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A western television show is a television series which takes place in the Old West and involves cowboys, cattle ranchers, miners, farmers, Native Americans, Spaniards, swords, guns and horses. It was the most popular genre of TV show in the 1950s and 1960s, when several hundred were aired.


SeriesCountryDurationNo. of episodesCastNotes
Action in the AfternoonUnited States United States1953–1954Barry Cassell, Harriss Forrest, Jack Valentine, Mary Elaine Watts
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.United States United States1993–199427Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry, Christian Clemenson
The Adventures of ChampionUnited States United States1955–195626Barry Curtis, Jim Bannon
The Adventures of Cyclone MaloneUnited States United States1949–1951Ross JonesNominated for 1 Primetime Emmy.
The Adventures of Jim BowieUnited States United States1956–195876Scott Forbes
The Adventures of Kit CarsonUnited States United States1951–1955103Bill Williams, Don Diamond, Tris Coffin
The Adventures of Rin Tin TinUnited States United States1954–1959164Lee Aaker, James Brown, Joe Sawyer, Rand Brooks, Rin Tin TinNominated for 1 Primetime Emmy.
The Adventures of Wild Bill HickokUnited States United States1951–1958113Guy Madison, Andy Devine
The AlaskansUnited States United States1959–196037Roger Moore, Dorothy Provine, Jeff York, Ray Danton
The AmericansUnited States United States196117Darryl Hickman, Richard Davalos
Alias Smith and JonesUnited States United States1971–197350Pete Duel, Ben Murphy, Roger Davis
Annie OakleyUnited States United States1954–195781Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins, Bob Woodward
Barbary CoastUnited States United States1975–197613William Shatner, Dennis Cole, Doug McClure
Bat MastersonUnited States United States1958–1961107Gene Barry
Best of the WestUnited States United States1981–198222
The Big ValleyUnited States United States1965–1969112Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Long, Lee Majors, Linda Evans, Peter Breck
Black SaddleUnited States United States1959–196044Peter Breck, Russell Johnson, Anna-Lisa, J. Pat O'Malley, Walter Burke
BonanzaUnited States United States1959–1973430Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Michael LandonThe second longest-running western series.
BoomtownUnited States United States1956–1974Rex TrailerChildren's television series
Boots and SaddlesUnited States United States1957–195838John M. Pickard, Patrick McVey, Gardner McKay
BordertownUnited States United States1957–195838John M. Pickard, Patrick McVey, Gardner McKay
BrandedUnited States United States1965–196648Chuck Connors, John Howard, William Bryant
Brave EagleUnited States United States1955–195626Keith Larsen, Bert Wheeler, Kim Winona, Keena Nomkeena, Pat Hogan
Bret MaverickUnited States United States1981–198218James Garner, Ed Bruce, Ramon Bieri, Darleen Carr
Broken ArrowUnited States United States1956–195873John Lupton, Michael AnsaraBased on the film of the same name.
BroncoUnited States United States1958–196268Ty Hardin, Joel Grey
BuckskinUnited States United States1958–195939Tom Nolan, Sally Brophy, Mike Road
Buffalo Bill Jr.United States United States1955–195642Dickie Jones, Harry Cheshire, Nancy Gilbert
The CaliforniansUnited States United States1957–195954Richard Coogan, Art Fleming, Herbert Rudley, Sean McClory, Adam Kennedy, Carole Mathews, Nan Leslie
Casey JonesUnited States United States1957–195832Alan Hale, Jr., Dub Taylor, Bobby Clark, Mary Lawrence, Eddy Waller
CentennialUnited States United States1978–197912Based on the novel of the same name.
CheyenneUnited States United States1955–1963108Clint Walker
The ChisholmsUnited States United States1979–198013Robert Preston, Rosemary Harris, Ben Murphy, Mitchell Ryan
The Cisco KidUnited States United States1950–1956156Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo
Cimarron CityUnited States United States1958–195926George Montgomery, John Smith, Audrey Totter, Dan Blocker
Cimarron StripUnited States United States1967–196823Stuart Whitman, Jill Townsend, Percy Herbert, Randy Boone
Circus BoyUnited States United States1956–195849Mickey Braddock, Noah Beery, Jr., Robert Lowery, Bimbo the Elephant
Colt .45United States United States1957–196067Wayde Preston, Donald May, Kenneth MacDonaldBased on the film of the same name.
The CowboysUnited States United States197413Jim Davis, Belinda Balaski, Moses Gunn, Walter Brooke, Robert Carradine, A MartinezBased on the film of the same name.
CusterUnited States United States196717Wayne Maunder, Slim Pickens, Robert F. Simon, Michael Dante, Peter Palmer
The DakotasUnited States United States196320Larry Ward, Jack Elam, Chad Everett, Mike Greene
Daniel BooneUnited States United States1964–1970165Fess Parker, Patricia Blair, Albert Salmi, Ed Ames, Dallas McKennon, Rosey Grier
Davy CrockettUnited States United States1954–19555Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen, Jeff YorkAired on Disneyland TV series.
Dead Man's GunUnited States United States1997–199944Kris Kristofferson
Dead Man's WalkUnited States United States19963David Arquette, Jonny Lee MillerBased on the novel of the same name.
DeadwoodUnited States United States2004–200636
Death Valley DaysUnited States United States1952–1970452
The DeputyUnited States United States1959–196176Henry Fonda, Allen Case, Read Morgan, Wallace Ford, Betty Lou Keim
DestryUnited States United States196413John Gavin
Dick Powell's Zane Grey TheatreUnited States United States1956–1961149Dick Powell
Dirty SallyUnited States United States197413Jeanette Nolan, Dack Rambo
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanUnited States United States1993–1998150Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen
Dundee and the CulhaneUnited States United States196713John Mills, Sean Garrison
Dusty's TrailUnited States United States1973–197426Bob Denver, Forrest Tucker, Ivor Francis, Jeannine Riley, Lori Saunders, Lynn Wood, Bill Cort
EmpireUnited States United States1962–196332Richard Egan, Terry Moore, Ryan O'Neal
Father MurphyUnited States United States1981–198335Merlin Olsen, Katherine Cannon, Timothy Gibbs, Moses Gunn
Four Feather FallsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom196039Voice artists: Denise Bryer, Kenneth Connor, David Graham, Nicholas ParsonsChildren's supermarionation series
FrontierUnited States United States1955–195631Walter Coy
Frontier CircusUnited States United States1961–196226J. Pat O'Malley, Chill Wills
Frontier DoctorUnited States United States1958–195939Rex Allen
Frontier JusticeUnited States United States1958–196131Lew Ayres, Melvyn Douglas, Ralph Bellamy
F TroopUnited States United States1965–196765Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Ken Berry, Melody Patterson
FuryUnited States United States1955–1960116Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond, Jimmy Baird, William Fawcett, Roger Mobley
The Gabby Hayes ShowUnited States United States1950–1956George "Gabby" HayesChildren's television series
The Gene Autry ShowUnited States United States1950–195691Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Bob Woodward, Champion
The Life and Times of Grizzly AdamsUnited States United States1977–197838Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle, Don ShanksBased on the novel of the same name.
GunslingerUnited States United States196112Tony Young
The Guns of Will SonnettUnited States United States1967–196950Walter Brennan, Dack Rambo
GunsmokeUnited States United States1955–1975635James Arness, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, Ken Curtis, Buck TaylorLongest-running prime-time drama of all time.
Harts of the WestUnited States United States1993–199415Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Harley Jane Kozak
Have Gun – Will TravelUnited States United States1957–1963225Richard Boone, Kam Tong
Hawkeye and the Last of the MohicansUnited States United States195739John Hart, Lon Chaney, Jr.Based on the novel of the same name.
Hawkeye: The First FrontierUnited States United States1994–199522Lee Horsley, Lynda Carter, Rodney A. GrantBased on the novel of the same name.
Hec RamseyUnited States United States1972–197410Richard Boone
Hell on WheelsUnited States United States2011–30Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Common, Dominique McElligott
Here Come the BridesUnited States United States1968–197052Robert Brown, David Soul, Bobby Sherman, Bridget Hanley, Mark Lenard, Joan Blondell
The High ChaparralUnited States United States1967–197198Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell
HondoUnited States United States196717Ralph TaegerBased on the film of the same name.
Hopalong CassidyUnited States United States1949–195452
Hotel de PareeUnited States United States1959–196033Earl Holliman, Jeanette Nolan, Judi Meredith, Strother Martin
How the West Was WonUnited States United States1976–197925James Arness, Bruce Boxleitner, Fionnula FlanaganBased on the film of the same name.
Into the WestUnited States United States20056Matthew Settle, Joseph M. Marshall III
The Iron HorseUnited States United States1966–196847Dale Robertson, Robert Random, Gary Collins, Ellen Burstyn
Jefferson DrumUnited States United States195826Jeff Richards, Eugene Mazzola, Cyril Delevanti, Robert J. Stevenson
Judge Roy BeanUnited States United States1955–195639Edgar Buchanan, Jack Buetel, Jackie Loughery
Johnny RingoUnited States United States1959–196038Don Durant, Mark Goddard, Karen Sharpe, Terence De Marney
KlondikeUnited States United States1960–196117Ralph Taeger, James Coburn, Joi Lansing
Kung FuUnited States United States1972–197563David Carradine
LancerUnited States United States1968–197051James Stacy, Wayne Maunder, Andrew Duggan, Elizabeth Baur
LaramieUnited States United States1959–1963124John Smith, Robert Fuller
LaredoUnited States United States1965–196756Neville Brand, William Smith, Peter Brown, Philip Carey
Law of the PlainsmanUnited States United States1959–196030Michael Ansara, Gina Gillespie, Robert Harland, Dayton Lummis, Nora Marlowe
LawmanUnited States United States1958–1962156John Russell, Peter Brown, Peggie Castle
The Lazarus ManUnited States United States199622Robert Urich
LegacyUnited States United States1998–199918Brett Cullen, Jeremy Vincent Garrett, Grayson McCouch, Sharon Leal, Lea Moreno, Steven Williams
LegendUnited States United States199512Richard Dean Anderson, John de Lancie
The Legend of Jesse JamesUnited States United States1965–196634Christopher Jones, Allen Case, Ann Doran, Robert J. Wilke, John Milford
The Life and Legend of Wyatt EarpUnited States United States1955–1961229Hugh O'Brian, Mason Alan Dinehart, Douglas Fowley
Little House on the PrairieUnited States United States1974–1983203Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Matthew Laborteaux
The Lone RangerUnited States United States1949–1957221Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels
The LonerUnited States United States1965–196626Lloyd Bridges
Lonesome DoveUnited States United States19894Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Danny Glover, Diane Lane, Anjelica Huston
Lonesome Dove: The SeriesUnited States United States1994–199521Scott Bairstow, Eric McCormack, Christianne Hirt
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw YearsUnited States United States1995–199622Scott Bairstow, Eric McCormack, Kelly Rowan
Mackenzie's RaidersUnited States United States1958–195939Richard Carlson
The Magnificent SevenUnited States United States1998–200031Michael Biehn, Eric Close, Anthony Starke, Ron Perlman, Rick Worthy, Andrew Kavovit, Dale MidkiffBased on the film of the same name.
A Man Called ShenandoahUnited States United States1965–196634Robert Horton
The Man From BlackhawkUnited States United States1959–196037Robert Rockwell
Man Without a GunUnited States United States1957–195952Rex Reason, Mort Mills, Harry Harvey, Sr.
The Marshal of Gunsight PassUnited States United States195022Russell Hayden, Eddie Dean
Matt and Jenny on the Wilderness TrailCanada Canada197926Derrick Jones, Megan Follows
MaverickUnited States United States1957–1962124James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, Robert Colbert
The MonroesUnited States United States1966–196726Michael Anderson, Jr., Barbara Hershey, Keith Schultz, Kevin Schultz, Tammy Locke
My Friend FlickaUnited States United States1956–195739Johnny Washbrook, Gene Evans, Anita Louise, Frank Ferguson
NicholsUnited States United States1971–197224James Garner, Margot Kidder, Stuart Margolin, Alice Ghostley
The Nine Lives of Elfego BacaUnited States United States1958–196010Robert Loggia, Robert F. Simon, Lisa MontellAired on Disneyland TV series.
Northwest PassageUnited States United States1958–195926Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen, Don BurnettBased on the novel of the same name.
The Oregon TrailUnited States United States197714Rod Taylor, Andrew Stevens, Darlene Carr, Charles Napier
The OutcastsUnited States United States1968–196926Don Murray, Otis Young
OutlawsUnited States United States1960–196250Barton MacLane, Don Collier, Bruce Yarnell, Slim Pickens, Judy Lewis, Jock Gaynor
OutlawsUnited States United States1986–198712Rod Taylor, William Lucking, Patrick Houser, Charles Napier, Richard Roundtree
Overland TrailUnited States United States196017William Bendix, Doug McClure
ParadiseUnited States United States1988–199156Lee Horsley, Jenny Beck
Pistols 'n' PetticoatsUnited States United States1966–196726Ann Sheridan, Ruth McDevitt, Carole Wells, Douglas Fowley, Gary Vinson
PonderosaUnited States United States2001–200220Daniel Hugh Kelly, Matthew Carmody, Drew Powell, Jared Daperis
Pony ExpressUnited States United States1959–196035Grant Sullivan, Don Dorrell
Queen of SwordsCanada Canada
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Spain Spain
2000–200122Tessie Santiago, Paulina Galvez, Valentine Pelka, Anthony Lemke, Peter Wingfield, Elsa PatakyNominated for Outstanding lead actress in a syndicated drama series
Filmed at Texas Hollywood, Almeria, Spain
The QuestUnited States United States197615Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson
The Range RiderUnited States United States1951–195379Jock Mahoney, Dick Jones
RangoUnited States United States196717Norman Alden, Tim Conway, Guy Marks
RawhideUnited States United States1959–1966217Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar, Sheb Wooley, John Ireland, Raymond St. Jacques
The RebelUnited States United States1959–196176Nick Adams
Red RyderUnited States United States19511Jim Bannon
Red RyderUnited States United States19561Allan Lane
RedigoUnited States United States196315Richard Egan, Rudy Solari, Roger Davis
The Restless GunUnited States United States1957–195978John Payne
The RiflemanUnited States United States1958–1963163Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Paul Fix
RiverboatUnited States United States1959–196144Darren McGavin, Burt Reynolds, Noah Beery, Jr.
The Road WestUnited States United States1966–196729Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Andrew Prine, Glenn Corbett, Brenda Scott, Kelly Corcoran, Charles Seel
The Rough RidersUnited States United States1958–195939Kent Taylor, Jan Merlin, Peter Whitney
The RoundersUnited States United States1966–196717Ron Hayes, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills, Walker Edmiston, Strother Martin, James Brown
The Roy Rogers ShowUnited States United States1951–1957100Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Trigger, the Golden Palomino, Bullet, the Wonder Dog
The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ShowUnited States United States196212Roy Rogers, Dale Evans Rogers, Pat Brady, Cliff Arquette
SaraUnited States United States197612Brenda Vaccaro, Jerry Hardin, Michael LeClairNominated for 1 Primetime Emmy.
ShaneUnited States United States196617David Carradine, Bert Freed, Jill Ireland
Sheriff of CochiseUnited States United States1956–1958138John Bromfield, Stan Jones
Shotgun SladeUnited States United States1959–196178Scott Brady
Sky KingUnited States United States1951–195972Kirby Grant, Gloria Winters, Ron Hagerthy, Ewing Mitchell, Chubby Johnson
Stagecoach WestUnited States United States1960–196138Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray, Richard Eyer
State TrooperUnited States United States1956–1959104Rod Cameron, Robert Armstrong
Steve Donovan, Western MarshalUnited States United States1955–195639Douglas Kennedy, Eddy Waller
Stoney BurkeUnited States United States1962–196332Jack Lord, Warren Oates, Robert Dowdell, Bruce Dern
SugarfootUnited States United States1957–196169Will Hutchins, Jack Elam
Tales of the Texas RangersUnited States United States1955–195852Willard Parker, Harry Lauter
Tales of Wells FargoUnited States United States1957–1962200Dale Robertson, William Demarest, Virginia Christine, Jack Ging
The Tall ManUnited States United States1960–196275Barry Sullivan, Clu Gulager
TateUnited States United States196013David McLean
Temple HoustonUnited States United States1963–196426Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam, James Best, Frank Ferguson, Chubby Johnson, Mary Wickes
The TexanUnited States United States1958–196078Rory Calhoun
Texas John SlaughterUnited States United States1958–196117Tom TryonAired on Disneyland TV series.
Tombstone TerritoryUnited States United States1957–196093Pat Conway, Richard Eastham
TrackdownUnited States United States1957–195970Robert Culp, Ellen Corby, Peter Leeds
The Travels of Jaimie McPheetersUnited States United States1963–196426Kurt Russell, Dan O'Herlihy, Charles Bronson, Donna Anderson, Michael Witney, Meg WyllieBased on the novel of the same name.
26 MenUnited States United States1957–195978Tristram Coffin, Kelo Henderson
Two Faces WestUnited States United States1960–196139Charles Bateman, Francis De Sales, Joyce Meadows, Paul Comi
Union PacificUnited States United States1958–195938Jeff Morrow, Judson Pratt, Susan Cummings
The VirginianUnited States United States1962–1971249James Drury, Doug McClure
Wagon TrainUnited States United States1957–1965284Ward Bond, Robert Horton, John McIntire, Robert Fuller
Wanted: Dead or AliveUnited States United States1958–196194Steve McQueen
The WesternerUnited States United States196013Brian Keith, John Dehner
WhiplashAustralia Australia
United Kingdom United Kingdom
1960–196134Peter Graves, Anthony Wickert
Whispering SmithUnited States United States196126Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell, Sam BuffingtonBased on the film of the same name.
Wichita TownUnited States United States1959–196026Joel McCrea, Jody McCrea, Carlos Romero, George Neise, Robert Foulk
The Wide CountryUnited States United States1962–196328Earl Holliman, Andrew Prine, Slim Pickens
The Wild Wild WestUnited States United States1965–1969104Robert Conrad, Ross Martin
WildsideUnited States United States19856Howard Rollins, William Smith, Sandy McPeak, J. Eddie Peck, Terry Funk, John D'Aquino, Meg Ryan
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo MesaUnited States United States1992–199426Pat Fraley, Jim Cummings, Jeff Bennett, Joe Piscopo, Kay Lenz, Troy DavidsonAnimated television series
WranglerUnited States United States19606Jason Evers
Yancy DerringerUnited States United States1958–195934Jock Mahoney, X Brands, Frances Bergen
The Yellow RoseUnited States United States1983–8422Sam Elliott, David Soul, Edward Albert, Cybill Shepherd, Chuck Connors, Noah Beery, Jr., Ken Curtis, Robin Wright, Jane Russell
Young MaverickUnited States United States19798Charles Frank, Susan Blanchard, John Dehner, Howard Duff, John McIntire, Donna Mills, Harry Dean Stanton, James Woods
The Young PioneersUnited States United States19783Linda Purl, Roger Kern, Mare Winningham, Robert Donner, Robert Hays, Jeff Cotler
The Young RidersUnited States United States1989–199268Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Brett Cullen, Travis Fine, Don Franklin, Melissa Leo, Ty Miller, Christopher Pettiet, Gregg Rainwater, Yvonne Suhor, Clare Wren, Anthony Zerbe
ZorroUnited States United States1957–196178Guy Williams, Gene Sheldon, Henry Calvin, George J. LewisAired on Disneyland TV series.
Zorro and SonUnited States United States19835Henry Darrow, Paul Regina, Bill Dana
ZorroUnited States United States1990–199388Duncan Regehr, Patrice Martinez, James Victor, Juan Diego BottoNominated for 1 Young Artist Award
Unaired pilot filmed at Texas Hollywood, Spain
Series filmed Madrid, Spain

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