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This article contains a list of characters from the telenovela Rebelde.

Rebelde is the Mexican version of the Argentine TV series Rebelde Way (2002 and 2003), that features several different plotlines, many of which are put on hold for several episodes before they are resumed. Many of the minor characters often play central roles for a single episode before returning to the background.


Mía Colucci[edit]

Mía Colucci Caceres is the most popular girl at Elite Way School. She comes from a wealthy and privileged family who lives in Mexico City. She is spoiled and sometimes cruel to people who are not of equal status to her, but later grows out of such judgmental behavior. Mia is one of the members of RBD, along with her friends Lupita, Roberta, Diego, Giovanni and her boyfriend Miguel. Mía writes songs for the band. She also loves fashion and acts as a stylist for her friends. Mía is somewhat self-centered, though she is also a loyal friend and manages to always be there for her friends when they need help. Her two best friends are Victoria (Vico) and Celina.

When Mía first sees Miguel, she falls in love right away, but does not say anything because he begins dating her friend Celina. Mía does not know that Miguel actually enrolled at Elite Way School because he wants to get revenge on Mía and her father, Franco Colucci, who Miguel believes killed his father. In season one, Mía and Miguel constantly argue even though she actually has strong feelings for him. Mía also has a brief relationship with Gastón, who works at the school. Gastón knows that Mía loves Miguel, so he does everything he can to turn them against each other. Mia eventually finds out about Miguel's secret plan to seek revenge and is heartbroken. It is later revealed that Miguel's father's death was caused by Mía's Uncle Carlo. Miguel apologizes to Mía and her father and puts his past behind him. Everything is resolved before the season finale and the two of them spend the summer together in Monterrey.

The second season their relationship is more unified then ever, with only a few bumpy roads. The couple takes a romantic trip to Cancun, and get closer than ever while stranded on an island. In season three, Sabrina the daughter of the band’s producer has a crush on Miguel and that makes Mía jealous. Miguel and Mía break up because Sabrina told everyone that she slept with Miguel, even though it's not true. Miguel was drunk and fell asleep, but Sabrina made him believe that they slept together. Mía gets crushed and goes into a deep depression. While this is happening, she and Roberta become friends because Roberta is also going through a bad situation.

During her split with Miguel, Mía learns a truth that was hidden from her for several years: her mother, Marina, did not die in a car accident but instead abandoned her and Franco because she was addicted to drugs. Along with this, she discovers Marina was also a singer in her time and that Mía inherited her talent and love for the stage, like Roberta. At first Mía is resentful with her father for not telling her the truth, but comes to accept that he only did this because he believed it was best for her. Mía then begins a relationship with her biological mother and identifies herself with Marina in many ways, creating a special bond between them

When Mia finds out about the truth about Miguel and Sabrina, Miguel is in a coma. For a while she hates herself for being so harsh to Miguel. She visits Miguel in the hospital every day. One day when Mia is at the hospital seeing Miguel, he finally wakes up, though he does not remember her. He tells her he thinks he remembers his girlfriend, but says Sabrina by mistake. Mía again falls into a depression. Miguel regains his memory and remembers all the moments he shared with Mía, during a concert while Mía sings "Sálvame". At the end of the 3rd season Miguel gives Mía an engagement ring, promising that they will be together forever

Roberta Alexandra María Pardo Rey[edit]

Perhaps the most rebellious student in Elite Way School, Roberta is the daughter of a famous singer, named Alma Rey, (Ninel Conde). She has a strong attitude, and an even bigger heart. Roberta always finds a way to cause problems - not just for herself, but for others as well, although she fixes them all at the end of the day. Her best friends are her roommates Lupita and Jóse Luján.

In the series, the love of her life is her handsome classmate, Diego Bustamante. They end up having an on-and-off relationship with the tendency to hate each other one day and be in love the next. Throughout the series, Diego and Roberta become close, argue, become enemies, then best friends over and over again.

In the 1st season, she and Diego pretended to be a couple so that Diego's father wouldn't find out that Diego is in a band and so that Roberta's mom would leave her alone. But against their equally strong wills, they fall passionately in love.

Roberta is then forced to spend a month in Spain, against her will, by the man she thinks is her father (Roberta finds out in season 3 that her art teacher Martin Reverte is actually her father). She spends a lot of time alone thinking about Diego. When she arrives back to Mexico, Diego has a new girlfriend, Paula (a prostitute Diego's father hired). Towards the end of the season, Roberta and Diego begin dating again, but when Tomas tells her that he made a bet with Diego dating her, Roberta ends the relationship. To get Diego out of her head, she dates several other boys throughout the series: Téo, Símon, Roger, Iñaki, and Diego's rival, his father's girlfriend's son, Javier. However, she is also seen helping Diego resolve his problems and personal issues throughout the series, demonstrating that he is very important to her even though she won't admit it.

In the end, Roberta helps Diego break away from his corrupt and manipulative father and reunites him with his mother (who was forced to leave Diego by his father). Diego pledges his heart to her forever, and they get back together. For good.

At the end of the series, Roberta gets closer to Mia Colucci and they even end up as stepsisters, since Franco (Mia's dad) and Alma get married.

Lupita Fernandez[edit]

She is considered the good girl of the series. She is very nice and sweet. Lupita always tries to do the right thing. She's also always very shy. Her family is not rich and Lupita is at the school on scholarship. Lupita is well liked by everyone at Elite Way School. The character is reportedly based partially on Lupita Martinez, a friend of one of the writers.

Even though she is quiet complicated and sometimes explodes for having too much pressure set on her, she likes to help everyone she can. She has several love interests during the series. She dates Nico almost all the first season, even though his parents don't like her because she is not Jewish. Towards the end of the season, Lupita and Nico get married. Nico's family later forces him to study in Israel, and he leaves Lupita. Nico's mother does not give Lupita the letters that Nico writes her, so Lupita thinks that Nico has forgotten about her. She begins to develop feelings for Santos.

In the end she realizes she is actually in love with Santos, and only wants Nico as a friend.

She has a two sisters, Lola and Dulce who is seen on the second episode of the series as being her youngest sister. She loves Lola very much, even though Lola is constantly pushing her away. Her best friends are Roberta, Jose Lujan and Mia.

She is also part of RBD, and is the one who came up with the band's name.

Jóse Luján Landeros[edit]

The quintessential female athlete, raised in foster care because her mom didn't want her even if she did have the money to support her. Her tuition is paid by an anonymous benefactor.

She dated Teo briefly at the beginning of the series. She is Roberta and Lupita's best friend and roommate. She shares with Roberta an explosive attitude and overall rudeness. She has been under the harassment of the school Prefect, Gaston for quite a while, leading her to investigate on the reason why Gaston's grudge towards her. However, due to her meddling in Gaston's obscure past, she gets extremely upset and desperately wants her out of the way. Lujan not only finds out that Gaston is her co-benefactor, but also her personal guardian since she was just a little girl. Jose Lujan comes to appreciate Gaston's efforts, and even justifies Gaston's harsh methods and constant abuse. However their time together is cut short when Gaston dies after enduring a severe car crash. She begins acting hostile towards Roberta since she is jealous that Roberta has both parents (Alma and Martin) in her life while Jose Luján doesn't have a single parental figure. She is later adopted by Franco and Alma. At the end of the series she gets back together with Teo .

Victoria "Vico" Paz[edit]

Victoria is Celina and Mia's best friend. She has a reputation for being "easy." At the beginning of the series, she is dating Diego Bustamante. She likes to tease guys and toy with their emotions. She later finds love with Giovanni and becomes his girlfriend, but they eventually break up.

Vico comes from a family with a twisted background: her mother left her and her father at a young age, which triggered her father's alcoholism. As a result, Vico was at the blunt end of her father's physical abuse and psychological torment. While at school she felt helpless and unloved, at one point attempted taking pills to take her mind off things. Mia, her best friend, helped her get past it. Thanks to Rocco and professor Martin Reverte they manage to put Vico's father in rehab, which puts Rocco under a new light in Vico's eyes and finally starts dating him. Rocco finds Vico's mom and brings them back together .

Celina Ferrer[edit]

An overweight girl who often wallows in self-pity because she has never had a boyfriend. She is often insecure, although noble at heart. She is best friends with Vico and Mia, though she eventually became friends with Sol de la Riva, despite her being Mia's sworn rival. Sol later tries to steel away Celina's love interest, Max and end her friendship with Mia.

All the women in her family are slim, and make Celina feel bad about being overweight. Her mother is ashamed of her for being overweight, because Celina never stops eating and her mother wants to put a stop to it. She claims she wishes Celina had never been born. Celina begins throwing up her food in order to lose weight, though she later ends up in the hospital and stops.

In season three, Celina becomes pregnant with Max's baby. Max accepts it and says he will be a responsible father because he loves Celina. Only Celina's father accepts her pregnancy with Max and her mother disowns her.

Pilar Gandía[edit]

She is the daughter of the school principal and disliked, by most of the students for that reason and because she is nosy and likes to gossip. She has a habit of getting even in a drastic way when men scorn her. She often speaks in English.

At the beginning of the series she used to write an anonymous newspaper filled with gossip called Anónimos ("anonymous") about her peers. At first, she is cold and ruthless (especially towards Mia and her friends). It is later revealed that Pilar is the only female member of La Logia. Pilar is also romantically linked to Joaquín until he leaves school after having sex with her in her father's office.

In the second season, she joins the equally malicious Sol de la Riva, along with Raquel and Michelle, in a group called "Top Girls." However in season three, due to the Gandías' divorce and her relationship with Tomas, she comes to her senses and begina to socialize a bit more, eventually becoming closer to her classmates.

Sol de la Riva[edit]

Beautiful and sexy, she gets a lot of attention from students of Elite Way School and makes a very attractive impression, which first makes her a threat to Mia's popularity, but her cynical and deceptive personality quickly gets people to dislike her. Sol wants things to go her way no matter what and could be considered the only student at Elite Way whose intentions are not noble, no matter what the situation is. She is willing to ruin people's lives without regard of their personal feelings and does so via a multitude of convincing lies (although most of the time her plans tend to backfire).

She hates Mia and wants her to feel inferior at all costs. She briefly dated Diego in order to gain popularity in his Class President campaign. She also tried to make Miguel (Mia's boyfriend) fall for her, it did not work.

She has an affinity for the heartagram, a trademarked symbol of Finnish rock band HIM. She thinks she can do better than every girl in the school. She is often called Polly Pocket because of her height.

Her dream is to become a supermodel but her father will not let her. Although beautiful and having a nice body, she's too short and not skinny enough for the model standards, but she thinks she's very skinny and perfect, but doesn't realize that model agencies do not think of her as model worthy. She is jealous of Mia because all the modeling agencies want Mia to be a model.

At the end of the third season, Sol appears in a magazine and her father is furious and enrolls her in a public school.

Raquel Byron-Sender[edit]

Recurring character in the first season, but becomes principal in the second season.

Raquel is Roberta, Lupita, and Jose Lujan's new roommate. She is stuck-up girl, proud of her English heritage. The girls make fun of her because she greatly extends her ties to English royalty and believes she is superior to everyone.

She is very fashionable. She causes Teo to break up with Jose Lujan. She initially befriends Sol de la Riva and Pilar but later, she gets tired of Sol's manipulation and ends her friendship with her. Ironically, she is chosen for an ad campaign as the top model (Sol's dream) at the end of the series.

Michelle Pineda[edit]

Michelle is Raquel's best friend. The two of them join Sol and Pilar in a group named "Top Girls", though the group is eventually disbanded after Michelle, Raquel and Pilar get tired of Sol's attitude. Though originally portrayed as a foil to her classmates, Michelle develops and becomes supporting.

Lola Fernández[edit]

Lola's parents pressured her to be like her half sister Lupita, which has made her dislike Lupita. Lola does not lose an opportunity to insult and scorn Lupita and blames her for most of her problems. She often uses her friend, Bianca to do her dirty work.

She had a short affair with Diego and Leonardo, which ended quickly due to her immaturity. Lola considers herself to be all alone in this world and thinks that no one could ever love her. It is later revealed that Lola is adopted and therefore, not biologically related to Lupita or her parents. After having a lengthy talk with Roberta, Lola has a new perspective on her life, and a new relationship with her sister.

Bianca Delight[edit]

Lola's shy best friend who does whatever Lola says. She eventually becomes tired of Lola mistreating her and pushing her around and she becomes more independent. She also had a crush on Rocco.


Although we don't know much about her, we do know that she is obsessed with Giovanni and buys him expensive gifts to get him to like her (they also dated for some time). She is good friends with Lola and Bianca, and like Bianca, she lets Lola make all decisions for her. Her father made her stop dating Giovanni. She is seen as the naive girl and soon learns about Giovanni flirting with other girls, so she begins flirting with Iñaki, much to Giovanni's dismay. She acts like they're friends until the La Gran Final when she makes out with Iñaki right in front of Giovanni and Lola.

Sabrina Guzman[edit]

Daughter of RBD's producer Johnny Guzman. She had a huge obsession with Miguel (Mia's boyfriend) and tries to make Miguel feel bad for her. Sabrina does everything to break Mia and Miguel apart, even lie.

One night she gets Miguel drunk and later makes him believe that he slept with her. She later tells him that she is carrying his child. She tells Sol about what happened and Sol spreads the rumors through school. Mia and Miguel have a huge fight and a very nasty break-up. Miguel later finds out that he didn't sleep with her and he confronts her, telling her that he doesn't love her and never will because he only loves Mia.

In the end, her dad finds out about her lies and manipulation and sends her to Boston.


Miguel Arango[edit]

Miguel Arango is noble, down to earth, and a sense of pride in him. His mother and younger sister live in Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico), whom he can never afford to visit because he is on a scholarship (meaning his family is not very wealthy). He is very handsome. For being a scholarship, he was harassed by a secret society of students known as "La Logia", a sort of gang or mob organized to eliminate the "becados" (students with scholarships). He is in Elite Way School to get revenge for what the Colucci family did to his family, not knowing he fallen for the man's daughter (Mia Colucci). He thought that Mia's father (Franco) had killed his father but really it was Franco's brother Carlos. When Miguel finds out he feels horrible (because his started dating Mia), and forgets his vengeful plans. Miguel has a constant on-again, off-again relationship with Mia, but they still and always have been madly in love from the first time they saw each other, even though they pretended that they hated each other. Miguel is friends with Roberta and is always helping her with anything she needs help on. Miguel has a strong sense of pride and dignity that often gets in the way of common sense. He finds himself in huge trouble with Mia after allegedly cheating on her with Sabrina Guzman (RBD's manager, event planner and the daughter of their producer) who has an extreme obsession with him and taking him away from Mia. She pretends to be his friend and after a heavy drinking session she makes him believe that they slept together and that she is pregnant (although this presumably never happened, but is furthered due to Sabrina's intention of blinding Miguel to her side and the fact that Miguel was drunk when the "cheat" occurred). He later finds out through security camera videos that he never slept with her. He now tries desperately to win Mia back. He later falls into a coma due to an accident when he was hit by Gaston (the school's Prefect). Miguel wakes up from his coma and didn't seem to remember anybody except Diego. A few days later, he remembers his father thanks to Roberta (after a strong session of screams on her behalf) and a long discussion, after he mistakenly says that Sabrina is his girlfriend instead of Mia (even though he likes Mia without remembering their history together), which makes Mia want to get far away from Miguel. Later Miguel finds out through Diego and Roberta that the love of his life is Mia. He then tries to tell Mia that he finally knows who she is and why he has been having these feelings for her, when he saw her for the first time (after he wakes up from his coma). He later gets all his memories back during an RBD concert, ironically while Mia is singing Salvame (their love song). Later on she takes him back, after she learns about the lies Sabrina came up with. Plus she is in love with Miguel. In the final episode, he gave Mia an engagement ring. Miguel and Mia were last seen at a bridge talking.She is ready for everything and she finally ready to make love to him.

Diego Bustamante[edit]

Diego is a very handsome and talented boy who is the son of the corrupt political leader Leon Bustamante. In the beginning of the series he dates Vico but later dumps her because she cheats on him with Tomas because he didn't ask her to go to his party. He also pretends to date Roberta so he will be able to play with RBD though he does really have feelings for her. After Roberta leaves for Spain because her dad is forcing her to go, Diego falls in love with Paula, a girl that is paid by Leon to sleep with him, because Diego was still a virgin. They fall in love and decide to run away together. Leon finds him and tells him the truth about Paula. Diego finds out that Paula not only slept with him, but also with his father, so he dumps her. On a trip to Canada he fakes going out with Mia to get Miguel and Roberta jealous. It seems as though making each other jealous worked, because they ended the trip with a passionate kiss. Diego often shows that when he has problems, he tends to drink a lot, almost risking his life. He also shows that he is highly affected by the problems that surround his parents marriage. Towards the end of the first season Diego falls, hitting his head, and pretends not to remember Roberta so that he can go out with her and win the bet he made with Tomas. He starts to fall in love with her but when Roberta finds out why he went out with her she dumps him. He's crushed and tries to get her back. In the second season he wins the Student Body President elections because his team cheats and then shares the presidency with Roberta. He tries to get Roberta jealous in numerous occasions, with numerous girls including Sol and Lola, although he doesn't really last that long with any of them. In the third season RBD start recording their album and go on tour. While on their way back Diego confesses his love for Roberta, because he thinks that the plane is going to crash and he's going to die. Roberta does the same. When the plane lands and they get off, he tells her that he was just kidding. However, later on he realizes that he really is in love and asks her to be his girlfriend, but she says no. After saving her and doing sweet things like giving her serenades, she finally decides to take a chance and they date. They break up later, because Roberta thinks that he is back to his old ways. She finds out that it was just a misunderstanding and tries to get back with him, but he refuses, saying that he is tired of their on-and-off relationship. She then goes to find Diego's mom and brings her back, and that's when Diego and Roberta finally end up together for good.For the finale, we see them on a rowboat, having a nice time together.

Giovanni Méndez[edit]

Giovanni Méndez (originally called Juan) is a handsome, social, egotistical yet very funny guy. He is the character who engages in the most comical situations. He knows how to make friends, but has a problem with letting himself be taken by others and not knowing how to make his own decisions. He can also be very harsh at times. His best friends (and roommates) are Diego and Tomas.

Méndez dyes his hair of many colors throughout the series (at the end of the series it was rose red). Coming from a rather poor family, Méndez actively tries to hides his low-class beginnings and parentage. For that very same reason, Méndez always shoots for a chance at easy money.

Méndez's parents had humble beginnings, but became rich after his father won the lottery. However, the personal administrator of the family fortune committed fraud and stole all of the family's possessions, which forced them to return to their original lives as the owners of a butcher shop.

Méndez is also a hopeless womanizer, unable to remain faithful to just one woman (which mostly explains why his relationship with Vico ended in failure). He gets into a relationship with Augustina, a rich girl who gives Giovanni expensive gifts at the drop of a dime, wooing Giovanni to her feet. Although he is good at heart, some rich classmates consider him a sellout, which splits Giovanni between his devotion to one woman and his fixation for expensive gifts. But in spite of all that he continues going to school, and he is doing good with his personal life, family, friends, girls, fun activities, and as a member of RBD. He was also a member of "La Logia" (a secret society within the school hell-bent on getting scholarship students kicked out), until he betrays them to save Teo.

Téo Ruiz Palacios[edit]

In the beginning of the series Teo is very quiet and shy. His mother is in a mental institution after experiencing the death of her oldest son. He always tries to get close to his mom but she doesn't want to because she blames him for the death of his brother. Later on he gets a makeover. He falls in love with Roberta in the first season. After Roberta tells him that she really doesn't love him, they break up. Teo was tortured by La Logia (after of that him and Miguel was do a conspiracy to them) and while in the hospital Jose Lujan visits him and kisses him. Jose denies this but Teo starts to like Jose. On a trip to Canada he tries to get closer to her. Later on they start going out. In the second season he dumps her in order to go out with Raquel Byron. They go out even though Teo gets jealous when he sees her with another guy. In the third season Teo wants to get back with Jose Lujan but she doesn't really seem to care because she is too preoccupied with her own problems.But it seems that they do get together in the end of the series.

Tomás Goycolea[edit]

Although he has good at heart, he is a party boy and does things without considering the consequences. His best friends and roommates with Diego and Giovanni. He comes from a very rich family whom he doesn't have much contact with; he'd rather spend his weekend at school than with his family, whom doesn't pay much attention to him. He first gets involved with Vico, while she was still dating Diego. Then he develops a crush on Lupita, THEN gets involved with Anita & Sol. His friends were against his relationship with Sol, for it interfered with their plans to pair him up with Anita (the school's cafeteria girl- who is very smart and even earned a scholarship but needs to pay for the other half of her tuition, hence her job at the school. She has a deep love interest for Tomas.) After Tomas starts dating Sol, Anita refuses to do homework assignments for Diego and Giovanni, since she is no longer friends with Tomas and has no other connection to them. Giovanni then makes her believe that Tomas is in love with her, she then accepts to do their work for them but they have to pay a price....To get out of paying, Giovanni and Diego try to split Tomas and Sol. Their plan is a success but after Anita moves, Tomas develops a deep relationship with Pilar, for the rest of the series.

Nico Huber[edit]

A Jewish teen who is pressured by his family to dump his Catholic girlfriend (Lupita) in favor of his childhood sweetheart. Nico and Lupita get married on the first season at the end. Introverted, he hates outdoor activities. Nico was sent on a student exchange program to Israel, and all contact with Lupita was nixed thanks to his mother's interference. He returns in an attempt to see Lupita again, but is surprised when he sees her in company of Santos. He loves Lupita, but Lupita doesn't like him anymore (she thought HE severed all ties with her). Nico wants to win Lupita back, but she rejects him for Santos. Lupita gets back with Nico for a while but then breaks up with him due to his constant jealousy. In the end she starts dating Santos.

Rocco Bezauri[edit]

A somewhat geeky and highly obnoxious student who passes his time by filming other students on his hand-held camera, which makes them mad.he is very misunderstood by his parents After tips by Santos, he tries to become less "fresa" (preppy) and imitates Santos. Rocco starts to make moves on Vico, stemming from Vico's reputation of being "easy", but later on, he falls for her for real. He tries his best to help out Vico in her troubled times, despite Vico's refusal and constant rejections. It seems his attempts pay off during a school trip to Puerto Vallarta, where Vico finally opens her heart to Rocco. Rocco also has great singing potential, as he sings a couple of songs throughout the series.

Santos Echagüe[edit]

He's first introduced in the beginning of the second season as an outcast. He later changes after an incident with the ex-principal. He becomes a very hot gothic rocker who has a crush on Lupita. He knows that she likes him back. Lupita's sister Lola has a crush on him, so there's somewhat of a love triangle there. Santos is easy-going and relaxed for the most part. He always keeps his cool and never exasperates himself. He serves as a loyal advisory to his best friend, Miguel. He sometimes acts as a middleman between Lupita and Lola's constant arguments. He is willing to put everything on the line for his loved ones.

Leonardo Francisco Blanco[edit]

Tomas' cousin. He's from a small town, a wrestler, and from the get-go, Diego does not like him (probably because he rescued Diego from 'drowning' instead of the true person he wanted to rescue him-the hot new swim coach). He has a crush on Lupita, but Lola thinks he likes her. He leaves later on after a few episodes to go to another school after he received a letter to play in America (a soccer team).

Mauricio Garzo Alebrija[edit]

He tried to compete with Tomas to get Sol to like him in the beginning of the second season. He is very proud of being rich and looks down on people who aren't. But his story line fades as the second season continues and not much is seen from him again.

Javier Alanis[edit]

Diego's (evil) future stepbrother, who has a crush on Roberta. He hates Diego because Roberta loves him. Javier will do anything to get Roberta to like him, even telling her convincing lies about Diego to turn her away from him; even though Roberta, nor Jose Lujan know that he likes them. In the end he is taken out of Elite Way because of Giovanni. Giovanni talked to Javier's father and told him that he was Javier's boyfriend. Javier's dad gets mad and tells him to go pack his stuff because he's taking him out of the school.

Joaquin Mascarro[edit]

Both Mia and Roberta's love interest in the beginning of the series. He dated them both at the same time. He also got Tomas into selling drugs. Joaquin eventually got caught and was expelled. He later had a relationship with Pilar, until her father caught them together in his office.


He is best friends with Bianca and Lola, although he hides a secret crush on Lola. But, then he tries to make his move on Lola only to find himself slapped and alone. Lola then feels sorry for him and they sort-of kiss. Pascual catches them, and Roberta bails them out. Poor Dante is then left as just a friend. That is though, on the Gran Finale. After Giovanni's dumped by Augustina, he tries to hit on Lola. But then Dante comes to her rescue. They act like boyfriend and girlfriend and walk away.


Marcelino is a little orphan boy that Roberta brings to the school in the 1st season. She hides him out in the back of the school. Diego finds out and says that he'll tell the school but he uses Marcelino as a way to win Roberta back. Pilar finds out about Marcelino and tells the school in her paper. Marcelino is later adopted by Pepa, who works as a personal assistant for Roberta's mom (Alma Rey).But then he goes away with his brother. Later, they find him and he lives with Pepa in Puebla.


Franco Colucci[edit]

He is a high-end fashion designer & the father of Mia. Miguel works for him, which made grow affection for him and treat him like the son he never had. Franco is known as "Daddy" (since that is how Mia calls him all the time). Franco feels some remorse for overprotecting and spoiling her in the process. Franco and Alma often engage in heated discussions, since Franco despises the kind of ladies that Alms seems to represent ( Alms often calls him "cement face" when she gets angry at him), but as is usual in these cases, they end up falling in love. also shares a similar trait with : he has not told his daughter that her mother is still alive ( is under the impression that her mother died when she was very young), while has kept the real identity of 's father also under wraps. That was until met her mother (didn't even know who she really was) at the airport. We don't see, 's biological mom's full character until second season. She is confronted by, who is furious that she won't leave her and alone. tells the truth before could. Then she meets at a restaurant. then is angry that lied all these years but eventually she forgives him. Franco later marries alma, in the final episode alma and Franco adopt jose lujan robertas best friend and roberta and mia end up being really good friends

Alma Rey[edit]

A famous model and singer who is very sexy and always gets the attention of the students very easily. Which makes Roberta, her daughter, somewhat jealous, because her mother gets more attention than her. She is a single mother, even though she used the last name of one of her ex-lovers to give her daughter Roberta a true family name. She overprotects her Roberta, although unlike Mia, Roberta is not very fond of her mom always getting cuddly around her and tends to shun her off. Alma has hidden the true identity of her real father all this time (which is Martin Reverte), and once Roberta discovers the truth, she gets very mad with Alma, and decides not to speak with her, which breaks Alma's heart. She is supported by her current love interest and fiancee, Franco Colucci, which brings her dilemma, since Franco is Mia's father. Mia doesn't approve of their relationship because of Alma's profession. Mia feels that if her dad marries another singer, that history's going to repeat itself and she's going to abandon them. In the final episode of the show, Franco and Alma get married, and decide to adopt Jose Lujan, one of Roberta's best friends. Alma had to let Roberta go near the end of the first season because Roberta's father Antonio demanded her so she could go to Spain for a month.

Leon Bustamante[edit]

Diego's father and a well-known politician. Very cold and is the villain in the story. Doesn't like Roberta because he thinks she is a bad influence on Diego. He thinks she's beneath him. A strict man, who always wants to win at all costs. He kicks Mabel out of Diego's life when he finds out Mabel had another man in her life . Leon then tells Diego that she walked out on them for selfish reasons . He takes joy in torturing Diego and embarrasses him in any given chance. He owns exactly 51% of Elite Way School. He always gets what he wants, at any cost. He even pays a prostitute [Paula] to sleep with Diego so he could lose his virginity, which causes Diego to fall in love with her. The relationship did not last much after he found out why she met him.Leon developed so kind of relationship with a woman called Inez and was going to marry her but then she changed her mind. Diego then finds out his dad was the one who told his mother to leave and that his father was the reason why they kicked Roberta out.Close to the end,Roberta comes back and Diego develops a hatred for his dad and then, eventually, with the help of Roberta, he cuts loose,and confronts him leaving Leon cold and alone.

Pascual Gandia[edit]

The power-hungry, yet idiotic head of the school, who often takes pleasure in the misfortune of the students. He has poor knowledge of English. Even though he tries to be an imposing authority figure, he comes out more as a dim-witted principal who is easily manipulated not only by his superiors, but also by the same students he wants to control. Sometimes, his antics and raging outbursts come out as more comical than menacing (especially his silly evil laugh). Also tends to act clumsy when in the presence of a gorgeous woman. He used to be in a relationship with Alma Rey. He's going through a divorce with his wife Galia, since she considers him to be 'weak' and 'easily manipulated' by Diego's father (the legal owner of the Elite Way School). In the last episode we see Galia winking at him. They talk privately at the pool and they somewhat get back together. In the last few scenes, Galia gives him a peck on the lips for the audience. Then Pascual pulls her down and slaps a mouthful on her, with a round of applause from the audience. Despite his clumsy attitude and often meddlesome ways, he still loves his daughter Pilar very much and only wishes for her well being.

Gastón Diestro[edit]

The new prefect, who is just as unpleasant as Esteban. He has a huge crush on Mía, and they finally began a relationship, much to the disapproval of Mía's father. Mía went out with Gastón to get Miguel (her true love) jealous. His past was just as obscure as Esteban's, as indicated by further investigations made by Jose Lujan, whom Gaston likes to downgrade and humiliate at any given chance. Jose Lujan stole his laptop, and finds information that leads her to believe that Gaston is her secret benefactor, but Gaston repeatedly denies it. After a while, Gaston gets annoyed by Jose Lujan's meddling with his affairs, and decides to get her out of the Way once and for all. In reality, Gaston's father (Ricardo Sisniega) took care of Jose Lujan when she was a dirty street orphan because she had saved his life (although how she did so is still unknown). Gaston's father had always compared Jose Lujan's strength of will to Gaston's weak spirit, which fueled Gaston's anger. When his father died in prison, Gaston was forced to look after Jose Lujan and see to her tuition as per his father's last wish. Although Gaston tried to blame Jose Lujan for his miserable existence, he really did love Lujan like a sister, as he admitted to in his final breath. He died after being involved a heavy car accident.

Enrique Madariaga[edit]

Bohemian foreign professor who was always trying to solve everyone's problems. He is really loved by the students even though his record claims he is a murderer. He fades from the storyline in the second season (going to start a school in Chiapas for poor children) but then comes back near the end of the third season. During the first episode of his return, he and Professor Julia appear to have had a past. Some episodes later Julia makes herself over and is admired a little by Madariaga. It even appears that her tone and view of life has changed as well. He also remarried with a teacher in the first season, Renata.

Mayra Fernández[edit]

Lupita's Aunt and worked in the cafeteria of the Elite Way School, until Font fired her for no apparent reason. Very involved with all the students and has a great sense of humor. Lupita's mother doesn't like this because she thinks Mayra is a bad example for Lupita, but Lupita loves her for being there when she most needed her.

Alicia Salazar[edit]

Mr. Gandía's secretary. She often saves the day for her boss and provides comic relief to the series.

Hilda Acosta[edit]

The history professor at Elite Way School. Hilda has devoted her entire life to teaching, but had a romance in her youth with Professor Hilario (played by Héctor Gómez). They meet each other again at Elite Way School after decades. Though Hilda was reluctant to be with Hilario at the beginning, they marry each other towards the end of the first season. However, at the beginning of the second season it is revealed that Hilario has died. Hilda continues teaching at Elite Way. She sometimes aids her students, as she does when she gives Lujan shelter at her home when she is suspended by Gastón.

Esteban Nolasco Landeros[edit]

The former prefect of the school. At the beginning of the season 1 was a very good person, nice, funny and good chemistry with the students almost equal to that of Madariaga, but was dismissed for failing to discipline students. After returning to school hired by Mendiola, but he was hired too by Gaston, which explains the change of clothing, hairstyle and attitude; so very strict and kept harassing Jóse Luján (target of Gaston) and Vico. Has a crush on Mía and Alma Rey. Was suspected as an ex-convict serial-killer due to an unusual relationship with the Gaston's father Ricardo Sisniega. He also had something to do with La Logia (a secret society hell-bent on getting scholarship students out of the school) which still remains a mystery. After overindulging in one of his punishments to students and even more against Lujan, Esteban is dismissed by the promise of Mendiola return his job as that case forget, although never returns is mentioned several times by Gaston.

Director Casildo Font[edit]

A fascist, extremely strict principal who ran the school while Pascual was getting his Masters degree in New York. Eventually, he was framed by Santos (Derrick James) and fired on the charge of child pornography (he had inappropriate pictures of Sol). He's never heard from again.

Marina Cáceres[edit]

The biological mother of Mia who was often portrayed as faceless character who lived in New York as fashion designer having her face always covered by a sculpture, in the 1st half of the show. When we first see her at the airport, Franco and her look each other in the eyes, and then he tells Mia that is one of his friends. She is hugs Mia, trying her best not break out in tears. After they leave she is seen touching her shoulders saddened. She has a few scenes after that but mostly very minor. That is until we see her at the RBD concert event. She cries when Mia sings "Salvame". At the end of the scene, she kisses a complimentary poster of the group. She then wants to find Mia and tell her the truth. Mia has another meeting with Marina when she is with Lupita and Santos. When she is asked if was the same person from the airport she lies and plays it off like they had never met. Marina is soon more confident to tell Mia the truth. But Alma is furious because she won't leave Franco alone. Marina tells her about wanting to meet Mia. Franco tells Mia the truth and all hell breaks loose. Mia wants to meet her mother no matter what Franco says. Mia and Marina meet at a sushi bar with only two words said before the end of the episode. Mia: Mama?. Marina: Hija. They hug and Marina and Mia become closer. Mia soon forgives Franco. Marina and Mia become close. When Mia has to leave for a concert with RBD. Marina was going to be a no show then Alma suggests that she should go. Marina shows up at the last minute to wave goodbye. On La Gran Final Marina is seen kissing Franco and Alma on the cheek thus showing they have all become friends one way or another