List of Survivor (U.S. TV series) contestants

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Survivor is an American reality television show, based on the Swedish program, Expedition Robinson. Contestants are called Castaways in the American version, and they compete against one another to become the "Sole Survivor" and win one million U.S. dollars. First airing in 2000, there have been a total of twenty-seven seasons, which have been filmed on five different continents. The next season, Survivor: Cagayan, will premiere on February 26, 2014.

A total of 424 participants have competed, and 59 of them have competed in multiple seasons: 42 of them competed in two seasons, 15 competed three times, and two competed four times. So far, there have been 9 seasons which featured returning players: In 2004, an All-Stars edition aired, with the cast being eighteen past competitors; in 2005 as part of a surprise twist, two past contestants from Survivor: Palau competed again in Survivor: Guatemala; in 2008, Survivor: Micronesia featured a tribe of ten returning contestants against a tribe of ten new contestants; in 2010, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains featured 20 returning contestants, including nine that were competing for the third time; and in 2011, two past castaways returned for Survivor: Redemption Island and two other past castaways returned for Survivor: South Pacific.[1][2] In 2012, three past castaways who were medically evacuated from their previous seasons returned for Survivor: Philippines. In 2013, ten returning castaways competed for a second time against ten new castaways in Survivor: Caramoan and ten more castaways returned for Survivor: Blood vs. Water alongside a loved one.

Contestants usually apply to be on the show, but the series has been known to recruit contestants for various seasons. For Survivor: Fiji, the producers had hoped to have a more racially diverse cast, and hoped that a more diverse group would apply after the success of the racially segregated Survivor: Cook Islands. When this did not happen, the producers turned to recruiting and in the end, only Gary Stritesky had actually submitted an application to be on the show.[3] Also for Survivor: Fiji, a contestant dropped out and returned home the night before the show began because of panic attacks. Because of the timing and lack of alternates, her spot could not be replaced and the season only had nineteen contestants.[4] For the most part, contestants are virtually unknown prior to their Survivor appearance, but occasionally some well-known people are cast.


  ^ Contestant's second time playing the game
  † Contestant's third time playing the game
  ‡ Contestant's fourth time playing the game
Christopher, SonjaSonja Christopher63Walnut Creek, CABorneo16th
Andersen, B. B.B. B. Andersen64Mission Hills, KSBorneo15th
Stillman, StaceyStacey Stillman27San Francisco, CABorneo14th
Gray, RamonaRamona Gray29Edison, NJBorneo13th
Been, DirkDirk Been23Spring Green, WIBorneo12th
Klug, JoelJoel Klug28Sherwood, ARBorneo11th
Cordy, GretchenGretchen Cordy38Clarksville, TNBorneo10th
Buis, GregGreg Buis24Gold Hill, COBorneo9th
Lewis, JennaJenna Lewis22Franklin, NHBorneo8th
Peterson, GervaseGervase Peterson30Philadelphia, PABorneo7th
Haskell, ColleenColleen Haskell23Miami Beach, FLBorneo6th
Kenniff, SeanSean Kenniff30Long Island, NYBorneo5th
Hawk, SueSue Hawk38Palmyra, WIBorneo4th
Boesch, RudyRudy Boesch72Virginia Beach, VABorneo3rd
Wiglesworth, KellyKelly Wiglesworth23Las Vegas, NVBorneoRunner-up
Hatch, RichardRichard Hatch39Newport, RIBorneoWinner
Eaton, DebbDebb Eaton45Milan, NHAustralian Outback16th
Gleason, KelKel Gleason32Fort Hood, TXAustralian Outback15th
Hershey, MaralynMaralyn Hershey51Wakefield, VAAustralian Outback14th
Olson, MitchellMitchell Olson23Union City, NJAustralian Outback13th
Kappenberg, KimmiKimmi Kappenberg28Ronkonkoma, NYAustralian Outback12th
Skupin, MichaelMichael Skupin38White Lake, MIAustralian Outback11th
Varner, JeffJeff Varner34New York, NYAustralian Outback10th
Calaway, AliciaAlicia Calaway32New York, NYAustralian Outback9th
Manthey, JerriJerri Manthey30Los Angeles, CAAustralian Outback8th
Brown, NickNick Brown23Steilacoom, WAAustralian Outback7th
Brkich, AmberAmber Brkich22Beaver, PAAustralian Outback6th
Bingham, RodgerRodger Bingham53Crittenden, KYAustralian Outback5th
Filarski, ElisabethElisabeth Filarski23Boston, MAAustralian Outback4th
Famie, KeithKeith Famie40West Bloomfield, MIAustralian Outback3rd
Donaldson, ColbyColby Donaldson26Dallas, TXAustralian OutbackRunner-up
Wesson, TinaTina Wesson39Knoxville, TNAustralian OutbackWinner
Ogden, DianeDiane Ogden42Lincoln, NEAfrica16th
Camacho, JessieJessie Camacho27Orlando, FLAfrica15th
Bilancione, CarlCarl Bilancione46Winter Springs, FLAfrica14th
Spencer, LindaLinda Spencer44Cambridge, MAAfrica13th
Gaither, SilasSilas Gaither23Germantown, TNAfrica12th
Richter, LindseyLindsey Richter27Portland, ORAfrica11th
Black, ClarenceClarence Black24Detroit, MIAfrica10th
Goldsmith, KellyKelly Goldsmith22Rancho Santa Fe, CAAfrica9th
Quinton, BrandonBrandon Quinton25Dallas, TXAfrica8th
Garrison, FrankFrank Garrison43Odessa, NYAfrica7th
Powers, KimKim Powers29Conshohocken, PAAfrica6th
Cooper, TeresaTeresa Cooper42Jackson, GAAfrica5th
Buchanan, TomTom Buchanan46Rich Valley, VAAfrica4th
van den Berghe, LexLex van den Berghe38Santa Cruz, CAAfrica3rd
Johnson, KimKim Johnson57Oyster Bay, NYAfricaRunner-up
Zohn, EthanEthan Zohn27Lexington, MAAfricaWinner
Harkey, PeterPeter Harkey45Millis, MAMarquesas16th
Jackson, PatriciaPatricia Jackson49Lugoff, SCMarquesas15th
Ellis, HunterHunter Ellis33La Jolla, CAMarquesas14th
Jones, SarahSarah Jones24Newport Beach, CAMarquesas13th
Cade, GabrielGabriel Cade23Celo, NCMarquesas12th
Crews, GinaGina Crews28Gainesville, FLMarquesas11th
Mariano, RobRob Mariano26Canton, MAMarquesas10th
Carroll, JohnJohn Carroll36Omaha, NEMarquesas9th
Zanidakis, ZoeZoe Zanidakis35Monhegan Island, MEMarquesas8th
Leitner, TammyTammy Leitner29Mesa, AZMarquesas7th
DeCanio, RobertRobert DeCanio38Queens, NYMarquesas6th
Rector, SeanSean Rector30Harlem, NYMarquesas5th
English, PaschalPaschal English57Thomaston, GAMarquesas4th
Vavrick-O'Brien, KathyKathy Vavrick-O'Brien47Burlington, VTMarquesas3rd
Dennis, NelehNeleh Dennis21Layton, UTMarquesasRunner-up
Towery, VecepiaVecepia Towery36Portland, ORMarquesasWinner
Raymond, JohnJohn Raymond40Slidell, LAThailand16th
Vance, TanyaTanya Vance27Kingsport, TNThailand15th
Hildebrand, JedJed Hildebrand25Dallas, TXThailand14th
Johnson, GhandiaGhandia Johnson33Denver, COThailand13th
Dill, StephanieStephanie Dill29Fayetteville, ARThailand12th
Zbacnik, RobbRobb Zbacnik23Scottsdale, AZThailand11th
Huang, Shii AnnShii Ann Huang28New York, NYThailand10th
Collins, ErinErin Collins26Austin, TXThailand9th
Stafford, KenKen Stafford30Brooklyn, NYThailand8th
Ramsey, PennyPenny Ramsey27Plano, TXThailand7th
Billingsley, JakeJake Billingsley61McKinney, TXThailand6th
Rogers, Jr., TedTed Rogers, Jr.37Durham, NCThailand5th
Glover, HelenHelen Glover47Middletown, RIThailand4th
Gentry, JanJan Gentry53Tampa, FLThailand3rd
Jordan, ClayClay Jordan46Monroe, LAThailandRunner-up
Heidik, BrianBrian Heidik34Quartz Hill, CAThailandWinner
Aiken, RyanRyan Aiken23Ellicott City, MDAmazon16th
Koth, JanetJanet Koth47Manchester, MOAmazon15th
Lue, DanielDaniel Lue27Houston, TXAmazon14th
Ward, JoAnnaJoAnna Ward31Orangeburg, SCAmazon13th
Hebert, JeanneJeanne Hebert41North Attleborough, MAAmazon12th
Mitchell, ShawnaShawna Mitchell23Redwood City, CAAmazon11th
Sexton, RogerRoger Sexton56Valencia, CAAmazon10th
Johnson, DaveDave Johnson24Pasadena, CAAmazon9th
Bennett, DeenaDeena Bennett35Riverside, CAAmazon8th
Bell, AlexAlex Bell32Los Angeles, CAAmazon7th
Smith, ChristyChristy Smith24Basalt, COAmazon6th
Strobel, HeidiHeidi Strobel24Buffalo, MOAmazon5th
Lockley, ButchButch Lockley50Olney, ILAmazon4th
Cesternino, RobRob Cesternino24Wantagh, NYAmazon3rd
von Ertfelda, MatthewMatthew von Ertfelda33Washington, D.C.AmazonRunner-up
Morasca, JennaJenna Morasca21Pittsburgh, PAAmazonWinner
Delma, NicoleNicole Delma24Hermosa Beach, CAPearl Islands16th
Shoulders, RyanRyan Shoulders23Clarksville, TNPearl Islands15th
Tesauro, MichelleMichelle Tesauro22Pittstown, NJPearl Islands14th
Dunn, TrishTrish Dunn42Annapolis, MDPearl Islands13th
Cohen, ShawnShawn Cohen28New York, NYPearl Islands12th
Taylor, OstenOsten Taylor27Boston, MAPearl Islands11th
Savage, AndrewAndrew Savage40Chicago, ILPearl Islands10th
Opray, RyanRyan Opray31Los Gatos, CAPearl Islands9th
Boneham, RupertRupert Boneham39Indianapolis, INPearl Islands8th
Bradley, TijuanaTijuana Bradley27St. Louis, MOPearl Islands7th
Hastie, ChristaChrista Hastie24Los Angeles, CAPearl Islands6th
Roberts, BurtonBurton Roberts31San Francisco, CAPearl Islands5th
Johnson, DarrahDarrah Johnson22Liberty, MSPearl Islands4th
Fairplay, JonnyJonny Fairplay29Danville, VAPearl Islands3rd
Morris, LillianLillian Morris51Cincinnati, OHPearl IslandsRunner-up
Diaz-Twine, SandraSandra Diaz-Twine29Fort Lewis, WAPearl IslandsWinner
Wesson, TinaTina Wesson ^42Knoxville, TNAll-Stars18th
Boesch, RudyRudy Boesch ^75Virginia Beach, VAAll-Stars17th
Morasca, JennaJenna Morasca ^22Pittsburgh, PAAll-Stars16th
Cesternino, RobRob Cesternino ^25Wantagh, NYAll-Stars15th
Hatch, RichardRichard Hatch ^42Newport, RIAll-Stars14th
Hawk, SueSue Hawk ^42Palmyra, WIAll-Stars13th
Donaldson, ColbyColby Donaldson ^29Dallas, TXAll-Stars12th
Zohn, EthanEthan Zohn ^30Lexington, MAAll-Stars11th
Manthey, JerriJerri Manthey ^33Los Angeles, CAAll-Stars10th
van den Berghe, LexLex van den Berghe ^40Santa Cruz, CAAll-Stars9th
Vavrick-O'Brien, KathyKathy Vavrick-O'Brien ^49Burlington, VTAll-Stars8th
Calaway, AliciaAlicia Calaway ^35New York, NYAll-Stars7th
Huang, Shii AnnShii Ann Huang ^30New York, NYAll-Stars6th
Buchanan, TomTom Buchanan ^48Rich Valley, VAAll-Stars5th
Boneham, RupertRupert Boneham ^40Indianapolis, INAll-Stars4th
Lewis, JennaJenna Lewis ^26Franklin, NHAll-Stars3rd
Mariano, RobRob Mariano ^28Canton, MAAll-StarsRunner-up
Brkich, AmberAmber Brkich ^25Beaver, PAAll-StarsWinner
Geraghty, BrookBrook Geraghty33Huntington Beach, CAVanuatu18th
Neely, DollyDolly Neely25Mercer, PAVanuatu17th
Palyok, John "J. P."John "J. P." Palyok31Los Angeles, CAVanuatu16th
Galeotalanza, MiaMia Galeotalanza30Toms River, NJVanuatu15th
Finta, BradyBrady Finta33Huntington Beach, CAVanuatu14th
Sampson, Travis "Bubba"Travis "Bubba" Sampson33Blountville, TNVanuatu13th
Keiffer, LisaLisa Keiffer44New Orleans, LAVanuatu12th
Kenney, JohnJohn Kenney22Los Angeles, CAVanuatu11th
Freeman, RoryRory Freeman35Des Moines, IAVanuatu10th
Masters, Lea "Sarge"Lea "Sarge" Masters40Columbia, SCVanuatu9th
Crittenden, James "Chad"James "Chad" Crittenden35Oakland, CAVanuatu8th
Slaby, LeannLeann Slaby35Kansasville, WIVanuatu7th
Cusack, AmiAmi Cusack31Lakewood, COVanuatu6th
Berry, JulieJulie Berry23Gorham, MEVanuatu5th
Orlins, ElizaEliza Orlins21Syracuse, NYVanuatu4th
Lee, Scout CloudScout Cloud Lee59Stillwater, OKVanuatu3rd
Tanner, TwilaTwila Tanner41Marshall, MOVanuatuRunner-up
Daugherty, ChrisChris Daugherty33South Vienna, OHVanuatuWinner
Libby, JonathanJonathan Libby23Dallas, TX Palau20th
Shirk, WandaWanda Shirk55Ulysses, PA Palau19th
Jones, JolandaJolanda Jones39Houston, TX Palau18th
Ashby, AshleeAshlee Ashby22Easley, SC Palau17th
Wilson, JeffJeff Wilson21Ventura, CA Palau16th
Mullen, KimKim Mullen25Huber Heights, OH Palau15th
Smith, WillardWillard Smith57Bellevue, WA Palau14th
Jakusz, AngieAngie Jakusz24New Orleans, LA Palau13th
Miller, JamesJames Miller33Mobile, AL Palau12th
Rahman, IbrehemIbrehem Rahman27Birmingham, AL Palau11th
Drinkard, Bobby JonBobby Jon Drinkard27Troy, AL Palau10th
Archa, CobyCoby Archa32Dallas, TX Palau9th
Tornell, JanuJanu Tornell39Las Vegas, NV Palau8th
LaGrossa, StephenieStephenie LaGrossa25Glenolden, PA Palau7th
Carey, GreggGregg Carey27Chicago, IL Palau6th
Groedel, CarynCaryn Groedel46Solon, OH Palau5th
Lyon, JenniferJennifer Lyon32Encino, CA Palau4th
Rosenberger, IanIan Rosenberger23Key Largo, FL Palau3rd
Gallagher, KatieKatie Gallagher29Merced, CA PalauRunner-up
Westman, TomTom Westman41Sayville, NY PalauWinner
Lynch, JimJim Lynch63Northglenn, COGuatemala18th
McDevitt, MorganMorgan McDevitt21Decatur, ILGuatemala17th
Varela, BriannaBrianna Varela21Edmonds, WAGuatemala16th
Struck, BrookeBrooke Struck26Hood River, ORGuatemala15th
Towsley, BlakeBlake Towsley24Dallas, TXGuatemala14th
Bobonich, MargaretMargaret Bobonich43Chardon, OHGuatemala13th
Corridan, BrianBrian Corridan22New York, NYGuatemala12th
O'Hara, AmyAmy O'Hara39Revere, MAGuatemala11th
Bellinger, BrandonBrandon Bellinger22Manhattan, KSGuatemala10th
Drinkard, Bobby JonBobby Jon Drinkard ^27Troy, ALGuatemala9th
Newton, JamieJamie Newton24North Hollywood, CAGuatemala8th
Hogeboom, GaryGary Hogeboom46Grand Haven, MIGuatemala7th
Sergeant, JuddJudd Sergeant34Ridgefield, NJGuatemala6th
Hall, CindyCindy Hall31Naples, FLGuatemala5th
Morales, LydiaLydia Morales42Lakewood, WAGuatemala4th
Judkins, RafeRafe Judkins22Providence, RIGuatemala3rd
LaGrossa, StephenieStephenie LaGrossa ^25Philadelphia, PAGuatemalaRunner-up
Boatwright, DanniDanni Boatwright30Tonganoxie, KSGuatemalaWinner
Scheer, TinaTina Scheer45Hayward, WIPanama16th
Hyder, MelindaMelinda Hyder32Sevierville, TNPanama15th
Giles, MistyMisty Giles24Dallas, TXPanama14th
Milliman, Ruth MarieRuth Marie Milliman48Greenville, SCPanama13th
Mason, BobbyBobby Mason32Los Angeles, CAPanama12th
Berry, DanDan Berry52South Hadley, MAPanama11th
Stanbury, NickNick Stanbury25Tempe, AZPanama10th
Carty, AustinAustin Carty24High Point, NCPanama9th
Schumann, SallySally Schumann27Chicago, ILPanama8th
Kanegai, BruceBruce Kanegai58Simi Valley, CAPanama7th
Marit, CourtneyCourtney Marit31Los Angeles, CAPanama6th
Powers, ShaneShane Powers35Los Angeles, CAPanama5th
Fields, CirieCirie Fields34Walterboro, SCPanama4th
Deitz, TerryTerry Deitz46Simsbury, CTPanama3rd
DiLorenzo, DanielleDanielle DiLorenzo24Pompano Beach, FLPanamaRunner-up
Baskauskas, ArasAras Baskauskas24Santa Monica, CAPanamaWinner
Bunch, SekouSekou Bunch46Los Angeles, CACook Islands20th
Garcia, BillyBilly Garcia36New York, NYCook Islands19th
Mansilla, CeciliaCecilia Mansilla29Oakland, CACook Islands18th
Calderon, J. P.J. P. Calderon30Marina Del Rey, CACook Islands17th
Favor, StephanieStephanie Favor35Columbia, SCCook Islands16th
Bui, Anh-Tuan "Cao Boi"Anh-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui42Christiansburg, VACook Islands15th
Coria, CristinaCristina Coria35Los Angeles, CACook Islands14th
Smith, Jessica "Flicka"Jessica "Flicka" Smith27Chico, CACook Islands13th
Virata, BradBrad Virata27Los Angeles, CACook Islands12th
Borman, RebeccaRebecca Borman34Laurelton, NYCook Islands11th
Guzon-Bae, JennyJenny Guzon-Bae36Lake Forest, ILCook Islands10th
Gonzalez, Nathan "Nate"Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez26Los Angeles, CACook Islands9th
Cody, CandiceCandice Cody23Fayetteville, NCCook Islands8th
Penner, JonathanJonathan Penner44Los Angeles, CACook Islands7th
Shallow, ParvatiParvati Shallow24Los Angeles, CACook Islands6th
Gentry, AdamAdam Gentry28San Diego, CACook Islands5th
Oakley, SundraSundra Oakley31Los Angeles, CACook Islands4th
Lee, BeckyBecky Lee28Washington, D.C.Cook Islands2nd Runner-up
Lusth, OzzyOzzy Lusth25Venice, CACook IslandsRunner-up
Kwon, YulYul Kwon31San Mateo, CACook IslandsWinner
deBen, JessicaJessica deBen27Los Angeles, CAFiji19th
Durosseau, EricaErica Durosseau27Lake Charles, LAFiji18th
Kwan, SylviaSylvia Kwan52Ross, CAFiji17th
Stritesky, GaryGary Stritesky55Ramsey, MNFiji16th
Gomez, LilianaLiliana Gomez25Oxnard, CAFiji15th
Verreos, RitaRita Verreos38San Antonio, TXFiji14th
Robinson, AnthonyAnthony Robinson32Compton, CAFiji13th
Reid, James "Rocky"James "Rocky" Reid28Los Angeles, CAFiji12th
Linares, Lisette "Lisi"Lisette "Lisi" Linares36Los Angeles, CAFiji11th
Yi, MichelleMichelle Yi23Cincinnati, OHFiji10th
Rivera, EdgardoEdgardo Rivera28Miami Beach, FLFiji9th
Lee, MookieMookie Lee25Chicago, ILFiji8th
Angarita, AlexAlex Angarita28Los Angeles, CAFiji7th
Kimball, StacyStacy Kimball27Boulder, COFiji6th
Bernis, Kenward "Boo"Kenward "Boo" Bernis34Lafayette, LAFiji5th
Chan, Yau-ManYau-Man Chan54Martinez, CAFiji4th
Franklin, CassandraCassandra Franklin42Los Angeles, CAFijiRunner-up
Herd, Andria (Dre) "Dreamz"Andria (Dre) "Dreamz" Herd25Wilmington, NCFijiRunner-up
Cole, EarlEarl Cole35Santa Monica, CAFijiWinner
Morris, Steve "Chicken"Steve "Chicken" Morris48Marion, VAChina16th
Massaro, AshleyAshley Massaro28East Northport, NYChina15th
Nease, LeslieLeslie Nease38Tega Cay, SCChina14th
Cruser, DaveDave Cruser37Simi Valley, CAChina13th
Reisberger, AaronAaron Reisberger32Venice, CAChina12th
Lloyd, ShereaSherea Lloyd26Atlanta, GAChina11th
Dugan, JaimeJaime Dugan22Columbia, SCChina10th
Bellande, Jean-RobertJean-Robert Bellande36Las Vegas, NVChina9th
Zernow, Michael "Frosti"Michael "Frosti" Zernow20Chicago, ILChina8th
Clement, JamesJames Clement30Lafayette, LAChina7th
Huffman, ErikErik Huffman26Nashville, TNChina6th
Law, Peih-GeePeih-Gee Law29Marina Del Rey, CAChina5th
Martin, DeniseDenise Martin40Douglas, MAChina4th
Kimmel, AmandaAmanda Kimmel23Kalispell, MTChina2nd Runner-up
Yates, CourtneyCourtney Yates26New York, NYChinaRunner-up
Herzog, ToddTodd Herzog22Pleasant Grove, UTChinaWinner
Fairplay, JonnyJonny Fairplay ^33Danville, VAMicronesia20th
Sartain, MaryMary Sartain29Emeryville, CAMicronesia19th
Chan, Yau-ManYau-Man Chan ^55Martinez, CAMicronesia18th
Bortone, Michael "Mikey B"Michael "Mikey B" Bortone34Los Angeles, CAMicronesia17th
Anderson, JoelJoel Anderson32Avondale, AZMicronesia16th
Penner, JonathanJonathan Penner ^45Los Angeles, CAMicronesia15th
Welch, ChetChet Welch48Ford City, PAMicronesia14th
Sleckman, Kathleen "Kathy"Kathleen "Kathy" Sleckman45Glen Ellyn, ILMicronesia13th
Hughes-Wolf, TracyTracy Hughes-Wolf43Fredericksburg, VAMicronesia12th
Cusack, AmiAmi Cusack ^34Golden, COMicronesia11th
Orlins, ElizaEliza Orlins ^25New York, NYMicronesia10th
Lusth, OzzyOzzy Lusth ^26Venice, CAMicronesia9th
Siska, JasonJason Siska22Fox River Grove, ILMicronesia8th
Clement, JamesJames Clement ^30Lafayette, LAMicronesia7th
Jones, AlexisAlexis Jones24Los Angeles, CAMicronesia6th
Reichenbach, ErikErik Reichenbach22Pinckney, MIMicronesia5th
Bolton, NatalieNatalie Bolton32Los Angeles, CAMicronesia4th
Fields, CirieCirie Fields ^37Norwalk, CTMicronesia3rd
Kimmel, AmandaAmanda Kimmel ^23Los Angeles, CAMicronesiaRunner-up
Shallow, ParvatiParvati Shallow ^25Los Angeles, CAMicronesiaWinner
Chase, MichelleMichelle Chase24Los Angeles, CAGabon18th
Larson, GillianGillian Larson61Temecula, CAGabon17th
Soto-Castillo, PalomaPaloma Soto-Castillo24Downey, CAGabon16th
Berg, JacquieJacquie Berg25Santa Barbara, CAGabon15th
Brown, Danny "GC"Danny "GC" Brown26Portland, ORGabon14th
Czarnecki, KellyKelly Czarnecki22Buffalo Grove, ILGabon13th
Gordon, AceAce Gordon27Naples, FLGabon12th
Kay, DanDan Kay32Boston, MAGabon11th
Lehman, MarcusMarcus Lehman28Atlanta, GAGabon10th
Herschel, CharlieCharlie Herschel29New York, NYGabon9th
Bailey, RandyRandy Bailey49Eagle Rock, MOGabon8th
Kaplan, CorinneCorinne Kaplan29Los Angeles, CAGabon7th
Cox, CrystalCrystal Cox29Durham, NCGabon6th
Hoang, KenKen Hoang22Westminster, CAGabon5th
Whitmore, MattyMatty Whitmore29Pacific Palisades, CAGabon4th
Kiper, Jessica "Sugar"Jessica "Sugar" Kiper29Brooklyn, NYGabon2nd Runner-up
Smith, SusieSusie Smith47Charles City, IAGabonRunner-up
Crowley, Robert "Bob"Robert "Bob" Crowley57Portland, MEGabonWinner
Eastwood, CarolinaCarolina Eastwood26West Hollywood, CATocantins16th
Smith, CandaceCandace Smith31Dayton, OHTocantins15th
Sims, JerryJerry Sims49Rock Hill, SCTocantins14th
Burgin, SandySandy Burgin53Louisville, KYTocantins13th
Duhm, SpencerSpencer Duhm19Lakeland, FLTocantins12th
Wheeler, SydneySydney Wheeler24Raleigh, NCTocantins11th
Dowdle, JoeJoe Dowdle26Austin, TXTocantins10th
Synnott, BrendanBrendan Synnott30New York, NYTocantins9th
Apostol, TysonTyson Apostol29Lindon, UTTocantins8th
Reed, SierraSierra Reed23Los Angeles, CATocantins7th
Beebe, Debra "Debbie"Debra "Debbie" Beebe46Auburn, ALTocantins6th
Benjamin "Coach"|Wade}37Bolivar, MOTocantins5th
Johnson-George, Tamara "Taj"Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George37Nashville, TNTocantins4th
Lobdell, ErinnErinn Lobdell26Waukesha, WITocantins3rd
Fishbach, StephenStephen Fishbach29New York, NYTocantinsRunner-up
Thomas, Jr., James "J. T."James "J. T." Thomas, Jr.24Samson, ALTocantinsWinner
Calihan, MarisaMarisa Calihan26Cincinnati, OHSamoa20th
Borassi, MikeMike Borassi62Marina del Rey, CASamoa19th
Bolan, BetsyBetsy Bolan48Campton, NHSamoa18th
Browning, BenBen Browning28Los Angeles, CASamoa17th
Giles, YasminYasmin Giles33Los Angeles, CASamoa16th
Trainer, AshleyAshley Trainer22Maple Grove, MNSamoa15th
Swan, RussellRussell Swan42Glenside, PASamoa14th
Kim, Elizabeth "Liz"Elizabeth "Liz" Kim33New York, NYSamoa13th
Cardona, ErikErik Cardona28Ontario, CASamoa12th
Sharbaugh, KellyKelly Sharbaugh25Los Angeles, CASamoa11th
Morett, LauraLaura Morett39Salem, ORSamoa10th
Fincher, JohnJohn Fincher25Los Angeles, CASamoa9th
Ball, DaveDave Ball38Los Angeles, CASamoa8th
Padilla, MonicaMonica Padilla25San Diego, CASamoa7th
Waters, Shannon "Shambo"Shannon "Shambo" Waters45Renton, WASamoa6th
Robinson, JaisonJaison Robinson28Chicago, ILSamoa5th
Clouser, BrettBrett Clouser23Los Angeles, CASamoa4th
Trimming, MickMick Trimming33Los Angeles, CASamoa2nd Runner-up
Hantz, RussellRussell Hantz36Dayton, TXSamoaRunner-up
White, NatalieNatalie White26Van Buren, ARSamoaWinner
Kiper, Jessica "Sugar"Jessica "Sugar" Kiper ^30Los Angeles, CAHeroes vs. Villains20th
LaGrossa, StephenieStephenie LaGrossa 29Philadelphia, PAHeroes vs. Villains19th
Bailey, RandyRandy Bailey ^50Eagle Rock, MOHeroes vs. Villains18th
Fields, CirieCirie Fields 39Norwalk, CTHeroes vs. Villains17th
Westman, TomTom Westman ^45Sayville, NYHeroes vs. Villains16th
Apostol, TysonTyson Apostol ^29Lindon, UTHeroes vs. Villains15th
Clement, JamesJames Clement 32Lafayette, LAHeroes vs. Villains14th
Mariano, RobRob Mariano 33Pensacola, FLHeroes vs. Villains13th
Wade, Benjamin "Coach"Benjamin "Coach" Wade ^38Los Angeles, CAHeroes vs. Villains12th
Yates, CourtneyCourtney Yates ^29New York, NYHeroes vs. Villains11th
Thomas, Jr., James "J. T."James "J. T." Thomas, Jr. ^25Samson, ALHeroes vs. Villains10th
Kimmel, AmandaAmanda Kimmel 25Los Angeles, CAHeroes vs. Villains9th
Cody, CandiceCandice Cody ^27Washington, D.C.Heroes vs. Villains8th
DiLorenzo, DanielleDanielle DiLorenzo ^28Pompano Beach, FLHeroes vs. Villains7th
Boneham, RupertRupert Boneham 45Indianapolis, INHeroes vs. Villains6th
Donaldson, ColbyColby Donaldson 35Dallas, TXHeroes vs. Villains5th
Manthey, JerriJerri Manthey 38Los Angeles, CAHeroes vs. Villains4th
Hantz, RussellRussell Hantz ^36Dayton, TXHeroes vs. Villains2nd Runner-up
Shallow, ParvatiParvati Shallow 27Los Angeles, CAHeroes vs. VillainsRunner-up
Diaz-Twine, SandraSandra Diaz-Twine ^35Fayetteville, NCHeroes vs. VillainsWinner
DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, WendyWendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff48Fromberg, MTNicaragua20th
Elkins, ShannonShannon Elkins30Lafayette, LANicaragua19th
Johnson, JimmyJimmy Johnson67Islamorada, FLNicaragua18th
Tarantino, James "Jimmy"James "Jimmy" Tarantino48Gloucester, MANicaragua17th
Davis, TyroneTyrone Davis42Inglewood, CANicaragua16th
Bruno, KellyKelly Bruno26Durham, NCNicaragua15th
Rojas, YveYve Rojas41Kansas City, MONicaragua14th
Behm, JillJill Behm43Erie, PANicaragua13th
Wilson, AlinaAlina Wilson23Downey, CANicaragua12th
Piombo, MartyMarty Piombo48Mill Valley, CANicaragua11th
Lowe, BrendaBrenda Lowe27Miami, FLNicaragua10th
Mixon, NaOnkaNaOnka Mixon27Los Angeles, CANicaragua9th
Shinn, KellyKelly Shinn20Mesa, AZNicaragua8th
Henry, Ben "Benry"Ben "Benry" Henry24Los Angeles, CANicaragua7th
Bright, JaneJane Bright56Jackson Springs, NCNicaragua6th
Lembo, DanDan Lembo63Watermill, NYNicaragua5th
Hoffman, HollyHolly Hoffman44Eureka, SDNicaragua4th
Lenahan, Matthew "Sash"Matthew "Sash" Lenahan30New York, NYNicaragua2nd Runner-up
Rice, ChaseChase Rice24Fairview, NCNicaraguaRunner-up
Birza, Jud "Fabio"Jud "Fabio" Birza21Venice, CANicaraguaWinner
Hogi, FrancescaFrancesca Hogi36Washington, D.C.Redemption Island18th
Hantz, RussellRussell Hantz38Dayton, TXRedemption Island17th
Kell, KristinaKristina Kell46Malibu, CARedemption Island16th
Klumpp, KristaKrista Klumpp25Columbia, SCRedemption Island15th
Valencia, StephanieStephanie Valencia26Long Beach, CARedemption Island14th
White, SaritaSarita White36Santa Monica, CARedemption Island13th
Murphy, DavidDavid Murphy31West Hollywood, CARedemption Island12th
Wolfe, JulieJulie Wolfe50Oceanside, CARedemption Island11th
Wright, SteveSteve Wright51Huntington Beach, CARedemption Island10th
Kiser, RalphRalph Kiser45Lebanon, VARedemption Island9th
Mattos, GrantGrant Mattos29West Hollywood, CARedemption Island8th
Elrod, MattMatt Elrod22Nashville, TNRedemption Island7th
Chiesl, MikeMike Chiesl31Del Mar, CARedemption Island6th
Boehlke, AndreaAndrea Boehlke21Random Lake, WIRedemption Island5th
Underwood, AshleyAshley Underwood25Benton, MERedemption Island4th
Tenerelli, NatalieNatalie Tenerelli19Acton, CARedemption Island2nd Runner-up
Sheppard, PhillipPhillip Sheppard52Santa Monica, CARedemption IslandRunner-up
Mariano, RobRob Mariano 34Pensacola, FLRedemption IslandWinner
Tadesse, SemharSemhar Tadesse24Los Angeles, CASouth Pacific18th
Caruso, Mark "Papa Bear"Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso48Forest Hills, NYSouth Pacific17th
Powell, StaceyStacey Powell44Grand Prairie, TXSouth Pacific16th
Umemoto, ElyseElyse Umemoto27Las Vegas, NVSouth Pacific15th
Wingle, MikaylaMikayla Wingle22Tampa, FLSouth Pacific14th
Shields Markoski, ChristineChristine Shields Markoski39Merrick, NYSouth Pacific13th
Rice, JimJim Rice35Denver, COSouth Pacific12th
Tollefson, KeithKeith Tollefson26Edina, MNSouth Pacific11th
Meehan, DawnDawn Meehan41South Jordan, UTSouth Pacific10th
Duncan, WhitneyWhitney Duncan26Nashville, TNSouth Pacific9th
Cochran, JohnJohn Cochran24Washington, D.C.South Pacific8th
Ma, EdnaEdna Ma35Los Angeles, CASouth Pacific7th
Hantz, BrandonBrandon Hantz19Katy, TXSouth Pacific6th
Nelson, RickRick Nelson51Aurora, UTSouth Pacific5th
Lusth, Oscar "Ozzy"Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth 30Venice, CASouth Pacific4th
Destrade, AlbertAlbert Destrade26Plantation, FLSouth Pacific2nd Runner-up
Wade, Benjamin "Coach"Benjamin "Coach" Wade 39Susanville, CASouth PacificRunner-up
Clarke, SophieSophie Clarke22Willsboro, NYSouth PacificWinner
Moon, KourtneyKourtney Moon29Austin, TXOne World18th
Acosta, NinaNina Acosta51Clovis, CAOne World17th
Quinlan, MattMatt Quinlan33San Francisco, CAOne World16th
Posley, BillBill Posley28Venice, CAOne World15th
Culpepper, MonicaMonica Culpepper41Tampa, FLOne World14th
Cumbie, ColtonColton Cumbie21Monroeville, ALOne World13th
Otsuji, JonasJonas Otsuji37Lehi, UTOne World12th
Jefferson, MichaelMichael Jefferson30Seattle, WAOne World11th
Byars, JayJay Byars25Gaffney, SCOne World10th
Manson, LeifLeif Manson27San Diego, CAOne World9th
Robertson, Troy "Troyzan"Troy "Troyzan" Robertson50Miami, FLOne World8th
Edorsson, KatKat Edorsson22Orlando, FLOne World7th
Smith, Greg "Tarzan"Greg "Tarzan" Smith64Houston, TXOne World6th
Rosa, AliciaAlicia Rosa25Chicago, ILOne World5th
Cha, ChristinaChristina Cha29West Hollywood, CAOne World4th
Meissner, ChelseaChelsea Meissner26Charleston, SCOne World2nd Runner-up
Thompson, SabrinaSabrina Thompson33Brooklyn, NYOne WorldRunner-up
Spradlin, KimKim Spradlin29San Antonio, TXOne WorldWinner
Knight, ZaneZane Knight28Danville, VAPhilippines18th
Morris, Roxanne “Roxy”Roxanne “Roxy” Morris28Brooklyn, NYPhilippines17th
Layton, AngieAngie Layton20Provo, UTPhilippines16th
Swan, RussellRussell Swan ^45Glenside, PAPhilippines15th
Lambert, DanaDana Lambert32Winston-Salem, NCPhilippines14th
Dawson, SarahSarah Dawson28Silver Spring, MDPhilippines13th
Hanson, KatieKatie Hanson22Newark, DEPhilippines12th
Saint-Amour, Roberta “R.C.”Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour27New York City, NYPhilippines11th
Kent, JeffJeff Kent44Austin, TXPhilippines10th
Silvester, ArtisArtis Silvester53Terrytown, LAPhilippines9th
Yurkowski, PetePete Yurkowski24Holmdel, NJPhilippines8th
Penner, JonathanJonathan Penner 50Los Angeles, CAPhilippines7th
Williams, CarterCarter Williams24Shawnee, KSPhilippines6th
Gomes, Abi-MariaAbi-Maria Gomes32Los Angeles, CAPhilippines5th
Freberg, MalcolmMalcolm Freberg25Hermosa Beach, CAPhilippines4th
Whelchel, LisaLisa Whelchel49Dallas, TXPhilippinesRunner-Up
Skupin, MichaelMichael Skupin ^50White Lake, MIPhilippinesRunner-up
Stapley, DeniseDenise Stapley41Cedar Rapids, IAPhilippinesWinner
Hogi, FrancescaFrancesca Hogi ^38Brooklyn, NYCaramoan20th
Pohevitz, Alexandra "Allie"Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz25Oceanside, NYCaramoan19th
Driskill, HopeHope Driskill23Jefferson City, MOCaramoan18th
Thomas, ShamarShamar Thomas27Brooklyn, NYCaramoan17th
Alexander, LauraLaura Alexander23Washington D.C.Caramoan16th
Hantz, BrandonBrandon Hantz ^21Katy, TXCaramoan15th
Bischoff, MattMatt Bischoff38Cincinnati, OHCaramoan14th
Landauer, JuliaJulia Landauer21Stanford, CACaramoan13th
Kaplan, CorinneCorinne Kaplan ^33Los Angeles, CACaramoan12th
Snow, MichaelMichael Snow44New York, NYCaramoan11th
Sheppard, PhillipPhillip Sheppard ^54Santa Monica, CACaramoan10th
Freberg, MalcolmMalcolm Freberg ^26Hermosa Beach, CACaramoan9th
Toepfer, ReynoldReynold Toepfer30San Francisco, CACaramoan8th
Boehlke, AndreaAndrea Boehlke ^23New York, NYCaramoan7th
Lowe, BrendaBrenda Lowe ^30Miami, FLCaramoan6th
Reichenbach, ErikErik Reichenbach ^27Santa Clarita, CACaramoan5th
Fox, Edward "Eddie"Edward "Eddie" Fox23East Brunswick, NJCaramoan4th
Biethman, SherriSherri Biethman41Boise, IDCaramoanRunner-Up
Meehan, DawnDawn Meehan ^42South Jordan, UTCaramoanRunner-Up
Cochran, JohnJohn Cochran ^25Washington D.C.CaramoanWinner
Boneham, RupertRupert Boneham 49Indianapolis, INBlood vs. Water20th
Cumbie, ColtonColton Cumbie ^22Monroeville, ALBlood vs. Water19th
Foulger, RachelRachel Foulger33Orem, UTBlood vs. Water18th
Peterson, MarissaMarissa Peterson21Chapel Hill, NCBlood vs. Water17th
Cody, CandiceCandice Cody 30Washington D.C.Blood vs. Water16th
Culpepper, BradBrad Culpepper44Tampa Bay, FLBlood vs. Water15th
Edorsson, KatKat Edorsson ^23Orlando, FLBlood vs. Water14th
Cody, JohnJohn Cody30Washington D.C.Blood vs. Water13th
Boneham, LauraLaura Boneham44Indianapolis, INBlood vs. Water12th
Baskauskas, ArasAras Baskauskas ^31Santa Monica, CABlood vs. Water11th
Baskauskas, VytasVytas Baskauskas33Santa Monica, CABlood vs. Water10th
Bankston, CalebCaleb Bankston26Crossville, ALBlood vs. Water9th
Collins, KatieKatie Collins25New York, NYBlood vs. Water8th
Moss, HaydenHayden Moss27Tempe, AZBlood vs. Water7th
Morett, LauraLaura Morett ^43Salem, ORBlood vs. Water6th
Eastin, CieraCiera Eastin24Salem, ORBlood vs. Water5th
Wesson, TinaTina Wesson 52Knoxville, TNBlood vs. Water4th
Peterson, GervaseGervase Peterson ^43Willingboro, NJBlood vs. Water2nd Runner-up
Culpepper, MonicaMonica Culpepper ^42Tampa Bay, FLBlood vs. WaterRunner-up
Apostol, TysonTyson Apostol 34Heber, UTBlood vs. WaterWinner
Samson, DavidDavid Samson45Plantation, FLCagayan18th
Adelstein, GarrettGarrett Adelstein27Santa Monica, CACagayan17th
Johnston, BriceBrice Johnston27Philadelphia, PACagayan16th
Bland, JefraJefra Bland22Campbellsville, KYCagayanTBD
Bledsoe, SpencerSpencer Bledsoe21Chicago, ILCagayanTBD
Fox, Latasha "Tasha"Latasha "Tasha" Fox37St. Louis, MOCagayanTBD
Hegarty, TrishTrish Hegarty48Needham, MACagayanTBD
Hwang, Yung "Woo"Yung "Woo" Hwang29Newport Beach, CACagayanTBD
Lacina, SarahSarah Lacina29Cedar Rapids, IACagayanTBD
Maxwell, AlexisAlexis Maxwell21Addison, ILCagayanTBD
McKansas, LJLJ McKansas34Boston, MACagayanTBD
McLeod, MorganMorgan McLeod21San Jose, CACagayanTBD
McQuillen, Kassandra "Kass"Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen41Tehachapi, CACagayanTBD
Ogle, LindseyLindsey Ogle29Kokomo, INCagayanTBD
Robinson, CliffCliff Robinson46Newark, NJCagayanTBD
Taylor, J'TiaJ'Tia Taylor31Chicago, ILCagayanTBD
Vlachos, TonyTony Vlachos39Jersey City, NJCagayanTBD
Wood, JeremiahJeremiah Wood34Dobson, NCCagayanTBD
Christa Hastie, Survivor: Pearl Islands
Robert "Bob" Crowley, Survivor: Gabon winner
Debra Beebe, Survivor: Tocantins
Elyse Umemoto, Survivor: South Pacific


^[A] Contestant's age at the time the season was filmed.

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