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Williams-Brice Stadium, home field of the Gamecocks since 1934

This is a list of seasons completed by the South Carolina Gamecocks football team of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). Since the team's creation in 1892, the Gamecocks have participated in 1,065 officially-sanctioned games, including 16 bowl games.

The Gamecocks have been a member of several athletic conferences. From 1892 to 1914, South Carolina competed as a football independent. From 1922 through 1952, the Gamecocks were part of the Southern Conference. In 1953, South Carolina became one of the original members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, where it won a conference championship in 1969. The Gamecocks competed as an independent again from 1971 to 1991. In 1992, South Carolina joined the Southeastern Conference's East Division, where it won a division title in 2010.


Conference ChampionsDivision ChampionsBowl game berth
(W–L–T)[a 1]
Postseason resultFinal ranking
OverallConferenceAP Poll[1]Coaches[1]
1892No coach0–1N/AN/A
1893No coachNo teamN/AN/A
1894No coach0–2N/AN/A
1895No coach2–1N/AN/A
1896W. H. Whaley1–3N/AN/A
1897Frederick M. Murphy0–3N/AN/A
1898Bill Wertenbaker1–2N/AN/A
1899Irving O. Hunt2–3N/AN/A
1900Irving O. Hunt4–3N/AN/A
1901Byron W. Dickson3–4N/AN/A
1902C. R. Williams6–1N/AN/A
1903C. R. Williams8–2N/AN/A
1904Christie Benet4–3–1N/AN/A
1905Christie Benet4–2–1N/AN/A
1906No coachNo teamN/AN/A
1907Douglas McKay3–0N/AN/A
1908Christie Benet3–5–1N/AN/A
1909Christie Benet2–6N/AN/A
1910John Neff4–4N/AN/A
1911John Neff1–4–2N/AN/A
1912Norman B. Edgerton5–2–1N/AN/A
1913Norman B. Edgerton4–3N/AN/A
1914Norman B. Edgerton5–5–1N/AN/A
Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association
1915Norman B. Edgerton5–3–1N/AN/A
1916W. Rice Warren2–7N/AN/A
1917Dixon Foster3–5N/AN/A
1918Frank Dobson2–1–1N/AN/A
1919Dixon Foster1–7–1N/AN/A
1920Sol Metzger5–4N/AN/A
1921Sol Metzger5–1–2N/AN/A
Southern Conference
1922Sol Metzger5–40–2N/AN/A
1923Sol Metzger4–60–4N/AN/A
1924Sol Metzger7–33–2N/AN/A
1925Branch Bocock7–32–2N/AN/A
1926Branch Bocock6–44–2N/AN/A
1927Harry Lightsey4–52–4N/AN/A
1928Billy Laval6–2–22–2–1N/AN/A
1929Billy Laval6–52–5N/AN/A
1930Billy Laval6–44–3N/AN/A
1931Billy Laval5–4–13–3–1N/AN/A
1932Billy Laval5–4–22–2–2N/AN/A
1933Billy Laval6–3–13–0N/AN/A
1934Billy Laval5–42–3N/AN/A
1935Don McCallister3–71–4N/AN/A
1936Don McCallister5–72–5N/A
1937Don McCallister5–6–12–2–1N/A
1938Rex Enright6–4–12–2N/A
1939Rex Enright3–6–11–3N/A
1940Rex Enright3–61–3N/A
1941Rex Enright4–4–14–0–1N/A
1942Rex Enright1–7–11–4N/A
1943James P. Moran5–22–1N/A
1944Williams Newton3–4–21–3N/A
1945John D. McMillan2–4–30–2–2Lost 1945 Gator Bowl vs. Wake Forest, 14–26N/A
1946Rex Enright5–34–2N/A
1947Rex Enright6–2–14–1–1N/A
1948Rex Enright3–51–3N/A
1949Rex Enright4–63–3N/A
1950Rex Enright3–4–22–4–1
1951Rex Enright5–45–3
1952Rex Enright5–52–4
Atlantic Coast Conference
1953Rex Enright7–32–2
1954Rex Enright6–43–3
1955Rex Enright3–61–5
1956Warren Giese7–34–2
1957Warren Giese5–52–5
1958Warren Giese7–35–215
1959Warren Giese6–44–3
1960Warren Giese3–6–13–3–1
1961Marvin Bass4–63–4
1962Marvin Bass4–5–13–4
1963Marvin Bass1–8–11–5–1
1964Marvin Bass3–5–22–3–1
1965Marvin Bass5–54–2
1966Paul Dietzel1–91–3
1967Paul Dietzel5–54–2
1968Paul Dietzel4–64–3
1969Paul Dietzel7–46–0ACC Champions
Lost 1969 Peach Bowl vs. West Virginia, 3–14
1970Paul Dietzel4–6–13–2–1
1971Paul Dietzel6–5
1972Paul Dietzel4–7
1973Paul Dietzel7–4
1974Paul Dietzel4–7
1975Jim Carlen7–5Lost 1975 Tangerine Bowl vs. Miami (OH), 7–20
1976Jim Carlen6–5
1977Jim Carlen5–7
1978Jim Carlen5–5–1
1979Jim Carlen8–4Lost 1979 Hall of Fame Classic vs. Missouri, 14–24
1980Jim Carlen8–4Lost 1980 Gator Bowl vs. Pittsburgh, 9–37
1981Jim Carlen6–6
1982Richard Bell4–7
1983Joe Morrison5–6
1984Joe Morrison10–2Lost 1984 Gator Bowl vs. Oklahoma State, 14–211113
1985Joe Morrison5–6
1986Joe Morrison3–6–2
1987Joe Morrison8–4Lost 1987 Gator Bowl vs. LSU, 13–301515
1988Joe Morrison8–4Lost 1988 Liberty Bowl vs. Indiana, 10–34
1989Sparky Woods6–4–1
1990Sparky Woods6–5
1991Sparky Woods3–6–2
Southeastern Conference (East Division)
1992Sparky Woods5–63–5
1993Sparky Woods4–72–6
1994Brad Scott7–53–5Won 1994 Carquest Bowl vs. West Virginia, 24–21
1995Brad Scott4–6–12–5–1
1996Brad Scott6–54–4
1997Brad Scott5–63–5
1998Brad Scott1–100–8
1999Lou Holtz0–110–8
2000Lou Holtz8–45–3Won Outback Bowl vs. Ohio State, 24–71921
2001Lou Holtz9–35–3Won Outback Bowl vs. Ohio State, 31–281313
2002Lou Holtz5–73–5
2003Lou Holtz5–72–6
2004Lou Holtz6–54–4
2005Steve Spurrier7–55–3Lost 2005 Independence Bowl vs. Missouri, 31–38
2006Steve Spurrier8–53–5Won 2006 Liberty Bowl vs. Houston, 44–36
2007Steve Spurrier6–63–5
2008Steve Spurrier7–64–4Lost 2009 Outback Bowl vs. Iowa, 10–31
2009Steve Spurrier7–63–5Lost 2010 Bowl vs. Connecticut, 7–20
2010Steve Spurrier9–55–3SEC East Champions
Lost 2010 SEC Championship Game vs. Auburn, 17–56
Lost 2010 Chick-fil-A Bowl vs. FSU, 17–26
2011Steve Spurrier11–26–2Won 2012 Capital One Bowl vs. Nebraska, 30–1398
2012Steve Spurrier11–26–2Won 2013 Outback Bowl vs. Michigan, 33–2887
2013Steve Spurrier11–26–2Won 2014 Capital One Bowl vs. Wisconsin, 34-2444

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