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For more detailed character information, see List of Psych characters.

Below is a list of actors and actresses that are or were a part of the cast of the American comedy television series Psych.

The show's main stars have included, at some point, James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, and Corbin Bernsen. Anne Dudek was credited as starring in one episode.

List of Psych cast members[edit]

Main Cast of Psych[edit]


Main cast[edit]

Roday, JamesJames Roday
Shawn SpencerMain
Hill, DuléDulé Hill
Burton "Gus" GusterMain
Omundson, TimothyTimothy Omundson
Det. Carlton "Lassie" LassiterMain
Lawson, MaggieMaggie Lawson
Juliet O'HaraMain
Nelson, KirstenKirsten Nelson
Karen VickRecurringMain
Bernsen, CorbinCorbin Bernsen
Henry SpencerMain

Other government employees[edit]

Brocklebank, SageSage Brocklebank
Officer Buzz McNabRecurring
Dudek, AnneAnne Dudek
Detective Lucinda BarryRecurringMentioned
Idlette, PatriciaPatricia Idlette
Officer Martha AllenRecurring
Kilmer, ValVal Kilmer
Officer DobsonMentionedRecurring
Oldring, PeterPeter Oldring
Corporal Robert MacintoshRecurring
Lauter, EdEd Lauter
Deputy Commissioner Ed DykstraRecurring
Fuller, KurtKurt Fuller
Dr. Woody StrodeRecurring
Hall, Anthony MichaelAnthony Michael Hall
Harris TroutRecurring
Sorvino, MiraMira Sorvino
Detective Betsy BranniganRecurring

Family and friends[edit]

Multiple actorsA
Young Shawn SpencerRecurring
Multiple actorsB
Young Burton GusterRecurring
Rashad, PhyliciaPhylicia Rashad
Winnie GusterRecurringRecurring
Multiple actorsC
Bill GusterRecurring
Shepard, CybillCybill ShepardD
Dr. Madeline SpencerRecurringRecurring[1]
Simpson, JimmiJimmi Simpson
Mary LightlyRecurringRecurring
Cook, Rachael LeighRachael Leigh Cook
Abigail LytarRecurring
Wise, RayRay Wise
Father Peter WestleyRecurringMentioned
White, JaleelJaleel White
Edmondson, SarahSarah Edmondson
Gina RepachRecurring
Smith, CurtCurt Smith
Shea, JerryJerry Shea
Ken WongRecurring
Swanson, KristyKristy Swanson
Marlowe Viccellio Lassiter Recurring[1]
Shatner, WilliamWilliam Shatner
Hank O'HaraRecurring
Myrin, ArdenArden Myrin
Nagra, ParminderParminder Nagra
Tambor, JeffreyJeffrey Tambor
Lloyd FrenchRecurring


Sheedy, AllyAlly Sheedy
Mr. YangRecurringRecurring[3]
Multiple actorsE
Mr. YinRecurring
Elwes, CaryCary Elwes
Pierre DespereauxRecurringRecurring
Carbonell, NestorNestor Carbonell
Declan RandRecurring
Gail, MaxMax Gail
Jerry CarpRecurring

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