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List of episodes[edit]

Season One: 1964-1965[edit]

#Episode titleWriter(s)DirectorOverviewbroadcast
1The Addams Family Goes to SchoolSeaman Jacobs and Ed JamesArthur Hiller

When Gomez and Morticia keep Wednesday and Pugsley home from school, Sam Hillard the truant officer pays a visit.

Madge Blake guest stars as Miss Comstock, the principal.

Family mentioned: Cousin Imar who has three arms.

Note: Gomez and Morticia enroll Pugsley and Wednesday in Sherwood Schools. This might be taken to imply that the town in which the Addamses live is named Sherwood; it is the only clue to the town's name in the entire series.

Cartoon reference: Morticia and Grandmother are playing cards, the caption reads "Grandmother! You're not cheating".

September 18, 1964
2Morticia and the PsychiatristHannibal Coons and Harry WinklerJean Yarbrough

Gomez and Morticia call in a child psychiatrist when they fear that Pugsley is becoming normal.

Cartoon reference: The Pugsley character is in a Boy Scout uniform saluting in front of a mirror. The parents watch from an open door. The caption reads "Well, he certainly doesn't take after my side of the family."

September 25, 1964
3Fester's Punctured RomanceJameson BrewerSidney Lanfield

Uncle Fester is looking for love, but when a door-to-door saleslady comes knocking, he's not sure she's his type.

Family mentioned: Cousin Eustace (Morticia knits a sweater with a long neck). Grandpa Squint and Aunt Vendetta (who look like they may or may not be alive).

Note: The growling bear skin rug is named Bruno.

October 2, 1964
4Gomez the PoliticianHannibal Coons and Harry WinklerJerry Hopper

Election day is nearing, and the Addam's proud tradition of backing losing candidates continues when Sam Hillard runs for city council.

Family mentioned: Cousin Grisly's portrait of him facing a firing squad. Uncle "Kiss of Death" Blight who masterminded the presidential campaigns of Al Smith, Wendell Willkie and Adlai Stevenson. Grandpa Squint, whom (Abraham Lincoln supposedly begged for his political support but who instead backed Stephen Douglas); Squint's role in the 1860 presidential election implies that he was born in the 1840s or earlier, yet Morticia mentions having had a conversation with him at some earlier point in her marriage to Gomez, at which point Squint would've been over a century old.

Cartoon reference: The neighbors are disturbed by Uncle Fester sharpening the spikes on the fence. No caption.

October 9, 1964
5The Addams Family TreeHannibal Coons, Harry Winkler and Lou HoustonJerry HopperA family rivalry prompts Gomez to trace his family's ancestry. This causes the Addams Family to enlist a genealogist to trace their family history.

Frank Nelson guest stars as Mr. Pomeroy.

Family mentioned: Cousin Bleak (who had a middle eye that drooped), Morticia's Cousin Curdle (implied to have at least one eye in the back of her head), Cousin Farouk (named as the owner of the leg jutting from the stuffed swordfish on the wall), Aunt Blemish (who is mistaken for a barn in a photo), Grandpa Slurp (mistaken for two people in a photo, has buck teeth and a receding chin), Gomez's Cousin Clot (who was sentenced to the electric chair), Grand-Uncle Grisly (who was a traitor but he only did it for the money), an unnamed family of Addamses who live far up the Amazon river, Mamoud Kali Pashka Addams (the Firebug of the Bosporus who burned the Library of Alexandria in 270AD), Black Bart Addams and Bloody Addams (presumably pirates).

Note: Their pet jaguar "Fang" is mentioned.

October 16, 1964
6Morticia and the Ladies LeaguePhil Leslie and Keith FowlerJean YarbroughMorticia's lunch with the Ladies League is discovered by Pugsley's new friend Gorgo.October 23, 1964
7Halloween with The Addams FamilyKeith Fowler and Phil LeslieSidney LanfieldMistaking two robbers named Claude and Marty (Don Rickles and Skip Homeier) for trick-or-treaters, the family takes them in for a Halloween celebration.October 30, 1964
8Green Eyed GomezKeith Fowler and Phil LeslieJerry HopperGomez begins to feel jealous when an old friend of Morticia's comes to stay.

Del Moore guest stars.

November 6, 1964
9The New Neighbors Meet the Addams FamilyHannibal Coons & Harry WinklerJean Yarbrough

A newlywed couple move in next door and are frightened by the family, so they attempt to break their lease.

Note: In a rare moment, Morticia speaks French ("au contraire") and Gomez does not react.

November 13, 1964
10Wednesday Leaves HomeHannibal Coons and Harry WinklerSidney Lanfield

When Wednesday is punished for using Uncle Fester's explosives, she threatens to run away from home, but Pugsley persuades her to hide in his room instead. Later she leaves the house but is picked up and taken to the police station, where she is interrogated by Sgt. Haley (Jesse White) the police detective from the police department's missing persons bureau. Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams is featured more prominently than any other episode.

Note: Wednesday's middle name is "Friday".

November 20, 1964
11The Addams Family Meets the VIPsKeith Fowler and Phil LeslieSidney Lanfield

A pair of foreign dignitaries (Stanley Adams and Vito Scotti) want to meet a normal American family. That normal family happens to be the Addams'.

Family mentioned: Fester's Cousin Creep who was lost to a ray gun. He was giggling and laughing, vanished and was still giggling and laughing.

Note: The cigar store Indian is made of metal. The piranhas are named Tristan and Isolda.

November 27, 1964
12Morticia the MatchmakerMaury GeraghtyJerry HopperMorticia's cousin Melancholia comes to stay after breaking up with her fiancé.

Family mentioned: Cousin Gripe (who used "Hasty Marriage" marriage broker), Uncle Crimp (whose sweater has one arm longer than the other). Morticia mentions that she has "lots" of female cousins in addition to Melancholia.

December 4, 1964
13Lurch Learns to DanceTeleplay by Jay Dratler, Jerry Seelen & Charles Marion. Story by Jay DratlerSidney LanfieldMorticia and Gomez encourage Lurch to attend the annual Butlers' Ball and teach him how to dance in preparation.

Family mentioned: Lurch's father who wanted him to be a jockey. Uncle Droop (whose ashes are in an urn) and Aunt Drip in a portrait painting (normal looking). Cousin Blob who was afraid of ghosts until he became one himself. Grandma Squint who can be heard on dark stormy nights from the attic cackling.

December 11, 1964
14Art and the Addams FamilyHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney Lanfield

Grandmama takes up painting and hires Picasso...Sam Picasso (Vito Scotti) as her teacher.

Family mentioned: Fester makes a urn for his Grandfather Malaplop, who isn't dead yet.

Cartoon reference: Mortica with Lurch carrying a suitcase, shows a guest to his room. The caption reads: "This is your room. If you should need anything, just scream."

December 18, 1964
15The Addams Family Meets a BeatnikHenry Sharp, Sloan Nibley & Jack RaymondSidney LanfieldThe Addams Family takes care of an injured motorcyclist (Tom Lowell) and attempt to reunite him with his disapproving father (Barry Kelly).January 1, 1965
16The Addams Family Meets the Undercover ManHarry Winkler, Hannibal CoonsArthur LubinAn undercover operative (George Neise) is convinced that the Addams family are spies, and recruits local tradespeople to infiltrate the house like the Postman Mr. Briggs (Rolfe Sedan) and the Plumber Mr. Conkey (Norman Leavitt).

Family mentioned: Gomez shoots a bullet-hole silhouette of Uncle Flub, who has a "fine, sensitive drooping chin," is prone to trembling, and cannot write; the fact that Morticia is aware of this latter fact and Gomez is not implies Flub is Morticia's uncle, not Gomez's.

Note: The Addams are seen smoking from a Hookah.

January 8, 1965
17Mother Lurch Visits the Addams FamilyJameson BrewerSidney LanfieldMorticia and Gomez pose as Lurch's maid and butler when his mother (Ellen Corby) comes for a visit.

Family mentioned: Morticia's Cousin Slimy (two headed), Gomez's Cousin Manuel (who was a pyromaniac), Cousin Imar (three arms and went to Princeton; previously mentioned in The Addams Family Goes to School).

Note: Gomez claims he was born with a mustache. Fester appears to be eating a nopal.

January 15, 1965
18Uncle Fester's IllnessBill LutzSidney LanfieldUncle Fester has lost his electrical charge and spoils a family outing. They then call a doctor named Dr. Milford when their witch doctor named Dr. Mbogo is unable to make a house call.January 22, 1965
19The Addams Family SplurgesGeorge Haight, Lou HustonSidney LanfieldHaving gone everywhere else on their vacations, The Addams Family plan a vacation to the moon. To fund this trip, the family propose to their broker, Ralph J. Hulen, a plan to raise money by betting on eight champion racehorses (picked out by Whizzo, a computer built by Gomez and Pugsley) competing in every broadcast horse race.

Family mentioned: Cousin Nanook (who sent a totem pole to the Addams Family for Christmas and wanted their bear in return)

January 29, 1965
20Cousin Itt Visits the Addams FamilyTony Wilson, Henry SharpSidney LanfieldGomez and Morticia try to get Cousin Itt a job as a zoo curator.

Note: The radio states the Addam's house to be in the Greenbriar, Woodlawn area, on North Cemetery Drive.

Alan Reed guest stars.

February 5, 1965
21The Addams Family in CourtHarry Winkler, Hannibal CoonsNat Perrin

Grandmama is arrested by an undercover police officer named Lt. Poston for telling fortunes and soon the whole family is being held in contempt of court.

Hal Smith guest stars as Judge Harvey Saunders

Family mentioned: Mamoud Kali Pashka Addams, the "Firebug of the Bosporus". Morticia's Cousin Cringe who even ate the hacksaw in the cake that was made for him and later developed a taste for them.

Note: The front gate is named "Gate". Morticia is shown to be able to ignite candles with just a touch.

February 12, 1965
22Amnesia in the Addams FamilyPhil Leslie, Keith FowlerSidney LanfieldGomez loses his memory and becomes normal.

Family mentioned: Grandpa Squint (Morticia reads from his medical book)

February 19, 1965
23Thing Is MissingBill Lutz, Lorraine EdwardsSidney LanfieldWhen Thing disappears after feeling neglected, the family believe he has been 'thingnapped', and hire the famous detective Sam...Diamond (Tommy Farrell).

Note: Their address is shown as "0001 Cemetery Lane". Thing's full name is "Thing T. Thing" and the T stands for Thing.

Cartoon reference: Wednesday cuts a chain of paper dolls and the middle one oddly has three legs.

March 5, 1965
24Crisis in the Addams FamilySloan Nibley, Preston WoodSidney LanfieldUncle Fester applies for a job as an insurance salesman with the same company which is threatening to cancel the Addams' policy.

Family mentioned: Admiral John Paul Addams whose inspiring words before battle were "If you need me I'll be in my cabin."

March 12, 1965
25Lurch and His HarpsichordHarry Winkler, Hannibal CoonsSidney LanfieldA museum owner named Mr. Belmont takes an interest in Lurch's Krupnik harpsichord, so the Addams Family donate it to him much to Lurch's horror. Note: Gomez remakes that Harpsichord's measurements are the exact as Morticia's: 36-21-36.

Family mentioned: Aunt Trivia who wasn't a music lover, but liked to go around kissing harpsichords. The family's harpsichord was in Cousin Crimp's family for 400 years; Crimp (not to be confused with Uncle Crimp) used to write four-handed compositions for the harpsichord and play them by himself.

March 19, 1965
26Morticia, the BreadwinnerPhil LeslieSidney Lanfield

When Morticia believes the family to be bankrupt, she sells her railroad shares to a mystery buyer to raise money.

Family mentioned: Aunt Phobia, in whose sleeping bag Gomez once hid a nest of hornets; the later episode Morticia's Romance, Part 1 clarifies that Phobia is Morticia's (or perhaps Fester's) aunt, not Gomez's. Cousin Crimp, whose glass eye Morticia and Fester find in the family safe. Morticia's Grandpa Droop, who gave her stock certificates for her twelfth birthday.

March 26, 1965
27The Addams Family and the SpacemenHarry Winkler, Hannibal CoonsSidney LanfieldWith reports of UFOs in the area, the Addams believe they have been visited by two Martians.

Vito Scotti appears as Professor Altshuler.

Note: The Addams are seen smoking from a Hookah.

Family mentioned: Old Senator Addams who was said to be "Wise and understanding", before they impeached him. Cousin Galileo who wore a swim suit. Cousin Grope who has three ears. Old "Blood and Thunder" Addams who was said to be "inspirational" right before he turned traitor at Shiloh in 1862. Old "Cannonball" Addams, who was said to be "a natural born leader" at Bunker Hill in 1775, before he began firing at his own men.

April 2, 1965
28My Son the ChimpHenry Sharp, Don QuinnSidney LanfieldThe family believes that Pugsley has been turned into a chimpanzee.

Family mentioned: Gomez's Great-Aunt Deliria who was engaged to a chimpanzee (but got jilted).

April 9, 1965
29Morticia's CharityElroy Schwartz, Jameson BrewerSidney LanfieldMorticia's favorite charitable organization run by Arthur Henson (played by Parley Baer) is holding a fundraising bazaar, so Morticia persuades her family to part with their belongings in order to donate them to the charity auction.

Family mentioned: Gomez's Cousin Slosh (who went down the city sewer in a "fit of pique," completely disowned the family, and "Made a whole new life for himself")

April 16, 1965
30Progress and the Addams FamilyBill Freedman, Ben GershmanSidney LanfieldThe Addams Family ignores notices from City Commissioner Arthur Henson (played by Parley Baer) that their house is to be condemned to make way for a freeway.

Family mentioned: Cousin Plato (who has two heads); Gomez reminds Morticia that Plato (whom he describes as a "lad") has a left head that is size six and a right head that is size 8 3/4, implying that Plato is Gomez's cousin, not Morticia's. Lord Chief Justice Sir Anthony Cliveden-Addams and his wife's Lady Abigail Cliveden-Addams.

April 23, 1965
31Uncle Fester's ToupeeHarry Winkler, Hannibal CoonsSidney LanfieldFester's pen-pal Madelyn Cavendish Beauregard Faversham Firestone Smith (Elizabeth Fraser) drops by unexpectedly, so he must assume the false personality he has been pretending to be.

Family mentioned: Cousin Droop (to be confused with neither Morticia's Grandpa Droop nor Gomez's Uncle Droop; he dropped the mirror that Gomez modeled toupees for Uncle Fester, for luck), Cousin Bleak (previously mentioned in The Addams Family Tree; the toupee tried on reminded Gomez about the time when a bunch of boll weevils got into his hair), General Ulysses S. Addams (who surrendered at the 1863 Vicksburg when the enemy soldiers caught up with him). Cousin Squint (to be confused with neither Grandpa Squint nor Grandma Squint), whose leg is in the swordfish is all they could save of him (However, in The Addams Family Tree, the leg's former owner was identified as "Cousin Farouk.").

April 30, 1965
32Cousin Itt and the Vocational CounselorHarry Winkler, Hannibal CoonsSidney LanfieldMorticia and Gomez call an expert Mortimer Phelps (Richard Deacon) to find Cousin Itt a job after he fails at being a marriage counselor, almost splitting up Gomez and Morticia in the process.

Family mentioned: Cornelius Addams (whose cup of tea was failure), Gomez's Cousin Trivia (not to be confused with Aunt Trivia), who found a job after she got out of the WACs...wax museum.

May 7, 1965
33Lurch the Teenage IdolPhil LeslieSidney LanfieldLurch's musical talent earns him a record deal, and legions of teenage fans.May 14, 1965
34Winning of Morticia AddamsJameson Brewer, Charles MarionSidney LanfieldMembers of the Addams household devise schemes to start a battle between Gomez and Morticia.May 21, 1965

Season Two: 1965-1966[edit]

#Episode titleWriter(s)DirectorOverviewbroadcast
35(1)My Fair Cousin IttPhil LeslieSidney LanfieldAll the world's a stage for Itt, Fester, and Lurch as they vie for the lead in Gomez's new play.

Featuring Sig Ruman as Erich von Bissell.

September 17, 1965
36(2)Morticia's Romance, Part 1Hannibal Coons and Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldOn the occasion of their 13th wedding anniversary, Morticia recalls the story of how she and Gomez first met and fell in love.

Margaret Hamilton guest stars.

Family mentioned: Gomez's Aunt Trivia (last mentioned in Lurch and His Harpsichord) whom Gomez (in the flashback sequence) claims sent them a dozen broken cup handles; Gomez refers to her as "our" aunt, implying that she might be Grandmama's aunt and thus Gomez's great-aunt.

Note: The episode marks Gomez and Morticia's thirteenth wedding anniversary, meaning that they married in 1952. Gomez states that Thing, one of the family servants, has been his companion since childhood; the episode Thing Is Missing depicted a photograph of Thing's parents, and thus Thing might have inherited his role as servant from them (In some wealthy families, it is not uncommon for children to befriend the children of servants.). Fester is shown to be Morticia and Ophelia's uncle; since in an earlier episode, Fester seemed not to know his own surname, perhaps meaning that he (and, by implication, his sister Hester, aka Granny Frump) has none, this indicates that he is Morticia and Ophelia's maternal uncle, since their father's surname, Frump, is clearly stated more than once during the series. In contrast, Cousin Itt is shown to have lived in the Addams home prior to Gomez and Morticia's marriage, confirming that he is Gomez's cousin, not Morticia's. Gomez and Morticia are both 22 years old when they marry, indicating that both were born in 1930. First appearance of Ophelia (played by Carolyn Jones) which predates Samantha/Serena of Bewitched (played by Elizabeth Montgomery) by a year.

September 24, 1965
37(3)Morticia's Romance, Part 2Hannibal Coons and Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldMorticia's tale continues as she remembers how Gomez nearly married her sister Ophelia instead of her and what they had to do to get Ophelia to love someone else.

Family mentioned: Morticia's, or perhaps Fester's, Aunt Phobia (who had two right feet; last mentioned in Morticia, the Breadwinner), who married Uncle Tic (who had two left feet); Fester, at least, believes the marriage to have been a mistake. Another reference to Aunt Trivia (Grandmama mentions her funeral). Gomez's Cousin Fungus (who lived in the cave at the back of the Addams Mansion's tunnels for 30 years).

Cartoon reference: Wednesday cuts a chain of paper dolls and one oddly has three legs.

Note: Uncle Fester is said to have "shot the arrow" (and gun) that brought Morticia's mother and father together. Uncle Fester has a rare moment where he breaks the fourth wall.

October 1, 1965
38(4)Morticia Meets RoyaltyLeo RifkinSidney LanfieldPretentious Aunt Millie visits the family with her handmaiden Lady Fingers.October 8, 1965
39(5)Gomez the People's ChoiceHenry Sharp, Joseph Vogel, Marvin KaplanSidney LanfieldGomez runs against Arthur Henson (played by Parley Baer) for mayor.

Family mention: Lafayette Addams who said "The family honor is at stake" before he skipped town before a duel.

October 15, 1965
40(6)Cousin Itt's ProblemCarol Henning, Ed Ring, Mitch PersonsSidney LanfieldTerror strikes Cousin Itt as he begins to lose his hair.

Family mention: Gomez's Aunt Anemia in a portrait painting.

October 22, 1965
41(7)Hallowe’en Addams StyleHannibal Coons and Harry WinklerSidney Lanfield

Wednesday is devastated when a neighbor tells her that there are no such things as witches. Cousin Cackle makes a rare appearance. Yvonne Peattie and Bob Jellison guest star.

Family mention: Morticia's Great-Great-Great Aunt Singe who was burned at Salem is described as a witch and whose ashes are in an urn. Clump (Uncle Fester's deceased brother) who was a quiet one. Cousin Cackle has lived in the caves beneath the mansion for decades, implying that he and Cousin Fungus (mentioned in Morticia's Romance, Part 1) might be one and the same.

Note: The first scene is a re-use of the last Halloween episode. Morticia again lights a candle without a match.

October 29, 1965
42(8)Morticia the WriterHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldWhen Morticia begins writing twisted tales for children, Gomez tries to sabotage her career.November 5, 1965
43(9)Morticia the SculptressHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldMorticia takes up sculpting and Gomez, wanting her to believe she's good at it, pays Sam Picaso to buy them.

Family mentioned: Cousin Vague (who Gomez states that is "abstract as you can get"), Grandmama's Great-Great-Grandmother Slice (who sharpened the guillotine and was "The belle of the French Revolution")

November 12, 1965
44(10)Gomez the Reluctant LoverCharles Marion, Leo RifkinSidney LanfieldA smitten Pugsley sends one of Morticia's love letters to his schoolteacher, resulting in her believing Gomez sent the letter.November 19, 1965
45(11)Feud In The Addams FamilyRick Richards, Jerry GottlerSidney LanfieldThe Courtneys (Fred Clark, Virginia Gregg) make social advances toward the Addams Family, mistakenly believing that the socially prominent Abigail Quincy Adams resides there.

Family mentioned: "Stonewall" Addams who wasn't afraid...when he flunked his physical. Gomez mentions a family of "Boston one-D Adamses," his distant relations, of which Abigail fancies herself the head.

November 26, 1965
46(12)Gomez the Cat BurglarPhil LeslieSidney LanfieldThere is a neighborhood burglar on the loose, and Morticia has reason to believe it could be Gomez.

Family reference: Mr.Addams (Gomez's father, presumably Grandmama's husband) who enjoyed yak gravy on "glutton" bread, (not gluten they way he ate it.)

Cartoon reference: Wednesday cuts a chain of paper dolls and one oddly has three legs.

December 3, 1965
47(13)Portrait of GomezLeo Salkin, Bill Lutz, Henry SharpSidney SalkowGomez seeks a special photographer to capture his portrait for Strife Magazine.

Roger Arroyo plays Cousin Itt in this episode.

December 10, 1965
48(14)Morticia's DilemmaJerry Gottler, John BradfordSidney MillerGomez plays host to Don Xavier Molines, a family friend during his childhood in Spain, and his daughter Consuella who is to marry Gomez.

Family reference: Gomez's Grandpapa (whether this was Grandpa Squint or Grandpa Slurp is unspecified) who signed the marriage contract. Cousin Crimp, whom Gomez mistakes for himself in Morticia's jail painting. Note: Don Xavier is momentarily surprised by Thing's existence but quickly adapts to it, implying that his family lives by the same macabre standards as the Addamses and their extended family.

December 17, 1965
49(15)Christmas With The Addams FamilyHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldNot wanting the children to be disappointed, each member of the family dresses as Santa Claus.

Family mentioned: Cousin Caliban whose head sculpture is a gift for Grandmama (imply Caliban is Gomez's cousin on his mother's side), sculptor didn't do the other head. Aunt Singe the witch from the Halloween episode is mentioned.

Cartoon References: #1 Mortica decorates a bare Christmas tree, no caption. #2 The children stoke the fireplace. The caption reads The little dears, the still believe in Santa Clause .

Note: Morticia sings Deck the Halls.

December 24, 1965
50(16)Uncle Fester, TycoonSloan Nibley, Preston WoodSidney SalkowFester takes a correspondence course and boldly storms the gates of the business world.

Roy Roberts appears as business executive Thaddeus Logan.

December 31, 1965
51(17)Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and GrandmamaTeleplay by Sloan Nibley and Preston Wood, Story by Lila Garrett and Bernie KahnSidney SalkowThe Addams mansion becomes a battlefield when Gomez and Morticia tell Grandmama and Uncle Fester that they think they are spoiling Pugsley and Wednesday. Irene Tedrow plays Inez Thudd the Governess.

Family mentioned: Old Ebenezer Addams who was said to be "inspiring" after he sold the first guns to the Indians. Great Grandfather Blob - who pried the "Great Star of the East", the Sacred Ruby from the head of a Hindu. Cousin Nanook (last mentioned in The Addams Family Splurges whose family (four faces) is carved in a totem pole.

January 7, 1966
52(18)Fester Goes on a DietHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldWhen Fester vows to get in shape for a visit from his pen pal, Morticia jumps to an out-of-this-world conclusion. Fester's pen pal Evette from the Folies Bergère makes an appearance. Jack LaLanne guest stars as himself.

Family mentioned: Cousin Slump - "one moment a brilliant nuclear physicist, the next he was running around Los Alamos in a three cornered hat and powdered wig." Grandpa Squint Adams - who said of Cousin Blob (stated to be a ghost in Lurch Learns to Dance), "two heads are better then one"; fourth and final reference to Grandpa Squint.

January 14, 1966
53(19)Great Treasure HuntHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldThe Addams Family hire a shady captain and his first mate to help them find a buried treasure.

Roger Arroyo plays Cousin Itt in this episode.

Family mentioned: Great-Grandfather Pegleg - wanted by 15 countries for piracy. Wore a pegleg just for appearances. Buried at sea with full military honors - handcuffs, blindfold and dropped off a plank. Portrait of Uncle Droop (who "appeared" as an urn of ashes in Lurch Learns to Dance) in a Civil War general's uniform with eyes popping off the painting; Droop is identical in appearance to General Ulysses S. Addams (mentioned in Uncle Fester's Toupee), implying that the former is a direct descendant of the latter. Portrait of Aunt Drip (previously seen in Lurch Learns to Dance), who was married to Uncle Droop (normal looking).

January 21, 1966
54(20)Ophelia Finds RomanceHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldMorticia's sister Ophelia has a new beau and the family is convinced he is a fraud so they attempt to reveal him.January 28, 1966
55(21)Pugsley's AllowanceHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldPugsley shocks his parents when he announces that he wants to find a job. When Pugsley convinces Wednesday to help help, one of their jobs involves doing housework for the Henson Family.

Family mentioned: Cousin Goop - Really knew how to look for a job...never found one.

February 4, 1966
56(22)Happy Birthday Grandma FrumpElroy SchwartzSidney LanfieldGranny Frump (Margaret Hamilton) mistakenly believes that Gomez and Morticia are sending her to a home for the aged for her birthday.February 11, 1966
57(23)Morticia the DecoratorGene ThompsonSidney SalkowTo sell the neighboring Addams Family an insurance policy, agent Joe Digby allows Morticia to redecorate his home.February 18, 1966
58(24)Ophelia Visits MorticiaArt WeingartenSidney LanfieldOphelia's fiancee has left her to join the Peace Corps, so the family attempts to enroll Fester too, to retrieve him.February 25, 1966
59(25)Addams Cum LaudeSloan Nibley, Bill LutzSidney LanfieldGomez and Morticia take over management of a private school run by Sam Hillard (Allyn Joslyn).

Family mentioned: Old Erasmus Addams who once said "You've got to take the bull by the teeth".

March 4, 1966
60(26)Cat AddamsPaul TuckahoeStanley Z. CherryKitty Cat is feeling under the weather, and the vet Dr. Marvin P. Gunderson (Marty Ingels) is less than willing to treat a lion when Dr. Mbogo is unable to make a house call.March 11, 1966
61(27)Lurch's Little HelperPhil LeslieSidney LanfieldLurch may be out of a job when Gomez builds a robot ("played" by Robby the Robot to help around the house.

Family mentioned: Morticia's painting of Cousin Crimp (two headed with a male and female head) is shown; fourth and final reference to Cousin Crimp.

March 18, 1966
62(28)Addams PolicyHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldAfter Uncle Fester's flamethrower destroys the family's stuffed bear, insurance executive Arthur Henson (played by Parley Baer) tries to weasel out of the policy.March 25, 1966
63(29)Lurch's RomanceHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldLurch suffers from unrequited love over Trivia (Diane Jergens, in her last on-screen appearance), Morticia's visiting school chum who only has eyes for show business.

Note: Trivia, a non-relative, shares a name with both Aunt Trivia and Cousin Trivia.

Family mentioned: "Casanova" Addams who was jailed for non payment of alimony.

April 1, 1966
64(30)Ophelia's CareerHannibal Coons, Harry WinklerSidney LanfieldWhen Ophelia laments that she has been jilted, Morticia suggests a career as an alternative to marriage.

Family mentioned: "Sir Newton" Addams, a scientist who set his house on fire.

April 8, 1966

Reunion Special: 1977[edit]

SpecialHalloween with the New Addams FamilyOctober 30, 1977

DVD releases[edit]

MGM Home Entertainment released The Addams Family on DVD in Region 1 in 2006 and 2007, in three volumes, and a complete set featuring all 64 episodes.

DVD nameEp No.Release dateAdditional information
Volume 122August 10, 2006
  • Audio commentary for "The Addams Family Goes to School" by cast members Lisa Loring, Ken Weatherwax, and Felix Silla, along with The Addams Chronicles author Stephen Cox
  • You Rang, Mr. Addams featurette
  • Snap, Snap featurette
  • Theme Song Karaoke
Volume 221March 27, 2007
  • Mad About the Addams featurette: Experts discuss the history and impact of the show
  • Thing and Cousin Itt commentaries
  • Guest Star Séance interactive featurette: A magical crystal ball conjures guest star clips and trivia
  • Tombstone Trivia on "Morticia's Romance, Part 1" Episode
  • Audio commentary with The Addams Chronicles author Stephen Cox
Volume 321September 11, 2007


  • Thing and Cousin Itt commentaries.
  • Audio commentary with Stephen Cox, author of "The Addams Chronicles".
  • Tombstone Trivia on "Cat Addams" Episode.
The Complete Series64November 13, 2007


  • Special "velvet-touch" package.


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