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This article is a list of Royal Norwegian Navy fleet units and vessels, both past and present.

Ships from the years 1509 to 1814 might be listed under Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy.


Fleet units and vessels (present)

Frigate branch

HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen

Mine branch

Alta class mine sweeper Rauma

Submarine branch

Ula class submarine

The submarine fleet consists of several Ula class submarines.

MTB branch

Skjold class missile patrol boat HNoMS Skjold

The Coastal Warfare fleet consists of six brand new Skjold class missile patrol boats. The boat type is often branded a corvette.

Naval Ranger branch

A Norwegian Combat Boat 90

Logistics branch

In the process of establishing a "logistics on keel" system.

Coast Guard units and vessels

Coast Guard vessel Harstad in Harstad
Coast Guard vessel NoCGV Nordkapp patroling at Svalbard
Coast Guard vessel Ålesund in Bergen

Naval schools

Navy vessels (past)

Several earlier battleships are listed under Denmark.

Amphibious landing vessels

Armed auxiliaries

Naval trawler HNoMS Honningsvåg


Coastal defence ships



HNoMSDraug - lead ship of the Draug class
HNoMS Sleipner - lead ship of the Sleipner class
HNoMS St. Albans at sea while named USS Thomas.



Oslo class frigate Oslo in the North Atlantic, October 1971




Sloops, several of which were later rebuilt as 3. class gunboats.


1. class gunsboat HNoMS Ellida
2. class gunboat of the Vale series

Steam powered gunboats

Submarine chasers

Submarine chaser HNoMS King Haakon VII


B class submarines B-2, B-3 and B-4


HNoMS Otra – the RNoN's first purpose built minesweeper
HNoMS Rauma – the RNoN's second purpose-built minesweeper


Royal Norwegian Navy minelayer Frøya
Royal Norwegian Navy minelayer Olav Tryggvason


The Norwegian monitor Skorpionen
HNoMS Nordkapp

Offshore patrol vessels

Torpedo boats

1. class torpedo boat HNoMS Sæl.
2. class torpedo boat HNoMS Kjell.

Training vessels, school ships

Other ships


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