries to make Eri reconsider her choice.
In The Idolmaster 2, Cineria is the name of a news reporter. This seems to allude to the ending of The Idolmaster Innocent Blue volume 3. A unit with this name also appears on the "DO-TOP TV" ranking.
Reiko Ozaki (尾崎 玲子 Ozaki Reiko?)
Voiced by: Yū Asakawa (Innocent Blue drama CD)
Reiko Ozaki is the freelance producer who discovered the talents of Eri Mizutani. Ozaki emailed Eri every day, asking her to debut as a real idol instead of a net idol, and eventually she built up the courage to meet her in person. Ozaki temporarily makes a contract with 876 Production and debuts Eri under the company label. Ozaki herself was once part of an idol duo with another girl, Satomi Kondou. Known as the idol unit riola, Reiko never got past F Rank due to slanderous comments about their unit and their office's president that were posted online. This caused her to hate the internet and drives her desire to protect Eri from it.The song Precog was going to be her last image song, but went unfinished by the end of her career. She later allowed Eri to finish the song and use it as her own.
Sōichi Takeda (武田 蒼一 Takeda Sōichi?)
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Neue Green drama CD)
Takeda plays a minor role in the series but has the biggest role in Ryō's story. Takeda is a talented music producer who also writes songs on the side, depending on his mood. He also has his own music station called "Old Whistle" to honor classical music. Takeda has a strong passion for vocal-less jazz music and classic music. In fact, he wrote the song "Dazzling World" for Ryō.
Yumeko Sakurai (桜井 夢子 Sakurai Yumeko?)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (Neue Green drama CD)
Yumeko is a freelance idol and rival to Ryō Akizuki who chases after her dream no matter what it takes. She is described as an extremely talented idol until it was revealed that she cheated her way to the top by sabotaging rival idols with various means, including giving them candy that clogs the vocal chords or making the stage floor slippery. After Ryō convinces her to stop, she reveals that her dream was to appear as a guest on Souichi Takeda's show "Old Whistle". Despite being rivals, she hangs out with Ryō frequently to talk about their upcoming auditions. After Ryō reveals himself as a boy, Yumeko starts to have a crush on him.