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This is a list of Internet socket port numbers used by protocols of the Transport Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite for the establishment of host-to-host connectivity.

Originally, these port numbers were used by the Network Control Program (NCP) and two ports were needed as transmission was done at half duplex. As Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) were adopted, only one port was needed. The even numbered ports were dropped. This is why some even numbers in the well-known port number range are unassigned. TCP and UDP port numbers are also used for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), and the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP). SCTP and DCCP services usually use a port number that matches the service of the corresponding TCP or UDP implementation if they exist. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for maintaining the official assignments of port numbers for specific uses.[1] However, many unofficial uses of both well-known and registered port numbers occur in practice.

Table legend[edit]

OfficialPort is registered with IANA for the application[1]White
UnofficialPort is not registered with IANA for the application  Blue
Multiple useMultiple applications are known to use this port.Yellow

Well-known ports[edit]

The port numbers in the range from 0 to 1023 are the well-known ports or system ports.[2] They are used by system processes that provide widely used types of network services. On Unix-like operating systems, a process must execute with superuser privileges to be able to bind a network socket to an IP address using one of the well-known ports.

0TCPProgramming technique for specifying system-allocated (dynamic) ports[3]Unofficial
1TCPUDPTCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)Official
2TCPUDPCompressNET[4] Management Utility[5]Official
3TCPUDPCompressNET[4] Compression Process[6]Official
5TCPUDPRemote Job EntryOfficial
7TCPUDPEcho ProtocolOfficial
9TCPUDPDiscard ProtocolOfficial
11TCPUDPActive Users (systat service)[7][8]Official
13TCPUDPDaytime Protocol (RFC 867)Official
15TCPUDPPreviously netstat service[7]Unofficial
17TCPUDPQuote of the DayOfficial
18TCPUDPMessage Send ProtocolOfficial
19TCPUDPCharacter Generator Protocol (CHARGEN)Official
20TCPUDPFTP data transferOfficial
21TCPFTP control (command)Official
22TCPUDPSecure Shell (SSH) — used for secure logins, file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwardingOfficial
23TCPUDPTelnet protocol—unencrypted text communicationsOfficial
24TCPUDPPriv-mail : any private mail system.Official
25TCPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)—used for e-mail routing between mail serversOfficial
26TCPUDPencrypted SMTPOfficial
27TCPUDPNSW User System FEOfficial
33TCPUDPDisplay Support ProtocolOfficial
35TCPUDPAny private printer server protocolOfficial
37TCPUDPTIME protocolOfficial
39TCPUDPResource Location Protocol[9] (RLP)—used for determining the location of higher level services from hosts on a networkOfficial
42TCPUDPARPA Host Name Server ProtocolOfficial
42TCPUDPWindows Internet Name ServiceUnofficial
43TCPWHOIS protocolOfficial
47TCPUDPNI FTP[9]Official
49TCPUDPTACACS Login Host protocolOfficial
50TCPUDPRemote Mail Checking Protocol[10]Official
51TCPUDPIMP Logical Address MaintenanceOfficial
52TCPUDPXNS (Xerox Network Systems) Time ProtocolOfficial
53TCPUDPDomain Name System (DNS)Official
54TCPUDPXNS (Xerox Network Systems) ClearinghouseOfficial
55TCPUDPISI Graphics Language (ISI-GL)Official
56TCPUDPXNS (Xerox Network Systems) AuthenticationOfficial
56TCPUDPRoute Access Protocol (RAP)[11]Unofficial
57TCPMail Transfer Protocol (RFC 780)Official
58TCPUDPXNS (Xerox Network Systems) MailOfficial
64TCPUDPCI (Travelport) (formerly Covia) Comms IntegratorOfficial
67UDPBootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Server; also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)Official
68UDPBootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Client; also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)Official
69UDPTrivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)Official
70TCPGopher protocolOfficial
71TCPNETRJS protocolOfficial
72TCPNETRJS protocolOfficial
73TCPNETRJS protocolOfficial
74TCPNETRJS protocolOfficial
77TCPUDPAny private Remote Job EntryOfficial
79TCPFinger protocolOfficial
80TCPHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)[12]Official
80UDPQUIC (from Chromium) for HTTPUnofficial
81TCPTorparkOnion routingUnofficial
88TCPUDPKerberos—authentication systemOfficial
90TCPUDPdnsix (DoD Network Security for Information Exchange) Securit Attribute Token MapOfficial
90TCPUDPPointCast (dotcom)Unofficial
99TCPWIP Message protocolUnofficial
100UDPCyberGate RAT protocolUnofficial
101TCPNIC host nameOfficial
102TCPISO-TSAP (Transport Service Access Point) Class 0 protocol;[13] also used by Digital Equipment Corporation DECnet (Phase V+) over TCP/IPOfficial
104TCPUDPACR/NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)Official
105TCPUDPCCSO Nameserver Protocol (Qi/Ph)Official
107TCPRemote TELNET Service[14] protocolOfficial
108TCPUDPSNA Gateway Access Server [1]Official
109TCPPost Office Protocol v2 (POP2)Official
110TCPPost Office Protocol v3 (POP3)Official
111TCPUDPONC RPC (Sun RPC)Official
113TCPIdent—Authentication Service/Identification Protocol,[15] used by IRC servers to identify usersOfficial
113UDPAuthentication Service[15] (auth)Official
115TCPSimple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)Official
117STDUUCP Path ServiceOfficial
118TCPUDPSQL (Structured Query Language) ServicesOfficial
119TCPNetwork News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)—retrieval of newsgroup messagesOfficial
123UDPNetwork Time Protocol (NTP)—used for time synchronizationOfficial
126TCPUDPFormerly Unisys Unitary Login, renamed by Unisys to NXEdit. Used by Unisys Programmer's Workbench for Clearpath MCP, an IDE for Unisys MCP software developmentOfficial
135TCPUDPDCE endpoint resolutionOfficial
135TCPUDPMicrosoft EPMAP (End Point Mapper), also known as DCE/RPC Locator service,[16] used to remotely manage services including DHCP server, DNS server and WINS. Also used by DCOMUnofficial
137TCPUDPNetBIOS NetBIOS Name ServiceOfficial
138TCPUDPNetBIOS NetBIOS Datagram ServiceOfficial
139TCPUDPNetBIOS NetBIOS Session ServiceOfficial
143TCPInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)—management of email messagesOfficial
152TCPUDPBackground File Transfer Program (BFTP)[17]Official
153TCPUDPSGMP, Simple Gateway Monitoring ProtocolOfficial
156TCPUDPSQL ServiceOfficial
158TCPUDPDMSP, Distributed Mail Service Protocol[18]Unofficial
161UDPSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)Official
162TCPUDPSimple Network Management Protocol Trap (SNMPTRAP)[19]Official
170TCPPrint-srv, Network PostScriptOfficial
175TCPVMNET (IBM z/VM, z/OS & z/VSE - Network Job Entry(NJE))Official
177TCPUDPX Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP)Official
179TCPBGP (Border Gateway Protocol)Official
194TCPUDPInternet Relay Chat (IRC)Official
199TCPUDPSMUX, SNMP Unix MultiplexerOfficial
201TCPUDPAppleTalk Routing MaintenanceOfficial
209TCPUDPThe Quick Mail Transfer ProtocolOfficial
210TCPUDPANSI Z39.50Official
213TCPUDPInternetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)Official
218TCPUDPMessage posting protocol (MPP)Official
220TCPUDPInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), version 3Official
259TCPUDPESRO, Efficient Short Remote OperationsOfficial
264TCPUDPBGMP, Border Gateway Multicast ProtocolOfficial
300TCPThinLinc Web AccessUnofficial
308TCPNovastor Online BackupOfficial
311TCPMac OS X Server Admin (officially AppleShare IP Web administration)Official
318TCPUDPPKIX TSP, Time Stamp ProtocolOfficial
319UDPPrecision Time Protocol event messagesOfficial
320UDPPrecision Time Protocol general messagesOfficial
350TCPUDPMATIP-Type A, Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet ProtocolOfficial
351TCPUDPMATIP-Type B, Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet ProtocolOfficial
366TCPUDPODMR, On-Demand Mail RelayOfficial
370TCPcodaauth2—Coda authentication serverOfficial
370UDPcodaauth2—Coda authentication serverOfficial
370UDPsecurecast1—Outgoing packets to NAI's SecureCast servers [20]As of 2000Unofficial
371TCPUDPClearCase albdOfficial
383TCPUDPHP data alarm managerOfficial
384TCPUDPA Remote Network Server SystemOfficial
387TCPUDPAURP, AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol[21]Official
389TCPUDPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)Official
399TCPUDPDigital Equipment Corporation DECnet (Phase V+) over TCP/IPOfficial
401TCPUDPUPS Uninterruptible Power SupplyOfficial
427TCPUDPService Location Protocol (SLP)Official
433TCPUDPNNSP, part of Network News Transfer ProtocolOfficial
443TCPHypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL (HTTPS)Official
443UDPQUIC (from Chromium) for HTTPSUnofficial
444TCPUDPSNPP, Simple Network Paging Protocol (RFC 1568)Official
445TCPMicrosoft-DS Active Directory, Windows sharesOfficial
445TCPMicrosoft-DS SMB file sharingOfficial
464TCPUDPKerberos Change/Set passwordOfficial
465TCPURL Rendezvous Directory for SSM (Cisco protocol), SMTP over SSLOfficial
475TCPUDPtcpnethaspsrv (Aladdin Knowledge Systems Hasp services, TCP/IP version)Official
491TCPGO-Global remote access and application publishing softwareUnofficial
497TCPDantz RetrospectOfficial
500TCPUDPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)Official
502TCPUDPModbus, ProtocolOfficial
504TCPUDPCitadel—multiservice protocol for dedicated clients for the Citadel groupware systemOfficial
512TCPRexec, Remote Process ExecutionOfficial
512UDPcomsat, together with biffOfficial
514TCPShell—used to execute non-interactive commands on a remote system (Remote Shell, rsh, remsh)Official
514UDPSyslog—used for system loggingOfficial
515TCPLine Printer Daemon—print serviceOfficial
520TCPefs, extended file name serverOfficial
520UDPRouting Information Protocol (RIP)Official
521UDPRouting Information Protocol Next Generation (RIPng)Official
524TCPUDPNetWare Core Protocol (NCP) is used for a variety things such as access to primary NetWare server resources, Time Synchronization, etc.Official
525UDPTimed, TimeserverOfficial
531TCPUDPAOL Instant MessengerUnofficial
533UDPnetwall, For Emergency BroadcastsOfficial
540TCPUUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol)Official
542TCPUDPcommerce (Commerce Applications)Official
543TCPklogin, Kerberos loginOfficial
544TCPkshell, Kerberos Remote shellOfficial
545TCPOSIsoft PI (VMS), OSISoft PI Server Client AccessUnofficial
546TCPUDPDHCPv6 clientOfficial
547TCPUDPDHCPv6 serverOfficial
548TCPApple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCPOfficial
550TCPUDPnew-rwho, new-who[22]Official
554TCPUDPReal Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)Official
556TCPRemotefs, RFS, rfs_serverOfficial
560UDPrmonitor, Remote MonitorOfficial
563TCPUDPNNTP protocol over TLS/SSL (NNTPS)Official
587TCPe-mail message submission[23] (SMTP)Official
591TCPFileMaker 6.0 (and later) Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate, also see port 80)Official
593TCPUDPHTTP RPC Ep Map, Remote procedure call over Hypertext Transfer Protocol, often used by Distributed Component Object Model services and Microsoft Exchange ServerOfficial
604TCPTUNNEL profile,[24] a protocol for BEEP peers to form an application layer tunnelOfficial
623UDPASF Remote Management and Control Protocol (ASF-RMCP)Official
631TCPUDPInternet Printing Protocol (IPP)Official
631TCPUDPCommon Unix Printing System (CUPS)Unofficial
635TCPUDPRLZ DBaseOfficial
636TCPUDPLightweight Directory Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (LDAPS)Official
639TCPUDPMSDP, Multicast Source Discovery ProtocolOfficial
641TCPUDPSupportSoft Nexus Remote Command (control/listening): A proxy gateway connecting remote control trafficOfficial
646TCPUDPLDP, Label Distribution Protocol, a routing protocol used in MPLS networksOfficial
647TCPDHCP Failover protocol[25]Official
648TCPRRP (Registry Registrar Protocol)[26]Official
653TCPUDPSupportSoft Nexus Remote Command (data): A proxy gateway connecting remote control trafficOfficial
654TCPMedia Management System (MMS) Media Management Protocol (MMP)[27]Official
657TCPUDPIBM RMC (Remote monitoring and Control) protocol, used by System p5 AIX Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)[28] and Hardware Management Console to connect managed logical partitions (LPAR) to enable dynamic partition reconfigurationOfficial
660TCPMac OS X Server administrationOfficial
666TCPUDPDoom, first online first-person shooterOfficial
666TCPairserv-ng, aircrack-ng's server for remote-controlling wireless devicesUnofficial
674TCPACAP (Application Configuration Access Protocol)Official
688TCPUDPREALM-RUSD (ApplianceWare Server Appliance Management Protocol)Official
691TCPMS Exchange RoutingOfficial
694TCPUDPLinux-HA High availability HeartbeatOfficial
695TCPIEEE-MMS-SSL (IEEE Media Management System over SSL)[29]Official
698UDPOLSR (Optimized Link State Routing)Official
700TCPEPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), a protocol for communication between domain name registries and registrars (RFC 5734)Official
701TCPLMP (Link Management Protocol (Internet)),[30] a protocol that runs between a pair of nodes and is used to manage traffic engineering (TE) linksOfficial
702TCPIRIS[31][32] (Internet Registry Information Service) over BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol)[33] (RFC 3983)Official
706TCPSecure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC)Official
711TCPCisco Tag Distribution Protocol[34][35][36]—being replaced by the MPLS Label Distribution Protocol[37]Official
712TCPTopology Broadcast based on Reverse-Path Forwarding routing protocol (TBRPF) (RFC 3684)Official
749TCPUDPKerberos (protocol) administrationOfficial
750UDPkerberos-iv, Kerberos version IVOfficial
751TCPUDPkerberos_master, Kerberos authenticationUnofficial
752UDPpasswd_server, Kerberos Password (kpasswd) serverUnofficial
753TCPReverse Routing Header (rrh)[38]Official
753UDPReverse Routing Header (rrh)Official
753UDPuserreg_server, Kerberos userreg serverUnofficial
754TCPtell sendOfficial
754TCPkrb5_prop, Kerberos v5 slave propagationUnofficial
754UDPtell sendOfficial
760TCPUDPkrbupdate [kreg], Kerberos registrationUnofficial
782TCPConserver serial-console management serverUnofficial
783TCPSpamAssassin spamd daemonUnofficial
800UDPmdbe daemonOfficial
808TCPMicrosoft Net.TCP Port Sharing ServiceOfficial
829TCPCertificate Management Protocol[39]Unofficial
843TCPAdobe Flash[40]Unofficial
847TCPDHCP Failover protocolOfficial
848TCPUDPGroup Domain Of Interpretation (GDOI) protocolOfficial
860TCPiSCSI (RFC 3720)Official
861TCPUDPOWAMP control (RFC 4656)Official
862TCPUDPTWAMP control (RFC 5357)Official
873TCPrsync file synchronization protocolOfficial
888TCPcddbp, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP), IBM Endpoint Manager Remote ControlUnofficial
897TCPUDPBrocade SMI-S RPCUnofficial
898TCPUDPBrocade SMI-S RPC SSLUnofficial
901TCPSamba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)Unofficial
901TCPUDPVMware Virtual Infrastructure Client (from managed device to management console)Unofficial
902TCPUDPVMware Server Console (from management console to managed device)Unofficial
903TCPVMware Remote Console [41]Unofficial
904TCPVMware Server Alternate (if 902 is in use, i.e. SUSE linux)Unofficial
911TCPNetwork Console on Acid (NCA)—local tty redirection over OpenSSHUnofficial
944UDPNetwork File System ServiceUnofficial
953TCPUDPDomain Name System (DNS) RNDC ServiceUnofficial
973UDPNetwork File System over IPv6 ServiceUnofficial
981TCPSofaWare Technologies Remote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Check Point FireWall-1 softwareUnofficial
987TCPMicrosoft Windows SBS SharePointUnofficial
989TCPUDPFTPS Protocol (data): FTP over TLS/SSLOfficial
990TCPUDPFTPS Protocol (control): FTP over TLS/SSLOfficial
991TCPUDPNAS (Netnews Administration System)[42]Official
992TCPUDPTELNET protocol over TLS/SSLOfficial
993TCPInternet Message Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (IMAPS)Official
994TCPUDPInternet Relay Chat over TLS/SSL (IRCS)Official
995TCPPost Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL (POP3S)Official
999TCPScimoreDB Database SystemUnofficial
1002TCPOpsware agent (aka cogbot)Unofficial
1010TCPThinLinc Web AdministrationUnofficial

Registered ports[edit]

The range of port numbers from 1024 to 49151 are the registered ports. They are assigned by IANA for specific service upon application by a requesting entity.[1] On most systems, registered ports can be used by ordinary users.

This is an incomplete list of notable ports. See the Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry of IANA for the complete list of assigned ports.

1025TCPNFS or IIS or TeradataUnofficial
1026TCPOften used by Microsoft DCOM servicesUnofficial
1027UDPNative IPv6 behind IPv4-to-IPv4 NAT Customer Premises Equipment (6a44)[43]Official
1029TCPOften used by Microsoft DCOM servicesUnofficial
1033TCPClassified project using Java socketsUnofficial
1058TCPUDPnim, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM)Official
1059TCPUDPnimreg, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM)Official
1080TCPSOCKS proxyOfficial
1098TCPUDPrmiactivation, RMI ActivationOfficial
1099TCPUDPrmiregistry, RMI RegistryOfficial
1109TCPKerberos Post Office Protocol (KPOP)Unofficial
1110UDPEasyBits School network discovery protocol (for Intel's CMPC platform)Unofficial
1119TCPUDPUsed by some Blizzard games[44]Unofficial
1140TCPUDPAutoNOC protocolOfficial
1167UDPphone, conference callingUnofficial
1176TCPPerceptive Automation Indigo Home automation server - configuration and control accessOfficial
1182TCPUDPAcceleNet Intelligent Transfer ProtocolOfficial
1198TCPUDPThe cajo project Free dynamic transparent distributed computing in JavaOfficial
1200TCPscol, protocol used by SCOL 3D virtual worlds server to answer world name resolution client request[45]Official
1200UDPscol, protocol used by SCOL 3D virtual worlds server to answer world name resolution client requestOfficial
1200UDPSteam Friends AppletUnofficial
1217TCPUvora OnlineUnofficial
1220TCPQuickTime Streaming Server administrationOfficial
1223TCPUDPTGP, TrulyGlobal Protocol, also known as "The Gur Protocol" (named for Gur Kimchi of TrulyGlobal)Official
1232TCPUDPfirst-defense, Remote systems monitoring service from Nexum, IncOfficial
1234UDPVLC media player default port for UDP/RTP streamUnofficial
1234TCPMercurial and git default ports for serving Hyper TextUnofficial
1236TCPSymantec BindView Control UNIX Default port for TCP management server connectionsUnofficial
1241TCPUDPNessus Security ScannerOfficial
1270TCPUDPMicrosoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) (formerly Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)) agentOfficial
1293TCPUDPIPSec (Internet Protocol Security)Official
1301TCPPalmer Performance OBDNetUnofficial
1309TCPAltera Quartus jtagdUnofficial
1311TCPDell OpenManage HTTPSOfficial
1313TCPXbiim (Canvii server)[citation needed]Unofficial
1314TCPFestival Speech Synthesis SystemUnofficial
1319TCPAMX ICSPOfficial
1319UDPAMX ICSPOfficial
1337TCPUDPMen and Mice DNSOfficial
1337TCPWASTE Encrypted File Sharing ProgramUnofficial
1341TCPUDPQubes (Manufacturing Execution System)Official
1344TCPInternet Content Adaptation ProtocolOfficial
1352TCPIBM Lotus Notes/Domino (RPC) protocolOfficial
1387TCPUDPcadsi-lm, LMS International (formerly Computer Aided Design Software, Inc. (CADSI)) LMOfficial
1414TCPIBM WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries)Official
1417TCPUDPTimbuktu Service 1 PortOfficial
1418TCPUDPTimbuktu Service 2 PortOfficial
1419TCPUDPTimbuktu Service 3 PortOfficial
1420TCPUDPTimbuktu Service 4 PortOfficial
1431TCPReverse Gossip Transport Protocol (RGTP), used to access a General-purpose Reverse-Ordered Gossip Gathering System (GROGGS) bulletin board, such as that implemented on the Cambridge University's Phoenix systemOfficial
1433TCPMSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server database management system) ServerOfficial
1434TCPUDPMSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server database management system) MonitorOfficial
1470TCPSolarwinds Kiwi Log ServerOfficial
1494TCPCitrix XenApp Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) thin client protocol[46]Official
1500TCPIBM Tivoli Storage Manager serverUnofficial
1500TCPNetGuard GuardianPro firewall (NT4-based) Remote ManagementUnofficial
1501TCPIBM Tivoli Storage Manager client schedulerUnofficial
1501UDPNetGuard GuardianPro firewall (NT4-based) Authentication ClientUnofficial
1503TCPUDPWindows Live Messenger (Whiteboard and Application Sharing)Unofficial
1512TCPUDPMicrosoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)Official
1513TCPUDPGarena Garena Gaming ClientOfficial
1521TCPnCube License Manager, SQLnetOfficial
1521TCPOracle database default listener, in future releases official port 2483Unofficial
1524TCPUDPingreslock, ingresOfficial
1526TCPOracle database common alternative for listenerUnofficial
1527TCPApache Derby Network Server default portUnofficial
1533TCPIBM Sametime IM—Virtual Places Chat Microsoft SQL ServerOfficial
1534UDPEclipse Target Communication Framework (TCF) agent discovery[47]Unofficial
1550TCPUDP3m-image-lm Image Storage license manager 3M CompanyOfficial
1550Gadu-Gadu (direct client-to-client)Unofficial
1580TCPIBM Tivoli Storage Manager server web interfaceUnofficial
1581TCPIBM Tivoli Storage Manager web clientUnofficial
1581UDPMIL STD 2045-47001 VMFOfficial
1583TCPPervasive PSQLUnofficial
1589UDPCisco VQP (VLAN Query Protocol) / VMPSUnofficial
1590TCPGE Smallworld Datastore Server (SWMFS/Smallworld Master Filesystem)[citation needed]Unofficial
1627iSketch[citation needed]Unofficial
1628TCPLonWorks Remote Network Interface (RNI)Official
1628UDPLonWorks IP tunneling (ANSI EIA/CEA-852, EN 14908-4)Official
1629TCPAlternate LonWorks Remote Network Interface (RNI)Official
1629UDPLonWorks IP tunneling configuration server (ANSI EIA/CEA-852, EN 14908-4)Official
1645TCPUDPradius auth, RADIUS authentication protocol (default for Cisco and Juniper Networks RADIUS servers, but see port 1812 below)Unofficial
1646TCPUDPradius acct, RADIUS authentication protocol (default for Cisco and Juniper Networks RADIUS servers, but see port 1813 below)Unofficial
1677TCPUDPNovell GroupWise clients in client/server access modeOfficial
1688TCPMicrosoft Key Management Service for KMS Windows ActivationUnofficial
1700UDPCisco RADIUS Change of Authorization for TrustSec[citation needed]Unofficial
1701UDPLayer 2 Forwarding Protocol (L2F) & Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)Official
1707TCPUDPWindward StudiosOfficial
1707TCPRomtoc Interactive Modular Multiplayer Client-Server Online Application Interface & Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)Unofficial
1716TCPAmerica's Army Massively multiplayer online game (MMO)Unofficial
1719UDPH.323 Registration and alternate communicationOfficial
1720TCPH.323 Call signallingOfficial
1723TCPUDPMicrosoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)Official
1725UDPValve Steam ClientUnofficial
1755TCPUDPMicrosoft Media Services (MMS, ms-streaming)Official
1761TCPNovell Zenworks Remote Control utilityUnofficial
1762–1768TCPUDPcft-1 to cft-7Official
1776TCPUDPFederal Emergency Management Information System
1792TCPUDPMoby[citation needed]Unofficial
1801TCPUDPMicrosoft Message QueuingOfficial
1812TCPUDPradius, RADIUS authentication protocolOfficial
1813TCPUDPradacct, RADIUS accounting protocolOfficial
1863TCPMSNP (Microsoft Notification Protocol), used by the Microsoft Messenger service and a number of Instant Messaging clientsOfficial
1883TCPUDPMQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), formerly known as MQIsdp (MQSeries SCADA protocol)Official
1886TCPLeonardo over IP Pro2col LtdUnofficial
1900UDPMicrosoft SSDP Enables discovery of UPnP devicesOfficial
1920TCPIBM Tivoli monitoring consoleUnofficial
1935TCPAdobe Systems Macromedia Flash Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) "plain" protocolOfficial
1947TCPUDPSentinelSRM (hasplm), Aladdin HASP License ManagerOfficial
1967UDPCisco IOS IP Service Level Agreements (IP SLAs) Control Protocol[citation needed]Unofficial
1972TCPUDPInterSystems CachéOfficial
1975–1977UDPCisco TCO (Documentation)Official
1984TCPBig Brother and related Xymon (formerly Hobbit) System and Network MonitorOfficial
1985UDPCisco HSRPOfficial
1992TCPCaptain Sanders GameUnofficial
1994TCPUDPCisco STUN-SDLC (Serial Tunneling—Synchronous Data Link Control) protocolOfficial
1997TCPChizmo Networks Transfer Tool[citation needed]Unofficial
1998TCPUDPCisco X.25 over TCP (XOT) serviceOfficial
2000TCPUDPCisco SCCP (Skinny)Official
2001UDPCAPTAN Test Stand SystemUnofficial
2002TCPSecure Access Control Server (ACS) for Windows[citation needed]Unofficial
2008TCPStylex Secured serverUnofficial
2010TCPArtemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator default portUnofficial
2030Oracle services for Microsoft Transaction ServerUnofficial
2041TCPMail.Ru Agent communication protocol[citation needed]Unofficial
2049TCPUDPNetwork File SystemOfficial
2053TCPknetd Kerberos de-multiplexorUnofficial
2055TCPUDPIliad-Odyssey ProtocolOfficial
2056UDPCivilization 4 multiplayerUnofficial
2074TCPUDPVertel VMF SA (i.e. App.. SpeakFreely)Official
2080TCPUDPAutodesk NLM (FLEXlm)Official
2082TCPInfowave Mobility ServerOfficial
2082TCPCPanel defaultUnofficial
2083TCPSecure Radius Service (radsec)Official
2083TCPCPanel default SSLUnofficial
2086TCPWebHost Manager defaultUnofficial
2087TCPWebHost Manager default SSLUnofficial
2095TCPCPanel default Web mailUnofficial
2096TCPCPanel default SSL Web mailUnofficial
2102TCPUDPzephyr-srv Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service serverOfficial
2103TCPUDPzephyr-clt Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service serv-hm connectionOfficial
2104TCPUDPzephyr-hm Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service hostmanagerOfficial
2105TCPUDPIBM MiniPayOfficial
2105TCPUDPeklogin Kerberos encrypted remote login (rlogin)Unofficial
2105TCPUDPzephyr-hm-srv Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service hm-serv connection (should use port 2102)Unofficial
2115TCPUDPMIS DepartmentUnofficial
2121TCPFTP proxy[citation needed]Unofficial
2142UDPTDMoIP (RFC 5087)Official
2144TCPIron Mountain LiveVault Agent[citation needed]Unofficial
2145TCPIron Mountain LiveVault Agent[citation needed]Unofficial
2156UDPTalari Reliable ProtocolOfficial
2160TCPAPC AgentOfficial
2161TCPAPC AgentOfficial
2179TCPVMConnect to Hyper-V hostsOfficial
2181TCPUDPEForward-document transport systemOfficial
2190UDPTiVoConnect Beacon[citation needed]Unofficial
2195TCPApple Push Notification service LinkUnofficial
2196TCPApple Push Notification - Feedback LinkUnofficial
2200UDPTuxanci game server[48]Unofficial
2210UDPNOAAPORT Broadcast NetworkOfficial
2210TCPNOAAPORT Broadcast NetworkOfficial
2210TCPMikroTik Remote management for "The Dude"Unofficial
2211TCPMikroTik Secure management for "The Dude"Unofficial
2212UDPLeeCO POS Server ServiceOfficial
2212TCPLeeCO POS Server ServiceOfficial
2212TCPPort-A-Pour Remote WinBatchUnofficial
2219TCPUDPNetIQ NCAP ProtocolOfficial
2220TCPUDPNetIQ End2EndOfficial
2221TCPESET Anti-virus updatesUnofficial
2222TCPDirectAdmin default & ESET Remote AdministrationUnofficial
2223UDPMicrosoft Office OS X antipiracy network monitor[citation needed]Unofficial
2261TCPUDPCoMotion MasterOfficial
2262TCPUDPCoMotion BackupOfficial
2301TCPHP System Management Redirect to port 2381[citation needed]Unofficial
2302UDPArmA multiplayer (default for game)Unofficial
2302UDPHalo: Combat Evolved multiplayerUnofficial
2303UDPArmA multiplayer (default for server reporting) (default port for game +1)Unofficial
2305UDPArmA multiplayer (default for VoN) (default port for game +3)Unofficial
2323TCPPhilips TVs based on jointSPACE [49]Unofficial
2368TCPUsed by Ghost Blogging PlatformUnofficial
2369TCPDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server—Configuration Agent, though often changed during installationOfficial
2370TCPDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server—to allow the Control-M/Enterprise Manager to connect to the Control-M/Server, though often changed during installationOfficial
2379TCPKGS Go ServerUnofficial
2381TCPHP Insight Manager default for Web server[citation needed]Unofficial
2399TCPFileMaker Data Access Layer (ODBC/JDBC)Official
2401TCPCVS version control systemUnofficial
2404TCPIEC 60870-5 -104, used to send electric power telecontrol messages between two systems via directly connected data circuitsOfficial
2420UDPWestell Remote AccessOfficial
2424TCPOrientDB database listening for Binary client connectionsOfficial
2427UDPCisco MGCPOfficial
2447TCPUDPovwdb—OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemonOfficial
2463TCPUDPLSI RAID Management formerly Symbios LogicOfficial
2480TCPOrientDB database listening for HTTP client connectionsOfficial
2483TCPUDPOracle database listening for unsecure client connections to the listener, replaces port 1521Official
2484TCPUDPOracle database listening for SSL client connections to the listenerOfficial
2500TCPTHEÒSMESSENGER listening for TheòsMessenger client connectionsOfficial
2501TCPTheosNet-Admin listening for TheòsMessenger client connectionsOfficial
2525TCPSMTP alternate[citation needed]Unofficial
2535TCPMADCAP - Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation ProtocolOfficial
2540TCPUDPLNS/OpenLns Remote ServerOfficial
2541TCPLNS/OpenLns Remote ServerOfficial
2546TCPUDPEVault data protection servicesUnofficial
2593TCPUDPRunUO—Ultima Online serverUnofficial
2598TCPnew ICA (Citrix) —when Session Reliability is enabled, TCP port 2598 replaces port 1494[46]Unofficial
2599TCPSonicWALL anti-spam traffic between Remote Analyzer (RA) and Control Center (CC)Unofficial
2610TCPTrackiT mobile device monitoringUnofficial
2612TCPUDPQPasa from MQSoftwareOfficial
2636TCPSolve ServiceOfficial
2638TCPSQL Anywhere database server [50][51]Official
2641TCPUDPHDL Server from CNRIOfficial
2698TCPUDPCitel / MCK IVPIPOfficial
2700–2800TCPKnowShowGo P2POfficial
2703TCPVipul's Razor distributed, collaborative, spam-detection-and-filtering networkUnofficial
2710TCPXBT TrackerUnofficial
2710UDPXBT Tracker experimental UDP tracker extensionUnofficial[citation needed]Unofficial
2735TCPUDPNetIQ Monitor ConsoleOfficial
2809TCPcorbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specificationOfficial
2809TCPIBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Bootstrap/rmi defaultUnofficial
2809UDPcorbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specification.Official
2811TCPgsi ftp, per the GridFTP specificationOfficial
2827TCPI2P Basic Open Bridge APIUnofficial
2868TCPUDPNorman Proprietary Event Protocol NPEPOfficial
2944UDPMegaco text H.248Unofficial
2945UDPMegaco binary (ASN.1) H.248Unofficial
2947TCPgpsd GPS daemonOfficial
2948TCPUDPWAP-push Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Official
2949TCPUDPWAP-pushsecure Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Official
2967TCPSymantec AntiVirus Corporate EditionUnofficial
3000TCPMiralix License server[citation needed]Unofficial
3000TCPCloud9 Integrated Development Environment serverUnofficial
3000UDPDistributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), modifiable defaultUnofficial
3000TCPRuby on Rails development default[52]Unofficial
3000TCPMeteor development default[53]Unofficial
3001TCPMiralix Phone Monitor[citation needed]Unofficial
3001TCPOpsware server (Satellite)Unofficial
3002TCPMiralix CSTA[citation needed]Unofficial
3003TCPMiralix GreenBox API[citation needed]Unofficial
3004TCPMiralix InfoLink[citation needed]Unofficial
3005TCPMiralix TimeOut[citation needed]Unofficial
3006TCPMiralix SMS Client Connector[citation needed]Unofficial
3007TCPMiralix OM Server[citation needed]Unofficial
3008TCPMiralix Proxy[citation needed]Unofficial
3017TCPMiralix IVR and Voicemail[citation needed]Unofficial[citation needed]Unofficial
3040TCPUDPGoLabs Update Port / Project Open Cannibal Update PortOfficial
3050TCPUDPgds_db (Interbase/Firebird)Official
3051TCPUDPGalaxy Server (Gateway Ticketing Systems)Official
3052TCPUDPAPC PowerChute Network [1]Official
3071TCPUDPCall of duty Black ops portOfficial
3074TCPUDPNAT / Xbox LIVE and/or Games for Windows - LIVEOfficial
3100TCPSMAUSA OpCon Scheduler as the default listen port[citation needed]Official
3101TCPBlackBerry Enterprise Server communication to cloudUnofficial
3119TCPD2000 Entis/Actis Application serverOfficial
3128TCPWeb caches and the default for the Squid (software)Unofficial
3128TCPTatsoft default client connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3141TCPdevpi Python package server [54]Unofficial
3162TCPUDPSFLM (Standard Floating License Manager)Official
3225TCPUDPFCIP (Fiber Channel over Internet Protocol)Official
3233TCPUDPWhiskerControl research control protocolOfficial
3235TCPUDPGalaxy Network Service (Gateway Ticketing Systems)Official
3260TCPiSCSI targetOfficial
3268TCPUDPmsft-gc, Microsoft Global Catalog (LDAP service which contains data from Active Directory forests)Official
3269TCPUDPmsft-gc-ssl, Microsoft Global Catalog over SSL (similar to port 3268, LDAP over SSL)Official
3283TCPApple Remote Desktop reporting (officially Net Assistant, referring to an earlier product)Official
3290UDPUsed by VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network for voice communication.Unofficial
3299TCPSAP-Router (routing application proxy for SAP R/3)Unofficial
3300TCPUDPDebate Gopher backend database system[citation needed]Unofficial
3305TCPUDPodette-ftp, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP)Official
3306TCPUDPMySQL database systemOfficial
3313TCPVerisys file integrity monitoring softwareUnofficial
3333TCPEggdrop, an IRC bot default port[55]Unofficial
3333TCPNetwork Caller ID serverUnofficial
3386TCPUDPGTP' 3GPP GSM/UMTS CDR logging protocolOfficial
3389TCPUDPMicrosoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (WBT) - LinkOfficial
3396TCPUDPNovell NDPS Printer AgentOfficial
3455TCPUDP[RSVP] Reservation ProtocolOfficial
3423TCPXware xTrm Communication ProtocolOfficial
3424TCPXware xTrm Communication Protocol over SSLOfficial
3478TCPUDPSTUN, a protocol for NAT traversal[57]Official
3478TCPUDPTURN, a protocol for NAT traversal[58]Official
3483UDPSlim Devices discovery protocolOfficial
3483TCPSlim Devices SlimProto protocolOfficial
3493TCPUDPNetwork UPS Tools (NUT)Official
3516TCPUDPSmartcard PortOfficial
3527UDPMicrosoft Message QueuingOfficial
3535TCPSMTP alternate[59]Unofficial
3537TCPUDPni-visa-remote[citation needed]Unofficial
3544UDPTeredo tunnelingOfficial
3562TCPUDPSDBProxy Simple DataBase middle-ware and proxyOfficial
3605UDPComCam IO PortOfficial
3606TCPUDPSplitlock ServerOfficial
3632TCPdistributed compilerOfficial
3689TCPDigital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP)—used by Apple’s iTunes and AirPort ExpressOfficial
3690TCPUDPSubversion (SVN) version control systemOfficial
3702TCPUDPWeb Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery), used by various components of Windows Vista and laterOfficial
3724TCPUDPUsed by some Blizzard games[44]Official
3724TCPClub Penguin Disney online game for kidsUnofficial
3725TCPUDPNetia NA-ER PortOfficial
3768TCPUDPRBLcheckd server daemonOfficial
3784TCPUDPVoIP program used by VentriloUnofficial
3785UDPVoIP program used by VentriloUnofficial
3799UDPRADIUS change of authorizationUnofficial
3800TCPUsed by HGG programs[citation needed]Unofficial
3804TCPUDPUsed by Harman Professional HiQnet protocolOfficial
3825TCPUsed by RedSeal Networks client/server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3826TCPUDPWarMUX game serverOfficial
3826TCPUsed by RedSeal Networks client/server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3835TCPUsed by RedSeal Networks client/server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3830TCPUDPSystem Management Agent, developed and used by Cerner to monitor and manage solutionsOfficial
3868TCPSCTPDiameter base protocol (RFC 3588)Official
3872TCPOracle Management Remote Agent[citation needed]Unofficial
3899TCPRemote AdministratorUnofficial
3900TCPudt_os, IBM UniData UDT OS[60]Official
3945TCPUDPEMCADS service, a Giritech product used by G/OnOfficial
3960UDPWarframe OnlineUnofficial
3962UDPWarframe OnlineUnofficial
3978TCPUDPOpenTTD game (masterserver and content service)Unofficial
3979TCPUDPOpenTTD gameUnofficial
3999TCPUDPNorman distributed scanning serviceOfficial
4000TCPUDPDiablo II gameUnofficial
4001TCPMicrosoft Ants gameUnofficial
4007TCPPrintBuzzer printer monitoring socket server[citation needed]Unofficial
4018TCPUDPprotocol information and warningsOfficial
4035TCPTCPIBM Rational Developer for System z Remote System Explorer DaemonUnofficial
4045TCPUDPSolaris lockd NFS lock daemon/managerUnofficial
4069UDPMinger Email Address Verification Protocol[61]Official
4089TCPUDPOpenCORE Remote Control ServiceOfficial
4093TCPUDPPxPlus Client server interface ProvideXOfficial
4096TCPUDPAscom Timeplex BRE (Bridge Relay Element)Official
4100WatchGuard authentication applet defaultUnofficial
4105TCPUDPShofar (ShofarNexus)Official
4117TCPWatchGuard System ManagerUnofficial
4125TCPMicrosoft Remote Web Workplace administrationUnofficial
4172TCPUDPTeradici PCoIPOfficial
4201TCPTinyMUD and various derivativesUnofficial
4226TCPUDPAleph One (game)Unofficial
4224TCPCisco Audio Session Tunneling[citation needed]Unofficial
4242TCPReverse Battle TetrisUnofficial
4242TCPOrthanc - Default DICOM portUnofficial
4242TCPQuassel distributed IRC clientUnofficial
4243TCPCommonly used by Docker implementations, redistributions, and setups[63][64][65]Unofficial
4303TCPUDPSimple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP)Official
4321TCPReferral Whois (RWhois) Protocol[66]Official
4323UDPLincoln Electric's ArcLink/XT[citation needed]Unofficial
4433-4436TCPAxence nVision [67]Unofficial
4444TCPUDPOracle WebCenter Content: Content Server - Intradoc Socket port. (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installation Metasploit: Default listener portUnofficial
4444-4445TCPI2P HTTP/S proxyUnofficial
4486TCPUDPIntegrated Client Message Service (ICMS)Official
4500UDPIPSec NAT Traversal (RFC 3947)Official
4502-4534TCPMicrosoft Silverlight connectable ports under non-elevated trustOfficial
4505TCPSalt masterUnofficial
4506TCPSalt masterUnofficial
4534UDPArmagetron Advanced default server portUnofficial
4554TCPDefault Wesk[68] Self-Hosting PortUnofficial
4560TCPdefault Log4j socketappender portUnofficial
4567TCPSinatra default server port in development mode (HTTP)Unofficial
4569UDPInter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX2)Official
4610–4640TCPQualiSystems TestShell Suite ServicesUnofficial
4662UDPOrbitNet Message ServiceOfficial
4662TCPOrbitNet Message ServiceOfficial
4662TCPDefault for older versions of eMule[69]Unofficial
4664TCPGoogle Desktop SearchUnofficial
4672UDPDefault for older versions of eMule[69]Unofficial
4711TCPeMule optional web interface[69]Unofficial
4711TCPMcAfee Web Gateway 7 - Default GUI Port HTTP[citation needed]Unofficial
4712TCPMcAfee Web Gateway 7 - Default GUI Port HTTPS[citation needed]Unofficial
4713TCPPulseAudio sound serverUnofficial
4728TCPComputer Associates Desktop and Server Management (DMP)/Port Multiplexer [70]Official
4730TCPUDPGearman' job serverOfficial
4732UDPDigital Airways' OHM server's commands to mobile devices (used mainly for binary SMS)Official
4750TCPBladeLogic AgentUnofficial
4753TCPUDPSIMON (service and discovery)Official
4840TCPUDPOPC UA TCP Protocol for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC FoundationOfficial
4843TCPUDPOPC UA TCP Protocol over TLS/SSL for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC FoundationOfficial
4847TCPUDPWeb Fresh Communication, Quadrion Software & Odorless EntertainmentOfficial
4894TCPUDPLysKOM Protocol AOfficial
4899TCPUDPRadmin remote administration toolOfficial
4949TCPMunin Resource Monitoring ToolOfficial
4950TCPUDPCylon Controls UC32 Communications PortOfficial
4982TCPUDPSolar Data Log (JK client app for PV solar inverters)[citation needed]Unofficial
4993TCPUDPHome FTP Server web Interface Default Port[citation needed]Unofficial
5000TCPUPnP—Windows network device interoperabilityUnofficial
5000TCPUDPVTunVPN SoftwareUnofficial
5000UDPFlightGear multiplayer[71]Unofficial
5000TCPSynology Inc. Management Console, File Station, Audio StationUnofficial
5000TCPFlask Development WebserverUnofficial
5000TCPHeroku console accessOfficial
5001TCPSlingbox and SlingplayerUnofficial
5001TCPIperf (Tool for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance)Unofficial
5001UDPIperf (Tool for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance)Unofficial
5001TCPSynology Inc. Secured Management Console, File Station, Audio StationUnofficial
5002TCPSOLICARD ARX[72]Unofficial
5002UDPDrobo Dashboard[73]Unofficial
5004TCPUDPRTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) media data (RFC 3551, RFC 4571)Official
5004DCCPRTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) media data (RFC 3551, RFC 4571)Official
5005TCPUDPRTCP (Real-time Transport Protocol) control protocol (RFC 3551, RFC 4571)Official
5005DCCPRTCP (Real-time Transport Protocol) control protocol (RFC 3551, RFC 4571)Official
5010TCPUDPRegistered to: TelePath (the IBM FlowMark workflow-management system messaging platform)[74]
The TCP port is now used for: IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow
5011TCPUDPTelePath (the IBM FlowMark workflow-management system messaging platform)[74]Official
5029TCPSonic Robo Blast 2 : Multiplayer[75]Unofficial
5031TCPUDPAVM CAPI-over-TCP (ISDN over Ethernet tunneling)[citation needed]Unofficial
5037TCPAndroid ADB serverUnofficial
5050TCPYahoo! MessengerUnofficial
5051TCPita-agent Symantec Intruder Alert[76]Official
5060TCPUDPSession Initiation Protocol (SIP)Official
5061TCPSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) over TLSOfficial
5062TCPUDPLocalisation accessOfficial
5064TCPUDPEPICS Channel Access Server [77]Official
5065TCPUDPEPICS Channel Access Repeater Beacon [78]Official
5070TCPBinary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP),[79] published as RFC 4582, is a protocol that allows for an additional video channel (known as the content channel) alongside the main video channel in a video-conferencing call that uses SIP. Also used for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) preferred port for PUBLISH on SIP Trunk to Cisco Unified Presence Server (CUPS)Unofficial
5082TCPUDPQpur Communication ProtocolOfficial
5083TCPUDPQpur File ProtocolOfficial
5084TCPUDPEPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP)Official
5085TCPUDPEPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) over TLSOfficial
5093UDPSafeNet, Inc Sentinel LM, Sentinel RMS, License Manager, Client-to-ServerOfficial
5099TCPUDPSafeNet, Inc Sentinel LM, Sentinel RMS, License Manager, Server-to-ServerOfficial
5104TCPIBM Tivoli Framework NetCOOL/Impact[80] HTTP ServiceUnofficial
5106TCPA-Talk Common connection[citation needed]Unofficial
5107TCPA-Talk Remote server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
5108TCPVPOP3 Mail Server Webmail[citation needed]Unofficial
5109TCPUDPVPOP3 Mail Server Status[citation needed]Unofficial
5110TCPProRat ServerUnofficial
5121TCPNeverwinter NightsUnofficial
5124TCPUDPTorgaNET (Micronational Darknet)Unofficial
5125TCPUDPTorgaNET (Micronational Intelligence Darknet)Unofficial
5150TCPUDPATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol[81]Official
5150TCPUDPMalware Cerberus RAT[citation needed]Unofficial
5151TCPESRI SDE InstanceOfficial
5151UDPESRI SDE Remote StartOfficial
5176TCPConsoleWorks default UI interface[citation needed]Unofficial
5190TCPICQ and AOL Instant MessengerOfficial
5222TCPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) client connection[82][83]Official
5223TCPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) client connection over SSLUnofficial
5228TCPHP Virtual Room ServiceOfficial
5228TCPGoogle Play, Android Cloud to Device Messaging Service, Google Cloud MessagingUnofficial
5246UDPControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) CAPWAP control[84]Official
5247UDPControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) CAPWAP data[84]Official
5269TCPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) server connection[82][83]Official
5280TCPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) XEP-0124: Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH)Official
5281TCPUndo License ManagerOfficial
5281TCPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)[85]Unofficial
5298TCPUDPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)[86]Official
5310TCPUDPOutlaws (1997 video game). Both UDP and TCP are reserved, but only UDP is usedOfficial
5349TCPSTUN, a protocol for NAT traversal (UDP is reserved)[57]Official
5349TCPTURN, a protocol for NAT traversal (UDP is reserved)[58]Official
5351TCPUDPNAT Port Mapping Protocol—client-requested configuration for inbound connections through network address translatorsOfficial
5353UDPMulticast DNS (mDNS)Official
5355TCPUDPLLMNR—Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution, allows hosts to perform name resolution for hosts on the same local link (only provided by Windows Vista and Server 2008)Official
5357TCPUDPWeb Services for Devices (WSDAPI) (only provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008)Unofficial
5358TCPUDPWSDAPI Applications to Use a Secure Channel (only provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008)Unofficial
5394UDPKega Fusion, a Sega multi-console emulator[87][88]Unofficial
5402TCPUDPmftp, Stratacache[89] OmniCast content delivery system MFTP file sharing protocolOfficial
5405TCPUDPNetSupport ManagerOfficial
5412TCPUDPIBM Rational Synergy (Telelogic Synergy) (Continuus CM) Message RouterOfficial
5413TCPUDPWonderware SuiteLink serviceOfficial
5421TCPUDPNetSupport ManagerOfficial
5432TCPUDPPostgreSQL database systemOfficial
5433TCPBouwsoft file/webserver[90]Unofficial
5445UDPCisco Unified Video Advantage[citation needed]Unofficial
5450TCPOSIsoft PI Server Client AccessUnofficial
5454TCPOSIsoft PI Asset Framework 1.x Client AccessUnofficial
5455TCPOSIsoft PI Asset Framework 1.x Client AccessUnofficial
5457TCPOSIsoft PI Asset Framework 2.x Client AccessUnofficial
5458TCPOSIsoft PI Notifications Client AccessUnofficial
5459TCPOSIsoft PI Asset Framework 2.x Client AccessUnofficial
5480TCPVMware VMware VAMI (Virtual Appliance Management Infrastructure) - used for initial setup of various administration settings on Virtual Appliances designed using the VAMI architecture.Unofficial
5495TCPIBM Cognos TM1 Admin serverUnofficial
5498TCPHotline tracker server connectionUnofficial
5499UDPHotline tracker server discoveryUnofficial
5500TCPVNC remote desktop protocol—for incoming listening viewer, Hotline control connectionUnofficial
5501TCPHotline file transfer connectionUnofficial
5517TCPSetiqueue Proxy server client for SETI@Home projectUnofficial
5550TCPHewlett-Packard Data Protector[citation needed]Unofficial
5555TCPUDPOracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery - Intradoc Socket port. (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
5555TCPFreeciv versions up to 2.0, Hewlett-Packard Data Protector, McAfee EndPoint Encryption Database Server, SAP, Default for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0Unofficial
5556TCPUDPFreeciv, Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager[91]Official
5591TCPDefault for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler master-Socket used for communication between Agent-to-Master, though can be changed[citation needed]Unofficial
5631TCPpcANYWHEREdata, Symantec pcAnywhere (version 7.52 and later[92])[93] dataOfficial
5632UDPpcANYWHEREstat, Symantec pcAnywhere (version 7.52 and later) statusOfficial
6541TCPMirrorOp2 (default)Unofficial
6542TCPMirrorOp2 (fallback)Unofficial
5656TCPIBM Lotus Sametime p2p file transferUnofficial
5666TCPNRPE (Nagios)Unofficial
5667TCPNSCA (Nagios)Unofficial
5678UDPMikrotik RouterOS Neighbor Discovery Protocol (MNDP)Unofficial
5683UDPConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP)Official
5721TCPUDPKaseya[citation needed]Unofficial
5723TCPOperations Manager[95]Unofficial
5741TCPUDPIDA Discover Port 1Official
5742TCPUDPIDA Discover Port 2Official
5800TCPVNC remote desktop protocol—for use over HTTPUnofficial
5814TCPUDPHewlett-Packard Support Automation (HP OpenView Self-Healing Services)[citation needed]Official
5850TCPCOMIT SE (PCR)[citation needed]Unofficial
5852TCPAdeona client: communications to OpenDHT[citation needed]Unofficial
5900TCPUDPRemote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB), Virtual Network Computing (VNC) remote desktop protocol[96]Official
5912TCPDefault for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler agent-Socket used for communication between Master-to-Agent, though can be changed[citation needed]Unofficial
5931TCPUDPAMMYY admin Remote ControlOfficial
5938TCPUDPTeamViewer remote desktop protocol[97]Unofficial
5984TCPUDPCouchDB database serverOfficial
5985TCPWindows PowerShell Default psSession Port[98]official
5986TCPWindows PowerShell Default psSession Port[98]official
5999TCPCVSup file update tool[99]Official
6000TCPX11—used between an X client and server over the networkOfficial
6001UDPX11—used between an X client and server over the networkOfficial
6005TCPDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server—Socket used for communication between Control-M processes—though often changed during installationOfficial
6005TCPDefault for Camfrog chat & cam clientUnofficial
6009TCPJD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system JDENet messaging client listenerUnofficial
6050TCPArcserve backupUnofficial
6050TCPNortel software[citation needed]Unofficial
6051TCPArcserve backupUnofficial
6072TCPiOperator Protocol Signal Port[citation needed]Unofficial
6086TCPPDTP—FTP like file server in a P2P networkOfficial
6100TCPVizrt SystemUnofficial
6100TCPVentrilo This is the authentication port that must be allowed outbound for version 3 of VentriloOfficial
6101TCPBackup Exec Agent Browser[citation needed]Unofficial
6110TCPUDPsoftcm, HP Softbench CMOfficial
6111TCPUDPspc, HP Softbench Sub-Process ControlOfficial
6112UDP"dtspcd"—a network daemon that accepts requests from clients to execute commands and launch applications remotelyOfficial
6112TCP"dtspcd"—a network daemon that accepts requests from clients to execute commands and launch applications remotelyOfficial
6112TCPBlizzard's gaming service and some games,[44] ArenaNet gaming service, Relic gaming serviceUnofficial
6112TCPClub Penguin Disney online game for kidsUnofficial
6113TCPClub Penguin Disney online game for kids, Used by some Blizzard games[44]Unofficial
6129TCPDameWare|DameWare Remote ControlOfficial
6159TCPARINC 840 EFB Application Control InterfaceOfficial
6200TCPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Content Server (With Native UI) and Inbound RefineryUnofficial
6201TCPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: AdminUnofficial
6225TCPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Content Server Web UIUnofficial
6227TCPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: JavaDBUnofficial
6230TCPCodengerDev ServerUnofficial
6240TCPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: CaptureUnofficial
6244TCPUDPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Content Server - Intradoc Socket portUnofficial
6255TCPUDPOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Inbound Refinery - Intradoc Socket portUnofficial
6257UDPWinMX (see also 6699)Unofficial
6260TCPUDPplanet M.U.L.E.Unofficial
6262TCPSybase Advantage Database ServerUnofficial
6324TCPUDPHall Research Device discovery and configurationOfficial
6343UDPSFlow, sFlow traffic monitoringOfficial
6346TCPUDPgnutella-svc, gnutella (FrostWire, Limewire, Shareaza, etc.)Official
6347TCPUDPgnutella-rtr, Gnutella alternateOfficial
6350TCPUDPApp Discovery and Access ProtocolOfficial
6379TCPDefault port for the Redis key-value data storeUnofficial
6389TCPEMC CLARiiONUnofficial
6432TCPPgBouncer - A connection pooler for PostgreSQLOfficial
6444TCPUDPSun Grid Engine—Qmaster ServiceOfficial
6445TCPUDPSun Grid Engine—Execution ServiceOfficial
6514TCPSyslog over TLS[100]Official
6515TCPUDPElipse RPC Protocol (REC)Official
6522TCPGobby (and other libobby-based software)Unofficial
6523TCPGobby 0.5 (and other libinfinity-based software)Unofficial
6543TCPPylons project#Pyramid Default Pylons Pyramid web service portUnofficial
6543UDPParadigm Research & Development Jetnet[101] defaultUnofficial
6566TCPSANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)—SANE network scanner daemon[102]Official
6560-6561TCPSpeech-Dispatcher daemonUnofficial
6571Windows Live FolderShare clientUnofficial
6600TCPMicrosoft Hyper-V LiveOfficial
6600TCPMusic Player Daemon (MPD)Unofficial
6601TCPMicrosoft Forefront Threat Management GatewayOfficial
6602TCPMicrosoft Windows WSS CommunicationOfficial
6619TCPUDPodette-ftps, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) over TLS/SSLOfficial
6622TCPUDPMulticast FTPOfficial
6646UDPMcAfee Network Agent[citation needed]Unofficial
6660–6664TCPInternet Relay Chat (IRC)Unofficial
6665–6669TCPInternet Relay Chat (IRC)Official
6679TCPUDPOsorno Automation Protocol (OSAUT)Official
6679TCPIRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat)—often usedUnofficial
6697TCPIRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat)—often usedUnofficial
6699TCPWinMX (see also 6257)Unofficial
6702TCPDefault for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler client-Socket used for communication between Client-to-Master, though can be changed[citation needed]Unofficial
6715TCPAberMUD and derivatives default portUnofficial
6771UDPPolycom server broadcast[citation needed]Unofficial
6783TCPSplashtop Remote server broadcastUnofficial
6784TCPSplashtop Remote server broadcastUnofficial
6785TCPSplashtop Remote server broadcastUnofficial
6789TCPCampbell Scientific Loggernet Software[103]Unofficial
6789TCPBucky's Instant Messaging ProgramUnofficial
6881–6887TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6888TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6889–6890TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6891–6900TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6891–6900TCPUDPWindows Live Messenger (File transfer)Unofficial
6901TCPUDPWindows Live Messenger (Voice)Unofficial
6901TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6902–6968TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6969TCPBitTorrent trackerUnofficial
6970–6999TCPUDPBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
7000TCPDefault for Vuze's built in HTTPS Bittorrent TrackerUnofficial
7000TCPAvira Server Management ConsoleUnofficial
7001TCPAvira Server Management ConsoleUnofficial
7001TCPDefault for BEA WebLogic Server's HTTP server, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7002TCPDefault for BEA WebLogic Server's HTTPS server, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7005TCPDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent for Agent-to-Server, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7006TCPDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent for Server-to-Agent, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7010TCPDefault for Cisco AON AMC (AON Management Console) [104]Unofficial
7022TCPDatabase mirroring endpoints [105]Unofficial
7023UDPBryan Wilcutt T2-NMCS Protocol for SatCom ModemsOfficial
7025TCPZimbra LMTP [mailbox]—local mail deliveryUnofficial
7047TCPZimbra conversion serverUnofficial
7080Sepialine Argos Communications portUnofficial
7133TCPEnemy Territory: Quake WarsUnofficial
7144TCPPeercast[citation needed]Unofficial
7145TCPPeercast[citation needed]Unofficial
7262TCPUDPCNAP (Calypso Network Access Protocol)Official
7306TCPZimbra mysql [mailbox][citation needed]Unofficial
7307TCPZimbra mysql [logger][citation needed]Unofficial
7312UDPSibelius License ServerUnofficial
7396TCPWeb control interface for Folding@home v7.3.6 and later[106]Unofficial
7400TCPUDPRTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS DiscoveryOfficial
7401TCPUDPRTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS User-TrafficOfficial
7402TCPUDPRTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS Meta-TrafficOfficial
7473TCPUDPRise: The Vieneo ProvinceOfficial
7547TCPUDPCPE WAN Management Protocol Technical Report 069Official
7575UDPPopulous: The Beginning serverUnofficial
7624TCPUDPInstrument Neutral Distributed InterfaceOfficial
7634TCPhddtemp - Utility to monitor hard drive temperatureUnofficial
7652-7654TCPI2P anonymizing overlay networkUnofficial
7655UDPI2P SAM Bridge Socket APIUnofficial
7656-7660TCPI2P anonymizing overlay networkUnofficial
7670TCPBrettspielWelt BSW Boardgame PortalUnofficial
7676TCPAqumin AlphaVision Remote Command Interface[citation needed]Unofficial
7700UDPP2P DC (RedHub)[citation needed]Unofficial
7707UDPKilling FloorUnofficial
7708UDPKilling FloorUnofficial
7717UDPKilling FloorUnofficial
7777TCPiChat server file transfer proxyUnofficial
7777TCPOracle Cluster File System 2[citation needed]Unofficial
7777TCPWindows backdoor program tini.exe default[citation needed]Unofficial
7777TCPJust Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod Server[citation needed]Unofficial
7777TCPXivio default Chat Server[citation needed]Unofficial
7777TCPTerraria default serverUnofficial
7777UDPSan Andreas Multiplayer default serverUnofficial
7778TCPBad Trip MUD[citation needed]Unofficial
7777-7788UDPUnreal Tournament series default server[citation needed]Unofficial
7777-7788TCPUnreal Tournament series default server[citation needed]Unofficial
7787-7788TCPGFI EventsManager 7 & 8[citation needed]Official
7831TCPDefault used by Smartlaunch Internet Cafe Administration[107] softwareUnofficial
7880TCPUDPPowerSchool Gradebook Server[citation needed]Unofficial
7890TCPDefault that will be used by the iControl Internet Cafe Suite Administration softwareUnofficial
7915TCPDefault for YSFlight server[108]Unofficial
7935TCPFixed port used for Adobe Flash Debug Player to communicate with a debugger (Flash IDE, Flex Builder or fdb).[109]Unofficial
7937-9936TCPUDPEMC2 (Legato) Networker or Sun Solstice BackupOfficial
8000UDPiRDMI (Intel Remote Desktop Management Interface)[110]—sometimes erroneously used instead of port 8080Official
8000TCPiRDMI (Intel Remote Desktop Management Interface)[110]—sometimes erroneously used instead of port 8080Official
8000TCPCommonly used for internet radio streams such as those using SHOUTcastUnofficial
8000TCPSplunk web-interfaceUnofficial
8000TCPFreemakeVideoCapture service a part of Freemake Video Downloader [111]Unofficial
8000TCPNortel Contivity Router Firewall User Authentication (FWUA) default port numberUnofficial
8001TCPCommonly used for internet radio streams such as those using SHOUTcastUnofficial
8002TCPCisco Systems Unified Call Manager Intercluster[citation needed]Unofficial
8005TCPApache Tomcat's Shutdown portUnofficial
8006TCPDell AppAssure 5 API and Replication [112]Official
8007TCPDell AppAssure 5 Engine [112]Official
8008TCPHTTP AlternateOfficial
8008TCPIBM HTTP Server administration defaultUnofficial
8009TCPajp13—Apache JServ Protocol AJP ConnectorUnofficial
8010TCPXMPP File transfersUnofficial
8011-8013TCPHTTP/TCP Symon Communications Event and Query Engine[citation needed]Unofficial
8014TCPHTTP/TCP Symon Communications Event and Query Engine[citation needed]Unofficial
8014TCPUDPPerseus SDR Receiver default remote connection port[citation needed]Unofficial
8020TCP360Works SuperContainer[113]Unofficial
8042TCPOrthanc - Default HTTP Port for GUIUnofficial
8069TCPOpenERP Default HTTP port (web interface and xmlrpc calls)Unofficial
8070TCPOpenERP Legacy netrpc protocolUnofficial
8075TCPKilling FloorUnofficial
8078TCPUDPDefault port for most Endless Online-based servers[citation needed]Unofficial
8080TCPHTTP alternate (http_alt)—commonly used for Web proxy and caching server, or for running a Web server as a non-root userOfficial
8080TCPApache TomcatUnofficial
8080UDPFilePhile Master/RelayUnofficial
8080TCPVermont Systems / RecTrac Vermont Systems RecTrac (WebTrac) network installerUnofficial
8081TCPHTTP alternate, VibeStreamer, e.g. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)Unofficial
8086TCPHELM Web Host Automation Windows Control PanelUnofficial
8086TCPKaspersky AV Control CenterUnofficial
8087TCPHosting Accelerator Control PanelUnofficial
8087TCPParallels Plesk Control PanelUnofficial
8087UDPKaspersky AV Control CenterUnofficial
8088TCPAsterisk (PBX) Web Configuration utility (GUI Addon)Unofficial
8089TCPSplunk REST API endpoint. This port is NOT used for any forwarding or indexing. It is used only for command and control functions.Unofficial
8089TCPAVM Fritzbox for automatic tr069 configuration.Unofficial
8090TCPCoral Content Distribution Network (deprecated; 80 and 8080 now supported)[114]Unofficial
8091TCPCouchBase Web AdministrationUnofficial
8092TCPCouchBase APIUnofficial
8100TCPConsole Gateway License VerificationUnofficial
8111TCPJOSM Remote ControlUnofficial
8112TCPPAC Pacifica CoinUnofficial
8116UDPCheck Point Cluster Control ProtocolUnofficial
8118TCPPrivoxy—advertisement-filtering Web proxyOfficial
8123TCPPolipo Web proxyOfficial
8123TCPBukkit DynMap Default Webserver Bind AddressUnofficial
8139TCPPuppet (software) Client agentUnofficial
8140TCPPuppet (software) Master serverUnofficial
8176TCPPerceptive Automation Indigo Home automation server - control accessUnofficial
8192TCPSophos Remote Management SystemUnofficial
8193TCPSophos Remote Management SystemUnofficial
8194TCPSophos Remote Management SystemUnofficial
8194TCPBloomberg Application[1]Official
8195TCPBloomberg Application[citation needed]Unofficial
8222TCPVMware Server Management User Interface[115] (insecure Web interface).[116] See also port 8333Unofficial
8243TCPUDPHTTPS listener for Apache Synapse [117]Official
8280TCPUDPHTTP listener for Apache Synapse [117]Official
8291TCPWinbox—Default on a MikroTik RouterOS for a Windows application used to administer MikroTik RouterOS[citation needed]Unofficial
8303UDPTeeworlds ServerUnofficial
8330TCPMultiBit HD, [4]Unofficial
8331TCPMultiBit, [5]Unofficial
8332TCPBitcoin JSON-RPC server[118]Unofficial
8333TCPVMware Server Management User Interface[115] (secure Web interface).[116] See also port 8222Unofficial
8400TCPUDPcvp, CommVault Unified Data ManagementOfficial
8442TCPUDPCyBro A-bus, Cybrotech Ltd.Official
8443TCPSW Soft Plesk Control Panel, Apache Tomcat SSL, Promise WebPAM SSL, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)Unofficial
8484TCPMapleStory Login ServerUnofficial
8500TCPUDPColdFusion Macromedia/Adobe ColdFusion default and Duke Nukem 3D—defaultUnofficial
8501TCP[6] DukesterX —default[citation needed]Unofficial
8585TCPMapleStory Game ServerUnofficial
8586TCPMapleStory Game ServerUnofficial
8587TCPMapleStory Game ServerUnofficial
8588TCPMapleStory Game ServerUnofficial
8589TCPMapleStory Game ServerUnofficial
8601TCPWavestore CCTV protocol[120]Unofficial
8602TCPUDPWavestore Notification protocol[120]Unofficial
8642TCPLotus Traveller[citation needed]Unofficial
8691TCPUltra Fractal default server port for distributing calculations over network computersUnofficial
8701UDPSoftPerfect Bandwidth ManagerUnofficial
8702UDPSoftPerfect Bandwidth ManagerUnofficial
8778TCPEPOS Speech Synthesis SystemUnofficial
8787TCPMapleStory CashShop Game ServerUnofficial
8788TCPMapleStory CashShop Game ServerUnofficial
8834Nessus webUnofficial
8835Passive Vulnerability Scanner webUnofficial
8836Log Correlation Engine webUnofficial
8840TCPOpera Unite serverUnofficial
8880UDPcddbp-alt, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP) alternateOfficial
8880TCPcddbp-alt, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP) alternateOfficial
8880TCPWebSphere Application Server SOAP connector defaultUnofficial
8880TCPWin Media Streamer to Server SOAP connector defaultUnofficial
8881TCPAtlasz Informatics Research Ltd Secure Application Server[citation needed]Unofficial
8881TCPNetflexity Inc QFlex - IBM WebSphere MQ monitoring software.Unofficial
8882TCPAtlasz Informatics Research Ltd Secure Application Server[citation needed]Unofficial
8883TCPUDPSecure MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT over SSL)Official
8886TCPPPM3 (Padtec Management Protocol version 3)Unofficial
8887TCPHyperVM HTTPOfficial
8888TCPHyperVM HTTPSOfficial
8888TCPFreenet HTTPUnofficial
8888TCPUDPNewsEDGE serverOfficial
8888TCPSun Answerbook dwhttpd server (deprecated by
8888TCPGNUmp3d HTTP music streaming and Web interfaceUnofficial
8888TCPLoLo Catcher HTTP Web interface (
8888TCPD2GS Admin Console Telnet administration console for D2GS servers (Diablo 2)Unofficial
8888TCPEarthland Relams 2 Server (AU1_2)[citation needed]Unofficial
8888TCPMAMP ServerUnofficial
8889TCPMAMP ServerUnofficial
8889TCPEarthland Relams 2 Server (AU1_1)[citation needed]Unofficial
8937TCPTransaction Warehouse Data Service (TWDS)Official
8983TCPDefault for Apache Solr [121]Unofficial
8998TCPI2P Monotone RepositoryUnofficial
8989TCPSTEP Bible : Scripture Tools for Every PersonUnofficial
9000TCPSonarQube Web Server[122]Unofficial
9000TCPBuffalo LinkSystem Web access[citation needed]Unofficial
9000TCPSqueezeCenter web server & streamingUnofficial
9000TCPPlay! Framework web server[123]Unofficial
9000TCPHadoop NameNode default portUnofficial
9001TCPUDPETL Service Manager[124]Official
9001Microsoft SharePoint authoring environmentUnofficial
9001cisco-xremote router configuration[citation needed]Unofficial
9001Tor network defaultUnofficial
9001TCPDBGp ProxyUnofficial
9001TCPHSQLDB default portUnofficial
9002Newforma Server commsUnofficial
9009TCPUDPPichat Server—Peer to peer chat softwareOfficial
9010TCPTISERVICEMANAGEMENT Numara Track-It!Unofficial
9020TCPWiT WiT ServicesOfficial
9025TCPWiT WiT ServicesOfficial
9030TCPTor often usedUnofficial
9043TCPWebSphere Application Server Administration Console secureUnofficial
9060TCPWebSphere Application Server Administration ConsoleUnofficial
9080UDPglrpc, Groove Collaboration software GLRPCOfficial
9080TCPglrpc, Groove Collaboration software GLRPCOfficial
9080TCPWebSphere Application Server HTTP Transport (port 1) defaultUnofficial
9080TCPRemote Potato by FatAttitude, Windows Media Center addonUnofficial
9080TCPServerWMC, Windows Media Center addonUnofficial
9090TCPWebwasher, Secure Web, McAfee Web Gateway - Default Proxy Port[citation needed]Unofficial
9090TCPOpenfire Administration ConsoleUnofficial
9090TCPSqueezeCenter control (CLI)Unofficial
9090TCPCherokee Admin PanelUnofficial
9091TCPOpenfire Administration Console (SSL Secured)Unofficial
9091TCPTransmission (BitTorrent client) Web InterfaceUnofficial
9092TCPH2 (DBMS) Database ServerUnofficial
9100TCPPDL Data StreamOfficial
9101TCPUDPBacula DirectorOfficial
9102TCPUDPBacula File DaemonOfficial
9103TCPUDPBacula Storage DaemonOfficial
9105TCPUDPXadmin Control DaemonOfficial
9106TCPUDPAstergate Control DaemonOfficial
9107TCPAstergate-FAX Control DaemonOfficial
9110UDPSSMP Message protocolUnofficial
9119TCPUDPMXit Instant MessengerOfficial
9191TCPCatamount Software - PocketMoney Sync[citation needed]Unofficial
9191TCPSierra Wireless AirlinkUnofficial
9199TCPAvtex LLC - qStatsUnofficial
9200TCPElasticSearch - default elasticsearch portUnofficial
9293TCPSony PlayStation RemotePlay[125]Unofficial
9300TCPIBM Cognos 8 SOAP Business Intelligence and Performance ManagementUnofficial
9303UDPD-Link Shareport Share storage and MFP printersUnofficial
9306TCPSphinx Native APIOfficial
9309TCPUDPSony PlayStation Vita Host Collaboration WiFi Data Transfer[126]Unofficial
9312TCPSphinx SphinxQLOfficial
9339TCPClash of Clans, a mobile freemium strategy video gameUnofficial
9418TCPUDPgit, Git pack transfer serviceOfficial
9420TCPMooseFS distributed file system—master server to chunk serversUnofficial
9421TCPMooseFS distributed file system—master server to clientsUnofficial
9422TCPMooseFS distributed file system—chunk servers to clientsUnofficial
9443TCPVMware HTTPS port used for accessing and administrating a vCenter Server via the Web Management InterfaceUnofficial
9535TCPUDPmngsuite, LANDesk Management Suite Remote ControlOfficial
9536TCPUDPlaes-bf, IP Fabrics Surveillance buffering functionOfficial
9600UDPOmron FINS, OMRON FINS PLC communicationOfficial
9675TCPUDPSpiceworks Desktop, IT Helpdesk SoftwareUnofficial
9676TCPUDPSpiceworks Desktop, IT Helpdesk SoftwareUnofficial
9800TCPUDPWebDAV SourceOfficial
9800WebCT e-learning portalUnofficial
9875TCPClub Penguin Disney online game for kidsUnofficial
9898UDPMonkeyCom[citation needed]Official
9898TCPMonkeyCom[citation needed]Official
9898TCPTripwire—File Integrity Monitoring Software[127]Unofficial
9987UDPTeamSpeak 3 server default (voice) port (for the conflicting service see the IANA list)Unofficial
9996TCPUDPRyan's App "Ryan's App" Trading SoftwareOfficial
9996TCPUDPThe Palace "The Palace" Virtual Reality Chat software.—5Official
9997TCPSplunk port for communication between the forwarders and indexersUnofficial
9998TCPUDPThe Palace "The Palace" Virtual Reality Chat software.—5Official
9999Hydranode—edonkey2000 TELNET controlUnofficial
9999TCPLantronix UDS-10/UDS100[128] RS-485 to Ethernet Converter TELNET controlUnofficial
9999Urchin Web Analytics[citation needed]Unofficial
10000Webmin—Web-based administration tool for Unix-like systemsUnofficial
10000Ericsson Account Manager (avim)[citation needed]Unofficial
10001TCPLantronix UDS-10/UDS100[129] RS-485 to Ethernet Converter defaultUnofficial
10003TCPForeScout SecureConnector[citation needed]Unofficial
10008TCPUDPOctopus Multiplexer, primary port for the CROMP protocol, which provides a platform-independent means for communication of objects across a networkOfficial
10009TCPUDPCross Fire, a multiplayer online First Person Shooter[citation needed]Unofficial
10010TCPOpen Object Rexx (ooRexx) rxapi daemonOfficial
10017AIX,NeXT, HPUX—rexd daemon control[citation needed]Unofficial
10024TCPZimbra smtp [mta]—to amavis from postfix[citation needed]Unofficial
10025TCPZimbra smtp [mta]—back to postfix from amavis[citation needed]Unofficial
10110TCPUDPNMEA 0183 Navigational Data. Transport of NMEA 0183 sentences over TCP or UDPOfficial
10113TCPUDPNetIQ EndpointOfficial
10114TCPUDPNetIQ QcheckOfficial
10115TCPUDPNetIQ EndpointOfficial
10116TCPUDPNetIQ VoIP AssessorOfficial
10172TCPIntuit Quickbooks clientUnofficial
10200TCPFRISK Software International's fpscand virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms [130]Unofficial
10200TCPFRISK Software International's f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms [131]Unofficial
10201–10204TCPFRISK Software International's f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms [131]Unofficial
10301TCPVoiceIP-ACS UMP default device provisioning endpoint[citation needed]Unofficial
10302TCPVoiceIP-ACS UMP default device provisioning endpoint (SSL)[citation needed]Unofficial
10308Lock-on: Modern Air Combat[citation needed]Unofficial
10480SWAT 4 Dedicated Server[citation needed]Unofficial
10505UDPBlueStacks (android simulator) broadcast [132]Unofficial
10514TCPUDPTLS-enabled Rsyslog (default by convention)Unofficial
10823UDPFarming Simulator 2011 Default Server[citation needed]Unofficial
10891TCPJungle Disk (this port is opened by the Jungle Disk Monitor service on the localhost)[citation needed]Unofficial
11001TCPUDPmetasys ( Johnson Controls Metasys java AC control environment )[citation needed]Unofficial
11112TCPUDPACR/NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)Official
11235Savage:Battle for Newerth Server Hosting[citation needed]Unofficial
11294Blood Quest Online Server[citation needed]Unofficial
11371TCPOpenPGP HTTP key serverOfficial
11576IPStor Server management communicationUnofficial
11950TCPMurraycoin JSON-RPC server[133]Unofficial
12010TCPElevateDB default database port [135]Unofficial
12011TCPAxence nVision [67]Unofficial
12012TCPAxence nVision [67]Unofficial
12012TCPAudition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
12012UDPAudition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
12013TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, Korea ServerUnofficial
12031TCPAxence nVision [67]Unofficial
12032TCPAxence nVision [67]Unofficial
12035UDPLinden Lab viewer to sim on SecondLife[citation needed]Unofficial
12201UDPGELF ProtocolUnofficial
12222UDPLight Weight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) LWAPP data (RFC 5412)Official
12223UDPLight Weight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) LWAPP control (RFC 5412)Official
12345NetBus—remote administration tool (often Trojan horse). Also used by NetBuster. Little Fighter 2 (TCP), Cubeworld[136] (TCP and UDP), and (TCP) GVG (Grass Valley Group) SMS7000 and RCL video router controlUnofficial
12489TCPNSClient/NSClient++/NC_Net (Nagios)Unofficial
12975TCPLogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 32976)—used to connect to Mediation Server (; will attempt to use SSL (TCP port 443) if both 12975 & 32976 fail to connectUnofficial
12998–12999UDPTakenaka RDI Mirror World on SecondLife[citation needed]Unofficial
13001TCPForeScout CounterACT[citation needed]Unofficial
13000–13050UDPLinden Lab viewer to sim on SecondLife[citation needed]Unofficial
13008TCPUDPCross Fire, a multiplayer online First Person Shooter[citation needed]Unofficial
13075TCPDefault[137] for BMC Software Control-M/Enterprise Manager Corba communication, though often changed during installationOfficial
13195-13196TCPUDPOntolux Ontolux 2DUnofficial
13337-13340TCPUDPÆtherNet peer-to-peer networking[citation needed]Unofficial
13720TCPUDPSymantec NetBackup—bprd (formerly VERITAS)Official
13721TCPUDPSymantec NetBackup—bpdbm (formerly VERITAS)Official
13724TCPUDPSymantec Network Utility—vnetd (formerly VERITAS)Official
13782TCPUDPSymantec NetBackup—bpcd (formerly VERITAS)Official
13783TCPUDPSymantec VOPIED protocol (formerly VERITAS)Official
13785TCPUDPSymantec NetBackup Database—nbdb (formerly VERITAS)Official
13786TCPUDPSymantec nomdb (formerly VERITAS)Official
14439TCPAPRS UI-View Amateur Radio[138] UI-WebServerUnofficial
14567UDPBattlefield 1942 and modsUnofficial
14900TCPK3 SYSPRO K3 Framework WCF Backbone[citation needed]Unofficial
15000TCPKaspersky Network Agent[citation needed]Unofficial
15000TCPhydap, Hypack Hydrographic Software Packages Data AcquisitionOfficial
15000UDPhydap, Hypack Hydrographic Software Packages Data AcquisitionOfficial
15556TCPUDPJeex.EU Artesia (direct client-to-db.service)Official
15567UDPBattlefield Vietnam and modsUnofficial
15345TCPUDPXPilot ContactOfficial
16000TCPOracle WebCenter Content: Imaging (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16080TCPMac OS X Server Web (HTTP) service with performance cache[139]Unofficial
16200TCPOracle WebCenter Content: Content Server (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16225TCPOracle WebCenter Content: Content Server Web UI. Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16250TCPOracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16300TCPOracle WebCenter Content: Records Management (formerly known as Oracle Universal Records Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16384UDPIron Mountain Digital online backup[citation needed]Unofficial
16384CISCO Default RTP MINofficial
16400TCPOracle WebCenter Content: Capture (formerly known as Oracle Document Capture). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16482CISCO Default RTP MAXofficial
16567UDPBattlefield 2 and modsUnofficial
17500TCPUDPDropbox LanSync Protocol (db-lsp); used to synchronize file catalogs between Dropbox clients on a local network.Official
18010TCPSuper Dancer Online Extreme(SDO-X)—CiB Net Station Malaysia Server[citation needed]Unofficial
18104TCPRAD PDF ServiceOfficial
18180TCPDART Reporting server[citation needed]Unofficial
18200TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
18201TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand ServerUnofficial
18206TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server—FAM DatabaseUnofficial
18300TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
18301TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA ServerUnofficial
18306TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server—FAM DatabaseUnofficial
18333TCPBitcoin testnet[119]Unofficial
18400TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
18401TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil ServerUnofficial
18505TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle R4p3 Server, Nexon Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial R4p3 Server
18506TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, Nexon ServerUnofficial
18605TCPUDPX-BEAT—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
19000TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
19000UDPJACK sound serverUnofficial
19001TCPUDPAudition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya ServerUnofficial
19007TCPUDPVeejansh Inc. Scintilla Device ServiceOfficial
19132UDPStandard Minecraft Pocket Edition Multiplayer Server PortUnofficial
19150TCPUDPGkrellm ServerUnofficial
19226TCPPanda Software AdminSecure Communication AgentUnofficial
19283TCPUDPK2 - KeyAuditor & KeyServer, Sassafras Software Inc. Software Asset Management toolsOfficial
19294TCPGoogle Talk Voice and Video connections [140]Unofficial
19295UDPGoogle Talk Voice and Video connections [140]Unofficial
19302UDPGoogle Talk Voice and Video connections [140]Unofficial
19315TCPUDPKeyShadow for K2 - KeyAuditor & KeyServer, Sassafras Software Inc. Software Asset Management toolsOfficial
19540TCPGamecoin RCP[citation needed]Unofficial
19540TCPGamecoin Testnet[citation needed]Unofficial
19540TCPGamecoin P2P[citation needed]Unofficial
19540TCPUDPBelkin Network USB Hub[citation needed]Unofficial
19638TCPEnsim Control Panel[citation needed]Unofficial
19812TCP4D database SQL Communication [141]Official
19813TCPUDP4D database Client Server Communication [141]Official
19814TCP4D database DB4D Communication [141]Official
19999DNP - Secure (Distributed Network Protocol - Secure), a secure version of the protocol used in SCADA systems between communicating RTU's and IED'sOfficial
20000DNP (Distributed Network Protocol), a protocol used in SCADA systems between communicating RTU's and IED'sOfficial
20000Usermin, Web-based user toolUnofficial
20202TCPOnNet (Net2E)Unofficial
20014TCPDART Reporting server[citation needed]Unofficial
20560TCPUDPKilling FloorUnofficial
20595UDP0 A.D. Empires AscendantUnofficial
20702TCPPrecise TPM Listener AgentUnofficial
20720TCPSymantec i3 Web GUI serverUnofficial
20790TCPPrecise TPM Web GUI serverUnofficial
21001TCPAMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-admin default portUnofficial
21011TCPAMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-01 default http portUnofficial
21012TCPAMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-01 default https portUnofficial
21021TCPAMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-02 default http portUnofficial
21022TCPAMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-02 default https portUnofficial
21025TCPStarbound Server (default), StarboundUnofficial
22136TCPFLIR Systems Camera Resource ProtocolUnofficial
22222TCPDavis Instruments, WeatherLink IPUnofficial
22347TCPUDPWibuKey, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Software protection systemOfficial
22349TCPWolfson Microelectronics WISCEBridge Debug Protocol[142]Unofficial
22350TCPUDPCodeMeter, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Software protection systemOfficial
23073Soldat Dedicated ServerUnofficial
23399Skype Default ProtocolUnofficial
23513Duke Nukem 3D#Source code Duke Nukem PortsUnofficial
24441TCPUDPPyzor spam detection networkUnofficial
24444NetBeans integrated development environmentUnofficial
24465TCPUDPTonido Directory Server for Tonido which is a Personal Web App and P2P platformOfficial
24554TCPUDPBINKP, Fidonet mail transfers over TCP/IPOfficial
24800Synergy: keyboard/mouse sharing softwareUnofficial
24842StepMania: Online: Dance Dance Revolution SimulatorUnofficial
25000TCPTeamware Office standard client connectionOfficial
25001TCPDefault port for Unity3D networkingOfficial
25003TCPTeamware Office client notifierOfficial
25005TCPTeamware Office message transferOfficial
25007TCPTeamware Office MIME ConnectorOfficial
25008TCPJayson's Water Fun ConnectorUnofficial
25010TCPTeamware Office Agent serverOfficial
25560TCPcodeheart.js Relay ServerUnofficial
25565TCPStandard Minecraft (Dedicated) ServerOfficial
25565MySQL Standard MySQL portOfficial
25570Manic Digger default single player portUnofficial
25826UDPcollectd default port[143]Unofficial
25888UDPXfire (Firewall Report, UDP_IN) IP Address ( resolves to Use unknown.Unofficial
26000UDPid Software's Quake serverOfficial
26000TCPid Software's Quake serverOfficial
26000TCPCCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPGUnofficial
26000UDPXonotic, an open source arena shooterOfficial
26850TCPWar of No Return Server Port[citation needed]Unofficial
26900TCPCCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPGUnofficial
26901TCPCCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPGUnofficial
27000-27030UDPSteam ClientUnofficial
27000UDP(through 27006) id Software's QuakeWorld master serverUnofficial
27000-27009TCPFlexNet Publisher's License server (from the range of default ports)Unofficial
27010Source engine dedicated server portUnofficial
27014-27050TCPSteam DownloadsUnofficial
27014Source engine dedicated server port (rare)Unofficial
27015GoldSrc and Source engine dedicated server port, AppleMobileDeviceService[144]Unofficial
27016Magicka server portUnofficial
27017mongoDB server portUnofficial
27374Sub7 default.Unofficial
27500-27900UDPid Software's QuakeWorldUnofficial
27888UDPKaillera serverUnofficial
27900-27901Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionUnofficial
27901-27910UDPid Software's Quake II master serverUnofficial
27950UDPOpenArena outgoingUnofficial
27960-27969UDPActivision's Enemy Territory and id Software's Quake III Arena, Quake III and Quake Live and some ioquake3 derived games, such as Urban Terror (OpenArena incoming)Unofficial
28000Bitfighter Common/default Bitfighter ServerUnofficial
28001Starsiege: Tribes Common/default Tribes v.1 ServerUnofficial Used by Smart Sale 5.0[citation needed]Unofficial
28785UDPCube 2 Sauerbraten[145]Unofficial
28786UDPCube 2 Sauerbraten Port 2[145]Unofficial
28801 - 28802UDPRed Eclipse (Cube 2 derivative) default ports [146]Unofficial
28852TCPUDPKilling FloorUnofficial
28910Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection[147]Unofficial
28960UDPCall of Duty; Call of Duty: United Offensive; Call of Duty 2; Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; Call of Duty: World at War (PC Version)Unofficial
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29920Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection[147]Unofficial
30000Pokémon NetbattleUnofficial
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30718UDPLantronix Discovery for Lantronix serial-to-ethernet devicesUnofficial
30777TCPZangZing agentUnofficial
31314TCPelectric imp node<>server communication (TLS)Unofficial
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31415ThoughtSignal—Server Communication Service (often Informational)Unofficial
31456TCPTetriNET IRC gateway on some serversUnofficial
31458TCPTetriNET Used for game spectatorsUnofficial
31620TCPUDPLM-MON (Standard Floating License Manager LM-MON)Official
32123TCPx3Lobby Used by x3Lobby, an internet application.Unofficial
32137TCPUDPImmunet Protect (UDP in version 2.0,[148] TCP since version 3.0[149])Unofficial
32245TCPMMTSG-mutualed over MMT (encrypted transmission)Unofficial
32400TCPUDPUsed for Plex Media Server connections and media streamsUnofficial
32769TCPFileNet RPCUnofficial
32887TCPUsed by "Ace of Spades" gameUnofficial
32976TCPLogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 12975)—used to connect to Mediation Server (; will attempt to use SSL (TCP port 443) if both 12975 & 32976 fail to connectUnofficial
33333UDPTNTchat default server portUnofficial
33848UDPJenkins Remote access API and Auto-DiscoveryUnofficial
33982TCPUDPDezta softwareUnofficial
34000MasterPort - WarZUnofficial
34001ClientPort - WarZUnofficial
34010PortStart - WarZUnofficial
34271Remuco remote control for media players[150]Unofficial
34443Linksys PSUS4 print server[151]Unofficial
34567TCPEDI service[152]Official
36330TCPFolding@home v7 default for client control interfaceUnofficial
36963UDPUnreal Software multiplayer games, such as Counter Strike 2D (2D clone of Counter Strike)Unofficial
37659TCPAxence nVision[citation needed]Unofficial
37777TCPDigital Video Recorder hardware[citation needed]Unofficial
40000TCPUDPSafetyNET p Real-time Industrial Ethernet protocolOfficial
41794TCPUDPCrestron Control PortOfficial
41795TCPUDPCrestron Control PortOfficial
41823TCPUDPMurealm Client[citation needed]Unofficial™ database update mtr port[citation needed]Unofficial
43047TCPTheòsMessenger second port for service TheòsMessenger[citation needed]Unofficial
43048TCPTheòsMessenger third port for service TheòsMessenger[citation needed]Unofficial
43594TCPRuneScape, FunOrb, Runescape Private Servers game serversUnofficial
43595TCPRuneScape JAGGRAB serversUnofficial
44405TCPMu Online Connect Server[citation needed]Unofficial
44444TCPLightClaw.TeamServer Asset synchronization[citation needed]Unofficial
45824TCPServer for the DAI family of client-server products[citation needed]Official
47001TCPWinRM - Windows Remote Management Service [154]Official
47808UDPBACnet Building Automation and Control Networks (4780810 = BAC016), commonly spills to 47809-47816Official
48653TCPUDPRobot Raconteur transport[155]Official
50006UDPRed Hat Cluster Configuration System Daemon Reserved[156]Unofficial
50007UDPRed Hat Cluster Configuration System Daemon Reserved [156]Unofficial
50008UDPRed Hat Cluster Configuration System Daemon Reserved [156]Unofficial
50009UDPRed Hat Cluster Configuration System Daemon Reserved [156]Unofficial

Dynamic, private or ephemeral ports[edit]

The range 49152–65535 (215+214 to 216−1) – above the registered ports – contains dynamic or private ports that cannot be registered with IANA.[157] This range is used for custom or temporary purposes and for automatic allocation of ephemeral ports.

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