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The following list of TV programs for the U.S. Syfy channel specifies first and second run, past, present, and planned. Niches are separated into dramas, games, reality shows, and sports. Mini-series, original films, and anime are also grouped together.

Syfy first-run programming[edit]

The following programs first aired in their entirety or had specific seasons on U.S. Syfy channel.

Current programs[edit]

Programs running on the present schedule are listed below.[1]

Chris Jericho - a six-time World Champion in WWE who appears on SmackDown, and host of the robot fighting competition series Robot Combat League
Adam Copeland - formerly a professional wrestler known as "Edge" who was an 11-time World Champion in WWE and frequently appeared on SmackDown, and now has a recurring role on Haven


Game shows[edit]



Upcoming programs[edit]

In development[edit]

Past programs[edit]

AlphasJuly 11, 2011October 22, 2012BermanBraun, Universal Cable ProductionsAction/adventure, drama, science fantasy, science fictionCancelled after number of viewers decreased[13]
AndromedaOctober 2, 2000May 13, 2005Tribune EntertainmentSpace operaFirst four years were syndication-only.
Battlestar GalacticaDecember 8, 2003March 20, 2009NBC UniversalSoft SF, Space Opera, ReligiousStarted as a 2003 miniseries.
Beast LegendsSeptember 9, 201014 October 2010Documentary, Reality, Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure, Outdoors
Being HumanJanuary 17, 2011April 7, 2014Muse Entertainment EnterprisesSupernatural dramaBased on the UK TV series of the same name.
Black ScorpionJanuary 2001June 2001CHUM LimitedSuperheroBought rights after series was filmed for syndication.
CapricaJanuary 22, 2010November 30, 2010NBC UniversalSci-fi, Family SagaPrequel spin-off series of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
Canceled on October 27, 2010 after low ratings.
Cha$eNovember 11, 2008December 16, 2008Buena Vista TelevisionReality televisionReality game show where contestants, chased by "hunters", finish tasks and read specific locations against the clock.
The ChronicleJuly 14, 2001March 22, 200220th Century Fox TelevisionComedyFormer pilot for NBC. Series about tabloid newspaper workers who learn monsters are real.
Collection InterventionAugust 14, 2012September 11, 2012High Noon EntertainmentReality televisionElyse Luray helps people whose pop-culture memorabilia collections have become damaging obsessions.
Deals from the DarksideNovember 7, 2012December 12, 2012Buck ProductionsReality television, DocumentaryReality show centered around the history of various items and their connections to tragic or mysterious events.
Deep South Paranormal20132013Realty show, Paranormal
Destination TruthJune 6, 2007August 14, 2012Mandt Bros. ProductionsReality television, CryptozoologyReality show where Josh Gates travels the world, looking into claims of the paranormal and cryptozoological creatures.
Doctor WhoMarch 20062009 Summer: rights picked up by BBC America.BBC WalesScience FantasyRevival of the old Doctor Who series; imported from the UK.
Dream MachinesApril 10, 2012May 15, 2012SyfyReality televisionReality show centered around Florida-based Parker Brothers' Concepts, engineering vehicles based on cars seen in films and television.
The Dresden FilesJanuary 21, 2007August 3, 2007; Listed as not renewedLions GateDark fantasyParanormal detective series adapted from, but not entirely faithful to the novels by Jim Butcher.
ECWJune 13, 2006February 16, 2010World Wrestling EntertainmentProfessional wrestlingPro wrestling bouts.
Estate of PanicNovember 12, 2008December 17, 2008Endemol USAReality televisionReality game show at creepy mansion where contestants seek hidden money in themed rooms with added phobias.
EurekaJuly 18, 2006July 16, 2012SyfySci-fi Comedy-DramaLongest running sci-fi comedy-drama on SyFy
Exit2013Reality television
ExposureApril 5, 20002002SyfyShort filmA series that showcased short genre films and their makers.
FarscapeMarch 19, 1999March 21, 2003Jim Henson ProductionsSpace operaCancelled due to production cost, but brought back as a miniseries to resolve the cliffhanger. Webisodes planned.
First WaveSeptember 9, 1998February 7, 2001CHUM LimitedAlien invasionThe network picked up the series for 66 episodes before they had aired even one.
Flash GordonAugust 10, 2007February 8, 2008Reunion PicturesSpace OperaBased on the classic comic strip.
FTL NewsfeedSeptember 24, 1992March 21, 1996SyfyInterstitial30-second fictionalized "news" clips from the future.
Good vs. EvilJuly 18, 1999May 12, 2000Syfy, USA NetworkDark fantasyA comedy scifi series about formerly dead people being recruited by God to fight evil demons. Now on NBC's Chiller horror channel.
Ghost Hunters AcademyNovember 11, 2009July 7, 2010SyfyReality television, ParanormalSpin-off of Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters InternationalJanuary 9, 2008April 4, 2012Pilgrim Films & TelevisionReality television, Paranormal
Haunted CollectorJune 1, 2011June 5, 2013Paranormal, Documentary
Ghost Mine (TV series)January 16, 2013December 20, 2013Never Nominated Productions, LLCReality television, ParanormalParanormal investigators accompany rock miners to determine if the location is haunted.
Hollywood TreasureOctober 27, 2010June 26, 2012Gurney Productions, Zupon Entertainment, LLCReality television, DocumentaryReality show focused on appraiser Joe Maddalena finding memorabilia from film and television.
Hot SetSeptember 18, 2012October 26, 2012Mission Control MediaReality television, Game showA competition show where artists must build functioning film sets based on weekly themes.
Insane or Inspired?May 25, 2012June 29, 2012Comcast StudiosReality televisionA show where various actors and comedians give commentary over viral videos.
The Invisible ManJune 9, 2000February 1, 2002USA Network, Syfy, Stu Seagal ProductionsSci-fi, Spy-fiSyfy refused to sell this show to UPN.
Joe Rogan Questions Everything20132013
Killer Contact20132013
Legend QuestJune 13, 2011August 17, 2011SyfyReality television, AdventureHistorian and adventure-seeker Ashley Cowie hunts for one of the most powerful lost treasures in the world.
Mad Mad HouseMarch 13, 2004April 29, 2004A. Smith & Co. Productions, SyfyReality televisionReality game show where outsiders have to live with people with Alternative lifestyles as their judges
Marcel's Quantum KitchenMarch 22, 2011April 26, 2011SyfyReality television, Cooking showFormer Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron and his team create unique dishes with science for a client's event.
Metal Hurlant ChroniclesApril 14, 2014May 19, 2014SyfyScience fiction, Action, FantasyFrom French channel France 4
Mission GenesisJuly 21, 1997November 14, 1997Syfy, YTVSci-fi, Space OperaThe Journey of a multi-generation spaceship in search of a new home for humanity, called Deepwater Black in other countries. The first long original Syfy series
Monster ManMarch 14, 2012April 18, 2012SyfyReality televisionReality show starring special effects artist Cleve Hall and his family, where they take on various projects.
Mystery Science Theater 3000February 1, 1997January 31, 2004Best Brains, Inc., Comedy Central, SyfySci-fi, ComedyFuturistic comedy about a man and his robots who are forced to watch cheesy scifi films.
Naked Vegas20132013Realty competition
The Outer Limits20012002; Still In RerunsMGM, SyfyAnthologyAnthology series in the vein of the original series.
Painkiller JaneApril 13, 2007September 21, 2007Super heroBased on the comic character.
Primeval: New WorldJune 8, 2013August 10, 2013Impossible Pictures, Omni Film Productions
Entertainment One
Sci-fiSpin-off of UK show, Primeval; imported from Canadian channel Space.
Proof PositiveOctober 8, 2004December 8, 2004Consgrove Meurer ProductionsReality television, ParanormalA paranormal investigations series hosted by Stargate SG-1's Amanda Tapping
Robot Combat League20132013MGM
SanctuaryOctober 3, 2008December 30, 2011Sci-fi, FantasyA doctor and her team study and protect the strange creatures living in their world. First North American series to be filmed with Red One camera.
School SpiritsJune 22, 2012August 1, 2012Realand Productions, Jarrett CreativeParanormal, DocumentarySeries where accounts of paranormal activity in schools and universities are told through reenactments.
The Secret Adventures of Jules VerneJune 18, 2000December 16, 2000Filmline International Inc., Talisman CrestSteampunkThe untold adventures of the famed writer and his friends. First series filmed entirely in HDTV format.
Sightings1992Ann Daniels Productions, Fair Dinkum Productions, Paramount TelevisionReality television, ParanormalA paranormal news show from the early 1990s.
SinbadJune 8, 2013August 3, 2013Impossible Pictures
BBC Worldwide, BSkyB
Fantasy, AdventureImported from United Kingdom channel Sky1.
SlidersJune 6, 1998February 4, 2000St. Clare Entertainment, Studios USA Television, Universal TVSci-fi, Dimensional travelA FOX original series for the first three seasons, but the fourth and fifth seasons were produced for Syfy.
Stargate SG-1July 27, 1997March 13, 2007MGMMilitary science fiction, WormholeShowtime original series for the first five seasons.
Stargate AtlantisJuly 1, 2004January 9, 2009MGMMilitary science fiction, WormholeUniversal Stargate teams explore the city of Atlantis in far away galaxy. Spin-off from Stargate SG-1 series.
Stargate UniverseOctober 2, 2009May 9, 2011MGMMilitary science fiction, WormholeA group of people form the crew of the ancient ship Destiny, which travels through the universe looking for evidence of an intelligence from before time itself.
Stranded (TV series)February 27, 2013April 3, 2013Blumhouse Productions, Ping Pong ProductionsReality television, ParanormalA three-person team of paranormal investigators document haunted locations then review the footage and personal interviews of each member's experience.
TremorsMarch 28, 2003August 8, 2003Stampede Entertainment, SyfySci-fi, Horror, ComedyHumans learn to live with giant burrowing worm-like lifeforms. Based on three previous movies.
Tripping the RiftMarch 4, 2004October 19, 2005CinéGroupe, Film Roman ProductionsAnimated, ComedyA comedy scifi series about a misfit starship crew that spoofs Star Trek, Star Wars and other scifi programs.
Viral Video ShowdownOctober 30, 2012December 5, 2012495 ProductionsReality television, Game showCompetition show where two teams compete to create the best viral videos.
Warehouse 13July 7, 2009May 19, 2014Universal Cable ProductionsScience fictionThe series follows U.S. Secret Service Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) when they are assigned to the secretive Warehouse 13 for supernatural artifacts.
WCG Ultimate GamerMarch 10, 2009October 7, 2010Reality competitionA competition where contestants compete in challenges based around a videogame title.
Weird or What?2013DocudramaFrom Canada's Discovery Channel and History Channel. Hosted by William Shatner.
Welcome to ParadoxAugust 17, 1998November 9, 1998Alliance AtlantisSci-fi, AnthologyAnthology series where all episodes are set in the fictional town of Betaville.
Who Wants to Be a Superhero?July 27, 2006September 6, 2007Nash Entertainment, POW! EntertainmentReality televisionA reality-based contest to see who is worthy of being awarded superhero status.
The Wil Wheaton ProjectMay 27, 2014August 12, 2014Pilgrim Films & TelevisionComedyWeekly talk show hosted by Wil Wheaton. The show was cancelled after one 12-episode season due to low ratings.
WWE NXTFebruary 23, 2010September 28, 2010World Wrestling EntertainmentProfessional wrestlingA group of rookies get paired with their pros as they fight for a chance to earn a future title shot. The series airs online after Syfy picked up Smackdown.

Syfy second-run programming[edit]

Syfy has a long history of buying the rights to air second-run or repeat programming of series no longer in production.

Current programs[edit]

Past programs[edit]

Many of these used to be aired frequently on S.C.I.F.I. World, a daytime programming schedule started on July 17, 2000, that divided its marathons between five days that concentrated on five particular themes:

This format of airing marathons has continued in some form to this day.

Other second-run programming[edit]

Syfy Miniseries[edit]

Syfy original films[edit]

Anime shown on Syfy[edit]

The Saturday Anime logo as it appeared on the Sci Fi Channel website, circa the late 1990s.

For most of the 1990s, Syfy showed anime films, although they had to be edited in order to be shown on basic cable. The channel's longest running animation block, referred to as Saturday Anime, aired at the start of the channel's broadcast day each Saturday morning. In 2007, Syfy reintroduced anime to their programming via the "Ani-Monday" block. In 2008 the block was shifted to Tuesday; in 2010, to Thursday; and after June 9, 2011, disappeared abruptly, along with the Anime section of the website.[22][23]

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